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from the editor


here are pride celebrations in almost every state in America, and are celebrated in almost every month throughout the year, with June being the most popular month for the annual parades and festivals. The gathering of so many unique individuals is enlightening and inspiring to say the least. This year, I celebrated a bit different. Typically, I attend a pride gathering in June of each year, to give thanks and celebrate my freedom. By chance, I was given the opportunity this year, to divulge into the history of both my freedom as an American citizen and my freedom as a lesbian, living in America. I was honored to sit with activist Sarah Schulman, and listen to the awe-inspiring stories of the actions taken by her and others to pave the path of freedom. I now have a real understanding of the battle for equality, and the history behind the life of freedom that I live today, all because of the actions taken by those who fought… and still fight for our human rights. Call it irony, call it coincidence… I call it fate, that in June, the month above all others in which I celebrate and give thanks for my freedom, I was able visit America’s Capital and learn about the history of this great Country, as well as sit with a legendary activist and learn how my freedom to live as an equal, came to be.

Make a career of humanity. Committ to the Noble struggle for equal rights. You will make a greater person of yourself, a greater Nation of your Country, and a finer world to live in.

- District of Columbia 1959


r e t t e L

In this issue, we discover all that Washington D.C. has to offer the traveler (pg 16); Christopher de la Torre unleashes the science behind the Gay Gene (pg 14); we introduce you to Baby M, an international pop star from Japan who is currently touring the US (pg 56); we learned how Paleo and CrossFit can lead you to a healthier lifestyle (pg 12); and Maria Lesetz brings us our quarterly dose of inspiration and well-being, learning how to “make peace with what is” (pg 48). While visiting Washington D.C., we stopped for dinner and desert in Georgetown (pg 44), we visited one of the infamous museums in our Nation’s capital…The Newseum, and don’t miss the special feature by contributing writer Edward Truth, on the time-line of LGBT equality in Washington D.C. (pg 26). Thank you for taking the time to browse the pages of Connextions Magazine. Your comments and feedback are always welcome! We look forward to connecting with you again when our Winter Issue releases in November, featuring gay-friendly travels to Maryland.

Shelly Shelly Straub

Connextions Magazine would like to send a special “Thank You” to Stacey Holewski for a wonderful D.C. experience!

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Connextions Magazine - Issue 8 DC  

Travel highlights in our nation's capital, Washington DC. Click to to subscribe or purchase the print edition.

Connextions Magazine - Issue 8 DC  

Travel highlights in our nation's capital, Washington DC. Click to to subscribe or purchase the print edition.