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Evaluation Question 2: How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? Our media trailer “Revenge� follows many examples of real codes and conventions used in real media texts. Starting with the genre itself, our production follows a typical horror sub-genre including themes such as the idea of bullying and revenge. At the beginning of our research we analysed films that had the same conventions which influenced our final production and our ancillary tasks (magazine and poster). The way in which we created and edited our texts uses forms and conventions of typical examples we researched and analysed; our film plot was influenced by many psychological horrors using the same themes, costumes, props (e.g. blood) and school location for the school kids bulling. My magazine cover was greatly influenced by the empire magazine covers and virus magazines I used the same visual style/layout colour themes and the same positioning of the protagonist in the background photo. The film poster I have created ties in well with stereotypical conventions of a horror film. In order to get the effect I wanted, I researched other media posters of the same genre I was aiming to achieve. The colours were generally dark and vivid. This was to suggest a sense of evil and revenge. Other horror poster conventions. A centred main picture, red and black colours. Portrait layout and a black background to represent the dark, evil and revenge of the main protagonist. The two ancillary texts and my main product all work well together to create what could be a realistic film. Horror conventions are within all of my products and reflect those of real media products. The two print based texts, my magazine front cover and film poster both share similarities. The same character is used on the main image of both of the ancillary texts as I decided it focuses the attention on just one character, making him memorable to the audience. A majority of the font is black or red on both the two products which was conventional for the horror posters and magazines I had researched. The ancillary texts, along with my main product are all aiming to promote the film that is their main purpose, the three things throughout sustain the same genre which is horror, and after researching into real media products and their conventions, I am able to stick to horror conventions.

C.2 Evaluation question 2