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ELLE, July 2013 Fashion Work

Assistant Stylist to James Worthington DeMolet Packed and unpacked for photoshoot, organized all clothing and accessories, steamed all garments, composed all sitting sheets, assisted styling the shoot, and ensured everthing was properly marked and safely returned to the Elle Fashion Closet.

Chicago Social Brides Fall/Winter 2012 Cover Shoot

Assistant Stylist to Isaiah Freeman Handled sample trafficking, packing and unpacking for photoshoot, steaming all garments, and assistatnt styling the shoot.

Lia Sophia Spring 2013 Lookbook

Assistant Producer to Amy Olson Pulled all 150 look options to present to out client, Lia Sophia Helped edit, present, and send all finalized looks to Palm Springs for the shoot Managed sample trafficking, invetory, & organization of potential shoot for Lia Sophia

Connor Childers' Styling Portfolio  

Connor Childers' Styling Portfolio. All Rights Reserved.

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