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Looking back into China’s recent

VMC Constructions holds nowadays lo-

development, we cannot feel prouder

cal Design and Construction national lev-

of having witnessed and contributed to

el qualifications, and although registered

this amazing country’s success. Start- as a fully owned Chinese company,we ing from scratch and humble in expec- provide international level construction tations, VMC Constructions grew from

teams, management and oversight.

a small interior fitting out company into a consolidated firm that 10 years later

These combined value propositions

provides professional design, construc- have led us to collect several nationtion and consulting services, in diverse

al awards and recognitions. With inter-

areas, both in Chinese market and over- national presence, several hundreds seas.

of thousands of sqm in Grade A office space for some Fortune 500 companies, and 1st registered LEED Platinum Hospitality Project in China, we are now facing a new, much “greener” and bigger scale side of business.

VMC Constructions - Interiors Catalogue 2012  
VMC Constructions - Interiors Catalogue 2012  

VMC Constructions enhanced version of our interior fitting out most representative work