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Housesitting - Riding Out The Recession It finally happened to me. There had been rumors of layoffs round the company for almost a year. I had 6 years seniority as a computer specialist in a department of over 30 people and thought i was safe. The company had been very successful servicing the booming real estate industry. Now, even on my road of upper middle income homes there have been vacant houses, victims of the "mortgage crisis ". I was a tenant and fortunately my lease was about in order to expire. The company offered me a generous severance as well as vowed to call me back when the housing market picked up again. Being single, as well as in between relationships, i was free. My very first thought was have a long overdue vacation before looking for work. I had traveled in order to Mexico a few times as well as loved it. We knew enough the spanish language to get by. I logged on my favorite mexico website to search out a cheap destination for hanging a few weeks. THERE it was, articles about house sitting that caught my eye and changed my life. I clicked on the website mentioned in the tale and learned about house sitting. I registered and within 2 weeks I connected with a house sitting job within Puerto Vallarta. I had visited photo voltaic once on a cruise with Steve, my recently ex-boyfriend. NOw , I had a chance to take a look by living there for 4 several weeks in a vacation house owned by a upon the market lawyer from dallas. He wanted anyone to look after the place for that summer and watch following his friendly Dalmatian. I moved within 6 weeks ago. The house is situated on one of the 6 golf courses within PV. Last year he or she left a "watchie", slang for a local individual to keep an eye about the place. That did not work out. There were several problems including a break-in and some major un-repaired storm damage. The electricity as well as phone were shut off because the "watchie" spent the money on something else. It is a luxury house with all of the amenities you always wanted but could not afford. Suddenly i had a lot of time on my hands. Having been a workaholic for many years, i was constantly looking for something to do. I made friends with Rama, the dog, and we went on many long strolls together. At very first , exploring PV and also the surrounding areas used most of my time. We made a lot of new friends (mostly ex-pats) hanging out at a seaside bar almost everyday. But after a few days I realized that i was bored with myself and couldn't spend some time alone. I started reading again, something I enjoyed when i was younger. I decided that I was going to find out about the subjects that interested me in college however never had time to get into. After a quick trip to Amazon, my books arrived at the home just 2 days later on by FedEx. I unhooked the plasma television and vowed to leave it off. I dug into my newly found library: religion, background and quantum mechanics, my favorite subjects. Somehow they all seem to be tied together. One humid evening , a tremendous rainstorm, so famous here, arrived through with lot of lightening and magic. It was a joy to view it even though the rainfall had flooded your master bedroom. Actually,

I enjoyed cleaning it up as well as repairing the damaged seals around the french doors. It gave me something to do. This is one of the reasons homeowners need house sitters. Aside from scaring away would be criminals , maintenance is a key factor. You just can't leave a house vacant for long. Things happen, particularly here in PV where violent storms are typical in the summertime. My arrangement with the owner was that I would spend the utilities, gasoline , electricity and phone (which includes internet digital subscriber line ) while he was gone. He would pay all other expense for maintenance. This guaranteed him that they would be paid and working when he or she returned. It ends up costing me about $100 a month including running the a/c. Not a bad deal! Of course, after a while we met a local man and we began going out together. We were training each other our indigenous language. What fun ! Soon, I began to think that maybe i will not return to Colorado after this gig. I had sufficient money left over from my severance and i wasn't paying lease. I realized that rent was a major expense in my existence and that basically i was working just to spend the rent! right now the US economy was slipping into to the abyss and jobs were getting hard to find. There must be another way. I had 2 much more months to stay. We went back on the website as well as updated my profile showing that I will be available again. Francisco, my novio (sweetheart ) said that he would include me if I discovered another assignment and that we could keep our language lessons going among other things. At this time i am in communication having a homeowner in Puerto Escondido. Maybe she will choose me. Everybody tells me that Escondido is a cool location. I might even return on surfboard again... What recession? Life is an adventure, isn't it ? Try housesitting. lawyers in Costa Rica

Housesitting - Riding Out The Recession  
Housesitting - Riding Out The Recession  

had 6 years seniority as a computer specialist in a department of over 30 people and thought i was