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Welcome Welcome to Verefina, where we help people live healthier, happier lives by creating pure and natural skin care and wellness products that are free of harmful parabens, petrochemicals, and artificial colors and fragrances. Unlike many products on the market today, Verefina products are formulated with care using natural whole ingredients that are safe and effective for you and those you love. At Verefina we take product purity very seriously and make each product the finest it can be by using the abundance of nature: real olive and calendula oils, powerful essential oils, natural butters from shea and cocoa, soothing aloe vera, and more. From our creamy lotions to our first aid remedies, our products provide lasting benefits without lingering side effects. Made just for you and delivered right to your door, Verefina products will change the way you think about skin care. It’s simple, easy and . . . “very Verefina.”

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Hazard Scale & Safety

A Note from Our Founder Dear Friend,

Many of today's health and beauty

When I began this journey I never imagined it

products are laden with damaging chemicals

would bring me here! In April of 2008, I became

that can create more problems than they

keenly aware of how toxic most commercial

solve. EWG's Skin Deep Cosmetics Database

products were. Becoming educated about individual (a third party consumer awareness group) ingredients and how they affect our bodies and our health became my passion. I began creating some of

rates over 74,000 health and beauty

the products in this catalog with the sole purpose of

products on a hazard scale of 0 to 10. To see

keeping my young children safe and healthy. Soon

how the products you are using rate, visit

my family and friends caught my vision, began using You will be

my products, and found they couldn’t live without alarmed by what you discover.

them! Now Verefina products are sold all over the United States (including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto

Verefina products are carefully created

Rico!) through our incredible Independent Consultants! I know that many of you are looking for products that are truly natural and toxin-free, just as I was. I am so pleased you

to provide a safe and nourishing answer to

have found Verefina and hope you will be delighted with what we have to offer you.

body care. Based on EWG's rating criteria, Verefina products are all rated with a low hazard

Formulating these products is my passion and seeing others enjoy them is an added

score of 0 to 2 because they are developed with natural ingredients designed for our bodies.


We invite you to try our refreshingly safe products. You will look and feel better, and best of

I am excited for you to flip through the pages of this new catalog! It contains the

all, you will know you are treating your body with healthful rather than harmful ingredients.

wonderful products many have come to know and love such as our best-selling First Aid Stick shown on page 15, as well as some great new items too! My favorite new product is the Fruit Enzyme Facial Cleanser shown on page 4. I have been using it for a few months

Do you know how TOXIC your favorite products are? Check them out at!

and it has made a huge difference in my skin! It has removed the dead skin cells that tend

The Environmental Working Group's

to build up on my cheeks and has given my skin a radiant glow! I also love to use it on my


feet as a moisturizer to keep them nice and soft. And I cannot forget to mention our new Verefina Travel Kit, found on page 7. Now you can take your Verefina products with you wherever you go — I know I do! I hope you enjoy whichever products you decide to















purchase! I know they will help you live life to its purest.

Jennifer Lugo Founder & Formulator

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Facial Care

Facial Care Lemon Coconut Creamy Facial Cleanser



99% Natural Ingredients Send your skin a new message by deeply cleansing without stripping vital oils! Our Lemon Coconut Creamy Facial Cleanser is packed with healthy ingredients that will help your skin self-regulate to its own optimal balance. Virgin coconut oil acts as a skin protectant and improves skin texture. Lemon essential oil brightens the complexion and regulates oil production for all skin types. Apricot kernel oil improves skin elasticity, suppleness, and is a great antioxidant. Jojoba beads exfoliate and are gentle enough to use daily. This cleanser will leave your skin moisturized and absolutely glowing – You’ll never go back to your old cleansing method.

3.5 fl oz • $22.50


Fruit Enzyme Facial Cleanser 99% Natural Ingredients Brighten dull, lack-luster skin while deeply cleansing without stripping vital oils. Verefina’s Fruit Enzyme Facial Cleanser is a gentle, non-sudsing cleanser. It has been formulated with a concentrated blend of fruit enzymes and botanical

Sea Buckthorn Facial Cream 99% Natural Ingredients If you are searching for a facial cream that can transform your skin, you have found it. Our Sea Buckthorn Anti-Aging Facial Cream contains omega fatty acids 3, 6, 7, and 9, which are vital for cellular support. They help boost collagen production and keep free radicals at bay. With aloe and extracts of calendula and pomegranate, and none of the harmful agents you’re likely to find in other facial creams, Verefina’s Sea Buckthorn Facial Cream is your answer to a genuine youthful glow. Ideal for daily use. Has a subtle citrus scent. 1.7 fl oz • $29.50

Anti-Aging With Aloe and Extracts of Calendula and Pomegranate

extracts which contain several naturally occurring AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acids). These powerful, yet gentle acids loosen and dissolve dead skin cells and help to regenerate new skin cells. They help smooth out rough, dry skin, improve the texture of sun-damaged and aging skin, and retain moisture which leaves your


skin healthy and vibrant. Enjoy smoother, brighter, younger looking skin with accompanying reduction of fine lines and wrinkles with regular use!

NEW! Antioxidant Eye Balm

3.5 fl oz • $26.50

100% Natural Ingredients

Tone & Hydrate Ultra Hydrating Rosewater Mist 99% Natural Ingredients This Ultra Hydrating Rosewater Mist contains powerfully hydrating ingredients that will give your skin a healthy glow, leaving it soft and radiant. Rosewater firms and tones while aloe soothes and heals. Its star ingredient, hyaluronic acid, hydrates, prevents water loss, and keeps skin supple and youthful.


4 fl oz • $21.50

As a hydrating mist – Spray on face after cleansing and before moisturizing. May also be used as a make-up setting spray or as a refresher throughout the day. As a cleansing toner – Cleanse skin before application. Spray liberally onto a cotton pad and smooth over face.

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Free radicals and deficiency in moisture are the main sources of aging, particularly in the region around the eyes. Verefina’s super concentrated Antioxidant Eye Balm has been formulated to moisturize and shield the fragile skin around the eyes from free radical damage with natural ingredients known for their potent antioxidant activity. Borage Oil contains the highest GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid) concentration of any oil available which helps to increase cell resilience and moistens the fatty layer beneath the skin. Borage Oil and CoEnzymeQ10, along with all the other natural oils found in this product, deliver a multitude of beauty benefits such as aiding collagen loss, soothing dry, scaly skin, and reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles. Apply after moisturizing. 0.25 oz • $22.50 | Page 5


NEW! 2 fl oz • $24.50

Cocoa Facial Mask

100% Natural Ingredients All Skin Types Made with real cocoa, coconut milk, and honey, this delectable mask will leave your skin feeling like it just indulged in a heavenly treat! Containing purifying rhassoul clay and skin-brightening oat flour —It is rich in antioxidants and will purify, soften, and smooth skin after just one application.

NEW! 2 fl oz • $24.50

Fruit Smoothie Facial Mask

100% Natural Ingredients Normal/Dry/Aging Skin Made with real strawberries, watermelon, and buttermilk, this “Fruit Smoothie Mask” will give your skin a real boost! Strawberries soften the skin and watermelon unclogs pores, while buttermilk and oats brighten and tighten the skin. Kaolin and pink clays are perfect for gently detoxifying dry to normal skin. Jojoba oil and honey help to restore the skins natural moisture balance.

Verefina Lip Protection – Balm and Butter 100% Natural Ingredients Whether you enjoy our rich and creamy Lip Butter or our silky smooth Lip Balm, your lips will stay soft and protected. Choose from our traditional Cool Mint flavor or our tropical Piña Colada flavor in either balm or butter. 0.15 oz • $4.00

Lip Balm Made with avocado and jojoba oils. Cool Mint Piña Colada

Lip Butter

NEW! 2 fl oz • $24.50

Made with rich shea and cocoa butters.

Cherry Lime Facial Mask

100% Natural Ingredients Oily/Acne Prone Skin This cherry lime mask is the ultimate cleansing treatment for oily, congested, or acne prone skin! Real lime, bentonite and green clays are deeply detoxifying and will draw out impurities. Rice powder captures and absorbs excess oils and impurities out of the skin. The cleansing properties of acerola cherries and coconut milk will leave congested skin feeling refreshed and purified! You'll discover exfoliated, revitalized skin after merely a single application!

Verefina Travel Kit Now you can shrink your favorite Verefina products and take them with you when you travel! Containers are empty, reusable,

Approximately 13 treatments per jar

and TSA approved sizes! The Verefina Travel Kit contains:

Directions for Use: Using the Verefina mask brush and blending bowl, mix one teaspoon of your choice of powdered mask with half a teaspoon of water to create a creamy paste. Apply to face with mask brush avoiding hairline, eye area, and lips. Let set for about 10 minutes, but always remove before completely dry with a warm, wet washcloth. Use once or twice a week after cleansing. DO NOT ADD WATER TO ORIGINAL CONTAINER.


• 3 bottles • 2 jars • 2 spray bottles • 1 foamer bottle • 10 custom labels • 5 blank labels • 1 clear zippered travel bag $18.50


Verefina Mask Brush & Blending Bowl Set The Verefina Mask Brush & Blending Bowl Set is the perfect accessory to your favorite Verefina mask! Provides the perfect application without mess or fuss. Rinse immediately after use. $12.50 With One Mask: $32.50

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Hand & Body


Sugar Scrub 100% Natural Ingredients

Aloe & Calendula Cream 99% Natural Ingredients Treat your body to something it has never experienced before – nourishing moisture that glides on and stays silky all day. Our Aloe and Calendula Cream is Spearmint

bursting with healthful ingredients that simply make life better. Calendula

You'll be wonderfully soft from head to toe with Verefina 100% natural Sugar Scrubs! Unlike salt, sugar won’t sting freshly shaven or broken skin. Verefina Sugar Scrubs are exfoliating and moisturizing to your skin and create incredible protection and glide while shaving. And they come in scents to calm, uplift or energize. Scented with only 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils, these sugar scrubs will make you feel like you’ve gone to an expensive spa without leaving your own bathroom.

soothes the skin and supports the body's natural skin repair functions. Aloe helps regenerate cells. Sunflower and apricot kernel oils moisturize and nourish the



skin with high amounts of vitamins A, B, D, and E. This lotion is especially good for dry, sensitive, or irritated skin. Grapefruit


5 fl oz • $19.50 Unscented

Cool Mint

Long-Lasting, Deep-Replenishing Cream Lemon Poppy Seed

9 fl oz • $19.50

Visit our website for product ingredient information


Olive Oil Lotion

Moisturizing Deodorant Cream

99% Natural Ingredients

100% Natural Ingredients

We created our Olive Oil Lotion for those who want simple, all-over moisture without a lot of fuss. With the benefits olive oil offers, this simple


yet luxurious lotion is great for your body or your face. Olive oil has wonderful moisturizing properties, in part because it contains linoleic acid


which prevents water from evaporating. Our Olive Oil Lotion also contains at

This is not your ordinary deodorant! Not only is it different in the way you apply it, it is different in the way it performs. If you are tired of deodorants that simply don’t work, that may contain harmful ingredients, and that reek of artificial scents, then it is time to try Verefina Moisturizing Deodorant Cream.

least four different antioxidants, which can help support the body’s quest to neutralize harmful agents.

3 oz • $9.50 Grapefruit

5 fl oz • $17.00 Unscented

Rich in linoleic acid and antioxidants

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Here’s how it works and why it’s better: • • • • • • •

Citrus Burst

Arrowroot powder absorbs wetness. Baking soda neutralizes odor. Virgin coconut oil is unfriendly to odor causing bacteria. Shea & cocoa butters soothe and moisturize. Essential oils smell wonderful and are unfriendly to bacteria. Use the smallest amount possible and pat into skin for best results. Application method allows you to apply with fingertips after putting on clothing, eliminating the problem of white residue on your clothing.

Grapefruit Spearmint | Page 9

Soaps Foaming Hand Soap 100% Natural Ingredients Our Foaming Hand Soap contains no synthetic surfactants and features ingredients derived from sunflower oil and coconut oil. Also featuring glycerin, this foaming hand soap will leave your hands feeling soft and silky. PH balanced so your skin will not dry out, this soap can be used as a body wash or even a shampoo. Its gentle cleansing action is especially good for people with sensitive skin.


9 fl oz • $9.50

NEW! Grapefruit


Cool Mint


Uplifts and energizes

Relaxes and soothes

Refreshes and enlivens

Energizes and refreshes

Foaming Hand Soap Concentrated Refill 100% Natural Ingredients Grapefruit


Cool Mint

NEW! Lemon


Page 10 |

DIY Cleaning Kit We are excited to offer our first DIY product! The Verefina cleaning recipes are kid and

Refill your Foaming Hand Soap bottle over and over with our Concentrated Refill to make buying it more affordable — especially with its new lower price! Now offered in “Unscented”, you can customize the scent in each pump in your home. Simply add some of your favorite Verefina Essential Oil with the concentrate before diluting with water. In addition to hand washing, this soap has countless other uses around your home! Ask your consultant for more information!

16 fl oz • $29.50 NEW LOWER PRICE!

Refills the 9 oz Foaming Hand Soap bottle 8 times. Visit our website for product ingredient information

pet friendly, versatile and easy to make at home. You'll love the way they clean too! Like the rest of our products, they are all natural, toxin free, and safe for everyday use. Recipes are included on each bottle and can be customized to fit your needs. The kit contains two 16 oz spray bottles, one 8 oz shaker bottle, a 2 oz bottle of unscented Soap Concentrate, a 15 ml Lemon Essential Oil, and a 15 ml Immunity Oil (Full Strength). To complete the recipes you will need to purchase a few inexpensive household items: 8 oz distilled white vinegar, a 32 oz box of baking soda, and 2 gallons distilled water. You will then have enough supplies to make 4 of each cleaner! $65.00 | Page 11

Verefina KIDS Don’t keep Verefina all to yourself! Your kids will love having their own natural care products in a yummy kid scent. Scented with 100% natural fragrance derived from essential oils, resins, botanicals and/or natural flavors; our Kids line will wrap your kids in natural goodness and keep them clean and soft from head to toe.

Baby Care Lavender

Baby Lotion 99% Natural Ingredients


This nurturing baby lotion was created by our founder for her very own newborn. It is lovingly infused with aloe vera and calendula and protects baby in a soothing and calming layer of moisture. Made with only wonderfully natural and beneficial ingredients (and none of the harmful agents you will find in some other baby care products), this baby lotion is a wonderful way to welcome your new little one into the world.

Kids Lotion 99% Natural Ingredients Natural moisture isn’t just for adults! Make those little chapped cheeks and elbows soft again. Verefina Kids Lotion helps you safely keep your kids’ skin the way nature intended it to be – soft, huggable, and healthy.

5 fl oz • $19.50

3.5 fl oz • $14.50

A soothing moisturizer for baby's dry, sensitive, or irritated skin.

NEW! Root Beer


All kids products come in our new Kid-Approved Scents!

Foaming Kids Soap

Visit our website for product ingredient information

100% Natural Ingredients Parents love Verefina Foaming Kids Soap because it is contains no synthetic surfactants or sulfates! Kids love the delicious scent options and fun package design. Use for cleansing little hands, bodies, and hair.

9 fl oz • $9.50 16 oz. Concentrated Refill • $29.50 Refills the 9 oz Foaming Kids Soap bottle 8 times. See page 10.

Kids Lip Balm

Foaming Baby Soap 99% Natural Ingredients Verefina Foaming Baby Soap is a gentle, real soap, not a harsh detergent. Sulfate-free, it is made with pure ingredients, soothing aloe vera juice, and lightly scented with essential oils. We make our Foaming Baby Soap with only pure, safe ingredients and NO synthetic preservatives, surfactants, emulsifiers or toxins. Bathing your baby is one of the purest moments you have with your new little person – make sure the soap you use is the purest available.

9 fl oz • $12.00


100% Natural Ingredients Keep those little lips soft and moist with safe and natural ingredients. Now they can have their very own balm that looks and smells just the way they want.

This is not a “tear-free” formula, so please use care around baby’s eyes.


0.15 oz • $4.00

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Visit for more information

The First Aid Stick is a permanent member of our family

First Aid

First Aid Stick 100% Natural Ingredients

Our First Aid Stick brings together a powerhouse of natural ingredients! These natural ingredients provide a natural effective alternative for cuts, scrapes, abrasions, bug bites and other skin irritations. They are also reputed to be unfriendly to bacteria and known for their potency.* Customers have also reported loving the First Aid Stick for relief from itching, bee stings, and diaper rash.

Stick (.5 oz ) • $14.00 Mini 3 Pack (.15 oz each) • $21.00 Mini 6 Pack (.15 oz each) • $39.00

First Aid Ointment 100% Natural Ingredients Our First Aid Ointment brings you the same benefits of the First Aid Stick in an ointment form. A natural effective alternative for cuts, scrapes, abrasions, bug bites and other minor skin irritations. The First Aid Ointment brings together a powerhouse of soothing ingredients that are unfriendly to bacteria and known for their potency.*

1.5 oz • $24.00

After-Sun Mist 99% Natural Ingredients This After-Sun Mist contains carefully chosen essential oils and botanical extracts that work together to soothe and repair sunburned skin. Lavender essential oil is known to help prevent peeling while peppermint cools the skin. With aloe and hyaluronic acid, Verefina After-Sun Mist hydrates while soothing, offering immediate relief during the repairing process.*

Directions for Use: Directions for use: Spray liberally on sunburned skin to soothe and to promote healing. Best when used immediately after sun exposure.

Just got home from our family camping trip. Mosquitoes were so bad we got eaten alive! I handed out some of the first aid ointment, everyone started calling it the miracle ointment! Works like magic!! Sonya W. – Idaho

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4 oz • $18.50 *This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. | Page 15

Immunity Oil Our Immunity blend is formulated to support a healthy immune system. This proprietary blend of five immunity-boosting essential oils offers you a natural and safe alternative to synthetic options. When carefully blended together, the essential oils of clove, cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary synergistically come together to make the oils more powerful together than they are on their own. We all dread the onset of an illness for us or our family members. Everyone knows that when a child brings a bug home from school, the entire family pays. Immunity gives you one more tool against cold season.* This versatile blend can be massaged into the bottoms of the feet for the quickest absorption.

Multi-Purpose Spray Therapeutic Grade Our Immunity Multi-Purpose Spray with a proprietary blend of essential oils is ideal as an air freshener, hand sanitizer, throat spray, mouthwash, or as a non-toxic surface cleanser for door handles, counter tops, toilet seats, and any surface that needs a potent yet safe cleaner. 4 fl oz Spray • $14.00 Directions for Use:

Immunity Full-Strength Therapeutic Grade

Shake well before each use. Spray into the air, throat, or onto any surface that needs to be cleansed. Not for use on infants or on sensitive areas of the body. Keep out of eyes.


Directions for Use: Dilute 2 drops with 10 drops of carrier oil (such as fractionated coconut oil) before applying to bottoms of feet (1:5 ratio). Increase dilution for use on children or other parts of the body. May diffuse for up to 30 minutes. For topical, aromatic, or dietary use. (Dilution necessary)

Essential oils are highly concentrated and should be used with care. If pregnant or lactating, consult a practitioner before use. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Keep out of eyes.

Pre-Diluted Dropper / Roll-On

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

A natural and safe alternative for a strong immune system

Pre-Diluted and Ready to Use • Therapeutic Grade Directions for Use: This proprietary blend of essential oils is formulated to support healthy immune function.* It has been pre-diluted in sunflower seed oil to make it even easier to keep your family healthy. Simply apply to bottoms of feet as needed.

1 fl oz Dropper • $21.50 10 ml Roll-On • $10.00

Visit our website for product ingredient information

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Essential Oil Singles Essential oils are highly concentrated aromatic liquids derived from seeds, bushes, flowers, trees, roots, and herbs. Essential oils are known for their health-giving properties and have been used for centuries to promote health and well-being. The quality of essential oils can vary widely. The highest and purest quality oils offer many more healthful benefits than lesser oils. Verefina essential oils are the highest quality therapeutic grade, making them a wonderful choice to harness nature’s power to help achieve wellness for you and your family.*

Orange Sweet


Citrus sinensis

Mentha spicata 15 ml • $35.00

15 ml • $11.50 Orange essential oil is used to uplift and energize while at the same time promoting a peaceful state of mind. Its rich, fruity scent is both therapeutic and pleasing.* Avoid direct sunlight for up to 12 hours after use. For topical, aromatic, or dietary use. (Dilution not necessary).

Spearmint is a rich antioxidant and has a minty scent that is more subtle than peppermint. This essential oil may help support the nervous and respiratory system. It promotes a sense of well-being.* For topical, aromatic, or dietary use. (Dilute for children or those with sensitive skin)

Verefina essential oils can be used in various ways. They can be applied to the skin (topical), diffused into the air (aromatic), or taken internally (dietary). Many oils can be applied directly to the skin while some require the use of a carrier oil to dilute. Always test for sensitivity when using an essential oil for the first time. If pregnant, please consult a physician before use.

Grapefruit Pink


Citrus paradisi

Citrus aurantifolia

15 ml • $17.50


Tea Tree

Citrus limon

Melaleuca alternifolia

15 ml • $12.00 Lemon has a myriad of uses, among them energizing and raising your mood. This oil may also be beneficial in cleansing skin and relieving sore throats.* Also excellent in removing gum and grease spots. Avoid direct sunlight for up to 12 hours after use. For topical, aromatic, or dietary use. (Dilution not necessary)

15 ml • $22.50 Tea Tree (Melaleuca) is one of the most widely used essential oils. Historically, the leaves of the melaleuca tree were used to assist in healing cuts and skin infections. Tea tree’s strong immune building properties make it a must for your essential oil cabinet.* For topical, aromatic, or dietary use. (Dilution not necessary)



Mentha piperita

Lavandula officinalis

15 ml • $23.50

15 ml • $24.50

Peppermint has long been used to invigorate the mind and body, to help with digestive problems, and as a

Steam distilled from the lavender flower, this essential oil is known for its calming and relaxing properties. Lavender is one

headache remedy.* For topical, aromatic, or dietary use. (Dilute for children or those with sensitive skin)

of the most widely used essential oils as it offers many benefits for a wide variety of ailments and issues.* For topical, aromatic, or dietary use.

Pink Grapefruit has been known to uplift and balance. Its pleasant scent not only lifts your spirit, but has also be e n use d to re l i e ve fat i g u e , headaches, and other ailments.* For topical, aromatic, or dietary use. (Dilution not necessary)

15 ml • $15.50 Lime has a refreshing lively fragrance reminiscent of summertime citrus. It can energize and help one overcome exhaustion.* Avoid direct sunlight for up to 12 hours after use. For topical, aromatic, or dietary use. (Dilution not necessary)

Clove Bud


Stzygium aromaticum

Eucalyptus globulus

15 ml • $17.00 This sweet spicy essential oil has potent immune-enhancing properties and is a wonderful antioxidant. Historically, clove has been used for skin infections, digestive problems, and toothache.* For topical, aromatic, or dietary use. (Dilution necessary)

15 ml • $15.00 Eucalyptus is used widely to ease and calm breathing. It is often an ingredient in cough and throat medicines.* For topical or aromatic use. (Dilute for children or those with sensitive skin)

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

(Dilution not necessary)

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Essential Oil Singles

Essential Oil Companions Fractionated Coconut Oil

Roman Chamomile


Anthemis nobilis

Boswellia cartier

5 ml • $39.50

4 oz • $14.50 Verefina’s Fractionated Coconut Oil makes the perfect companion to Verefina

5 ml • $33.50

Essential Oils. This light, non-greasy, and non-staining oil helps carry Verefina Roman Chamomile has an “apples & straw” aroma that is calming and relaxing

Frankincense has a grounding aroma that is sweet and balsamic. This highly sought

for both body and mind while also having anti-inflammatory properties. It is known for calming irritability in babies, children, and adults. It may

after oil has many uses including mood elevation, immune support, relaxation, joint pain,

combat insomnia, relieve headaches, calm inflamed skin, and relieve pain associated with arthritis, sprains, and muscle aches.* For topical, aromatic, or dietary

combating bacterial and fungal infections, battling dry and aging skin, and repelling insects.* Avoid use during pregnancy. For topical, aromatic, or dietary use. (Dilution not necessary)

Essential Oils under the skin. It is made from only natural ingredients (pure fractionated coconut oil), is colorless, odorless, and has an indefinite shelf life. This is a staple for your Verefina essential oil cabinet.

Directions for Use: Use for diluting essential oils for topical applications. Use at least five parts fractionated coconut oil to one part essential oil. Also use to calm sensitive skin reactions to essential oils by applying the coconut oil directly to affected area. For topical use only.

use. (Dilution not necessary)



Origanum vulgare

Rosmarinus officinalis

15 ml • $29.00

15 ml • $18.00

Verefina “AromaSphere” Diffuser Enjoy the ultimate aromatherapy experience with our brand new AromaSphere Diffuser using your favorite Verefina Essential Oils. Make your surroundings relaxing or invigorating simply by your oil selection. Unlike artificial scents that can cause headaches and allergic reactions, our diffuser allows you to surround yourself with a natural and healthy aromatic experience. Our diffuser produces vibrations at

Oregano, a member of the mint family, is invigorating, purifying, and uplifting. Oregano can be used for respiratory ailments such as colds and sore throats, digestive support, or to treat fungus and athletes foot due to is strong antibacterial, antiseptic, and antiviral properties.* For topical, aromatic, or dietary use. (Dilution necessary)

Ro s e m a r y h a s a n h e r b a c e o u s , camphorous aroma. It has a wide array of uses. It may help to counter depression and assist in managing stress, relieve congestion, relieve muscle aches and pains, and improve memory and mental alertness. It also has an excellent reputation for improving the quality of the skin, scalp, and hair. Avoid use during pregnancy.* For topical, aromatic, or dietary use. (Dilution not necessary)

Clary Sage Salvia sclarea 15 ml • $45.50

high frequency turning the water into a superfine mist for up to 21 hours with just one filling! The AromaSphere alone increases humidity and improves air quality through the production of negative ions. Negative ions help to lift your mood, strengthen the immune system, and relieve stress. The AromaSphere Diffuser is a perfect way to enjoy the benefits of your Verefina Essential Oils!


• Large 20 oz. capacity • 3 LED lights with independent light-control • High/low mist outputting settings • Easy to clean and operate • Silent operation When you purchase the Verefina AromaSphere Diffuser, you’ll get two 15 ml full

Clary Sage has a soothing, herbaceous aroma. It balances emotions, lifts the spirit, and has a calming effect. Clary sage often helps treat menstrual and menopausal symptoms, and has been used in childbirth during early labor.* Avoid during pregnancy, until labor begins. *For topical, aromatic, or dietary use. (Dilution not necessary)

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

Page 20 |

strength Verefina Essential Oils as a bonus! (Grapefruit Pink and Immunity Oil.)

Directions for Use: Fill diffuser with water. Add 5 to 10 drops of your favorite essential oil and diffuse.

$112.00 | Page 21


Simplify and save by ordering a Verefina package!

Choose any scent you like – you can even mix & match!

Pamper Me

Pamper Me PLUS • Aloe & Calendula Cream • Sugar Scrub • Lip Butter

Healthy Kids

Healthy Baby

• Olive Oil Lotion • Sugar Scrub • Lip Butter

• Kids Lotion • Foaming Kids Soap • Kids Lip Balm

• Baby Lotion • Foaming Baby Soap • First Aid Stick

$35.00 – You save $5.50

$37.50 – You save $5.50

$25.00 - You save $3.00

$39.00 – You save $6.50


Facial Care Trio

Facial Care Trio PLUS

• Lemon Coconut Creamy Facial Cleanser • Ultra Hydrating Rosewater Facial Mist • Sea Buckthorn Facial Cream $65.00 – You save $8.50

Indulge Me

• Fruit Enzyme Facial Cleanser • Ultra Hydrating Rosewater Facial Mist • Sea Buckthorn Facial Cream

• Aloe & Calendula Cream • Sugar Scrub • Moisturizing Deodorant Cream • Foaming Hand Soap • Lip Butter

Foaming Soap & 16oz Refill

$69.00 - You Save $8.50

$55.00 – You save $7.00

$34.00 – You save $5.00

• Foaming Hand Soap • Concentrated Soap Refill


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Simplify and save by ordering a Verefina package!

We’ve bundled some of our best sellers to make ordering even easier.

Stick it to Winter

Essential Oil Basics

• First Aid Ointment • After Sun Mist

• First Aid Stick • Immunity Oil – Pre-Diluted Roll-On • Lip Butter

• Tea Tree • Lavender • Lemon • Peppermint • Fractionated Coconut Oil

$39.00 – You save $3.50

$25.00 – You save $3.00

Mend Me

$85.00 – You save $12.00

Fractionated Coconut Oil

Clove Bud • Eucalyptus Grapefruit Pink Spearmint • Tea Tree


Immunity Roll-On & Refill

• First Aid Stick • Immunity Oil – Pre-Diluted Dropper • Immunity Multi-Purpose Spray

• Immunity Oil – Pre-Diluted Dropper • Immunity Oil – Pre-Diluted Roll-On

$45.00 – You save $4.50

$28.00 – You save $3.50

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Lavender • Peppermint Orange Sweet Lemon • Lime

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Host Opportunity Help your friends and family live healthier when you host a Verefina party. Guests will learn first-hand about the benefits of whole, natural skin care as an alternative to the massproduced, chemical laden products they may be currently using and can try out Verefina products before they buy! You'll be rewarded by earning nourishing Verefina products for yourself.

To host a Verefina party, contact a Verefina Consultant today. Host Rewards Program Host Free Product (% of Guest Sales Total*)

Host 1/2 Price Product

Additional Rewards

$200 - $399.99

10% ($20 - $39)


$400 - $699.99

15% ($60 - $104)


Free Shipping on Host Free and Half-Price Products

$700 - $999.99

20% ($140 - $199)


25% ($250 +)


Guest Sales*

$1,000 +

Additional Half-Price Product for each guest that books a future party (limit 4)

*Guest sales total does not include shipping or tax amounts.

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Consultant Opportunity If you are looking for ways to make money on your own terms, becoming a Verefina Consultant might be just what you are looking for. Here are just some of the rewards of being a Verefina Consultant: • Earn extra money for a mortgage payment, car, or vacation • Spend more time with your family • Be your own boss and control your schedule • Pay off bills • Get recognition for your achievements • Share a healthy product that customers need and want • Get significant product discounts For more information about becoming a Verefina Consultant, talk to the consultant who gave you this catalog or visit Whether you would simply like to purchase at a discount, earn extra money, or turn Verefina into a full-time career, the Verefina Compensation plan will richly reward you.

My first Open House I am counting as a huge SUCCESS! My sales are a little over $500, a possible new team member and 6 bookings. I say with all my heart I love the products, I love the company and I love the opportunities that lie ahead. Kim H. - Washington

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L i v e l i fe t o i t s purest

How To Order? Contact your Verefina Consultant to place an order or get more information on Verefina products. If you don’t have a Verefina Consultant, visit to find one or to place an online order.

Shipping Up to – $50 = $6.95 $200.01 – $300 = $18.95 Up to – $100 = $4.95 $50.01 – $100 = $8.95 $300.01 – $400 = $22.95 $100.01 – $200 = $9.95 $100.01 – $200 = $12.95 $400.01 – $500 = $28.95 $200.01 – $300 = $14.95 Add $5.00 for orders shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, or other U.S. Territories.

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