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Evaluat ion of your Music M agazine Coursework 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? My

title ‘KER-FUNK’ in my opinion I personally think it’s very original and different from other magazine titles, it gives of a good effect because the pale white and dark blue contrasts between each other and makes it more visible. The font is serif and the sub title gives it the final touch of a magazine title which I really like. Overall the title is very well presented and I am very happy with the outcome. My cover lines are similar to many music magazines like NME, Vibe and Kerrang. Both lines are different colours which contrast between them to make them stand out to the human eye. I put effects on the font to make it more visible for example on the ‘breaking news’ I used a bevel to make the font more round and bubble out a bit more. Also I added a drop shadow to give it that finishing effect.

My main cover image is very appealing to my target audience and stands out to people who enjoy the genre of dance and techno. The posture and expression connote dance music. I like the main stance of the model because it emphasises the power or rap and dance and shows a dominant side to the music genre. Like my examples the stance makes the magazine cover, it’s like a symbol of power and creativity, I really like the magazines are presented. Overall I like my front cover photo and I am pleased with what I had accomplished with the photo like all these other famous magazines. For the image of my photo I had changed the sepia to black and white and the hat looked really boring and dissolved so I thought and decided to put a brush on it and change the colour completely to light blue in contrast with my magazine, I asked 5 fellow colleagues which did they prefer and I ended up with this at it stood out more and looked more powerful. It blended with my background and texts of with are the same colour blue grey and black. After I made the change the front cover slowly came together and then that’s when I decided that it looked good and stuck with it.

The title of my contents page was not really like a title but it stood out the most because of the font I used to make it look really bold and cartoonish. I made the text and then put a little bevel on it and drop shadow to give it that edge it needed to make stand out to the audience. The title was going to be at the top of the page to start with, but then I decided to move it to a less busy place and that was in the bottom side of the left hand corner. I was going to use a different word for my title instead of contents to make it my own but I researched many contents pages and they all had the word contents somewhere on the page, so I was glad I researched it and then put it on my contents page. Overall the contents bubble writing looked really good and contrasted in with my whole page and looked very professional, which I am very happy about. The cover lines on my contents page was my own whole idea I felt like I wanted a change to just text in a side box down the side, so I thought and researched different contents page’s cover lines and most of the were boring and original, so I thought to myself let’s do something different so I started to make them looking on the side and a bit wonky. I made the titles wonky and the numbers of the page normal to give it a different effect which I liked. The whole on the edge effect worked really well and turned out better than I expected I did ask people to see if they could read it in case it was unreadable but it turns out they can, which is really good. Overall I liked the whole idea and way things turned out because at the end it looked professional at worked really well with my front cover and my double page spread. If I could I would go back and change a few things just like the other two pages as you can never have something perfect but overall I am happy with what I have produced. For my sub heading I chose two different fonts so they contrasted against each other and stood out a lot more I made the top font a little bigger and bolder so it stands out. Both the text and font were my own and I chose them in this way to make a difference and just be different. The text ‘He brings it’ is about the character DJ Immense who is on the double page spread and front cover as he is my main character that I am using. Both text’s just emphasis how funky and over the top my magazine is. Overall I think my contents page looks really professional and I am pleased with the outcome. My main title and subheading on my double page spread was a personal favourite I liked the way it was presented and how real it looked in contrast with real magazines like NME, Kerrang and others. I included the verbal’s and visuals which I saw on another magazine to make my double page spread look more authentic. My motto at the bottom of the photo is kind of different from many other double page spread but it gave it an extra effect which I really liked. The title is very authentic and it stands out very well.

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