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MISSING CAT The UK’s newest comedy band speak to Indie-Vidual.

RHCP Anthony and Flea give Indie-vidual a real talking to about music!

Hello and welcome! It has been a landmark year for us at Indie-Vidual magazine. Months of tedious designing, careful planning and chasing after some of music’s biggest names has blown the stuffing out of us, but at the same time has made us more determined. More determined to bring you the latest news and reviews from the world of Indie and Alternative. I thought I would take this opportunity, to say a huge thank you to all of you. Without your research feedback, early subscriptions and contact via social media, none of this would be possible. So sit back, relax and enjoy an Alternative view on music.!

Hello and welcome to the first of our weekly reviews. Today’s review is Roode Pelikaan’s “Climbing Just To Fall”. Written by the band to signify the harsh reality of entering the If you love an album full music industry as a new band, the album includes songs that of passion and soul, then will make you have a better understanding of the music world, this is the one for you. Roode Pelikaan’s chart as well as the band itself... running album “Climbing Song to watch - Alphabetti Spaghetti. Just To Fall” is full of it. Release date - November 14th 2013 The hard work and love Place in the charts - 5th for music is evident with every note of every song. Total length - 01:23:43 Well worth the tenner. Price - £9.99

STORNOWAY News and updates on their latest events - Starting 23 November!


ROODE PELIKAAN James Coots reveals all as we get personal with the UK’s latest Indie sensations.


Indie-vidual talk to the Northern Irish wonders ahead of their tour.


THE JACOBEANS Posh, stylish and bloody brilliant! We talk to Britain’s most stylish musicians ahead of their Weymouth Pier performance this June. Give this a read!!!

JAKE BUGG Arrogance seems to be an ever present attribute in Indie musicians, and Jake Bugg is no exception.

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TOP 1O OF THE WEEK Max Lowton takes us through the latest songs that have been taking the Indie world by storm.




Jack Watt - Chief Editor.

Influenced by the festival itself, the newest and most sytlish Indie band talk excvlusively to us!


Climbing Just To Fall

A note from our Chief Editor: Jack Watt.


Indie-Vidual rating: 9/10


We take a closer look at what makes the magic of music.


Mike and James take a look at the latest up and coming bands to hit the scene. This week, we analyse Missing Cat and their album; “Lost Cause”.

WHERE IT ALL BEGAN We take a look at where it all began for Two Door Cinema Club and how far they have come since then.



BASTILLE DAN Are Bastille announcing a UK stadium tour? Prepare Wembley, Nottingham, Leeds and Cardiff!




It has been rumoured and doubted, but at last we have the truth - Don Broco are realising a new album.

HORSING AROUND An interview with The Black Keys ended with our chief journalist wearing the famous horse mask. Not a great start.

INDIE-VIDUAL GIG UPDATE. At Indie-Vidual, we feel that providing information to our dedicated readers is the most important thing in any magazine. To give our readers exactly what they deserve, we have conjured up a brilliant gig guide for you to check out and enjoy . Below are a list of bands who are performing and the venues in which they shall be showcasing their amazing talents. Be sure to check out the gig guide every time you pick up Indie-Vidual, for up to date news on performances around the country. No stupid rumours, no lies - just honest and professionally obtained news. Just for you.

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BRITT WINNERS A post Britt awards analysis regarding the winners and nominees for the most talked about music award in the world.

SOUNDTRACK SUCCESS! Could Coldplay’s specially written song for The Humger games be the UK’s most successful movie song ever?

Roode Pelikaan

Twitter - @Roodepelikaantwit

Instragram - @Roodepelikaanofficial




A walk down memory lane. The place where it all began for Roode Pelikaan... standing on stage, in a university hall...


Who’s who? Indie-Vidual takes a closer look at the members of the UK’s latest and possibly greatest band. A quick bio is enough to explain how amazing these guys are...


James Coots - Singer

A man who loves his music. James lets nothing stand between him and his dreams, as proven with the band’s recent success. The first official member of the band, he created the wonderful Roode Pelikaan.

“This is where it all began for us. Stading out on the stage sends shivers down my spine... and we shall return”

Tony LaTuane - Bass

Instagram - @Roodepelikaanofficial Twitter - @Roodepelikaantwit Follow for regular updates, album and touring news.

A rock god lost in Indie music. Tony’s wild attitude and behaviour swings away from the common idea of Indie artists being calm. Who cares? Tony certainly

Roode Pelikaan Written by Connor Evans


hen people think of modern music, artists like Jay – Z, Rihanna and One Direction come to mind. Unfortunately, this is the standard image of what people call “music”. But Roode Pelikaan have a slightly different image. Just take four ordinary blokes from Eastbourne, an arrogant view on modern music, a range of instrumental skills and an obscure name and you have Roode Pelikaan. Roode Pelikaan are the newest and most eagerly anticipated Indie band that the UK has ever had. Having only just come onto the scene in the summer of 2013, they already have their place at Reading festival 2014 booked and a new album on the way. Their sudden rise to fame has happened almost instantly compared to some other artists, which means that they have to be doing something right? The band consists of four members, all of whom can sing and play their instruments with equal skill. All having been graduates of the same university, James Coots (Singer and guitarist), Tony Latuane (Bass), Daniel Zayne (Drummer) and Liam Darlow (Backup singer and keyboard) have spent the past 5 years together, writing songs, jamming and performing at local venues around the South coast of England. “We have all been together for such a long time now. It may seem that we have had instant success, but the truth is far from that. There have been so many sleepless nights of writing songs instead of revising


and enhancing our abilities so that if the dream did become reality, we would be ready to take it by the horns and ride the whole way smoothly.” – James. It is apparent that sacrifices were made in order to achieve their goals, which while being an extremely risky move, is one that has paid off brilliantly for them. It is a cliché that the best things in life come to those who wait – but this is nonsense, as Roode Pelikaan have proved. “If you are to get far in life, you have to make sacrifices. It is no good if you are only half hearted towards something. You’re either committed or you’re not – and that is a rule that we have lived by since we first formed the band back in 2008”. – Tony LaTuane. From speaking to the band for a good hour and a half, it had become clear that almost everything about them, from their stories to their opinions, is interesting. But perhaps the most intriguing thing that we have learnt from the band is how they came to be. An ob-

Daniel Zayne - Drummer Being the drummer of a band is a secluded role and can be very lonely. But Daniel makes his presence known by all around him, with quick hands and amazing solos. scure name and short burst of success take a lot of planning… or are they just the work of a mad man? James Coots was the one to tell us the background of the band. “The band didn’t take too long to come together to be perfectly honest. Tony and I are family friends, but he lived in Brighton. When we both ended up going to East Sussex University, it was definitely time for some catch up. In our small apartment, we would sit and reminisce about all of our memories – one of which was the desire to start a band. From the age of 4, I knew I could sing. I don’t have one of those beautiful voices, but at least I don’t bloody use auto tune. Tony had been playing the guitar since he was 6 years old. So when we both went off to university at the age of 19, he had been playing for a good 13 years. By then, he had become a god.” “We originally started to write our own songs and jammed a little bit in our spare time. It was nothing of world class standard, but it’s the little things that helped you kick off your careers that you are grateful for when you make it. I think we had written a total off… ummm… four songs? (Looks at Tony for clarification)…. Yeah, four. Funnily enough, one of those four songs, Terrance and the Crowd, is actually included in our album – so if people want to know how it all started, they can listen”.

Liam Darlow - Keyboard

A true gentleman, Liam Darlow is one of those guys who you just can’t dislike. His talent is wonderful and he thinks like a genius. Keyboard/Piano has a new god. Coots then went on to explain how the other two members, Liam and Daniel joined the band and how they went on from there. “It wasn’t until my first law lecture when I met Liam. I remember us both getting along well with each other as we discussed the latest laws on piracy. If there is one thing I will always remember about Liam, it’s when he said “A law against downloading music is criminal”. Well, that was all I needed to hear. After grabbing some cheap fish and chips with Liam after the day was finished, I discovered that he was a passionate singer and a talented keyboard player. I invited him over to mine and Tony’s flat for a jam session. Every note we hit, every lyric we sung was perfect. I finally felt something coming together. Then came Daniel. The final member of our band.An honest and genuine guy who had a love for music. On campus, he was silent as a mouse. Whenever I heard him ask a question during a lecture, I would almost go into shock because of just how quiet he was. However, down the pier on a warm evening in town, I saw Daniel play. He was a soloist. A solo bass player (You don’t get many of those anymore). I spoke to him after his performances and that was that. He was part of the band before I could even ask him. Recruiting people to join the band was probably the easiest part of setting up.

We all had our instruments, apart from me of course – and we all had our passion for music. What more could you need? Oh yes, a name. Tony had to take over the interview whilst James went to grab his daily cider. “The name Roode Pelikaan is obviously an odd choice for a band and we are aware of this. It is not a name that will ring many bells across the world at the moment. However, if we do become bigger than what we are now, it might just become a house hold name. The name was thought of one day when we were writing a song in James’ flat. Daniel and I were sitting down on the sofas, writing down the lyrics to “Alphabetti Spaghetti” when James walked through the door with a face of frustration. At first, we thought it was because of his boring economics lecture, but it was actually because we didn’t have a name for a band. We had been playing small gigs and local pubs for a year before we became Roode Pelikaan, playing our music under the name of “Nameless”. It wasn’t a great name, admittedly, but it was something unique and straight to the point. We scrapped the song

writing and sat down together, brain storming ideas about what to call ourselves. It was probably the hardest thing I have ever had to do… and all I was doing was sitting on my arse moaning. I couldn’t stand this; it was draining what little energy I had from a long night of practising. But they do say that the most spontaneous things seem to work the best for people… and Daniel proved that. As we sat in silent frustration, Daniel randomly shouted out “Roode Pelikaan”. At first I laughed. I thought it was Daniel being an idiot, but when I saw him staring at James’ coffee cup; I knew what he was on about. For those of you who don’t know – Roode Pelikaan is a brand of coffee. That’s right. A band named after a company dedicated to making coffee. It’s a strange thought thinking that our name came from a simple brand of coffee. However, it does metaphorically suggest that our music will “Wake you up”, just like coffee.” The name Roode Pelikaan is now taking the music world by storm. With their songs being played all over the country, their name being spoken on every radio station and a die-hard fan base, Roode Pelikaan are now a sensation in the music world. After James returned from getting his cider, he explained to us the morals of the group and their opinions on modern day music. “We are not artists, we are erntrepeunuers. Music died a long time ago and we want to be the people to save it. Everything to do with modern day music is criminal. We have stupid television shows like X-factor – who make money out of people’s looks and not their talents. We have pathetic bands like One Direction, who hire people to write cheesy and downright awful songs about washing up liquid and other crap. We have artists who use auto tune to make their voices sound wonderful. I feel sorry for bands like Bastille, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Rolling Stones and ACDC – who work so hard every day to make sure that their music is loved by their fans. There are still people out there, pockets of people who love music for what it is. Unfortunately, they are lost in a sea of sick and deluded


people. We believe that if you don’t love music – don’t get involved with it. Fakes are fakes. “You can pose as a musician, but until you pick up that guitar, pluck the strings and feel a connection – you can’t call yourself musician.” Despite their arrogant nature, Roode Pelikaan are loved all over the UK and most of western Europe. With their songs being played in France, Belgium, Denmark, Germany and Portugal. Their songs have even been heard as far as Capetown, South Africa. “We may have “taken the music world by storm” but people need to remember that we are just normal guys. We aren’t in this for the fame. We are in it for the revival of music and what it stands for. This is our life now. We know what we have to do to bring back music to the world. We may dedicate hours upon hours to song writing and practising our skills, but away from the media and the headlining, we are still just four ordinary lads from Eastbourne. We don’t have a big recording studio or a big house. In fact we still live in apartments on the South Coast. We have no need to live it big. We have shared our music with the world and we are happy with that. No amounts of money can take away the passion that we feel for music and what music means. Because to be perfectly honest – I am happy sitting on my balcony overlooking the sea, with a glass of cider and my guitar… watching the sun go down. The story of Roode Pelikaan is a long winded, yet incredibly interesting one. James did his absolute best to try and cram all of the information about the band into one short space of time in his interview, but one man is simply not enough. So we thought that it would only be fair to i nterview the rest of the band as well... step up Daniel Zayne. We began our interview with Daniel as he sat and worked on his drumming style and techniques. We almost felt bad for getting in his way whilst he practised his beloved instrument, but the thoughts and feelings of the band’s other members are just as important to us than those of James Coots... As already mentioned, the band were formed at university. With all four of the boys sharing their love for music in their own special way, it was interesting to hear


just how started off with their love for music. Usually, these stories are incredibly inspiring and full of heart - and the story of Mr Zayne is no different. We see usually see drummers as the moody, angry kind of musicians, who only like the songs they perform if they are heavy and aggressive songs. Daniel Zayne however, is a little bit different. HavingClimbing lost his left at the age of 4 due Justhand To Fall to illness, his dreams of becoming a world famous drummer had pretty much been extinguished. But adversity is something that drives Daniel on. Over a decade later, he still makes the amazing backing rythmns that make Roode Pelikaan’s songs the best in the business. “Adversity is what I base my life on. Life hasn’t been easy for me, so i’ll ride the waves of adversity with great optimism.” Next to face our top journalist was Liam Darlow. Indie music is a genre in which keyboard players are highly rated. Many Indie bands have a keyboard player. Despite the vast range of talents whop stand up behind their beloved insturments, Liam Darlow is one who stands out the most. Orignially a pianist, Liam found his love for music when his mother took him to the yearly classical spectacular.

Liam took piano lessons just a week after and from then on, loved the feeling of the piano. However, moving out with his mum and leaving home for good meant that he had to leave his beloved piano behind. A lack of money meant that it couldn’t be replaced properly. An electric keyboard would have to do. Despite not being the same, wooden piano that he was previously used to, he still used the keyboard as if he had always had it. Moving to uni was a struggle for Liam. He was not able to take his keyboard, so using the music department’s main storage cupboard as playing space was the only option. James saved him and Roode Pelikaan made him. Finally, it was time to bring out the beast... and by the beast, we mean Tony LaTuane. Tony descirbes himself as a rock god lost in Indie music. His extreme bass guitar skills and agressive nature make him the kind of guy that one would expect to operate in a heavier band. But it turns out that he is actually quite soft. We took the band to the place where they played their first ever gig... the university hall. As Tony stood at the edge of stage, tears filled his eyes. “This is where it all began for us, standing out on the stage sends shivers down my spine... and we shall return.”

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