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Plans revealed for BUDGET drive-in supermall FREE TIME

Days out on a

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But Périgueux centre shop owners say they have not been informed about huge project


How are you hit by the cuts?


PLANS for a huge supermarket development on the outskirts of Périgueux have been revealed - to the surprise of town centre shopkeepers who say they have not been informed by the town council. Councillors have approved the building of a Leclerc Drive, shops, offices, warehouses and petrol station on the site of the former disco Privilège at the junction of route d’Angoulême and the voie des Stades. Plans for the huge 16,500m2 development can now be consulted at Périgueux town hall and, if no opposition is lodged, building work will start in September. Some demolition work may possibly begin before. Despite the application being passed by the town council in November 2010, and the submission of plans at the beginning of June, many town centre The Leclerc shopkeepers supermarket expressed surprise will be built on the about the developroute d’Angoulême ment when con-

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OPINION For or against new McDrive?

Kneading approval Dordogne’s prize-winning baker p 24

What do you think of this development? Is this one too many supermarkets or a good addition? Email dordogne@

TGV Tours-Bordeaux approved Photo: Arnaud Loth, Sud Ouest

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tacted by The Advertiser. “I’ve read about this project in the local papers but nothing directly from the town hall,” said one. “We haven’t been given details by the council. “I don’t understand the logic of having another centre like that when we already have Marsac and Boulazac,” another added. Périgueux Town Council has refused to comment on the projects, which are backed by the local chamber of commerce and industry. The Advertiser contacted 10 councillors for comment but none returned our calls. Architects Pierre Vigier, of Périgueux, have created the plans for the site, which have been lodged by Fabrice Faure, the director of the Leclerc stores at La Feuilleraie and Clos-Chassaing. Leclerc Drive allows customers to shop online and pick up their orders from the supermarket. The plans also include a 148-space car park.

FINAL approval has been given for Europe’s largest rail project, which will cut train times between Paris and Bordeaux to just over two hours. The LGV Atlantique (ligne à grande vitesse) will extend the high-speed line from Paris that currently stops at Tours all the way to Bordeaux, via Angoulême, at a cost of nearly 8 billion. By 2017, the deadline for completion, TGVs will take 30 minutes to run between Bordeaux and

Angoulême. Construction will begin in early 2012 on 15 different sections of the 302km track. The project has been under discussion for ten years and involves 117 communes and six departments. It will need 400 bridges and tunnels and is Europe’s biggest rail project. The work will be carried out by the Réseau Ferré de France (RFF) and Vinci who have signed deals for both the construction of the line and a 50-year maintenance contract.

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Barn swallow count drops 75% since ‘06 RESIDENTS should take action to help the local swallow population, which has dropped to a quarter of its 2006 level, according to an ornithologist. Claude Soubiran says the declining number of barn swallows in the department will have a great affect on people’s lives. “Their song is part of the atmosphere on a summer’s day. Imagine if they were not there, it would be silent and sinister,” he said. Mr Soubiran has been monitoring the barn swallow population. Five years ago he counted 200 couples under the pont de Vicq at Le Buisson but today the count only reaches about 50. Reasons for the decreasing population, a national trend, include; barns being turned into housing, use of metal beams instead of wooden ones in renovations, nests being destroyed and the use of insecticides which leaves less food for the birds. People can encourage swallows to nest on their properties by leaving barn windows open or making small openings for them under the eaves. “Swallows like to nest in nooks and crannies usually in out buildings,” he said. “If droppings are a concern for you, put a plastic sheet below the nests to catch them."

The Advertiser, Dordogne July 2011

Protests continue as shale gas ban remains unclear Campaigners believe the technique poses a PROTEST groups held a joint demonstration threat to the water table, and to the local area, on June 18 outside the sous-prefecture in Sarlat due to the quantities of materials that will need in the hope of persuading the government to to be transported in and out. abandon plans to exploit shale gas reserves in MP for the Sarlat area Germinal the Dordogne and the Lot. Peiro is against shale gas fracking As The Advertiser went to press, and said: “I have spoken several MPs were still examining a ban on times at the Assemblée Nationale shale gas hydraulic fracturing. A about this subject. I will defend the clause banning the technique, motion to reject these projects and except on grounds of “scientific fully support the actions of the experiment”, has been revisited group, comité de vigilance de several times during the examinaPérigord, who organised the tion of the bill, which was originalprotest.” ly touted as a complete ban. Nick Grealy, who runs the webA committee of MPs and senasite, believes tors has agreed that a separate Sarlat MP Germinal that people’s fears about exploiting group will examine the definition Peiro supports the of “experimental” - a term deemed shale gas protesters this resource are unfounded and shale gas should seriously be contoo general for a new type of sidered as an alternative future energy resource. drilling technology. “The European narrative on shale, similar to Hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, North America’s, has been based on unscientifinvolves blasting a high-pressure mixture of ic and out of context calls to emotion, not scisand, water and chemicals into underground ence,” he said. The French Assembly and Senate cracks, formed by setting off shockwaves, to are due to review the law again on June 30. extract shale gas.

Drivers warned over parking scam MOTORISTS should beware of scammers staging accidents in car parks to get people to hand over money towards false insurance claims, police have warned. The scam, seen at least three times in Bordeaux, is a way of eliciting cash out of people, particularly the elderly and vulnerable. Foreign drivers could also be vulnerable. As the driver leaves the car park, another car hits their wing-mirror. With an air of distress, the scammer accuses the victim

of not paying attention. After making them feel guilty, the scammer then pretends to call an insurer to arrange a favourable deal to cover the cost of the damage, usually between 150 and 200. Victims of the scam have gone to the nearest cash point to draw out money to avoid trouble. “People must pay attention and refuse the ‘friendly’ arrangement or make a note of the car number plate and report the incident to the police," said a police officer.

The Advertiser, Dordogne

July 2011

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Dordogne gran takes up skydiving - aged 75

Marcelle Rabassa takes her birthday plunge with skydive instructor Patrick Bourgeois

Photo: Chute Libre Dordogne

A DORDOGNE grandmother is thought to have become the oldest person in France to do a skydive — after being bought a jump as a 75th birthday present. The 3,500-metre jump is the kind of gift most people would shy away from, or at least wonder if its bearer actually loved them, but not Marcelle Rabassa, who lives in Domme. “My family knew it was something I’ve always wanted to do, for the experience and the emotions you feel,” she told The Advertiser. “My husband was very happy to let me do it - although I don’t think he’d be able to do it himself!" The jump was done with the assistance of Patrick Bourgeois, who set up skydiving centre at Sarlat-Domme last year and who himself has racked up 10,000 jumps since

1987. After a short flight, Mrs Rabassa did a free-fall for the first 1,500 metres before Mr Bourgeois opened up the parachute Was she nervous going up? “I was just excited,” the retired medical secretary said. “It was a wonderful experience, the conditions were perfect.” Mrs Rabassa is already contemplating another jump and thinks she might try a different location in Corrèze. The oldest person in the world to perform a tandem parachute jump is Estrid Geertsen, according to the Guinness Book of Records. At the age of 100, she made the jump from an altitude of 4,000 metres over Roskilde, Denmark. In 1992, Herb Tanner, a 92-year-old American with artificial knees, made it into the record books after becoming the oldest person to jump from a plane alone.

Building rules guide published for home-owners

Bardot joins rescue fox protest

A GUIDE for home-owners wishing to build or renovate properties has been published for 14 communes in the heart of the Dordogne. The booklet gives comprehensive advice on architectural requirements, the need to blend in with the landscape and the administrative steps necessary to gain approval for building projects. It is available in any of the mairies involved or online and aims to help the home-owner to define a project, set out what constraints might be encountered relative to location and define the administrative requirements that must be followed. For a list of communes involved and distribution details see dordogne planning

Law on wild animals could mean death for fox cub and prison for family who rescued him

Photo: © MaxPPP

BRIGITTE Bardot and French actor Alain Delon are among the celebrities who have signed up to the cause of Zouzou — a fox cub who faces being taken from the family who rescued him and put down. Zouzou was found on April 2010 curled up by the body of his mother at a roadside in Gardonne. The family who took him home and cared for him now face a fine of up to 15,000 and one year in prison for breaking the law regarding wild animals. The hearing takes place on July 5 in Bergerac. Zouzou could be destroyed if authorities decide it is too late to return him to the wild or a specialised centre de sauvegarde. “People are coming from far away - from Paris and Nice for the hearing," said Ana-Paule Rodrigues. Ms Rodrigues, her partner Didier Delanes and their two children were unable to produce a certificat de

apply for the certificate rather than attend court on July 5. “Zouzou has a health passport, has had his vaccinations and is due to be sterilised at the end of the month,” said Ms Rodrigues. They have been inundated with calls from supporters and the Facebook page Aidez-nous à sauver Zouzou (Help us save Zouzou) has over 1,400 members. “Since the start we’ve received Ana-Paule Rodrigues around 4,000 telephone calls and and Didier Delanes face the petition now has 22,000 signaprison for adopting the tures,” said Ms Rodrigues. A fox cub Zouzou protest is planned outside the courtroom and Ms Rodrigues has written to President capacité, compulsory in France for anyone who wishSarkozy for support. es to keep a wild animal, during a visit by authorities. Director of the Association for Wild Animals “Brigitte Bardot wanted to offer support on behalf of (ASPAS in French) Madline Reynaud said the law was her foundation and personal support herself. clear and that keeping a wild animal at home is illegal. “She could not understand how we could be treated “Everyday people call us saying that they have this way for having saved an animal when there are picked up a hedgehog, a squirrel or a fox cub and we many more cases of bad treatment,” she added. warn them that they are not allowed to keep it and The family say the préfecture are refusing to give that if they do, the animal will be destroyed and they them the papers needed to apply for the certificat de could face problems with the law,” she said. capacité. They maintain that they would prefer to

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THE first stage in the trial of Neil Ludlam, accused of the murder of Peter Fuller, will take place at the start of this month. Prosecutors will apply to commence court proceedings. British businessman Peter Fuller was found dead at his home in Plaisance near Issigeac in June 2009. He had just built an 18-hole golf course in the Dordogne. Ludlam was Mr Fuller’s employee. Photo: Prefecture Ariège

New prefect for Dordogne A NEW prefect has been appointed to the Dordogne. Jacques Billant, the current prefect of Ariège, will succeed Béatrice Abollivier, who has been appointed prefect of the Charente-Maritime.

Electronic parking fine launched PARKING fines will now be issued electronically by the Police National in the Dordogne. Instead of a ticket on the windscreen, fines will be logged at a national centre and posted to your home.

July 2011

Locals help drought-hit farmers Pledges of grazing land help farmers feed animals as drought hits feed supplies A RADIO station campaign is helping farmers find fallow land around the department, so animals whose feed supply has been reduced by drought, can graze. France Bleu Périgord has been asking people in the department with at least one acre of fallow or grassland to offer it to local farmers for grazing. The radio station says that over the first two week’s of Opération france bleu périgord solidarité sécheresse, several hundred tonnes of food has been made available for farm animals. Although recent rainfall has restored some greenery and river levels in the department, it came too late for hay harvests destined to feed livestock. Some farmers are worried they will be unable to feed their animals. In June the Dordogne prefecture relaxed some rules on irrigation, but said the situation remained critical. The rainfall has done little to increase underground reservoirs, which are depleted across the country. The drought is one of the worst since 1976, a record year for lack of rainfall, according to a researcher for the l'institut national de recherche agronomique. Exact water restrictions for the public vary from week to week and depend on the local authority. To find out current restrictions in your area, contact your mairie.

Photo: Jean Michel Mazet /MaxPPP

Trial date set for golf murder case

The Advertiser, Dordogne

As feed supplies dwindle, Dordogne farmers are asking local people to make fallow land available for grazing PRECISE water restrictions only really apply to people who take it from rivers, streams or ground-water, for uses like irrigation of farms. For members of the public, prefects may ask that people avoid water use for non-essential tasks, like filling a swimming pool, watering the lawn or vegetable garden, washing the car or cleaning a pavement or facade. The seriousness of shortages in a given department is stated by a colour-coded alert level shown on the

maps the ministry produces at Point-situation-secheresse.html The codes are: „ Grey: no measures in place, but there are plans for them if required „ Light orange (level one): limited measures. Applicable on no more than one day a week (or restricting use of irrigation by no more than 15%) „ Orange (level two): strong measures: limitations applicable on 1-4

days a week. „ Red (level three): very strong. At least five days a week, possibly including a complete ban on irrigation. The Préfecture for the Dordogne has set up a special section on its website dedicated to the drought. Visit dordognedrought to see the latest maps on the areas of concern. Each week the prefect reviews the drought measures and updates maps and restrictions.

The Advertiser, Dordogne

July 2011

News 5

Dordogne on a shoestring MANY OF US will find ourselves with less to spend this summer. Janice Moody offers ideas for low-cost (and some completely free) ways of enjoying the Dordogne in the coming months that will leave you with the spare cash to do a few of the more expensive activities on your wish list. Walking: Less spending power often means going back to basics, so why not focus on enjoying the natural beauty of the Dordogne countryside? With approximately 4,000 km of designated and signposted footpaths for short walks and 780 km for long hikes, the Dordogne is the perfect place to get back to nature and it is completely free! Maps are available from tourist offices. Les Sentiers du Périgord will show you the paths in your local area, or you could try the Dordogne Périgord Carte Touristique, which features a hike called Hydraulic industrial landmarks along the Isle and Auvézère valleys. Cycling: This is another great way to experience the beauty of the region, along its 1,000km of bike trails. If you need to hire a bike, you will find mountain bike centres in most larger towns. Some even deliver to you. „ Les voies vertes are flat, smooth paths ideal for walking, running, roller-skating, cycling and wheelchairs. There are three in the département: Trélissac-PérigueuxMarsac (16 km), Sarlat-Cazoulès (24 km) and Saint Pardoux-Thiviers (17 km) and all are completely free to use. and canoeing, plus other back-to-nature activities such as horse-riding, see Swimming: There are numerous lakes (plans d’eau) in the region that charge a small entrance fee and offer a sandy beach. Three of the better-known ones are the Grand Etang de la Jemaye (Ribérac), Base de Loisirs de Rouffiac (Lanouaille) and the Plan d'eau de SaintEstèphe, (Nontron). For a completely free swim, take a dip in the clear waters of the Dordogne’s rivers, but beware, there are dangerous spots. Ask at your local tourist office to make sure you are bathing safely.

Canoeing: There are 637km of waterways in the Dordogne and canoeing is popular. It costs money, but you can normally take as long as you want, even all day, which makes it good value. One of my favourite routes is from Groléjac to Vitrac on the river Dordogne, where you canoe right underneath Château de Montfort and there is a beach opposite. Leaflets at your local tourist office list canoe hire companies. You might need to book in July and August. For more information on walking, biking

Sightseeing and places to visit: If you prefer places to visit where there is no entrance fee, the Dordogne boasts 10 out of France's 155 “prettiest villages”: SaintAmand-de-Coly, Beynac-et-Cazenac, Castelnaud-la-Chapelle, Saint-Léon-surVézère, Belvès, Domme, La RoqueGageac, Limeuil, Monpazier and SaintJean-de-Côle. Although there is no charge for walking round these villages, there may be entrance fees to certain attractions at some of them, for example, the castle at Castelnaud. See In the Bergerac region there are 12,500 hectares of vineyards and at many of them you are welcome to drop in for free tasting. La Route des Vins, from the Maison des Vins or the tourist office in Bergerac, is your best guide. See The Dordogne is also foie gras country

and a visit to a local duck or goose farm can help get a sense of the real Périgord. There are free tastings or a shop if you can stretch your budget. Maps are available at tourist offices. See Festivals and celebrations: Some festivals offer free entertainment, such as the Nontron knife festival (August 6-7) or the medieval festival that spans the Dropt valley, south of the river Dordogne, from July 31 to August 21, where you can enjoy jousting displays, medieval games, and more. If you do want to invest a little of your pocket money, the medieval banquets are well worth it. See and Useful tips: Churches and art exhibitions across the region are free to visit, as are some museums, such as the Maison des Vins in Bergerac Keep an eye out for special offers. I recently came across a coupon on the paper sleeve that my baguette came in from the local boulangerie offering me one free ticket at a certain fun park once I had already bought a ticket. There was also an offer of a free drink for one ticket purchased at another park. For more information on what’s happening this summer and places to visit for all budgets, see our very own Dordogne What's On Guide at

New scheme to save cash on leisure WITH the summer season now under way, you might want to equip yourself with a Réductions en Périgord discount card. The brainchild of Adrien Thomas, a 22-year-old sports science graduate from Sarlat, the card offers discounts of 10-15% on services and activities. Mr Thomas has so far partnered with 75 tourist and service providers, including restaurants, sports venues, activity centres,

local goods providers, castles and open gardens. See to buy a card. The Unlimited card, valid for seven days, costs 12 and the VSD (vendredi-samedidimanche), valid Friday to Sunday, is 8. You can pay online or by cheque, with the card expected to be delivered to you within three days. So far, businesses that have signed up include Labyrinthe de l’Ermite

in Domme, Le Conquil Parc aux Dinosaures,near Montignac, Parc Joséphine Baker at Castelnaud and Golf de la Forge, Siorac. There are also discounts on bike hire, bowling and spas The scheme has the backing of tourist offices in Daglan, Beynac and La RoqueGageac , while Mr Thomas is awaiting confirmation from those in Montignac, Les Eyzies and Le Bugue.

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The Advertiser, Dordogne

Annual pants parade gives town the slip

McDonald’s plan splits townsfolk

LOOKS of surprise, confusion and amusement could be seen on bystanders’ faces as the annual Fête du Slip, the Pants Party, paraded through the streets of Périgueux on June 20. For the past five years the Féderation Périgourdine de Mobile Clubbing, organises the event to celebrate the humble pair of pants. This year they met as usual at the old band stand, Allée Tourny and then paraded through the streets of Périgueux, chanting and singing the praises of pants while condemning the wearing of boxer shorts and g-strings.

A MCDONALD’S restaurant with a drivethrough is being considered for the shopping mall project in Périgueux town centre. In the land of foie gras and truffles, how welcome are fast food restaurants? We asked residents for their opinions.

“The new commercial centre could be a good motor for all the shops here that have been overshadowed by the two big industrial estates outside the town. It will also bring a bit of life back here and make the town centre bigger. To be honest, whether it be McDo, KFC or any other I can’t see a problem, why not?" Nicolas Royer, 23, technician “There are already two, in Marsac and Trélissac, and I think that is enough. But if a McDo does open in the centre of town it will have a lot of customers, especially students who don’t want to eat in the school canteen!" Joséphine Florez, 21, student “There are already enough snack food places of various sorts. Périgueux is depopulating, and those who do live here have means and ambitions that rise above American fast food.” Carole Duverneuille, 38, secretary “I’m for it! It will be a lot better for students.” Julie Huguenin, 16, student “I can’t believe they’d even be considering this. The centre of town should have fewer cars in it, not more, and a drive-through would bring in far too many vehicles. I can imagine that the restaurants and cafés around it wouldn't be too happy either.” Odile Jamme, civil servant

Photos: Kirsten Stroud

“I really don't care, but why are they trying to wake up this sleepy town? Let it rest in peace. There are already 30,000 McDos all over the world — that’s enough isn't it?” Jean-François Dupon, retired “This kind of establishment does nothing to help children discover food — and look at the results in the USA! Cola plus McDo equals sugar and fat. We are lucky enough to live in a region where we can eat healthy products from either our gardens or local producers. For those that like the idea of another McDo, they should read Toxin, by Robin Cook. After reading that, if you still want to eat in McDo then you haven’t understood anything.” Jean-Marc Douat, 64, retired

July 2011

Will Périgueux be lucky for candidate Hollande?

By KIRSTEN STROUD FORMER Socialist leader François Hollande, who aims to be the party’s candidate in the 2012 presidential election, received a warm welcome on a visit to Périgueux —and said he believed the town would bring him luck. After visiting local businesses, he addressed a party public meeting at the Filature hall that attracted an audience of 2,000, including most of the Socialist Party MPs and mayors of the département. Mr Hollande presented himself as a man of the people, declaring that he would be an “exceptional president — an exceptionally normal president”. His slogan is Proximité, Clarté et Volonté — proximity, clarity and determination. He was suitably forthright when he spoke of helping young people get a good start in life through education and employment, of reviewing nuclear power in France and of bringing back “the French revolutionary dream of a strong and dynamic republic that respects liberty, fraternity and equality”. Local Socialist Party member Martine Lechelle, who lives in Chantérac, told The Advertiser: "I think he makes people feel more involved in their country.”

I will be an exceptional president — an exceptionally normal president François Hollande

Invited to follow Mr Hollande during his visit, she said: “He's very approachable and down to earth. I felt very at ease with him and not at all intimidated He has a good sense of humour and he even asked me to tutoie him (talk to him in the tu person not vous). It felt very strange to do, but he insisted. “He seems to have the nation’s interest at heart, not his own personal agenda, and he makes every person feel important, whatever walk of life they come from or whatever job they do. I saw this when he visited a factory. He took the time to speak to the workers and seemed genuinely interested in what they had to say.”

Such enthusiasm was echoed at the Filature hall, where the audience rose to their feet stamping, clapping and chanting when Mr Hollande made his way to the stage. He received a similar standing ovation at the end of his speech. Whether this support will spread widely enough to get him through the first electoral rounds to become the Socialist candidate for the presidency remains to be seen, but Mr Hollande, who is MP for Tulle in Corrèze, sees his rousing reception in Périgueux as a good omen. The last time he visited, it was to support Michel Moyrand in his campaign to become the town’s mayor, and he hopes the success of the Socialists in that election will be reflected in his own presidential run.

The Advertiser, Dordogne

Wine 7

July 2011

News from the Dordogne’s wine region


By JANICE MOODY L’Assiette de Cyrano, Bergerac old town July 13 and 14 (all day) Devoted to locally-produced food and wine, this event draws in thousands of people every year who come to enjoy good-quality and creative food prepared by several local restaurants at a special price of 8.50 maximum. You’ll find stands scattered across the old town (Place de la Myrpe, place Cayla and Quai Salvette) with sitting and standing room for eating and wine-tasting. There is also live music and fireworks at midnight to celebrate Bastille Day. Sigoulès wine festival July 23 and 24 (all day) Situated just south of Bergerac, the small town of Sigoulès hosts one of the region’s favourite wine events, bringing the town alive with live music, shows, al fresco dining and lots of wine tasting. More than 30 winemakers will be offering free wine tasting and a friendly chat. There is also a market selling locally-produced foods and crafts. The town has also laid on street entertainment, concerts and shows. During the fair the best local winemaker of the year will be recompensed with a prestigious trophy. Les Mercredis du Jazz, Maison des Vins, Bergerac Wednesdays July 6, 13, 20, 27, starts around 21.00 If you like jazz, then make your way to the magnificent Cloître des Récollets (cloisters) at the Maison des Vins on July 6 for the first of a series of free open-air concerts over the summer months given by jazz and blues bands, accompanied by wine tasting. Les Mercredis Gourmets - apéritifs and music in the old town, Bergerac Wednesdays July 20, 27 at 18.00 The covered market in the centre of Bergerac is the venue on July 20 and 27 (with further events in August) to enjoy mixing with locals and tourists over a glass of Bergerac wine, accompanied by some light music. You can pick up a ticket for a free glass of wine from participating shops in the centre of town that are identified by a poster advertising the event. Open air concert by local choir In Canto Veritas, Maison des Vins, Bergerac Fridays July 22, 29 from 18.30 - 20.00 On July 29 this is followed by another concert “Ecouter pour l'instant" at 20.30. La Maison des Vins and wine tasting During the months of July and August the Maison des Vins in the old part of Bergerac town is open seven days a week. Introductory wine tasting sessions will run Monday to Friday from 16.00-17.30. The sessions are in English on Tuesdays and Thursdays and French on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, although this programme is flexible. The sessions costs 5 each. There will also be a differ-

ent wine grower present every day of the week in the wine shop, presenting samples of their wines. Even if wine tasting is not for you, the building itself makes it worth a visit. The 17th century building’s monastic architecture, with superb vaulted room, houses a wine exhibition that extends into the beautiful cloisters. Call 05 53 63 57 55 La Route des Vins During the summer months many local vineyards offer guided tours with wine tasting. This month those taking part are as follows: Château de Tiregand at Creysse Friday July 1, then Monday to Friday from July 4 to 29. Guided one-hour tours for 3 at 10.30 and 14.30 (the second is English only). Call 05 53 23 21 08. Website in English. Château Haut Garrigue at Saussignac Saturdays July 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 and Thursdays 7, 14, 21, 28. Take part in a free discovery walk through the vineyards, from 17.00-19.00 in English. Call 05 53 22 72 71.

The Assiette de Cyrano mixes music, wine and food in Bergerac old town on July 13-14 For a full program of events go to the following website (English version available - click on the flag)

Château Masburel at Fougueyrolles Saturdays July 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 Walks though the vineyards at 14.30 and 16.30. They last one hour, cost 2, (including a snack) and can be done in English. Call 05 53 24 77 73. The vineyard will also be hosting a medieval Fête de la St. Jacques from 17.0023.30 on July 23. Concerts, an exhibition of old instruments and a meal take place on Saturdays on July 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 at 20.00 12 adult, 6 children. Reservations required.

Destination Vignobles This is a network of vineyards, restaurants, producers of local foods, hotels and tourist sites that welcome tourists and ensure a certain

Domaine de l'Ancienne Cure Mondays July 4, 11, 18, 25 A free walk, in English, around an organic vineyard. 10.00-11.30. Call 05 53 58 27 90.

THIS summer why not try something different with this cocktail created by Victor Delpierre, head bartender and manager of restaurants at the luxury Edouard 7 hotel in Paris.

Domaine de Siorac at St. Aubin de Cadelech Tuesdays July 5, 7, 12, 19, 21, 26, 28 Guided visits from 10.00 to midday. Costs 2 and entitles you to a 5% discount at the vineyard’s wine shop. French only. Call 05 53 74 52 90.

IN the words of Victor Delpierre himself, this is "a simple and fun” cocktail. The ginger beer makes a peppery note that balances the sweetness of sweet, white, Côtes de Bergerac. Avoid using sweet ginger ale. The mellow Côtes de Bergerac is a wine with a full-bodied taste and aromas of freshness and spontaneity to enjoy in its youth (use a recent vintage). You can enjoy it in a tall glass filled with ice, in a ‘rosé wine in Saint Tropez’ style.

Château la Renaudie in the Pécharmant region July 6, 13, 20, 27 A free, one-hour walk through the vineyard at 10.30. (In English). Call 05 53 27 05 75. Château Ladesvignes Thursdays July 7, 14, 21, 28 All day wine and cheese tasting. No one speaks English but the chateau says they can get by. Call 05 53 58 30 67. Domaine de Coutancie Thursdays July 7, 14, 21, 28 Wine tasting with fruit from 17.00-18.00, cost 3. On July 14 the vineyard lays on a traditional Bastille day brunch with bbq and wine tasting for 23. Starts at midday. You need to reserve. English spoken. Call 05 53 57 52 26. The La Route des Vins map shows where these vineyards are situated and is available at the Maison des Vins or the tourist office in Bergerac.

Visit the Maison des Vins and local vineyards

level of quality. You can find maps and addresses of top destinations in pdf format (in French) at the bottom of this website. Other useful websites:

The Bergerac Wine Pool - beach cocktail

The Bergerac Wine Pool by Victor Delpierre In a large, round glass filled with ice, add 12cl of sweet, white, Côtes de Bergerac wine. Photo: CIVRB- Nicolas Edwige

THIS month, while the grapes are ripening in the summer sun, it’s time for locals and visitors to celebrate Bergerac wines, with a non-stop programme of events including two wine festivals, jazz and wine tasting evenings, plus guided tours of local vineyards

Photo: Marc Delbos

Wine and music hit the right note

Add a thin slice of ginger, the peel of a cucumber, three raspberries, a strawberry cut into quarters and half a slice of orange. Top up with 4cl of ginger beer

Maison des Vins de Bergerac 1 rue des Récollets 24100 Bergerac Tel 05 53 63 57 55 z

8 What’s On

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Saint Astier

Périgord Blanc



OUT AND ABOUT July 22 - Torch lit canoe ride down the Isle river, leave from Saint-Léon-sur-l'Isle arrive Neuvic-sur-l'Isle, meet 21.00 at the canoe base. For 8 years old and over, reservations only. Call 06 30 80 95 19

notice board

Saint Astier

July 30 - Nuit des Bandas, the whole of Saint-Astier comes alive with bandas brass bands that play various styles of music such as corridos, boleros, rancheras all traditional to the South West of France, Saint-Astier Call 05 53 54 13 85


July 31 - DordognePérigueux Children's Choir, St Astier - Concert with music from around the world given by the Dordogne-Périgueux Children’s Choir. Performance of King Arthur by Henry Purcell with an orchestra and the Amsterdam Baroque Choir. Salle de la Fabrique, St Astier. Call 05 53 45 60 50


Périgord Pourpre

July 7 - 9 - Les Afrolatines Eymet Music, dance, workshops and markets all based around the theme of Afro-latin culture. Learn how to dance the salsa or rumba then use your new skills to dance along to the music offered or simply enjoy the happy atmosphere. Call 05 53 23 74 95


Photo:© Office de Tourisme du Pays


Razac de Saussignac

MUSIC Exhibition celebrates works of sculptor


July 16 - August 14 - L'Eté Musical en Bergerac This summer music festival features an eclectic programme of events held in the castles, abbeys and bastides of the Périgord. Call 05 53 57 03 11

Photo:© Timothy White

nis, billiards or boules as part of a tournament being held at Parranquet campsite? Taking place on July 17, the tournament is open to adults (entry cost 5) and children aged 5 to 14 years (entry cost 2.50). The tournament begins at 10am. Call Joan on 05 53 36 68 27 for details or email ASHA will be also be taking a stand selling merchandise, books, bric a brac, etc., at Parranquet Vide Grenier on July 17. If you are able to assist on the day, please contact Carol Snook on 05 53 41 40 80, email, or Joan on 05 53 36 68 27, email


Photo:© AfroLatines

A number of fundraising events are being held by the Association Saint Hippolyte Aquitaine (ASHA), the charity for abused and neglected horses, this month. The first on the list is Evening under the Stars on July 1, a barbecue and evening of entertainment taking place at Le Moulin de la Ville in Beaumont du Périgord. The event starts at 6.30pm, with food served at 8pm. You need to bring your own cutlery, plates, tables and chairs. Tickets cost 18. Numbers are restricted to 60, so call Kathy on 05 53 36 37 70 to book or email Or why not try your hand at ten-

dren's Choir

e Périgueux Chil

ogn Photo:© Dord


Three events to fund horse care

July 2011

From July 7 - Tuesdays Nocturnal guided walk lit by beacons with medieval entertainment, 21.30. Meet Tourist Office, Beaumont-du-Périgord. 3 Adult, free for under eight years, 1.50 candle. Call 05 53 22 39 12

July 2 - Festival des Ploucs

AN exhibition of the work of the late sculptor Edmund Ashby is being held at the cultural centre in Ribérac from July 8 as part of a tribute organised by the local councillor René Corsino. Mr Ashby, left, who was born in Chicago, lived in Champagne et Fontaine for 20 years until he died at the end of March. He was 55. Mr Ashby was known in the community as much for his height and humour as for his offbeat monuments, which included a concrete lion sprayed fluorescent pink. Mr Corsino recalled Mr Ashby's "artistic talent, conviviality, humour and joy of living in this region," at his funeral service in April. The exhibition runs until August 27.

This year's festival will take place on July 2 in Razac de Saussignac. The festivities will begin at 18.00 with Mister Notone a show for children. It will be followed by Kadjoo a folk singer and guitar duo, Nando Circus, a regional music band, a charismatic singer and guitar player playing a mix of Swing Jazz, Rhythm'n'Blues and Rock'n'Roll, an electro-rock group and finishes in the small hours of the morning with Meltin' Kolcha, who will end the festival with a mixture of ska, metal, reggae and punk music. With dancing and food and drink a plenty and an entrance price of just 5 for adults and free for children, there is no excuse not to go along and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and music of the different artists and performers. For more information visit

Mauzac Port

Photo:© KEMP

SHOWS July 22-24 - Water show Le souffle de la Dordogne - A theatrical sound and light show on the water retelling the history of the Dordogne river and its importance for the Gabariers residents. 22.00, Mauzac port, Mauzac-et-Grand-Castang Call 05 53 22 54 76 or 06 08 68 29 95

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What’s On 9

July 2011

Périgord Vert Photo:© Office de Tourisme d'Excideuil


MUSIC July 17-20 - Irish music festival with traditional instruments, folk bands and dancing.Tocane-Saint-Apre



July All Month - Rock climbing at the foot of a castle, different difficulties to suit the beginner through to the experienced climber, Excideuil Call 05 53 52 29 79



Photo: ODT du Pays de Jumilha c

Gourmet Outing July 12 - Gourmet outing, meet with traditional bakers who will show how an old bread oven is built and how to make bread. Reservation obligatory, Saint-Pierre-de-Frugie Call 06 89 33 06 40

Jumilhac le-Grand



July 7, 11, 21, 25 & 30 - Introduction to canoeing and kayak, for children 8 years old and above, must be able to swim, Base de loisirs de Rouffiac, Angoisse Call 05 53 52 68 79

These pages show events across the four ‘colour’ regions of the Dordogne. If you are a visitor to the area please use the map above to help you identify the location of events


Périgord Noir

Gold panning experiences: Every Thursday in the Loue river, Excideuil, by reservation. 18 adult, family price 15, unaccompanied child under 12 20. 14.00 - 17.30 Call 05 53 52 29 79 Most days on reservation in the river Isle, Jumilhac-le-Grand. Call 05 53 52 55 43

Photo:© Eyr ign


If you would like to do something a little bit more special why not take a trip out in a hot air balloon? Fly over the beautiful valleys, hills and rivers and see the castles from an incredible vantage point. Obviously these kind of trips don't come cheap but they really are breathtaking. There are two main places that offer balloon trips in the region:



CULTURE July 15 - Weaving workshop and demonstrations for all ages,Tissanderie Ancien Hospice, Hautefort. Free participation. Call 05 53 52 55 02

Périgord Dordogne Mongolfières, Le Garrit, 24220, Saint Cyprien and Le Bourg, 24220, Beynac. 190 per person or


180 each for 2 people. Breakfast or apéritif included

Photo:© Epo uvantai


with morning and evening flights. White picnic, go along with friends and family to the themed picnic at the Jardins du Manoir d'Eyrignac, dress in white.Take your own food. 18.00-nightfall. 12 adult, free to child under six, family ticket 21. Call 05 53 28 81 93

Call 05 53 29 20 56 or 06 83 26 47 66, Montgolfière du Périgord, Clos Saint Donat, 24250 La Roque-Gageac Call 05 53 28 18 58,

risme du ice de Tou Photo:© Off




OUT AND ABOUT July 27 - Sur les traces de la truffe du Périgord Noir - A walk that takes you on a truffle trail, 7km interspersed with history, anecdotes and stories, visit to a truffle farm

Be ch ea u


Pa tri ck

canton de

Ph ot o: ©


and Périgordin aperitif. 2.50 for adults, 1 for child 6-12 years. Leave 9.00 meet at Mas del Sartre, Nadaillac Call 05 53 28 81 93

July 23 & 24 - Scarecrow Festival - Since 1999 Meyrals has held a scarecrow competition as part of it's village fête which now draws people from all over the region.This year is no exception and once again the scarecrows are proudly put into place in a designated field so that visitors can admire them not just at the festival but until the end of summer. The competition for best scarecrow isn't just for the locals, everyone can enter either as individuals, associations, children or tourists, as there are several categories and prizes.

10 Food

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July 2011

Dordogne champions organic food THE CAUSE of organic, healthy, locally sourced food is being promoted by a website created by a couple in the Dordogne. Vincent and Cécile Datin, from Varennes near Lalinde, came up with idea after the birth of their two daughters when they decided to try to eat more organic foods but realised the information they wanted was hard to find. Launched just over over two years ago, the site now has several thousand visitors a month and official bodies such as BioAquitaine and AgrobioPérigord are contributing to the contents. The latest addition is a directory of organic

food gets across the message much better producers in the Dordogne — but although than the French term bio. Several English scithe Datins have done a great deal of research entists have done remarkable research into into organic farming in France and its envithe links between ronmental benefits, food and illnesses." their horizons are “I think the English term The appeal of far from local. They food has are interested by diforganic food gets the message organic been limited by its ferences in attitudes across much better than reputation for being towards organic more expensive than farming between the French term bio” conventionally other countries and grown produce, their own. something the Datins believe must change. Mr Datin said: “The British are “Organic food should be accessible to definitely more environmentally aware than everyone, but at the same time the producers the French. I also think the term organic

Advertising Feature

A collection of restaurants

in the Dordogne

To advertise your restaurant with us call 0800 91 77 56

mustn’t lose money,” said Mr Datin. “The real problem is big supermarkets importing goods from abroad. Not only is this an environmental problem, but it's also detrimental to local farmers, who end up not being able to sell their produce. The alternative is to get rid of the middle man and to buy directly from the producer.” The Dordogne is leading the way in the development of organic produce in France. The number of farmers who have adopted the practice make it the leading département for conversions to organic farming. The Datins’ online organic guide, which is in French, is at

The Advertiser, Dordogne

July 2011

Golf 11

Swing into summer

Photo : Cary Westfall

GOLF is a great game, often rewarding, sometimes frustrating and always addictive. If playing golf has never crossed your mind before, you might be surprised at what you are missing, especially in France. Forget about people with posh accents, loads of money and stiff upper lips. You’ll find golf in France is different. For a start, there is so much more space. There are more than 500 golf courses in France and new ones are being developed all the time, so you never feel that pressure to hurry, and there is no ducking golf balls “unintentionally” sent your way by an impatient foursome trying to get past. You will find French courses are

usually immaculately kept because, by UK standards, they are so underplayed. French golf is also much more laid back, with many clubs having no particular dress code, although there may be the odd furrowed brow if you turn up in jeans and a “Less War, More Bingo” tee shirt. There is very little of the “Ties must be worn in the clubhouse” kind of rules so prevalent in the UK, and there is often free access to all the club’s facilities, with the bars and restaurants often open to the public. This being France, the après-golf is also well above par. British golfers arrive in their droves for the generous hospitality at the in-house restaurant and the chance to tickle their taste buds with the haute cuisine and locally sourced wines. It is these delights, combined with the

Photo: Sculpies -

The Ryder Cup will be played in France for the first time in 2018 at the Golf National course in Guyancourt, Yvelines. That leaves seven years to hone your skills on France’s golf courses. Mick Austin reports beautiful countryside, the culture and history of the place, that make France so popular with British golfers. The UK magazine Golf World publishes its Top 100 Golf Courses in Continental Europe every two years. Its latest listings show France with 18 courses, more than any other country, including Portugal and Spain who regularly battle it out for the title of Europe’s most popular golfing destination for the British. Les Bordes, in the Loire Valley, was voted the No.1 course in Europe. For the past 14 years Jonathan Lloyd of Normandy Golf ( has been organising golf days and holiday packages for individuals, families and corporate events. He arranges golf days on courses as far apart as

Dieppe and Rouen in Normandy and Biarritz in the south-west. “Golf in France is certainly on the up,” he says. “The courses are fantastic, the welcome is always friendly and then, of course, there’s the glorious food and wine. What more could you possibly want?” Whether you are male or female, nine or 90, there is no barrier to playing golf in France, with clubs actively encouraging all levels from beginners and children to more experienced players. Courses are open all year round, although in the winter months they can occasionally become water-logged, and snow on some continued on page 12

12 Golf

The Advertiser, Dor

Golf in France is not just about hitting the ball from page 11 mountain courses means that golfers will have to give way to skiers. If the invigorating fresh air and spectacular scenery is not healthy enough for you, many courses are part of magnificent venues with spas, swimming pools, tennis courts and the like. Companies and resorts are falling over themselves to offer you golf packages that include wine-tasting and gourmet dining, beauty treatments, yoga and sightseeing trips. These packages can start from as little as 150. Many golf courses are in countryside you might not otherwise be able to see, where the flora and fauna is so amazing you expect David Attenborough or Chris Packham to appear round the next corner. Playing the game can be as easy as turning up on the day and paying a green fee, although it is advisable to call ahead to book a tee time. Many clubs operate a “pay and play” policy that allows non-members to pay a green fee and play nine or 18 holes, or you may be able to play all day if you have the stamina. You can also play many courses without a handicap certificate. Green fees are usually considerably less than in the UK. They vary from club to club and region to region, but expect to pay 30- 60 on average. Weekends are usually reserved for members and competitions, so stick to a weekday. There are also “golf passes” available throughout France where you can sample several courses in a region at reduced rates.For more information. Try or what-to-do/ golf-in-france . Joining a club can be quite straightforward. For clubs with vacancies for new members, joining may be as simple as paying a subscription. However, the more prestigious clubs, especially those around Paris, might have a waiting list or require new members to be introduced by a member. Your daily green fee will include any insurance required, but it is only when you join a club that you pay an

annual subscription and you usually have to undergo a medical examination. Most clubs have shops where you can buy balls and hire clubs for as little as 15 per round. You can also hire a trolley or an electric buggy for the day, which can be a real boon on hilly courses. For the absolute beginner, it is best not to try to play a course straight away. You will slow everyone else down and get so frustrated at not being able to hit the ball more than a few feet that you will wish you had stayed in bed. Even Tiger Woods had tuition before he turned up on the first tee! A big mistake many beginners make is splashing out on an expensive set of clubs to


+ FREE Just 3 P&P

impress on the course. It might be better to speak to the resident professional at your local club for advice. Most clubs have pros (or they can point you in the right direction) and he or she will suggest clubs to suit your size, strength etc. You may then pick up a set of clubs from a car boot sale for next to nothing, but they will be a waste of money if you are a slip of a girl and they were designed for a male bodybuilder. The price of a lesson varies. It can be about 20 for half an hour on your own, but it is often cheaper in a group. The professional will explain the basics of the game (in French or

English at some clubs), including how to hold the club and how to “address” the ball; how you should line yourself up to make the best contact. You will learn the difference between the clubs: a driver or a “long iron” for distance and a low trajectory, or a “short iron” to get the ball higher into the air but not as far. Most courses will have a practice ground or driving range where you can buy a bucket of balls and hone your skills. It is also a handy way to loosen up before you start playing. Some clubs also have a small pitch ‘n’ putt course, where you can practice the more subtle



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July 2011

Golf 13

Golf in numbers 6th the ranking of golf among the most popular sports in France, after football, tennis, horse-rising, rugby and judo

150 the number of golf courses in France in 1980

678 the number of golf courses, public and private, there are in France today

407,000 the number of golf club members in 2010

45% increase in the number of golf membership subscriptions between 1997 and 2007

1,200 total number of firms involved in the golf industry, 605 of which are companies that operate golf courses

13,500 the number of people employed by the golf sector Above: Golf de Lolivarie at Siorac-en-Perigord, near Sarlat Left: The Château des Vigiers at Monestier, east of Bordeaux offers a magnificent hotel and glorious golf. shots that will be needed the closer you get to the green. Then it is time to hit the golf course for real and this is when you find out just what everyone has been raving about. You will have good days and bad – and there may be more bad days at the start. You will stand there having hit four balls, one after the other, into a lake on the edge of the green. You will spend hours hunting for balls you have hooked or sliced into undergrowth. You will be spitting sand out of your mouth after six attempts at getting your ball out of a bunker. You will wonder why you bothered to take up the game. Then all of a

sudden you will hit a screaming drive down the middle of the fairway for a pitch and a putt for a birdie three. You will hit a fabulous four iron over the lake and on to the green and the ball will end up six feet from the hole. You will sink the putt and imagine that was the shot that gave Europe victory over the USA in the Ryder Cup, especially now the 2018 showdown will be at Le Golf National near Paris. You will take in the majestic splendour of your surroundings, thinking life just doesn’t get much better. This is when you know there is more to golf in France than chasing little white balls round the countryside.

GREAT GOLF COURSES IN AQUITAINE AQUITAINE is blessed with beautiful courses. At the foot of the Pyrenees lies Pau Golf Club (, which was built in 1856 and is the oldest golf club in continental Europe. Then there is the Château des Vigiers Golf and Country Club ( at Monestier in the Dordogne which has its own 17-hectare vineyard. Or the Golf du Lolivarie (, which nestles in the heart of Perigord noir, offers lessons in French or English with professional golfer Nicolas Piquot. The 18th-century Château les Merles (, on the edge of the beautiful Liorac forest in the heart of the Bergerac vineyards, has a nine-hole course to suit all levels of experience. The Golf d’Essendiéras in Saint-.Médard-d'Excideuil ( offers horse-riding, if the golf is not strenuous enough.

14 Golf

The Advertiser, Dordogne

July 2011

How you can learn to play

Photo: Mick Austin

If you are keen to find out whether golf is the game for you but are daunted by the thought of turning up unannounced at your local course, there are other options.

The glory of golf: “You will take in the splendour of your surroundings, thinking life doesn’t get much better.”

THE FRENCH golf federation (Féderation Française de Golf, does its bit to encourage new golfers with its Tous au Golf initiative, which runs for a week each year around Easter. More than 350 participating clubs across the country open their doors to give free instruction to people who have never played the game before. Now in its 11th year, the scheme welcomes beginners for a fun event offering an initial introduction to the sport. These events are open to everyone from the age of seven and provide an ideal opportunity for the whole family to discover the joys of golf. Lessons last for about an hour and all golf clubs and balls are free. If you know of a club taking part in the scheme (there are usually advertising posters throughout France in the weeks leading up to the event), then just call and book a time. Or visit and follow the links to the Tous au Golf page, where there is a list of participating clubs.

Another way is by playing swin golf: that is not a misprint but a fun way for family and friends to try a form of golf whose popularity is growing rapidly in France. It is played with a single threeheaded club and a ball slightly bigger and softer than the ones used in “normal” golf, so it flies more slowly, thus reducing the risk of injury. The club head twists round so you can have a driver, a more lofted clubface for approach shots to the green, and a putter. Swin golf is played exactly as you would expect, but the differences in the club mean more experienced golfers do not end up with too much of an advantage. The game is typically played over 18 holes, usually shorter in length than on a “normal” course. You can rent the club for around 8 and it is usually 1 for the ball, which you get to keep. Your local tourist information office will have details of any clubs in your area. Other useful websites:— to find hundreds of courses throughout France. — for course descriptions, golf pass information and package deals.

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Business 15

July 2011



has more than 20 years of international business experience, four of which were dedicated to setting up and developing the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry in the Dordogne, from 2005 to 2009

Sponsored by

If UK firm employs me in France will I end up worse off? Photo: © gumbao -

I work for a UK tour operator but spend three quarters of my time working in and around the Dordogne. My family home is in Bergerac where I live with my husband and children. My firm, which does not have a French subsidiary, is looking into paying my French social contributions. Is this possible and if it is, will I be significantly worse off as the contributions are much higher than National Insurance? I also understand that the French tax threshold is higher, could you explain the best course of action? YOU are clearly fiscally resident of France and a majority of your activity is in France. Your employer is probably looking into paying French social charges because they are obliged to do so, thus you have little choice in this if you wish to live and work in France. This is simple enough to do; your employer does not need a French subsidiary, as it is perfectly possible to do business in France using the UK company structure. Your employers merely have to obtain a 'Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés' (RCS number), obtained from the 'greffe du tribunal de commerce' (see or and via the CFE (centre de formalités des enterprises - You may wish to engage the service of a fiscal lawyer to deal with the formalities. Your employers can then set you up on a French contract. There is no doubt that the costs for your employer will increase, compared to the UK. Whether this will affect your pay, you can only find out by discussing with your employer. You can also expect an increase in social costs, which works out roughly 25% of your income. There are arguably greater benefits in being in the French system, such as a better healthcare system and improved pensions, so one way to view it is that you pay more, but you get more, since there is no avoiding these costs without making some major changes to your current setup. However, this is not the end of the story. On the plus side the tax situation should offer you a saving that will serve to offset the increased costs for you, especially since you have children living at home, which appears to be your current situation. This is because of the 'quotient familial', or parts system, as well as the now comparatively generous French tax thresholds. To put it as simply as possible, the household is divided into parts, so a married couple without children would be two parts a married couple with two dependent children would be three parts and with three children would be four parts (you get a whole part for the third child). If you imagine a single person in earning 100,000, they would be high rate tax payers. However with two parts it would essentially be deemed as though two people earned 50,000, or with four parts 25,000. This is an oversimplification, but it illustrates the point well and shows you why the big saving compared to the UK. Clearly each person has a level of income that they can earn before paying any tax and then going through the lower tax thresholds, whilst never reaching the high. This means that 100,000 of household income, with a significant number of parts, could potentially be taxed only at the low rate. Depending on your income, how it is split and how many children you have, it is quite possible that you will be significantly better off in the French system than in the UK system, despite the rise in social costs.

Bergerac Dordogne Périgord Airport - the 1.7bn Baby THE Observatoire de l'Impact Economique des Flux de l'Aéroport de Bergerac was established in 2003 by the Dordogne's Economic Chamber, set up by three Dordogne consular Chambers (Commerce and Industry, Trade and Crafts and Agriculture), to analyse the impact of the Bergerac Dordogne Périgord airport on the local economy. Eight years on, the Observatoire unveiled fascinating statistics summarising the last eight years of the British, Belgian and Dutch presence in the Dordogne, with regular flights to the three countries now being available from the Bergerac airport. Over the past eight years, 7,520 British, Belgian and Dutch passengers were interviewed for the purpose of the study to provide details of their spending habits, length of stay, living arrangements, etc. Numerous local businesses and professionals were also interviewed and provided essential data illustrating the impact on the local economy. "A staggering 1,9m passengers flew through the Bergerac Airport between 2003 and 2010, an average of over 85 per cent being British," said Chantal Caro, head of the Observatoire at the Chambre Economique. "The economic impact has been an estimated 1,7bn, which means that each passenger has contributed an average of 870 to the local economy." Sixty-five per cent of Dordogne Estate Agencies and 67 per cent of the ones in North Lot et Garonne have been set up since 2002, with 97 per cent of them having a British customer base. Between 2004 to 2006, 41 per cent of these agencies generated at least 50 per cent of their annual turnover through British clients, whereas 80 per cent of them saw their turnover from British clients halved or worse in 2009. Between 15 and 20 per cent of passengers are permanent residents - living here for six months of the year or more - and over 80 per cent of these are British. However, both the credit crunch and the

Sixty-five per cent of Dordogne Estate Agencies and 67 per cent of the ones in North Lot et Garonne have been set up since 2002, with 97 per cent of them having a British customer base sharp drop in value of the pound have resulted in a 22 per cent decrease in their average monthly budget. For passengers on a short stay, the average daily budget, apart from the cost of flights, has dropped an average 25 per cent from 85 to 64. Of those who stay all year round, many continue to work: there are around 800 British-owned businesses in the Dordogne, registered at the Chamber of Trade and Crafts and/or the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Chamber of Agriculture, to which must be added all freelance workers and autoentrepreneurs. One in five passengers now has a second home here, and as a direct result of this, a further one in two passengers stay with either family or friends when visiting the area. While 40 per cent of passengers stayed in hotels, campsites, rented accommodation and B&Bs in 2003, under a third of them chose to do so in 2010. Another interesting trend is where people go and stay once they have landed in Bergerac: in 2003, 75 per cent of passengers stayed in the Dordogne and about 10 per cent went to the Gironde. In 2010, about 60 per cent of passengers stayed in the Dordogne while 16 per cent went to the Lot, 15 per cent to the Lot et Garonne and a mere five per cent to the Gironde. - +33 (0)6 70 11 58 88

The crucial impact of the foreign presence has now been vastly documented and Flybe and Transavia have recently expressed their desire to open yet more routes to and from Bergerac which will no doubt contribute further to our local economy. The results of the 2003-2010 study also shows an overall 539m investment in local properties, and a further 41m paid in taxes (taxe foncière, taxe d'habitation, taxe de séjour, taxe professionnelle and Contribution Economique Territoriale). With that in mind, I cannot help but wonder about the impact of the recently suggested tax on second homes on a department like the Dordogne and the potential uproar it would undoubtedly be greeted with. The direct implication of the Observatoire's data is also the need for both communities to work hand-in-hand and benefit from each other as market potential, but also in terms of skills and know-how. Many shops now offer English labels as well as French on their products, restaurants translate their menus, train staff are able to greet and welcome foreign customers, professionals brush up on their language and negotiation skills, while websites and communication tools can also benefit from being professionally translated to appeal to a wider range of customers, all of which local companies like The Link can provide essential services, support and guidance with. For more detailed information about the Observatoire and the data it provides, you can download their latest brochure from the following websites: For specific queries or comments about the Observatoire and its work, please contact Chantal Caro on 05 53 35 87 29 or send her an email:c.caro@

16 Directory

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July 2011

DORDOGNE DIRECTORY English-speaking firms near you For your security, we check that the French businesses in this section are officially registered with the authorities

Find registered tradespeople quickly and easily „ By advertising in our directory you get the chance to run advertorials (the news stories you see on these pages.) 1/3 page, maximum 500 words plus photo, 200HT 2/3 page, maximum 1,000

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5 Star accommodation for Dogs/Cats Comprising of underfloor heated kennels Qualified staff Top Quality food and exercise Only 45 minutes south of Caen Convenient Ferry Access SAFETY COMFORT AND CARE FOR YOUR PET, PEACE OF MIND FOR YOU Telephone 02 33 37 49 19 Emergency 02 33 38 41 32 Fax 02 33 38 44 16










Tel: 05 53 24 16 08

World Wide Pet Transporter / Relocator Ministry approved

Siret: 524 348 596 00015

English Run


Luxury Cattery

Between Bergerac and Bordeaux Individual Love Care and Attention Given

Chenil Les Mille Calins

call 0800 91 77 56




285HT 399HT


47mm x 50mm




WAGS AND WHISKERS British owned boarding kennels and cattery 35 years experience Tel: 05.65 35.46.51


Light Purple

(16-30 words)


Dark Purple


HOW TO BOOK AN ADVERT Choose the size of your advert from the examples on the left. You can have a black and white advert; or you can choose a colour from the list below. Finally, you can now choose to have rounded corners to the box to help make your advert stand out (See right). Then, when you have made your choice,

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„ Want to advertise in our national paper The Connexion or sister paper in Normandy? Get 50% off your second directory advert

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„ We will keep you up to date with features and special events in your area of France in all our publications that could help to boost your business.

„ Your ad included in our online directory for FREE.

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Choose from these colours:

Advertise here ALL YEAR from just 165HT Call free on 0800 91 77 56 or email

Animal Care

House Sitting Yours/mine First Aid 4Animals Cert, References established Animal Charities

Tel: 06 43 28 32 32 Siret ; u47011658505

No. 61195004 – 61195001 Offices CDG Airport Paris Offices and Kennels Normandy Tel: 01 48 62 87 25 CDG Paris Tel: 02 33 38 41 32 Normandy


Architectes UK and French Registered Architects Dossiers for Permis de Construire Interior and Landscape design Ordre des Architectes No. 1867 Tel: 05 53 09 33 45 E: W: Depts: 16,19,24,33,87

Siret: 397549551

Siret: 488 165 564 00011

SIRET: 500607858



ANIMAL COURIERS Experienced couriers specialising in pet travel between France / UK / Spain or within France. Pet passport advice. Tel: 0044 (0) 1483200123 Email: Web:

La Creme de la Creme Small, Caring, purpose built DOG FREE cattery near Nontron.

Tel: 05 53 56 05 17 email:

Landscape Architect FREE CONSULTATION Site analysis, schematic designs, construction plans, cost estimates construction observation, Contact Michael Stanton Tel : 05 53 54 63 65

siret 51963554400017 - E-mail:

The Cats Inn


Luxury Cattery - Cales near Lalinde - Very Spacious - Lots of Love and Attention Tel: Paula 05 53 24 14 42 Siret No.520 980 269 00010

Plans drawn & submitted for as little as 1,500 HT Visit: Tel: 05 55 85 25 63


Renovation - new construction. Projects, all phases of construction. Sarl d'Architecture David Besse Architecte dplg

Grange Neuve 24140 Saint Martin des Combes.

05 53 82 44 75 - 06 17 51 26 00

The Advertiser, Dordogne

Directory 17

July 2011


Problem-free properties Services. Every member of their team is fully trained and qualified with COSHH and PROCHEM cleaning techniques and the company is able to support property owners in the north of Lot-et-Garonne, the Dordogne and Gironde. “We can supply and liaise with approved tradesmen as well as prepare homes for clients or their paying guests, so their holiday can start the moment they arrive,” said Nicola, who says they work personally at the property with their staff. “We can also provide a full closure at the end of the letting season and weekly security checks, to ensure a client's house is safe and secure and that buildings and contents insurance policies retain validity.” With a combined total of over 40 years in the property management

industry, the company is well-placed to provide a diverse range of services that offer peace of mind to clients, whether they rent out their properties or not. Services include: property management, change over, gardening, pool maintenance, meet and greet, key holding and security checks. “We do not charge an annual management or key holding fee, or a winter retainer,” added Nicola. Two areas often requiring the most upkeep are the swimming pool and garden. “For many people a swimming pool is the priority, so it is essential that it remains clean and fit for use,” said Adrian. “Our maintenance contract makes sure that the pool is being cleaned and chemically balanced on a regular basis - and with the high temperatures of the summer it is essential


Team of English artisans for all your renovation needs in the Perigord Noir


Areas 24,33 Other areas Considered. Based St Foy La Grande

Email: Telephone: Simon - 06 37 21 24 02 Glen - 06 71 85 43 24

Siret: 482 710 175

Siret: 5045 8000 2000 13 - 5206 6045 7000 18

24, 33, 47, other regions possible Contact Mike Tel: 05 53 58 17 19 Mob: 06 67 03 30 48 Email: Siret no: 42424381400011

ACCOMMODATION Management Services is run by Adrian and Nicola Hazell, who moved to south-west France, near Duras, in 2005. Having sold their three successful companies in the UK - a property management business, a contract cleaning firm and an industrial water-fed pole window cleaning company - they renovated their own property and then started Accommodation Management

We do not charge an annual management or key holding fee, or a monthly retainer

“Quality & Reliability” 35 Years Experience Tel : 05 57 47 48 19 Email :

Paul Gent Fully Qualified & Insured Builder including:

• Renovation • Masonry • Plastering • Plus Hard Landscaping Tel: 05 53 29 08 86 Mob: 07 60 52 43 40

email: 30km radius Sarlat ( 24 ) Siret : 513 209 189

ABP Renovation & Construction Swimming pools and buildings All trades including new timber frame buildings

Tel/Fax: 05 53 56 68 87 Email: Website: Siret: 387 471 394 000 24


General Builder City & Guilds qualified, 35yrs experience, reliable, ALL WORK GUARANTEED Tel: 05 53 80 42 91 Mob: +44 759 286 5010 Email:


Ceilings, walls, floors Time served tradesman

that pool levels are maintained to aid the continued functionality of the pool.” This service must be carried out at least once a week and the company can also open a pool at the start of the season and winterise it at the end. As the garden is essential to creating a good impression, the company

recommends a regular maintenance service to keep on top of all aspects of the garden. “Whether it is tree felling or simple grass cutting that is required, our professional equipment can cope with it all,” said Adrian.

WEBSITES Boost your business with an


affordable, high-performance website that you can edit yourself

All legal translations by FrenchEnglish speaking sworn translator Tel: 05 62 67 39 98

Regions: All France Siret: 419 490 297 00027

Tel: 05 53 51 90 80 Mob: 06 70 89 72 06 Siret: 45340867600022

MGF Counselling Services English Speaking Counselor. M. Glenys Forrester (B.Sc.psych.) (M.Sc. psych.)

Low Energy Consumer EQUALS Income Tax Rebates

Offering individual / couples counselling. (Depression, Stress, illness, bereavement etc).

Voilà! Web Solutions 05 53 79 35 64

Property-legal-birth cert., driving licences Administrative help Expat assistance Valid everywhere with 25 years of experience

Excideuil - Hautefort - Terrasson Rob Hayward

ECO Timber Framed Houses

Siret: 403926702

It is important to keep gardens and swimming pools well maintained, especially if you rent your property out during the summer season


Renovation a Specialty

JULIAN WILKES Tel: 05 53 53 96 97 Mobile: 06 72 16 46 26

Photo: © AlcelVision -

Any level of property ownership can often be stressful, whether it is organising tradesmen to carry out work or renting your house to people you do not know. Accommodation Management Services can take all the hassle and worry out of absentee ownership and will look after your investment as if it were their own

Tel: 05 53 50 07 28 Mob: 06 47 17 60 78

Email: Web: Regions Covered: All - Siret: 520 314 824

Regions : All FRANCE Karen RENEL-KING Tel: 06 18 03 18 38 Email: Web: Fast and affordable Siret: 38058374000028

LE FRANCAIS CHEZ VOUS Tailor made tuition in French at your home or Castel-Merle, 24290 Sergeac. Amanda and Emilie Millinship

Tel: 05 53 50 04 68 Dordogne

25km radius Mussidan(24) Siret: 51352715000017


Qualified Builder

Family run building company with over 30 yrs experience

15 Years Experience 10 Years Insurance Guarantee All Building/Groundworks undertaken Tel: 05 53 62 13 38 / 06 63 84 79 99 Email:

All construction works undertaken large or small incl. masonry, carpentry and roofing


Based nr. Sarlat Free estimates - References available




Tel: 06 31 21 32 04 Email: siret: 505 346 676 00016


* Extensions, Gazebos, Dorma windows, sun terraces, Garages, * Specialised in waterproofing timber roofs, green roofs and terraces. ______________

Bergerac Renovation & Building From groundwork, fosse septiques, masonary, interiors, to rooves. Free estimates & advice Tel: 05 53 81 60 73


20 Years Experience FREE ESTIMATES

Tel: 05 53 05 80 17 Mobile: 06 71 40 35 39 Siret:51064303400018


Repointing, Plasterboarding, windows, doors installed. Translations, planning permissions. Tel: 05 53 56 36 89 Email:

SIRET: 4899 5394 30011

Regions Covered 24,16,87 - Siret: 51913926500010

Tel: 06-72-01-11-06 Tel: Harvey 05 53 81 03 78

alan keenan

tiling all wall & floor tiling, pool surrounds, terraces, concrete & sand / cement work, plasterboarding

Tel: 06 19 50 34 28 or 05 53 23 24 54 Email: Regions Covered: 24,47 Siret: 47794615600015

Specialists in Traditional Oak frames & Timber houses * Timber Frame homes - from supply of structural frames, through to turn-key homes

Exclusive multilingual websites competitively priced. Personalised Facebook, Twitter and blogs part of a complete service to make your business highly visible on the Internet.

Tel: 05 55 97 18 10

Tel: 05 53 59 48 54 Email:


including design, hosting and domain name 02 33 90 92 15

Siret: 489 542 589 00010

maintenance, breakdowns, renovations, rewires, new build, interior & exterior 30 years experience

Solutions to all your computing needs... PC Support/Sales & Website Design

websites from

Tel: 06 37 09 55 13 Website: Email:

Brian Macey - Electrician


Penny Graphics


Underfloor Heating/ Aerothermie Premiere service guaranteed St Yrieux / Brive / Perigueux / Sarlat

Email: Siret: 517 566 196 00013 Regions Covered: 19,24,87

French Without Tears

Your Own Personal Language Course. Tuition with Accomodation Tel: 06 78 15 19 29 Siret: 521701474

La Petite Maison des Langues 38, rue Jean Jaurès, 24800 THIVIERS Tel: 05 53 52 49 91 E: W: Learn French and feel at home again ! Small groups, 1to1, weekly or intensive courses and translations

Kennedy Electricite Services Installation, rewires and repairs. 18 years experience. Fully insured. No job too small. Contact Justin or Melissa Kennedy. Tel: 05 55 56 37 36 Email: Regions 87/24 Siret 503 417 04000014

For all your electrical requirements contact

AK Electrical

30 years experience/Fully insured

Tel 06 32 31 61 85 siret: 494 064 322 00014

18 Directory

The Advertiser, Dordogne

July 2011


Golf pass promises a hole lot of fun for golf enthusiasts A new golf pass - giving golfers access to many well-established Dordogne-based golf clubs at reduced prices of between 20% and 30% - means that playing golf and exploring the beautiful Dordogne has never been easier THE Dordogne receives the largest number of visitors in France and is well-loved for its breathtaking scenery, rich history and sumptuous cuisine, but a new development could mean it becomes renowned for its golf too. Since the end of 2010 the departmental tourist board has been meeting with seven of its key golf clubs to devise a way for people to discover the region through golf.

The Dordogne is home to several well-established golf courses in different parts of the region - including a 27-hole course, three 18-hole courses and three 9-hole courses and now they have joined forces to create the Golf Pass Dordogne. The pass allows access to each of the courses at reduced rates and participating clubs are: „ Golf des Vigiers, 05 53 61 50 33 „ Golf de la Marterie, 05 53 05 61 00

We hope the golf pass reductions of between 20% and 30% will encourage people to visit areas they might not have done otherwise


HOUSES ON INTERNET Do you want to sell your house quickly? Our fee is only 2.5% Find out how on: WWW. HOUSESONINTERNET.COM

Tel: 05 55 65 12 19

For people who live in / own property in France Straight-forward, honest advice on the best house, car, life & health insurance policies for you Over 15 years experience in French insurance markets English, Dutch & German spoken. Philippe Schreinemachers Tel: 33 00 05 62 29 20 00 Email: RCS Auch B479 400 657 - Regions: All France


Contact Michelle or Anick 05 53 23 32 13 Siret: 491 449 328 00021

BOUCHERIE A LA FERME Traditional English family butchers and farmers in France.

British style Beef, bacon, Sausages, gammons pork & lamb Bespoke insulated packaging used for delivery throughout France. Raymond&Sophie Hicks Tel: 05 55 97 95 66 Mob: 06 45 51 34 58


Siret: 509 528 014 00012

Certified Accountants (FR) Serving English Clients in France

Mr Pierre CHERON (Expert-Comptable)


HOME - CAR - HEALTH We insure UK registered cars ENGLISH SPOKEN (call Angeline) - 02 33 49 12 34

Contact details.

Phone: 06 12 36 33 18 / 06 85 16 35 69 e-mail:

Siret: 52841725600013

Siret: 50281715800012 / 51110545400017

G. W.


Makeovers & Design

More than 20 years as regional leader in reinforced concrete pools. Thanks to exclusive technology and no outsourcing, 98% of our clients readily recommend us! With PISCINE AMBIANCE invest in happiness!

English Kitchens/ Bathrooms/appliances direct from UK manufacturers Full range of French kitchens supplied Free design/planning service Installations/Makeovers/ Installations Only/Tiling Granite and Stone worksurfaces available

PISCINE AMBIANCE - ZAC du Mazaud 19100 BRIVE - + 33 (0)5 55 18 98 18

Garden Maintenance Hedge Trimming - Trees Cutting - Strimming General Property Maintenance Property checks/Keyholding Photo updates Contact Barry On Tel: 05 53 29 03 52 Mobile: 06 24 07 31 14 E: Dept 24 - Radius 50 kms Sarlat Siret: 49372365400015

IN DEEP PISCINES Maintenance, leak detection, servicing, repairs

tel: 05 53 22 79 18 / 06 84 68 84 92 email:

Prêt à Plonger

Please feel welcome to contact:


Bourdeilles 24310

Tel: 06 02 34 85 38

Areas: 24 33 47 Call 05 53 58 09 32 or 06 58 92 09 97 siret: 510 011 554 00019

Café Church Bergerac An English speaking approach to contemporary Christianity

NEW FOR 2011 SUMMER CHURCH June 26 & every Sunday in July & August Sponsored by and held at L'Eglise Evangelique Libre de Bergerac, 5 Rue Durou

Discover all 7 Golf Courses

Reduced fares between 20 - 30%

For more details contact Reverend Derek & Pam Cook

Golf Pass Dordogne


'Massages and well being at Castelnaud la Chapelle'


Sophie NALIN, massage practitioner

Available on line

regions: 47, 32, 82, 24, 33 - siret: 504576802100020

Accounting, Payroll, Business Setup and registration, Individual & Business Taxation and more... on Tél: Email:

One stop for all your renovation works. Specialists in kitchens and bathrooms. Free devis/quotes.

Complete Home and Garden Maintenance

Garden & Property Services

Knight Frank Representative For Dordogne, N Lot-et-Garonne and E Gironde

The Golf Pass Dordogne offers golfers reduced rates across seven Dordogne-based golf clubs to encourage exploration of the region demonstrating where each course is otherwise,” said Jean-Fred Droin, based and also links to each individpresident of the Dordogne tourist ual club website. board. Once you decide to take part, “They will be able to take in the receiving your golf pass is simple. All scenery while enjoying a game of you need to do is register online, golf and then go on to explore the download the pass and print it out surrounding towns, villages and taste for more details follow the link the local produce.” below to the official website. If you would like more information on the location of each golf course, the official website provides a map



Exclusively Prestige Property 750,000 plus. Floor Plans, Virtual Tours, Elevated Photography as standard

„ Golf de Lolivarie, 05 53 30 22 69 „ Golf de Périgueux, 05 53 53 02 35 „ Golf des Merles, 05 53 63 13 42 „ Golf d’Essendiéras, 05 53 55 34 34 „ Golf de la Forge, 05 53 31 99 76. Pass holders pay the normal rate for the first tee-off and further courses after this are reduced from 20% to 30%. The pass is valid for two months and a maximum of two rounds can be played at any same course. “There are about three million tourists each year to the region, two million of those travel to the Périgord Noir, and we hope the golf pass will incite visitors and residents to explore further afield and visit areas that they might not have done

Roots & Shoots

Piscine installation, repairs & maintenance. Bespoke pools, no project too big or small. Complete package including groundwork, terracing/decking and pool security.

Professional tree surgery Call Mark for a free quote 05 53 75 05 48 - 06 89 79 05 02

Simon & Julia Holt 0619 071121 or 0553 620152

Siret number 452-803-539-00017

Siret: 49397835700017 Swimming pool construction and repairs


Natural pools - Replacement liners standard and liner 'armé' 150/100 NW Dordogne/South Charente

tel 06 89 46 15 08 / 09 77 90 94 51 siret 322 963 190 000 36

NO MOLE - NO FEE! Call johnthemoleman

tel 05 53 22 07 32 mob 06 06 40 92 97 e-mail siret 51249460000012


Everyone is warmly welcomed

- Relaxing massage with organic oils - Wave and vibration massage techniques - Energising massage - Shiatsu Amma Assis

TEL: 05 53 31 18 04

Tel: 06 79 67 38 06

The Advertiser, Dordogne

Directory 19

July 2011


Getting the massage Massages can release physical and psychological stress, strengthen the immune system and result in a feeling of total well-being. Now a range of massages, influenced by techniques practised all around the world, are offered by Sophie Nalin in the Périgord Noir LOCATED in medieval village of Castelnaud, massage practitioner Sophie Nalin has created a relaxing environment on the premises of the charming B&B and restaurant Les Machicoulis. From Polynesia to Bali via Japan and Korea, a whole range of different massage techniques are offered to help people take charge of their health, optimise well-being and rediscover inner happiness. “My priority is to offer massages that are adapted to the needs of each person,” said Sophie. “The massage given will be different depending on whether the person has a need to relax their mind or they have muscle tension in specific locations. For example, I would propose the Hawaiian massage or shiatsu-amma to a person suffering from pains in the neck and trapezium

muscles and the onavi massage to people who need to empty their minds.” Depending on the individual, Sophie can mix the characteristics of several types to create a personalised massage that meets the specific needs of the client. Sophie believes that the mind and body are linked and that touch is a vital necessity for people’s wellbeing, the latter being the reason


Plastering Services




The ability to completely disconnect from the world around should be given the same importance as eating and sleeping well over 20 years experience in france we undertake Plastering - Partitioning - Plasterboarding

COMPETITIVE PRICES Tel: 05 53 56 27 58 Mobile: 06 02 26 17 75 Siret: 381 076 967


E B Creations

Rear Of 55 Cowley Road, Uxbridge UB8 2AE Tel: +44 (0)208 8487407 Tel: +44 (0)1895 81 23 23 Mobile: +44 (0)7811 784766

All interior and exterior ironwork.

We Specialise in buying and selling Left Hand Drive quality vehicles. We have a variety of cars mostly on French/Spanish and English registrations. We have over 11 years of professional experience in the motor trade. Web: E:


Dept 47,33,24 covered.

Tel: 05 53 83 68 15


PROPERTY ODD JOBS Painting + Decorator, General Property Maintenance, 25 years experience, Registered Artisan Tel: 05 53 23 77 05 (Rob) Regions: Dept 24 - Siret: 501 098 883 00017

Supply & Installation of :

• Solar domestic hot water systems • Solar swimming pool systems • Wood boiler stoves • Plumbing services Tel : 05 53 63 43 87 / 06 06 41 08 85 Email : All depts covered Siret 50406233200011

Tél: 05 53 90 46 34 Siret: 4119 419 830

Plumbing, Central & Underfloor Heating Bathrooms, Solar systems, Woodburners.



Phil B Entreprise

All Building Works Undertaken Inc Electrical, Plumbing and Heating Based 47, 24

Email: Tel: 05 53 84 36 81 Mobile: 06 72 02 88 29

Masters Energy Solutions The One Stop Shop for all your energy needs

RENOVATIONS, AIR-CONDITIONING SOLAR SYSTEMS - TOTALGAZ APPROVED INSTALLER Contact: Wayne Merry Mob: 06 85 58 64 65 Tel: 05 53 64 34 05 Tel:05 55 78 66 35


Ceramic floor and wall tiler



The viable alternative to sandblasting or stripping. Email:

Siret No. 452 215 403 00018

that she entered this profession. “To focus on oneself even for an instant, to be able to completely disconnect from the world around, should be an essential part of our personal routines and should be given the same importance as eating and sleeping well,” said Sophie. There are four main types of massage offered and Sophie is currently running a special 50% off introductory offer, so an hour’s massage is 25 rather than 50. The Hawaiian massage, or lomi lomi, is based on Polynesian principles of health and happiness. “It offers great relaxation and the release of mental, muscle and nervous tension,” said Sophie. The Balinese massage is influenced by Chinese traditional medicine and it re-energises while also detoxing and helping to

Siret 451 371 579

Experienced and registered For a professional Service / Quotation Contact 2447 Carrelage Tel: 05 53 57 12 19 Email: Regions 24/47 and surrounding SIRET: 4844699200014

Mini digger hire from 100 Euros per day HT Hammer, auger, dumper, roller etc available Sarlat, Gourdon and Souillac areas

SARL Maxima

Massage practitioner Sophie Nalin is offering a special introductory discount of 50% off massages massages, a subscription card is lessen water retention. available where you can purchase The onavi massage is a vibratory three massages for 100 instead of massage. “It is done without oils 150. Sessions are by appointment and while people are fully clothed at Les Machicoulis, Castelnaud La it is very suitable for people under Chapelle,, stress who are unable to relax,” said but home visits are also a possibility. Sophie. She also offers the shiat“I look forward to meeting people suamma, which is based on the prinand helping them take advantage of ciples of traditional Japanese acuthe benefits of a relaxing massage,” pressure medicine. Sophie added: “It said Sophie. gives a deep state of relaxation and inner well-being after only a few Sophie Nalin minutes - it is remarkably effective.” 06 79 67 38 06 If you are interested in a series of

LOCKES GROUNDWORKS & LANDSCAPING Digger / driver hire Fosse septiques Excavations, Building, Renovations Driveways, Fencing, Decking, Pergolas Tel: 05 53 79 77 61 or 06 42 86 85 31 Email: Website:

SECURITY SYSTEMS Alarm calls up to 4 numbers if activated. NO ANNUAL CONTRACTS OR MONTHLY PAYMENTS. Wireless or wired. Cameras with 24/7 recording + Internet access. Security lighting.

Tel: 06 27 76 95 91

E: W: Regions Covered: 24, 33, 17, 16 SIRET 50793843900019

Tel April on 0613232249 or 0553312115 see rates at Siret no. 498 524 032 00022

Balcony & Stair Railings Window & Door Grills.




05 53 90 20 17

General Building Roofing, loft and barn conversion and property renovations. Depts 24, 19, 87 Full team of skilled registered tradesmen Tel/fax: 05 53 50 12 39 Mobile: 06 84 53 08 39


EcoPower The World's Leading Solar Systems


Tel: 05 53 62 31 35

Robin Loten 0555 736918/0615186308

Dept 19 & adjoining

REMOVALS & STORAGE Murray Harper European transport & storage ENGLAND, FRANCE, SPAIN Scheduled collection and delivery service guaranteed Established 30 years in the industry Tel: (0034) 952 793 422 or (0034) 952 807 692 REFLEX MOODYS LTD SALISBURY


• Weekly Service • Full & Part Loads • Container Storage • BAR Members • On-line Quotation • Internet Shopping Deliveries

00 44 1722 414350 Company Regn No: UK 5186435 TVA / VAT No: UK 864 7217 04

MOVE IN EUROPE The removal company even the furniture recommends UK - Europe - Europe - UK Tel: +44 121 3503111 Home Tel: 05 53 93 75 52

Siret: 523 767 705 00016


George White European Transport

Sandblasting service for Wood, Metal and Stone. Floor sanding service / hire available.


Accommodation Management Services

Tel: 05 55 78 43 71 / 06 67 81 63 46

We do not only sell & install We also repair digiboxes NOW!! All freesat systems available

Services Include:

Areas: 87, 16, 24 Siret: 488 522 921 00029

SURFACES Polished Concrete Floors, Walls, Worktops Sinks & Furniture

STONE & TILE Restoration, Colouring, Sealing. Web: Email:

Tel: 06 82 38 21 12

Siret 51500573400014


For more information call 00 33 (0)5 45 98 25 37 FINNINGER & HELBACH Gmbh Le Petit Fouine, 16210 Curac Tel/Fax: 00 33 (0)5 45 98 25 37 email: Siret: 400 415 246 00026

• Complete property management • Change overs • Professional laundry services • Gardening/Pool Services • Keyholding • Security checks Tel: +33 (0)553793564

Special rates to S/W France 13.6m/45ft trailer - Full/Part loads Removals/materials/vehicles Owner driver. RHA member

Tel: +44 (0)7768 867 360 Fax: +44 (0)1773 570 090 Fr Mobile: +33 (0)6 23 03 85 59


Convenient Flexible Consolidation Point Working with the Movers Tel: +44(0) 1304 822844 All France

20 Directory

The Advertiser, Dordogne

July 2011


Relocation! Relocation! Relocation! Are you moving between England and France? A&S Self Storage can help the process, reducing the pressure and your costs A&S Self Storage would like to help ease your way across the water. The company offers short- and longterm quality storage to provide a ‘staging post' during the sometimes stressful buying and selling process. George and Diana Pelly founded the company more than 17 years ago, basing their service on the principles of customer care and value. With a military background, they had experienced the highs and lows of international house moves and brought empathetic knowledge to their business. Increasingly, they have found their storage facilities in Dover are ideally sited to help people relocate between England and the Continent - in either direction. They have built up a number of links with removal firms who will transport the contents of large houses down to

Storage is in secure, self-contained private rooms

single items. “Often, goods can be carried as a 'return load', thus saving on the cost,” said George. When planning the 'house move campaign', consideration of the following may be helpful: „ Prior to marketing of the property, it is often a good idea to de-clutter and spring clean; „ During the viewing stage, valuable items can be stored; „ French notaires and British lawyers operate to different rules, which can create delays, causing an unexpected requirement for instant storage; „ The ideal new home may not be immediately available - storage can give breathing time and space; „ The new home may require

some decoration or refurbishment; „ All storage is in secure, selfcontained private rooms to which only the customers hold the key. As well as those on the move, both French and British small businesses store goods with A&S Self Storage taking advantage of easy access to the port of Dover and fast road links to the M25. There is also 24/7 access available to help customers needing to move goods outside office hours. Visitors are very welcome during the long opening hours - so that individual requirements can be discussed face to face - and the staff are always pleased to meet new and existing clients. More information detailing the company’s storage facilities and service can be found on the website.

Often, goods can be carried as a ‘return load’, thus saving on the cost

George Pelly runs Dover-based A&S Self Storage +44 1304 822844

You can place a Directory listing or classified advert via our website Simply click on ADVERTISE WITH US and follow the instructions. Directories start from 165HT and classifieds are 1per word Or Call 0800 91 77 56 from UK 0844 256 9881 (4p/min) or email

Passengers visit to stay with family THE results of a seven-year study by the Economic Chamber of Commerce in the Dordogne into passenger trends at Bergerac Airport have been published. Almost 8,000 passengers were questioned about their reasons for coming to the area, where they stayed and what they did. The survey found that the majority of people are here on holiday and are increasingly staying with friends or family, to the detriment of gîtes, B&Bs, hotels and campsites. This was prompted by the boom in second-home ownership between 2002 and 2007. As a result of this development and the ongoing recession, visitors are spending quite a bit less during their holiday, although this is largely compensated by a significant increase in the amount of taxes paid by residents, second-home owners and visitors. These same home-owners admitted that the existence of the airport and the routes provided greatly influenced their choice in settlement area. April was a record month for passenger figures (+48 per cent from 2010) since the airport opened in 2002 and if this trend continues throughout 2011, the airport will be able to confirm its place as the main economic generator in the region. The full summary of the report can be found on the Chamber of Commerce’s website.

Dordogne Clubs and Associations Alcoholics Anonymous Périgueux. Ewen: 05 53 05 76 62 Anglican Church of Aquitaine Services: Bertric Burée, Chancelade, Limeuil Haut, Ste Nathalène and Sorges, also in 47, 33. Chaplain Revd Dr Paul Vrolijk 05 53 23 40 73 Association Culturelle Franco-Anglaise Aquitaine From French lessons to bridge, plus monthly social get-togethers. Association Culturelle Internationale du Périgord ACIP aims to promote integration. Lycette Schouten Hoogendyk: 05 53 29 27 96 Association Française des Solos Monthly meetings after divorce, bereavement or separation. Social events for members. Corinne: 05 53 22 68 52 (evenings) or Claire: 05 53 08 55 13 (evenings) Bergerac Photo Club Meets Wed at 20.30, Maison des Associations, Place Jules Ferry, Bergerac. Bibliothèque Anglaise Meyrals English books and DVDs. Mon 14.00 to 16.00 and Wed 10.00 to noon in 24220 Meyrals. Em Boiling: 05 53 30 30 23 Cancer Support France Dordogne Est/Lot Margaret York: 05 65 22 96 37 or 06 35 90 03 41 (24 hrs) Cancer Support France Ribérac (Charente South and Dordogne West) Valerie Wareham: 06 43 67 86 11 Chabrelle Computer Club Charlie Nott: La Roche Chabrelle 24320 St Just 05 53 90 50 39 Centre de Golf Bergeracois Philippa Thornton: 05 53 58 87 18

The Advertiser, Dordogne

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WOODBURNERS.FR Traditional cast iron multifuel and woodburning stoves. Option for fire back boilers on most models. Delivered to your door or installed. Also coal now available. Contact us for renewable energy air source pumps to replace your gas or oil fired systems.

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Telephone: 05 53 57 54 06 Brian Mobile: 06 82 09 24 24 Cheri Mobile: 06 48 42 04 93 email:


Content Like in any other country this letter needs to grab the attention of the employer without being long wind-

l'expression de mes salutations distinguées. Where we have put the square brackets insert Madame if writing to a woman, Monsieur if writing to a man or Madame, Monsieur if you do not know who you are writing to. Most good bilingual and French big dictionaries such as Le Robert and Collins carry models of various types of letters and are well worth investing in.

ed, keep to the point and make what you are saying is clear. Show interest in the company, give good examples of any relevant experience you have had. If you are sending in a cold-call letter - candidature spontanée, start again by talking about the company to show that you have done your research and that you know about what business it is involved in. Follow this by a paragraph about yourself, why you're writing to them, the position you're looking for, your qualities and experiences and what you can bring to the company. The final paragraph should point out how you are suited to the company and it to you and offer to meet to discuss further.

France Agent - P.E.P Leisure Ltd UK 08717174097 FR 0553732521 email: Regions All France

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POLE EMPLOI JOBS CAR SALES PERSON, Boulazac, Job offer no: 871076L, Permanent contract. Must have at least 4 years experience in sales of luxury items in this case luxury cars. Must have your own car. Fixed salary plus commission and bonuses. 35H week. Send your CV and motivation letter including job offer number to: ENGLISH TEACHER, Périgueux, Job offer no: 903295L, Permanent contract. 50 hour contract of 2hour lessons twice a week. One to one teaching for person with elementary level English wishing to work on everyday language.Must have 1 - 3 years experience. Salary 16 to 17 Euros per hour Foy-d de-B Belves, WAITER/WAITRESS, Sainte-F Job offer no: 571236V, 2 month contract. Waiting in and setting up dining room and at

the bar. Experience preferred of at least two years. Minimum wage, 35H week

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QUESTION : How do I find a job locally which needs an English-speaker?

Ending It is very important to end your letter with the appropriate sentence or formule de politesse, there are several different types which differ depending on who you are addressing the letter to. The standard one to use is : Veuillez agréer [ ______ ],

Screen one 1. Go onto the Pôle Emploi website 2. On the home page the screen is divided into red on the left for job seekers and green on the right for employers. 3. On the red section for job seekers click on the line "

Recherche 4. Click Offres d'Emplois (Looking for Job Offers) as shown by the green arrow above. Screen two 5. Click on Recherche Avancée for advanced search following the green arrow.

Screen three 6. Scroll down to the heading Formation et langues, qualifications and languages and select anglais as a search criterea to find jobs which require English

Adverts placed here appear in print in the Dordogne Advertiser and on our website Photo: © sculpies -

Presentation In France always put your details in the top left hand corner and details of the company in the top right hand corner. Try to find out who to address the letter to for example Monsieur le Directeur. Below the company's address to the right put the place you are writing the letter from and the date, example: Paris, le 2 juillet 2011. If replying to a job offer include the reference number under the date to the left with the prefix Ref or Objet. If you know you are writing to a man or woman open with Cher Monsieur or Chère Madame, if you don't know then put Madame, Monsieur


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French cover letter

LAST month we looked at how to set out a French CV and what to include. This month we take a look at cover and motivation letters.


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Directory 21

July 2011 Adverts are FREE for any private individual wanting to sell an item under 250

22 Property

The Advertiser, Dordogne

July 2011

Making money from D I Y t i p s your property assets Sponsored by

From renting out a room for the night to turning your home into a holiday let, there are many ways to make money from your property, says Angela Giuffrida

Even a sofa-bed can bring you extra income selves whom they wish to Both of those options are accommodate. useful for home owners who Another option is taking in have room to spare but do not a long-term tenant. This has want long-term tenants. the added benefit that any Tenant profiles on the webrental income is free from sites give the landlords the French income tax, social opporunity to judge for them-

charges and business rates. However, there are rules that need to be followed when renting out a spare room over the long-term. One is that the room must be furnished and be the main home of the tenant. It must also be in the main home of the landlord. The tax exemption is also subject to the rent being “reasonable”, i.e. no higher than the maximum figure set each year. For example, the maximum rent for a room outside Paris is 124 per m2, so a year’s rental income for a 30m2 room would be 3,720. Another way to make use of an empty home is to rent it out to holidaymakers. Holiday lets are referred to as location de vacances, location saisonnière (seasonal let) or a meublé de tourisme (furnished tourist let). This is separate from Gîtes and chambres d'hôtes. A small house let as a location saisonnière might fetch around 1,000 a week (depending on the location). The amount you charge depends on size, location and amenities. When setting prices, you can deal directly with guests or use an agent. Having your property classified as a meublé de tourisme (official furnished tourist let) is a convenient way to make sure you follow rules correctly as well as a cost-effective way to find guests. If you make a request for a listing to your mairie or local tourist office, they will take you through the necessary steps. Checklist Let your local mairie know you are doing a holiday let. Check with your home insurer that you are covered for other people occupying your home. Decide on your rent per day, how much advance payment you want and how much the deposit will be. Draft a contract — this could be in English if you plan to market yourself exclusively to Britons; include a description of the premises and an inventory of furniture and other equipment. Advertise for guests. Make an initial contact with the guest by phone. Exchange contracts by post or email and take an advance payment to secure the letting period. Meet the guest and hand over the key; take the remaining payment; show them over the property. You and the guest should both sign an inventory of the furnishings. After the stay, check the premises and inventory; give back the deposit if all is in order, otherwise agree a deduction for any damage. Declare the income in your next income tax return.

Build your own garden bench Photo:© maong -

Photo: ©

A TREND that has emerged from the financial crisis is a burgeoning rental sector, with people making money on assets that are used only part of the time. Whether you live in France permanently, have a second home, or even a spare room or sofa-bed, letting your property when it is not being used could be a potential money-spinner. A number of websites have sprung up in recent years which cater to people who are looking for a room for the night but who cannot - or do not wish to - pay hotel rates. One example is, which was set up in the UK in 2009 and now has rooms advertised in France from just 15 a night. The so-called “couch-surfing” has also become a hip way for travellers to experience the local culture without paying over the odds. has a list of 86,824 hosts in France who rent out beds for the night.

Save money with your own creative flair WHETHER used for a well-deserved rest while out gardening, or as a place to relax with a cup of tea and a book, garden benches are a much appreciated addition to any garden. There are many ready-made, elegant and beautiful benches in the shops but they can be pricey so why not add a personal touch to your garden and make your own unique piece? Here are our ideas. Wine barrel bench Old wine barrels are easy to get hold of and are not only good for turning into flower planters but can also make a lovely countryside bench. Cut large barrels in half or keep small ones whole, place on top of a strong plank of wood which is then screwed to the barrels. If you want a large bench, place another barrel in the middle for support. Treat the barrels and wood to prevent rot and water damage. Flower or herb bench Take two large, sturdy ceramic flowerpots that are tall enough to make bench legs; wide-lipped and glazed ones are better as plain terracotta pots crack easily. For the seat, make a wooden frame with inner slats for strength and screw to the frame slats of wood. Measure the inside diameter of the flower pots on a piece of cardboard and cut out a circle that is 4cm less in diameter than the measurement of the pot. Put the pots under the seat in the position you would like them to be, place the cardboard template over each pot on the seat and trace its outline on to the wood. Remove the seating and cut out the circles marked, then sand and treat the wood. Replace the seat over the pots, then fill pots with soil and plants, making a stunning and aromatic seating area. Another way to make this kind of bench is to buy two square wooden planters and a wide, sturdy wooden shelf: fit the shelf to the sides of the planters using wooden shelf supports and secure with screws. Stone bench If you live near a quarry and fancy having a go at some simple masonry, it is often possible to collect, for free, offcuts of stone — but check beforehand to make sure you take the stone from the right pile. Look for a couple of large pieces that can make the legs or base, as well as a flat piece big enough to lay across the top for the seat. You will need to enlist the help of friends or family to transport it, though, and make sure you get the position right before installing it as stone is difficult to shift alone once put into place. Log bench If you are lucky enough to have some woodland, or you know of somebody who does, create a rustic bench by cutting a log in half to make the legs, place on top of either an old wooden board, a flat piece of stone or anything you can recuperate that makes a strong seat. Brick bench When building a patio, raised flower or vegetable bed, why not edge them with a brick wall that is deep enough to be used as seating as well. Not only is this practical but it can add extra interest to the garden if they are made into different shapes, such as curves, circles and squares.

DIY O Construction O Decorating O Gardening

CC Auchan, 24650 Chancelade 05 53 02 29 20 Ouvert du Lundi au Samedi de 9H à 20H

The Advertiser, Dordogne

Property 23

July 2011

Houses for sale in and around Dordogne

Gardening Facts Sponsored by Photo: © Hervé Rouveure_Fotolia

Buying or selling a property in or around Dordogne? We can help. Our website carries details of more than 14,000 homes for sale across France. We also feature properties for sale in this dedicated section of The Advertiser every month. Use the code under each property to New Consumption and Emission Chart - e.g. Energy rating C & F refers to find out more on C for Consumption and F for Emissions the website.

For sellers, the adverts are also displayed across a range of popular English-speaking websites which ensures they are seen by thousands of potential buyers EVERY day. Prices start at 119TTC for a year’s online advertising. Online advertisers can also place adverts in The Advertiser for an extra 60TTC for one month, 150TTC for three and 275TTC for six. Contact us on 0800 91 77 56 (freephone in France) or email

More details on all these properties - and how to contact the seller directly - can be found in the property for sale section of

Simply enter the code under each home to find out more PROPERTIES IN DORDOGNE Don’t water in one go — short sessions are better

Be defensive in a drought BECAUSE of the unusually dry spring, with some parts of France receiving less than half of the normally expected rain, gardeners need to be proactive about water conservation. France experienced the driest start to the year since 1975, so gardens are already parched. However, much can be done without resorting to the hosepipe. Mulching helps to retain moisture in the soil and digging in compost will make your soil more moisture-retentive. If you must water with a hose, do it in the early morning for maximum benefit. Install a trigger nozzle on your hose and water deeply every few days instead of lightly every day: this encourages the roots of plants to grow deeper and allows them to obtain more moisture from the soil. Break down the single watering into several short sessions separated by several minutes, to enable the water to permeate the soil more deeply. The flower garden Tulip bulbs can be lifted now, as their foliage fades. Dry them in an airy, shaded place and store for replanting in October/November. Autumn flowering crocus and cyclamen should be planted now. Dead-head annuals and border plants to encourage fresh buds. Watch out for fungal problems, particularly on roses; they can be prevented by applying a systemic fungicide, or mix your own organic substitute with one gallon of water, one tablespoon of baking soda and two and a half tablespoons of vegetable oil.



Nouzet This property offers living room/kitchen(13m2) with an inglenook fireplace, dining room(12m2), bedroom(21m2), cellar, shower room, toilet.

Eleix Stone and tiled property 100m2, built in 1800. The roof has been replaced and the property is structurally in excellent condition. No water and electricity but close to the house. REF: ELEIX1517





Pluviers Located in Pluviers, Dordogne, this 3-bedroom property, built in 2009 offers a large landsize (6000m2), and a beautiful 1100m2 pond.

St-Paul-la-Roche Charming property with garden. Private courtyard, house with 4 main rooms, small barn, well covered terrace and fenced garden area.

REF: IFPC21026





Saint-Aulaye Farmhouse currently offers an incredibly sociable open-plan space for cooking, dining and living. Beautiful wood burner offers unrivalled cosiness and comfort in winter.

Monpazier The property comprises: Living room with fireplace, fitted kitchen utility room, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, stone barn, swimming pool 10m x 5m and terrace.

REF: IFPC20115



REF: IFPC13229



Pontivy, Morbihan This property would make an ideal holiday home, first home or retirement property. It is available fully furnished, ready to move in to and it is not overlooked.

Hérault, Languedoc-Roussillon This home has two bedrooms and a toilet both upstairs and downstairs. It is sold fully furnished and equipped including heaters, washer, fridge and freezer. It can accomodate six.



Hedges Trim lonicera, privet hedges and cut back flowering hedges such as buddleia and ceanothus as soon as their flowers have faded. beech, box and cypress can be clipped now — after a rainy spell if possible!

St-Bon-Tarentaise, Savoie Charming apartment with kitchen open to large living room with fireplace and balcony, a bathroom, an alcove with 2 bunk beds, bedroom with balcony, bathroom.

Guingamp, Côtes-d'Armor This nice house is set in 0.74 acres of superb woodland. There is a fitted kitchen, a living room, 4 bedrooms, a bathroom and toilets. Includes an electrical heating system.



Saint-Astier This is a unique opportunity to buy a very large, 6 bedroomed restored 400 year old perigordine farmhouse,with extensive grounds,in an enviable hilltop location with stunning views.

Vegetable/fruit garden Lift early varieties of potatoes as needed or when top growth begins to yellow. Rake out the empty potato plot and sow with a quick maturing crop such as early carrots (Nantes) or cabbage (Harbinger). Garlic and shallots can be lifted as soon as their tops turn yellow: choose a warm sunny day and dry them outside before storing in a cool shed. Plant out seedlings of sprouting broccoli, Savoy cabbages and cauliflowers for spring harvesting. Water outdoor cucumbers, marrows and courgettes copiously during dry spells. Summer pruning of apples and pears can begin towards the end of the month to admit more air and light to the ripening fruit, but remember to leave shoots of the main stem and leading branches untouched.

Lawns Check at your local mairie for water restrictions. In dry weather, cut less closely and vary the direction.



385,000 Bussière Badil Family home comprising 3 houses set within 3+ acres of parkland within a small village offering many amenities and close to popular towns and lakes. REF: IFPC21043





REF: IFPC18756

REF: 4832748



REF: IFPC20934

REF: 36966



Bouglon, Lot-et-Garonne A lovely detached house in excellent condition offers, entrance, spacious lounge, equipped kitchen, double living room with fireplace, 2 bedrooms, bathroom and toilets.

Uzès, Gard Still 3 beautiful residences for sale in a small project with 7 large, light homes. The houses are situated guaranteeing each others privacy. Each house has its own garden.

REF: JM2222


REF: IFPC15425




The adverts above cost from just 179 for a whole year of web advertising and one edition of advertising in The Advertiser. 10,000 copies of The Advertiser are distributed at key points across department 24 including Bergerac and Brive-Vallée de la Dordogne airports. Let our distribution get you a sale. Contact our sales team on 0800 91 77 56 (freephone in France) or email TTC

24 Profile

The Advertiser, Dordogne

July 2011

Stick-up: getting ahead with the bread LAURENT RENCY is a man with a passion. There is nothing that pleases him more than being armdeep in dough, kneading the mixture that he will form into the baguettes that have been judged the best in the Dordogne. The prize for the best baguette is one of the most sought-after accolades in the baking world, awarded each year during the nationwide Fête du Pain. These are no ordinary baguettes, though. They must be baguettes de tradition, which means that by law they must be mixed, leavened, kneaded and baked at the boulangerie. They must not contain additives, they must contain only wheat flour, water, salt and yeast and they must never have been frozen. Mr Rency, who is a well-known character in Antonne, Périgueux, is naturally tight-lipped about the secret of his award-winning bread. It is simply a question of “a lot of hard work and keeping a close eye on the baking process,” he told The Advertiser. The Fête du Pain judges keep a close eye, too. For Mr Rency, as for

Photo: Arnaud Loth, Sud Ouest

Prize-winning baker Laurent Rency, from Antonne, features first in a new Advertiser series focusing on local personalities

Baked to perfection: Laurent Rency with his apprentice Florian, wife Katy and his champion baguettes all the boulangers taking part, it is not just a matter of presenting their pièces de résistance on the day of judgement, but of surviving a year of scrutiny of their artisanship. After that process, a shortlist of

about 20 contenders is drawn up for the final stage of the competition. “I was delighted to win, but it was down to the hard work of all of the team,” said Mr Rency. He is particularly pleased by the part played in

the victory by his 19-year-old apprentice Florian Evrard. “He is as deeply committed to making good bread as I am myself,” Mr Rency says proudly. In his seven years as an artisan

boulanger he has been runner-up four times in the Fête du Pain and has won the competition once before, in 2009. This year, Mr Rency beat off stiff competition from Cédric Rivière, of Condat, and Patrick Durand, from Périgueux. La Fête du Pain began in 1996 under the initiative of Jean-Pierre Raffarin, who at the time was the minister for small and medium-sized enterprises, commerce and craft. It celebrates 150 years of the baguette in the form in which we know it now, originally regulated by the Emperor Napoleon III in 1856. Then it was decreed that the the iconic bread stick should measure between 50 and 70 centimetres and weigh between 240 and 300 grams. To be judged a master of that honourable tradition is quite something, but, of course, Mr Rency is not just a talented baker but also a businessman, and he knows that his success at the Fête du Pain makes a difference to trade at the boulangerie. “People in the community are very proud to have a winning baker, so it does help with attracting customers,” he says. The people of the Dordogne know good baking when they see and taste it, because the area is something of a centre of excellence. Top international chef Alain Ducasse has the bread for his Michelin-starred restaurants made in the Dordogne — and Marks & Spencer’s “traditional English” scones are produced here, too. Mr Rency is among the elite.

The Dordogne Advertiser - July 2011  

The Advertiser, the Dordogne's English-language monthly newspaper

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