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Mandala Yoga

eMbodiMent pRactices foR ReclaiMing balance within the web of life

Mandala Yoga Recognizing the poweR of eMbodied collaboRation as a catalyst for connection, healing and innovation, Deborah Dove Eudene presents Mandala Yoga and other embodiment based practices at gatherings, conferences, land based communities, retreats, corporations and teambuilding events in Hawaii, the US, and internationally. Mandala Yoga is an evolving ModalitY that can be especially beneficial to build group cohesion and explore interactions amongst people and organizations that are engaged in collaborative efforts. Sessions and trainings are also instructive for individuals who wish to learn more about their patterns in relation to personal power, group energy, and the web of life. Workshops can be tailored to the specific needs of your group.

Mandala Yoga is a dynamic exploration of the art of relationship. As we dance in and out of sacred geometrical patterns, we form beautiful mandalas through our collaborative interactions. We traverse a rich landscape empowering individual contributions and unified field alignment. Through this process, we sharpen somatic communication skills, build community, attune energetically, cultivate joy, and gain profound insights about how we show up in relation to others and our surroundings.

“Every person has their unique role to play that is indispensible to the whole. In Mandala Yoga, as in life, fluidly maintaining one’s center while harmonizing with the whole is essential to building a collaborative culture.” – deboRah dove | upshift guide


CD Magazine #21 + Upshift Guide  

Education 2013: 100 Danceformative Colleges and Modalities; 5Rhythms Gabrielle Roth Tribute; TaKeTiNa and Whole Person Drumming; Body Tales;...

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