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HAWK SPORTS Officially Horrible Replacement refs must go

ADAM BOOTH‘13 Hawk Staff It is by far the most wonderful time of the year: football season once again. It’s time for all of the hardcore sports fans to drape themselves in their team’s respective colors and yell obscenities at their friends and peers every time someone says Tebow is a better player than Sanchez. Last year, fans had an even greater appreciation for the league after it was oh-soclose from being taken away with a lockout. Now the fans starting this season a little disgruntled with a bit of a wrinkle that has been added this year. Imagine a world in which How about a police force in North Philadelphia being turned over to the security guards of the King of Prussia mall? One would figure things would go less smoothly if these drastic changes were to be made. Well, since the NFL has replaced their normal referees with men and women who have worked anywhere from middle school football to the lingerie league, things haven’t gone as smoothly. Flip to any game from the

past two weeks and one might find a head coach throwing his headset in disgust. a scene confusing followed by a coach, or several throwing their headsets is sure to be on one of the channels. These replacement referees are simply not up to the task of being NFL officials. So why does Roger Goodell continue to let this happen? It is because his league and NFLRA cannot agree on a new collective bargaining agreement. Sound familiar? According to reports, the two sides aren’t even close to getting back to the bargaining table, let alone finalizing an agreement. At the heart of the issue is the retirement money as well as the normal salary theythe referees make. A lot of regular referees have other jobs besides their Sunday employment, as they are all only part-time employees of the NFL. The NFL would like to make seven full-time employees, one for each position. This is fine according the NFLRA as long as they are fairly compensated. That might be the only thing the sides are close on. The NFL may just have to bite the bullet and pay these

men and women because the product is suffering. Twice in this two-week long season has the two minute warning been called for, before it actually was two minutes left. At one time, the Philadelphia Eagles appeared to lose a full down against the Baltimore Ravens while they were trying to set up a game-winning touchdown. Phantom calls, no calls, unnecessary calls, and clock issues of every type have been displayed across the league these first weeks. Fans are getting restless, coaches are having aneurisms, and the real refs are seeing dollar signs. You have to expect they will get a huge payday off of this. The NFL right now is testing the limits of how dedicated the fans are. It’s one thing not to have football; it’s another to have a shame of the game being displayed. Let’s get these men back to work; I’d really like for my play clocks to make sense again.

Men’s soccer halts four game skid CONNOR DEHEL ’15 Sports Editor Heading into the Sept. 15 matchup with Rider University, the Saint Joseph’s men’s soccer team was coming off a four game losing streak where they were outscored 11-1, including three games where they were shut out. Saturday evening’s matchup at Finnesey Field against the Rider Broncos provided the Hawks the opportunity to record their second win of the season. Alex Critzos, ’15, a forward and the lead-

ing scorer from last year, got the Hawks on the board four and a half minutes into the first half, firing a shot to the left side of the net to beat the goalkeeper. Two minutes later, Tim Brennan ’13, scored his first goal of the season and his first goal of his collegiate career to put the Hawks up two over the Broncos. The Hawks’ goal keeper, Andrew D’Ottavi, ’13, stopped two saves in the first half between the pipes. In the second half, Critzos scored again in early fashion, this goal coming eight minutes into the half, putting Saint Joseph’s up three to nil. This would be the last scoring play of the game. The Hawks put up a brilliant sec-

ond half, with 13 of their 21 shots in the second half and D’Ottavi having two saves as well in the second frame. The Hawks outshot the Broncos 21-15 en route to a 3-0 shutout, their first of this year. The Hawks are 2-4-0 and already matched last year’s abysmal win total. D’Ottavi was named Philadelphia Soccer Six Defender of the Week after his stellar performance in the shutout on Saturday. D’Ottavi sports a 1.98 goals allowed average and a .670 saves percentage, a 162 best in the NCAA. Men’s soccer will next face off against Cornell in Ithaca, N.Y. at 4 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 22, and look to add another win to their streak.

Ryan Purcell, ‘14/THE HAWK