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Stephen Harris, Face of the Student Body !

For the first time, Stephen Harris walks on to the stage during assembly. He

turns to the crowd, and says with a small wave, “ Hi there, I’m Stephen Harris.” The future Student Leader began his speech last spring with an informal greeting, and with his election, looks to use this year to redefine the Student Leader role. !

Student leaders often are classified as

figureheads, a formality supplied by the faculty, but not a position of any real power. They receive this bad rap sheet because often very little is complete during any student leaders tenure. The root of the problem with the Student Leader position is that often, the majority of the Student Leaders time is learning about their job. To quote Peter

Assistant Student Leader Jordan (left) and Student Leader Stephen (right)

Southworth, one of the English teachers here at Proctor, who has taught here for twenty-seven years, “Over the decades, because Student Leader does not have a true job description, the Student Leader spends too much time learning what they can do.” !

A system of prerequisites required for a student to run for the position of

Student Leader would greatly increase the effectiveness of the Student Leader

position. A requirement of at least one year of serving on the student government is a good start. This would eliminate the need to teach the Student Leader the workings of Proctor’s student government, and they would already have established relationships with Megan Hardie and Drew Donaldson. Stephen, like many before him, was never a class representative. Stephen believes he will be a successful student leader if he focuses on advancing the accomplishments of his predecessors.

The Student Body was out in force for the first night game on Proctor’s new turf field. !

Stephen’s goal is the strengthen the sense of community of Proctor Students.

Stephen believes that the community will grow stronger if school spirit is improved. Stephen wants to boost the attendance of Friday Night Light sports games. If Stephen can get the student body excited about these games, we should see a huge increase in school spirit. Another way Stephen plans to improve the community is involve the freshmen in Student Government, “I want to get the freshmen involved,

they have many great ideas, and a different perspective.” If Stephen does get the freshman elected representatives, he would become a standout Student Leader because he would be making the first major change to Student Government in the last five years. The freshmen are the future of our school, so the Leadership team should focus on getting them involved earlier in their Proctor careers. Unfortunately, Stephen is following is going off campus this winter, and leaving his plans in the hands of Jordan. Hopefully Jordan uses this as an opportunity to assert himself, while continuing Stephen's goals. !

Stephen wants to make a real impact before he graduates. He feels that

Student Leadership has not reached its full potential. His main goal is to get something meaningful done, “During my time at Proctor, Student Leadership has only done minimalistic things, I really want to complete something bigger.” Unfortunately, he will lose a whole term when he leaves this winter for Europe. Moriah Keat, a four year member of student leadership, feels that when the Leader leaves, their plans for the school are often lost in the transition to their replacement, “I think that Student Leadership could have a lot more effect if Student Leaders wrote the proposals they say they plan to write. Often times, the proposals are lost as one Student Leader goes off campus, and their replacement fails to pick up where they left off.”

The Student Leader stays connected to the community and student leadership through email, and offers advice to their replacement, but that is nothing like being on campus.


Stephen Harris has some great ideas to

develop school spirt. He has opportunities, the night games, and a reintroduced spirit week. I know that Stephen’s head and heart are in the right place, “I want my legacy as Student Leader to be remembered as someone who got things done, who really accomplished something.”

Stephen speaking with the Head of School, Mike Henriques, at the opening faculty

Stephen Harris: Our Student Leader  

Stephen Harris is the Proctor Student leader for the 2012-2013 school year. This is an insight to student leadership

Stephen Harris: Our Student Leader  

Stephen Harris is the Proctor Student leader for the 2012-2013 school year. This is an insight to student leadership