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07 CONOCERIS/ insight journeys

Philanthropy Our aim is to support international projects that advance the understanding of world cultures.

Research is at the core of our existence and adds to the quality of service and the uniqueness of the Insight Journeys Collection. Being on the ground floor of the lastest information and developments turns your travel with Conoceris into a truly remarkable experience.

Our scholars are involved in research projects that constantly enrich the Conoceris’ Collection and inspire the creation of new experiences. Their research sets the groundwork for each of our journeys and stimulates those participants who love to travel as well as to learn.

From the retrieving of long buried writings of an old Islamic Spanish poet, to the study of the significance of the manuscripts of the first people who discovered America, the advancement of understanding how things came to be is one of our goals.

Please ask us how you can support Conoceris´ research projects or make a donation. We will also be happy to cooperate with organizations worldwide that share our educational, research and philanthropic goals.

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