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November 2010 - Issue 21



Flights bonus for Brive and Bergerac

Hospital gets reprieve and new €100m MRI scanner

THE NEW Brive-Vallée de la Dordogne airport has topped a successful first season with news that CityJet is to introduce flights to London City over Christmas. With the aim of getting UK visitors over for the festive

Ne pas jeter sur la voie publique


Exeter. Flybe has also opened booking for next summer. Ryanair has confirmed it is maintaining its three-times a week winter schedule. CityJet exceeded its Brive target with just below 50 per cent seat occupancy since starting in June, with an August peak of 85 per cent. Brive is also starting charter holiday packages to Jordan, Crete, Croatia, Egypt and Djerba (Tunisia) with Fitour. Bordeaux Airport says 2010 has seen a 9.5 per cent rise in passengers to 2,751,000.

Aquitaine queens are double top

AQUITAINE has two beauty queens for the region as a result of the fall-out between ex-Miss France organiser Geneviève de Fontenay and the present rights-holder, Endemol. Ms de Fontenay’s rival event was won by Lisa Sautron (19), above, in Bergerac; Clémence Thill took the Endemol event in Cadillac, Gironde.

SARLAT hospital has been saved from closure with the news of a €100 million renovation project starting next year, which will include a new MRI scanner. The news comes just three months after the Centre hospitalier Jean Leclaire was tipped for closure in a list of 54 hospitals that had not reached their target number of patients. Christophe Marillesse, the hospital director, said the Agence Regionale de Santé Aquitaine (ARSA) confirmed that Sarlat would get an MRI scanner and agreed to its application for a new standard scanner. He added: “It is a strong sign of trust from the ARSA. We will have medical imaging worthy of the greatest hospitals. “There is no talk of closing anything down: not the surgery section, nor the maternity ward. The proof is that we have new equipment and we can continue to work and move forward.” Now senior staff are working out a total restructuring of the hospital, modernising the buildings while integrating the new scanners. It will take about 10 years to complete. Beneficiaries will include older patients on the third floor, where it is too warm during summer and too cold during win-

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season, the airline also hopes French shoppers will head to London for the sales. Bergerac Airport, too, is marking extra winter flights, with Flybe extending its service with daily flights to the UK: six a week to Southampton and three a week to

Scanner is a major plus for hospital ter. They will be moved to the ground floor “near the gardens so they can have the chance to go out and walk without having to take lifts or climb stairs”. Mr Marillesse said they would “touch everything”. A new modern psychiatry ward would be built and they will reorganise the emergency rooms. “I have been here almost six years and for almost six years I have been told I would soon be at the head of a hospital that is empty and closed. If it were to Î Turn to Page 2

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November 2010

TGV hopes hit the buffers by ALICE CANNET BERGERAC mayor Dominique Rousseau has failed in a plea for a new TGV line through Bergerac that would make Paris just three hours away. A spokesman for Aquitaine region said the cost of €1million for each kilometre of electrified track could not be justified: “This is a period of budgetary restrictions. We do not even know how we are going to finance the projects to which we are already committed.” At present, the regional transport plan includes proposals for a three-hour TGV link between Périgueux and Paris, work on the lines from Agen to Périgueux and between Libourne, Bergerac and Sarlat. Rail network agency Réseau Ferré Français also said €70m was being spent to improve efficiency by renewing track and signalling on the Bergerac-Sarlat line. Bergerac will also get a new station at the end of 2011.The regional council is paying three quarters of the €688,000 cost. The region’s hopes for a TGV extension to Périgueux are based on the plans for the

Bergerac TGV link will not happen in the near future

Photo: RFF / D'ANGELO Jean-Jacques

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The Advertiser, Dordogne

new Poitiers-Limoges TGV line, which should be in service before 2020. Mr Rousseau met rail and infrastructure officials to discuss a Bergerac TGV link and his communication director, Lénaïck Hemery, said that while technical reasons barred a route to Bordeaux, a connection via Libourne was “technically achievable”. Périgueux could get a rail boost by 2012 with plans to run hourly TER trains to Mussidan being included in the plan de

déplacements urbain (PDU) from the city’s group of 13 communes. New stations are also planned for Boulazac and Vésone in 2013, with an increase to two trains an hour on the TER line MussidanPérigueux-Niversac by 2014. The regional council said it had invested close to €5 billion in projects for the local transport plan for 2000-10 and was planning €14 billion for 2010-20 and €8 billion for after 2020.

Hospital gets reprieve and MRI scanner Î From Page 1 close, it would be a healthcare desert around here. “We have 450 births a year, 20 per cent caesareans. We do not always have time to send them an hour and a half in an ambulance. It would have to be by helicopter, and it would

be a lot more expensive. We also do 7,500 scans a year, we will have an MRI, we have between 6,000 and 7,000 hospitalised patients a year and we can renovate as we have room to do it in.” Mr Marillesse said they would start looking at archi-

tects’ plans early next year. Sarlat’s new standard scanner will give a better image quality as it is a 64-slice machine rather than 16. It will also cut the radiation felt by patients by 80 per cent. The MRI scanner will require extensive rebuilding work,

given the high magnetic fields, that could take two years. At present, 400 patients a year have to go to Bordeaux, Limoges or Périgueux for tests and that will continue until the new MRI scanner is ready. New staff will be hired, including an extra doctor.

The Advertiser, Dordogne

Property taxes have risen 50% PROPERTY costs have soared for some owners in the Dordogne, with the taxe foncière rising by nearly 50 per cent over the past five years. The commune of La Jemaye was hardest hit, with the tax rising 48.64 per cent, compared to Neuvic sur l’Isle, where it fell 4.63 per cent over the same period. A study by the Union nationale de la propriété immobilière (UNPI) uncovered the figures, which represent the total tax demanded by the commune, department and region. If you want to know more about residential taxes, download our new Local Taxes helpguide for €5 from www. or for €7 using the form on Page 18.

November 2010

Tourist railway will rise from ashes by JANE HANKS

Business fairs go head-to-head SUCCESS breeds success and two major business fairs are being held on November 5-6. Success in the Dordogne has 50 exhibitors at the Périgueux Parc des Expositions with help from Dordogne Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry. November 6 sees the Living in France Made Easy expo at the Chateau du Vigiers at Monestiers. Angel Traders has a successful formula that unites English-speaking traders with their customers.

Tarmac fraud Britons fined TWO Britons have been fined €5,000 after being found guilty of working illegally laying tar drives in June 2009. Périgueux court heard that the bitumeurs anglais did a slap-dash job and always demanded payment up-front.

News 3

The roof fell in minutes after Robert and Irène Mousseau fled the blaze

nearly cost him his life. “I was woken up at about four in the morning by a violent cracking noise and I thought someone had broken in and was attacking the models,” Mr Mousseau said. “I saw the flames, ran back into the apartment, woke my wife, Irène, rang the fire brigade and we rushed outside. “Four minutes later, the roof fell in. We were lucky to escape with our lives. The next day coaches arrived for the show; but there was nothing left.”

OWNER Robert Mousseau says he will not be beaten by the fire that destroyed Rocamadour’s Féerie Autour du Rail, one of the area’s top tourist attractions. He said: “When I remember the look of wonder on people’s faces and I feel I might have given them just a little bit of magic for the day, I know I can’t give up.” The model railway and light show drew 50,000 visitors last year and, apart from the trains and track, he made every part over 31 years in 80,000 hours of intricate workmanship. It contained 200 animated scenes, lit by 4,000 computercontrolled light bulbs and projectors. Visitors sat on tiered seats that were themselves on rails and moved along as each scene unfolded. Letters of support flooded in and one writer described the attraction as “a marvel of creativity and poetry”. Mr Mousseau said his aim had Magical miniature world entranced tourists always been to take people on The cause of the fire is unknown. The a journey and to make them dream. electricity was switched off and police He began making models when he was have not ruled out arson. nine, but even now, at the age of 64, he A Rocamadour tourist office spokeswants to start again and said: “It depends woman said it was a great loss: “It on how much insurance money I get, but appealed to all ages and was very popular. I would like to rebuild it. It was complementary to our other “It couldn’t be the same as before, attractions, because it was different and it because I would have to have it made for was under cover. It created an imaginary me. But I’ve got plenty of ideas.” world that was really wonderful. It is very The blaze cost him his life’s work plus sad. Visitors will miss it.” his home and all his possessions, and very

New link for councils


Villages’ internet boost

BERGERAC, Creysse, Prigonrieux and neighbouring villages are merging to form one agglomeration with better control over urban development, planning and the environment. The Socialist mayor of Bergerac, Dominique Rousseau, helped push the move through when he gave up claims to having the largest voting power. The grouping will represent 53,000 residents. The communautés de communes of Bergerac Pourpre, which contains Bergerac; Dordogne Eyraud Lidoire, which includes Prigonrieux; and Trois-Vallées with Creysse will each have the same number of votes. Bergerac has gained by claiming an equal share of the finances without any increased costs.

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A BID to end internet shadow zones is bringing high-speed web access to 41 cantons and 210 villages across the department and bringing coverage up to the national average of 98 per cent. Called NRA-ZO, it started in March in Mauzens-et-Miremont and neighbouring towns and has spread to include St André de Double, Brouchaud, Champagne-et-Fontaine, Gouts-Rossignol, Bouzic, Campagnac-lès-Quercy and Montagnac-la-Crempse. Developed in partnership with Orange, the plan is part of a larger programme by the region to upgrade internet access. For broadband, it has already invested €30 million over six years and another €150m will be invested over 15 years to link the area with fibre optic cabling.

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4 Spotlight

Cathy Merlaud is the fourth generation of her family to work in the magasin universel

The Advertiser, Dordogne

November 2010

Is she the secret of Verteillac’s success? It looks likes a typical PÊrigord Vert village, pretty enough but hardly beautiful. So why is thriving? It boasts four restaurants, three bars, a hotel, two brocantes, two hairdressers, two estate agents, a butchers, a bakers and a shop that appears to sell everything. LUCY STUBBS went to find out

The Advertiser, Dordogne

November 2010

IN THE HEART of the Périgord Vert, some 12km from Ribérac, lies the village of Verteillac. From the moment you park in the square opposite the church, you realise there is something different about the place; for a rural Dordogne commune with a population of about 650, there seems to be an awful lot going on. A stroll up the street confirms this. The village boasts four restaurants, three bars, a hotel, two brocantes, two hairdressers, two estate agents, a butchers, a bakers and a shop that apparently sells everything ... well, almost everything. There is also a multi-disciplinary medical centre, a municipal swimming pool, camp-site and multi-media centre. The village boasts seven football teams, including a women's team, and offers residents French, English and Italian lessons. While attractive, Verteillac isn’t one of les plus beaux villages de France. The land around the village is largely given over to cereal farming. So why is it so dynamic? Huw Thomas, owner of Verteillac Brocante, municipal councillor and long-time resident, shared his thoughts. “We’re the chef du canton,” he said. “Traditionally, it’s where all the people from the other communes come to. There are 17 communes in our canton. “Since I’ve been here, the businesses have changed. Twenty years ago, there were many more grocery and food-based shops. Now we’ve got more service-based firms, but, unlike other places, the number of businesses just hasn’t diminished and we’re not just busy in the summer, either.” Verteillac’s newest business owner is Melody Troost, 31, a former

Twenty years ago there were many more grocery and food-based shops Huw Thomas

Municipal councillor

accounts manager from Holland, who runs the restaurant L’Escalier. “I’ve always wanted to open a restaurant, so this is a dream come true,” she said. “I opened in early June. So far it is going well.” So was she attracted to Verteillac because of its reputation? “I heard about the place from a friend and thought I would do well here. It is my first restaurant, so there has been a lot to learn, but I love it and I’m busy.” While Ms Troost knew about Verteillac before her move, for others, happening on such a vibrant village was sheer luck. Chris Stacey, 45, and his partner Sam Read, 40, spotted their restaurant and pizzeria, the Bistrot Verticalle, on the internet five years ago. “We’d already seen lots of French properties,” said Mr Stacey. “But this one caught our eye; it was sheer luck that it turned out to be in Verteillac. We’d never heard of the place before.” “There something special about the village though,” said Ms Read. “It doesn’t have the feeling of other French villages, which can seem so

empty, especially in the winter. There’s a good community spirit here.” Verteillac mayor Jean-Pierre Bordier, elected in 2008, is proud of the vibrant village, but cannot quite put his finger on quite why it is so

successful. Of the six businesses that have started in the past year, more than half are run by expatriates. Perhaps the village’s continued success is to do with foreign investment? “The village has always been popular with foreigners, especially the British, but I wouldn’t say it was any more popular now than 20 years ago,” Mr Bordier said. “It’s true, though, there are lots of business owners from Britain, Ireland, Holland, as well as the French, and they all work well together. But I think we’re just very lucky. Everyone gets on so well here.” Two buildings in the village perhaps shed further light on Verteillac’s popularity. The first is the church. “Our priest is responsible for 20 churches,” explains Mr Thomas. “So because it isn’t possible to hold Sunday mass in all of them, he holds mass here.”

The pink lion outside Huw Thomas’s brocante is a star of the village

Spotlight 5 Directly opposite the church stands the second significant draw to the village. “I call it the Harrods of the Dordogne, because you can buy everything here,” says bar owner Annmarie McCarthy, who runs Le Calice. “When mass ends, you see a wave of people crossing the road and heading straight for the shop,” she said. “It’s really called Merlauds, because they’re the owners. The shop is always busy. People travel from other towns to visit.” As well as groceries, the magasin universel stocks everything from DIY materials and large-screen televisions to fire-backs and ride-on lawn mowers. Cathy Merlaud, who runs the shop with her brother Bruno, explained how the shop began. “We are the fourth generation of shopkeepers,” she said. “My family opened a small shop at the turn of the 20th century; it was up the street a bit. We moved down to here in 1943 and over the years we’ve just kept growing.” So while the Merlauds’ emporium goes from strength to strength, does the village have plans for expansion? “We’re creating 17 lotissements to encourage new families to the area,” Mr Bordier said. “We’re also building a large car park and renovating the village centre to make it more attractive.” Meanwhile, the association des commerçants et artisans believes it has come up with another wheeze to boost trade. “This year, we’ve started holding a giant brocante on the first Sunday of every month, all year round,” said Mr Thomas. “There are about 50 store holders. So far, it’s going really well.” The villagers of Verteillac have no plans to rest on their laurels.

6 Food

The Advertiser, Dordogne

November 2010

inspectors who judge factors such as produce quality, mastery of cooking techniques and flavours and creativity. In the past, it was often criticised for being overly focussed on classic French cooking, but it now also rewards other nation’s cuisines and unorthodox, highly inventive cookery. While any stars mean you should be in for excellent food and service, two or three may also mean astronomical prices, owing to the need for the finest products, the smartest décor and best service. Of increasing interest are those (unstarred ones) marked “Bib Gourmand”, with a Michelin Man licking his lips (Bibendum being the character’s French name). These offer exceptional value for money: gastronomic dining for less than €29 (during the week). Michelin now produce a guide just of these: Les Bonnes Petites Tables du Guide Michelin, which in 2010 lists 555, including 105 new ones. You will see a plaque outside restaurants saying they are in the Guide Rouge, but you need to ask them, or check to see exactly what ratings they got. The next most famous, the Gault et Millau, dates from a commercial partnership between two restaurant critics, Henri Gault and Christian

The top food guides all have their own inspectors Millau in 1969, initially to produce a magazine. They made their name with the concept of nouvelle cuisine (light, delicate presentation without heavy sauces). For the guide’s 40th anniversary, they have abandoned their famous marks out of 20, which they say treated chefs like schoolchildren, and offer one to five toques (chef ’s hats). They say they do not

look for sophisticated restaurants that “only justify their high prices by the luxury of the setting”, but ones that create great flavour combinations, with simplicity and authenticity and have a good atmosphere. Like Michelin, they have anonymous inspectors, as does another wellrespected tome, the Guide Champérard. This offers up to four

Quick now doing organic burgers

Regional speciality: Quiche Lorraine

An easy classic from the east

FAST-FOOD chain Quick has joined the organic bandwagon. The chain is offering a €2.50 cheeseburger made from organic bread, onions, meat, cheese, ketchup and mayonnaise. Certification rules say a product like this is bio (organic) as long as 95 per cent of its ingredients come from organic agriculture.

Home-made food is popular trend MAKING your own food is more popular than ever, say kitchen goods makers’ association Gifam, which carried out a survey. In the past year, sales of grinders went up 69 per cent, food processors 27 per cent and blenders 14 per cent. Among those surveyed, 94 per cent said they enjoyed cooking and more than half said they would be interesting in taking a course.

Try fresh quinces in November QUINCES, in French coings, are among the more unusual fruits harvested this month. They are mainly grown in Savoy, in the Drôme and in the Bouches-du-Rhône. They come in three main varieties: monstruese de Vranja (big and elongated, with firm flesh), Portuguese (downy, with brittle, perfumed flesh) and champion (pale yellow, with juicy, tender flesh). Quinces are eaten cooked, in jellies, jams, compotes and liqueurs, or cooked in a crumble or accompanying poultry.

“points”, which a spokesman said was in homage to chef Fernand Point, who he said created the modern French restaurant. This is an allround food guide, telling you where to find the best bread and meat etc as well. Its slogan is “great cooking for everyone”. Creator Marc de Champérard recently questioned the sense of paying very high prices at certain gastronomic restaurants, when in some cases you can eat very well at a humble brasserie. Le Bottin Gourmand, going since 1981, uses reports from inspectors combined with reader reviews, awarding one to four stars. It also has a more restricted guide to the top restaurants, Les 1000 Meilleures Tables de France. Others focus on certain parts of France, such as the Guide Gantié (one to four branches) for the Paca region or the Pudlo guides, by a former Gault et Millau writer, which formerly included a France guide, but this year are restricted to Paris, Brittany and Alsace. The Guide Hubert covers the south of France for both wine and restaurants.

Photo: CRT Lorraine - M. Laurent

GUIDES to eating out can make or break a restaurant, and buying a reputed one, checking its website or looking for its logo in the window are a great way to make a memorable choice. So influential are they that some chefs live in fear of demotion: Bernard Loiseau committed suicide shortly after dropping from 19/20 to 17/20 in the Gault et Millau. The top-selling and most prestigious is Michelin’s Guide Rouge. The first, published in 1900 when there were fewer than 3,000 cars in France, was offered free with tyres. The stars date from 1926 and the understated meanings are still the same: one, a very good table in its category; two, worth a detour; and three, worth a special journey. Food writers sometimes call the stars macarons, but according to Michelin this was dreamed up by a critic who wanted to avoid saying “star” too often, and it denies that its symbols represent the little almondflavoured cakes. The 2010 edition awards 23 three stars, 77 two stars and 455 one stars. It also awards knife and fork symbols for “charm”, from one, “quite comfortable”, to five, “of great comfort and tradition”. Reviews are by anonymous

Photo: © EastWest Imaging -

Guides from Michelin to Bottin

Quiche Lorraine was the world’s first quiche QUICHE Lorraine is the original quiche and the emblematic dish of this region near the German border. It has been made there since at least 1605, when the first written records mention it. The name comes from the German kuchen (cake) and the essential basis of it is a mixture called migaine, which is made up of crème fraîche and eggs. Though some recipes allow for milk to be added, locals in Alsace say it must include thick crème fraîche, unlike some commercially produced quiches that only use milk. Ideally, go for a high-quality one like AOC Isigny Sainte-Mère. Another tip for a successful quiche is to use only lean smoked bacon, with the fat cut off. Variants called quiche alsacienne and quiche vosgienne include Gruyère cheese, while

the latter also has onions. Ingredients (serves 4) 500g flaky pastry (pâte feuilletée) 5 eggs 10cl crème fraîche Two glasses of milk 300g smoked bacon Method Roll out a circle of pastry on a floured surface and lay it into a flan dish, then prick it over the base with a fork. Cut the bacon into little pieces and place on the pastry. Heat the oven to 210C. Warm the milk on the hob. In a bowl, beat the eggs with the milk and cream. Add salt and pepper and pour on to the pastry base. Bake for 35 minutes. Serve immediately. Recipe by Comité Régional du Tourism Lorraine (www.

The Advertiser, Dordogne

News from the Dordogne’s wine region RECIPE:

Tomatoes stuffed with duck

INGREDIENTS 250g duck sausage meat 100g breadcrumbs 1 egg 8 large, round tomatoes 2 soft tomatoes


Bergerac reds and rosés hit by long, hot summer by JANICE MOODY

TRADITIONALLY November sees the opening of the Marchés au Gras. Specialising in duck, they are held weekly through winter. So why not indulge in some locally reared duck, served with one of Bergerac’s own red wines? Serves 4

Wine 7

November 2010

THIS year’s vendange promises to be an interesting one, according to wine expert Damien Le Grelle at the Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins de la Région de Bergerac’s laboratory. He said: “There is a good freshness about the white and rosé grapes this year. “White grapes mature from June to August, so they didn't really suffer in the dry weather. “They should produce interesting wines, superior to those of 2009, which itself was a good year.” He added: “Quantity-wise, we should be seeing about the same as last year.” The situation for the reds is quite diverse.

Red grapes start maturing later than whites, and some grapes suffered from the dry conditions, others did not, depending on their aspect. However, by the end of the summer the grapes had very little water. Mr Le Grelle said: “The wines should reflect those of 2003 and 2005, which were excellent years for both red and rosé, and be at least as good as 2009. However, the quantity is much less.” At the time of going to press, the harvest of Monbazillac grapes had not yet started. Bergerac wine region has plenty to offer when it comes to reds. Montravel wines are produced in the extreme west and the Montravel red is a

“grand vin rouge” due to the strict production conditions it is subjected to. The Bergerac appellation covers a huge part of the region, producing reds that are fine and fruity and are drunk young. Côtes de Bergerac appellation also covers a large area. These are structured wines and have an intense, sombre appearance with aromas of candied fruits. They can be left to mature for up to 10 years, depending on the vintage. The Pécharmant vineyards represent a small area to the north-east of Bergerac. Pécharmant is an elegant wine with an aromatic intensity. Its unique nature is all down to the particularity of the soil the grapes are grown in.

2 tbsp olive oil 1 clove of garlic ½ glass of water 1 tsp of thyme 20g chopped parsley 1 sugar cube Salt and pepper

METHOD Preheat oven to 180C. Slice top half off the eight tomatoes, remove pulp and keep to one side. Season inside of the tomatoes. Mix chopped garlic with duck meat, egg, parsley, thyme and breadcrumbs. Season. Roughly chop additional tomatoes and add with their juice to the tomato pulp. Dissolve sugar in water and add. Season. Stuff tomatoes with meat mixture and place on an oiled, ovenproof dish. Pour tomato mixture on to the same dish, around the stuffed tomatoes, and cook for 40 minutes. Serve hot. For extra taste, roast 20 garlic cloves on an oiled dish, in their skins, for 25 mins at 180C. Halfway through cooking time, pour in ½ glass of water (slightly sugared and salted). Cloves are cooked when the skin has caramelised and the inside is soft.

Vicky O’Neill, centre, says she and her husband have made lifelong friends since joining the Bergerac wine industry band

We’ve never looked back since joining band

Wine recommendation: Red

DID YOU KNOW? LE BOURRU is the juice from newly picked grapes that has just started fermenting. It is fizzy and cloudy in appearance and normally made from white grapes. When le bourru is bottled, the juice is very much “working”, so the bottle must have some means of alleviating the gas, otherwise it will explode. Le bourru is often drunk between winemakers and grape-pickers to celebrate the end of the grape-picking season and is often accompanied by roasted chestnuts.

MUSICIAN Vicky O’Neill gets involved in local wine events in a rather different way by playing saxophone in the Bergerac wine industry’s local band, In Vino Veritas Banda. Vicky is a professional musician and singer living and working in the Dordogne and, when she is not working, she and her husband, Jay, play in the band. How did you come to join the band? One of our French friends played for the band and asked us if we would be willing to help, as they were short of saxophone players. We have never looked back.

Visit the Maison des Vins and local vineyards


– Minutes – Questions

What is it like being involved? There are about 50 musicians and we rehearse from September to March. From April to September, we play at wine fêtes, where there are firework displays, eating, drinking and lots of dancing. It’s all unpaid work, but great fun, and we love it. Both Jay and I were in the Royal Marines Band Service, so to us it is like home from home, because the band has an almost military feel; a lot of the music has a march style. We also have to walk

while we play as we parade through the streets. What are the other members like? Some have their own vineyards, so it is very much a vignerons’ band, which means we are getting to know about wine-making too. They are very dedicated and many have been working through the nights picking grapes and then turning up for a gig having had no sleep! How do you feel you have been accepted? The band has become like a family to us, and we have made some

lifelong friends. We feel privileged to have been accepted as one of them. How is your French? No one speaks English, so it forces us to speak French and helps to understand the culture. Since it began in 2004, the band has gone from strength to strength. In 2007, it produced its first CD and began competing in contests. We play a wide range of festive music from traditional to samba and disco. Practices are every other Friday night at Monestier, near Bergerac. Music lessons are offered.

Maison des Vins de Bergerac 1 rue des Récollets 24100 Bergerac Tel 05 53 63 57 55 z

8 Property

The Advertiser, Dordogne

November 2010

Sweep your chimney to D I Y t i p s avoid soot and killer gas


Give kitchen a cleaner look in a few minutes

hog) and, while some supermarkets sell chemical packs to clean the chimney, these should be seen as aids to help loosen the soot rather than substitutes. If you have had a new stove fitted, your insurance company will also ask for proof that it has been professionally installed. Insurance company Macif says 40 per cent of serious fires are caused by stoves that are incorrectly fitted into existing chimneys; only 0.3 per cent are caused by defective units. You should have your chimney swept twice a year if you are using wood, coal or oil: once when the heater is being used and once outside that period. Gas fires only need the chimney swept once. Nearly 5,000 people are poisoned by carbon monoxide a year, with 90 fatalities. „ SMOKE alarms will be mandatory in all homes by 2015. Earlier this year, the government passed a law saying that the person occupying a property, whether they own it or rent it, must ensure it has an alarm. Only two per cent of homes in France have an alarm, compared with 89 per cent in the UK. No official standard for the alarms has been set. Owners of short-term let buildings must also ensure they comply.

Photo: © cataliseur30–

GETTING your chimney swept beforehand is a way to make sure you are getting the most out of your fire or wood-burning stove. You also avoid toxic carbon monoxide gases entering your home, or chimney fires which can damage the flue and need expensive repairs, perhaps even opening up the wall. Article 31 of the Règlement Sanitaire Départemental sets out national guidelines for getting your chimney swept – le ramonage – but you will need to ask your mairie about any local changes, because rules are set at a local level. There are no legal sanctions backing the rules, but anyone whose chimney causes a fire could face severe penalties, especially if other properties are involved. Your insurer may demand you get your chimneys swept and the règlement says this should be done by “une entreprise qualifiée”. The sweep or ramoneur should be registered with the Organisme Professionnel de Qualification et de Classification du Bâtiment. Get a certificat de ramonage for the insurance company once the job is completed. It should cost between €39 and €65. The sweeping is done with a chimney brush or herisson (hedge-

Sweeps should charge between €39 and €65

Champs Elysées loses to London

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DA 11/10

THE CHAMPS Elysées is no longer the most expensive commercial street in Europe – it has been knocked off its perch by New Bond Street, London. The average rent per metre squared along the French shopping street has droped 9.5 per cent to €6,965, whereas in New Bond Street is has risen 19.4 per cent to €7,345. On a global scale, New York’s 5th Avenue tops the list with €18,454.

New homes miss building target THE number of new houses built in 2009-10 was 300,000, far off the government’s target of half a million. However, the number of approved planning applications has risen 30 per cent when comparing the period of June-August 2009 and the same months in 2010. The number of sales of new buildings also rose by 33 per cent during this period.

Mortgage rate hits new low MORTGAGE rates have tumbled to their lowest level in 65 years, averaging 3.3 per cent in September. Borrowing is now 10 per cent cheaper than in December 2008, when rates hit 5.15 per cent. Low rates have seen buyers flocking back into the market, pushing up prices in Paris and other large cities. Lending, however, has not risen hugely, rising 17 per cent since 2009 to €140 billion in 2010, well down on the 2007 record of €170bn.

YOU CAN tidy up the area behind your cooker, kitchen work area or sinks by fitting a beaded or tongue-and-groove splashback or backboard. Known as lambrissage, it can be done cheaply and quickly, changing the character of the room or covering up walls that are not in good condition. First, make accurate measurements of the area to be covered: to make that easier, you should cut off the power to electrical sockets and switches before unscrewing them from the wall. Make your measurements and then check the size of any electrical sockets and switches and their distance from the countertop and the nearest edge of the backboard. The standard dimension for beadboard is in two metre long sheets, with widths from 7cm up to 37.5cm. Use a saw to cut the board to the right size. It is easier to use a table saw for this, because it does the job in one smooth go. However if you have to use a handsaw, cut on the back of the board, as this hides any tears or other blemishes. Measure out the locations of the cut-outs for the sockets and switches – then check them. Drill two holes in opposing corners of the cut-outs with a large drill bit, big

Tools needed WHAT YOU will need for the job: measuring tape, screwdriver for unscrewing sockets and switches, drill with large bit, jig-saw, tube of heavy-duty multi-purpose silicone glue, hammer, brad nails (clou à tête perdue or clou étêté) enough to insert a jig-saw blade in the gap. Keep the drill holes inside the cutout, so that you do not spoil the visible wood. Insert your jig-saw into one of the drilled holes and cut the rest of the opening. Once the cut-outs are complete, try out the board against the wall to make sure everything is in the correct position. Try out the sockets in their new position on the board. Apply multi-purpose adhesive to the back of the panel to hold it in place before you nail it down. Fit the panel to the wall and then hammer in brad nails to keep it secure, making sure you keep clear of switches and sockets. Use another nail on the head of the brad nails to put them under the surface. Refit the switches and sockets. Use filler to cover nail holes, then use masking tape on your kitchen counter before you paint or stain the new wallcovering.

Ideal way to promote your company directly to readers as they research information on DIY To sponsor this column contact: 0800 91 77 56 (free from France) or from UK 0844 246 9881 (4p/min)

10 What’s On


Community notice board Liz Morris, Bishop Geoffrey and Gill Strachan after the service

„ November 10 – Wednesdays at the museum, from 14.00. The Musée d’Art et d’Archéologie in Périgueux offer workshops for children and teenagers to discover their historic and artistic heritage Call 05 53 06 40 70 „ November 11 – Turkey fair, stall, parade of turkeys, competitions, meals and much more, Varaignes Call 05 53 56 35 76 „ November 13-14 – Motorbike meet, La Bachellerie Call 05 53 51 89 41 „ November 28 – Christmas markets, Prats-de-Carlux and Le-Buisson-de-Cadouin

Bishop honours Aquitaine chaplains LIMEUIL’S St Catherine’s Church welcomed Bishop Geoffrey, the Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Europe, for a special service to license assistant chaplains Gill Strachan and Liz Morris. The venue was special for both women, as Liz was one of the founding members of the church congregation 20 years ago and it

Orchestra trains up its new stars LEARN trumpet, flute or piano as part of plans to expand the Classe d’Orchestre at Beaumont. The orchestra is looking for new members and any amateur is welcome, especially on wind instrument, keyboard or drums. There’s no age limit and conductor Clare Monceret says they play wide and varied music, from classical to Beatles and French star Michel Sardou. English and French is spoken and Clare is on hand to do any translations needed. The orchestra meets every Monday from 20.00 to 21.00 at the Salle Calypso in Beaumont. It costs €48, although there is aid for Beaumont residents. Lesson fees are €109 for Beaumont residents to €227. Contact Clare Monceret on 06 88 61 43 30 or email

was where Gill worshipped before being called to the priesthood in 2007. Gill has been serving as assistant curate in Aquitaine during her post-ordination training after being ordained at the church of St Avit Sénieur. Liz was formerly the curate in Yoxmere (St Edmundsbury & Ipswich diocese).

Get rid of your garden pests GARDEN pests take pride of place when Erica Lainé tells how to get rid of them at the November 10 meeting of the Interesting Gardening Club in the Salle des Fêtes, Lusignac.

Choir plea for more singers NEW members are needed for the Poitou-Charentes Chaplaincy Choir in the run-up to Advent and Christmas. Choirmaster Gareth Williams has practice on Fridays in Civray Church (86). Call Carolyn Kimber 09 62 16 43 00

Radio holds its own open day RADIO Aquitaine is going from strength to strength, with more regular English and French presenters. You can find out more at a special open event at Aquitaine Langues in Bergerac on November 8 from 15.00.

Club aims for charity boost at fair DORDOGNE Ladies Club International is hoping to better the €6,000 it raised for charity last year when it holds its Christmas Fair on November 27. Moving away from the brocante format that it used previously, the club is aiming to offer high-quality gift ideas: paintings, jewellery, ceramics, books, leather goods and wine. One speciality at the sale in the Salle de l’Orangerie, Bergerac, this year is the chance to buy cakes, mince pies, puddings, jams and chutneys: ideal presents. There will also be cards and decorations. Refreshments will also be available and club president Susan Durst says that the fair will be open from 10.00 until 16.00. Call 05 53 81 52 47 or email Dordogneladies@

Out and about „ November 7 – 10km walk around Monpazier, meet in front of the glass blowers at 14.00, Bayac Call 06 30 83 76 53 „ November 20 – Moonlight walk, 10km, leave in front of the mairie, 21.00, Mayac Call 05 53 05 92 10

Nordic Walking

The Advertiser, Dordogne

free entry, Château de Nontron Call 05 53 60 74 17 „ November 22-Dec 2 – Exhibition Arts Pluriels en Périgord, Mairie, Thenon. The arts group has exhibits in clay, porcelain, wood, metal, glass and textile as well as photos Call 05 53 05 25 85 „ November 23-Dec 11 – Sculpture exhibition, Espace Culturel, Montpon-Ménestérol Call 05 53 82 30 54

Music „ November 13 – Live transmission of the Metropolitan Opera’s Don Pasquale will be seen in HD with surround sound from 19.00. Participating cinemas include: Cap Cinéma, Périgueux; Cinéma Rex, Sarlat; Salle du Chateau, Limeuil Call 05 53 63 38 90 „ November 21 – Ste Cécile concert, in church, Beaumontdu-Périgord Call 05 53 22 39 12 „ November 26 – Bordeaux National Orchestra, Salle Paul Eluard, Sarlat Call 05 53 31 09 49

„ November 13 – 9.30 in front of the mairie, Mouzens Call 05 53 30 36 09

„ November 27 – Ste Cécile concert, in church, Thiviers Call 05 53 555 12 50

„ November 14 – Meet in front of the church in Loubejac, leave at 14.00 Call 05 53 29 98 37

„ November 28 – Brahms and Schubert concert, Ancien Evêché, Salle Molière, Sarlat Call 05 53 28 30 20

„ Meet Place de la Mairie, Vitrac. Must book places in advance Call 05 53 29 43 08 „ November 27 – Meet 9.30 in front of the mairie, Allasles-Mines Call 05 53 30 36 09


Dance „ November 5 – Swan Lake with St Petersburg ballet, 20.30, Le Palio, Boulazac Call 05 53 02 40 80 „ Flamenco show, €12, 20.30, Salle Le Lascaux, Montpon-Ménestérol Call 05 53 82 30 54

„ November 2-20 – Exhibition by photographer Frédéric Aldebert, Espace Culturel, Montpon-Ménestérol Call 05 53 82 30 54

„ November 12 – Mariana, Maryse Delente dancers, Esplanade Robert Badinter, Périgueux Call 05 53 53 18 71

„ November 20-31 – Exhibition of exceptional art work,

„ November 13-27 – Maquiz’Art jazz festival,

November 2010

Salle des Fêtes, Eymet Call 05 53 23 82 37 „ November 18 – Celtic Legends, The Palio, Boulazac Call 05 53 02 40 80 „ November 29 – Cabaret evening, Bars Call 05 53 05 19 30

Other „ November 5-6 – Salon du Bien-être, place for singles of all ages to meet, Parc des Expositions, Marsac-sur-l’Isle Call 06 08 28 09 27 „ Introduction to stained glass window-making, day or half-day workshops, Sergeac Call 06 78 86 51 26 „ November 6 – Fashion show, 20.30, Thenon „ Chestnut evening, meal and animations, 19.00, Salle des Fêtes, Champs-Romain Call 05 53 56 95 94 „ November 7 – Dessert competition, all desserts must be pumpkin based, Ste-Croix Call 05 53 22 39 12 „ Tea dance, Tocane-St-Apre Call 05 53 91 35 11 „ November 13 – Mussel and chips evening, €16, Badefolsd’Ans Call 05 53 50 40 27 „ November 19 – Beaujolais Nouveau evening, Salle des Fêtes, Chapdeuil Call 05 53 91 35 11 „ November 19-21 – Horse fair, presentation of horses, sale, events, Parc des Exposition, Marsac-sur-l’Isle Call 05 53 08 11 14 „ November 21 – Up to 50 stalls displaying gift ideas for Christmas, gymnase du collège, Piégut-Pluviers Call 05 53 60 74 75 „ November 27 – Disco evening, Limeyrat Call 06 28 06 27 08 „ Choucroute evening, StFront-de-Pradoux Call 05 53 81 73 87

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The Advertiser, Dordogne

November 2010

What’s On 11

Films get new lease of life in winter by KIRSTEN STROUD

Elizabeth Facq

Language tips for gardeners A COMPOSTING workshop is the first fruit of a new project at Jardiland in Bergerac to have a bilingual assistant to help with sessions. The garden centre’s autumn workshops will be held with help from bilingual receptionist Isabelle Facq, who will give an English translation. A pruning and composting workshop on November 20 is the first of the events; anyone planning to attend should sign up at the reception desk. Call 05 53 63 54 70 for more information and to register.

AS THE winter nights set in, cinemas in the Dordogne are coming to life, offering festivals and special seances during the colder months. This month, hundreds of cinemas, libraries and various other associations all over France will be showing documentary films as part of the Month of the Documentary. They will help the public discover new talents, pay tribute to film makers and the chance to see rare films. More than 2,000 screenings are planned.

The Cinéma Vox in Montignac is taking part in the festival by screening films on the theme of water from November 19-21. You can also meet film directors and the scientists involved in making the films. Visit for information and to find out what is on offer near you. Sarlat holds its annual film festival on November 9-13 and over the years it has become recognised as one the most important festivals in the region. Its success means that it now has the backing of local and national institu-

tions and also attracts famous French actors and directors. The festival shows several premières of national French films and also short films made by media students. It will also highlight five African films, including Yeelen by Souleymane Cissé. See what films are on offer at After the success of My Beautiful Festival in July and the sequence of My Beautiful Séances taster films over the rest of the year, the organisers have decided once again to offer films through the year.

Fair will give cancer support group big boost

Bodies and laughs galore BODIES pile high as drama group MADS opens its autumn season with Secondary Cause of Death, a comedy by Peter Gordon. Director Jill Richard follows up her 2002 triumph with Gordon’s Murdered to Death; Secondary Cause of Death is the sequel. Inspector Pratt and his costars start a three-night run at the Château d’Issigeac from November 25 until 27. Call: 05 53 24 56 11

Markets Brocante and market dates for your diary this month: 1 – Groléjac 6 – Ribérac 7 – Lamonzie-St-Martin; Périgueux; Ribérac; Verteillac; Bergerac; StEstèphe 11 – La Coquille; Périgueux 13 – Périgueux; Thenon 14 – St Astier; Vélines; Brantôme 20 – Périgueux 21 – Clothes and toy sales Neuvic sur l’Isle; Périgueux 28 – Nontron; Eymet; Le Buisson de Cadouin; Sarlat

They are going to be programmed by season, allowing the organisers to offer films that have a particular interest at that given moment. This month sees L’Arbre et la Forêt by Olivier Ducastel and Jacques Martineau on November 9. English-language films are shown in English at the festival and most French films have English subtitles. All are at Bergerac’s Grand Cyrano cinema and cost €6. Some are accompanied by wine tastings. Check the films on the festival website at

Cookery demonstrations, workshops and conferences will be on offer at Périgueux

Quebec gives festival a new flavour QUEBEC takes pride of place this year at the gourmet book fair, Salon International du Livre Gourmand de Périgueux. The French-speaking Canadian province is often called the old continent by the French and much of its food is inspired by the traditional dishes that the settlers took over with them. Visitors to the salon can find out more about Quebec and its gastronomy. Being so close to America and having so many people arriving from all over the world has seen Quebecois cuisine evolve. Now chefs and families have adapted local

produce to create new and exciting recipes. The fair isn’t just about finding the perfect recipe book; it also offers conferences, debates, cooking demonstrations, workshops, exhibitions and even shows. Local restaurants will also offer special menus during the fair. Guest chefs will be Normand Laprise from Quebec and Jacques Le Divellec from France. The main events are from November 12-14, but certain exhibitions will carry on afterwards. For more information, call 05 53 08 69 81

Film and animation livens up museum PERIGUEUX plans to bring its museum to life every Wednesday with a series of activities at the Musée d’Art et d’Archéologie du Périgord. Cinema and animation are the first two topics in the activities and workshops, which are open for children of all ages. The first, on November 10, is an opportunity

to meet film-maker Laura Leeson and runs from 14.00 to 16.00. Later, on November 24, youngsters can learn about animation techniques and will then try it out for themselves by animating objects from the museum. Call 05 53 06 40 70 to get more information or to reserve a place.

CANCER Support France is getting a big boost from the popular Monteton Christmas Fair on November 20. The fair, in the Salle de Fete at Monteton from 10.00 to 16.00, has been extremely successful since being started some seven years ago by Mary Coupland, Christine Coombes and Ann Mee to raise money to repair the church roof. Now they have handed over the running to the local association of Cancer Support France, as it has been the beneficiary charity over the past two years. The format is unchanged this year, but there are new stallholders and a new regime in the kitchen to ensure there is something for everyone, alongside the turkey sandwiches and mince pies. Among the main fundraisers, the prize draw will

include the chance to win a meal for two at a Michelinstarred restaurant. Elsewhere, there will also be quality handmade crafts, gifts, books and foodie stalls, together with the CSF’s range of premium cards at bargain prices. It is the ideal place to get Christmas presents, something for yourself, or just for a day out to browse. Monteton is just over the Dordogne border, in Lot-etGaronne, between Duras and Miramont. All profits from the fair go to Cancer Support France, which helps those suffering from, or affected by, cancer. It has three groups in the Dordogne: Dordogne Est/Lot (24, 46), Dordogne-Riberac (16 south, 24 west) and Dordogne-Sud (24, 33, 47). Call 05 53 54 46 67 if you need support, or to discuss getting involved in CSF.

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November 2010

Signing up with the Pôle Emploi ALTHOUGH you may not be able to draw French unemployment benefits, there is nothing to stop you signing up at the job centre, the Pôle Emploi, to look for work. You can sign up using the Pôle Emploi website In the red box Droits et démarches chose the option Tous vos services droits et démarches. Click on Faire ma première demande d’inscription and then chose the option Créer votre espace personnel. You then have two options: 1. To create a virtual file on yourself - Créer votre dossier de recherche d’emploi - which enables you to create an online CV, subscribe to emails about job offers that come up and apply for jobs on line. 2. To sign up as a job seeker - Vous inscrire comme demandeur d'emploi here you can fill in the relevant forms online to become a registered job seeker, apply for benefits and to obtain a meeting with a Pôle Emploi advisor. Be sure to print out your file. Your meeting will be confirmed by email, mail or telephone. You must provide the following documents: passport or identity card, Carte Vitale or


Classifieds 13 Visit www. – first for classifieds PROPERTY TO RENT TO RENT: T2 Beautiful Rural Views. Balcony, gardens 600€ TTC. Internet, Sky, bills inc. Permanent let. T1 450€ ttc creative environment, organic growing, tranquil. email


proof of health insurance and bank details. If you have already worked in France you must also provide the Pôle Emploi attestations that your employers should have provided you with. If you don’t have access to the internet you can join by calling 3949 and choosing the option inscription. Once you have signed up (inscription file sent and benefits request made) you will meet an adviser who will look at what fields you can work in. This is an obligatory meeting and you must take along your CV. Be warned, all meetings will be carried out in French so take someone with you if you think you're going to need help. Don’t forget all Pôle Emploi job offers can be found on-line and you don’t have to be signed up as a job seeker to consult them and apply.



This new guide takes you on a tour of the city of JUST Bordeaux, the UNESCO World Heritage site, and French five wine trails around the region: P&P to d include Entre-deux-Mers, St-Emilion, Médoc, address Graves & Sauternais plus Côtes de Bourg & Blaye. Laurent Moujon gives you his personal recommendations of what to see and do, where to stay and eat out and where to go shopping.


There's no other English guide book which gives such extensive information about Bordeaux and its adjacent vineyards, packed full of colour photos of places which have all been personally visited and inspected.

I would like to receive ___ copies of the Bordeaux Guide at €12 a book = Total €_________ Complete the form here and return with a cheque payable to The Advertiser to:

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PIANIST CHANTER Dick Major. Style; jazz; bossa, standard repertoire. tel. 0553588473 CARER AVAILABLE FOR RESPITE. I'm 49 and a female carer and am available to care for adults or children in their home for short or long p e r i o d s .

POLE-EMPLOI JOBS FOOD QUALITY CONTROLLER, Saint-Aulaye: Permanent contract, must be qualified in this domaine. Job offer No 528245V BILINGUAL TECHNICAL SALES PERSON, Terrasson-Lavilledieu: Permanent contract, 5 - 10 years experience required. Job offer No 528872V COMMERCIAL SALES ASSISTANT, Bergerac: 2 year contract, beginner accepted. Job offer No 517679V INDUSTRIAL ACCOUNTANT, Périgueux: Permanent contract, 2-5 years experience preferred. Job offer No 928416V HOTEL BUTLER/HOUSEKEEPER, Trémolat: Permanent contract, at least 6 months experience required. Job offer No 520030V EXPORT SALES PERSON, Bordeaux: Permanent contract,

Flybe and Ryanair keep flights in winter WITH the official end of the summer season on October 31, Bergerac Airport is ready for the 2010-11 winter season and has direct flights to the UK every day of the week. Ryanair is providing flights to Stansted three days a week – on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Flybe has a winter service that has flights to both Southampton and Exeter. It flies to Southampton six days a week and to Exeter three days a week. The Southampton flights from Bergerac give access to a large number of Flybe’s 35 destinations in the UK. For those readers who are subscribed to the airport’s information service, you will receive the new Bergerac Airport timetable within the next few days. If you are not subscribed, you can pick up a copy at the airport or in all the main tourist offices throughout Aquitaine. Bergerac Airport will be represented with a stand at the second edition of Success in the Dordogne exhibition, which is being held on November 5 and 6 at the Foire Expositions de Périgueux. It is a chance to find out more about the airport and its services, as well as meeting airport industry professionals from Bergerac’s linked airports at Limoges, Poitiers and Angoulême airports.

3-5 years experience required. Job offer No 522304V ADMINISTRATION SECRETARY, Saint-Emilion: 8 month contract, 2-5 years experience required. Job offer No 528724V ELECTRICIAN, Angoulême: Permanent contract, 3 years experience required. Job offer No 852322Q ENGLISH TEACHER, Bordeaux: 3 month contract, 2 years experience required. Job offer no 018340L BUS TOUR DRIVER/GUIDE, Bordeaux: 15 days renewable contracts, 2 years experience preferred. Job offer No 522880V ENGLISH TEACHER, Bordeaux: 9 month contract, 1 year experience required. Job offer No 528012V WAITER/WAITRESS, Bordeaux: Permanent contract, 3 years experience required. Job offer No 523352V

ITEMS FOR SALE BEAUTIFUL LADIES BLACK SHEEPSKIN Coat “Dennis Basso” size XXL. Fur Lining,collar and cuffs. Coat 100% Genuine Leather. Lining 100% Modacrlyic Fur. Worn once only, cost £120 accept 60 Euros. 17 miles north of Cahors. Region 46. Tel 05 65 31 20 10

JOBS OFFERED CIRCUS COMPANY seeks Centre Manager. The Generating Circus Company Would like to appoint a Creative Centre Manager To run two studio spaces in Alles Sur Dordogne. Also to assist with creative and show development at this residential centre. For more information and an application pack contact Fluent French and English essential and some experience of arts management. LEGGETT IMMOBILIER are now

recruiting for sales agents, full training provided. Excellent earning potential. Please call Sarah Edwards on 06 66 58 94 66 ST DUNSTAN'S, the national charity providing lifelong support and rehabilitation to blind ex-Service men and women has two training and rehabilitation centres in Ovingdean and Sheffield, Runs 42 induction weeks per year, with care and training for 12 new beneficiaries. A third centre is to open in Llandudno in 2011. To find out how you might help with fundraising for St Dunstan's,, or support me in my 10 to 11 Appeal, please contact Barabara Eastwood, Tel 00 33 297 38 74 13 Email: WE ARE LOOKING FOR a chef de partie for our restaurant Les Fresques. Good experience is necessary, CDI position starting in January 2011. Possibility of accommodation. Send your CV and covering letter to Monsieur Niels Koetsier, Directeur de l'Exploitation or call or email n i e l s @ v i g i e r s . c o m WE WOULD LIKE TO EXPAND our internal sales department. Candidates will have training in the hotel industry, excellent English, be rigorous and attentive with good sales techniques and a strong team spirit. Send your CV and covering letter with a view to start before 2011. Contact Madame Léonie Biasotto, Directrice des Ventes et du Marketing, by email at

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The Advertiser, Dordogne

November 2010

Directory 15

THE ADVERTISER DIRECTORY Exclusive online and print listings of tradesmen and businesses across the Dordogne that speak English

Advertise here ALL YEAR from just €165HT Call Clare now on 06 04 46 81 63 or email

Organised by service type - it’s quick and easy to find English-speaking businesses near you POORPAWS DOG RESCUE Many rescue dogs seeking happy homes, from puppies to adults Call Sue on 0565245303 THE DORDOGNE CATTERY PENSION POUR CHATS NEAR SARLAT OPEN-AIR, INSULATED AND HEATED CONTACT ANNA MASLEN 05 53 31 95 88 / 06 86 94 85 78

Chenil Les Mille Calins English Run

5 Star accommodation for Dogs/Cats Comprising of underfloor heated kennels Qualified staff Top Quality food and exercise Only 45 minutes south of Caen Convenient Ferry Access SAFETY COMFORT AND CARE FOR YOUR PET, PEACE OF MIND FOR YOU Telephone 02 33 37 49 19 Emergency 02 33 38 41 32 Fax 02 33 38 44 16

ANIMAL COURIERS Experienced couriers specialising in pet travel between France / UK / Spain or within France. Pet passport advice.


World Wide Pet Transporter / Relocator Ministry approved

PATTES ET GRIFFES English owned Boarding Kennels & Cattery Family run with 20 years experience Tel 05 53 91 37 08 Email Web Siret No 49991024800024

DOG FOOD Premium Quality Complete Dog Food Costs less than top brand equivalents No Beef Bio Diet Full range of products from puppy to senior, sensitive & overweight Delivered to your door Lot-et-Garonne & Southern Dordogne


Tel: 05.65 35.46.51 SIRET: 500607858

La Creme de la Creme Small, Caring, purpose built DOG FREE cattery near Nontron. Tel: 05 53 56 05 17 email: siret 51963554400017

Stuart Parkes PARKES ET DUCELIER TEL: 05 53 09 33 45 For a WELL-CARED and HAPPY dog

LE POUGET High Quality Kennel Airport Bergerac 35 km Beaumont du Périgord 6 km

TEL: 05 53 36 78 23 SIRET: 503056061 00016

A sponsor of the charity ASHA for horses in need

The Cats Inn Luxury Cattery Cales near Lalinde Very Spacious Lots of Love and Attention Tel: Paula 05 53 24 14 42 Siret No.520 980 269 00010

WEBSITES Boost your business with an affordable, high-performance website that you can edit yourself Tel: 05 62 67 39 98 Regions: All France Siret: 419 490 297 00027

Contact us or visit our Web-site Tel: 06 30 58 41 79 05 53 58 20 12 Regions Covered: Dordogne/Lot et Garonne/Lot

Cours à Cucugnan Yes, you can LEARN FRENCH ! At your own speed, in private lessons with professional teacher (British). Study-holidays in stunning scenery: tuition plus self-catering accommodation. Tel: 06 78 15 19 29 Email: Regions Covered: All france

Siret: 494 122 468 00023



including design, hosting and domain name 02 33 90 92 15


For Accommodation and Tourist Businesses Including Holiday Auctions france 4 savvy people

PC-TECHNICA Solutions to all your computing needs... PC Support/Sales & Website Design Tel: 05 53 59 48 54 Email:

38, rue Jean Jaurès, 24800 THIVIERS Tel: 05 53 52 49 91 E: W: Learn French and feel at home again ! Small groups, 1to1, weekly or intensive courses and translations


Professional Administration, Translation and Management Services for individuals and businesses. Highly recommended Please contact Giles Rothwell BSc on 05 53 52 66 20 or Siret: 45390376700011 APE: 6820A All of France

CERTIFIED TRANSLATIONS All legal translations by FrenchEnglish speaking sworn translator Property-legal-birth cert., driving licences Administrative help Expat assistance Valid everywhere with 25 years of experience Regions : All FRANCE Karen RENEL-KING Tel: 06 18 03 18 38 Email: Web: www.certified Fast and affordable Siret: 38058374000028

Please feel welcome to contact:

Mr Pierre CHERON (Expert-Comptable) on Tél: Email:

Tel FR: 05 53 79 43 62 / 06 84 47 62 76 UK: 0044 ( 0)1491 571 955

E: * subject to terms


websites from

Accounting, Payroll, Business Setup and registration, Individual & Business Taxation and more...

sample, 100k, equity release from 200euros per month*

Tel: 05 53 50 04 68

LaPetite MaisondesLangues

Certified Accountants (FR) Serving English Clients in France

Rates from 1.9% Professional & Independent

in French at your home or Castel-Merle, 24290 Sergeac. Amanda and Emilie Millinship

Penny Graphics



LE FRANCAIS CHEZ VOUS Tailor made tuition

No. 61195004 – 61195001 Offices CDG Airport Paris Offices and Kennels Normandy Tel: 01 48 62 87 25 CDG Paris Tel: 02 33 38 41 32 Normandy Siret: 397549551

Tel: 0044 (0) 1483200123 Email: Web:

British owned boarding kennels and cattery 35 years experience

We have advertised in the Directory for several years and have always been impressed with the response and the extent that the paper reaches our target market across the Dordogne and surrounding departments.

FRENCH INSURANCE IN ENGLISH For people who live in / own property in France Straight-forward, honest advice on the best house, car, life & health insurance policies for you

Ambiance Marquees

Over 15 years experience in French insurance markets

Tel: 09 63 29 02 69 / 05 57 69 63 81 Mob: 06 30 94 78 28 Email: Dep 33, 24, 47, 16, 17

Framed Marquees and Accessories, Portables Toilets for hire. Weddings, Private and Corporate Events.

Siret: 50997567800012

English, Dutch & German spoken. Philippe Schreinemachers Tel: 00 33 05 62 29 20 00 Email: RCS Auch B479 400 657 Regions: All France


HOME - CAR - HEALTH We insure UK registered cars ENGLISH SPOKEN (call Angeline) 02 33 49 12 34

BOUCHERIE A LA FERME Traditional English family butchers and farmers in France.

British style Beef, bacon, Sausages, gammons pork & lamb Bespoke insulated packaging used for delivery throughout France. CHRISTMAS ORDERS Raymond&Sophie Hicks Tel: 05 55 97 95 66 Mob: 06 45 51 34 58 Siret: 509 528 014 00012


THIS ADVERTISEMENT COSTS €231HT for a year Call our sales team Freephone in France 0800 91 77 56 From UK 0844 256 9881 (4p/min) Email: directory@

16 Directory

The Advertiser, Dordogne

November 2010

Advertising feature

Make your own electricity and sell the surplus WHEN Robert van Os came to France in 1997 with his family, he soon realised that energy management in and around a property would determine its general value. Today, the possibilities to produce your own clean, renewable energy influence property value even more. The houses without any energy reduction measures will have a lesser value in the future than a house wellinsulated and with intelligent energy consumption and reduction. Photovoltaic energy production is becoming very popular. These solar panels will generate electricity and are mainly used to put on rooftops and to sell 100 per cent of the electricity produced to EDF. It is a good way to invest, earn some

Save on EDF bills, be self-sufficient and boost your property value with EverkinetiQ

Solar trackers produce up to 30 per cent more energy as they follow the path of the sun throughout day

money and to increase the value of your property. In this case, the household will not be able to benefit from its own electricity production and will have to continue paying EDF tariffs. In 2008, Robert started EverkinetiQ France. The team provides solutions for individual houses to generate electricity, consume their own energy and to sell the rest in an intelligent way. This enables you to become self-sufficient in terms of energy consumption and benefit financially as you are

not dependent on energy prices. EverkinetiQ’s Alexander Vaal says: “Why sell all of your renewable energy when you can use it in your home? “Most of the photovoltaic rooftop energy installations will only produce energy to sell 100 per cent to EDF, as this is the most common configuration and the most profitable one. “However, few people know that you can produce, store and consume your own energy and sell the surplus. “This is the ideal mix of financial

RICHARD STIRRUP ARCHITECTE DPLG Design, Planning Applications, Full Service, Project Management, Property Surveys, Expert Advice Tel: 05 65 21 11 45 / 06 85 53 02 32 Email:

Café Church in Bergerac An English speaking approach to contemporary Christianity

SPECIAL CHRISTIAN EVENT Sundays October 24 November 28


Tea and cake from 5pm Café Church until 6:30 Sponsored by and held at L'Eglise Evangelique Libre de Bergerac, 5 Rue Durou. For more details contact Rev. Derek & Pam Cook

Siret: 477 897 565 000 16

HEATHROW LEFT HAND DRIVE CENTRE LTD Rear Of 55 Cowley Road, Uxbridge UB8 2AE Tel: +44 (0)208 8487407 Tel: +44 (0)1895 81 23 23 Mobile: +44 (0)7811 784766

We Specialise in buying and selling Left Hand Drive quality vehicles. We have a variety of cars mostly on French/Spanish and English registrations. We have over 11 years of professional experience in the motor trade. Web: E:


Siret: 51352715000017

Siret 51913926500010

City & Guilds qualified, 35yrs experience, reliable, ALL WORK GUARANTEED Tel: 05 53 80 42 91 Mob: +44 759 286 5010 Email: 25km radius Mussidan(24)



Family run building company with over 30 yrs experience

UK and French Registered Architects Dossiers for Permis de Construire Interior and Landscape design

All construction works undertaken large or small incl. masonry, carpentry and roofing

Ordre des Architectes No. 1867 Tel: 05 53 09 33 45 E: W: Depts: 16,19,24,33,87


Specialists in Traditional Oak frames & Timber houses ______________

Siret: 488 165 564 00011

Architect Renovation - new construction. Projects, all phases of construction. Sarl d'Architecture David Besse Architecte dplg Grange Neuve 24140 Saint Martin des Combes. 05 53 82 44 75 - 06 17 51 26 00

Based in Northern Dordogne

Tel: 05 45 62 27 20 mailorder welcome


Pre-purchase & Structual Surveys. Verbal & written reports. Structual calculations & drawings. Redevelopment ideas & solutions. Tim Haw B.Eng C.Eng. M.I.Struct.E Tel: 05 53 56 72 59 Email: Siret: 49884305100018

German Architect Speaks good English and French, with new ideas concerning all your comprehensive renovations.

Simply call: 05 53 56 52 27 Email: Siret: 508 895 372 Regions Covered: Aquitaine

* Timber Frame homes - from supply of structural frames, through to turn-key homes * Extensions, Gazebos, Dorma windows, sun terraces, Garages, * Specialised in waterproofing timber roofs, green roofs and terraces. * SIP constructions ______________

Tel: 06-72-01-11-06

Based nr. Sarlat Free estimates References available Tel: 06 31 21 32 04 Email: siret: 505 346 676 00016

J-C-T Building and Renovation No job to small Free Estimate James Taylor 06 73 30 37 53 n°siret: 51381108300015

Bergerac Renovation & Building From groundwork, fosse septiques, masonary, interiors, to rooves. Free estimates & advice

SIRET: 4899 5394 30011

Tel: 05 53 81 60 73

CT HEWITT GENERAL BUILDER Renovation New Build Plastering Fosse septic Roofing Guttering Maintenance & Repairs


All aspects of building work carried out. Established in the UK for over 20 years. Tel: 06 79 05 98 85 / 05 53 58 92 13 Email: Web: Depts: 24, 46 & 47 Siret: 49899034000016

Kennedy Electricite Services Installation, rewires and repairs. 18 years experience. Fully insured. No job too small. Contact Justin or Melissa Kennedy. Tel: 05 55 56 37 36 Email: Regions 87/24 Siret 503 417 04000014


THIS ADVERTISEMENT COSTS €231HT for a year Call our sales team Freephone in France 0800 91 77 56 From UK 0844 256 9881 (4p/min) Email: directory@

OAK FLOORING AND DOORS Pre-finished, oiled and varnished. Wide boards up to 215mm. Skirting and architraves. Ledged Oak cottage doors. email: tel: 06 80 33 93 57 siret 49426348


English and French Decorating, Pointing and Rendering.

GENERAL BUILDING “Quality & Reliability” 35 Years Experience Tel : 05 57 47 48 19 Email : Siret 48271017500019

Qualified Builder

Chris Danaher 20 Years Experience FREE ESTIMATES Tel : 05 53 05 80 17 Mobile : 06 71 40 35 39 Email : Siret: 51064303400018


(city & guilds) 35 years experience. Bathrooms, kitchens, central heating. Based St Foy le Grand. Depts. 24, 33. Tel: 05 53 57 00 16. Mob: 06 61 53 13 50 Email: Siret:4974 1837 200019



24, 33, 47, other regions possible Contact Mike Tel: 05 53 58 17 19 Mob: 06 67 03 30 48 Email: Siret no: 42424381400011


Tel: 05 53 62 13 38 / 06 63 84 79 99 Email:

Repointing, Plasterboarding, windows, doors installed. Translations, planning permissions. Tel: 05 53 56 36 89 Email: Regions Covered 24,16,87

Ceilings, walls, floors Time served tradesman

C&C CONSTRUCTION SARL 15 Years Experience 10 Years Insurance Guarantee All Building/Groundworks undertaken

be combined into your desired configuration thanks to our revolutionary intelligent inverter. EverkinetiQ gives you the best advise and turnkey solutions, with autonomy, independence and financial benefits combined. If you are interested, have look at our website: or email Or have a look at our installations in Atur, 24750 La Mazardie, close to Périgueux.

General Builder




benefit, autonomy and reducing of your EDF bill, while producing green energy yourself.” EverkinetiQ makes it possible with the following products: „ Solar tracker: These produce up to 30 per cent more energy as the solar planels follow the sun whole day long. „ Rooftop installation: Benefit from a high feed-in tariff with a rooftop kit „ Wind turbine: Add wind energy into your home to reduce energy bills. „ Hybrid kits: All of the above can

AMC DECORATORS Interior and exterior painting, Carpentry, Tiling, Partitioning, Dry lining, Wood restoration 28 years experience Tel/Fax: 05 49 67 85 93 Mobile: 06 70 01 47 69 Email:

Depts 16, 17, 24, 31, 33, 37, 49, 79, 85, 86


SIRET 480 493 352 000 29

Siret No. 480 789 197 00013

alan keenan


all wall & floor tiling, pool surrounds, terraces, concrete & sand / cement work, plasterboarding Tel: 06 19 50 34 28 Email:

Regions Covered: 24,47 Siret: 47794615600015

Tél: 05 53 90 46 34 Siret: 4119 419 830 Plumbing, Central & Underfloor Heating Bathrooms, Solar systems, Woodburners.


The Advertiser, Dordogne

November 2010

Property 17 Advertising feature

Choose solar panels with care as size matters very cold winter, Kingspan solar panels were able to provide enough hot water for one set of clients. “If you are looking to cut your running costs, a great way to do this is by using solar energy. “Whether it’s your domestic supply or swimming pool, once you have fitted the right equipment, the sun’s energy is always free. “However, fitting secondrate cheap systems could end up costing you more. “It may seem more economical to buy these cheaper products; however the real test is how often you need to use that immersion heater.

With credits for environmental works likely to be cut from January, time is running out for tax breaks on green home improvement THE French government is likely to cut its tax breaks for environmental home improvements from next year. Energie 33’s Sam Kane said: “Present levels of tax credit are 50 per cent of parts used; however, it may drop to about 25 per cent, or even finish altogether.� He added: “In order to take full advantage of the present levels of refund, your system must be ordered and fitted by the end of this year. Otherwise you may miss out on this rather large sum of money. “With the French government picking up half the bill for parts, that’s not a bad deal. “Presently, our lead time between ordering and fitting

is around four to six weeks, so better think of it sooner than later.� Last year Energie 33 stopped supplying and fitting other brands of solar heating systems, to concentrate fully on the British Kingspan range. “They are by far the best on the market, beating the efficiency of other popular brands by some margin,� said Sam. “They have the best efficiency figures I have ever seen in solar products, and they come with a 20-year guarantee on the collector and tank. Coming from a company such as Kingspan, you know that’s a reliable product with a reliable guarantee.� Even through last year’s


Masters Energy Solutions

THIS ADVERTISEMENT COSTS â‚Ź231HT for a year Call our sales team Freephone in France 0800 91 77 56 From UK 0844 256 9881 (4p/min) Email: directory@

The One Stop Shop for all your energy needs Tel:05 55 78 66 35 Siret 451 371 579

TIP TOP Garden & Property Services

HOUSES ON INTERNET Do you want to sell your house quickly? Our fee is only 2.5% Find out how on:


Tel: 05 55 65 12 19


The premier British owned estate agency for buying or selling a property in the Dordogne PĂŠrigord region. 30 years combined experience of French Property

Tel: 0033 (0) 5 53 80 62 62

Garden Maintenance Hedge Trimming - Trees Cutting - Strimming General Property Maintenance Property checks/Keyholding Photo updates Contact Barry On Tel: 05 53 29 03 52 Mobile: 06 24 07 31 14 E: Dept 24 - Radius 50 kms Sarlat Siret: 49372365400015

Lot and Dordogne Fencing Fencing, Paving, Patios, Decking, Garden clearance, Tree Felling, Repointing Stonework. Tel : 05 65 27 17 60 / 06 14 58 15 86 Email: Siret No 453 419 236 00022

SAND BLASTING All Types of Sand blasting carried out

Timber, Stone & Metal

Tel: 05 53 58 92 13 Mobile: 06 79 05 98 85 Email: Web: Depts: 24, 46 & 47 Siret: 49899034000016 Supply & Installation of :

• Solar domestic hot water systems • Solar swimming pool systems • Wood boiler stoves • Plumbing services

Tel : 05 53 63 43 87 / 06 06 41 08 85 Email : All depts covered


All Building Works Undertaken

Exclusively Prestige Property â‚Ź750,000 plus.

Knight Frank Representative

For Dordogne, N Lot-et-Garonne and E Gironde

Floor Plans, Virtual Tours, Elevated Photography as standard Contact Michelle or Anick 05 53 23 32 13 Siret: 491 449 328 00021

Sam demonstrates how the smaller foreign import solar tube is dwarfed by the impressive British-made Kingspan ‘Varisol’ tube

SAND AND BLAST Sandblasting service for Wood, Metal and Stone. Floor sanding service / hire available. Tel: 05 55 78 43 71 / 06 67 81 63 46 Areas: 87, 16, 24

SURFACES Polished Concrete Floors, Walls, Worktops Sinks & Furniture

STONE & TILE Restoration, Colouring, Sealing. Web: Email: Tel: 06 82 38 21 12 Siret 51500573400014

Inc Electrical, Plumbing and Heating Based 47, 24 Email: Tel: 05 53 84 36 81 Mobile: 06 72 02 88 29

IN DEEP PISCINES Maintenance, leak detection, servicing, repairs

tel: 05 53 22 79 18 / 06 84 68 84 92 email: regions: 47, 32, 82, 24, 33 siret: 504576802100020


05 53 90 20 17 STAR SATELLITE British TV in France BskyB Qualified For All Your Satellite Needs Tel: 05 53 80 63 93 Email: contact Web: Regions: Dordogne and surrounding Departments Siret: 50196266600019


Robin Loten 0555 736918/0615186308 Siret: 523 767 705 00016



The viable alternative to sandblasting or stripping.

We do not only sell & install We also repair digiboxes NOW!!



A Man With a Digger >> 5 Terracement 5 Driveways 5 Foundations etc >> |  ii/

0555851105/0685520157 siret no: 400564266

Siret 50406233200011

Phil B Entreprise

Balcony & Stair Railings Window & Door Grills.

Mini digger hire from 100 euros per day HT Hammer and accessories available. Sarlat area. SARL Maxima Tel April on: 06 13 23 22 49 Fax: 05 53 29 62 65 Siret no. 498 524 032 000 14

solaire power renewable energies solar systems wood boilers 05 53 56 26 36

Regions: Aquitaine Siret: FR 64493914576

All freesat systems available WITHOUT CARD

For more information call 00 33 (0)5 45 98 25 37 FINNINGER & HELBACH Gmbh Le Petit Fouine, 16210 Curac Tel/Fax: 00 33 (0)5 45 98 25 37 email: Siret: 400 415 246 00026

S.A.R.L St Pool Piscines et Construction Concrete Piscines. Cost effectively engineered. No expensive over design, expertly constructed Order now for 2011. Stuart Roberts B.Sc (c.eng) Phone: 05 53 91 45 18 Siret 503932857

SECURITY SYSTEMS Alarm calls up to 4 numbers if activated. NO ANNUAL CONTRACTS OR MONTHLY PAYMENTS. Wireless or wired. Cameras with 24/7 recording + Internet access. Security lighting. Tel: 06 34 16 47 09 E: W: Regions Covered: 24, 33, 17, 16 SIRET 50793843900019

PrĂŞt Ă Plonger Piscine installation, repairs & maintenance. Bespoke pools, no project too big or small. Complete package including groundwork, terracing/decking and pool security. Simon & Julia Holt 0619 071121 or 0553 620152

Siret: 49397835700017 NEW UPVC WINDOWS & DOORS FACIAS & SOFFITS SUPPLIED & FITTED CALL FOR FREE QUOTE Depts 24, 46 & 47 Tel 05 53 58 92 13 / 06 79 05 98 85 Email: Website Siret 49899034000016

STAR DÉCOR Dulux Paint Colour Mixing

Collection Points across the Dordogne and surrounding depts. Call Sara & Terry 05 53 80 63 93 / 06 84 09 54 80 siret : 51126834400013


ECO Timber Framed Houses

Renovation a Specialty Low Energy Consumer EQUALS Income Tax Rebates

JULIAN WILKES Tel: 05 53 53 96 97 Mobile: 06 72 16 46 26 Siret: 403926702

General Building Roofing, loft and barn conversion and property renovations. Depts 24, 19, 87 Full team of skilled registered tradesmen Tel/fax: 05 53 50 12 39 Mobile: 06 84 53 08 39


The devis from a solar installer comes once, but with EDF it comes six times a year Sam Kane Energie 33

“Don’t forget, the devis from a solar installer comes once, but with EDF it comes six times a year.� Sam says clients should realise that paying a little more for a much better product will produce greater benefits in the long run. For further info contact Sam Kane on 05 57 46 41 36 LOCKES GROUNDWORKS & LANDSCAPING

Digger / driver hire Fosse septiques

Excavations, Building, Renovations Driveways, Fencing, Decking, Pergolas Tel: 05 53 79 77 61 or 06 42 86 85 31 Email: Website:

Energie 33

Solar panel installations Top of the range solar systems • Pool and Domestic water heating • PV systems (selling back to EDF) • Underfloor heating

Fitted by a qualified engineer (French "Qualisol" and "QualiPV" trained) 05 57 46 41 36 (Office) / 06 31 90 64 27 (Mob) Siret 514 504 570 00011

EcoPower The World's Leading Solar Systems Tel: 05 53 62 31 35

G. W. Makeovers & Design

English Kitchens/ Bathrooms/appliances direct from UK manufacturers Full range of French kitchens supplied Free design/planning service Installations/Makeovers/ Installations Only/Tiling Granite and Stone worksurfaces available Areas: 24 33 47 Call 05 53 58 09 32 or 06 58 92 09 97 siret: 510 011 554 00019





All work considered to solve

PROPERTY PROBLEMS French registered artisan. English speaking management. 06 27 27 68 56 / 05 53 51 20 23

SIMPLY BRITISH INDEPENDENT BRITISH GROCERS Large range of food including fresh/frozen. Plus books, greetings cards and gifts Tel: 05 61 64 98 89 Email: Web: REGION: Shop 09, mail order throughout France


High Quality Greetings Cards FREE DELIVERY George White European Transport Special rates to S/W France 13.6m/45ft trailer - Full/Part loads Removals/materials/vehicles Owner driver. RHA member Tel: +44 (0)7768 867 360 Fax: +44 (0)1773 570 090 Fr Mobile: +33 (0)6 23 03 85 59

SELF STORAGE DOVER Convenient Flexible Consolidation Point Working with the Movers Tel: +44(0) 1304 822844 All France


REMOVALS UK - FRANCE - UK • Weekly Service • Full & Part Loads • Container Storage • BAR Members • On-line Quotation • Internet Shopping Deliveries 00 44 1722 414350 Company Regn No: UK 5186435 TVA / VAT No: UK 864 7217 04

MOVING TO OR FROM FRANCE? Weekly services to & from France Full or part loads, 4 wks free storage, 25 Years experience Contact: Anglo French Removals Tel: +44 (0)1233 660 963 Email: siret : 48777270900019

REMOVALS & STORAGE Murray Harper European transport & storage

ENGLAND, FRANCE, SPAIN Scheduled collection and delivery service guaranteed Established 30 years in the industry Tel: (0034) 952 793 422 or (0034) 952 807 692

MOVE IN EUROPE The removal company even the furniture recommends UK - Europe - Europe - UK Tel: +44 121 3503111 Home Tel: 05 53 93 75 52

*Award Winning Website* *Pay Securely Online* *Outstanding Service* *Money Back Guarantee* *Many Exclusive Designs*

Furniture for France A wide range of quality indoor furniture and sofas supplied and delivered direct to your French property saving you time and money. New showroom "Meubles New Ideas" near Brive(19) now open. For full colour brochure please e-mail or call 0033 (0) 6 46 49 73 45 or 0033 (0) 5 55 25 02 68



Are you a slave to your pool?

POOLGOBBLER will set you free. PoolGobbler Pro automatically removes all floating debris from your upper pool surface, for just


British food, cards, baby products, sweets at FANTASTIC PRICES; order online FREE local delivery! tel. number 06 45 36 64 90

Connexion helpguides



UK stores to your door in France. Asda, Sainsburys, B&Q, Screwfit, etc. +44(0)7919 288 759 Poitou-Charentes, Limousin, Aquitaine

WOODBURNERS.FR Traditional cast iron multifuel and woodburning stoves. Option for fire back boilers on most models. Delivered to your door or installed. Also coal now available. Contact us for renewable energy air source pumps to replace your gas or oil fired systems. See our website on Tel/fax or Email 05 53 84 36 81 Mob 06 72 02 88 29 Siret no 45204687300017

Branded makeup and skincare at huge discounts Secure ordering & fast delivery. English speaking. siret 518850649

PAINT - BRAND NAME Top Quality Uk Emulsion White & Magnolia 10LTS Unbeatable Price Local Drop Off Points - Dept 24 Ring or Email for Further Details & Prices - Tel: 09 62 21 46 27/ 06 37 51 54 17

or contact pure-piscines, le bourg, 46700 Sérignac tel: 05 65 31 96 23 (EN, FR, NL) email:

Letting out your French home to tourists HEALTH

Setting up your business as an Autoentrepreneur


How do I pay my cleaner? I’m not working – do I still pay taxe d’habitation?

Our program includes:

• Personal Weight Loss Coach • Continuing Support • Long Term Coaching • Nutrition Education • Great Key Tips & Advice • Personalised W8Loss Profile

How do I get a death certificate?

For FREE Sample Pack Call or Text ‘W8L’ to

Your questions about life in France answered.

06 26 54 98 77 Shape-Up-Now.Net

The helpguides, priced €5 and €7.50, are produced independently by Connexion journalists or in association with Conseils des Notaires and other trusted French bodies and associations

MGF Counselling Services

Download the helpguides at

English Speaking Counselor. M. Glenys Forrester (B.Sc.psych.) (M.Sc. psych.)

or fill out the form below The Connexion can print out and post copies of the helpguides to you. The cost for this is: - for a French address = €2 - for an EU address = €3 - for a non EU address = €5 This is in addition to the €5 (or €7.50) cost of each guide. You pay this postage charge only once regardless of the number of helpguides on the same order. Please tick the boxes of the helpguides you

Offering individual / couples counselling. (Depression, Stress, illness, bereavement etc). FREE 1/2 hour consultation-In Office or by Telephone without further obligation. Tel: 05 53 50 07 28 Mob: 06 47 17 60 78 Email: Web: Regions Covered: All


Experienced British Carers. Genuinely caring people who provide a better quality of life. Call Joyce on - 05 53 23 44 38 Email -

Church Services in English

THE ADVERTISER DIRECTORY To advertise your business in these pages, call our sales team - Freephone in France: 0800 91 77 56 From UK 0844 256 9881 (4p/min) Email: directory@ -

French wealth tax 2010 €5 NEW!

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Currency exchange €5

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Buying property in France - the SCI option, produced in exclusive association with the Conseils des Notaires de France €7.50

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Role of a Notaire and their fees, produced in exclusive association with the Conseils des Notaires de France €7.50

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Buying or selling a home, produced in exclusive association with the Conseils des Notaires de France €7.50 Tax rebates for environmentally-friendly products €5 Letting out your French home to tourists (Excluding Paris) €5 Retirement Homes €5

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Total _______

Postage (see above) ___________ Total number of helpguides _____________

Fill in your details (in capitals please):

Siret: 48034462100010

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Residential taxes €5

France based estate agency seeks representatives for ALL regions of France. Carte Blanche Agent Commercial Immobilier and generous (up to 70%) commission rates offered. Contact Ivan Tredinnick. Tel: 00 33 (0)5 45 82 42 93 Fax: 00 33 (0)5 45 36 27 95

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November 2010

The Advertiser, Dordogne

18 Directory

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The Advertiser, Dordogne

November 2010

Gardening Facts

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Mayenne53 Plantes et Bulbes

Property 19

Houses for sale in the Dordogne area Buying or selling a property in or around the Dordogne? We can help. Our website carries details of more than 14,000 homes for sale across France. We also feature properties for sale in this dedicated section of The Advertiser every month. Use the code under each property to find out more on the website. For sellers, the adverts are also displayed

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More details on all these properties - and how to contact the seller directly can be found in the property for sale section of Simply enter the code under each home to find out more

Plant now to have crocusses next year

Plant bulbs for spring WINTER may be coming, but now is the time to be thinking ahead to the spring. Plants such as crocuses and snowdrops need to be put in before the first frosts, so as to enjoy them when the weather warms up again. You can look forward to spring flowers from January to June if you pick a big enough selection of kinds. Bulbs can be planted in most soil types, but it is best to dig it over first, so it will drain well. Too much humidity is damaging. Remove stones and weeds. Adding a little peat and sand will improve consistency. Bulbs should be planted in the ground about two and a half times the length of the bulb itself, eg. about 5cm for snowdrops, 7cm for crocuses, 8cm for tulips and 20cm for fritillaries. Bulbs will generally grow best in sunny or slightly shady land, though some, such as snowdrops, cope in the shade. You can plant them in your borders, under trees, in the grass etc. If you do not have much space, then plant in pots or window boxes (the bottom should be pierced and a layer of gravel should be placed in it under the soil to help it drain). Look in a brocante shop or vide-greniers sale for unusual containers such as old-fashioned wash tubs or watering cans. To plant a bulb, make a hole and put it in the bottom, point upwards (you can put sand in the bottom to absorb moisture), then cover and water. If planting in pots, then plant closely, so as to have a thick mass of flowers (apart from amaryllis, which should be one to a pot). Otherwise, spacing of bulbs depends on the effect you want to obtain, but as a guide, crocus or muscari should be about 8-10cm apart, fritillaries 20cm and anemones 10-15cm. If you want a thick carpet of blooms, you need about 70 per metre square for hyacinths, narcissi and tulips and 150200 of crocus or muscari. The huge variety available allows you to choose from flowers of many sizes and colours. Plan roughly what you want where, then check out the range at a garden centre or other bulb supplier. Buy shortly before planting and keep in a dry, cool place. „ Autumn is also the best time to clip hedges. They will not grow back too quickly and will keep their shapes well if cut at this time of year. Electric trimmers are suitable for evergreen; otherwise it needs to be done with a secateur. „ If you have any gardening queries, email your inquiry to or write to The Advertiser, 38 rue Grimaldi, 98000 Monaco.

Mayenne 53 Garden Supplies

Mail-order BULBS throughout France Tel 02 43 13 06 56



Near Velines A pretty three bedroom detached stone house. Needs renovating. Set in delightful countryside hamlet (45 minutes from Bergerac International airport).

Ribérac Two bedroom bungalow comprise spacious living room, kitchen, shower room, small garden and two outhouses.

REF: BV00005242

REF: MCM09012



Verteillac Three bedroom renovated stone house includes pretty gardens, swimming pool and lovely views.

Bugue Three bedroom restored stone house includes covered lounge /diner, kitchen, bathroom, shower room, utility room, office, large garage, garden and covered swimming pool REF: IFPC20000

REF: R6363



Brantôme Ensemble of three beautifully renovated cottages in superb location. Situated in 2 ha. domain with a manor house, five cottages, two pools, tennis court and a children's play area. REF: IFPC14189

Montignac Three bedroom detached house comprises living/dining room, open plan kitchen, utility room, bathroom, shower room, large terrace and garden. REF: FPBC3137C



Near Le Bugue Renovated five bedroom farmhouse with living room, kitchen, two bathrooms, utility room, office, storeroom, solar panels, pool, maintenance-friendly grass and woodland. REF: AQU-344

Verteillac Beautiful four-bedroom country house restored to a very high standard set on 3297 m2 of land.

REF: R6671



Ribérac A lovely three-bedroom Maison de Maitre recently renovated with an acre of garden and substantial outbuildings situated on the edge of a Dordogne village. REF: BV00005127

Saint-Astier Resorted six bedroom farmhouse hilltop location includes swimming pool, pool house, bread oven and 32 acres of land including extensive gardens and woodland. REF: IFPC13229



Ribérac Full working hotel with 20 bedrooms. 12 bedrooms in the hotel and two four-bedroom apartments. Includes kitchen, living room, dining room, pool and 0.4 acres of land. REF: R5961

Ribérac Comfortable seven-bedroom detached house, currently operating as a bed and breakfast business with two gîtes and swimming pool. REF: MCM08034



Belvès Seven bedroom country house with two separate apartments, lake, swimming pool, delightful gardens and meadows set in one hectare (2.5 acres).

La Tour Blanche Impressive renovated threebedroom country house with two gîtes. Well-positioned in manageable grounds of 2,616 m2 of land. Has the added luxury of an indoor pool with gym. REF: BV00005313


The adverts above cost from just €179TTC for a whole year of web advertising and one edition of advertising in The Advertiser. 10,000 copies of The Advertiser are distributed at key points across department 24 including Bergerac and Brive-Vallée de la Dordogne airports. Let our distribution get you a sale. Contact our sales team on 0800 91 77 56 (freephone in France) or email

20 News

A BROOM helped sweep the Dordogne’s longest-serving mayor in to public service. The mayor of Segonzac, Pierre Aubert, is the longestserving mayor, with 48 years’ service and also the department’s oldest mayor at 85. Jacques Monmarson, mayor of St Astier and president of the Mayors’ Union for Dordogne, presented him with the union’s medal. Mr Aubert says he stood for mayor for the first time in the early 1950s after the then mayor refused to get him a broom to sweep the school. A socialist, he was first elected mayor of the village of a little over 200 people in 1962. He was last elected in 2008 and will be 89 if he stands in 2014.

EUROPEAN funds worth €200,000 have been agreed to help Dordogne federation of farm machinery cooperatives (Cuma) expand its wood-fuel programme. Cuma has 14 wood boilers heating community buildings, colleges and old people’s homes and it aims to expand.

November 2010

Shopping mall bid to boost city

Honour for oldest mayor

Farm wood plan gets Euro cash

The Advertiser, Dordogne


Périgueux streets are being improved to pull in shoppers and visitors

A NEW three-storey shopping centre is to be built in Place Montaigne in the middle of Périgueux in a bid to bring locals and tourists back in town. The mall will have between 8,500m and 10,000m of shopping space over its three levels and could open as early as 2014, says Périgueux mayor, Michel Moyrand. “We have started working with project leader, Eiffage, to look at what is possible and are doing a commercial study with the Communauté d’Agglomération Périgourdine. We will have the results in the next few weeks.” He said Place Montaigne was the ideal site as it already has an 580-place underground car park and the square was big enough to accommodate it. One problem, over the Resistance monument, has been resolved after an agreement was reached with the war veterans’, deportation and resistants’

associations. It will move to a new site. Mr Moyrand said they were sold on the plan after visiting a mall in Les Cordeliers in Poitiers, where they saw an example of successful town centre redevelopment. They gathered vital information from the trip: “We looked at what, in a shopping mall, are the essential elements to put in and the mistakes to avoid.” The project is the latest in a series of schemes from the municipality to draw people back into the town centre. A 20kph zone in Rue de la République will start in mid-November, making the street one-way. It will also have pavements three metres wider with new benches and lighting. Mr Moyrand said: “Boulevards need to be renovated to refresh the image of Périgueux. We need to be more attractive, so people can come and find quality products, and not want to go to Limoges, Bordeaux or Angoulême.”

Driver furious at €135 fine for letting ambulance past A DRIVER is furious after being flashed by a traffic light camera in Périgueux – while moving to allow pompiers to get past. The woman, from Montrem, is angry that she cannot even challenge the €135 fine until after she has paid it. She

also faces losing four points off her licence. She had been at the front of the queue of traffic in Avenue du Maréchal Juin when she saw the ambulance approaching and, without even thinking, moved forward to give more space for them to

pass. Then she saw the camera flash in her mirror. Later she told Sud-Ouest: “I was furious. If there had been a policeman instead of a machine, he would have seen what had happened and let it go.” However, she has not yet received a

penalty notice. Périgueux police said camera offences were dealt with in Rennes, but they were checked by staff there who may let her off. There are three red-light radar cameras in Périgueux, with a total of five across the Dordogne.

Dordogne Advertiser November 2010  

The English-language newspaper for the Dordogne

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