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Quickstart Guide

Quickstart Guide Getting Started (1) Planning your Course Content and Layout (2) Customizing your Course (2) The Control Panel (3)

Getting Started Log i n t o using your Blackboard Learn userid and password. On your Home tab there are two areas that list which courses you are registered as teaching on or participating in. MY COURSES lists your courses for the current academic year.

My Courses

Choosing a Design (3) Course Banner (3) Creating your Navigation Menu (4) Adding Menu Items (4) Re-ordering Menu Items (5) Modifying Menu Items (5) Adding Content to your Course (5) Adding Announcements (5) Creating Folders in Content Areas (6) Adding Content (7) Copying/Moving Content (9) Making your Course Available (9) More Information/Help (9)

It is important to note the course is unavailable to students if the course name is greyed out. Students will be unable to access the course until you make it available to them. Making your course available is explained later in this guide.

Blackboard Learn Guide  

Blackboard Learn 9.1 Assistance

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