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Nourish your feet to keep them humming with joy. It's a pleasure

to pamper your peds, the often neglected foundation of the body. Remember to care for your tootsies before, during, and after a session on the dance floor. Moist toes can be a breeding ground for fungus, so keep your feet dry, and don't wear sneakers without socks. Yellow toenails and peeling, dry skin on the soles are signs of athlete's foot. Make sure to air out and apply some lavender, oregano, and tea tree essential oils during breaks. Take good care, and you'll love the payback of happy, healthy feet. So after a hard day on the dance floor, consider these delicious indulgences: Refreshing > Weleda Foot Balm > Almost good enough to eat, this balancing

Photos: Feet first and Aspen: Rolf + Karina / prayer hands photo illustration: melissa white Photo:

blend of calendula and marigold extracts simultaneously soothes and smooths tired, calloused feet. The antibacterial properties of myrhh combat bacteria, leaving feet fresh and energized. Relaxing > Blooming Lotus' Pedicure To Go > Served up in an Asian-style take-home package, Pedicure To Go includes Shea Butter Creme and Bamboo Pedicure Buff, which contain the exfoliating action of bamboo powder, along with papaya, coconut, and essential oils. Relieving > lush Volcano Foot Mask > Exfoliating pumice, deodorizing tomatoes and potatoes, and enzymatic papaya make this mix special. Plaster your feet with foot mask and wrap them for 10 or 15 minutes before rinsing off to reveal beautiful, baby-smooth feet. Reenergizing > Origins Step Lively Energizing Foot Cream > Oils of wintergreen and peppermint blend with rose and apricot fruit oils to gently moisturize. A silky-smooth texture that absorbs instantly to a soft finish makes this cream a stimulating, sensuous experience. Regenerating > Aura Cacia's Lavender Essential Oil > More than just a sweet-scented, nourishing treat for the feet, it's also a highly effective antifungal treatment that penetrates cell membranes. Use as an everyday remedy for overall foot health. rejuvenating > Dr. Hauschka's St. JOHN'S WORT Foot Cream > Far more effective than ordinary moisturizer, this healing balm made from bio-dynamically grown and harvested herbs, fruit oils, and extracts is rich, lustrous, and instantly soothing.

“The joy of discovering movement as a spiritual practice” is a tagline that embodies the energy surrounding this magazine. It got me thinking about all the amazing people it represents and how they are turning this concept into a reality. This tagline comes from Dance as a Sacred Art, an upcoming title by the cofounder of InterPlay—thanks for the inspiration, Cynthia! So welcome to the pulse, where you’ll find the inside scoop on pieces of the movement puzzle that capture our attention. First, props to The Nia Technique for leading the mindbody-fitness expansion for over 25 years. Next, when The 16 Ways modality came to town, I explored my polarities through sound and movement. Core Connexion offered me a space in which I could get present in a hurry. Out of my head and into my body! Sadly, I say good-bye to Merce Cunningham, who altered my perception of the audience experience and whose dynamic choreography filled me with awe. Michael Jackson's passing brought back joyful memories of my first cassette tape and lip-sync parties when I was a kid in Humboldt County. Nowadays my horizons have expanded to Costa Rica, where an Omega cofounder just opened Blue Spirit, a new retreat center to cultivate transformation. So I'm ready to surf the waves with Shiva Rea and sweat my prayers with Jonathan Horan. Or activate my voice by chanting with Snatam Kaur or Jai Uttal. Sign me up! This column is my invitation to share, so thanks for inspiring me to move! conscious dancer | fall 2009


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CD Magazine #8  

Dance Therapy, Energy Medicine, TakeTina, Dancing & Fashion, Sound Healing, and Superfood Mixes

CD Magazine #8  

Dance Therapy, Energy Medicine, TakeTina, Dancing & Fashion, Sound Healing, and Superfood Mixes