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Name Email Address | Number Phone# Education University of (blank), City, State (Name of) College of Business Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting  GPA: 2.938/4.00

Expected Graduation: April 2019

Relevant Completed Coursework   

 

Intermediate Accounting 1 -Applied GAAP to financial statement preparation with emphasis on asset, liability, income and expense accounts. Cost Accounting -Used financial accounting for manufacturing and inventories with emphasis on cost of goods sold expense and management decisions involving manufacturing. Accomplished a manufacturing companies quarterly budget for one year using excel spreadsheets. Introduction to Taxation -Understand filing requirements, income inclusion, expense deduction and other special issues related to individual income tax returns. Learned tax implication of business income and deductions. Throughout course, focused on tax planning to minimize negative impact of federal income tax. Financial Accounting -Learned foundational knowledge and skills to understand, develop and analyze financial reports, including income statements, cash flows, balance sheets and financial performance. Managerial Accounting -Developed foundational knowledge and skills to apply accounting data in planning and controlling business operations, including costs, cost drivers and allocation, contribution margin and managerial budgeting.

Work Experience Jimmy Johns, City, State Bicycle Delivery Driver   

Responsible for managing cash totals from multiple deliveries to be paid out at the end of each shift Helped with preparation of sandwich ingredients based on budgets and estimated sales for the day Upheld the fast and quality service expected from Jimmy Johns employees

Giant Eagle, City, State Front End Coordinator, Curbside Express pickup Coordinator    

July 2013 - August 2016

Managed customer checkout station, ringing up 50+ customers per shift to improve efficient customer checkout flow Responsible for 5+ cashiers schedules and breaks for the day Provided excellent customer service by resolving issues, managing phone services, and offering product solutions to meet each individual’s needs Received praise due to zero customer complaints by creating solutions resulting in repeat business and high customer satisfaction

Technological Skills 

November 2016 - Current

Proficient in Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint

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