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Connor Saunders Class of 2013: Ready to Vote ! The United States President is leader of the free world. Many of the Seniors who will be graduating this spring will vote on November 6, 2012, for who will lead our country for the next. The question is, which candidate will these rookie voters be supporting? ! Throughout the country, Barack Obama has a large advantage over Mitt Romney. The youth has always been Obama’s most consistent demographic of support, and he still holds a lead over Romney in terms of voters ages eighteen to twenty-nine1. His lead over Romney in eighteen year old voters is currently twelve points. The average of undecided first time voters is thirty percent. Proctor seniors mirror this, 28% of students say they are independents. Of the voting members of the senior class, 57% plan to vote for Barack Obama. Younger voters have usually been more liberal, but with the recession in full swing, many voters are reconsidering their political affiliations. ! The economy has become the major focus of this presidential race. In fact, it is one of the few issues that seniors at Proctor feel directly affected by. Seniors are preparing to transition to independence, and a look towards the future where they must hold their own job. Zack Kessler, a three year senior, feels that it is time for a change, “[Mitt] Romney has been a business man all his life, a very successful business man. I really think that he could revitalize the country’s economy. I really think that the other issues are secondary to this problem. If the president can get out economy going, those problems will be a lot easier to fix.” Zack, and the rest of the senior class is facing a very uncertain future. Getting a job right out of college is the most difficult it has been in decades. The next president, and his actions will put his fingerprint on the economy that we will be entering as his term ends. ! Proctor students commonly complain that they feel as though they live in a bubble, and political issues are no exception. As on senior puts it “Most of 1

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us don't know much about the government.”2 To remedy this problem, the Proctor Social Science department has created a Facebook page and Twitter feed where students can learn about each candidates views and polices. They feel that everyone, not just voters, as Adam Jones said in assembly, “The page is designed to supply information about both candidates equally, remain informed about the issues the candidates standpoints on each one.” The goal is make sure students voting for the president have are educated, and are confident in their choice. ! Proctor seniors have an important decision before this November. Everyone should be aware of the goals of each candidate, because one of them will be leading this country into the unknown. To receive updates and news on the candidates and presidential race, “like” Proctor Academy Election 2012 on Facebook, and follow @PASocialScience on Twitter.


This quote is from an anonymous voter from a survey conducted by the author

The Next President  

An article on how Proctor students view the vote.