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Conscious Business - 6 Steps to Using the Law of Attraction for Success in Any Area of Your Life I think most people today are aware of the Law of Attraction thanks to books like Napoleon Hill’s “Think & Grow Rich” and movies like “The Secret” popularizing it. It’s an empowering concept based on the principle that thoughts create things. Despite all the attention it’s received in the past decade, relatively few people have experienced the desired results when it comes to using the law of attraction for success in key areas of their life. I’m an optimist when it concerns human potential however, I also like to understand the science behind phenomena, wherever possible – it satisfy’s that nagging voice of logic at the back of my mind that says “Really… Prove it!” 1. Understand the object or situation you are trying to create ISN’T what you really want. Seriously! What I mean by this is that the money, relationship, car or whatever isn’t what you want. It’s the feelings you anticipate these things will provide you with. For example a $15, 000 monthly income will give you feelings of security and a sense of freedom from not having limitations placed on the experiences you want to have in life. Finding your soul mate will give you feelings of connection and joy, that new car will give you feelings of pride and exhilaration. 2. Feelings come before thought. Most of the material out there teaches us to that it is our predominant thoughts alone which create your reality. This is true only in as much as our thoughts determine how we feel. However what we feel in any given moment is a reflection of vibration of our energy field i.e. the energetic information we are projecting out there. If your predominant feeling (vibration) is negative, for example you have feelings of anxiety or stress that underlie your daily activities, you can think about your $15,000 monthly income all you want and it will never become a reality. The spiritual laws of success and attraction always responds to your vibration aka how you predominantly feel. So in this example rather than the $15,000 monthly income, you will draw to you circumstances and events that match the energy vibration you are projecting

Conscious Business: 6 Steps To Using The Law of Attraction for Success In Any Area Of Your Life  

If you’ve found yourself feeling frustrated or disillusioned when it comes to using the law of attraction for success in your business, rela...