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Micro Plush - product of the month

October 2012, Issue #11

Conni Award Winner Thank you to everyone who entered the Conni Awards for 2012. Congratulations to the winner; Elizabeth Thomas (VIC), who will be attending ICS in Barcelona, August 2013. The second winner is Susan Torr (QLD) who has won $500 to attend any conference related to continence education.

Micro-Plush is the newest innovation in bed linen: the waterproof and absorbent fitted sheets also serve as a mattress protector and can be used with or without an additional sheet. The pillow cover be used without an additional pillow cover. Micro-Plush protects pillows and mattresses from all fluids keeping them hygienic and stain free. Soft and luxurious, breathable and quiet, the Micro-Plush range ensures a comfortable sleep. The elasticised fitted sheets are entirely waterproof and absorbent, the pillow cover has a zip closure and air vent for extra comfort. Micro-Plush is extremely lightweight, quick and easy to launder.

New Faces We’ve had a very busy quarter at Conni, with some new HR news to tell. We have three new faces at Conni and are excited to have them all join us: · Kym Robertson has replaced Karen as Office Manager. Kym has a strong history in hospitality and is loving working during typical business hours. We are very happy Kym has joined us and look forward to her contribution to Conni for years to come; · Diane Olsen has joined us as Marketing and Communications Officer. Diane has recently relocated to Geelong, and has a 3-year old daughter. We welcome Diane and look forward to enhancing Conni’s communication with our clients and customers; · Melissa Bollman is joining us having worked in the Continence industry for more than 10 years. She will be our NSW & Sth QLD Business Manager from October 1st. We hope all of Melissa’s valued customers will continue to support her in her new role with Conni.

Conni Events Calendar HealthShare Expo, 28 September, Sydney, NSW Ageing Well Expo, 3 October, Geelong, VIC TRSA USA, 14-17 October, Chicago, USA Everybody’s Business CFA Forum. 19 October, Rydges on Swanston St, Melbourne VIC OT Conference, 9-10 November, Melbourne VIC

Cupcakes! One for you, one for me... (makes 12 large or 24 small cupcakes) Random Fact: The longest fence in the world is known as Dingo Fence, Wild Dog Fence, or Border Fence. It is approximately 5400km long and traverses the country from Jimbour (QLD) to the Great Australian Bight (SA).

This is a very simple recipe that is loved in Diane’s household. It always gets a good response, and she is often asked to bring these when visiting people. Try it—it’s SO easy! 1. Cream125g butter with 125g caster sugar; 2. Mix in 2 eggs and a few drops of vanilla essence; 3. Add 2tbsp lemon juice & zest,125g flour & mix well; 4. Spoon into cupcake patty moulds after smearing with butter; 5. Bake at 190° in a preheated oven for 12min or until golden; 6. After they have cooled, ice using remaining lemon juice/zest instead of water (simply icing sugar and the lemon). Image from Image from Wikipedia

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Conni Nurse Newsletter # 11  

1 page newsletter for continence nurses with Conni Award winners for 2012