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The Lizard Queens rock The Hideout

THE REVIEW OF THE GIG This band will go places unbelievable they. with darrens massive vocals

We thought the gig was our best yet. The atmosphere on stage and off the stage was immense. The first act, The Monics opened brilliantly with a good, which got the crowd going. We really enjoyed playing with them and plan to again. When fixed penalty came on the crowd were taken back, they put on an excellent gig and had set the standard high that night. We also look forward to playing with them in the near future. Finally we came on and played what we thought was the best gig to date and

what a night to do it on, as it was our first E.P launch. The set opened strong and we played our first song "smashed" of the E.P. Many sang along which was amazing to see. Later during the set the crowd went wild and danced along to all of the songs. The feedback from the audience afterwards was also really Our music is available on good. We had an amazing night thanks to Mark Dinsmore, The Monics, Fixed Penalty and The Hideout.



Bio: The Lizard Queens formed in late 2010 with there first gig being in The Hideout battle of the bands. We have been playing together for four years before we decided to take things seriously and get our music out to the public. Our timing was fortunate as many of the local bands in the Warrenpoint area have now either split up or gone overseas so we our now one of the few local bands left in the area which once thrived with young local talent. Our influences come from many big names such as Nirvana, Biffy Clyro, Kings of Leon and from Fighting With Wire (Derry based). These Bands have all had an influence on our sound and performance style and we aspire to be unique by incorporating a mixture of these styles into our own sound. We have been described as having “the riffs of Nirvana and the chorus’s and instrumentals of Biffy Clyro.” This is apparent in our New E.P which we recorded with Steven Farnely ( Narrow Water Recording Studio). We spent ten long hours working hard with Steve to get the

Members : Darren Scott Murphy Brendan Mc Cann Conor Cunningham

The massive vocals of Darren


sound and quality we wanted out of the day. We would advise any local bands to greatly consider Narrow Water Recording Studio as a place to record, the quality is excellent and we where very impressed. With Our E.P recorded we set out about our E.P launch which was very successful. This took part in The Hideout Warrenpoint which is an excellent venue run by Mark Dinsmore. With gigs coming up in the Pavilion (Belfast) and previous gigs in Monaghen we hope to spread our music on the local and regional scale. As a young band we hope to get a name for ourselves and play the music we want to play and just have fun doing it.


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