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This font is called make juice, Not sure why, but it has a very metal Gothic look that goes well with My house style, I like its Almost sharp edge that it has And just how it looks, this though is not one of my preferred fonts

This font is called unreal tournament and is based on a font from a video game, while this does have a gothic metal look to it I find it a bit exaggerated and im not really a fan

This font is called unrealised, and is proably my joint favourite font because there is something about the font which is just simple yet effective and gets across what I need it to and just seems to fit the title.

This font is called abaddon, this font very much reminds me of one of my favourite bands, mushuggah, they are very metal and tend to use a font just like this and being as they are the kind of band I will feauture in my magazine it is perfect and is one of my preferred fonts

This font is called iron maiden and is based around the font that the band iron maiden use, they are a very rock almost metal band and while they are the kind of band I will be featuring copy right issues would probably prevent me from using this font.

This is another font based on a font used by a band, the band megadeth that use this style are a very heavy, metal/rock/thrash band and while they are again the perfect candidate of band to be featured in this magazine there are probably some copyright issues.

Possible Magazine Fonts  

possible magazine fonts for use in as level media