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Mother Mentor Mixologist Manager of the Bars To Go Group * Certified Hospitality Educator * Certified Spirits Specialist * Bar & Beverage Consultant * 12 + years of Experience behind Bars * Trend setter Lady on a Mission


Even though the page won’t be managed by you. The page should effectively represent; who you are as a person. It should not only show your business ventures but incorporate the things you like to do, places you like to go, and your personality.

To achieve this the following will be required:  Injecting more of your personality into the page through media (photos/videos) which have shown to be the most viewed post on your page.  Incorporating the M’s mentioned before into the page through our daily post.  Find common interest between yourself and the fans. 

PHASE 1  Expanding/utilizing the usage of media 

› Photo package › Video package

Ideas/Suggestions  Patrice McHugh Cocktail Tips for Christmas  Day in the life of Patrice McHugh 


Option 1. Our company provide photography/video services at most/all of your events/outings to ensure that the public is constantly aware of the daily/weekly activities that you participate in.


Option 2. If contracts have already been signed with external sources for photography and video services. We can act as facilitators/supervisors by ensuring that they are present at the events. We will also collect the pictures by mutually convenient method between both parties and thereafter strategically utilize the content received for the respective pages.

This is simply a creative method to help families to create lovely cocktails during the Christmas season while exemplifying your skill, services and bar supplies.  The idea is to do five videos (First one is the last Sunday in November (Nov 27) and the four will be the first four Sunday in December ( Dec. 4,11,18,25).  Videos will be three-five minutes long; it will incorporate a weekly Christmas cocktail which can be created from simple ingredients while using basic equipment. 

Locations for the video shoot can be:  Bars to Go Institute  Your home  Three of your favorite spots 

The video can also encourage persons to buy/order several bar equipment from Bars to Go.

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Day in the life of Patrice McHugh will be a weekly 10 minute video which could incorporate the following: Pat at home Pat in the Office Pat at School Pat on the road Pat as a mentor Pat as a Mixologist


The aim of this video is to change the monotone which we have employed so far to a more vibrant tactic for the festive season.


This weekly feature will provide the perfect opportunity to reach out to your present fan base while appealing to new fans.


This 10 minute video will be aired through a YouTube channel and posted on Face book through the Face book YouTube application. This will enhance PR because using this method you will be searchable /reachable in both markets which appeals to over a billion people.

We will select two days of the week which is mutually convenient and agreed upon a week in advance .

We will outline the format of the video two/week in advance so that we can be organized and efficient.

We will ask that we are assigned someone to liaison with during the process to facilitate our queries, questions, arrangements and meetings. This does not mean you wont be involve but the finer details will not be on your plate.

Updates/scripts will be sent to you and your assistant via email to keep you in the know during the development stages.  We can make the possible arrangements with the respective places/locations for the video shoot. If you great relationship with these person your assistance would be greatly appreciated.  If proposals are needed we can prepare them with your assistance/advice. 

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Phase 2 will: Appeal to the 13-17 age group (teenagers) about being a mixologist and how to make cocktails at home. Developing the cocktail culture in teenagers from early. Tactics we could use are school tours, mocktails seminars etc. Appeal to the 35-44 age group; which only represent 8% of your fan base currently. The 35-44 year old fans are your potential clients and as such they should be the most important target market for the upcoming year.


The tactics employed in the first phase can nullify some of these strategies so we will reassess after we have completed the first phase of the engagement plan.


The measurement criteria will be given on the next page.

Your personal page is doing well with at least 2 tweets day. We ask however that we advise you on methods to engage fans. We will suggest methods at a later date after consultation.

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Reporting Measurements of Success: Face book fan page: Hits(Likes, comments) Speaking Engagements:

500 fans by year end 500 hits per month Minimum of 4 post per day.

Package 1:To produce the series $70 000.00 › Pat’s tips for Christmas › Week in the Life of Patrice McHugh

Management of the accounts $35, 000 per month. › B2G Group,Ja Bartending Guild, G2G,Patrice

McHugh, B2G Institute, @barstogo

Photography for the month $25 000.00


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