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Travel 15 VACATION ON A BUDGET TIPS! Credit Cards:

1 Find credit cards without international transaction fees.

2 If you can get credit cards that reward you with miles or points, that’s a deal and if you can find one that

also has zero international transaction fees - even better!

3 Look for credit cards that have zero interests for a particular amount of time.

4 See if transferring balances is a feasible option. 5 Designate only one credit card for ALL of


vacation needs - this will help you to maintain all of your expenses in check and on budget.

It’s a good idea to keep copies of your IDs, passports, and credit cards in a secure location while traveling, just in case the originals get lost or stolen. Gay/Lesbian Bars/Clubs:

6 Keep fliers or vouchers you may receive while walking

around in the places you visit, as they may have discount coupons for entrance fees or drinks. These can also be found in bars/clubs, cafes, shops or even the internet - be careful with online coupons as they may not be from a reliable source or expired.

7 Some places may include a free drink, or happy-hours so bar-hopping is sometimes a good idea!

8 Dating apps can help you to locate the hottest spots - so make connextions with the locals - on & offline!


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