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FREE! January 2015 Volume 36, No. 5

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FREE Tuesday Night Program Four Tuesday Nights in January 7:00 - 8:30 pm New Year, New Moon Workshop - January 6th Why does this keep happening to me? Why can’t I ever get this right? Why do some people float by so easily as I struggle? Get your questions answered in this workshop! I will show you how to sync your actions and emotions with astrological currents. The New Moon is a great place to begin. Open to all levels of understanding. Instructor: Marie Soriano

JOHREI- Japanese Healing Method - January 13th JOHREI is a preventative and complementary therapy to balance our Mind, Body and Spirit by harnessing the Divine, Spiritual Light. Spiritual, emotional and physical benefits are received with consistent practice. Scientific data suggests that the immune system is activated, blood circulation is improved, and a state of relaxation and stress management is achieved. A JOHREI session takes about 15 minutes and does not require physical contact. It is a holistic means of attaining true health and spiritual growth. It is a powerful, yet gentle, method of restoring inner balance and easing physical and emotional distress. Instructor: Joseph Jarnol

Pendulums - January 20th I am often asked, “How do you communicate with your guides” and I always answer, “By starting with my use of a pendulum.” There are more sophisticated methods, but a pendulum is the easiest for almost everyone to learn, begin to communicate and ask questions that actually get immediate answers. Pendulums will be available for sale, or bring your own. Instructor: Walter Perschke

Energy Healing - January 27th The two big questions -- where in the body should I work, and what should I do (that will make the most beneficial change)? Whatever the blockage, be it emotional, mental, chemical, physical, spiritual or energetic, I use different assessment methods from Therapeutic Massage, Trigger Point, Myofascial Release, Functional Assessment Methods, Applied Kinesiology, Theta Healing, BEAM, Reiki, and my own special gifts as an Energy Intuitive. I use specific words and healing frequencies from Source Energy to clear blocked energies or physical restrictions in the body. Instructor: Sayle Moser

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ASKFIRMATIONS by Chris Alexandria Ask Your Way to the Life You Deserve!


A NEW WAY OF SEEING by Romina Vintila



ALL ABOUT TOWN... by Theresa Puskar 8 Sonia Choquette, The Spiritual Learning Center ASTROLOGY BASICS 101 by Kaye Berjot 10 Beginning Charts FROM THE HEART by Alan Cohen 16 How to Get Out of a Coma


THE SHARED HEART: New Dimensions of Relationship by Joyce and Barry Vissell 18 My Love of Solitude and My Fear of Aging SOUND MATTERS by Steven Halpern 20 Seeing and Hearing the Future 45 Years Ago THE MAGICAL WORLD OF NUMBERS by Elizabeth Summers 24 January... New Beginnings in Peace or Pieces


CYBERWEAVE: Spirituality and the Internet by Mary Montgomery 36 It’s THAT Time Again: Tips for Setting Goals for 2015—And Keeping Them COSMIC DAILY WEATHER: Depth Astrology Perspectives by Kelley Hunter, Ph.D. 42 January 2015


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Conscious Community January 2015 Volume 36, No.5

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2014 has been challenging, frustrating, exciting, testing, enlightening and finally, over. It was a time of great change and a perfect warmup for 2015, which is now upon us. We always have choices and frequently don’t like the choices we have, but withdrawing from life is itself a choice, and usually not a good one. So join us and our Conscious Community as we swim into the challenges that are 2015. We closed out 2014 in high vibrational energy with visits by Sonia Choquette and Barbara Marx Hubbard to our home. Both represent a spectrum of our spiritual path that is essential to understand, if we are to move forward on our spiritual path as smoothly and quickly as we would like. Sonia’s journey included not just one, but two 500 mile walking pilgrimages on El Camino in France and Spain in 2013 and 2014. She shared her motivation and choices on the walk in a very intimate way that is uniquely Sonia. I was honored to again have her presenting in my home especially since the two homes are miles and years apart. Barbara’s journey is more like a mission - a mission to accelerate our journey with the awareness of Conscious Evolution and our place in it as co-creators. We all have a contribution to make and part of hers is to help us find ours and provide a structure from which to work. The 2015 plans for our Conscious Community include completion of the first phase of upgrades at Camp Infinity and expanding programming there from two events in 2014, the Serendipity Yoga and Music Festival and the Faeries and Knights Festival. We have scheduled a one-day retreat with workshops for April 25th, that will include accessing your personal higher self and meeting your spirit guides. More programs will be scheduled, so add your name to our email list to stay informed of this developing situation. Mark your calendars for May 9th, and plan to attend our 4th Annual Conscious Community Conference at The Odeum in Villa Park. There will be a blend of the old and the new, and some of the new programming will involve ancient rituals that are Native American as well as Celtic. This is an opportunity for our readers to meet and greet their favorite contributors to the magazine and ask questions of a panel of spiritual experts. The staff of CCM looks forward to meeting with you at one of the fifteen or so events that we will be participating in this year. Until next time,

Walter Conscious Community - www.ConsciousCommunityMagazine.com 5

C mmunity Happenings Discover the 2015 Body Mind Spirit Expo Body Mind Spirit Expos are dedicated to helping you discover the radiant life that surrounds you every moment by opening doors to alternatives for Health, Wellness and Spirituality. The Expo returns to the Midwest Conference Center on Feb 28March 1, with a weekend filled with the finest presentations, exhibitors and entertainment, each intentioned to help you grow personally and to show that when you believe, everything is possible. Discover an outstanding collection of over 100 of the nation’s most intriguing exhibitors offering the latest findings in natural health, personal growth, and metaphysics. Browse for hours, receive a healing or soothing massage, try the latest new products, and learn fascinating new avenues to better health, personal well-being and spiritual growth. Admission is good for both days, so call your friends and come back for more fun on Sunday. Save $1 off the already low admission price by downloading a coupon from www.bmse.net. Make sure your friends sign up too so that each receives the discount. Weekend admission is just $12, and parking is FREE. For information and to purchase tickets, visit www.bmse.net or phone 541-482-3722, extension 1 or 2. Mark your calendar now!

A Weekend for Writers with Mike Dooley, Reid Tracy and Nancy Levin March 21-22, 2015

Are you a writer with a great book idea with a strong desire to be published? Do you just need the insider scoop on how to perfect and publish your book? If so, this is the workshop for you! Here’s a Peek at What You’ll learn: • How to organize your thoughts into a book • How to handle rejections from publishers • How to manifest determination to publish your book • How to get a publisher’s attention • How to find an agent • How to write a book proposal Plus, all attendees have the opportunity to enter our contest for YOUR chance to publish a book with Hay House:

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Wellness Day Jan 31

Sat 10-4 Reiki * Massage * Reflexology Acupressure * Reiki Crystal Healing Free Lectures 11:00, 12:15, 1:30 & 3:00 www.earthsongbooksandgifts.com 608-754-3933 2214 Kennedy Rd., Janesville WI 53545 6 Conscious Community - January 2015

For more information and to register: http://www.hayhouse.com/writers-workshop-chicago-2015-event, or call 800-654-5126.

“Love is the joy of the good, the wonder of the wise, the amazement of the Gods.” Plato

Conscious Connection Conference is on Saturday, May 9th, 2015!



Make sure you mark Saturday, May 9th, on your calendar and plan to attend Conscious Community Magazine’s 3rd Annual Spiritual Conference at The Odeum in Villa Park. There will be a whole new program, along with our popular free healing room for attendees. The new program will include native American and mystical experience presentations plus some of our readers’ favorite writers.

Midwest Natural Healing Wellness Retreat 2015

FEATURING MIKE DOOLEY March 21-22, 2015 l Chicago, IL

A Weekend for Writers with Mike Dooley, Reid Tracy and Nancy Levin Are you a writer with a great book idea with a strong desire to be published? Do you just need the insider scoop on how to perfect and publish your book? If so, this is the workshop for you! Here’s a Peek at What You’ll Learn: • • • • • •

Jan. 30 to Feb. 2, 2015 at Center for Conscious Living 849 E. Washington Ave., Madison Central Theme: Experience The Einstein Method – world-class ways to release tension records of life’s dramas/traumas. Upon releasing tensions, all cells recharge with High-Vibe LOVE. Learn to do it: Watch – Listen – Feel – Practice! We plan the most valuable Wellness Retreat ever by introducing a new format for natural healing workshops. Each workshop will be 15 to 20 minutes, so you gain insights on more essential subjects! Each hour, you learn another energy-increasing Einstein Exercise. Also, we will have the world’s best food – organic food infused with small-particle minerals. Electrolytes keep you in high energy! We offer a lowprice retreat that you can’t afford to miss, about $60 for each of three days – Sunday is free. It is even less when you sign up with friends. Bring an extra $15 to $20 a day for the amazing mineral-infused organic food, served a la carte.

Plus, all attendees have the opportunity to enter our contest for YOUR chance to publish a book with Hay House: One participant is guaranteed a $10,000 advance and a publishing contract with Hay House! First runner-up wins a Balboa Press Master Package (a $7999.00 publishing value! Second runner-up wins a Balboa Press Inspire Package (a $3599.00 publishing value!)

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Mainstream workshop themes include: Body Electronics, Breaking Blues, Cleansing Body and Mind, Dramas and Traumas, Essential Nutrient Categories, Insomnia/Neurological Conditions, Losing Weight, NLP, Reiki, Reflexology… and much more! Request information today! Email, omar@omarstouch.com The retreat is limited to 30 early registrants.

Boost Your Energy, Heal Mind, Body, Spirit, Infuse the Planetary Soul with Love and Light!

How to organize your thoughts into a book How to handle rejections from publishers How to manifest determination to publish your book How to get a publisher’s attention How to find an agent How to write a book proposal

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All About Town…

Sonia Choquette

Hosted by Conscious Evolutionaries at The Spiritual Learning Center Burr Ridge, IL December 12th, 2014 by Theresa Puskar

“When people appreciate themselves, they are gifts to the world because when they do so, they give others permission to do the same. This, in turn, raises the vibration of the world.” – Sonia Choquette

(L to R) Nina Patrick, Kathleen Haerr, Sonia Choquette, Linda Rosenthal & Jean Shinners

When I started working at Nightingale-Conant in 1999, my first project was to manage a personal coaching program based on Sonia Choquette’s audio and book, Psychic Pathway. My first day on the job, I was invited to attend an infomercial shoot featuring Sonia. When I saw her on the stage, I immediately noted that indefinable yet obvious star quality emanating from her. She had command of the stage, and possessed a sense of selfassured worldliness that was potent and palatable. I knew I was in the presence of an exceptional woman. Fast forward 15 years to December 12th. I was invited to write about a Conscious Evolutionaries fundraiser event, in which Sonia was the guest speaker. Upon her arrival I noted that she looked as beautiful and bedazzling as ever. She greeted me with a warm, familiar hug, and seconds after speaking with her, my eyes filled with unexpected tears. Something had clearly shifted in this remarkable lady. There was a vulnerability and softness - a sense of peaceful calm that was undeniable. Something new and profound had been awakened within her. Clearly, she was a changed woman. After the Conscious Evolutionaries team set the stage for the afternoon’s events, they introduced Sonia and her latest book, Walking Home: A Pilgrimage from Humbled to Healed. The setting for the discussion about this remarkable book was The Spiritual Learning Center. As she stood in front of floor-toceiling glass doors, I noted that the backdrop of natural beauty that surrounded her was breathtaking. It was the perfect place 8 Conscious Community - January 2015

for her to share the “sometimes bold and other times beautiful” insights she received through Mother Nature on her journey through Spain. Within minutes of hearing Sonia speak, memories of the magical life stories she shared in past speaking engagements flooded back into my heart. I was reminded of her exceptional gift as a storyteller. Through the sharing that she does, she has a wondrous ability to create a soul bond with her audience. While she describes her colorful life experiences to us, she creates a deep connection by building an energetic bridge from which we also see our own parallel trials and tribulations unfold. She opened her presentation with a heart-wrenching account of how, within the span of 6 months, her world totally fell apart. She shared the deep pain she experienced as she struggled with losing her troubled brother and aged father to death, and her husband of 33 years to divorce soon after. The immense loss and grief that she experienced had taken her by surprise, and really overwhelmed her. In the midst of it all, being in touch with her wise intuitive self, Sonia heard that quiet, yet strong voice within her informing her that she needed to walk the Camino de Santiago trek. This intense 500-mile pilgrimage (over the Pyrenees and across northern Spain) has been taken by thousands of individuals for centuries. While she didn’t plan on writing a book about her experience, her publisher encouraged her to do so, and I am grateful that he did. “Holy Mother God, I am so grateful for this journey and those who have gone before me, marking the path and guiding me along the way. Thank you, guardians in the spirit world. Thank you for guiding my thoughts as well as my feet so that where I have been lost, I return, and where I might become lost, I catch myself. I feel your presence and again, I am grateful. Amen.” – Sonia Choquette, Walking Home p. 143 Soon after opening the book, I found myself walking right alongside Sonia on her journey of healing, cleansing, and deeper self-discovery. She is such a wonderful writer, that when I read of her pain, I literally experienced it as mine. For example, within eight hours of starting her pilgrimage, she found herself to be in extreme discomfort. Aching from head to toe, with bruised and battered feet, she shared how the throbbing in her toes was almost unbearable. As she spoke of the pain and the excruciating feelings

she overcame as she walked, I felt as if I was living that pain with her!

With each new challenge she faced in each new day that she looked at herself with honesty I found myself not only and a commitment for sharing in the agony of healing, Sonia released her physical pain, yet in layers and layers of the emotional as well. As emotional baggage that she described the myriad had burdened her for personal challenges she so many years. In this faced in her journey, I book she fearlessly felt she was writing about exposes all of herself mine. As she faithfully to us – the good, the followed her commitment bad, and the ugly. In to walk segments of doing so, she gives us (L to R) Theresa Puskar, Sonia Choquette and Walter Perschke the trail each day, she noted permission to do the same. While how the physical challenges that she faced were mirrors of the this was liberating for me as a reader, I imagine that being so emotional trials and tribulations she struggled with. She quickly transparent in her writing was also a powerful undertaking on her became aware of the fact that with each new physical challenge own very public journey towards self-acceptance. Her honesty rose new emotional insights. One of the first realizations she and willingness to “share all” took great courage. I honor and discovered was that she needed to trust and let go – on the trek, appreciate Sonia’s warrior woman spirit. Through allowing that and in her life. This was difficult for her to do as she spoke of aspect of self to move her onward and upward on her trek, she the huge responsibilities she faced back at home. When I read was able to move into the grace and fluidity of her softer self. this, I was reminded of how much I too have always asserted my independence, yet in doing so often felt exhausted and “As I walked I contemplated the power of forgiveness. It overwhelmed by the load of responsibilities I faced. actually transformed everything in my being. But I also knew it wasn’t something that just happened unintentionally. “As I walked I suddenly felt that I didn’t want to be angry Forgiveness, at least for me, came about in increments. I had anymore, yet that if I chose to be, or needed to be angry, I had to feel and honor my wounds and traumas before I could every right to that feeling and would allow it without letting release them. For years, I had tried to forgive through spiritual anyone guilt-trip me about it. Being denied the right to this platitudes, yet in spite of my ambitious ideals, I only managed feeling felt as though my power was being choked off. Anger to bury my wounds even deeper into my bones. Walking with my signaled that my boundaries were being crossed. To be deprived pain freed me from it.” of anger was to forfeit my right to my own identity.” – Walking Home, p. 334 – Walking Home, p. 110 This fascinating book is filled with many personal insights as With each new segment of the journey that she conquered, Sonia Sonia shares her journey towards emotional freedom. As she began to release the weight of the world from her weary body, liberates herself from so many of her painful, self-imposed mind, and spirit. Having the opportunity to spend hours and hours emotional encumbrances, she models compassion and selfalone with her thoughts, she had a chance to reflect on so many acceptance. While she makes it very clear that we need not take issues that were keeping her stuck in her life. As she released that difficult 500-mile pilgrimage to free ourselves from our own self-judgment in every challenge she faced head on, she noted emotional bondages, in reading the book, I felt that I had walked how she was also releasing the judgments of others in her life, the Camino path alongside her. In doing so, I have set my sights namely her father, brother, ex-husband, and friends and other on spending more alone time with myself, so that I may hear the family members who disappointed her. When she gave herself whisperings of my wise inner crone. I look forward to continuing permission to feel all of her feelings without judgment, she found to shed past burdens, and move into oneness with all that I am. a freedom to move beyond them. Just as she navigated through Thank you, Sonia! the rise and fall of the terrain she walked, she also allowed herself to navigate through her anger, allowing it to rise and fall naturally and without condemnation. As she allowed herself full expression Theresa Puskar, our All About Town contributor, of all of her emotions, she felt deep release and inner peace. is a writer, trainer, speaker, and inspirational audiobook producer. She has recently authored “The cold was refreshing. The flowers along the side of the path The Terri Series – seven books that focus were magical. My heart was becoming free of some old and very on social issues such as bullying, honoring ugly and painful stuck energy. I finally descended below the diversity, celebrating creativity, non-judgment of cold and fog and emerged into a vast mountain valley. It was emotions, finding alternatives to technology-based entertainment, incredible. The past was behind me. I was now free.” discovering a non-judgmental God, and overcoming fears. She – Walking Home, p. 276 has also recorded a powerful experiential audio program, How to De-Clutter Your Mind and Live a Heart-Centered Life. Conscious Community - www.ConsciousCommunityMagazine.com 9

ASTROLOGY BASICS 101 Beginning Charts

by Kaye Berjot The best way to put into practice what we’ve learned during the first half of Astrology Basics 101 is to apply the basic principles of astrology by analyzing a chart. As a reminder, please visit consciouscommunitymagazine.com to view any of the previously written articles in the Astrology Basics 101 series. In the first article of the series, we covered the Sun, the Ascendant and the Moon. In that article, we discussed the importance of the birth date, birth time, and birth location. In Western Astrology these factors are important because they are the factors that make each birth chart unique. In this month’s article, we will review two charts, so that you can see the differences.

referenced in the previous article concerning the houses. When we put these two things together we can form the statement that the individual knows about values. The Ascendant for this chart is in Sagittarius, which has the motto “I understand”. Remember, that the Ascendant is what we present to others and is how others see us. Society sees this individual as an understanding person, an individual that they can relate to, and one that relates to them. Therefore, this individual may attract people that need to be understood, or people that need to understand the principles associated with self-worth and/or values. The Moon is located in Sagittarius in the 11th house. The Moon in Sagittarius would indicate that the person understands the principles of intuition, emotions, and feelings. In the 11th house this understanding is directed towards the community. If you remember from previous articles when we discussed the garden concept, the 11th house is naturally ruled by Aquarius, remember I know my tribe, and the goal is to deliver the community (the tribe) to the garden. If we had to summarize Oprah Winfrey’s chart, with just these three aspects alone we could easily say that she knows the value of understanding the community, and intuitively understands in which direction the community needs to be driven. We could also easily accept that the external environment views her as being capable of pointing them in the right direction within the garden.

Chart 1: Birthdate- January 29th, 1954 Birth time- 4:30 a.m. Birth location-Kosciusko, Mississippi Sun sign-Aquarius in 2nd house Ascendant sign- Sagittarius Moon sign-Sagittarius in 11th house What are we able to surmise from this chart? With a sun in Aquarius we can expect this individual to follow the motto “I know”. In the 2nd house, which is where Aquarius resides for this chart, we would expect the individual to focus on values and selfworth. This is because the 2nd house is the house of values, as 10 Conscious Community - January 2015

Chart 2: Birthdate- March 14, 1879 Birth time- 11:30 a.m. Birth location-Ulm, Germany Sun sign- Pisces in 10th house Ascendant sign-Cancer Moon sign- Sagittarius in 6th house Chart 2 is Albert Einstein’s chart. With a Sun in Pisces, we could surmise that he is deeply connected to faith and his belief system. This is because the motto for Pisces is “I believe”. The 10th house is deemed to be the house of work and what you are known for. The natural ruler of the 10th house is Capricorn. Einstein has Capricorn in his 6th and 7th houses. The 6th house is the house of day to day work, and the 7th house is the house of balancing relationships. If we put all of these pieces together, we could say that he believed that his life’s work was about balancing the relationships of “things”.

Midwest Natural Healing Wellness Retreat 2015 Feel & Function Better, Improve Relationships

Rejuvenate!!! Jan. 30 to Feb. 2, 2015 Madison, WI 20 Workshops – Experience The Einstein Method, Learn to Do It! Better-than-Organic Food Two-to-Four-Day Event. $59 / day (plus food), less when you register with friends. Stay with our Wellness friends in Madison. Omar’s Amazing Einstein Method Is Available at Soul Proprietor, Willow Springs! Contact omar@omarstouch.com 608 658 6718

The Ascendant for this chart is in Cancer. In astrology Cancer nurtures and protects, and if you remember from our analogy with the garden and planting of seeds, Cancer is the sign that protects the seedling from the elements so that it can eventually give fruit. Therefore, we could say that Einstein was seen by the external environment as a protector of sorts. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and the Moon represents emotions. So we could say that Einstein was seen as a protector of emotions, or a protector of things in motion. A Moon in Sagittarius in the 6th house indicates an individual who understands the practice of emotions, the energy of motion, or the pull of instincts with regards to day-to-day activities. Summary As you can see from the two charts that we’ve reviewed that each chart is unique. This is true even when there is a planet in the same sign, for example in the case with both Oprah and Einstein having Moons in Sagittarius. The Moons do not read the same for various reasons; the most common reason would be because they are in different houses. I would encourage you to look up your own individual charts and see what your Sun, Ascendant and Moon say about you with regards to the houses that they occupy. Here at Conscious Community Magazine, we would like to wish you a great start to the New Year! Make this a year where you consciously open up to who you truly are. Until next month! Kaye Berjot is a transformational astrologer who can be contacted for readings and classes at: kayeberjot@gmail.com.

“Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” Theodore Roosevelt

Conscious Community - www.ConsciousCommunityMagazine.com 11

How Horses are Helping Veterans Heal by Blair McKissock, MSEd, RYT “It’s a new normal.” This is how Nick Bennett describes life after he was hit by a roadside attack in Iraq in 2004. This phrase is common among servicemen and women who cope daily with the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from trauma experienced during their service. It is estimated that one in every five veteran will be diagnosed with PTSD. These symptoms can include hypersensitivity and arousal, generalized anxiety, depression, recurring nightmares, flashbacks, and many more emotional swings that all affect a person’s ability to cope with everyday life. Many soldiers coming home from deployment are experiencing multiple symptoms of PTSD, and can shut down emotionally, avoid social situations, have trouble with relationships, especially connecting with their family. This “new normal” can be very scary. One veteran spoke about how just leaving the house triggers anxiety. They describe how every tall building houses a sniper in the window, every car that pulls up next to them is full of terrorists, or how being in public is a feat of strength to hide the fear they feel. Many of them find a certain peace in high-risk and self-destructive activities to cope with their symptoms. “Driving fast creates a sense of calmness”, as one veteran describes it. Doug McLaughlin bought a motorcycle and found high rates of speed and dangerous driving to be a release for that pent-up anger and stress he felt trying to adjust to civilian life after his service. Those behaviors resulted in a head-on collision that he was lucky to survive. He never thought he would find the same sense of peace with a horse. Strides to Success is a non-profit organization that has found a unique way to help veterans rebuild the trust and peace they have lost, through horses. This premier accredited equineassisted learning and therapy center located in Plainfield, IN offers a program called VETS, or the Veterans Equine Transition Services, in partnership with organizations like the Veterans Administration, and Wounded Warriors. This unique program gives veterans the chance to learn the art of relationship while working with horses. Veterans work one-on-one or in groups, and learn life skills through guided interaction with the horses in weekly sessions for 10 weeks. Each session is about an hour, and consists of groundwork either as a group or individual with horses as a piece of the bigger picture. When working with horses you have to pay close attention to what they are telling you. Veterans with the symptoms of PTSD already have a hyperawareness which they can channel into an asset while working with the horses. They have to pay close attention to their personal energy as well. They learn that horses will react to their energy level sometimes by matching it, escalating, or 12 Conscious Community - January 2015

by disengaging. This gives the client immediate feedback, and helps them to maintain the sense of awareness yet detach from the related strong emotion and anxiety, keeping them calm. They learn how to self-regulate their emotions and energy through grounding, and focusing on the task of building a relationship beginning with trust, something that is very hard for them to do. Using natural horsemanship they learn the give and take of relationship, and how to build one from the ground up, with the reward being acceptance and love. A relationship with a horse is not unlike that between people, yet horses have a unique way of asking questions that force humans to respond in ways that open us up for change. Horses won’t willingly engage with someone if there is no trust. So the first activity is designed to create a connection where trust can start. Then there is always a conversation about leadership. Even though horses can’t communicate the way humans do, they always ask the question, “Are you going to be the leader today?” The veterans must answer this question by creating boundaries that keep them safe, by learning to answer that question from a place of confidence yet not dominance. This can be quite a challenge for some of those who are used to giving orders and having them followed. By learning these finer skills they often see situations that come up with the horses that parallel their lives with their families. A stubborn horse who doesn’t seem to understand what is being asked of them might look like a damaged relationship with a child, or the horse who continually runs away anytime someone tries to connect with them might remind the veteran of what they do in a relationship. These insights can often unlock someone who is stuck, and help them move forward. The horses often bring a sense of unconditional love and support that allow the veteran to have confidence in what they have learned, and apply it at home. The self-regulation skills they learn also help them to cope with the chronic pain that often accompanies their injuries. They become empowered to move forward with their goals in life after active duty as a result of what they learn from horses. Jasmine Ward, a former Marine MP, struggled with finding and maintaining a job after leaving active duty. She credits her work with the horses for helping her regain a sense of self confidence that has helped her secure a new full-time position. “I’ve learned to ground myself and get my bearings a bit easier than I could before the program.” She also says she has a greater confidence in her ability to set boundaries in her relationships. Successful experiences like Jasmine’s are common in the work

of equine facilitated learning, especially with the veteran population. There are over 6000 centers like Strides to Success in the United States, and more are opening their doors every day. This powerful program takes training and skill to facilitate. If you decide to participate in a program like the VETS program at Strides, make sure that the staff has been through the proper training and accreditation, or that they partner with a credentialed professional such as a counselor or therapist for each session. This work can be powerful, and horses can touch us in ways that open old wounds. It is important that the facilitators leading the sessions and working with veterans have the experience to keep them and the horses safe. So do your homework and ask questions before joining a program. Miracles happen when one has a relationship with a horse. It opens people up to look at things from a new perspective, and forces them to abandon their normal patterns and try something new. It takes time, trust, patience, and kindness to develop the kind of relationship that is based upon a mutual exchange, and not one based on domination, fear, and intimidation. Through their work with horses, veterans go far beyond what traditional talk psychotherapy can give them. Just ask Nick, Doug, Jasmine, or any of the other thousands of veterans who have been helped by the power of horses. If you want to learn more about this program and others like it, visit stridestosuccess.org for more information. Blair McKissock, MSEd, RYT is a speaker and author on equine-assisted and experiential learning. Learn more about coaching, OmHorse yoga, and upcoming events at omhorse.com.

Meditate-A-Thon World Peace through Inner Peace Kirtan Joyful Chanting with The Bhakti Claudia Lubin Yoga Nidra Marian McNair Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls Joy & Jai Luster Intergral Yoga Pranayama and Meditation Nancy Grace Guided Spiritual Meditation Marder for Peace Friday, February 20, 7:30 PM - Midnight

Health & Wellness Fair for Kids & Parents full of Interactive Educational Activities Sun. Jan. 25, 1PM-4PM at Highland Park Country Club $5/person, kids under 4 free

Two adults entries to fair for the price of one with this ad, limit one. Limited Space, Register Today: InfinityFoundation.org org 847 847.831.8828 831 8828 Free course c guide with 50+ courses, events & more. CEUs av available.

“A horse is the projection of peoples’ dreams about themselves - strong, powerful, beautiful - and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence.” Pam Brown

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January Schedule Workshops and Classes Return to Wholeness January 3rd - 1:00-5:00 pm $149 Are you ready for a dramatic shift? Are your blocks making you sick? We’ve all been there – something’s not right. You know what it is. You weren’t ready to deal with it. Now you are ready. All the anger, all the emotions, all the crap is coming out. Maybe it’s come up before, and maybe you chipped away at the edges of it. But now, something’s different. You’re ready to say yes to a whole other layer of peace around it. With great compassion and profound presence, we will lead you into and through the blocks – whole emotional fields that have been taking over your existence, that you are ready to be done with NOW. You are ready to be done with them, aren’t you? Instructors: Stephanie Larson & Barret Hedeen

Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation: Yes, Diamond is back! January 16th - 7:00-8:30 pm $25 Feel the wave of tonal tranquility wash over you, melting your barriers to peace, allowing your Light of purity to shine forth - soothing, calming, healing, reconnection you to wholeness and Holiness. Reclaim your birthright to a sound mind with Celestial Sound. Instructor: Diamond

Drum Circle January 30th - 6:30-8:00 pm $15 This is a great way to release energy, find your inner child, and meet new friends! If you’ve never touched a drum or if you are an experienced percussionist, this Drum Circle is for you!! I will prove to you that “EVERYONE IS A DRUMMER!” Bring your own hand drum or use the ones provided. Join me for an exciting hour of TRIBAL DRUMMING FUN! Then stay for an extra 30 minutes to just let loose and jam, dance, release the past week and welcome in the weekend. Instructor: Andre Peraza


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Gong Meditation January 8th, 6:30-7:30 pm $10 When you add uncertainty to anxiety and fear, the recipe for the new dish called Panic Attack is complete. Come and find out how to uncook this dish by learning and going past (transcending) each component. Panic Attack is a natural succession to last two sessions which were about anxiety and fear. - Andre Peraza

Thursday Night Meditations

Self confidence January 15th, 6:30-7:30 pm $10 We all tend to be more critical of ourselves than we are of others. This, in turn, can make us doubt our abilities and worth. With this guided meditation, you will be able to stop the critic within so you can be and achieve all that you are capable of. Give those New Year’s resolutions a boost and let your gentle strength shine! - Darla Tegtmeier

bodyBUZZ January 22nd, 6:30-7:30 pm $10

A Journey Within January 29th, 6:30-7:30 pm $10

bodyBUZZ Sound Meditation is a musical journey through the Chakras. Participants lay on blankets or Yoga mats, (please bring your own), and meditate to a lovingly composed musicscape. - Marie and Antonio Soriano

In this meditation, you will be guided into a very relaxed state to quiet the mind and go within. There you will learn a great many wonderful things about yourself. Meet the one that is always with you, watching out for you and guiding you on your life’s journey. - Darla Tegtmeier


Crystal River Gifts 310 N. LaFox Street • South Elgin, IL 60177 • (224) 535-8708

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January 3rd: 10a– 5p, January 4th: 12–5p, January 5th through January 9th: 2:30–8:30p, January 10th: 10a– 5p Anniversary Extravaganza: January 3rd – January 10th 20 minutes for $20 PLEASE CALL CRG FOR READERS’ AVAILABILITY VERONICA MONTINOLA - Featured Guest Reader 25 minute reading: ONE ROOM FENG SHUI 50 minute reading: LO SHU SQUARE MAP

MARIE SORIANO - Astrology A personal friend and student of Guy Spiro invites you to come and explore the magical, intuitive language of astrology. Bring your Birth Certificate for the most accurate Natal Chart, Solar/ Lunar Return, or Compatibility Report. Marie will share her intuitive gifts with you to assist you in being in sync with your personal planetary and stellar situations. 50 minute session.

DAVED BECK - Psychic Medium A Medium with over 20 years experience connecting with the whisper of LOVE, transforming emotional fear. In 2013, he was inducted into the Lightworkers Hall of Fame and is a recipient of the Lightworkers Life Achievement Award. People’s Choice Around the Globe: Honesty, Integrity, Efficiency, Services.

KEN BENTLEY - Intuitive Reader Being a Psychic with Medical Intuition and with the assistance of Spirit, Ken will guide those in need of direction. Spirit is here to tell you the things you need to hear, to guide you on the path that will bring you peace and happiness and inspire confidence in one’s self.

RoseWolf - Psychic and Physical Medium Bringing together messages from spirits & guides, the tarot & shamanic principles, RoseWolf finds the answers to the questions that haunt you most. Since 1994, RoseWolf has been a professional reader, teacher and as always, a student of the spiritual arts.

DARLA TEGTMEIER - Raindrop Therapy & Reflexology Raindrop therapy incorporates 9 essential oils with a gentle touch technique to receive numerous physical and spiritual benefits and is a great way to gain ‘inner quiet’. Reflexology stimulates internal organs by pressing on certain points on the feet that correlate to those organs. It also induces a deep sense of peace and relaxation.

FRAN VERZOSA - Psychic Palm Reader For over seven years Fran has been following her passion by performing palm/psychic intuitive readings. Fran is able to explain the lines/markings in the palms in order to read an individual’s life story. She is able to feel the psychic energy within people’s hands, see psychic images and predict future endeavors.

ROXANNE BJORKLUND - Tarot Card Reader and Reiki Practitioner Saturday Only Drawn to the tarot at an early age, Roxanne bought her first deck at the age of 13. For the past 10 years she has focused on her tarot studies and on doing readings. She believes the tarot cards are a wonderful tool for discovery and assisting others. Roxanne also offers Reiki energy sessions.

JUDITH BROWN - Intuitive Certified Nutritionist Learn from a nutritionist with a background in biochemistry, combined with a strong intuitive sense. Judith has been helping people achieve optimal health and wellness by offering guidance and suggestions through physical, emotional and mental approaches.

BHARAT KALRA - Craniosacral Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Indian Head Massage, Massage Craniosacral system consists of the soft tissues and the craniosacral fluid which provide protection to the brain and the spinal cord. Any malfunction in the body affects craniosacral rhythm. Therefore correcting the craniosacral rhythm can correct the malfunction, too.

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From the Heart

How to Get Out of a Coma by Alan Cohen I was honored to meet Morton Lauridsen, a genius musician considered by many to be the world’s greatest living composer of choral music. He is widely respected for his stirring opus, “Lux Aeterna” (“Eternal Light”). Morton told me that one of his dear friends, a conductor who often conducts Lauridsen’s compositions, fell into a coma. After several weeks, doctors could not predict whether or not he would awaken. Morton went to visit his friend, who was lying inert in a hospital bed. After a minute Morton began to gently sing the chorus of “Lux Aeterna.” Then, to onlookers’ astonishment, the patient raised his hand as if he were conducting a chorus. This was the first time the man displayed any activity since he had fallen comatose. Eventually he was resuscitated. (For a moving journey into Lauridsen’s music, watch the documentary Shining Night, available at innerharmony.com.) This healing incident is as metaphoric as it is literal. We have all fallen comatose. In the Book of Genesis we are told that “a deep sleep fell over Adam,” but nowhere in the Bible does it say that he woke up. We are all Adam, still immersed in the dream of limitation. We have become sleepwalkers, trudging through our days wondering who we are, and why we are here. In the poignant film Joe Versus the Volcano, Meg Ryan’s character sums up our predicament: “Almost the whole world is asleep. Everybody you know. Everybody you see. Everybody you talk to. Only a few people are awake, and they live in a state of constant total amazement.” How, then, do you awaken from the coma of a dreary, burdensome, or oppressive life? The antidote is passion. Passion is the avenue through which life guides you to fulfill your unique purpose. When Morton Lauridsen’s friend heard music that stirred his soul, he found a reason to awaken and live. We all have a reason to awaken and live, yet we must act on it to reap its benefits. In the classic movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Ferris phones his friend Cameron to ask him to play hooky. Cameron tells Ferris, “I’m too sick.” Ferris replies, “You’re not sick. You just can’t think of anything you want to get up for.” If you feel sick or tired, ask yourself, “What might I do during the day that would make me want to wake up in the morning to do?” Your honest answer to that question will open the door to your next important step in life. When you follow your bliss, you deliver gifts that stir others to find their passion and fulfill their purpose. Frederick Buechner declared, “To find our calling is to find the intersection between our own deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger.” Acting on joy is not selfish at all. It is your gift to humanity. In a world 16 Conscious Community - January 2015

where many people are suffering, those who choose happiness are the lifeline by which others find their own way home. I saw a documentary about a high school student named Steve who was getting poor grades and getting into trouble. His parents and teachers tried to correct him, but nothing they did worked. Then Steve discovered a bird sanctuary where injured birds of prey were given refuge, resuscitated, and released back into the wild. Steve was fascinated by this place, and visited daily after school. He became a volunteer, and eventually got a parttime job. Meanwhile he stopped getting into trouble. The final scene of the documentary showed Steve giving a lecture at the sanctuary to students on a class trip—the very class he had been flunking. When Steve found something that stimulated him, his life lined up. To be true to your passion, you must release activities that run counter to your joy. You cannot simultaneously be comatose and passionate. Every thought you think, word you speak, and action you do either enforces your coma or releases you from it. To get and stay awake you must tell the truth about what brings you life: It, and what saps your life: Not It. An army general noticed that one of his soldiers was acting weird. The private would walk around the post, pick up papers, and after reading each one said, “That’s not it!” The general sent the soldier to the psychiatrist, who concluded that he was deranged, and wrote him a discharge order. When the private read that paper he shouted, “That’s it!” Everything in the world either reinforces the insanity that keeps it in force, or opens the door to escape from it. Meanwhile there are bigger, wider, richer worlds that also reinforce themselves if we step into them. William Blake declared, “If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro’ narrow chinks of his cavern.” (Sic) We are spiritual beings who have gone to sleep only to experience the joy of waking up. At this moment a genius is singing to you a song to stir your soul. The moment has come to lift your arm, and return to the podium to conduct the chorus of your life. Alan Cohen is the author of many inspirational books, including Relax into Wealth. Join Alan’s upcoming Life Coach Training Program to become a professional life coach, or incorporate life coaching skills in your career or personal life. For more information about this program, Alan’s books, free daily inspirational quotes, and his weekly radio show, visit alancohen.com, or email info@alancohen.com.

Put Your Whole Self In! by Temple Hayes

Do you remember being a little kid and dancing to the song The Hokey Pokey, putting different parts of yourself into it and then being asked to “put your whole self in?” Remember how good it felt to shake your body and turn around? You were present, alive, and awake! Isn’t that what life is all about? You put your whole self in! This really is what life is all about, but why do so few of us put our whole selves in? When we are children we innately live in the moment by putting our whole selves in. I remember a number of years ago I visited a friend of mine and a four year old child was they’re asking me to dance with her. I got on my knees so we could be closer to the same height and we proceeded to dance. We were pretending to be Tom and Sally out for the evening immersed in this beautiful dance. Each time we completed the song, Kayleigh would say, “Let’s do it again.” Without hesitation she was putting her whole self in. By this point, my knees were having thoughts of their own and were longing for this experience to be behind us. The next morning I asked Kayleigh if she would like to play the part of Tom and Sally and dance some more and she didn’t connect at all with what I was saying. To her that experience was yesterday. It was not significant any more nor was it relevant. It was an experience, which was behind her. She had put her whole self in the day before and no reason to recall it nor relive it again. This is the way we naturally are destined and designed to be in our day to day lives. We are literally meant to go from experience to experience and put our whole selves in. Yet what happens is most of us are walking through life disconnected and drained and rarely present for what is occurring NOW. We are toting all of the past on our backs and shoulders, recalling all the Toms and Sallys in our lives who have either wronged us, or shamed us, or they didn’t do it right. We are aiming to continue dancing through each day of life with all this weight on our hearts and mind while not being able to be truly impassioned and energized in this day and this moment. So what needs to happen for us to make the shift? Decide now, today, this moment with every encounter you are going to put your whole self in. If you are at a restaurant with friends put your phone away, if you are going on your first date - be you and share who you really are rather than holding back and editing most of the things you share, and if you are facing a fear truly face it rather than replace it and keep walking forward in the direction of your life. Put your whole self in. As you get into this practice and it becomes habit three things will occur.

1) You will have more energy There’s a story of a guy riding a bicycle up hill and he is really struggling. What he doesn’t realize is that he is driving with his brakes on. The energy it is taking for him to move forward while at the same time “being locked in place” is likened to a person who wants to move forward yet is holding on to past sorrow, or the people they perceived have done harm against them or energies of regret and disappointment. 2) You will be more empowered Putting your whole self in the moment requires a practice of being able to say who you are and be what you feel. If you are committed to being a person who does not carry around past luggage from yesterday then you will be able to travel lightly as you go from place to place and person to person for you are being true to yourself. Just the simple and profound commitment to speak and live the real you will change your energy level dramatically. 3) Freedom is gifted to you and to others You are able to truly put your whole self in first and not wait until you turn yourself around just like the order of the song. When you put your whole self in and allow your energy to change, which will change your life, an amazing and incredible thing happens. You feel better, you like the feelings and thoughts you are having, and you have people saying to you all the time, “How do you have so much energy?” The wonder of this is oddly enough you are able to give the same permission to others in your life. You begin to see them as whole rather than broken, possible instead of impossible, and life becomes a new playing field. You wake up one morning and you are truly free from your own selfbondage. This inner dialogue moves from being a thought into a feeling and finally a realization. Your whole self - you begin to measure it daily in your work, with your families and loved ones, with the moments of silence and retreat you gave yourself. Begin this amazing, enlightening practice. Affirm before every event - I am putting my whole self in and reflect at the end of the day, did I do it? Did I put my whole self in? If not, how can I make more of an effort tomorrow? This is your moment - begin now. Put your whole self in! Be Life! Temple Hayes is the author of When Did You Die? 8 Steps to Stop Dying Every Day and Start Waking Up (HCI Books) and spiritual leader of Unity Campus in St. Petersburg, Florida. For more information, visit www.templehayes.com.

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The Shared Heart

N ew D i m e n s i o n s o f R e l a t i o n s h i p by Joyce and Barry Vissell

My Love of Solitude and My Fear of Aging Typically once a year I go on a solo adventure. I’m called by solitude. It balances the deep work I do in the counseling and workshops. My first choice is being alone with Joyce, the best of both worlds. The two of us have a beautiful balance of solitude, silence, and the delight of relationship. Being alone with my beloved in the wilderness adds, for me, the element of joy, the nectar of sensuality, the conversations which become voyages of discovery into one another’s souls, and the comfort of taking sweet care of each other, each in our own way. Alas, Joyce is sometimes not up for the magnitude of my adventures. This past September, I kissed Joyce goodbye, drove 980 miles in two days to Moab, Utah, and got shuttled with my battered old canoe and gear to Green River State Park. I would be canoeing 120 miles in eight days down through wilderness canyon country. The last thing the shuttle driver said before leaving me totally alone at the put-in was, “If you get in trouble, what-ever you do, DON’T try to hike away from the river. You will die that way. It’s just too far from civilization. Stay by the river and wait for help.” Although joy is not a big part of these solo adventures, complete silence and solitude has its own rewards. Attunement with nature is one. Day by day, I feel a growing sensitivity to the natural world, the subtle sounds of the wind, the color changes as each new geologic strata emerges traveling down the river of time; even a mouse that came up to me one night as I sat still by my campfire. It appeared unafraid and curious about this very quiet human. I enter such a pro-found silence that I actually hear human-like voices in the river going around certain rocks. Once, I passed by a swarm of insects that sounded so much like human conversation that I could almost make out certain words. But even more importantly, I develop a deeper sensitivity to the inner world: more vivid dreams, more inner conversations with God. One day I thanked God when a cloud covered the hot sun just when I most needed a few minutes of delightful coolness. Then I thought, why do I only thank God for pleasant things, so I immediately gave thanks for the life-giving warmth of the sun too. Yet, the utter solitude of wilderness brings up something else for me: my fear of aging, especially my fear of becoming more and more limited in physical activity. I had surgery last June on a badly torn meniscus in my knee. On this river adventure, I couldn’t dance about on the rocks like before. At one camp with a 18 Conscious Community - January 2015

steep river bank, I was forced to go up and down very slowly and methodically. At age 68, my strength and reflexes are not what they used to be. In the course of my life at home, I don’t feel this fear of aging. But in the wilderness, sometimes going a whole day without seeing another person, this fear of aging comes to the surface. It’s humbling for me to realize how deeply attached I am to my physical prowess, and thus the fear of losing it. On hikes, I watched my every step much more carefully than on a hike at home. One false step or slip, and a twisted ankle or broken bone could be an issue of survival rather than mere incon-venience. Even swimming brings up the very real possibility of drowning, whereas swimming at home never does. I’m a medical doctor, and I have extra things in my first aid kit, like different antibiotics to cover a wide range of infections, and narcotics for pain, yet I’m also alone, which significantly raises the risk factor. Sometimes Joyce and I laugh about the possibility of our future grown-up grandchildren being paid by our children to accompany me on a river trip: our children will say to one of our grandchildren, “It’s your turn to take Grandpa. We’ll pay you, yet don’t ever let Grandpa know we’re paying you. We just don’t want him to be tempted to go by himself anymore.” Then one of my grandchildren will approach me and enthusiastically ask, “Grandpa, can I please go with you on your next river trip?” Neem Karoli Baba used to tell Ram Dass, “The suffering person is closest to God.” That is, if he turns to God for help. If he doesn’t, and remains bitter, well then, that’s a different story. St. Francis spoke about the greatest joy, which is to be with God in the midst of suffering. It wasn’t that he was a masochist. He didn’t look for suffering yet, when it came to him, he wel-comed it with great enthusiasm, including his serious illnesses and pain for many years. This gives a whole new meaning to aging. For everything that is lost, there is something gained. For every door that closes, another one opens. I can’t bound up steep banks right now, yet I can walk carefully with more consciousness, grateful for every step. I currently can’t run around the tennis court chasing a ball like some of the other guys, yet I thoroughly enjoy every good play I do make. One afternoon on my river adventure, as the sun approached the horizon, I became deeply fatigued paddling mile after mile without finding a single place to camp, so I turned to prayer, asking God and the angels for help, rather than just

depending on my own strength and endurance. And sure enough, just before dark, I was delivered to a suitable campsite. Perhaps the most important lesson in this life is the replacement of physical losses with spiritual gains. In A Mother’s Final Gift, I wrote about watching Joyce’s mother’s body gradual-ly shut down while watching something deeper and more essential actually getting stronger and more alive, witnessing a birth during the process of a death. “Louise’s physical abilities were slowly but surely leaving her, yet each seemed to be replaced by a spiritual ability. She lost blad-der and bowel control, yet gained a deeper ability to receive love and care from others. She lost her independence, yet gained spiritual wisdom. She lost some short-term memory, yet her long-term memory was improving, as was her ability to live in the moment. Toward the end of her life, every time she looked into my eyes, I felt bathed in love. The curtain of ego had thinned to the point where it was no longer able to block the light; just as the summer fog where we live close to the Pacific Ocean eventually dissipates, allowing the full radiance of the sun.”

I also want to trust that my every physical loss will be replaced by a spiritual gain. That way, I don’t have to fear aging. I want to go on many more adventures, even if my grandchildren are secretly being paid to go with me. Here are a few opportunities to bring more love and growth into your life, at the follow-ing events led by Barry and Joyce Vissell: Feb 1-8, 2015—Hawaii Couples in Paradise Re-treat (sharedheart.org/sharedheart2/couples-in-paradise.html); Feb 1421—Valentine’s Day Spirit of Love Cruise for individuals and couples (LA to Mexico)(divinetravels.com/ValentinesCruise2015. html); Jul 19-24—Shared Heart Summer Retreat (sharedheart. org/sharedheart2/breitenbush.html) at Breitenbush Hot Springs, OR; Oct 14-20—Living from the Heart in Assisi, Italy for individuals and couples (sharedheart.org/sharedheart2/assisi2. html).

Joyce & Barry Vissell, a nurse/therapist and psychiatrist couple since 1964, are counse-lors near Santa Cruz, CA, who are widely regarded as among the world’s top experts on con-scious relationship and personal growth. They are the authors of The Shared Heart, Models of Love, Risk to Be Healed, The Heart’s Wisdom, Meant to Be, and A Mother’s Final Gift. Call Toll-Free 1-800-766-0629 (locally 831-6842299) or write to the Shared Heart Foundation, P.O. Box 2140, Aptos, CA 95001, for further information on counseling sessions by phone or in person, their books, recordings or their schedule of talks and workshops. Visit their web site at SharedHeart.org for their free monthly e-heartletter, their updated schedule, and in-spiring past articles on many topics about relationship and living from the heart.


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Sound Matters: by Steven Halpern

Seeing and Hearing the Future 45 Years Ago Thanksgiving came early for me this year. At 2 PM on November 21st, en route to the recording studio, I was waiting at a red light on a beautiful, sunny day. Out of nowhere, I was rear-ended by a Dodge Dakota truck. No screeching brakes gave me any advance warning. The truck was traveling at the speed limit. The witnesses said it was a miracle I was able to walk and talk as I got out of my car to assess the damage. I agree. It is with extra gratitude that I am able to write this newsletter. Perhaps not coincidentally, the healing powers of music were intimately involved. You see, I was listening to a track that was recorded in 1977 on location in Findhorn, the legendary New Age center in northern Scotland. I was totally relaxed and flashing back on the experience of meditating in their meditation sanctuary when the crash occurred. The track was originally entitled “Sanctuary,” and it lived up to its name. It will surely be included on a forthcoming album of meditative piano. Details will be shared in the New Year.

On the Road...Again This year perhaps more than any other, as I review the most important events that have led to where I am today, I recall another experience involving cars and drivers that changed my life. I was hitchhiking from San Francisco to Santa Cruz, to visit the William Blake Museum at UCSC. Four wonderful folks picked me up, handed me a joint, and we began discussing spirituality and consciousness. All the best of the Sixties were still alive and well inside their van. When I told them where I was headed, they told me I should visit a Zen and yoga center they knew of in the mountains nine miles outside of Santa Cruz. And when they offered to drive out of their way to take me there, I jumped at the opportunity. Little did I know I would shortly thereafter find myself in a sacred grove of redwood trees, and enter into a spontaneous meditation/download that set me on a new life path, which led to composing, researching, and recording Chakra Suite, and a new paradigm of modern sound healing. 20 Conscious Community - January 2015

I’ve never had a chance to thank those cosmic brothers and sisters. I doubt they know how important they were in my life. On the off chance that one of you is reading this, please get in touch with me. Some of my long-time readers may recall that I wrote an article about Fantasia’s transcendent gospel performance that led to her winning on American Idol. I referenced a secret manuscript that I was introduced to while I was leading a workshop at Esalen, the seminal human potential center in Big Sur. I thanked the author, whom I had never met, and asked him to get in touch with me if he were still alive. Well, miracle of miracles, the next day he got in touch with me. Will lightning strike twice? If you were in that van, bless you all, and please get in touch.

Sound Healing, Meditation, Self-Help and Chakra Suite After that deep meditation, I wandered back to visit the Zen center, went to the ‘wrong’ building, but no one was there. There was, however, a large 1920’s era upright grand piano. I sat down and started playing. About 15 minutes later, I noticed some rustling in the room. I opened my eyes, and noticed there were about 10 people meditating or lying on the floor. They asked me who I was, and how I got there. “CliffsNotes” summary: I was offered a position on the staff of the Bridge Mountain Foundation, which was a smaller version of Esalen. Leading figures in the human potential movement came every weekend to lead workshops, and I would get to attend for free. Later than night, I called my friends in Buffalo and withdrew from the graduate program I was scheduled to begin in January. It was the quickest decision I had ever made in my life. It was also one of the most difficult, because it meant leaving the eight piece jazz-rock band I had started a few years earlier, and which had been poised to be the next Chicago, or Blood, Sweat & Tears.

Secrets of Sound-Assisted Self-Help

Talk about being in the right place at the right time. Bridge Mountain was the ideal place to experience the latest breakthroughs in the field; conversations with Dr. John Lilly and Dr. Stanley Krippner led me to a new graduate program in which I was enabled to conduct the breakthrough research into sound and healing that opened up amazing new opportunities, far beyond the traditional music industry. Remember, this was before there was a genre of music called New Age. When I took my first recording to radio, newspapers, and magazines, the music reviewers didn’t have a clue. How was I going to be able to promote and market my first album without record reviews? The answer came from my first audience, who spoke to me after concerts, or wrote me letters. They told me how helpful my music was in their own personal programs of physical and spiritual well-being. Dr. Virginia Satir, iconic marriage and family therapist, was an early fan, and encouraged me to emphasize my music’s functionality and benefits in the self-help and self- health fields.

Another Event Coming Full Circle This morning I opened up my email and saw a screen shot of Amazon’s Best-Sellers Ranking. The screen shot was sent by my business associate, Diana Ziegler, who helps me remember to check in on how Chakra Suite is doing these days, among a zillion of other aspects of her job. With delight, and an extra portion of giving thanks, I see that Chakra Suite is currently: #1 in Music > Indie Music > Miscellaneous > Self-Help #2 in Music > Miscellaneous > Self-Help #3 in Music > New Age > Healing

Through my graduate research partners, I was introduced to Itzhak Bentov, who became my mentor and wisdom source for the phenomena of rhythm entrainment and brainwave entrainment. His bestselling book, Stalking the Wild Pendulum lays out the medical science that proves how balancing the chakras is one of the single most beneficial Self-Help techniques available to us. There are many ways to balance the chakras, but one of the easiest and most enjoyable is to use music composed with this intention. However, due to the prevailing realities of the time, I was not allowed to tell anyone who read the liner notes of my various incarnations of Chakra Suite about its self-help benefits. Whether one expected it or not, in addition to the beautiful music on my albums, there has always been a ‘higher octave’ of therapeutic affect, as music therapists would describe it. As Bentov helped us understand, our body naturally chooses joy, harmony, and well-being; the very definition of sound health. Things changed on a number of levels in 1994, and I’ll be writing about that in the memoir I’ve been working on. THANK YOU to everyone who has purchased Chakra Suite over the years, and to all those who are now motivated to explore what it can add to your life! You can find the CD and digital download at Amazon.com. Composer’s Note: You may notice several different versions of this album being offered by third party sellers. If you want the best-ever audiophile sound, the most exquisite sonic detail, and additional bonus tracks, I recommend the 35th Anniversary edition. The others are all good, yet this particular version of the CD or digital download is my favorite.

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Wishing you happy and harmonious holidays and New Year’s. Steven Halpern Steven Halpern is a Grammy® award nominated recording artist, composer and pioneering sound healer. His latest releases are Deep Alpha, Meditations to Support Sobriety and Recovery with John Bradshaw, and and the subliminal companion program, Affirmations to Support Sobriety and Recovery.

“The empty vessel makes the loudest sound.” William Shakespeare

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Askfirmations Ask Your Way to the Life You Deserve! by Chris Alexandria According to the angelic realm, 2015 promises to be The Year of Abundance! Woohoo you say! Me too. However, it is up to us what kind of abundance that is attracted. Think about it, you can have an abundant pile of cash, joy, health, love ~ you know all that yummy things that daydreams are made of. Or… you can have an abundance of indecision, fear, busy-ness vs. being-ness, and the stuff that keeps you up at nights. Which do you prefer? Hopefully the former. It is not a new paradigm or revelation that thoughts do create realities, but did you also know that questions asked can play just an important role? True. Think about it, how many times in the midst of being very frustrated, annoyed or worried you metaphorically or literally shout out your frustrations to the universe? Questions such as:

* Why do things like this always happen to me?! * Why can’t I ever make ends meet? * Why do I date such losers?

and so on. Funny how the Law of the Universe works. It answers every question you ask literally. It never interprets! Sad but true. Using the above questions as an example; those ‘things’ continue to happen, ends actually get further and further apart and those losers? They keep waltzing up to the door. They may change their clothing, but it’s the same kind of loser. In the vein of using affirmations and mantras to better any situation in your life can be very helpful. Funny thing about those though; affirmations don’t always work. In fact they won’t work at all if there is a morsel within that doesn’t believe what you are affirming. As example, have you ever purchased a lottery ticket and thus proclaimed you now held the winning ticket in your hands? Me too. Have you won yet? Me either. This is how powerful you are though. IF you truly believed you had the winning ticket in hand, it would be akin to that scene in the movie Bruce Almighty when Bruce, aka God for the moment, grants everyone’s wish. They won mere pennies and the lottery went broke. 22 Conscious Community - January 2015

Think about that. You ARE that powerful. Let that thought sink in. You ARE that powerful. Keep in mind an affirmation is a statement. A statement in which the ego eagerly jumps in to argue and blow raspberries at you. It often throws phrases at you such as; Who do you think you are in wanting that? Being a bit greedy aren’t you? You want better? Get use to it, this is life and it’s not getting any better; suck it up. The ego is a nasty spoiled child and very often gets its way by keeping you in your place and somewhat stuck. Now hold on, there is a way to keep the ego stuck in a corner with the proverbial lollypop. Ask a question! The ego simply isn’t equipped to answer questions. You’ve already been reminded of those not so nice questions asked in frustration, so don’t ask any more those please. Instead, use an Askfirmation. An Askfirmation is a positive present-tense question that you pose to the universe, just like those that you say in frustration. No need to find the answer! The universe will work in the same magical way and answer for you. Let’s start with the beginning. You. Are you living life to the fullest? Are you jumping out of bed each and every morning giddy with excitement about what the day may hold? If not, then there are aspects of you that are still hiding for a variety of reasons, but at the very core of it all will be your unease to share your brilliance with the world at large. In other words, not feeling safe to share your brilliance in its entirety. I was no different until a few years ago. I hid my angel intuitive talents well. So well in fact I developed a nervous twitch. However, when I began to use the Askfirmation, Why is it safe for me to be me? The twitching stopped, I have literally grown one inch in height and the best part? I can now look folks in the eyes and tell them with great joy and love what I do and why: Hi, I’m Chris Alexandria. I’m an angel intuitive and I’m here to inspire and empower millions. How about you? What are you hiding from us? Begin asking:

Why is it safe for me to be me? Remember, do not look for the answers. Allow the universe and




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Kathy Georgen

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WWW.RAINBOWHEALER.COM angels to answer and show you. Magic begins to happen. Based on my experience and the experience of clients and customers of the book alike, the path before you becomes clearer. You gain a deeper insight to you; your mission, your glorious journey and the best part? Begin to be excited about you again AND feel comfortable to share it.

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Will you grow in physical height? Perhaps. Can’t guarantee it, but others have. Will you win the lottery? If it’s in your highest interests. Will you live the life of your dreams? Yes by asking and using Askfirmations regularly. I’ll be asking this one Askfirmation, Why is it safe for me to be me? daily until the day I skip on over to the other side. Why? As a human, we continually evolve and that means more aspects of us wish to shine. As each occasion arises, it can be scary to proclaim our truth and and walk taller. It’s part of being human. However, every time I ask, Why is it safe for me to be me? I feel my spine elongate and grow stronger.

begin to allow yourself to receive it all. That is my wish for you for 2015, the Year of Abundance. For you to be abundant in self, embracing every juicy morsel of you and shining like you have never shined before. Wishing you a joyous and abundant 2015! Chris Alexandria is your Transformational Coach with Angelic Insights. She is the co-creator of Angel Chatter and can be found at: AngelChatter.com as well as various social media outlets.

“Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.”

Folks have mentioned it. Friends, family members even total strangers have inquired how I’ve gotten to be so tall (I’m now 5’9” by the way). We have begun to find great humor in this constant confirmation that I AM walking my truth more openly than ever before. As another lovely affect of just asking this very question, you will begin to feel empowered to ask for what you truly desire and

Thomas Jefferson

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THE MAGICAL WORLD OF NUMBERS January... New Beginnings in Peace or Pieces by Elizabeth Summers By this time many of us may feel like the crumbling of the Berlin wall! Emotionally, physically and not to mention financially fragmented that all we would like to do is sit, close our eyes and take a long winter’s nap. January says “let’s begin anew” and will take some time to get ourselves up to steam to do so. As we say, think or write the Number One of January on our paper work, we send the energy to the Universe that it is a time to begin again, look for new opportunities, have courage, believe in ourselves only do whatever it takes to get the job done! So important, however, is to consider the feelings of others. Since every Number energy has a positive and negative influence, the Number One can push big time to overcome a feeling of a lack of self-esteem, self-consciousness and a real struggle to believe in oneself. This will show itself in you if you come off as an opinionated person who seems to offend everyone else with your tactless insensitive self. The Number One in Tarot is the Magician card representing a turning point in one’s life. Moving in a new direction, turning things around thus changing ones fortune opens the door to surprises from the Universe that says make some changes. Do not be surprised if a new direction in your life moves you forward by altering your present course. Important then is to expand your outlook, gain a greater perspective and discover your role and purpose in life. Numerologically, the Number One is powerful but somewhat aggravating energy to parents who are raising children born in January! “I’ll do it myself”, “I don’t need to take advice from anyone” are words ringing into the ears of parents birthing children born in January especially as Capricorns. These sweet souls prefer to act as adults in life aligning themselves with older children as playmates. Parents may find these youngsters very independent and willful. These children will want to make the rules not follow them. An entrepreneurial spirit will also show itself. The energy of the Number One is mental and children of this birth Number will frequently become mentally bored, thus creating behavioral problems. During the first thirty years of life, these youths should be traveling, working, living independently and not marrying as they need to be living as a One and not in permanent partnerships.

24 Conscious Community - January 2015

Numerology, as an ancient science, gives very precise clues to the characteristics, behaviors and energies that are symbolically represented by the digits one through nine. Therefore, any individuals having a birthday on the first, tenth, nineteenth or twenty-eight of the month which all reduce to a Number One may exhibit very similar characteristics. Their characteristics are most influential between the ages of thirty and fifty-five years of age. The previous month of December has a three vibration connected to it. Totally different from the focused One of January and many of us find ourselves in pieces. Trying to do, achieve this that and the other leaves us somewhat energetically shattered in January as this energy of “get our act together” begins to set in. Trying to make everyone happy, be a people pleaser, express artificial joys, putting on a smiling face has caused us to collapse in January! What to do? How to get ourselves back? How to get refocused on our own lives? The answer is simple, sit down, shut up and be in silence. Ancient philosophy teaches “silence is restorative.” You know yourself when you are trying to think and everyone keeps shouting at you, you just want to tell them to go away so you can think! It is the same with your soul. Close out the world as best you can. In the stillness of silence you will hear the voice of God, your Higher Self and your fragmented pieces will be restored to a whole. January brings a new start. The pressures of the holidays are behind you. Now, it is all about YOU. Rest, get focused, tell Spirit your intentions for your new year and when your body that houses your soul has sufficiently recovered in emotional, physical and spiritual strength, you will be a force to be dealt with! Elizabeth Summers provides spiritually guiding clients since 1988. Website: www.themagicalworldofnumbers.com For a private Numerology reading with Elizabeth Summers call 303-702-5420.

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Pulse Calendar Saturday, January 3 FREE ONLINE SELF-HELP HYPNOSIS GROUP WITH DR. GILES - All welcome. We meet using free video software at 10 am. Space is limited. Our January focus will be “What You Absolutely Want.” To register go to www.CSGiles.org and click on Groups. RETURN TO WHOLENESS: Are you ready for a dramatic shift? Are your blocks making you sick? We’ve all been there – something’s not right. You know what it is. You weren’t ready to deal with it. Now, you are ready to deal with it. All the anger, all the emotions, all the crap–is coming out. Maybe it’s come up before, and maybe you chipped away at the edges of it. But now, something’s different. You’re ready to say Yes! To a whole other layer of peace around it. With great compassion and profound presence, we will lead you into and through the blocks–whole emotional fields that have been taking over your existence, that you are ready to be done with NOW. You are ready to be done with them, aren’t you? 1 – 5 pm $149.00 Stephanie Larson & Barret Hedeen. Crystal River Gifts 310 N LaFox Street, South Elgin, IL 60177. 224-535-8708. www.CrystalRiverGifts.com Saturday-Saturday, January 3-10 JANUARY INTUITIVE GALA ANNIVERSARY EXTRAVAGANZA: January 3rd – January 10th Hours January 3rd: 10 – 5, January 4th : 12 – 5, January 5th thru January 9th: 2:30 – 8:30, January 10th: 10 – 5. 20 minutes for $20 Please call Crystal River Gifts to find out readers availability. Featured Guest Reader Veronica Montinola Master Feng Shui Consultant.

25 minute reading: ONE ROOM FENG SHUI and 50 minute reading: LO SHU SQUARE MAP. New! Marie Soriano, David Beck, RoseWolf, Ken Bentley, Judith Brown, Bharat Kalra, Roxanne Bjorklund, Fran Verzosa. Crystal River Gifts 310 N LaFox Street, South Elgin, IL 60177. 224-535-8708. www.CrystalRiverGifts.com Tuesday, January 6 NEW YEAR, NEW MOON WORKSHOP. Time:7:8:30pm. Free Program. Why does this keep happening to me? Why can’t I ever get this right? Why do some people float by so easily as I struggle? Get your questions answered in this workshop! I will show you how to sync your actions and emotions with astrological currents. The New Moon is a great place to begin. Open to all levels of understanding. Instructor: Marie Soriano. Location: Crystal River Gifts 310 N LaFox Street, South Elgin, IL 60177. 224-535-8708. www.CrystalRiverGifts.com Thursday, January 8 GONG MEDITATION – Detoxify your mind and body from the stress of daily life. Enjoy a sonic massage that will soothe your soul and lift your spirit. Experience the power of the gong with Gong Guru, Andres Peraza, an experienced percussionist for over 30 years. Wear comfortable clothing and bring your favorite pillow, blanket and an open mind. The Gong will do the rest. 6:30 – 7:30 $10 Andre Peraza. Crystal River Gifts 310 N LaFox Street, South Elgin, IL 60177. 224-535-8708. www.CrystalRiverGifts.com

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For questions, please email: Kasia@ConsciousCommunityMagazine.com or call 847-966-1110. 28 Conscious Community - January 2015

GUIDED MEDITATION WITH WALTER PERSCHKE Thursday, January 8, 15, 22, 29 7-8pm. Suggested Love Offering $5 “Now is the time to build bridges. Because when the flood comes, and it will come, you need to be ready. It will be too late to prepare.” Walter Perschke Be a learner to prepare for the changes our world is experiencing now and the changes to come. Learn how to center yourself and enter the inward journey we are all on. Join the peaceful future rather than the chaotic present. The answers are there for us to find. Let us help you to find them. Location: Burr Ridge details available when registering 312-786-0077 or send us email requesting the Burr Ridge addressSpiritualLearningCenter@gmail.com. FREE PARKING. FREE PARKING. www.SpiritualLearningCenter.com SpiritualLearningCenter@gmail.com 312-786-0077.

spiritualtherpy@southsideunity.org, or phone 773- 445-7895. For class details and facilitator bios visit www.southsideunity.org.

Friday, January 9

MANIFEST YOUR DIVINE NEW YEAR! 10am-5pm. Open your heart and mind, transform, and realize your authentic self in 2015. The Awaken Center, Chicago. RSVP: www. ManifestNewYou.Eventbrite.com

INTRODUCTION TO EFT (Emotional Freedom ), 6-8pm, Soderworld Wellness, 2CE’s, donation, Tom Masbaum, www. EFT-Tom.com, 708-955-3634. PROSPERITY AND HOLISTIC HEALING IS THE 2015 FOCUS OF ILLINOIS’ OLDEST AFRICAN AMERICAN NEW THOUGHT CHURCH, South Side Unity, located 9320 S. Ashland in Chicago. On Friday evening Jan 9th from 6:25 until 7:55 you can Meet and Greet each class facilitator. Lite refreshments will be served and facilitators will be available for discussion. The event launches a 5 week session of evening classes that include: Mandala Art Healing, How I Used Truth, Metaphysical Astrology, Unity: A Quest for Truth and Bio-Energy Color Light Therapy. Register for our free Meet and Greet at

Saturday, January 10 CHICAGO INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR NEARDEATH STUDIES (IANDS)/INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR EXTRAORDINARY EXPERIENCES (ISEE), support/ study group/resource/forum for spiritual experiences, near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, losses, research. Saturday, January 14, 2015: Guest Speaker: EILEEN GRACE, RN, 2 NDEs; works in hospice and with dying…. Don’t miss it!....Frank Auditorium in Evanston Hospital. 2-5 pm. Free covered parking. For more info: 847.251.5758 or http://www.chicagoiands.org

PSYCHIC FAIR - Enlightened Balance @ 30 F North Williams, Brink Street Market, Historic Downtown Crystal Lake. First Come First Serve from 11 am until 6 pm. www. EnlightenedBalance.com 815-307-1180 Monday, January 12 EFT TAPPING to Release Stress, Anxiety, Aches & Pains, etc. Heaven Meets Earth, Evanston, 1-3pm, and again at 7:159;15pm, Donation basis, Success Guaranteed. 2CE’s, Tom Masbaum, www.EFT-Tom.com, 708-955-3634.

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MUSCLE TESTING, INTUITION & SPIRIT RELEASE 8-10pm, Leaning Tower YMCA, 9th floor. free, Tom Masbaum, www.EFT-Tom.com, 708-955-3634.

HEALTH AND HEALING FAIR – 2 pm to 7 pm. P.S. Yoga, 7169 W. Grand, Chicago. Restore and Renew from various energy healers for $1.00 a minute. Shop holistic vendors, Free Gong Bath at 7:30 pm. 773 351-8831.

Thursday, January 15 GUIDED MEDITATION WITH WALTER PERSCHKE Thursday, January 8, 15, 22, 29 7-8pm. (See Thursday, January 8th listing for details.) REBOOT EMPOWERMENT: ACTIVATE CHANGE IN THE NEW YEAR at Infinity Foundation 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. with Dianne Bischoff James. If you have lost sight of your dreams because life got in the way, now, is the perfect time to reboot and create the life you love. This session shares the 14 Rules for Happy Living and combines a wealth of information, dynamic exercises and profound hands-on techniques so you can find your passion and achieve greater joy, peace and prosperity. $45/10 days advance, $55. Location: Infinity Foundation 1282 Old Skokie Road Highland Park, IL 60035. Register by calling 847-831-8828 or online at www.infinityfoundation.org SELF CONFIDENCE – We all tend to be more critical of ourselves than we are of others. This in turn, can make us doubt our abilities and worth. With this guided meditation you will be able to stop the critic within so you can be and achieve all that you are capable of. Give those New Year’s resolutions a boost and let your gentle strength shine! 6:30 – 7:30 $10 Darla Tegtmeier Crystal River Gifts 310 N LaFox Street, South Elgin, IL 60177. 224-535-8708. www.CrystalRiverGifts.com Friday, January 16 QUARTZ CRYSTAL SINGING BOWL MEDITATION: Yes Diamond is back! Feel the wave of tonal tranquility wash over you, melting your barriers to peace, allowing your Light of purity to shine forth; soothing, calming, healing and reconnection you to wholeness and Holiness. Reclaim your birthright to a sound mind with Celestial Sound. 7:00 – 8:30 $25 Diamond. Crystal River Gifts 310 N LaFox Street, South Elgin, IL 60177. 224-535-8708. www.CrystalRiverGifts.com SIGNS FROM OUR LOVED ONES, AN OPEN DISCUSSION FORUM led by Sara Ruble and Deneene Florino, from 7 to 9pm. Surviving, let alone thriving, in tumultuous times is no small feat. A series of programs to help: Who Am I Now?: Coping with Change and Loss In Times of Turmoil. Meet with others on similar paths, share your own insights and learn techniques and strategies to help you move forward. The series continues on January 17, February 21, February 27, and March 7, at The Edgar Cayce Holistic Center, 259 E. Central Rd, Des Plaines. 847-2996535 or www.HolisticCenterChicago.com and Facebook for complete pricing/information.

SIGNS FROM OUR LOVED ONES, AN OPEN DISCUSSION FORUM led by Sara Ruble and Deneene Florino - See Friday, January 16th listing for details. TANTRA: THE SCIENCE OF LIBERATION: YOGA, MEDITATION RETREAT with Dada Vedaprajinananda in Urbana, IL. 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The original yoga was called Tantra. Learn the fundamentals (history, chakras, mantras, kundalini) and start practicing with chanting, meditation, gentle yoga postures, deep relaxation. $60 fee, includes vegetarian lunch. Email info@anandaliina.org to reserve place or call 347610-2695. www.anandaliina.org 2308, North High Cross Road, Urbana, Il 61802. TWO HALF-DAY WORKSHOPS: WHO AM I NOW? with Sara Ruble, from 10am to noon, AND SOLE/SOUL JOURNEY, with Sara Ruble and Deneene Florino, from 1:30 to 4:30pm. Since losing her only son in 1994, Ruble has become a published author, blogger (Death Teaches) and conducts national workshops on grieving. Florino, holds degrees in psychology, biology and theology from DePaul University, has worked as a hospice counselor, is a published author and member of the Chicago Area A.R.E. Team, and has conducted international workshops on grief for many years. (See January 16th A.R.E. calendar listing). At The Edgar Cayce Holistic Center, 259 E. Central Rd, Des Plaines. 847-299-6535 or www.HolisticCenterChicago.com and Facebook for complete pricing/information. Tuesday, January 20 PENDULUMS. Time: Time:7:8:30pm. Free Program. I am often asked, “How do you communicate with your guides” and I always answer by starting with my use of a pendulum. There are more sophisticated methods, but a pendulum is the easiest for almost everyone to learn and begin to communicate and ask questions that actually get immediate answers. Instructor: Walter Perschke. Location: Crystal River Gifts 310 N LaFox Street, South Elgin, IL 60177. 224-535-8708. www.CrystalRiverGifts.com Thursday, January 22 bodyBUZZ SOUND MEDITATION IS A MUSICAL JOURNEY THROUGH THE CHAKRAS. Participants lay on blankets or Yoga mats (please bring your own) and meditate to a lovingly composed musicscape. 6:30 – 7:30 $10 Marie and Antonio Soriano. Crystal River Gifts 310 N LaFox Street, South Elgin, IL 60177. 224-535-8708. www.CrystalRiverGifts.com GUIDED MEDITATION WITH WALTER PERSCHKE Thursday, January 8, 15, 22, 29. 7-8pm. (See Thursday, January 8th listing for details.)

30 Conscious Community - January 2015

HOW TO CREATE AFFIRMATIONS THAT ACTUALLY WORK with Ashley Stamatinos 6 to 8 PM, $30. Learn the formula for creating and implementing affirmations that really work -- it’s not common knowledge! Ashley helps formulate personal affirmations for your specific situations, plus gives handouts of affirmations everyone can use for many life situations. Registration is required, call (312) 786-1882. Equilibrium Energy + Education, 47 W. Polk Street, Chicago, www.equilibrium-e3.com

a drum or if you are an experienced percussionist…..this Drum Circle is for you!! I will prove to you that “EVERYONE IS A DRUMMER!” Bring your own hand drum or use the ones provided. Join me for an exciting hour of TRIBAL DRUMMING FUN! Then stay for an extra 30 minutes to just let loose and jam, dance, release the past week and welcome in the weekend. 6:30 – 8:00 $15 Andre Peraza. Crystal River Gifts 310 N LaFox Street, South Elgin, IL 60177. 224-535-8708. www.CrystalRiverGifts.com

REBOOT EMPOWERMENT: ACTIVATE CHANGE IN THE NEW YEAR - See Thursday, January 15th listing for details.

Saturday, January 31

Saturday-Sunday, January 24 – 25 CERTIFICATION CLASS FOR EFT WITH A GUARANTEE™, 9-5pm, both days, 14 hour Certification workshop. Become an “EFT With A Guarantee™” Practitioner. Learn basic EFT plus how to guarantee success in every EFT session for yourself and your clients. For beginners and experienced EFT Practitioners. Certificate of Completion. 2 reports of successful sessions required for Certificate of Certification., $225/$195 advance registration, $75 repeat of “EFT With A Guarantee” certification class. Discounts for prior attendance at Tom’s 6 hour workshops. Soderworld Wellness, Willowbrook, Illinois. 17CE’s available Sunday, January 25 GERI HEARNE - Chicago TV news producer, shares how Spirit inspired her Today’s Top Story, a book about loving yourself and others with practical exercises to accomplish both. Workshop includes autographed book and Spirit messages. 1pm www.SoulProprietor25.com 708-277-4958 Thursday, January 29 2015 YEAR OF THE SHEEP - 6:30 to 7:30 PM, $18. Feng Shui consultant Laurie Pawli help you welcome of the Gods of Wealth into your home for 2015, give tips on relationships, creativity and moving forward for a fulfilling year ahead. Registration is required, call (312) 786-1882. Equilibrium Energy + Education, 47 W. Polk Street, Chicago, www.equilibrium-e3.com.

CERTIFICATION CLASS FOR EFT WITH A GUARANTEE™ 9-5pm both days, Marian Center, 3195 S. Superior St (Lake Drive). Milwaukee, WI. Saturday, January 31 -Sunday, February 1 GRAND OPENING WEEKEND AT CRYSTAL EARTH ROCK SHOP! 1125J S. Main St., Lombard, IL. 60148. Join us on Saturday, January 31st and Sunday February 1st from 11am - 5pm at our new store. Raffles, Readings, and so much more fun for everyone! Check out our Facebook Event Page for more details on the festivities. Saturday, February 14 CERTIFICATION CLASS FOR EFT WITH A GUARANTEE™ 9-5pm both days, Marian Center, 3195 S. Superior St (Lake Drive). Milwaukee, WI. ONGOING INTERNET RESOURCES CONSCIOUSCOMMUNITYMAGAZINE.COM Conscious Community online includes our print edition plus links to past issues, calendar, special event announcements and much more!

A JOURNEY WITHIN – In this meditation you will be guided into a very relaxed state to quiet the mind, and go within. There you will learn a great many wonderful things about yourself, meet the one that is always with you, watching out for you and guiding you on your life’s journey. 6:30 – 7:30 $10 Darla Tegtmeier. Crystal River Gifts 310 N LaFox Street, South Elgin, IL 60177. 224-535-8708. www.CrystalRiverGifts.com GUIDED MEDITATION WITH WALTER PERSCHKE Thursday, January 8, 15, 22, 29 7-8pm. (See Thursday, January 8th listing for details.) Friday, January 30 DRUM CIRCLE – This is a great way to release energy, find your inner child, and meet new friends! If you’ve never touched Conscious Community - www.ConsciousCommunityMagazine.com 31

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CRYSTAL RIVER GIFTS offers an ILLUMINATIONS ON YOUR PATH eclectic assortment of books, meditation THROUGH SHERYL RAK - sharing CD’s, essential oils, jewelry, crystals and information, suggestions, and answers to much more. The services that we provide your questions and concerns through Spirit include astrology sessions, tarot readings, and the Akashic Records. By phone, skype, psychic readings, pet readings, Reiki, and or in person Chicago: 773-283-8349, $60 reflexology. Address: 310 N. La Fox Street, South Elgin, IL 60177. 224-535-8708. PayPal or Cash. www.SherylRak.com. www.crystalrivergifts.com. ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR ENLIGHTENED BALANCE is a HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH YOUR destination location featuring jewelry, eclectic gifts, natural products, ANIMAL!
Through me your animal metaphysical items and local artist’s will answer
all you questions regards creations. We offer Psychic Intuitive to health,
behavior, attitudes and more! Readings daily. Learn more at Psychic readings for people too! EnlightenedBalance.com or visit us at 30 773-499-4909 • ChristineGoldman.com. North Williams Street in the Brink Street Market in Historic Downtown Crystal AROMATHERAPY Lake. 815-307-1180. THE SCENTUARY - Inspiring health, THE EDGAR CAYCE HOLISTIC wellness, happiness, freedom, and perfect CENTER AND BOOKSTORE. At Unity self-expression through the healing art of Northwest Church, 259 E. Central Rd., aromatherapy. Custom fragrances; natural Des Plaines, 60016. 847-299-6535. products. www.thescentuary.com AREChicagoCenter@gmail.com , Call 773-643-1425. www.AREheartland.com. BOOKS & METAPHYSICAL STORES STYX AND STONZ, 1758 W. Algonquin CRYSTAL EARTH ROCK SHOP 1125J S. Rd. Hoffman Estates, IL 60195. 847-358-9975. www.styxstonz.com. Main St., Lombard, IL. 60148. 630-588-4009. CrystalEarth-Wheaton.com.

CLASSES & WORKSHOPS CRYSTAL RIVER GIFTS offers an eclectic assortment of books, meditation CD’s, essential oils, jewelry, crystals and much more. The services that we provide include astrology sessions, tarot readings, psychic readings, pet readings, Reiki, and reflexology. Address: 310 N. La Fox Street, South Elgin, IL 60177. 224-535-8708. www.crystalrivergifts.com. THE SPIRITUAL LEARNING CENTER (SLC) is here to offer you the opportunity to study with like-minded people in emotionally safe environments. SLC strives to provide learning opportunities based on expansive concepts that challenge and amplify mainstream knowledge and experience. We offer the chance to learn about things that you may have always been curious about, but haven’t known where to go for answers. To check our classes, please go to our website at www.SpiritualLearningCenter.com or call 312-786-0077. 47 W. Polk Street, Suite 153, Chicago, IL 60605.

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” Jonathan Swift


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GREGORY PAXSON: Past Life Regression since 1977. Quickly achieve freedom from a myriad of issues and situations. Gain real spiritual growth. See your life with new eyes. See me on YouTube. Information or appointment: 773-262-1168.

NAN ACTIPES, Certified Master Practitioner of Yuen Method, Balances Body, Mind and Spirit on 6 levels. For Information Call: 312-802-6244.

SUSAN WISEHART, LMFT, 25 years licensed therapist. Past/Between Lives regressions. Trained by Brian Weiss and Michael Newton. Des Plaines/Mundelein. 847-438-7878. www.susanwisehart.com. COUNSELING JOEL GRONER PSY.D. - 25 years Licensed Psychologist Emotional Healing sessions trained by Thomas Gates. Free 20 minutes Emotional Healing phone introduction. Deep relaxation, peace, stillness, and joy! Insurance accepted. Locations: Arlington Heights-Northbrook. 847-604-4069. www.drjoelgroner.com.

RECONNECTIVE HEALING – a life-changing experience! Go beyond traditional energy healing and experience the benefits of these evolutionary frequencies for yourself. Mimi Broihier, certified practitioner. 224-388-4494 or 224-484-8808. Travel to you or northwest suburbs studio.

HEALTH SERVICES: ALTERNATIVE HEALING & WELLNESS ALEX PUENTES: RADIONIC BALANCING Balance your body and mental health; balance your subtle bodies, house, business, environment and pets with Bio-Resonance therapy (MARSIII) and Geopathic Stress techniques. Call 708-704-3088 or e-mail: holnjgsdls@ gmail.com.

DR. THERESA R. PETER, D.C., M.S., REIKI MASTER, AND CERTIFIED ACUPUNCTURIST is dedicated to finding FAIRS & EXPOS a holistic, comprehensive solution to your unique needs by way of Clinically CONSCIOUS CONNECTION Designed Nutrition, Muscle-Testing, CONFERENCE is on Saturday, May 9th Chiropractic, and Acupuncture. Also a 2015! More information you can get on the provider of Lipo-Laser and Zaaz Whole website ConsciousCommunityMagazine.com Vibration Machine. by phone 847-966-1110. Save the date! Visit www.healthupwellness.com or call 773-481-3950. THE WORLD OF FAERIES11TH FESTIVAL is now taking early bird HOLISTIC HEALING SERVICES applications to be a vendor at the festival Providing massage therapy, healing, ionic August 1st and 2nd, 2015. detox ($19/hr), Weight-loss, and Body Call 815-788-1630 if interested. Balancing. Insurance Accepted! http:// www.h2oholistic.com/. Call 773-664-8683.

WELL-BEING AND EDUCATION PSYCHIC READINGS will involve current situation, career, relationship, etc as RUAH CENTER offers a wide variety of classes and choices in healing well as communicate with those that have crossed over. www.marktroymedium.com. modalities and spiritualities in pursuit of optimal health, peace and joy. Refer to our website (www.ruahcenter.com) MEDICAL INTUITIVE for our many offerings. Located in the ANGEL MESSAGES - 815-315-0025. Love heart of Naperville, 1110 N. Washington, Naperville, IL 60563. Contact Jo Anderson SOUTHSIDE-CHICAGO: Peggy Ford Offering. “Your intuition is heightened, at 630-640-6972. (708)776-3139 - 12757 S Western Ave the moment you call in!” Private Sessions Suite 224. Opened Saturdays 10am to 2pm, with Cellular Memory Release available Tuesdays 10am to 1pm, Third Sunday via Skype (IntuitiveStrategist). Share your HELP WANTED – of month 11am to 1pm. [Para Español – love, encouragement and insight with us at VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! (773)505-4335-Ramon]. www.Facebook.com/BusySpiritualSeekers. ARE YOU A MOVER AND A SHAKER? Are you an organized self-starter? Do HYPNOSIS PAST LIFE HEALING you have a desire to help out, but you are not sure where your skills will be best ADVANCED HYPNOTISM by awardBARRET HEDEEN - YOU ARE THE winning, Board Certified Diplomate of the MASTER OF YOUR OWN DESTINY but suited? The Conscious Community family is looking for assistance in the following National Guild of Hypnotists. Specializing your past-lives can keep you from seeing areas: Administration, Social Media, Event in difficult cases, including supportive all possibilities. Free 10-minute phone Scheduling, Event Sponsorship, National medical hypnosis. Get our Free Report to reading for you! Are you ready for a soul Calendar Coordinator, IT Expertise, learn more. www.CSGiles.org or call healing? Call 847-951-6328. Conference Coordinator, or Copy editor. (630) 668-1141. www.BarretHedeen.com. Whether you can give 1 hour a month or 10 hours a month, we would love to have INTERNET RESOURCES SCHOOLS & LEARNING CENTERS you join our team. Please contact Kasia at Kasia@ConsciousCommunityMagazine. CONSCIOUS COMMUNITY THE SPIRITUAL LEARNING com or call us at 847-966-1110. ADVERTISERS: Tap into an open and CENTER (SLC) is here to offer you the aware community by advertising your opportunity to study with like-minded message in the Conscious Community people in emotionally safe environments. SLC strives to provide learning Magazine! Calendar and Lightworkers opportunities based on expansive Directory listings are due by the concepts that challenge and 10th of every month. Call Conscious amplify mainstream knowledge and Community at 847-966-1110 or see experience. We offer the chance ConsciousCommunityMagazine.com for to learn about things that you may advertising information. have always been curious about, Are you a mover and a shaker? Are you an organized CONSCIOUSCOMMUNITYMAGAZINE.COM but haven’t known where to go self-starter? Do you have a desire to help out, but you Conscious Community online includes our for answers. To check our classes, are not sure where your skills will be best suited? print edition plus links to past issues. please go to our website at www. The Conscious Community family is looking SpiritualLearningCenter.com or call for assistance in the following areas: INTUITIVE ARTS: 312-786-0077. 47 W. Polk Street, MEDIUMS Suite 153, Chicago, IL 60605. • ADMINISTRATION J O H R E I – EXPECT A MIRACLE! Relieve Stress – Improve Health – Enjoy Well Being! A Holistic therapy to balance mind, body & spirit. Physical, emotional & spiritual health can then improve. JOHREI is FREE, love donations deeply appreciated. NORTHSIDE-CHICAGO by appt: contact Joe Jarnol (773)465-9014

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BRITISH-TRAINED SPIRITUALIST MEDIUM wishes to spread joy, peace and love for the New Year. FREE readings. Call Andrea at 312-328-6655. PSYCHICS PSYCHIC / MEDIUM - Available for in-person / phone readings, group events / parties, corporate readings / events. BS in Psychology. To set up an appointment please go to: www.foryourhighergood.com or call: ANITA @ 312-420-8969. 34 Conscious Community - January 2015

VIDEO PRODUCTIONS PRANAYAMA PRODUCTIONS is a fun and professional conscious video production company. We specialize in creating video content for products & services that aid in the growth of humanity. Video is key in today’s world, and the world needs to know about you. Visit us @ www. PranayamaProductions.com or 872484-4561. Together We Are Stronger!


Whether you can give 1 hour a month or 10 hours a month, we would love to have you join our team. Please contact Kasia at: Kasia@ConsciousCommunityMagazine.com or call us at 847-966-1110

A New Way of Seeing by Romina Vintila As much as the New Year means to all of us, there is a lot of resolution-setting out there. Setting new goals; changing your habits; it all focuses on something new that we must put on our to-do list. However, to me, the New Year is a brand new beginning, maybe a conclusion to what we’ve been working on. As are all conclusions, they are also new beginnings, inevitably. It can be about goal-setting, yet how many times have resolutions truly worked? So why do we keep setting them? This New Year, I think focusing on reflection instead may be a great starting point. Many times we don’t realize that these goals are not necessarily our own. Are we doing that to please our parents, friends, society? Do we want that bigger house because we truly need it, or is it to project an image of ourselves out into the world that just pleases our ego? The year that is coming to an end can be an entire chapter filled with lessons and memories that we still have to sift through, organize, and archive, and integrate into our being. The new goals cannot really come into play until we’ve worked on what we’ve encountered so far. We have to digest what we’ve consumed so far. As the planetary dance continues, on a higher level, the New Year concludes another revolution around our Sun, yet no matter where we are in the Universe, it all goes on endlessly, cyclically, we are never at a true conclusion, we are constantly at beginnings and ends at the same time. The stellar observation is an ancient wisdom modern man has lost touch with. We are now exposed and bombarded with other activities, many trivial, in a modern, computerized world. As we sit amidst this winter, we should sit back for a few moments, and truly contemplate the present, soak it in…let it be. Let it become a powerful moment for who we are now, and may we also bask in self-acceptance. Without it, we are constantly struggling and resisting where we are, and especially who we are becoming. This fighting ends up working against us, as it puts more stress on our development, and doesn’t allow it. Setting goals can sometimes wait. Take a step back, and breathe in. There is no other true gift than the Now moment, and it is refreshing. I would recommend Eckhart Tolle’s book, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose, for many incredible insights on this powerful moment, on how to draw in the energy of the Universe, and truly start changing your inner world. The outer has no other choice but to follow, even though it may take time. Just as we plant seeds, and water and tend to them, so are every one of our dreams and wishes. Too many times, we seek instant gratification, and become upset when we do not get what we want, or the way we want it to happen. It takes time for the plant to flower, and we cannot always control how it will look. If we give up before it does, we may inadvertently kill it without even wanting to. It’s self-sabotage, and trusting in creation is

what we need in this recipe. Without the work behind it though, we may just be waiting. Action takes us there, and once we act, we can also relax. When it comes to resolutions, I believe the clarity comes from this ability to relax into the lessons that we’ve learned, perhaps the hard way. The music will become clearer when we mute all of our hectic thoughts, worries, and expectations of the world. If we set resolutions that do not come from our spirit, we may be deluding ourselves, and so, how can they become successful resolutions? This year, the horizon is about you, it’s about letting go of the past mistakes, the suffering… extract the positive out of it, use it to grow, and have some fun along the way! It’s only the journey we’ve embarked on, and the weight can become lighter, if we let it. It becomes a bit simpler once we allow this truth to permeate through us. We will radiate this knowledge to others, and become a living example. Have we been afraid to be who we really are? Are we compromising ourselves too much when it comes to everyone else, the world? Are we too afraid to say no sometimes? These are all questions we can all relate to, especially if you know the answer deep inside. Once you feel the greatness of your own Being, you’ll let your fears melt eventually, and they won’t have much power over you. It’s a choice we have to constantly make, and its achievement is perhaps one of the greatest feats of spiritual evolution.

“Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark.” ~ Rabindranath Tagore Romina Vintila is a Chicagoland writer, activist, and spiritual mentor. For over a decade, she’s been studying metaphysics, esoteric philosophy and has been published in OM Times. She’s been writing for Conscious Community and other spiritual publications for the past few years. She loves fairytales, astrology and crystal healing. You can find her blog at www.treesylph.blogspot.com

“Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Conscious Community - www.ConsciousCommunityMagazine.com 35

CyberWeave: Spirituality and the Internet by Mary Montgomery

It’s THAT Time Again: Tips for Setting Goals for 2015—And Keeping Them Well, it’s January 2015, and more than two years have passed since the big “End of the Mayan Calendar” date of December 21, 2012. The same big question remains: Have you seen a difference in yourself, or in the world since that big X on the calendar date? Do you remember all the hype and scrutiny leading up to the end of 2012? We were all going to perish in a calamity, or ascend to an elevated and better plane of existence. Have you ascended yet? If you have, you probably aren’t reading my column. If you are reading this, you are probably like me: Still here. Still wondering. Are we at least in the process of ascending, of transcending, of transforming? When I wrote my January column for 2014, I said I was beginning to suspect that this ascending, transcending, transforming is not as much about some grand cosmological convergence, but our own efforts, individually and collectively. This year, my suspicion has started to turn into conviction. That’s why I think that exploring how those traditional New Year’s Resolutions can help us in our efforts is important. Making New Year’s Resolutions is not a modern invention. Resolutions have been essential to ringing in the New Year since 2000 B.C., when Babylonians held semi-annual festivals around the spring and autumn equinoxes. Back then, people marked the beginning of a New Year by paying off debts, and returning borrowed goods. Modern-day resolutions usually involve breaking negative patterns, and setting positive goals. We often view these resolutions with a tongue-in-cheek attitude, with the idea that “no one keeps these things anyway.” This attitude is supported by research from the University of Minnesota that indicates that 80 percent of adult Americans give up on their resolutions after two months. Yet, what if we use this time period for making resolutions that can truly and positively impact our lives? Making quality New Year’s resolutions should be viewed as prime-time training for the goal setting and keeping that we should be doing throughout the year, and throughout our lives. It should also be a time for thinking about how our personal transformations can contribute to transforming the bigger (beyond ourselves) picture.

36 Conscious Community - January 2015

Just as a journey of 1,000 miles starts with one small step, most times being part of the bigger picture means taking small steps within our own lives. We ourselves, and society, benefit when we pay attention to the little things—the small steps that can be the seeds of big transformations in us and in society. To help with that effort, I have explored a few websites that can help us with our personal and society-wide resolutions. Before I get to that list, let me share a method that I have been using to help me with my goals and transformation. It’s called Higher Brain Living, and I was first introduced to it through a workshop at the Conscious Community Conference last May. That workshop, “A New Brain. A New Beginning,” presented by Tracy Brinkman, DN, sparked my interest and two of my friends. We watched as a client, George, lied on a massage table, and had his energy shifted with some very gentle touches. His breath deepened. His body began to spontaneously and involuntarily move. We all signed up for the conference two-session special. After the introductory sessions, two of us signed up for the 22week program. I’m mentioning Higher Brain Living (HBL) in this New Year’s Resolution column because the Higher Brain system is not only about shifting and emerging, and developing your vision, goals, and actions. HBL, therefore, not only helps you make those resolutions, and also helps you follow through on them. You do this by completing what they call 4D Scans of your mind, body, relationships, and environment. You reflect on each of these areas as they are now, and as you’d like them to be, and then create something called ReSOULutions, followed by a Call to Action. Your 4D Scans are reinforced during your daily Higher Brain home exercises, and your ReSOULutions are further reinforced during your weekly HBL energy sessions. I’m almost through with my 22-week program, and plan to continue with maintenance sessions. I am finding HBL a valuable addition to my other spiritual and transformational techniques. If you are in Chicago, and are interested in checking this out, you can attend one of Dr. Tracy’s Thursday demonstration sessions, which are held at her office in the historic Fine Arts Building (Click on the “events” link at awakenhigherbrainliving.com/illinois/chicago/ grant-park/home/). If you are not in Chicago, you can find out more about Higher Brain Living and the location of a HBL center near you at higherbrainliving.com.

Other websites that can help you follow through on your New Year’s Resolution include: Miracle Distribution Center (miraclecenter.org): The Miracle Distribution Center is a nonprofit organization founded in 1978 to serve as a worldwide contact center for students of A Course in Miracles. They publish The Holy Encounter magazine, and offer many other free services, to help the students connect with others and integrate the Course’s principles into their daily lives. Visitors are invited to browse through the Online bookstore, receive recordings of weekly meetings, search a database for A Course in Miracles study groups, subscribe to or download PDF versions of The Holy Encounter, listen to Miracle Moment podcasts, or access mp3 downloads. The mp3 downloads are available for reasonable costs. Downloads include titles such as “You are Entitled to Miracles,” “The Holy Instant,” and “The Ark of Peace.” Books include A Mini Course for Life, by Jerry Jampolsky and Diane Cirincione, and An Introduction to A Course in Miracles. One unique aspect of this site is the “Create and Send an E-Card” which can be accessed under the Services tab. These beautiful e-cards each contain A Course in Miracles messages including: “The truth in you remains as radiant as a star, as pure as light, as innocent as love itself,” and “When you want only love, you will see nothing else.” What does this have to do with making those New Year’s Resolutions? Hey, if you’re on the road to transformation, sending one of these e-cards is a great way to share the journey! Marianne Williamson (marianne.iamplify.com): One of the key features of this site is something called the Miracle Matrix. Williamson has given thousands of lectures based on spiritual principles, primarily from A Course in Miracles. Now, through the Miracle Matrix, you can download onto your iPod or MP3 player one of those lectures each week. Additionally, you can watch videos, attend live teleclasses with Williamson, have access to the Matrix message boards, and receive any additional materials that she sends out. Through this process, you are joined with hundreds of others literally all over the world - from North America to South Africa, from Europe to Australia. The idea is that together, we can form a field of light: people joined in the simple intention that our lives might be a force of good and a blessing on those around us. We know that through our joining this way, learning together and praying together, we hold a space for the miraculous unfolding of peace on earth. NOTE: Whether you join the Matrix or not, Williamson invites you to stop each day at 10 a.m. your time (and if you miss that moment, just do it whenever!), and pray for peace on earth and happiness for all. You can also try a free sample download. MyMotivator (mymotivator.com): This website uses online web-based goal-setting software, audio goal-setting lessons, and a personal success journal to help get you going where you want to go. MyMotivator.com claims that it is “the web’s #1 way to create and achieve your goals & Resolutions.” Their motivational & self-improvement tape library contains a list of reasonably priced items, and 29 free titles including “30 Minutes to Success,” and “7 Character Traits of Successful People.” The closest the site comes to spiritual goal-setting/keeping is in its

“State of Mind” section. (Editor’s Note: the list of titles and categories wasn’t working on my laptop when I tried to access them, last year and now.) My suggestion is explore the site to discover how it can work for you. Here’s a testimonial from the My Motivator website: Linda Culm, London, UK, writes: “I have succeeded in working on, and passing an online teaching course with the help of MyMotivator. I had started it about 8 months ago and got stuck because I procrastinated. Usual story: the longer I left it, the harder it was to get back into it. By setting myself regular targets on MyMotivator, I have been able to cut the rest of the course down into manageable chunks, and have completed all sections and assignments on time. I am so pleased with myself. Many, many thanks!” Start a Resolution (startaresolution.com): This site offers an interesting solution to staying focused on a New Year’s Resolution. When you visit the site, you are asked to type in your New Year’s Resolution. Then you are assigned a coach, who is the last person who typed in their goal. This person coaches you. And YOU get to be the coach of the next person who types in THEIR resolution. I haven’t tried this one, yet it does sound interesting. If you try it, let me know how this works for you. Stickk (stickk.com): Stickk was founded by economists, and is based on years of economic and behavioral research that shows that people who put stakes; either their money or their reputation, on the table are far more likely to actually achieve a goal they set for themselves. Therefore, Stickk is designed to promote a healthier lifestyle for you by allowing you to create “Commitment Contracts” that include an optional stake, usually monetary. For example, you can lay $50 on the line, and keep it if you succeed. If you fail, the funds automatically go to a friend, a charity, or even an “anti-charity,” an organization whose mission you don’t support. Stickk’s system employs multiple strategies including enlisting social support, accountability, and that carrot/ stick stakes approach. How do you know if you have succeeded or failed? You can either pick a referee who confirms your success or failure, or go it alone! My Advice: Let’s keep our eyes on the prize of ascending, transcending, and transforming, and never give up. We owe it to ourselves, our family, our friends, and all that is throughout the world and beyond. By making worthwhile resolutions and sticking to them, we not only improve ourselves, and also become the angels and agents of change that our world needs. Mary Montgomery’s company, Montgomery Media Enterprises, specializes in public relations, writing projects and web authoring, development and publicity, especially in the non-profit sector. Ms. Montgomery has a Master’s Degree in religious studies from Chicago Theological Seminary (CTS), and is working on a Ph.D. with a focus on the scholarship of Unlimited Love and the Other Regarding Virtues. She is the Assistant to the Director for CTS’s newly established Institute for Spirituality and Wellness (ISW). Contact her via email at monty764@sbcglobal.net. Conscious Community - www.ConsciousCommunityMagazine.com 37

In Print

by Kayla Hancock

Hope After Suicide: One Woman’s Journey from Darkness to Light by Wendy Parmley ( Cedar Fort, Inc., $14.99, Paperback) Suicide is no stranger to Wendy Parmley. This book tells her story of struggle and triumph in overcoming her dark moments years after her mother’s suicide. Wendy uses her personal experiences to show how we can open up our hearts by uncovering and releasing our deepest pains to create space for divine light to dwell. Integrate the Shadow, Master Your Path by Matthew B. James (BalboaPress, $11.99, Paperback) Inside each of us lies the tools that we need to succeed. “You just need to learn how to use them,” says Dr. Matthew B. James. In this book, Dr. James helps show us how to become more authentic beings and inspires us to fulfill our dreams. He incorporates modern psychology with aspects of Huna, the indigenous spiritual path of the Hawaiian Islands, to show us how to remove blocks that keep us from achieving our life goals. Powered by Purpose: Identify Your Values, Discover Your Purpose, and Build Success for Life! by Scott Deming (Greenleaf Book Group Press, $17.95, Paperback) This book inspires us to find and reclaim our values and use them to make our businesses thrive. Author Scott Deming explains how, without values and purpose, the power that businesses have to create change can actually become destructive. Case studies are included that exemplify just how important it is for businesses to focus on purpose and creating sustainable intrigue and why profit is not the only way to measure success. Wake Up- God’s Talking to You by Manny Dean Fernandez (WestBowPress,$13.95, Paperback) This guidebook teaches us how to remember 38 Conscious Community - January 2015

our dreams and how to understand the divine messages that are sent to us within them. In his quest to help us become closer to God through dreamwork, Manny Fernandez includes excerpts of his own dream diary and examines how our creator can connect with us through parables, scripture, and other symbols within our dreams. The Relationship Handbook: A Path to Consciousness, Healing, and Growth by Shakti Gawain (New World Library, $12.83 from Amazon, Paperback) The Relationship Handbook presents a new perspective of relationships that changes the focus from relationships themselves to what we can learn about ourselves from them. According to Shakti Gawain, approaching our relationships from this angle can help us become more integrated beings and heighten our awareness. Step by step instructions are given to help readers find healing, balance, and life lessons within their relationships-which also happen to be our best teachers. Opening the Aloha Mind: Healing Self, Healing the World with Ho’oponopono by Jim Nourse, PhD (BalboaPress, $13.99, Paperback) This book exemplifies how the old practice of Ho’oponopono can help us heal ourselves and our world. Ho’oponopono (to make right) offers an alternative way to view the world that is very empowering. Dr. Nourse shares with us his understanding of this philosophy to remind us that this ancient wisdom can still help us with the problems we face today. The Prayer Project by Paramahansa Jagadish (Golden Avatar Press, $7.52 on Amazon, Paperback) In attempts to cure the current unrest in today’s world, Paramahansa Jagadish suggests that we all assume the simple task of praying for a total of 9 minutes each day: 3 times a day, for 3 minutes each. This book includes a variety of prayers from different cultures and belief systems to help us regain peace and harmony in the often restless planet we live in today.

Your Hiddene Riches: Unleashing the Power of Ritual to Create a Life of Meaning and Purpose by Janet Bray Attwood, Chris Attwood, and Sylva Dvorak, Ph.D (Harmony, $25.00, Hardcover) Each of us holds powerful, special gifts inside of us that make us unique. From relationships and wealth to diet and beauty, rituals can help us focus on our goals and key in to what’s truly meaningful for us. This book helps show you how to utilize ritual to uncover these unique qualities and then use them to create a life of passion, meaning, and truth.

It is clear that our patriarchal society is no longer fitting for Mother Earth or its inhabitants who seek a more just and compassionate world. This book includes conversations from the radio show Voices of the Sacred Feminine that focus on the dream of a world aligned with sacred feminine theology. Read solutions from scholars, visionaries, activists, and more about how we can work towards a future of true freedom.

This book will teach you how to alter your approach to life so that you can transform the focus of your energy to get more of what you want done. Marney Makridakis separates the techniques into three steps: hop, which is focused on exploring new beliefs; skip, which is when we harness our love and wonder; and jump, which is what spurs us to action. By transforming work into play, you will be happy to set goals and have fun accomplishing them for the rest of your life. The Ayahuasca Test Pilots Handbook: The ESsential Guide to Ayahuasca Journeying by Chris Kilham (Evolver Editions, $16.95, Paperback) This guide is meant to help anyone interested in Ayahuasca to become informed about the plant medicine. Chris Kilham offers advice such as who to use the healing Ayahuasca with, where to go, and what you can expect.

This book emphasizes the importance of humility in today’s society and how it can allow us to develop a closer relationship with the universe. Jason Gregory uses notions from various religions such us Hinduism, Buddhism, and Hermeticism and even quantum physics to explain the science of humility. Rescue Your Soul by Sandra T. Daliege (STherese Publishing, $19.95, Paperback)

Voices of the Sacred Feminine: Conversations to Re-Shape Our World by Karen Tate (Changemakers Books, $24.95, Paperback)

Hop, Skip, Jump: 75 Ways to Playfully Manifest a Meaningful Life by Marney K. Makridakis (New World Library, $13.56 on Amazon, Paperback)

The Science and Practice of Humility: The Path to Ultimate Freedom by Jason Gregory (Inner Traditions, $16.95, Paperback)

Wake up and take control of your life by finding out who you truly are. This book reveals how let go of what is no longer serving you and how to use the energy of your soul to create a fulfilling life , improve your health, increase consciousness, and fill your life with purposefullness, peace, and happiness. How Oneness Change Everything: Empowering Business Through 9 Universal Laws by Ratanjit Sondhe (Balboa Press,$18.95, Paperback) This is a true story of how oneness thinking can positively affect business. The idea that everyone is connected in the universe at some level fueled the change Ratanjit Sondhe’s company needed to avoid bankruptcy. He offers proven strategies that teach us how to use the Universal Truths to accomplish success and sustainability. Rebel Angels in Exile: Pleidians, Watchers, and the Spiritual Quickening of Humanity by Timothy Wyllie (Bear & Company, $20.00, Papaerback) There are 100 million rebel angels living human lives among us, claims author Timothy Willie. In his book, he tells the story of the angelic rebellion 203,000 years ago and how the current consciousness of Earth came to be. He focuses on the 38,000 years after the rebellion and tells how Earth is a gift to those fallen angels to live as humans so that they can redeem their pasts and prepare for Earth’s welcome back into the multiverse.

Kayla Hanconk is 21 years old and taking a break from studying Psychology at UIC. She loves helping people and is very interested in astrology, meditation, and dreamwork.

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January 2015 Overview A New Year’s Eve party of planets gathered to ring in 2015 in earthy Capricorn style. In addition to the usual Capricorn Sun, three planets greet us at the threshold to inaugurate a new annual cycle that continues the agenda for major systemic change. Dark, remote Pluto, in its 15-year Capricorn cycle, has been a behindthe-scenes transformative influence for a number of new years, along with Change Agent, Uranus. These two planets have been in a dynamic activation relationship, with obvious outcomes on the global stage. Let’s take it personally and make meaningful New Year’s resolutions to change our lives for the better. With Saturn now in Sagittarius, we are beginning a new two and a half year cycle. Where do you want to be in your life by the end of that time? A strong social Aquarian overtone is provided by Mars, Venus and Mercury most of the month, with some dreamy Pisces provided by both Mars and Venus by the end of the month. Mercury goes retrograde on the 21st, staying in Aquarius into March. Is 2015 the “dawning of the Age of Aquarius”? Let’s walk the talk to promote global peace and harmony.

Thursday, January 1

New Year’s Day begins with the Moon in solid, securityoriented Taurus, emphasizes practical matters, with a caution to take things slowly but not to dig our heels in too stubbornly. A morning Void of Course Moon, 6:19am to 11:09am, suggests taking stock of the good things in our lives, forming firm New Year’s resolutions, and emotionally preparing to experience a really good year. Gratitude opens our hearts to creative impulses that bring opportunities. Self-sufficiency and self-reliance are called for as we come together with friends, colleagues and neighbors to accomplish what needs to be done—and enjoy doing it. What’s the modern equivalent of old-fashioned barn raisings or quilting bees? We can be creatively productive if we are not resistant to entertaining new ideas and giving them a go (as in “Give Peace a Chance”). A Moon change into Gemini in the late morning restarts the day, with telephones and internet buzzing with invitations, and a likely push out the door. Allow whimsy to choreograph the day. Most of all, have some fun— the best start to 2015, which promises to be a productive year.

42 Conscious Community - January 2015

by Kelley Hunter

Friday, January 2

Yesterday’s buzz is still on, with special moments of serendipity. There may be a lot to juggle, even while practicing your capacity to focus on one goal at a time. We’ll all get better at this as the year goes on and priorities become clearer. Maintain a healthy level of interest and excitement. Everybody needs to be in the loop.

Saturday, January 3

A slow day sounds good. A Void of Course Moon offers an open agenda from 5:55 am well into evening. We don’t feel like taking anything too seriously. Many of us are still lingering in vacation mode. It’s a good day to catch up with people, especially once social planet Venus changes into friendly Aquarius around 9am coffee time. The Moon enters cozy Cancer at 7:08pm, bringing friends, food and family together. There may be some underlying tension, if someone feels excluded or needs to cut the cord with old patterns. Some of us are straining for change and transformation, in the face of opposition or fears. Not to mention whatever is going on nationally and globally. Is it all going to work out all right? Put anxieties in their proper place, which is not your nervous system. Welcome new developments. Change is inevitable and leads to growth.

Sunday, January 4 FULL MOON, 10:53pm CST, 14 Capricorn-CANCER 31

This first Full Moon of the year plugs into the ongoing PlutoUranus deconstruction agenda. Outmoded, dysfunctional systems are to be reconstructed or replaced in the end, but the process can be chaotic. The Moon reflects an underlying urgency for growth-oriented projects. We get a pretty stark idea of the 2015 transformational playing ground this weekend. Let’s roll up our sleeves and contribute our bit. Our collective need for change is highlighted, and we each feel out how we are experiencing that personally. It’s time to circle the wagons and join together to promote long-term solutions. New initiatives are clearly called for. Big issues are at stake, but you can go for it at the down home and personal level, the first step. Like they say on plane flights: put your own oxygen mask on first. If you don’t take care of yourself, how can you take care of others? And remember this maxim: “think globally, act locally,” sage advice that has special merit in these times. This late night Full Moon ushers in an extra-

long Void of Course spacetime wormhole that lasts through the next two nights. We have before us plenty of moonlit hours to consider and reflect.

Wednesday, January 7

This can be a fun day, if are willing to welcome an element of surprise and be a bit impulsive. Energies run high and fiery, so fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) need to be careful about overwhelming the more sensitive types, particularly water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), who sometimes need to remember not to take things too personally. Add some spice and spontaneity to the day. Change things up for extra fun and humor. Making people laugh is a great gift. Grab the golden ring that comes at the 11th hour tonight.

Monday, January 5

The lingering Void of Course Moon colors Monday, likely to slow down the back-to-work efficiency. If there is any way you can take off, do so. Or use the day to make personal contact and catch up with colleagues, reweaving the group web for mutual support. Wherever you are, take it slow and easy. Continue to open to as yet unseen possibilities—just what we all need. Invite the best to happen and shore up your faith that “everything’s gonna be all right.” Alert: Mercury starts into its retrograde “shadow,” the point to which it will return in mid-February. Issues that we will contend with in the upcoming Mercury retrograde cycle are likely to show up now.

Tuesday, January 6

Thursday, January 8

The Moon finally changes sign in dawn’s twilight, at 5:03am. A Leo Moon adds fun and fire, motivation and confidence to the day. Now we’re on board to get going, ready to put on our faces (or masks) and walk out on to the stage of life. Let’s live life to the best of our ability and shine love all around. Though some people get on our nerves, especially late morning to early afternoon, try to remember how stressed out most of us tend to feel these days and give them some leeway. Tiresome people may respond to positive energy, improving interactions. See how that works. Teamwork is key to get the job done. We each have a role to play. Give your best, and know that it is enough.

The day starts off on a positive note, but let’s not overdo it by throwing any dramatic hissy fits. Some people may be prone to play that game. By late morning, action may be needed to avert tension, or to focus the group energy into a creative, productive process. Everyone needs to have a voice and a vote, not just the loud ones. The afternoon VOC (Void of Course) Moon can either send us to our own corners to blow off steam, percolate the creative juices, or call for a workout at the gym. The Moon moves into health-oriented Virgo at 4:58pm. Things start fitting together into the evening. Some of us may feel like working late or doing homework, without distractions from others. Cleaning the house or office is another apt choice, to get things de-cluttered and organized. At some point enough is enough. Dreamtime calls.

Spiritual Learning Center January 2015 Schedule

Guided Meditation with Walter Perschke Thursday, January 8, 15, 22, 29 7-8pm • Suggested Love Offering $5

“Now is the time to build bridges. Because when the flood comes, and it will come, you need to be ready. It will be too late to prepare.” Walter Perschke Be a learner to prepare for the changes our world is experiencing now and the changes to come. Learn how to center yourself and enter the inward journey we are all on. Join the peaceful future rather than the chaotic present. The answers are there for us to find. Let us help you to find them. Location: Burr Ridge details available when registering 312-786-0077. FREE PARKING

SpiritualLearningCenter.com 312-786-0077 Email: SpiritualLearningCenter@gmail.com Conscious Community - www.ConsciousCommunityMagazine.com 43

Friday, January 9

Dreams linger into early morning. Shake off the sleepy cobwebs with a get-up-and-go dose of efficiency, or caffeine. When we’re on our game today, things easily line up. If the dots are not connecting, scrutinize the situation to identify what step is just not fitting in. A view of the bigger picture may help. Step back from the details to remind yourself of the end goal of this project or activity. Invite others in for an objective point of view. Go out for a break or call for an informal meeting to talk things over. It will feel satisfying to end the first full working week of 2015 on a friendly and productive note. Let’s each contribute.

Tuesday, January 13

Saturday, January 10

Another Void of Course Moon starts at 3:46am, lasting until 5:44pm. There are repercussions of yesterday’s developments that need to be chewed upon and further talked about. Continue to choose your words and listen with attention to others. One of the themes of this month is that everyone has a point of view to take into consideration. So let’s give them that consideration. So often we are hasty to put in our two cents. This is not the time. We need to exercise compassion and kindness in the increasingly sensitive energy flow. That might be the most important thing of all. Some agreeable bright idea may pop up in early afternoon. The Moon enters Scorpio at 5:44pm, to add some spice, depth and passion to our feelings.

Sunday, January 11

Strong feelings and will power rule the day, for better and worse, depending on your state of mind. There is excitement in the air, perhaps from the early morning news. Some key trend is stirring us up. Let’s check the source before we get too involved. It may be a “false flag.” Emotional sensitive is at a high point, which may lead to misunderstandings, especially in the evening. If so, we may need to step back to examine why our buttons are getting pushed and to feel out if we are being too affected by other peoples’ “stuff.” Catch it now before getting too emotional, a tendency that increases in the next week. On the other hand, some relationships are heating up, without a word being spoken.

We may begin the day still be thinking of ongoing projects, or other priorities claim our attention. Dare I suggest cleaning again? Use the common sense of the Virgo Moon to do what most needs to be done. We’re on a roll. The VOC Moon, starting at 9:45am, sustains the productive mood. We’re likely to get into a groove that lasts all day, shifting the energy in a significant way to improve things. A sense of service pervades the day. We may be called to get out into the community, to volunteer or attend special social functions, especially those that help others. Many of us may be helping someone through a critical situation. This is also a great day for healing work.

The Moon enters Libra at 5:57am, drawing our attention to relationships. A lovely sense of harmony and coming together is available, strengthening tonight and into tomorrow. Conversations today can lead to meaningful developments implemented tomorrow and onward. In other words, don’t put off for tomorrow what is best discussed today.

Monday, January 12

This is one of “those” days, on which the Moon channels the overarching Uranus-Pluto Square into our immediate experience, most powerful in the morning. Serious conversations may strike off differences of opinion. The Libra Moon calls for dialogue that seeks the common ground, or an agreement to disagree—for the time being. Today is like a big global seminar or psychic teleconference. Big themes are introduced and expanded upon. At intermission we talk informally with other people. There are breakout groups that address implications and different aspects of the new information. At some point we’ll come back together and see what we all are coming up with. Today’s powerful confluence of planetary interactions is underlined by a sign change of Mars, from objective Aquarius to sensitive Pisces. Many of us feel more sensitive and prickly pear. During today’s conversations, choose your words carefully and don’t make assumptions, which may not be shared. This is especially true in an international group, with different languages. We English speakers are spoiled, and tend to assume that everyone understands us because they learned our language. It is not always so that a specific word or phrase means to another person what we think it means—whether they speak English or not.

44 Conscious Community - January 2015

Wednesday, January 14

Thursday, January 15

This is likely to be another emotionally heightened day, with high drama. What is your role? Are you fueling the fires of contention, or transforming them? Sometimes we do behave badly, and need to forgive ourselves as well as apologize. And what about our leaders? Are they actors strutting their ego stuff or generous human beings coming from the heart? The Scorpio Moon indicates manipulative tendencies as well as immense capacity for renewal and revitalization. A 5:52pm Void of Course Moon leaves us with clear directive to let go of any angst of the day and prepare to move on.

Friday, January 16

The Moon enters optimistic Sagittarius at 2:01am, to meet up with Saturn just hours later at 6:11am. Don’t let Saturn be a spoiler. Go with its program and set goals. Then “get ready,” “get set,” “go!” Channel your energy into an achievable goal. An inspiring sense of direction carries enough enthusiasm to make it through potentially choppy distractions as the morning turns to afternoon. Your head of steam may not last beyond that. The weekend beckons with a TGIF kind of signal. Afternoon meeting at happy hour, anyone?

Saturday, January 17

This morning revives our energy level in a rising tide. Even a Void of Course Moon (1:25pm) doesn’t slow the pace. It’s too much fun, with a great party night ahead. The only downside is over-enthusiasm, which can spoil that party. Expect lots of drama in the sports arena today, with excellent teamwork on supreme display. Let’s take that as a cue in our own joint endeavors today, in any community activities or friendly get-togethers.

Sunday, January 18

The waning Moon heads into serious Capricorn early this morning, 6:04am. Tomorrow will be one of “those” days, when the Moon engages the Pluto-Uranus Square, so let’s get set up and in a good flow. “Good, good, good, good vibrations” go a long way toward aligning ourselves toward the most appropriate next steps. If we look around, we will see many examples of folks pouring forth the “milk of human kindness.” That doesn’t mean they are wimps or martyrs to the cause. True compassion demonstrates great strength, sometimes making saints out of sinners.

AQUARIUS, the WATER CARRIER Monday, January 19

This is one of the most intense days of the month, in the dark of the Moon. The invisible crescent Moon joins invisible, transformational Pluto, before dawn, inaugurating all all-day Void

Conscious Community - www.ConsciousCommunityMagazine.com 45

of Course plunge into the underworld. We may wake up to big news. Whether we are in a Monday grump or excited about potentials for the day depends on how open we are to change and new initiatives. Plans are likely to change. Venus and Jupiter oppose each other in Aquarius/Leo respectively, tending toward extravagance and emotional drama, but also creative exultation. Imagine being an artist in front of a blank canvas. Choose your palette of colors and start applying the paint! On another level, consider your role in the various social settings of your life. You may re-evaluate what you enjoy and not. Sensitivity is at high tide, so don’t expect a lot of yourself. Be careful not to overdo addictive indulgences, which may not be the best choice if you are looking to chill out. Your soul calls and may need some quiet time to feel out where you stand with the intensity of transformation. Suggestions for the evening: take a bath, listen to music, read poetry, meditate, go to bed early, dream well and beautifully. Amazon shamans say, “The world is as we dream it.”

Tuesday, January 20

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, friendly Aquarians! Your birthday present is a NEW MOON, exact at 7:14am CST, at the very beginning edge of your sign: 0 AQUARIUS 09. During this new moon

46 Conscious Community - January 2015

cycle, we are wrestling with our definition of “reality” and what we believe is possible or not. Faith and philosophy are rubbing up against ingrained core beliefs that limit our experience, depress and suppress our dreams and visions. Unplug from media that tells of war and strife. Turn your channel to uplifting and inspirational possibilities. In other words, clap for Tinkerbelle and “smile on your brother, everybody get together, and love one another right now.” Positive thinking has real effects that ripple through the universe, like the wings of a butterfly, a quantum method of voting for the story you want to be living. Spacetime wormholes open up like Alice’s looking glass. Some profoundly unexpected and globe-changing initiative, perhaps a social movement or a big storm, bursts forth from the collective consciousness like fireworks. Believe it!

Wednesday, January 21

Stop the press! Mercury is going retrograde! After the last two days, we really need to pause and consider how to think about what is going on “out there” and “in here.” The objective Aquarian influence offers an opportunity to step back and take a look “From a Distance,” as in that famous song. High drama can cause high emotions, if not hysterics. Best to clear your

Conscious Community

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Thursday, January 22

The Moon slips into Pisces at 6:48am, suggesting a go-with-the-flow kind of day. Many of us feel extra-sensitive, possibly overwhelmed and anxious, unable to enter the mundane fray of life. Maybe a storm prevents us from going out. Whatever is going on, buckle up and don’t give in to distress. The best thing may be to get dressed and go out to do your day. If that is not possible, a meditational rest day is just fine, with uplifting influences. Look for the silver lining. Reread what I wrote above about the challenge to our belief systems. Our solar system is in a section of the galaxy with more


space and step into your higher mind that can observe without judgment or reactivity. It’s as if you are watching a play even as you are playing a part in it. This Mercury cycle gives us extra time to engage that perspective, as we consider what is happening on the global stage and in our own lives. Leaders step forth from the ranks, as false leaders fall. This can be a good thing. We’re all in this together, so let’s participate. In a true democracy we all have a voice. A Void Moon starting at 7:45pm leaves us in a feel-good party mood, as we commune with friends and neighbors of good heart.


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To schedule a telephone interview email a brief resume of your sales experience to Kasia@ConsciousCommunityMagazine.com

Phone calls will not be responded to for this ad Email inquiries only subatomic light activity. We are downloading a huge infusion and need some down time before we “reboot” and take on the world. Taking refuge in drink and drug only jams up the flow, not the best conscious response to the altered reality we are experiencing. Ditto on listening to the news. Be wary about whose version of reality you are buying into. Seek inspiration and support on another level. Think beautiful thoughts.

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Friday, January 23

The Moon goes Void in the early morning, 5:13am, with a combination of influences that may feel like we are being turned inside out. Actually, that is one definition of reality, that our inner state is projected onto the screen of daily life. This is a big nudge to shift that reality. Big deal planetary patterns are clearly indicating a reality shift. Let’s take advantage! If we get stuck in fear or anxiety, we won’t easily see our way forward. Let’s help each other, rather than retreat into dysfunction. I can’t imagine how “normal” work is getting done this week. We’re entering a new world in this New Year. On this Friday—just find your own two feet, stand up and balance yourself, listen to the (inner) music and dance, dance, dance.

Saturday, January 24

We are on a roll now! The Moon is in impulsive Aries as of 7:31am. Up and at ‘em—it’s Saturday. Things seem more possible today, especially when we entertain a level of openness and excitement. Time to blaze a new trail. What really interests you? Finish this sentence: “In the best of all worlds I would....” Conscious Community - www.ConsciousCommunityMagazine.com 47

Then go for it. Just see what happens. Get out of the box. If we start with a pure fresh vision, we can then investigate how to make it happen. Those spacetime wormholes will bring in solutions that astonish.

Sunday, January 25

The Moon joins electrical Uranus at 5:27am, engaging the Uranus-Pluto square to start off the day. Let’s keep yesterday’s trailblazing initiative happening. Continue to check in with other people and weave of the web of change. There is plenty of positive motivation this weekend to energize the creative spirit. We can invent realistic visions and design new models, make new plans. Remember that Mercury is retrograde. We are not ready to implement these ideas yet. There is much to discuss to make it all work.

Monday, January 26

A short Void of Course Moon at 8:23am gives us a couple of hours to set up for the week, incorporating the inspiration of the last week and especially weekend. A good way to begin is by making calls and catching up with friends and colleagues, thereby setting up a dynamic network for the week. You might even get in touch with people you haven’t talked to for a while. It’s always good to check back in when Mercury is retrograde, especially today and tomorrow. The Taurus Moon starting at 10:37am gets us down to brass tacks, as they say, to get things done. We may need to do some creative tweaking this afternoon and tomorrow to improve the output.

Tuesday, January 27

Yesterday’s productive energy is sustained through the day, accompanied by a subtle new tone at 9am, when Venus changes sign into Pisces. Our sense of aesthetics is heightened, as

well as our senses of touch, smell and artistry. Since Venus rules Taurus, this change affects the tenor of the day more than it might otherwise, adding even more soft nuances of music and color, poetry, fine art and psychic sensitivity to the well-occupied Piscean field. Yearning for romance, feelings of unconditional love and that above-mentioned “milk of human kindness” sweetens the task at hand. We are not allowed to get too swept away, however, as we have projects to attend to. Don’t let your mind highjack you with worries. It will all get done in good time. In the greater spiritual work, our vision is enhanced and we will dream well tonight, possibly in technicolor.

Wednesday, January 28

A daylong Void of Course Moon motivates us with a creative surge of productivity. Stick to yesterday’s project and you can get a lot done. Don’t move on to anything new until the Moon moves into Gemini at 4:36pm. Then we may lose concentration and start thinking about tonight’s date, social event, or happy hour. This evening is especially good for all such activities. Don’t overdo or go overboard or have too many expectations, as our sense of reality can be a bit skewed in the delight of the moment. Disappointment may ensue with a thump by the end of the night. Mercury is still retrograde and we are getting some interesting information that we need ponder before taking further steps. Let’s enjoy the moment for what it is, which we can figure out later.

Thursday, January 29

We awaken in a trail of dreams or perhaps with a bit of a hangover of one type or another. But we get in gear by midmorning. There is an interesting buzz going on today, with a variety of positive activity and information, lots of conversations, news flashes and pieces that fit into life’s big puzzle. We each have an important piece to contribute. At the end of the workday, we may be on overload and need to retreat. Don’t push the river, or you may get feisty and out of sorts, likely to hurt someone’s feelings or have yours hurt. Eat a proper meal. Our busy minds may be awake well into the night.

Friday, January 30

Most of today’s planetary activity happens in the wee morning hours. If you have trouble sleeping, you may be ready to drift off by around 3:24am, when the Moon goes Void of Course. Or, rather than tossing and turning, you might just bite the bullet, get up and do what you have to do, whether job-related or personal. This time could be last night’s idealism thumping back to earth. A depressive emotional affect may need to be worked out, either by writing, art therapy, meditation or your own method of finding meaning in sadness. Get emotional real and stay true to your larger vision. Today Mercury is in the heart of the Sun, a special moment in its retrograde cycle when those pesky retrograde effects and delays are suspended, to inform us at some extraordinary level of perception. The Aquarian Watcher or Witness Mind sees what is, with no judgment that misinterprets the situation. This is a great ability to foster and a fine opportunity to raise your level. It will make this Void of Course day all the more extraordinary as we become increasingly receptive to cosmic input.

48 Conscious Community - January 2015

Saturday, January 31

The Moon moves into its own sign Cancer at 1:09am, bringing sleep to the weary. TGIS (Thank God It’s Saturday). Many of us can sleep in. There is a tender feeling flow to throughout the day, like floating on a lazy river. Calm any ruffled waters of worry. Reflect over all that you have experienced in this first month of 2015. Tomorrow is a new month, and a special holiday called Imbolc, Candlemas or Ground Hog’s Day. Half way through Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, the light is clearly on the rise.

Kelley Hunter, Ph.D., is an internationally known astrologer and mythologist, enriching her offerings in Depth Astrology with perspectives from psychology, cosmology and consciousness studies. Author of Living Lilith: Four Dimensions of the Cosmic Feminine and Black Moon Lilith, Kelley has a special interest in women’s spirituality. She offers personal consultations that illumine the potential of current planetary cycles in your life and relationships. Visit her website at www.heliastar.com or on FaceBook: Kelley Hunter, AstroMythology. You can contact her by email at kellhunter@earthlink.net.

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January 2015 - Conscious Community  

Conscious Community - America's Oldest Spiritual and Metaphysical Magazine Formerly The Monthly Aspectarian

January 2015 - Conscious Community  

Conscious Community - America's Oldest Spiritual and Metaphysical Magazine Formerly The Monthly Aspectarian