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First Response Our on-site First Response Unit is central to our organization and provides a valuable service to both our business and our customers. The First Response Unit is our internal contact centre which receives all new claim information via inbound calls, email and web-based notifications. The department is staffed by our own trained personnel which enables us to provide our corporate insurer and broker clients with a branded call facility Carpenters Law, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We have the capacity to handle claims notifications and process them to our clients’ specific requirements, including arranging roadside recovery and the instruction of Approved Engineers and Repairers.

This service results in a direct financial saving to our clients’ and an increased level of service to the Insured. With one phone call they can notify their Insurer or Broker of the accident and also give instructions Carpenters Solicitors to their Solicitor which results in a stress-free experience for the client and the immediate commencement of their claim. Carpenters provides a market leading FNOL service. Manned in-house 24/7, 365 Fully white labelled service Bespoke FNOL system written individually for each insurance client Experienced claims advisors Conversational style Focus on customer experience Able to provide full FNOL service, out of hours, or overflow facility Existing electronic links with national suppliers of non-legal services Early stage fraud and suspicious claim identification Intervention Service

First Response