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Carson Group • Rebrand for all three business channels of financial services company Carson Group. Intended to unify and simplify the previously disparate brands.

Carson Group • Collateral and grid system used for all digital and print resources. Visit to learn more.

Carson Group • Brand application.

An Investor’s Guide to Behavioral Biases • Poster and trading cards designed to assist financial advisors in demonstrating poor investing behavior to their clients.

Vis Major Brewing • Unique illustrations designed for 12 different beers. Inspired by divine, mystical sources and folklore from around the world.

Vis Major Brewing • Thumbnails for all 12 beers, designed to potentially be used as packaging label in the future.

Vis Major Brewing • Ceres Shrine poster detail. Gold prize winner in the 2017 AIGA Nebraska Show.

Vis Major Brewing • Wayfare Jack poster detail.

Harrison Square • Identity for conceptual urban infill project in Dowtown Omaha.

Access from buildings’ 3rd floor


4 ft railing

light-up pillars between brick 18’ clearance 3’ square foundation

14’9” pedestrian space

Harrison Square • Welcome sign and directory mockups, custom ‘Harrison’ typeface.

10’ driving lane

Austin Jackalopes

Buffalo Blizzards

Las Vegas Flyers

Milwaukee Hops

Memphis Kings

Omaha Pioneers

Portland Axemen

Virginia Captains

National Bounceball Federation • Eight distinct identities for teams in a fictional sports league.

National Bounceball Federation • Example team uniform and court mockup (Portland Axemen).

Dilly Dally Hard Candy • Mid-century-inspired hard candy brand with a focus on playful and reusable packaging.

Dilly Dally Hard Candy • Packaging design that recieved a Silver award in the student category at the 2017 AIGA Nebraska Show.

50th Avenue Murder • Fictional movie poster design featuring custom typography.

Historical Posters • Posters emulating historical graphic design movements (Left: Victorian Woodtype, Right: Swiss International)

Nebraska Flag Project • Campaign to redesign the Nebraska flag to reflect the land and the people through meaningful symbolism.

Nebraska Flag Project • The new design is free to be used and reproduced by anyone. 712.259.1171

Profile for Connor Brandt

Connor Brandt Portfolio (April 2019)  

Connor Brandt Portfolio (April 2019)