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Gratitude: Is This the “Secret Sauce” to Keeping New Year’s Resolutions?

FREE! JANUARY 2016 Volume 37, No. 5

Spiritual Learning Center January 2016 Intuitive Gala Sunday, January 24th from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm All readings and healing for the weekend Intuitive Gala are $35 for 25 minutes or $70 for 50 minutes

By appointment only. Please call 312-786-0077 to schedule your sessions in advance and assure that you receive the time and reader you desire.

Psychic and Physical Medium Psychic and Physical Medium. Bringing together messages from spirits & guides, the tarot & shamanic principles, Rose finds the answers to the questions that haunt you most. Since 1994, Rose has been a professional reader, teacher and as always, a student of the spiritual arts. Call ahead for an appointment as she books up quickly.


Reflexology Joy Klein help people free themselves from pain, stress, chronic illness symptoms and grief to move them forward into peace and Joy with intuitive, therapeutic reflexology. Specializing in caregivers, children with special needs, geriatrics, and hormone balancing.

Joy Klein Rose Whiteside Susan Curry

Balancing Chakras for Well-Being Balancing your chakras improves your health and well-being, physically, mentally and emotionally. When your chakras are in balance you experience a long-lasting feeling of well-being every day of your life. Chakras are like the power stations of our body, bringing it to life, and keeping it healthy.

Interiorwerx (Medical Intuitive) Interiorwerx (Medical Intuitive) is a viable solution to health and wellness. The body signals energetic abnormalities through symptoms like anxiety, allergies or physical pain. Susan Curry locates and releases these emotional frequencies, regaining true form. This natural modality provides optimum health for body and mind with proven results. Location: Burr Ridge details available when registering. Call 312-786-0077, or send us an email requesting the Burr Ridge address: FREE PARKING. Email: 312-786-0077




School of Holistic Massage & Reflexology 515 Ogden Ave. Suite 300 Downers Grove, IL 60515


Massage Therapy 9 Month Fast Track Starts Jan 11, 2016

Come in for a career consultation and receive a


Mini Reflexology Session or Chair Massage

9 Month Fast Track Massage Program Starts: January 11, 2016 Reflexology Level #1 & #2 Intro to Aromatherapy Starts: January 2016 Starts: February 2016

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Find Your Answers to Love, Money & Career Psychic • Tarot • Palm • Chakra Balancing 3rd Generation Master Psychic & Chakra Therapist All Readings Private & Confidential

A better tomorrow starts today


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Midwest Conference Center, 401 W Lake St, Northlake, IL 60164 Sat 10-7, Sunday 10-6 • Weekend Entry $12 •

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Conscious C mmunity America’s Oldest Spiritual and Metaphysical Magazine FEATURES 30 INTERVIEW WITH ATALA DOROTHY TOY FROM CRYSTAL LIFE TECHNOLOGY








Oneness Sacred Chambers & Intuitive Gala Flowering Heart Center & Crystal River Gifts




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BY JOYCE AND BARRY VISSELL When ‘I’m not Good Enough’ Meets ‘I Have to Take Care of Everyone’






January…New Beginnings In Peace Or Pieces!

Looking Back, Looking Forward, Being Present Gratitude: Is This the “Secret Sauce” to Keeping New Year’s Resolutions? JANUARY 2016 BY KAYE BERJOT




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REVIEWS 44 IN PRINT BY KAYLA HANCOCK 4 Conscious Community - JANUARY 20169

Conscious Community Formerly The Monthly Aspectarian January 2016 Volume 37, No.5



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Letter from the Publisher At our annual staff and contributing writers Christmas party we took time to share our personal bucket list of the things we would like to experience in this lifetime. Everyone’s list included travel of some sort, and although the destinations were all different, there was a common theme of taking time off to visit a destination of choice. May all those wishes come true and sooner rather than later. And to those who wish is to wish global warming away, the science says that 14 of the warmest 15 years in the earth’s recorded history have occurred in this century. That is well beyond the preponderance of evidence needed to win a case in civil court. And the earth keeps heating up, the ice caps keep melting and the oceans keep rising. The trickle of alternate energy will eventually become the groundswell that inundates the fossil fuel sources as the U.S. marches inexorably towards energy self sufficiency. In the meantime, the evidence of global warming continues to increase but the naysayers won’t budge, perhaps until their own home is flooded out, which has already happened to many on the east coast. And the oceans and rivers are not going to recede this time. Much oceanfront will be permanently lost in Florida and the Atlantic coast. The east coast isn’t the only thing disappearing; so is the middle class. The fundamentals of our country are changing as we speak. Everything is in flux as we experience the greatest changes in the America we know. Most, and perhaps all, of the changes will be for the good of all, but it doesn’t make going through them any less painful. The middle class has been the basis of the American dream. It is the standard bearer of generations of immigrants who flocked to America’s shores in search of that dream. And now the middle class is fading away, the result of decades of neglect and purposeful economic and social policies. The Pew Foundation, perhaps the most unbiased surveyor of the America we know, has published the following results of a recent survey. In 1971, the middle class represented 61% of all Americans, In their current survey, that percentage has fallen to 49%. The middle class, for this purpose, is measured as a family of three with a family income of $42,000 to $126,000. The Gallup poll shows similar results, adding that as recently as 7 years ago, 63% of those polled identified themselves as middle class. The questions being asked in our national forums and by private citizens have no easy answers. People are trying to solve complex problems with black-and-white solutions and those solutions will never work in our reality. Those answers are too rigid and the challenges multi-layered. If our leaders cannot find new solutions, perhaps we should find new leaders. Until next time,


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SOHMAR will be starting our 9-month FAST TRACK MASSAGE THERAPY course.

The class meets on Monday and Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. This is a 9-month 625 hour course. The classes are broken up into 546 in-house hours plus 79 elective hours of study which the student can choose from. Start Date: January 11, 2016.

REFLEXOLOGY: This course is a 40 clock hour 10-week

certification course in Reflexology. In this class, you will have a brief overview of anatomy and physiology, theory, and hands-on practice of holistic reflexology techniques. Upon completion of this course, you will receive a Certificate in Reflexology. Start Date: January 5, 2016.

School of Holistic Massage and Reflexology 515 Ogden Ave., Suite 300 Downers Grove, IL 60515 630-968-7827

6 Conscious Community --JANUARY 2016

CRYSTAL BALL READING Easy Divination and Interpretation with Amy Biank

Haven’t you always wanted to gaze into a crystal ball and see what the future holds? In this fun hands-on class, you will get to use a variety of crystal balls for divination, guidance and meditation! You will gain heightened intuitive abilities, greater selfknowledge and a deeper understanding of the universe when you practice the ancient art of crystal ball reading! Amy Biank has been teaching “Intuitive Arts” for over 20 years! Her goal is to make the exploration of ancient wisdom fun and informative as well as life changing.

Date: Time: Cost:

Sunday, January 24, 2016 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM $35

Cost includes written materials and a $10 certificate toward your purchase of your special crystal ball! (Many are priced around $10.00) Location: 83 Century Drive, Oswego, Illinois Call 630-554-7713 to register today. Or, email us at Visit for up-to-date information about our services and classes.

C mmunity Happenings AURA/CHAKRA ANALYSIS January 28, 2016 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm at Crystal River Gifts

Interactive Aura Photography uses a technology known as “Biofeedback,” since a physical reading of one’s bio-signs is the main method of an Aura analysis. This information is received from a hand sensor plate. The hand sensor itself has various contact points on it, connected to certain organs of the body. These data parameters are projected as a radiant, color aura field around the body on a photo or a computer screen. This imaging truly brings out the energetic manifestation of your soul! The colors actually reflect your spiritual and auric state. Through Interactive Aura Photography, you can see the effects of crystals, flower essences, essential oils, and energy healing as it is happening in real time. John J. Gruba, Intuitive Therapist $50.00 for a 25-minute session which includes a 7- page Aura/Chakra Report with a personal interpretation Please call Crystal River Gifts to reserve a time. Call today: 224-535-8708. Crystal River Gifts 310 N. LaFox (Rt. 31) South Elgin, IL


Spring Awakening Yoga Retreat is on the beautiful grounds of Allerton Park and Retreat Center in Monticello, IL. Event dates: April 8 and 9, 2016! The park offers 1,500 acres of lowland and upland forests and prairies, and 14 miles of hiking trails. Jolene Wright and Kristina Reese will be offering ways to help you find your version of rest, renewal, and rejuvenation. You will have the choice to independently explore or take advantage of the new community being established by fellow weekend attendees. You are invited to utilize the tools that yoga and meditation have to offer in a way that serves you. Yoga classes scheduled over the weekend are designed for beginners and advanced practitioners. Take the opportunity to re-align and re-awaken alongside nature with a weekend of yoga, guided meditation, nature walks, campfire gatherings, and so much more! Allerton Races will also be hosting the Night Glo 5K to raise money for the Make a Wish Foundation. You are invited to participate, and please let us know if you would like to raise additional support for this cause. Price of the retreat is $550, or $500 early-bird registration. Group discounts may be available. The Retreat price includes lodging, meals, Night Glo 5k, yoga, and meditation. Additional costs for DIY malas, wine, etc. For more information and to register contact:
Jolene Wright 217.649.9913 or Conscious Community - 7

DREAM ON by Walter Perschke

Dreams are the primary way that our higher self communicates with us. Dreams are a spontaneous product of our subconscious mind and beyond the reach of the will. If you understand your dreams and the messages they hold for you, you have made a big step forward on your spiritual journey.

Walter: There is more to this dream. If it didn’t come through that night, you will have a repeat or a continuation of it. The dream is more complex than it appears on the surface. It is fear-based and what I would call an anxiety dream. How were you feeling during the dream?

By interpreting the real dreams of real people, this column is intended to facilitate your understanding. Everyone dreams, but most people don’t remember. To assist in your recollection, keep a dream log by your bed to record everything you can remember as soon as you awaken. This sends a message to your higher self that you want this information and more will flow to you.

Dreamer 1: I was anxious but not afraid. I felt something bad was coming but nervous would be more accurate than afraid.

Happy Dreaming!

Dreamer 1: This dream all took place in one sleep session, but it seemed to be in separate parts so I will tell you about it in that way. First part: I am getting into the car with my mom. I do not think I like her driving my car, but I give her the key and she is about to drive. We got into the car because I could see some things on fire far away, blowing out, not sure what. They were coming our way so we needed to get to my car and start driving away fast to escape, to survive. Second part: My parents used to have a business in my dad’s garage, and below the floor there was a space to get down and look at the bottom of the car and fix it. I am there with my mom. It seems like the world is ending, the way we know it. Like zombies or something. I am really afraid that creatures and animals will be in chargé of the world some day. Scary, like a zombie movie, like the human race will stop existing. I think my mom wants to hide in that space below the floor. I say that we cannot, because if the whole building crashes, we will be stuck and will not be able to breathe. Then my mom wants to take pills to die before the other creatures take over the world. We were looking for the solution to survive, to manage the situation. I did not like the idea of taking pills. Third part: I walk somewhere, or run, I do not remember. I pass a gun and am surprised to see it. I go back to look at it and see it is unloaded. I do not want to bother. I keep walking. Fourth part: Then I was with someone, (maybe my boyfriend), at my aunt’s, (my mom’s sister), home or around it. She wanted us to be very quiet. 8 Conscious Community -JANUARY 2016

Walter: What is going on in your life at this time? Dreamer 1: I have an important decision to make and I am nervous about it. Walter: Part of the dream is about that decision and another part is about your relationship with your mother. The part where she wants to hide from the zombies and you want to run is a good example that you need to separate from her more than you already have. Her driving your car is a symbol of her control, which you need to get away from. Where do the zombies come from? Dreamer 1: Watching too many movies. Walter: The zombies are manifesting your need for more security in your life. When you feel safe, the zombies will just disappear. This dream will probably resurface until you make your decision. It won’t matter what your decision is, only that you have made it. The gun part is just saying that you are non-violent. Besides, guns don’t work on zombies anyhow!

Dreamer 2: This dream came to me when it was almost time to wake up. I was walking in a large building with a lot of open space within its walls and very high ceilings. It was a very bright sunlit day, so bright that I could barely open my eyes. I was with people I knew and was friendly with and felt supported by, although I could name only one. I wasn’t afraid or anxious but I was curious about why I was having the bright sunlight limiting my vision. The building had the feeling of a mall but there were no stores, nothing for sale. Perhaps it was the very high ceiling that was reminiscent of a big indoor shopping mall. Walter: Could you identify anyone in the dream? Dreamer 2: Yes, a friend of mine whom I trust. There were other people I knew but they were walking too far ahead of me to identify. Walter: How did you feel in the dream?

Dreamer 2: I was comfortable, not afraid. I was annoyed at the “photo sensitivity” problem. I had it a few times in high school. Walter: Were you walking comfortably? Dreamer 2: Yes. My body felt healthy, but my eyes were forced shut by the brightness. Walter: The dream has several parts. The sunlight is a message to you that the answers you seek are there but you are not getting them because they are blinding you with their obviousness. Usually dreams like this are set outdoors. This one is indoors in a spacious building with very high ceilings because you have very high aspirations and abilities but need a structure to manifest them in this reality. The friends with you are there to support you but something is missing which is why you can only name one person. The support you need and the structure that will help you to achieve your goals and beyond is there for you, but perhaps you are looking in the wrong place or perhaps not looking at all. If you can, reflect on what was happening in high school when you experienced the “blinding” then. There was probably something in your life that you did not want to see and the bright light was protecting you as well as giving you a message then. The age of individualism has passed, it ended in 2012, and the age of collaboration and partnership has begun. It might be helpful for you to look where you haven’t looked before, or perhaps looked and didn’t consider viable, for a partnership or a group to share your dream with. Perhaps find a partner and share his (her) structure for your mutual benefit.

Diana Kushenbach Police Intuitive

Psychic Medium Author Advanced Mediumship and Psychic Development Intuitive Energy Healing Biofeedback Specialist (LIFE System) Demonologist and Ordained Minister Apprenticeship

email: 475 River Bend Suite 200b Naperville,IL 60540 (630) 269-0115



If you would like to submit a dream for possible inclusion to ap- pear in this column, please submit your dream in email Walter@ and give us a phone number. Only submission with phone number will be consider. Walter Perschke is the publisher of Conscious Community magazine, formerly The Monthly Aspectarian, America’s oldest spiritual and metaphysical magazine. Mr. Perschke is a Professor of Metaphysics, writes, teaches, and speaks frequently on metaphysical subjects, and is a popular guest speaker at conferences and seminars. He hosts a weekly guided meditation group. Walter was nominated for an Emmy Award and is a member of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

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(4 in. below armpit)

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All About Town…

Oneness Sacred Chambers & Intuitive Gala Flowering Heart Center & Crystal River Gifts Downers Grove & South Elgin, IL November 21st & 22nd, 2015

by Theresa Puskar If you read my columns on an ongoing basis, you know that I am constantly experiencing extraordinary miracles and synchronicities in my life. I am so very blessed, and I know it. As I shared in my last two columns, I have recently been observing how much fear I experience, and just how exhausting it is. On this same theme, the saga continues. This was a particularly powerful weekend on my spiritual journey, as I was privileged to attend Kristen Panek’s Oneness Sacred Chambers at the Flowering Heart Center Saturday afternoon, and then the Crystal River Gifts Intuitive Gala on Sunday. I got a double dose of spiritual communication and wonderful healing. While at the Sacred Chambers, I had a powerful occurrence in which I experienced the quieting of my mind. The respite was only for about two to three seconds, yet it was potent. Of course, seconds after, my monkey mind grabbed a hold of me again, and I was back on my nonstop treadmill of meaningless thoughts and agendas. When I left the second chamber, I noted how much my body was vibrating with energy. Next to my Reiki initiation, it was the most powerful energy transmission I have ever received. I quickly noted, however, how my mind wanted to know “what” was going on and “how” it was affecting me. In the midst of all the thinking, the wise voice in my head yelled out to my monkeys, “Who cares about the what and how? Just leave well enough alone, and experience!” So I did just that – at least for a second or two! As I was reflecting on the weekend events, I noted that the underlying theme focused on my sense of urgency and the busyness in my life. I followed that trail to my sense of unworthiness, and the fear that reigned at its core. When I further investigated the fear, what I discovered at the root of the issue was my lack of trust in both myself and in any divine presence in my life. What a huge and sad aha moment. I then headed off on Sunday afternoon to Crystal River Gifts to review their Intuitive Gala. For the last year this event has been on my radar. I finally had an opportunity to experience the wisdom, insights, and powerful healing energy of this radiant sanctuary. While one can simply show up to this event, I called ahead and scheduled two appointments with the venue’s manager and energy work facilitator, Veronica Wittenbrink. “Winter has come. It’s time to stop, focus on your priorities, go into hibernation and energize yourself!” - RoseWolf 10 Conscious Community --JANUARY 2016

My first appointment was with RoseWolf (Shamanic counselor, healer, reader, and teacher). While I have known RoseWolf for several years, this was my first opportunity to receive a reading from her. Upon meeting her, one of the first things I noted was her energy. She is an extremely powerful woman, and fully embodies the warrior archetype of the divine feminine. Both priestess and healer, showing strength and benevolence, RoseWolf clearly walks the talk.

Veronica Wittenbrink & RoseWolf With the aid of two tarot decks, she provided me with guidance that was rich, heartfelt, and right on the money. While she covered a lot of ground, the main thrust of her message was that I need to slow down. As I write this, I’m thinking of how much this message may need to be heard by you as well. There are no accidents, and perhaps the fact that you are reading this article at this time in your life, is a sign that you too need to slow down. RoseWolf encouraged me to go into hibernation this winter, focusing on “me” time. She assured me that when I give myself down time, along with permission to receive assistance when it is offered to me, the right people and circumstances will come to me, easily and effortlessly. Surrender and trust are at the heart of this message. As an audio producer, trainer, and now in this column, I share my emotional and spiritual challenges, hoping that by exposing my shortcomings; you too may feel safer exploring yours. This is perhaps the toughest challenge I’ve ever had to face, for I realize that what really resides at the core of this issue is my lack of faith.

“It’s time to junk your old mind and start having a new mind… or you can waste another life on this. The choice is yours!” -Bharat Kalra My second appointment at the gala was with licensed massage therapist, reiki master, meditation and breath work instructor, Bharat Kalra. While his message was a tough one to hear, I know he was accurate, and that he delivered what I needed to hear in the manner that I needed to hear it. Bharat started the session by conducting an energetic reading of my chakras with the aid of a pendulum. Along with chakra deficiencies, he also referenced related physical challenges that I was facing. His insights were potent and succinct. He mentioned that my lower three chakras lack energy and are imbalanced. He stated that my heart and throat chakras are in excellent condition, but are carrying the load for the lack in the lower three. This explains recent concerns around the heart. He knew that I have been struggling with sciatica for the past year, and he also referenced digestive issues, and vision challenges with my left eye. He also mentioned that my left brain over-functions, and that I am barely using my right brain. This explains why I’ve been challenged as of late in my “right brain” logical workplace endeavors. The kicker however, was his reading of my aura and crown chakra. He said that they were both completely blocked, and that I lacked faith. Receiving this message yet again shook me to the core. When I asked Bharat how to best remedy this, he asked if I had studied meditation much, and if I have a routine practice. Of course, he knew that while I’ve studied several modalities, I have never followed one or maintained an ongoing daily routine. I haveknown for years that I should be meditating, and when I do, I note how wonderful it feels. So, the question remains, “Why do I not do so?” Again, these last several years, I have stopped dwelling on the “why” of things, as I think it can be a “mind game” distraction from actually “doing.” So, at this point on my spiritual journey, I choose not to dwell upon “why,” and instead commit to facing this challenge head on. As Bharat so beautifully articulated, the choice is mine.

“Do you wake up excited and happy to start your day? You are not the mind. The ‘I am’ is bliss, however, all you experience in your life is the creation of mind.” -Bharat Kalra How might this translate to you and your own spiritual journey? I think that many of us in today’s society (myself included) practice stress unconsciously. I note how my muscles are most often tensed, my breathing is shallow, and my mind is racing, focusing on my never ending to-do list. Bharat went on to say that meditation could be defined as “practicing relaxation consciously.” It is a discipline that could greatly assist us in learning to unwind and relax into a deeper, more profound state of consciousness. He said that with the ongoing practice of meditation, the mind starts to lose its identity. I know that by identifying so much with my mind, I lack confidence in my own inner knowing. I note how much I seek reassurance outside of myself. The truth is that RoseWolf and Bharat told me nothing that I was not already aware of. Often when I get messages from channels, spiritual guides, mediums, and other healers, the truth is that they reaffirm and mirror back to me the wisdom that is already inherent within me. When I take the time to move beyond the self-imposed chaos and go within, I find the answers, or perhaps more accurately, I remember the answers that were already deep within me. As the saying goes, when you hear something thrice, pay attention. When the universe has a potent message that you need to act upon, it starts with a whisper that, if necessary, grows progressively louder. I heard this particular message loud and clear, and I commit to taking the necessary action (or in my case, inaction)! I look forward to the day in which I do not need to hear anything thrice, where I respond to the first message that bubbles forth quietly and confidently from within. To learn more about Oneness and the Sacred Chambers, you can log onto The Crystal River Gifts Intuitive Galas are held the third weekend of each month, Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and Sundays from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. For more information, or to schedule an appointment with one of the healers or readers, call 224-535-8708, or log onto

Bharat Kalra & Theresa Puskar Theresa Puskar, our All About Town contributor, is a writer, trainer, speaker, and inspirational audiobook producer. She has recently authored The Terri Series – seven books that focus on social issues such as bullying, honoring diversity, celebrating creativity, non-judgment of emotions, finding alternatives to technology-based entertainment, discovering a non-judgmental God, and overcoming fears. She has also recorded a powerful experiential audio program, How to De-clutter Your Mind and Live a Heart-Centered Life. To learn more about Theresa and her upcoming engagements, log onto www.

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From the Heart The Altar by Alan Cohen The beginning of a new year offers a poignant opportunity to set the priorities that will carry us through the year. We succeed or fail based on what we hold dear. Choose meaningless priorities, and you become the heir to pain. Live from what you value, and your life becomes a celebration of purpose. A Japanese coaching client told me that her father had bequeathed to his children a home that contained the family altar. Her brothers started to fight over who would keep the family altar in their home. My client was upset by the family fighting, and wanted to know how to resolve it. I told her, “It’s not worth fighting over, or you getting involved in the fight.” “But the altar is the doorway to our ancestors’ graves,” she argued. “No, the altar is not the doorway to your ancestors’ graves,” I told her. “Your mind and heart are the doorway to your ancestors. The altar is a material object. It is inert, neutral, and has meaning only by virtue of your belief in it. The altar is holy only when it is used as a vehicle for love. When it becomes an object of contention, you have superimposed fear over faith. Your family relationships are the real altar to your ancestors. When you harmonize with each other, and choose love as the foundation of your communication, you are honoring your ancestors in the highest way. Let go of the physical altar, and worship at your spiritual altar, which is within you.” A Course in Miracles asks us to remember, “I have given everything I see…all the meaning that it has for me.” When we project meaning onto objects that uplift us and draw our mind to heaven, we are making the best use of the material world. When we imbue objects with meaning that drags us down, we are misusing them. At that point we must either reframe them in the service of Spirit, or let them go. We get into trouble when we confuse stuff with spirit. Stuff was created to serve spirit. When spirit serves stuff, we have fallen into idolatry. Someone at a Course in Miracles conference observed a woman who had accidentally dropped the Course in Miracles book on the floor. Flustered, she picked up the book and kissed it reverently, as if she felt guilty and was apologizing to the book. The observer complained to Judith Whitson, publisher of the Course, that the idea of kissing a book was childish; the person 12 Conscious Community --JANUARY 2016

who did this had made a god out of an inanimate object. At a later conference, Judith walked onstage to give her lecture, tossed a copy of the Course on the floor, stood on it, and gave her lecture from that position, noting that the purpose of the book is to live its teachings, not bow to the object that contained the teachings. The book is just paper and ink. Its lessons are eternal. The truth far surpasses the container. A similar story comes from Japanese history. When Christianity came to Japan, in the 1600s, the Tokugawa shogunate government was threatened by the new religion, and waged an inquisition against Christians. As a test of faith to the government, officials threw a picture of Jesus Christ on the floor and required citizens to step on it. If, out of allegiance to Christ, the person refused to step on it, that person was tortured or killed. Upon hearing this story, I wondered what I would have done if I were faced with such a challenge as a Christian at that time. I would have stepped on the picture; not out of disrespect for Christ, but because my life is more valuable than pandering to the whim of an idiot who threatens me with death for not stepping on a graven image. I serve Christ better by being a light to the world than arguing over a symbol. I imagine if you chose to die in such a situation that would have been a statement of faith. I believe you would have done better to live for Christ, which is energy, than to die for a painting, which is a thing. What will you and I live for during the coming year? Fear or love? Stuff or Spirit? Symbols or their source? All of these choices spring from one fundamental question: Are you, and is life, based on form, or is it based on energy? On objects, or on thoughts? On things you can touch, or on truths you can experience? Things are the result of energy. When you remain established in the source of life, things take care of themselves. Ultimately you are the altar of love. Great Spirit wants you to retain the power invested in you, not give it away to external objects. Fighting over a thing is missing the point. Using things to join is the point. Every moment of this bright New Year offers a choice between making the point, and missing the point. The only purpose of the material world is to serve as a launching pad for spiritual awareness. Every other use leads us away from joy. Everything you touch either serves healing or separation. Objects are not powerful. Belief is. Respect symbols, yet go beyond them. Use your life to magnify the truth that cannot be contained in any object. This New Year will then lay its divine gifts upon the altar of your heart.

Alan Cohen is the author of the new groundbreaking book A Course in Miracles Made Easy: Mastering the Journey from Fear to Love. Join Alan and gifted intuitive Dougall Fraser in Hawaii, February 21-26, 2016, for a life-changing retreat, The Guru in You. For more information about this program, Alan’s Life Coach Training Program, free daily inspirational quotes, and weekly radio show, visit

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The Shared Heart

New Dimensions of Relationship by Joyce and Barry Vissell

”When ‘I’m not Good Enough’ Meets ‘I Have to Take Care of Everyone’” These two core issues (or negative messages from childhood) often meet and interact with one another, sometimes in disastrous ways. Usually the carriers of these issues are more or less unaware of them. “I’m not good enough” (often, but not always, a man) thinks, “I can never get it right, I’ll never measure up, and therefore I simply don’t deserve love.” “I have to take care of everyone” (often, but not always, a woman) thinks, “My job in life is to make everyone else happy; there is no one who can or will take care of me, and therefore I similarly don’t deserve to be cared for and loved.” Interestingly, many people carry some degree of both of these issues. That makes life extra interesting. Let’s look at the interaction of these two, coming from separate personalities: Cory and Ella, the parents of three small children, came to see Joyce and me in counseling. Cory had the “I’m not good enough” thing going front and center. The message was clear from his family of origin: “Cory, why can’t you do anything right? You screwed up again!” So, even as a child, he thought, “If only I can do it right, then I’ll get the love and approval I need.” Yet no matter how hard he tried, and how many “right” things he did, he still didn’t get the approval of his parents. There was always something not right enough for them to criticize. Ella had the “I have to take care of everyone” syndrome for as long as she could remember. The oldest child in her family, she was expected to take care of her younger siblings. Her parents were both alcoholics and were too busy with their addictions. Ella was the only “grown-up” in the house, even though she was a young child. Like Cory, she tried to earn her parents’ love by her good actions, in this case taking care of the other children, preparing food, and cleaning the house. Did it work? Of course not! It never does. No matter how much of a “good mother” she was, she didn’t get the love she needed. If children are not loved for who they are, then what they do makes little difference. So how did Cory and Ella get in trouble in their relationship as adults? Here’s an example: Cory loads the dishwasher and starts it up. Ella finds a dirty dish on one of the counters and blurts out, “Cory, you 14 Conscious Community --JANUARY 2016

forgot this dirty dish.” (Remember, she got obsessively good at cleaning as a child to try to win her parents’ love.) Because Cory still carries the message in his soul that he can never do it right, the slightest criticism, or even a critical tone of voice from Ella causes him to then announce, “Fine. You can load the dishwasher from now on.” This throws Ella back to her own default mode from childhood, having to take care of everyone, which she strongly resented. Not a pretty picture! From the other side, Ella is at home taking care of the children all day. She loves doing this, but also looks forward to Cory coming home and helping with them in the evening. At 4 pm, Cory calls to say he has to stay late at work because of a crisis. He states, albeit without enough compassion or understanding, that he won’t be home to help with the children. She’s exhausted and irritable, in addition to carrying that old message, “I have to take care of everyone.” She defaults to the feeling, “there’s no one to take care of me,” and blurts out in anger, “Why don’t you just stay at work!” Once again, Cory feels he can never do it right. Couple gridlock again. Without awareness of these primary core issues, Ella and Cory are doomed to repeated fights. In the couple’s session, Joyce and I helped them clearly see these early life wounds. This alone will minimize their conflict, yet it takes more than awareness; it takes being proactive with clear appreciations. We asked Cory and Ella to face one another. Then we directed Cory, “Can you tell Ella that she is just as important as everyone else in her life?” Cory looked surprised, but quickly softened and spoke, “Of course you’re just as important as anyone else. To me you’re more important than anyone else. There’s nothing you have to do to prove it. I’m committed to letting you know this every day.” Ella smiled and relaxed a bit. These were the words she most needed to hear. Next we asked Ella, “Can you tell Cory what he does right and good enough?” Ella spoke, “Oh Cory, I’m so sorry I don’t tell you enough. You love our kids and me completely. You work hard for us. Even when you’re tired, you still play wonderful games with the kids, or find the time to fix everything that’s broken. I know how much you need to hear these things. I promise to let you know every day that you’re more than good enough.” We couldn’t help but notice the tear sliding down Cory’s cheek.

Are you more “I’m not good enough,” or “I have to take care of everyone?” Or are you both equally? Remember there is a loving divine parent inside you who yearns to free you from this negative thinking. All you need to do is wrap your arms around yourself, and speak words of loving affirmation to the child part of you. In this way, you heal and re-parent your hurt child. If you have a partner, does she or he carry one or both of these issues? Have the courage to address your partner’s inner child with words of love and approval, and have the courage to vulnerably inform your partner about your own core issues. Healing and reparenting comes from yourself, and it also comes from those you love. Ella and Cory know this truth...and practice it every day! So can you! Here are a few opportunities to bring more love and growth into your life, at the following events led by Barry and Joyce Vissell: Feb 7-14,2016, Hawaii Couples Retreat; June 4-11, – Alaska, “Inside Message” Cruise from Seattle; Jul 17-22, Shared Heart Summer Retreat at Breitenbush Hot Springs, OR; Oct 11-17, Assisi Retreat, Italy. Joyce & Barry Vissell, a nurse/therapist and psychiatrist couple since 1964, are counselors near Santa Cruz, CA, who are widely regarded as among the world’s top experts on conscious relationship and personal growth. They are the authors of The Shared Heart, Models of Love, Risk to Be Healed, The Heart’s Wisdom, Meant to Be, and A Mother’s Final Gift. Call Toll-Free 800-766-0629 (locally 831-684-2299), or write to the Shared Heart Foundation, P.O. Box 2140, Aptos, CA 95001, for further information on counseling sessions by phone or in person, their books and recordings, or their schedule of talks and workshops. Visit their website at for their free monthly e-heartletter, their updated schedule, and inspiring past articles on many topics about relationship and living from the heart.

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January…New Beginnings in Peace or Pieces!

by Elizabeth Summers By this time many of us may feel like the crumbling of the Berlin wall! Emotionally, physically and not to mention financially fragmented that all we would like to do is sit, close our eyes and take a long winter’s nap. January says “let’s begin anew” and it will take some time to get ourselves up to steam to do so. As we say, think or write the Number One of January on our paper work, we send the energy to the Universe that it is a time to begin again, look for new opportunities, have courage, believe in ourselves only do whatever it takes to get the job done! So important, however, is to consider the feelings of others. Since every Number energy has a positive and negative influence, the Number One can push big time to overcome a feeling of a lack of self-esteem, self-consciousness bringing a real struggle to believe in oneself. This will show itself in you if you come off as an opinionated person who seems to offend everyone else with your tactless insensitive self. The Number One, in Tarot, is the Magician card representing a turning point in one’s life. Moving in a new direction, turning things around thus changing ones fortune opens the door to surprises from the Universe that says make some changes. Do not be surprised, if a new direction in your life, moves you forward by altering your present course. Important, then, is to expand your outlook, gain a greater perspective and discover your role and purpose in life. Numerologically, the Number One is powerful but somewhat of an aggravating energy to parents who are raising children born in January! “I’ll do it myself”, “I don’t need to take advice from anyone” are words ringing into the ears of parents birthing children born in January especially as Capricorns. These sweet souls prefer to act as adults in life aligning themselves with older children as playmates. Parents may find these youngsters very independent and willful. These children will want to make the rules not follow them. An entrepreneurial spirit will also show itself. The energy of the Number One is mental and children of this birth Number will frequently become mentally bored, thus creating behavioral problems. During the first thirty years of life, these youths should be traveling, working, living independently and not marrying as they need to be living as a One and not in permanent partnerships.

16 Conscious Community --JANUARY 2016

Numerology, as an ancient science, gives very precise clues to the characteristics, behaviors and energies that are symbolically represented by the digits one through nine. Therefore, any individuals having a birthday on the first, tenth, nineteenth or twenty-eight of the month which all reduce to a Number One may exhibit very similar characteristics. There characteristics are most influential between the ages of thirty and fifty-five years of age. The previous month of December has a three vibration connected to it. Totally different from the focused One of January and many of us find ourselves in pieces. Trying to do too much, achieve this that and the other leaves us somewhat energetically shattered in January as this energy of “get one’s act together” begins to set in. Trying to make everyone happy, being a people pleaser, expressing artificial joys, putting on a smiling face has caused us to collapse in January! What to do? How to get ourselves back? How to get refocused on our own lives? The answer is simple... sit down, shut up and be in silence. Ancient philosophy teaches “silence is restorative”. You know yourself when you are trying to think and everyone keeps shouting at you, you just want to tell them to go away so you can think! It is the same with your soul. Close out the world as best you can. In the stillness of silence you will hear the voice of God, your Higher Self and your fragmented pieces will be restored to a whole. January brings a new start. The pressures of the holidays are behind you. Now, it is all about YOU. Rest, get focused, tell Spirit your intentions for your new year and when your body, that houses your soul, has sufficiently recovered in emotional, physical and spiritual strength, you will be a force to be dealt with! Spiritually guiding clients since 1988, Elizabeth Summers provides practical information by combining Numerology, Astrology and Tarot interpretations in her personal readings with clients. For a private Numerology reading with Elizabeth Summers, please go here to review your choices: http://www. or 303-702-5420 Sign up for the Numerology Newz newsletter on Home page...


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Sound Matters: by Steven Halpern

Looking Back, Looking Forward, Being Present First and foremost, I extend my sincere wishes for a healthy, happy, and harmonious holiday season. I thank you for being part of my extended family. Amidst all the usual holiday joys and stresses, while other parts of the world are in the middle of open warfare, it’s more important than ever to maintain our own center of balance, of stability, and of inner peace. When we are in a state of relaxation, high coherence brain states, we naturally radiate those vibrations of peace into the atmosphere, and throughout the planet. Spiritual teachers throughout the ages have recommended that we do so. Like many of you, fitting in time for meditation and silence, of being, rather than doing, is often a challenge. That’s why growing up in New York has been an advantage for me: “When I want my relaxation, I want it now!” (paraphrasing the original MTV slogan).  When I began meditating and doing yoga in 1967, I was your typical Type-A guy. Five minutes of a few postures and I thought I had done yoga. It was the same with meditation; how to stay ‘in the zone’ for more than “a New York minute?”  On one level, it might be said that many of my recordings began as a very effective and functional answer to that question.  Indeed, I am always the first member of my audience. It’s been a sublime honor to know that the music that takes me to that place, takes so many other people to a similar place as well.  New Recordings of 2015 That You May Have Missed Many of these recordings have been in process for several years. I test them on myself, then with some friends and colleagues, and workshop attendees.  Some were fast-tracked in response to numerous requests from folks like you.  Little did I know that two of these, Pain Relief at the Speed of Sound, and Optimal Health at the Speed of Sound, would play a significant role in my recovery from several accidents, and complications from the anesthesia during what was otherwise a very successful surgery. AMONG FRIENDS: 1975-2015: A 40-Year Retrospective has been in the works for a long time. In fact, it is the definitive retrospective of my 40-year recording career. It afforded me a way to acknowledge and thank the many wonderful musicians with

whom I’ve collaborated over the years, like Paul Horn, Jai Uttal, Paul McCandless, and Georgia Kelly. On the other end of the production schedule,  Mindful Piano: music for meditation arrived as an unexpected ‘gift’...and transported me into new adventures ‘in the space between the notes.’ Read more about it in my November column. The Space Between the Tones = The Gap Between Thoughts Ever since I began playing meditative music, I described part of my creative process as “being in the moment, and listening to the space between the tones.”  Over the past decade or so, Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer have eloquently expounded on this topic and helped publicize the concept to millions. When Time magazine put “The Mindful Revolution” on its cover last year, it was clear a new meme had been born.   Being in the present moment is essentially the exact opposite of where intellectual, left-brain dominant academic musicians, and authors like Daniel J. Levitin come from with respect to music. In fact, Levitin devotes an entire chapter to the virtues of “Anticipation” i.e., projecting where the music will go “in the future” in This is Your Brain On Music: The Science of a Human Obsession. He, and most others, totally miss the point about being “in the moment.” My popular video, “Scalus Interruptus: watch?v=-Ml8KiWH_1E demonstrates in about one minute why classical  music is rarely an effective choice if you are seeking relaxation or support for your meditation; your attention is always being taken out of the moment.  You can’t relax in the future. You can only relax in the present moment. This was one of my original discoveries in 1969, and has been central to all of my relaxing and meditative compositions. Even I don’t know what’s going to happen next! 

Next-Gen Music for Mindfulness™ (an on-going series) In 2015, I continued testing new brainwave entrainment-enhanced soundscapes in real world applications: as background while writing articles, album liner notes, and yes, newsletters and columns.  I helped pioneer the field in the 1970s, when it was a concept that had not reached many in the mainstream or holistic medicine world. I’m pretty sure I’m the only original researcher and producer of audio programs who has as long a successful track record in this field.

Can You Really Speak to Your Genes? When I first met Bruce Lipton at a conference years ago, he introduced us all to the concept of epigenetics, i.e., that our genes could be affected by our thoughts, emotions, and words. We became instant friends, and one of the first questions I asked was, “so how do you talk to your genes? Is there a special language?”  He answered, “Nope. English works just fine.”

Beginning in 2008, I began a research project involving brainwave entrainment technology, which uses sound to focus the brain to respond (entrain) to a specific brainwave frequency. I designed several experiments, some of which I shared with you via my columns, and free MP3 downloads.   The results were way more easily identifiable than I could have imagined. I incorporated these breakthroughs into my ongoing series of albums that began during this time period, which now includes every album released since 2009, including music only, as well as subliminal programs.  Pain Relief at the Speed of Sound was first included in my 1980 version of SELF-HEALING, a cassette program combining soothing music with subliminal affirmations.  I wanted to know how much more effective the same music might be if I added an additional layer of brainwave entrainment.  The answer:  Considerable.  After surgery, I spent 28 hours in a hospital room. I’ll admit to needing some help in staying positive while hooked up to all sorts of electrodes and sensors. I alternated listening to my Pain Relief at the Speed of Sound CD with Optimal Health at the Speed of Sound. Having noise-cancelling headphones was a blessing, too, as were the doctors and nurses who worked with me.  I noticed a definite improvement in my mood and attitude.  Was that just a placebo effect?  It’s certainly not a double-blind controlled experiment.  Bottom line: I didn’t care. It worked. I felt better. That is why the updated versions of  SELF-HEALING 2.0 and Effortless Relaxation  also feature this threefold (healing music, subliminals, and brainwave entrainment) orchestration that supports our innate ability to heal ourselves. I invite you to check these out for yourself. 

My logical mind had a problem with this at first. Deepak Chopra and Rudolph Tanzi have just released an extraordinary summation of the latest science and research. This is for real: Sure enough, we can affect our genes, our DNA, and it’s simple to do. Their book is: SUPER GENES: Unlock the Astonishing Power of your DNA for Optimum Health and Well-Being.” I immediately understood that tons of recent research helps explain why consciously communicating with your Self, and your genes, with music and affirmations works as well as it does. We are biologically hardwired for that. I believe, as Deepak does, that this book will change the way millions of us choose to live. It’s also why using sound and music that frees the brain to be “in the Now,” and using positive affirmations to (subliminally) communicate with our genes makes more sense than ever.  Now that it’s clear that we have a choice in designing our future, I am setting my intention to create optimum health and well-being this next year, and every year thereafter. I invite you to join me.  In closing, I’d like to mention two of my other favorite new books: The Art of Stillness: Adventures in Going Nowhere, by Pico Iyer, and Gotcha! The Subordination of Free Will, by Eldon Taylor. As we move into the future, they can also contribute to you being the best you that you can be.  Yours for sound health and a positive future,  Steven Halpern Steven Halpern is a GRAMMY® award-nominated composer, recording artist, and producer whose healing music has helped millions worldwide to experience the blessings and benefits of deep relaxation and inner peace.

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CyberWeave: Spirituality and the Internet by Mary Montgomery

Gratitude: Is This the “Secret Sauce” to Keeping New Year’s Resolutions? It’s that time of year again. It’s a brand new year, and many of us are feeling the urge to wipe the old slate of our lives clean, and make a list of resolutions designed to make our New Year’s living better and better. Hey! Making those resolutions is not a bad or foolish thing. In fact, it’s a venerable tradition. New Year’s resolutions have been essential to ringing in the New Year since 2000 B.C., when the Babylonians held semi-annual festivals around the spring and autumn equinoxes. Back then, people marked the beginning of a New Year by paying off debts, and returning borrowed goods. Modern-day resolutions usually involve breaking negative patterns, and setting positive goals. Those are lofty goals. Unfortunately, for most, the follow-through rate is very low. For example, research from the University of Minnesota indicates that 80 percent of adult Americans give up on their resolutions after two months. (From an article from December 2008.)

of friendship and cooperation. She found that praising and being grateful for these foods filled her up. She could eat a bite of that custard pie without wolfing down the whole thing. She also started being grateful for her body, instead of berating it. The best part: This was not a yo-yo thing! At 78, P.M.H. Atwater remains a long, tall, beautiful drink of water. Hmm ... I’ve been keeping a “Thank You Universe” journal for quite some time. I know, first- hand, how the power of being grateful enriches my life. This idea goes beyond being grateful for the good things, big and small, in your life. It goes to the heart of how we can utilize gratitude to help us manifest those resolutions; New Year’s or otherwise; that we want accomplish in order to enrich our future lives.

This statistic got me to thinking; could there be a “secret sauce” that would make taking action on our resolutions more palatable— and, therefore, more doable?

Recently I rediscovered The Missing Secret: How to Use the Law of Attraction to Easily Attract What You Want...Every Time; a set of CDs by Dr. Joe Vitale ( It had been languishing in my bookcase. I was going on a long driving trip, and what better way to pass the time than with some inspirational pep-talking. There were many things in those CDs that struck me, and stuck with me. The value and power of gratitude is one of them.

I remembered a story that I heard Near-Death Experiencer and researcher P.M.H. Atwater ( tell during a workshop at an International Association of Near-Death Studies ( At one point in P.M.H.’s life, she struggled with her weight. Like most of us in this situation, she tried to push thoughts of pies, cakes, and other goodies away with mental statements like: “Oh, that will go right to my thighs!” or “I’ll gain five pounds if I even look at that slice of cake!” Then, one day at an office party, she heard two other ladies making comments like this as they stood next to a table laden with baked goods. Of course, both ladies then filled their plates with these guilty pleasures.

Joe tells the story of his humble beginnings, and how in the midst of struggling with deep depression and suicidal thoughts, he attended a lecture that stressed the importance of gratitude. The only thing he could find to be grateful for at the time was a pencil; after all, he could write a suicide note with that! Then, as he looked at the pencil, he began to see its beauty, and its many other uses. These observations led him to expand this feeling of gratitude to other aspects of his life. This one act of gratitude was like the pebble thrown into the pond. It was the beginning of a ripple effect that helped make Dr. Joe Vitale one of the top motivational writers and speakers on the planet today.

It was an “aha” moment for P.M.H. From that moment on, she decided to approach her food; all of it; with an attitude of gratitude and appreciation. She started to mentally praise the artistic swirls of frosting on cakes, the creamy texture of custard pies, and the velvet smoothness of candy creams. She refrained from joining in the negative chorus of complaints and lamentation.

To get an “in a nutshell” idea of Joe’s view on the power of gratitude, and to hear his pencil story, check out his YouTube video, “Joe Vitale’s Clearing Technique #3 Gratitude and a Law of Attraction” at Joe begins the video with this statement:

And guess what? Her weight just melted away. Her feelings of these sensations of appreciation and gratitude changed her relationship with these “forbidden” foods from one of struggle to one 20 Conscious Community --JANUARY 2016

“Gratitude is one of the most powerful ways to transform yourself, your moment, your energy. You can transmute everything that is going on with gratitude. Gratitude will accelerate your ability to

pull into your life all of the things you would love to have, all of the things you think would be cool; your experiences, your relationships, your health; all of these different things.” So the message is: If you’re serious about following through on your New Year’s Resolutions, you better be sure to add an “Attitude of Gratitude” into the equation. Agreeing with this and actually doing it are not synonymous. How can we get from “I understand that!” to “I’m doing that?” Here are a few internet and social media resources that can help you and me take the leap: The Secret Prayer ( Released in 2015, The Secret Prayer: The Three-Step Formula for Attracting Miracles is Dr. Joe Vitale’s latest advice on manifesting. I just downloaded it to the Kindle app on my iPhone and guess what step #1 is: ACTIVE GRATITUDE! Other books: I scoped out, and found a slew of books on how gratitude can help you live a better life. This list includes: Happier: How Gratitude, Appreciation and Kindness can Transform Your World, a guide on How to Find Happiness by Andy Lacroix; The Gratitude Diaries: How a Year Looking on the Bright Side Can Transform Your Life by Janice Kaplan; Choosing Gratitude: Your Journey to Joy by Nancy Leigh DeMoss; and Gratitude Works!: A 21-Day Program for Creating Emotional Prosperity by Robert A. Emmons. Gratitude Journal app ( Apps can be some of the key tools for helping us organize our lives. This is one of several gratitude apps that I found listed on my iPhone at the Apple App Store. Following a recent upgrade, some of the recent reviews have been less than stellar. However, I was impressed with the company’s quick fix: The upgrade came out November 30th, and the fix was done by December 2nd. What I also like about this $2.99 app is that 10% of the profits go to charity. The app is designed to rewire your brain to make gratitude a daily habit. The focus: Write 5 Good Things each day; Write Daily for 3 Weeks (It takes 21 days straight to form a new habit); and Never Forget! Automatic reminders help you start and stick to your gratitude habit. Other Gratitude Apps: There are lots of intriguing gratitude apps out there. Here are a few of the ones I plan to personally check out: Gratitude Journal 365 Pro ($1.99,; The Gratitude Habit: a Happiness Workshop (free,; and Gratitude Rock ($0.99,

Other Gratitude Websites: These include 365 Grateful (; Gratitude Log (; Gratitude Club (; and the Art of Gratitude ( Facebook: The mother organization of, A Network for Grateful Living, has a Facebook page at Other gratitude focused Facebook pages to Like or Join include: Gratitude Habitat (; Gratitude Works (; and Gratitude Rocks ( Twitter: You can Follow and Tweet at Other Twitter accounts that may interest you include: Social Gratitude (@GratefulEnergy); Appreciate Gratitude (@2thank); and Gratitude and Trust (@GratitudeTrust). Podcasts: I just subscribed to some of the gratitude podcasts that I found on iTunes. I’ll have to give them a listen before making any definite recommendations. However, here is my list so far: SuperThank Podcast - Stories of Gratitude; Liquid Gratitude; Working Gratitude; and Women’s Grace Grit & Gratitude. My Advice: Join me in keeping a gratitude journal. Make it one of your resolutions to write in it every day. Sometimes I get lazy and let chunks of time pass before I get back to my journal. Yet, if I write in it every day, I am amazed at the wealth of stuff I am thankful for. When I write in that journal every day, the day becomes one of my Spiritual Traveler journeys. I see beauty and grandeur, not only in the big ticket items, but also in those many small things that enrich my life: a kind word from a friend or stranger; a child’s smile of delight; someone’s encouraging words; my encouraging words; the antics of the squirrels and birds at my feeder; a flower; a blade of grass… Also join me in my 2016 resolution to take this “Attitude of Gratitude” to the next level and use it to transform myself, my moment, my energy. I hope that some of the resources mentioned here help all of us commit to and follow through with this resolution, and all of our resolutions. Mary Montgomery’s company, Montgomery Media Enterprises, specializes in public relations, writing projects and social media development, especially in the non-profit sector. Ms. Montgomery has a Master’s Degree in Religious Studies from Chicago Theological Seminary (CTS). She has completed the coursework in doctoral studies with a focus on Altruism and Unconditional Love. Contact her via email at: Please use Cyberweave in the subject line. You can also visit her at her new blog, This is an online sanctuary, where you can nourish and deepen your gratitude awareness. The invitation is to discover gratitude practices. These include: Daily Question, Light a Candle, Send an ecard, and ABCs of Grateful Living. These are right at your fingertips. For example, just subscribe to the Daily Question, and you will get food for thought like this: December 8: How do I love trees? Let me count the ways, and December 7: If I let go of my complaints, what might be underneath? A more in-depth experience can be obtained by becoming a member of the Gratefulness community. Conscious Community - 21

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Pulse Calendar Tuesday, January 5 Learn Reflexology at SOHMAR. Reflexology Level #1. January 5, 2016 meets 10 weeks. Tuesdays: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm. Register on-line: School of Holistic Massage and Reflexology Downers Grove, IL 60515. 630968-7827. Wednesday, January 6 ARCHANGEL MEDITATION 6:00-7:00pm. Archangel Meditation - With the 7 Rays January 6 Archangel Michael; January 13 Archangel and the Chakras; January 20. You have guardian angels with you right now. These angels are pure beings of Divine light who are entirely trustworthy and who want to help you with every area of your life. The word angel means “messenger of God.” Those who regularly contact their angels report great improvements in their lives. Instructor: John Gruba. Crystal River Gifts 310 N LaFox Street, South Elgin, IL 60177. 224-535-8708. WISH DREAM SPARKLE, Internet Radio Show – 7 pm CST – Thursday, January 7 MEDITATION 6:00-7:00PM - Bharat Kalra. Grief $10. A new year and time to let go .We all have grief in some way from loss of work ,pets, friend, and loved ones the list could go on and on. This meditation will help you to move past and let go. Crystal River Gifts 310 N LaFox Street, South Elgin, IL 60177. 224-5358708.

THE BURNING BOWL CEREMONY 7-8pm $10. The Burning Bowl ceremony is a traditional ritual of release and letting go of what does not serve us now. The equinox, solstice and New Year all present opportunities for renewal and releasing everything in your life that is holding you back; especially negative thoughts and emotions, bad habits, unhealthy relationships, old hurts, grudges and regrets -- anything that burdens your mind. Ask yourself these questions. What do I want cleansed? What do I want to give up? What do I want gone from my life? The Burning Bowl ceremony is also known as the Phoenix Ceremony. It is about letting go, but it is also about rising from the ashes, renewed as the Phoenix. Join us in this powerful celebration of letting go and rising renewed. Location information: Spiritual Learning Center, Burr Ridge. Details available when registering. Call 312-786-0077, or send an email requesting the Burr Ridge address to www. FREE PARKING. 312-786-0077 Friday, January 8 MEDIUMSHIP CLASS with Amy Biank, Mediumship Class, Friday January 8, 7-9 pm, and Friday, January 22nd, 7-9pm, 83 Century Dr., Oswego, IL – Call 630-554-7713 to register, by donation. SHARING A MEAL, with Ron Hounsell, at The Edgar Cayce Holistic Center, 259 E. Central Rd, Des Plaines, 7-9pm. Explore the consequences of sharing a meal as found in the thinking of Michael Pollan, Mark Bittman and Edgar Cayce. Share some food, too! A free community program, love offering accepted.

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Saturday, January 9

Thursday, January 14

Chicago IANDS (INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR NEAR-DEATH STUDIES), support/study/resource forum for near-death, out-of-body, & spiritual experiences, losses. Saturday, January 9, 2015: Guest Speaker: Susan Wisehart, M.S., NCSP, CHt, LMFT  - Psychotherapist, Hynotherapist, Past-Life Regressionist, Studied with Brian Weiss and Michael Newton, Author of Soul Visioning….  Don’t miss it! … ..Frank Auditorium in Evanston Hospital.  2-5 pm. Free covered parking. For more info: 847.251.5758 or

AMENA WELLNESS WOMEN’S DETOX is holding an information session on January 14th 6:30-7:30pm for an upcoming four week detoxification program scheduled for February 2016. To reserve a space for information session and a chance to win a therapeutic detox massage call: 312-320-4616 or Office: Chicago-Lincoln Park. CTA nearby.

THE PROMISE WILL BE KEPT: A Personal Reflection on Scripture through Evolutionary — 9am–3pm. Join renowned author and social innovator, Barbara Marx Hubbard, for a daylong workshop examining several themes of the New Testament as they relate to the key questions of our time. $75 includes lunch. The Well Spirituality Center, 1515 W Ogden Ave, LaGrange Park. 708-482-5048.

GONG MEDITATION 7:30 -8:30pm $20. Gong meditations are one of the most deeply healing and restorative meditations possible, particularly because of the deep state of relaxation that is attained in response to the sound vibration. Gong meditation participants typically lie face up on a yoga mat or blanket in resting pose, or sit in a chair to experience the tremendous healing sounds and vibrations. Instructor: Andre Peraza. Crystal River Gifts 310 N LaFox Street, South Elgin, IL 60177. 224-535-8708.

TRIM-LIFE WEIGHT RELEASE PROGRAM Change your mind, body and spirit. Create a new relationship with food during this 4 week class. Using hypnosis, integrated affirmations, relaxation and group support I will support you in identifying the emotions that trigger overeating as we get to the core of why you are holding on to the weight. The Wellness Institute in conjunction with The Cleveland Clinic created the TrimLife program and as a licensed provider I have been trained to facilitate your transformation! 4 Weeks from 1/9 through1/30 10am-noon All participants receive 4 weeks of classes, a one on one hypnotherapy session, book, workbook, 6 CD’s and 4 weeks of group after-care. Cost $750. Chicago Lakeview neighborhood 847-921-4280.

GUIDED MEDITATION WITH WALTER PERSCHKE -Thursdays, January 14, 21, 28 7-8pm Suggested Love Offering $5 “Now is the time to build bridges. When the flood comes, and it will come, you need to be ready. It will be too late to prepare.” Walter Perschke. Learn to prepare for the changes our world is experiencing now and the changes to come. Learn how to center yourself and enter the inward journey we are all on. Join the peaceful future rather than the chaotic present. The answers are there for us to find. Let us help you to find them. Location information: Spiritual Learning Center, Burr Ridge. Details available when registering. Call 312-786-0077, or send an email requesting the Burr Ridge address to SpiritualLearningCenter@ FREE PARKING.

Monday, January 11

Saturday-Sunday, January 16-17

SOHMAR 9 Month Fast Track Massage Program. January 11, 2016. Meets 3 times a week. Evenings: Monday, Wednesday 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm. Saturday: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm. Register on-line:, School of Holistic Massage and Reflexology, Downers Grove, IL 60515. 630968-7827.

INTENSIVE REIKI WORKSHOPS I AND II WITH HOPE BLACK, Workshop I - Saturday, January 16th, 10 am to 5 pm and Workshop II - Sunday, January 17th, 10 am to 5 pm. Location: The Intuitive Angel, 83 Century Dr., Oswego, IL – Call 630-554-7713 for information.

Tuesday, January 12 Reflexology Level #2 (For Certified Reflexologists). January 12, 2016 meets 3 weeks. Tuesdays: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm. Register on-line: School of Holistic Massage and Reflexology, Downers Grove, IL 60515. 630968-7827 Wednesday, January 13 MEDITATION with John Gruba - see listing for Wednesday, January 6th for full details. WISH DREAM SPARKLE, Internet Radio Show – 7 pm CST –

INTUITIVE GALA -1/16 -1/17 Rosewolf ,Ken Bentley, Daved Beck ,Bharat Kalra, Roxanne Bjorklund. Saturday only Fran Verzosa Saturday only ZsahLinn, Crystal River Gifts 310 N LaFox Street, South Elgin, IL 60177. 224-535-8708. www. Sunday, January 17 WELLNESS & METAPHYSICAL FAIR - 3245 N. 124th street, Brookfield, WI. 53005 @ American Legion 449. Jan. 17th. Free Admission 11:00-4:00. Please join us for a Day of Healing and Enlightenment. Explore your Body, Mind and Spirit ! Energy workers, Massage and reflexology. We have the Best Readers in the Midwest ! Vendors with one of a kind items . CirclesBoth Spirit Message and Healing. More Information : www.

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Sunday, January 17

Thursday, January 21

WORKING WITH THE LLEWELLYN CALENDAR, with LIN BOFFELI, 2-5pm. Discover personal insights for the coming year and what the symbols mean. Learn how to use the calendar to make life go more smoothly. The A.R.E. will order calendars on January 6, at $14.95 plus tax. Call 847-299-6535 to reserve one. Lin Boffeli has been providing readings and teaching astrology since 1993. $45, $35 for A.R.E. members. At The Edgar Cayce Holistic Center, 259 E. Central Rd, Des Plaines.

GUIDED MEDITATION WITH WALTER PERSCHKE -Thursdays, January 14, 21, 28 See listing for Thursday, January 14th for full details.

Monday, January 18 SERENITY STRENGTH AND STYLE WORKSHOP - A workshop to help women feel good, do well, and look great at all stages of life. Morning or afternoon sessions in downtown Chicago. January 18 2016. Contact for more information. Tuesday, January 19 REIKI SHARE 6:00-7:30 The 3rd Tuesday of each month All are welcome! No matter what level you are or you are interested it the meaning of REIKI It is always a wonderful feeling to get together with others and talk about your experiences. Crystal River Gifts 310 N LaFox Street, South Elgin, IL 60177. 224-5358708. Wednesday, January 20 MEDITATION with John Gruba - see listing for Wednesday, January 6th for full details. WISH DREAM SPARKLE, Internet Radio Show – 7 pm CST –

I am. I feel. I do. I love. I serve. I speak. I see. I understand!

Mind, Soul, and Self LLC

~Dr. Christina Wilke-Burbach PhD, RMT~ Holistic Health Psychologist, Certified Aromatherapist, Educator * Holistic Healing with Aromatherapy Certification: Online series starts Jan 19th and Milwaukee, WI series starts Jan 30/31 *Aroma, Herbs, & Pregnancy Certification Live Online Classes starts Feb 3 *Aroma Basics Live Online class on Feb 6

28 Conscious Community -JANUARY 2016

Friday, January 22 MEDIUMSHIP CLASS WITH AMY BIANK - Mediumship Class, Friday January 8, 7-9 pm, and Friday, January 22nd, 7-9pm, 83 Century Dr., Oswego, IL – Call 630-554-7713 to register, by donation. Saturday, January 23 ORACLE CARD READINGS MADE EASY WORKSHOP – 11:00 am – 1:00 pm Cost $40.00 includes a brand new oracle card deck. What are Oracle Cards? Oracle cards are decks of cards, each with a different message, sometimes portrayed with images or words. These cards act as the messenger, to relay what you need to know about a situation or provide guidance in moving forward. Card readings are a great way to break down a problem or situation to help you determine the best path to follow. CALL CRYSTAL RIVER GIFTS TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT. 224-535-8708. Crystal River Gifts 310 N LaFox Street, South Elgin, IL 60177. 224-535-8708. www.CrystalRiverGifts. com PAST LIFE DETECTIVE WORKSHOP – 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm. $40. Have you ever been curious about your past lives? Do you have a fascination with a particular period in history? Do you feel drawn to a specific location? Do you have love for antiques and historical buildings? Do you suffer from a phobia or irrational fear that you can find no obvious cause? In this fun workshop you will learn different theories of past lives and karma. As your own past life detective you will find the clues to your past lives are easily accessible. All you need is some direction to find out what, where and who you were in the distant past. After answering several questions and putting the pieces of the puzzle together, your past will begin to unfold before your eyes. CALL CRYSTAL RIVER GIFTS TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT. 224535-8708. Crystal River Gifts 310 N LaFox Street, South Elgin, IL 60177. 224-535-8708. Sunday, January 24 CRYSTAL BALL READING WITH AMY BIANK, 1:30 – 3:30 pm, 83 Century Dr., Oswego, IL – Fee: $35 (includes written materials and certificate for $10 off purchase of crystal ball). Call 630-554-7713 to register, Thank you in advance for your quick response. INTUITIVE GALA AT SPIRITUAL LEARNING CENTER 1PM-5PM. All readings and healings for the Gala are $35 for 25 minutes and $70 for 50 minutes. By appointment only. Please call 312-786-0077 to schedule your sessions in advance and assure that you receive the time and reader you desire. RoseWolf, Psychic Medium; Joy Klein, Reflexology; Rose Whiteside, Balancing Chakras for Well-Being; Susan Curry, Interiorwerx (Medical Intuitive). Location: Burr Ridge details available when registering. Call 312-786-0077, or send us an email requesting

the Burr Ridge address: FREE PARKING.

ourselves and repelling these “buzz kill” onslaughts. Discover tactics and methods for everything from transforming the practice to completely eliminating the source of the problem, and growing in the process. Free. Love offering. At The Edgar Cayce Holistic Center, 259 E. Central Rd, Des Plaines.

Wednesday, January 27 DISCUSSION WITH ROSEWOLF 1pm - 2:30pm. This month’s topic is open to you! Is there a question you have about what we do, stones, tarot or Crystals? Bring them all and let’s see if we can’t find the answer together. Crystal River Gifts 310 N LaFox Street, South Elgin, IL 60177. 224-535-8708. www.

ONGOING INTERNET RESOURCES WWW.CONSCIOUSCOMMUNITYMAGAZINE.COM Conscious Community online includes our print edition plus links to past issues.

WISH DREAM SPARKLE, Internet Radio Show – 7 pm CST –

WISE WOMEN GATHERING strengthening intuitive wisdom, authentic greatness, self-esteem by sharing our life’s journey in supporting, inspiring atmosphere. Not a therapy group but therapeutic in nature for the feminine spirit. Tuesdays 7:00p-8:30p Des Plaines (847) 258 7225 website: .

Thursday, January 28 ALL DAY! AURA/CHAKRA ANALYSIS 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm $50.00 for a 25 minute session that includes a 7-page Aura/ Chakra Report with a personal interpretation. Interactive Aura Photography uses a technology known as “Biofeedback”, since a physical reading of one’s bio-signs is the main method of an Aura analysis. This information is received from a hand sensor plate. These data parameters are projected as a radiant, color aura field around the body on a photo or a computer screen. This imaging truly brings out the energetic manifestation of your soul! Instructor: John J. Gruba. Crystal River Gifts 310 N LaFox Street, South Elgin, IL 60177. 224-535-8708. www.

CRYSTAL RIVER GIFTS offers an eclectic assortment of books, meditation CD’s, essential oils, jewelry, crystals and much more. The services that we provide include astrology sessions, tarot readings, psychic readings, pet readings, reiki, and reflexology. Address:310 N. La Fox Street, South Elgin, IL 60177. 224-5358708.

GUIDED MEDITATION WITH WALTER PERSCHKE -Thursdays, January 14, 21, 28 See listing for Thursday, January 14th for full details. Friday, January 29 DRUM CIRCLE with Andre Peraza - 6:30-8pm $10. This is a great way to release energy, find your inner child, and meet new friends! If you’ve never touched a drum or if you are an experienced percussionist…..this Drum Circle is for you!! “EVERYONE IS A DRUMMER!” Bring your own hand drum or use the ones provided. Join in for an exciting hour of TRIBAL DRUMMING FUN! Weather permitting the Drum Circle will be held outside. Crystal River Gifts 310 N LaFox Street, South Elgin, IL 60177. 224-535-8708. Saturday-Sunday, January 30-31 HOLISTIC HEALING WITH AROMATHERAPY CERTIFICATION - Join Dr. Christina Wilke-Burbach, a Holistic Health Psychologist, Certified Aromatherapist, and NAHA member for a 100 hour level one aromatherapy certification in Milwaukee, WI. More info: Aromatherapy_Milwaukee.html ; ; 608.393.7353 Sunday, January 31 CONTENDING WITH “AIN’T IT AWFUL” with Ron Hounsell, 3-5pm. People who play “Ain’t It Awful,” drain our energy and set a negative tone. Cayce offers many suggestions for protecting Conscious Community - 29

Interview with Atala Dorothy Toy From


By Anna J. Anthony


Atala Dorothy Toy is the president and founder of Crystal Life Technology, Inc., an interdimensional communicator, nature spirit photographer, practicing yogi, author, and former vice president of the American Society of Dowsers. This is just a small list of Atala’s accomplishments and contributions to the metaphysical realm. Her store, Crystal Life Technology, Inc., located at 121 S. Third St., Geneva, IL 60134, is celebrating its 20th anniversary. In this magical location you will find a variety of life-enhancing items, such as healing gemstones, sacred geometry functional art pieces, Atala’s nature photography and books, dowsing tools, and “jewelry with purpose,” as well as many other amazing products. Every member of her staff is an energy worker possessing a variety of spiritual gifts. The team is always available to guide you on your journey to finding the right item for your needs. Anna J. Anthony: Crystal Life Technology, Inc. is celebrating its 20th Anniversary! How was it received in the Fox Valley Community when it first opened, and what has made you so successful all these years? AT: It was received quite well. I had huge support from the yoga community that I am strongly involved in. I started out as a booth in a group of vendors in St. Charles, IL. After a short amount of time my booth was moved to the front, because so many people were interested in our products. When this group of merchants dissolved and I found this spot in downtown Geneva, I knew that it was perfect. I have been successful out of sheer determination to never give up. This determination is supported by the team of archangels with whom I work. They jovially refer to themselves as the 3M - Metatron, Melchizedek, and Michael. I also work with the ancient Egyptian energies of Thoth and Sekhmet. AA: At what point did your spiritual gifts of communication and elevated consciousness begin to intensify? AT: I was working at the United Nations, when I became ill with electromagnetic poisoning. The doctors said there was nothing that could be done. It was at this time, following intense prayer, that the 3M invited me to work with them, for personal healing, and then for world service. It was an interesting process by which we developed trust in each other. They helped me to understand 30 Conscious Community -JANUARY 2016

that the forces of truth and light want to be asked questions, and want humans to grow in capacity, while dark forces seek to control humans. The archangels explained that this period is a time of “all hands on deck,” and they are teaching all willing humans how to help bring light to our earth; I am one of many lightworkers who have stepped forward to assist in this effort. AA: I know many people walk into your store who have never used crystal healing in their lives. What advice do you give them? Also, what steps can one follow to get the most out of their crystals? AT: First of all, find a store that resonates with you. Is it clean and organized? How does the energy feel? There was a rock shop in Greenwich Village that always felt better than the others to me. It took me a while to realize it was how energetically clean the owners kept their stones. We follow this policy in our store as well. If someone is looking to gain a deeper understanding of crystal healing, I encourage them to do research: read a book on crystals. Then be quiet and think of the results you desire from the stones, and use your knowledge, or reference books to locate which stone works with that issue. Stones assist us because of their basic molecular structure. They form the base of our earth, upon which all other life developed. They hold specific frequencies stable for more mobile life forms to utilize. When we humans need to stabilize a frequency in our very mobile energy field, such as love, peace, or compassion, it is a very good idea to wear or carry a stone whose structure is that energy. Working with stones is a relationship, and it is our human responsibility to help them to help us. Pay attention to your stones. Do they need to be given an energy bath, or allowed to rest for a while? Is it time to work with a different stone? Stone lore tells us that when you have completed your work with a specific stone, and don’t realize it, the stone itself takes action; it either breaks or simply disappears. That’s when you know it is time to move on to another specific stone energy! I like to drape my stone jewelry over a quartz cluster, after I’ve worn a piece, so that it gets gently cleared. If I’ve been working with a stone for some type of energy adjustment, I’ll do a deeper cleansing, placing it on sea salt overnight, or passing it through the smoke of incense.

AA: When did nature first speak to you? AT: Nature was speaking to me when I was very young, yet I didn’t realize it at the time. I think this is true for so many of us. AA: What has made you successful in capturing so many different types of nature spirits in photographs, and what advice would you give to others who are interested in capturing a glimpse of these beings? AT: When doing this type of work you enter into a contract; my contract with the nature spirits is to prove by my photos that they are real life forms. Contracts are a way both sides understand the objective, and they are always negotiable. To achieve success in my contract, I first needed to learn photography, so I studied this for six years at the College of DuPage. When I go out into nature, I always first salute the deva (overseeing nature spirit) of that area. I explain I would like to take a portrait photo of whoever would like one. The message goes out over their communication grid, and I then follow the feeling or call that comes back to me, which often leads me off trail to some secluded area. I am always especially thrilled to get a portrait of one of the green people – they are the philosophers of the woods, and I always learn a lot when I commune with them. The easiest way to start this process is in your own garden or yard. Approach it as a partnership process; you are the physical hands to help the nature spirits achieve their objective, which is a healthy environment. There are so many levels of partnership available, and so many different worlds coexisting in your own yard. There are birds, ants, worms…and nature spirits watching over each flower. Pick an area that needs attention, and tend to it. Nature is always grateful, and will respond; asking how it can thank you? When you feel this, ask the energies to explain to you how they work – that is the real pot of gold at the end of the leprechaun’s rainbow!

AT: That’s ok. Nature spirits understand that we are all busy. Tackle an area that you can make a difference in, and pick another area for the next time. They will appreciate your love and work, and you will start to feel the benefits. AA: What legacy do you wish to leave behind in this lifetime? AT: Through my store, my products, and my staff, I want to have helped people wake up to the full richness of their life on earth. I consider myself and my store as simple place holders for the grounding of light. We carry products that help to hold positive energy in many different ways, so that people coming in can find something to help them in their own personal energetic growth. Call 630-208-6001, or 800-871-9985, or visit Crystal Life Technology, Inc., online at to view a variety of sacred arts, healing crystals, “jewelry with purpose,” including the new Fairy Teardrop, and Fairy Star lines. You can also view Atala’s online Nature Spirit Photography Gallery.

Anna is the advertising coordinator for Conscious Community Magazine. She is passionate about collaborating and promoting local artisans, Lightworkers, and conscious business owners. In her free time, Anna studies the art of tarot, the paranormal, and is curious about various forms of consciousness and spreading light and magic to others.

AA: I am feeling very guilty right now, Atala. I am thinking about my garden filled with weeds. I have neglected it because of being too busy.


Lightworkers Classified Directory

ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR ANIMAL FEEDBACK BY LAURIE KAY, certified bodyworker, energy worker. 25 years’ experience, assisting animals with conversations to their beloved humans through a photo or in person. For more information please call (847) 774-6139 lauriekay@

BOOKS & METAPHYSICAL STORES STYX AND STONZ, 1758 W. Algonquin Rd. Hoffman Estates, IL 60195. 847-358-9975. CHAKRA BALANCING/ ENERGY WORK

ENLIGHTENED BALANCE CHAKRA SPA offers a wide range of CRYSTAL EARTH ROCK relaxing body balancing SHOP 1125J S. Main St., sessions DAILY. Our Lombard, IL. 60148. practitioners combine sight, 630-588-4009. sound, aroma and positive white light www.CrystalEarthenergy to enhance your joyful self-healing of desired results. Services include Reiki, Reflexology, Sound Immersion Sessions, Guided Manifestation Meditations, Chakra Balancing/Aligning/Clearing, Aura CRYSTAL RIVER Assessment/Protection/Repair, Shamanic GIFTS offers an eclectic Sessions, Vivaxis Cord Cutting Release, assortment of books, Aura Photography, Amethyst Tourmaline meditation CD’s, essential BioMat Sessions and more. Please call for oils, jewelry, crystals and today’s offerings. Appointments much more. The services that we provide recommended but walk-ins welcomed. 30 include astrology sessions, tarot readings, North Williams, Brink Street Market Suite psychic readings, pet readings, Reiki, and F, Historic Downtown Crystal Lake reflexology. Address: 310 N. La Fox Street, 815-307-1180 www.EnlightenedBalance. com South Elgin, IL 60177. 224-535-8708. BOOKS & METAPHYSICAL STORES

CLASSES & WORKSHOPS CRYSTAL RIVER GIFTS offers an eclectic assortment of books, meditation CD’s, essential oils, jewelry, crystals and much more. The services that we provide include astrology sessions, tarot readings, psychic readings, pet readings, Reiki, and reflexology. Address: 310 N. La Fox Street, South Elgin, IL 60177. 224-535-8708. TAI CHI AND QIGONG LESSONS available. Learn to move through life stress free with the best of health and a peaceful spirit. Want to learn more? Call Dr. Dave at 773-769-3588. Leave message. THE EDGAR CAYCE HOLISTIC CENTER, 259 E. Central Rd, Des Plaines. Our Center offers many diverse modalities to guide you on your path to spiritual development. We offer an eclectic selection of lectures, workshops, holistic fairs and a wonderful book store filled with metaphysical literature including Cayce’s work and his holistic health products. More information you can find on the website: www. 847-299-6535.


The Lightworkers Classified Directory provides listings of a wide variety of practitioners, products, and services available to our readers. Lightworkers listings are $1.00 per word with 20 words minimum. Copy may be submitted by email or regular mail. Check or credit card information must accompany your insertion unless you are submitting it by email. In that case, please call with your credit card information to finalize your listing.

Please call: 847-966-1110 or send your listings to: Kasia@

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CLASSES & WORKSHOPS THE SPIRITUAL LEARNING CENTER (SLC) ) is here to offer you the opportunity to study with like-minded people in emotionally safe environments. SLC strives to provide learning opportunities based on expansive concepts that challenge and amplify mainstream knowledge and experience. We offer the chance to learn about things that you may have always been curious about, but haven’t known where to go for answers. To check our classes, please go to our website at www. or call 312-786-0077. Location information: Spiritual Learning Center, Burr Ridge. Details available when registering. Call 312-786-0077, or send an email requesting the Burr Ridge address to ENERGY HEALING NAN ACTIPES, Certified Master Practitioner of Yuen Method, Balances Body, Mind and Spirit on 6 levels. For Information Call: 312-802-6244. ESSENTIAL OILS YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS - the missing link to optimal health! Call today to schedule your FREE Intro Class, get a pocket reference, +$20 added to your account. Angelica Cristea 773.297.0403. HOUSE/PROPERTY CLEARING DO YOU FEEL LIKE YOU ARE LIVING IN A HAUNTED HOUSE? Any type of property can be cleared. Over a decade of experience. Visit www. for help.



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SUSAN WISEHART, LMFT, 25 years licensed therapist. Past/Between Lives regressions. Trained by Brian Weiss and Michael Newton. Des Plaines/ Mundelein. 847-438-7878. www.

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THE EDGAR CAYCE HOLISTIC CENTER, 259 E. Central Rd, Des Plaines. Our Center offers many diverse modalities to guide you on your path to spiritual development. We offer an eclectic selection of lectures, workshops, holistic fairs and a wonderful book store filled with metaphysical literature including Cayce’s work and his holistic health products. More information you can find on the website: 847-2996535. THE SPIRITUAL LEARNING CENTER (SLC) is here to offer you the opportunity to study with like-minded people in emotionally safe environments. SLC strives to provide learning opportunities based on expansive concepts that challenge and amplify mainstream knowledge and experience. We offer the chance to learn about things that you may have always been curious about, but haven’t known where to go for answers. To check our classes, please go to our website at www.SpiritualLearning or call 312-786-0077. Location information: Spiritual Learning Center, Burr Ridge. Details available when registering. Call 312-786-0077, or send an email requesting the Burr Ridge address to

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January Schedule

Grief Meditation January 7 - 6:00 to 7:00pm $10

A new year and time to let go .We all have grief in some way from loss of work, pets, friends, and loved ones. The list could go on and on. This meditation will help you to move past and let go. Presenter: Bharat Kalra

Archangel Meditation January 6, 13, 20 - 6:00 to 7:00pm $10 You have guardian angels with you right now. These angels are pure beings of Divine light who are entirely trustworthy and who want to help you with every area of your life. The word angel means “messenger of God.” Those who regularly contact their angels report great improvements in their lives. January 6- Archangel Meditation with the 7 Rays, January 13- Archangel Michael, & January 20- Archangel and the Chakras. Presenter: John Gruba

Gong Meditation January 14 - 7:30 to 8:30pm $20

Gong meditations are one of the most deeply healing and restorative meditations possible, particularly because of the deep state of relaxation that is attained in response to the sound vibration. Gong meditation participants typically lie face up on a yoga mat or blanket in resting pose, or sit in a chair to experience the tremendous healing sounds and vibrations. Presenter: Andre Peraza

Have you ever been curious about your past lives? Do you have a fascination with a particular period in history? Do you feel drawn to a specific location? Do you have love for antiques and historical buildings? Do you suffer from a phobia or irrational fear that you can find no obvious cause? In this fun work-shop you will learn different theories of past lives and karma. As your own past life detective, you will find that the clues to your past lives are easily accessible. CALL CRYSTAL RIVER GIFTS TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT: 224-535-8708.

Discussion with RoseWolf January 27 - 1:00 to 2:30pm

This month’s topic is open to you! Is there a question you have about what we do, stones ,tarot, or crystals? Bring them all and let’s see if we can’t find the answer together . Presenter: RoseWolf

Aura/Chakra Analysis January 28 - 12:00 to 7:00pm $50.00 for a 25-min session ,includes 7- pg Aura/Chakra Report w/personal interpretation

Interactive Aura Photography uses a technology known as “Biofeedback,” since a physical reading of one’s bio-signs is the main method of an Aura analysis. This information is received from a hand sensor plate. These data parameters are projected as a radiant, color aura field around the body on a photo or a computer screen. This imaging truly brings out the energetic manifestation of your soul! Presenter: John Gruba

Reiki Share January 19 - 6-7:30pm The 3rd Tuesday of each month... All are welcome ! No matter what level you are or you are interested it the meaning of REIKI It is always a wonderful feeling to get together with others and talk about your experiences.

Oracle Card Readings Made Easy Workshop January 23 - 11:00 to 1:00pm $40- includes a brand new oracle card deck

Past Life Detective Workshop January 23 - 1:30 to 3:30pm $40

What are Oracle Cards? Oracle cards are decks of cards, each with a different message, sometimes portrayed with images or words. These cards act as the messenger, to relay what you need to know about a situation or provide guidance in moving forward. Card readings are a great way to break down a problem or situation to help you determine the best path to follow. CALL CRYSTAL RIVER GIFTS TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT: 224-535-8708.

Drum Circle January 29 - 6:30 to 8:00pm $10

This is a great way to release energy, find your inner child, and meet new friends! If you’ve never touched a drum or if you are an experienced percussionist…..this Drum Circle is for you!! “EVERYONE IS A DRUMMER!” Bring your own hand drum or use the ones provided. Join in for an exciting hour of TRIBAL DRUMMING FUN! Weather permitting, the Drum Circle will be held outside. Presenter: Andre Peraza

Intuitive Gala January 16th - 10:00 am-5:00 pm January 17th - 12:00-5:00 pm All healings and readings are $35 for 25 minutes and $70 for 50 min. RoseWolf, Ken Bentley, Daved Beck, Bharat Kalra, ZsahLinn. Roxanne Bjorklund & Fran Verzosa - Saturday only Conscious Community - 35


January 2016 Overview Imagine a delicate, lacey, shimmering veil that vibrates with light In January you can expect to evaluate and reevaluate your movements. Mercury goes retrograde January 5th, and Jupiter retrogrades on the 7th, so expect some slight delays. The new Moon on the 9th and the full Moon on the 23rd will give you some insight into what needs to be renewed, and what needs to be released. The tone of the month is one of wanting to move forward. This month you will need to rely on your intuition to help you navigate throughout the month. If that’s not something that you are used to doing then be prepared for an intensive immersion class in “follow your instinct.” Make sure to follow through with as much of the plan as you are able to. With that in mind, make sure to leave room for slight changes. Backup plans will come in handy this month, so make sure to have a couple in your back pocket, just in case you need to use one or two of them. It’s better to have them and not need them than to not have them at all. The only real challenges this month center on not having enough of the right information, yet that’s to be expected when retrogrades appear. As you go through the month be mindful of the retrograde planets, but don’t let them stop you from moving forward.

Friday, January 1 It’s a new year, yet the Moon still has its emotional security blanket somewhere in the latter part of 2015. The good news is that all of that analyzing just might pay off. You may have learned a great deal about how to address your values. Unfortunately, that may have come at the expense of some deeply rooted illusions about what it takes to create stability. You needed a little bit of chaos to put you on the right trajectory to kick off the year. Mars is talking to Neptune, and allows you to know that you’ve just made room for something even more grandiose and more suitable. Uranus may have ruffled some feathers, yet hey, it was the only way to create the stability that you crave. Out with the old, and in with the new. The Moon goes Void of Course (VoC) December 31st, 2015 at 11:33 pm to January 1st at 12:41 am.

36 Conscious Community -JANUARY 2016

by Kaye Berjot

Saturday, January 2 Well this year is off to a hectic start. Dare I ask; who unleashed the Kraken? (A legendary sea monster of giant size that is said to dwell off the coasts of Norway and Greenland, or Iceland.) It seems like the planet of chaos, and the planet of let’s keep our emotions in check had an overnight conversation that threatens to disrupt your plans. Not to mention the fact that communication seems to be offline, or maybe it’s too much of the wrong types of communication that’s getting in the way. You just might need to take a step back and look at what caused the rip in the ozone, before you say something that can’t be unsaid. With Jupiter nestled up against the north node in Virgo, there is sure to be a logical explanation. The Moon goes VoC at 10:23 am, until tomorrow afternoon.

Sunday, January 3 The Moon is still in Libra, and what should be a harmonious event is looking pretty much like a battle of wills. Yes, you do have to commit to that New Year’s resolution that you made just before you rang in the New Year. You can’t just give up, because you now have to do it. With Mercury in Aquarius aspecting Jupiter in Virgo, you have all the community support you need to achieve your goals. So stop fighting yourself and just do it. The Moon VoC ends at 1:36 p.m.

Monday, January 4 The Moon leapt over Mars during the night, and both landed in Scorpio, now that’s more like it. These two planets are conjunct and squaring Mercury, so don’t beat yourself up over not having kicked into gear sooner. The Jupiter-Virgo energy is reminding you of the way forward, so that you can build that solid foundation that you promised yourself. Uranus, the planet of innovation is only giving you dirty looks to make sure that you stay on your path, so don’t worry.

Tuesday, January 5 Your natural ability to believe in your pursuit of happiness has finally hit its stride. The Mars/Moon trine to Neptune just might have you visualizing your goals in color rather than in black and white. Venus is loosely conjunct Saturn so there could be a little friction since both are square Neptune. There’s no raining on this parade. You are walking the walk and talking the talk. Just make sure you’re not too forceful with your talk. You don’t want to

overdo a good thing, especially when Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius today. The Moon goes VoC at 11:47 pm, until tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, January 6 The Moon is about to make its way into Sagittarius, the sign of teaching, learning, and big picture ideas, yet not before it indirectly faces off with Neptune, due to the Venus/Saturn conjunction. The planet of illusion already knows that it can no longer pull the wool over your eyes, yet it never hurts to make sure that your protective, intuitive self gives him a little helpful reminder. It never hurts to retrace your steps, that’s when a Mercury RX comes in handy. The Moon is VoC until 12:56 a.m.

Thursday, January 7 The Moon is in Sagittarius, and is cuddled up with Saturn, and they are both square Neptune. I guess the planets of intuition (Moon) and karma (Saturn) needed to talk to the planet of rose- colored glasses (Neptune) without the watchful eye of the “follow your heart planet” (Venus). You’ll be ok as long as you stay away from what has caused you to not succeed. Even Uranus has gotten in on this conversation. It’s making sure that there is no mistaking how things can go from yay to nay practically overnight. Don’t forget about the Jupiter retrograde in Virgo. It might cause you to question some of your previous analysis. One variable might unravel, or be removed from the equation, and could cause you to view things very differently in the near future. The Moon is VoC from 8:44 pm until tomorrow morning.

Friday, January 8 The Moon is square Jupiter RX. Do you really understand what it takes to maintain a healthy existence? Right now, you might want to tell the entire world exactly who you are. Now is not the time to reveal everything that you’ve learned. There are still a few things that need fine tuning before you can stand on that bedrock of freedom. Just a few more stones to turn over and then you’ll be ready for prime time. The Moon VoC ends at 9:07 am.

Saturday, January 9 The New Moon is in Capricorn, and making a nice sextile to Neptune. It looks like things could be headed in the right direction, with a little extra effort on your part. Mars is helping out by providing that extra little push to see you through the barriers. Don’t let Venus, the planet of luxury and love get in your way by promising a good ole time. Neptune has already been warned by the planets of stability and intuition to play according to plan, even if Venus is projecting a mean sideways glance that can have even the strongest of egos crumble to their knees.

Sunday, January 10 The new Moon in Capricorn is having a sobering good time while hanging out the master communicator (Mercury), senior will power (Sun) and the (former) planet of make change happen (Pluto). Together they are staring at the planet of chaos (Uranus), and hop-

ing that he doesn’t act up and destroy all of that hard work that’s been done over the past few days. Stick to the plan, and plant that seed of productivity right where it belongs; in the now. There are no more stones to turn over. It’s time to kick things into high gear over the next few weeks. The Moon is VoC from 11:39 am until 2:23 pm.

Monday, January 11 Yowza, A retrograde Jupiter and the North node are closer than two peas in a pod today. Together they are telling the planet of love and let’s indulge, “no,” and telling Capricorn, the sign of rules and stability, “yes.” Could we have overestimated or underestimated something in our logic? A retrograde Mercury seems to be the tie-breaker, because he’s looking over the books and making sure that the other planets in Capricorn look over them too. Now is not the time to slack off. It’s time to put in the work, and make sure that the work is being done in the right place. The Moon goes VoC at 7:09 pm.

Tuesday, January 12 Yup! There is still work to do. Not much has changed since yesterday. The only difference is that the Moon is safely in Aquarius, and getting a glimpse into what the collective community has to say about all of those impending changes. The intuitive self is saying that an innovative new seed is about to be planted. Mercury is still retrograde, and is making sure that the right people come to the party. You can’t build the future on a weak foundation, so thank goodness that Mercury is there. He’s putting in the extra hours to make sure that all is safe. So don’t provoke him because he’s taking his time. The Moon VoC ends at 5:53 pm.

Wednesday, January 13 Yikes, while the Moon was in Aquarius something must have transpired. Now that it’s in Pisces things have changed, literally overnight. It’s Wednesday, the 13th, and not Friday, the 13th. Why do things seem like a bit of a nightmare? Your values concerning stability are in conflict with those that want to keep the illusion alive. That’s a tough place to be in, especially when no one knows which way is the right way. All you can do is wait for Mercury, the Sun, and Pluto to work their magic, while Uranus patiently waits on the sidelines. While Mercury is RX, inaction is the best course of action, because you don’t want Uranus to create chaos that can’t be contained.

Thursday, January 14 Everything is changing. One day you think one thing, and the next day you see something different. Remember when Venus was throwing a hissy fit and no one was listening? Well now they want to ask her a million questions about what to do next. On any given Thursday she would say let’s relax and enjoy the day, yet today she’s got her business hat on, and wants to understand what’s valuable and how to build from there. From her perspective, when you build from a place of love and value you heal the pain points that keep you in a state of inertia. The Moon is VoC from 10:31 am until 8:48 pm.

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Friday, January 15 The Moon is moving into Aries, and is opposition Jupiter RX and the North Node. The question of the day is should we move forward with a potentially flawed plan, or should we go with our instincts? Mars is giving the green light to move forward, because in his opinion you have to have a little bit of faith to know you can get the job done. Mars doesn’t always know what he’s talking about, because he sees only the fight, and not the obstacles. Therefore, you might need a backup plan to your backup plan to make sure that you don’t step into something that can cause a problem later on down the line.

Saturday, January 16 The Moon is conjunct Uranus, and the two are talking harmoniously to Venus today. Do what is valuable, and leave the rest, because you don’t have all of the information just yet. The only thing that you can do is act upon the things that you know about, at this moment in time. There is still an illusive mystery that has yet to be played out in the external environment. Be thankful for that backup plan to the backup plan. The Moon is VoC from 5:26 pm until 11:48 pm.

Sunday, January 17 The Moon enters Taurus today, and you could be in protection mode. Your intuition wants you to be careful of what you say, and how you navigate change. Mercury and Jupiter are still reviewing the books, and they just may have identified the flaw in your logic. With that said, they aren’t ready to communicate just yet, so be patient. There are still too many moving parts.

Monday, January 18 Aww. Yeah, things are looking up, thanks to the Yod. Yod is a rare astrological aspect that involves any three planets or points in the horoscope that form an isosceles triangle. This phenomenon occurs when two planets are sextile (60° aspect) to each other, and both are then quincunx (150° aspect) to a third. Finally, some clarification and confirmation. Although you might find yourself moving at a slower pace, at least you’re moving in the direction that causes the least amount of resistance. You don’t always have to bulldoze your way through everything. Sometimes, it’s just minor adjustments that are called for. You’re still going to have to figure out how things went awry, yet for the time being you know what went wrong, and that’s what counts.

Tuesday, January 19 The Moon is still in Taurus, and you’ve got that feeling that you are planting your seeds in the right place. The excitement from yesterday is still here today, so it’s ok to continue the celebration. You had to give up on one way of moving in order to have this moment, so don’t fret over what didn’t happen, and be happy about what has happened. Ice cream Sundae anyone? The Moon is VoC from 12:50 am to 3:13 am.

Wednesday, January 20 The Moon is in Gemini, and it’s now time to communicate. You might feel a little anxious about saying what needs to be said. You 38 Conscious Community -JANUARY 2016

have two choices; either tell it how it is, or tell it how it isn’t. Either way, you’ll need to be innovative in order to build stability. It’s always best to speak from a place of truth and reality, rather than from sugar-coated fantasies. Just be gentle in your approach.

Thursday, January 21 The Moon is still in Gemini, and you might need to do some damage control. This time you have to talk about what went wrong, and why your value proposition has changed. It won’t be easy, yet it needs to be done. Everyone involved needs to understand what they need to do to accomplish the new goals that have been set in place. Pluto and Mercury RX team up to help you communicate the newly discovered information, and as the Sun moves into Aquarius, everyone will understand the direction in which they are headed. The Moon is VoC from 2:01 am to 7:28 am.

Friday, January 22 The Moon is in its home sign of Cancer, and your intuitive nature has hit its stride. You suddenly know exactly what you want to accomplish, and how to get there. You have faith and you have desire. That’s all you need. You might be unsure of how to communicate this newly found motivation, and equally unsure as to what you might build. Even if there is some turbulence, you realize that it’s the journey, and not the destination that is providing you with that extra shot of adrenaline.

Saturday, January 23 The full Moon toward the later part of the day might have you wanting to sip on a hot cup of tea or a glass of red wine; sit on the couch; and have that cathartic moment that’s been waiting in the wings. You’ve gone through the chaos, and you’ve gone through the rebuilding phase. It’s been a busy start to the year, and you’re not quite sure how you made it through. It’s ok to take a day to simply breathe and shed a few tears. You’ll sleep better. The Moon is VoC from 12:21 am to 1:21 pm.

Sunday, January 24 This full Moon in Leo is making a few stressful aspects to the planets of drive and will power. You no longer have the motivation or desire to continue along with unfulfilled promises. You know what you’ve been holding onto, and now is the moment to blow it a kiss and wave it goodbye. Another glass of wine, or your favorite hot tea might be in order. You’ve held onto this dream for quite some time, so it’s ok to take a couple of days and shed a few tears as you let it go. It’s important to remember that when you clear out everyone else’s light the only light that remains is your own. The Moon is VoC at 8:51 pm.

Monday, January 25 Mercury goes direct today. The universe seems to have heard you, and is gearing up to give you something else to hold on to. This new thing will be more suitable for you. You will learn things that you didn’t know, that you needed to know; you will move in ways that you didn’t know that you could move; and you will have a pep in your step that is all yours and nobody else’s. Even if others want you to feel the moody blues, you’ve decided that that’s not the path you’re headed down. The Moon VoC ends at 9:46 pm.

Tuesday, January 26

Saturday, January 30

The Moon is hiding out in Virgo today, so you might want to take a look at your belief structure. How were things supposed to turn out under the old paradigm? You can choose to focus on the shoulda, coulda, wouldas, or you can focus on the now. A good friend will always tell you to stop “shoulding” yourself. Mercury as it starts to retrace the steps in direct motion is that friend for you today, and is giving you that well deserved pat on the back. You can thank him later.

Today is download day. You’re ready to hear the full debrief from this month’s events. You realize that there is still potential for the wheels to fall off of the wagon if you make too many missteps. Jupiter RX and mental Mercury want you to understand that you can only do so much. The Moon VoC ends at 9:50 pm.

Wednesday, January 27 The Moon is still in Virgo, and seems to be on its final stop of the world tour. It’s meeting up with Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo. Later in the day, they will have a roundtable discussion of the do’s and don’ts when assessing situations. Make sure you listen so that you can avoid potential roadblocks in the future. The goal here is to work smarter, and not harder. The Moon goes VoC at 6:11 pm.

Thursday, January 28

Sunday, January 31 As the month ends, the Moon enters Scorpio, and this requires some emotional healing. It’s great to look at all of the avenues that are the easiest for you to accomplish, yet you also have to take a look at those avenues that are ripe for the picking, and require a little extra energy on your part. The planet of action wants you to take a giant leap into the realm of the solid, even if it’s unknown. You might be a little scared to launch into the community, because you’re afraid that they won’t accept what it is that you have to offer. Don’t be afraid, because YOU are a part of the community, and there are many others like you within that same community.

Other people’s agendas could get in the way of your goals today, yet don’t let them. You have your marching orders, even if others don’t know theirs. Jupiter is still retrograde and withholding a little bit of information. Although you may not like it, it’s not going to get in the way of what you’re building. Communicate what you know, and don’t try to guess or assume the direction for others. The Moon VoC ends at 8:59 am.

Friday, January 29 The Moon is in Libra today, and is playing the diplomat. No, you can’t tell others your plan, because you need to make sure that they are on their own path. You are not judge and jury, so keep your emotions balanced, and your ego in check. This month is almost complete, and the weekend is getting closer and closer. Stay focused. The Moon is VoC at 7:34 pm.


Kaye Berjot is a Transformational Astrologer with more than 20 years’ experience interpreting planetary movements. Visit to read more of her articles, or contact her at: to schedule a reading.

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by Blair McKissock, MSEd, RYT

This is the time of year for transition. As the days slowly begin to get longer, and the promise of spring hangs in the air, we emerge from the darkness, and head towards the light. The darkness of winter gives us the chance to confront the shadow aspects of our psyche, revealing those patterns or aspects that we want to work on. Though we have seen them, named them, and confronted them, it takes time to work through them as we apply what we have learned. That can be easier said than done. The ability to consciously change and grow in our self-awareness is the work of the human. It is what separates us from other species. There is something deep within us that motivates us to change; this is your “WHY.” Why do we want to change? What drives us to want to be better than we are? Horses live a simple life. Their “why” can be related to the simpler motivators including the drive for food, water, shelter, procreation, safety, and connection to the herd. In the human, we have a more complex thought process and language. This muddies the waters a bit. We have the desire to evolve beyond basic needs; we have complex emotions both negative and positive that can lead us to that desire to change. Those are the basic foundations for our “why.” The reason we want to change is equally, if not more important, than the journey of change and attainment of that goal. Life happens. Having a strong motivation is what will see us through the happenings of life that tend to derail us, or push us off the path toward our goal, and back into old patterns. When one works with a horse, it can be very easy to head toward the mastery of a certain skill, yet each day will present a new challenge. Horses, just like humans, are different every day. One day can be a fluid, effortless ride where everything clicks, and the next day, communication can be off, and there is resistance in the horse, leading to frustration and setbacks. That is the path of change. It is not a straight line drawn from where we are to where we want to go. It is filled with twists, turns, U-turns, and roadblocks that life throws our way. If you have a strong “why,” navigating that road, and arriving at where you want to be will be easier. How do we discover our “why?” There are three levels of motivation for a person. There are the surface level motivators that are usually tied to the thoughts that we tell ourselves every day. For example, when we look in the mirror, we might think about how we want to be thinner, or look like someone else; when we talk to someone, we might think about how the next time we will say things differently, or do a better job on the next project. These motivators will lead us to the gate of change, yet will not carry us over the first obstacle. They are easily overcome by the thoughts “I can’t do this,” or “I’m not strong enough.” The second layer of motivating factors is much stronger, and will carry us a bit further 40 Conscious Community -JANUARY 2016

down the path, getting us over a couple of obstacles, yet they can become more worn down over time. An example would be when a doctor tells us to change our diet and lifestyle, because we are on the verge of being diabetic, or even more extreme, when they tell us that we had better change our lifestyle or die. These can shotgun us into change, yet we have all seen examples of someone getting that message and doing great for a while, yet eventually go back to the same habits that will lead them back to where they started. The third layer of motivation is much deeper. These are much more emotional, and are tied to our individual core values and principles. It can take a bit of digging to find them. Even if it is a surface motivator that brings us to the path of change, it will be these that see us through to our goal. We have all heard of inspiring people who made significant life-long changes in their lives, and overcame addictions or great adversity. We hear stories of those who achieved a goal similar to ours, and doubt our ability, thinking that they must be different than us, or have something that we do not. They all had one thing in common; they knew their “why.” They discovered something deep within that was so important to them that they were resolute in their commitment. It doesn’t mean that change was easier for those who met their goals. Their roads are just as up, down, and twisted as anyone’s. Their “why” had carried them through. Discovering your “why” may be right there for some, and may be more below the surface for others. It takes some time to think through why we want to change, and connect with the strongest motivator. The best way to start is to write down all of the reasons you want to change. Don’t censor any idea that comes to mind, just keep writing. When you have to pause and think about it for a while to come up with another one, keep going. Sometimes the ones we have to think about the most are the ones that are the strongest. Your “why” will be emotionally charged. When thinking about your “why,” you can feel it in your body. The thoughts associated with it will create an emotion that will create a physical response in the body. You will know it when you feel it. Just like the horses, humans show up differently every day. There is so much coming at us from outside, and from within at every moment. Go back to your list of motivators; circle the top five of the first and second level motivators, then circle two or three that have that stronger emotional connection. Write them down on index cards, or something that you can keep with you, or post somewhere that you will see often. That list that contains your “why” will help keep you on the path, regardless of how you show up that day. It will get you through the roadblocks and setbacks that life throws at you. Humans also have a great propensity for self-sabotage. These can be the biggest roadblocks on any journey;

Blair McKissock, MSEd, RYT is a speaker and author on experiential and nature-based learning. She loves sharing the amazing world of equine-assisted learning and therapies through her work at Strides to Success in Plainfield, Indiana. You can learn more about coaching, OmHorse mounted yoga sessions, and upcoming equine-assisted workshops at

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the ones we put up ourselves. Keeping your list in front of you, reading it before you go to bed, and when you get up in the morning will support you through the gate, and down the path to your goal. Even though horses may not have the complex emotions or motivators that humans have, there is a sense of wisdom when you look in their eyes. What a gift it would be to be able to listen to their thoughts, and understand their point of view. To understand their “why” would bring such insight, simple and unclouded. They would find it easy to just jump over the obstacles to the greener side of the fence.

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by Vincent Pitisci

The Tarot has always been a mystery as to its origin and original purpose. It is speculated its beginning comes from early Renaissance Europe in the fifteenth century; a time of intellectual transformation and innovation. The oldest Tarot cards we have to date are mid-fifteenth-century Italian, and were used for gaming such as torocchi, tarock, and others. It wasn’t until the late-eighteenth-century that the Tarot became associated with fortune-telling and the occult. Many names have been involved with the Tarot since that time. Many pages have been written about the Tarot’s history. I am just giving some basic information about a select few individuals who I feel are the most important. Jean-Baptiste Alliette (1738–1791) The French occultist is considered the first professional Tarot occultist known, who made his living by card divination. He went by the name Etteilla: Alliette spelled backwards, after the manner of Hebrew writing. He designed a Tarot deck which was published in 1789. Antoine Court de Gébelin (1719–1784) Antoine Court de Gébelin was a former Protestant pastor. In 1781 he published a book known as Le Monde Primitif. The book implied that the Tarot was of Egyptian origin, and revealed the mysteries of Isis and Thoth, gods of ancient Egypt. He also claimed the word tarot was Egyptian as well. He goes on to explain that tar was Egyptian for royal, and ro was Egyptian for road. So it was understood that the word tarot was Egyptian for “a royal road to wisdom.” After the Rosetta Stone was deciphered, Egyptologists found nothing in the Egyptian language to support Court De Gébelin’s claims. Eliphas Levi (born Alphonse Louis Constant) (1810–1875) Levi was a French magician who saw a relationship of the Tarot to the Jewish Kabbalah. Among many other insights, Levi claimed the 22 major arcana of the Tarot symbolized the 22 paths in the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life, and the 22 Hebrew letters. Dr. Gerard Encausse (1865–1916) Using the pen name of Papus, Dr. Encausse was a French occultist and physician. He served Russian Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra as physician and occult consultant. He claimed to have contact with spirits as well. Papus also felt the Tarot originated in Egypt. As a physician, he served as a doctor in a field hospital in World War One, where he 42 Conscious Community -JANUARY 2016

died of tuberculosis. Papus wrote Tarot of the Bohemians in 1889. It is one of the most classic books on the Tarot still in circulation today. Arthur Edward Waite (1857–1942) Waite changed the Tarot cards in dramatic ways. He changed some of the titles of the cards that had Christian overtones, such as changing the “Pope” card to the “Hierophant,” and the “Papess” card to the “High Priestess.” Another change made by Waite was switching the order of the “Justice” card, usually number eight, with the “Strength” card, usually number eleven. The biggest change was adding images to the pip cards. The illustrations are mostly of people doing something representing the meaning of the card. Waite called his deck a “rectified” Tarot deck. It is still the most popular Tarot deck to date, called the Rider-Waite, or Rider-Waite-Smith deck. Carl Gustav Jung (1875–1961) Carl Jung was a Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist. He was the first psychoanalyst to see a significance to the Tarot’s symbolism. He seems to have associated the Tarot with archetypes: fundamental types of persons or situations embedded in the collective unconscious of all human beings. In his book Psychological Types, he claims people are different in essential ways, and that we all are born with a natural inclination to one of the four basic psychological functions of the mind: thinking, feeling, sensation, and intuition; and that these functions identify who we are. The Tarot Deck A Tarot deck is made up of two separate packs of cards. There are 78 cards total. One pack consists of 22 cards called the Major Arcana. These cards have mysterious, dreamlike images, and are considered to represent universal principles and metaphysical concepts. The second pack, called the Minor Arcana, is similar to today’s playing cards. They consist of 56 cards and are divided into four suits. Each suit has 10 numbered pip cards (ace through 10), and four court cards: “King,” “Queen,” “Knight,” and “Page.” Some time ago, the “Knights” were eliminated, and the “Pages” were renamed “Jacks” to make up today’s standard playing card deck. The term “jack” means an apprentice in some skill or trade. The suits were changed as well. The suits of the Tarot are “Swords” (Spades), “Cups” (Hearts),”Wands” (Clubs), and “Pentacles” (Diamonds).

Vincent Pitisci is the author of Genius of the Tarot: A Guide to Divination with the Tarot and The Essential Tarot: Unlocking the Mystery (both available in paperback through Amazon). His contact information and services can be found at Pitisci lives and maintains a private practice as an intuitive consultant in Chicago’s southwest suburb of Berwyn, Illinois.

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In Print

by Kayla Hancock

Into the Hearth, Poems-Volume 14 (The Traduka Wisdom Series) by Wendy E. Slater (Traduka Publishing, $14.95, Paperback) This poetry series awakens readers to the Truth about the path of enlightenment. Wendy E. Slater invites readers to join her as she continues her spiritual journey, helping us to eliminate self-judgement so that we can become fully united with ourselves and our divine nature. Once this transformation is made, we can reach a state of Oneness. Spiritual Telepathy: Ancient Techniques to Access the Wisdom of Your Soul by Colleen Mauro (Quest Books, $17.95, Paperback) This book serves as a great guidebook for those wishing to acquire and share ancient wisdom with others. Colleen Mauro provides readers with advance mind-training techniques, which allow one to access guidance from his/her higher self. These techniques come from a body of knowledge know as Ageless Wisdom, which tells us that our soul connects us to a universal mind where information on all things can be discovered. The Kabbalistic Mirror of Genesis: Commentary on the First Three Chapters by David Chaim Smith (Inner Traditions, $19.95, Paperback) Deep within the first three chapters of Genesis resides one of the greatest treasures of mystical literature. David Chaim Smith deconstructs each line from these readings, revealing the Tree of Life as the Divine source of creativity. He also explains that, by accepting the text as a kabbalistic metaphor instead of writing it off as a metaphysical religious fairy tale, we can approach a new understanding of the human mind. This new perception removes the concepts of a Creator God and helps us awaken to a new understanding of unity.

44 Conscious Community -JANUARY 2016

Conquer Chronic Pain: An Innovative Mind-Body Approach by Peter Przekop (Hazeldon, $15.95, Paperback Dr. Peter Przekop has found that pain becomes chronic because of the trauma that causes it and because the brain learns to recreate the experience of pain as a coping mechanism. Przekop teaches readers how to alleviate pain by reprogramming the brain and how to reverse negative emotions that affect how we interpret pain. This book contains daily excercises that have been proven to manage and, in many cases, even eliminate chronic pain completely. Dr. Przekop’s unique program helps us bring our mind and body into a state of harmony, which renders chronic pain unnecessary. The Healing of Jordan Young: A 21st Century Spiritual Guide to Health and Healing by Tobin Blake by Tobin Blake (New World Library, $15.95, Paperback) Jordan Young was only eighteen years old when he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of lymphoma. Two years after being told he would not survive the disease, Young is cancer free. This book explores the makings of a miracle. Tobin Blake shows how powerful methods based on spiritual laws can be in transforming fear and healing the body, mind, and spirit. This inspiring story reminds readers that with love, all things can be healed, and that anything is possible. Sacred Nature: Coloring Experiences for the Mystical and Magical by Lydia Hess (HarperElixir, PRICE, Paperback) Souls of all ages can explore the mysterious, divine aspect of nature with this beautiful book. While readers lose themselves in coloring these illustrations, they are also working with meditative images and wise words which help facilitate a state of peace.

Tales For Your Monkey’s Mind by Steve Michael Reedy (Balboa Press, $28.95, Hardcover)

Shamanic Transformations: True Stories of the Moment of Awakening by Itzhak

Berry (Destiny Books, $18.95, Paperback)

There is no such thing as being too old for storytelling. This book is a collection of stories for all ages. Each one takes readers on a magical journey through life with mesmerizing prose and fairytale fantasy.

For some people, enlightenment happens gradually. For others, it only takes one moment for the divine to reveal itself before an interest in shamanic living takes hold. This book contains stories that follow shamanic practitioners such as Hank Wesselman, John Perkins, Tom Cowan, and more as they endure the first sparks of divine transformation into the shamans we now know them to be. This collection gives readers a beautiful inside look at the shamanic path and the many different ways it manifests itself in the lives of those who pursue it. The Haunted House Diaries: The True Story of a Quiet Connecticut Town in the Center of a Paranormal Mystery by William J. Hall (New Page Books, $16.99, Paperback) This book contains journal entries written by Donnie Fillie, who lived in the farmhouse located in Litchfield, Connecticut known as “ghost central”. Find out first hand the unexplainable events through the eyes of Fillie herself with over fifty years of diary entries. Within this book you will find recounts of happenings such as notes from family friends who insist they never delivered them, a grandson playing with an “invisible friend”, and more strange events.

Earth Blessings: Using Crystals For Personal Energy Clearing, Earth Healing & Environmental Enhancement by Judy Hall (Watkins Publishing, $19.95, Paperback) It is obvious that our beloved Earth is in need of some healing. Thankfully, our planet has given us what we need to help stabilize our environment. In this book, Judy Hall shares her knowledge of crystals and explains how to use them to help clear and enhance the energy of our homes and environment. Learn about over 30 Earth-healing crystals, discover crystal layouts that help you interact with Earth, and experience the beautiful energy of crystals through inspiring photography. Kayla is 22 years old and humbled to be able work for Conscious Community Magazine. She is a certified Deeksha blessing giver and loves helping others find guidance using her tarot cards. She also loves to write and is interested in astrology, holistic health, and dreamwork.

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