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Weekend flights saved as Flybe steps in to keep Bergerac winter route open

Eco bonus for green households in tax cut

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November 2009 - Issue 9

Tax fizzy drinks to help our farmers MP calls for more money for retired workers on breadline

GO GREEN: Solar panels BERGERAC households are to get a tax bonus if they buy or build eco-friendly buildings in a new move by the conseil municipal. The council backed a proposal by the group Vert Bergerac to give a 100% discount on the taxe foncière – doubling the present tax advantage from 50%. It will also apply to farmers if they produce organic foodstuffs. Lasting five years, the discount is available for new houses with high energy efficiency, matching the 2005 low consumption standard. Agricultural operations including vineyards, orchards, market gardens and pastures would also benefit if they were put over to organic operation. They would have to follow the rules in EU regulation 834/2007. Green councillor Bérénice Vincent said the move could create some local jobs but would also mean a rethink in education to train workers. The Service des Impôts des Particuliers (SIP) in Bergerac will give more information on the plan, with all proposals to be submitted by January 1, 2010.


BERGERAC MP Daniel Garrigue wants a tax on Coca-Cola and other fizzy drinks to help boost the pension for retired farmers – and to fight obesity. Mr Garrigue, the former mayor of Bergerac, said it was not a tax on young people as they were not the only people drinking sodas – it was just a way of restoring a food tax which had previously been used to boost farming benefits but had been abolished. His proposal has been backed by fellow-MPs on the committee looking at the

financing of the social security budget and will be voted on at the National Assembly this month. DANIEL It would GARRIGUE see six centimes per litre added to the price of drinks with more than 80grammes of sugar per litre and three centimes a litre between 30 and 80 grammes. That would make about one centime a can for the sweetest


JEANNINE CASTAGNER: Says they are not asking much

DORDOGNE farmer’s widow Jeannine Castagner, 79, from Ste Sabine-Born, has worked on a farm since the age of 10 when her father was taken captive during the second world war. She says the present pension system is “so unfair. We live in poverty yet we have worked so very hard all of our lives. “I am a widow and live on €654 a month. “After I have paid my insurance, heating, electricity, water and telephone I have €10 to live on. “The government promised us an increase in 2008, then in 2009 and now 2010 – we’ll see. We are not asking for much, just 80% of the minimum wage which is about €850.”

drinks. Mr Garrigue said he thought manufacturers and distributors would be able to cover that. However, Roger Treneule, of the National Association of Retired Farmers in the Dordogne, said he did not see this as a long-term solution to the problem of farmers’ poor pensions. His association would prefer a tax levied on the sales of their own produce – a tiny amount for each item, but which would go directly into their pension. Instead of a centime on a can of fizzy drink – a centime on a tin of foie gras, for example. Mr Treneule says there are 30,000 retired agricultural workers in the Dordogne who survive on an average pension of €630 for a man and €500 for a woman. They are continuing their campaign for better pension rights and will protest at the National Assembly this month to make their presence felt during the vote on the Social Security Payments Bill and Mr Garrigue’s cola tax.

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November 2009

Mayors ignored school strike rule TWO Dordogne mayors have vowed to appeal a court ruling forcing them to provide a minimum level of staffing in primary schools when teachers are on strike. A Bordeaux court said Michel Blanchet in Lanquais and Laurent Perea in St Capraise de Lalinde were wrong to ignore the rules on the service minimum d’accueil, which aims to prevent school closures and allow parents to avoid taking time off work.

Organic lunches on school menu

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ALMOST 15,000 students in the Dordogne’s collèges will get to eat an organic meal at least once a month under new guidelines announced by the conseil général. The scheme aims to boost the local economy by encouraging the use of more local produce. An organic meal costs about 30% more than a normal one and the conseil général will foot the bill for the increase.

Rise in number of self-employed THE number of people in the Dordogne signing up as an auto-entrepreneur has broken the 1,000 mark. Advice sessions for members of this new simplified business structure are held each Monday from 9.00 in the chambre de commerce in Périgueux.

The Advertiser, Dordogne

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November 2009

Hunters get go-ahead to shoot mink on sight HUNTERS have been given permission to shoot mink that were released from a farm near Domme. Around 4,200 American mink escaped after supposed animal rights activists opened 2,100 cages at Thierry Agrassel’s St-Cybranet farm. Staff from the Office National de la Chasse et de la Faune Sauvage say more than 3,500 have been recaptured. However, around 100 died of shock in the panic to flee. Another 100 or so were killed when they could not be caught by hand. Sub-prefect Bernard Musset has warned people to stay clear of the animals because they could bite and scratch. He feared a dramatic ecological impact as the mink were predators and would disrupt the local eco-system: “It is an invasive species and will push out the European mink.” Mr Musset also wants to stop the mink from getting close to another mink farm near the Dordogne. So far the mink have not strayed far from St-Cybranet although some are reported to

CHATEAU: Vigiers will host latest Angel Traders fair

Businesses ready for new Anglo fair IF YOU SEE A MINK: Leave it alone, call the gendarmerie at Domme – 05 53 28 66 70 have been seen 5km away in Cénac. 220 traps have been baited and have been very successful in catching them as they come to feed at night. About 50 firefighters, gendarmes, ONCFS staff and volunteers with nets and heavy gauntlets are involved but the ONCFS has now agreed to allow local hunters to shoot the mink in a bid to stop them from taking over the banks of the nearby river

Céou. Already about 30 mink have been killed there. The European mink is a protected species. The nearest colony is on the river Lisle but the American mink could push it out and spread for miles if it reaches a river, its preferred habitat. The American mink has a small white mark on its nose. St-Cybranet mayor Ms Claudine Farfal called the attack an “ecological catastro-

phe”. She said mink would attack “chickens, cats and dogs” and said the activists “thought they were saving the animals but in saving them they have killed thousands of others." However, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation has said people should be condemning the mink breeders rather than those who freed the animals. The gendarmerie is still trying to find those involved.

BUSINESS fair organisers Angel Traders have set up a new event in the Dordogne for people to find Englishspeaking traders. The next fair, on November 28 at Chateau des Vigiers Golf and Country Club, Monestier, will include firms ranging from swimming pool suppliers to translators, builders and gardeners. Organisers say the events are helping firms to defy the recession and get good business leads while expats are able to chat face-to-face with English-speaking experts and receive advice and information on projects. Run by Amanda Smith and Melanie Chipperfield, Angel Traders has grown from a

single event in Brantôme in April to holding events across the Dordogne as well as in neighbouring departments. Ms Smith said that it had been difficult to persuade traders to get involved initially but said that once they attended an event they were quick to sign up for the next one. They only needed one good lead to cover the costs of their stand. Angel Traders events are sponsored by The Connexion newspaper and the Dordogne Advertiser. A representative from both newspapers will be on hand with details of subscriptions and our popular helpguides. To book a stand or for more details call 06 85 60 37 26.

The Advertiser, Dordogne

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November 2009

Pass opens services and cuts costs

CHEAPER: Catch the latest acts with the new Bergerac passes

BERGERAC residents now have the chance to apply for a new municipal pass that gives an automatic 15% saving on a host of local services as well as cultural and leisure activities. The pass scheme has the double benefit that it also cuts down on administration costs. The passes are available now and are valid until August 31, 2010. “Three types of pass are available,” a spokesman for the Pass Bergerac scheme said. “Pass Bergerac is for adults over 26 years; Pass Bergerac Plus is for adults with disabilities and job seekers as it


Youngsters lead the way with environment award THE FIVE classes at Suzanne Lacore primary school in La Douze between Périgueux and Les Eyzies are celebrating after the school became the first in the department to win an award for being ecofriendly. The award, from the FEEE (European Federation for Environmental Education), is an initiative aimed at encouraging children to become environmentally aware. Seven hundred schools across France COMPOST: took part. La Douze children spent the year concentrating on sorting, recycling and composting waste as well as learning about its environmental impact and how to reduce their rubbish. Projects included creating a compost heap and devising questionnaires

to test their family’s green credentials. Teacher Philippe Jammet said he had been very pleased with the response. “All five classes took part, including the nursery classes. “Not only has it been good for the school but it has had a positive impact on the com-

Youngsters tip in the greens mune; when the children took their questionnaires home, I would say more than a quarter of families said they would change their habits. “We are pleased to be the first school to get this award, but everyone will have to be more environmentally aware.”

Psychic experiments at hospital RESEARCHERS at Jean Leclaire Hospital in Sarlat are starting an experiment to find out more about near-death experiences where people say they were “floating above their bodies”. Anaesthetist Jean-Pierre Postel will conduct the experiment in the hospital’s reanimation suite where people come round after a general anaesthetic. A computer screen will show random information as the patient is coming round and it is hoped they will “see” details as they are coming back to consciousness.

Wild dogs on the rampage RESIDENTS have been warned to watch out for a pack of dogs in Saint-Cybranet near Domme which have attacked livestock. The dogs started by killing chickens in June and have since attacked and killed sheep. Despite being photographed by a resident, police have been unable to identify the dogs.

Stadium plan kicked into touch PLANS to build a new rugby and sports stadium in Périgueux on the grounds of the SNCF workers’ club have hit the buffers. A meeting of interested parties failed to agree a way ahead and the rail workers’ club said the sale of part of their grounds would have too much of a negative impact on their activities.

provides additional savings to meet their needs. Both of these are free; you can apply for them at the town hall and at a number of other venues around the town.” A youth pass for children and young adults has existed for some years now but it has been replaced with a cheaper and, it is hoped, more useful version. “The Pass Jeunes is for children and young adults; it costs €1 (down from last year’s €3.50) and provides reductions at places like cinemas and a number of shops in town.” “The passes also mean residents

will not have to carry additional documentation around when they want to access our services; they can just show their card. “It will make things a lot simpler for everyone.” To apply for the Pass Bergerac or Pass Bergerac Plus you need to gather documents to take to the Mairie or to any of the town’s municipal services such as the Centre Culturel Municipal or the Médiathèque. Pass Bergerac: Proof of address, proof of identification and passport photo (15 x 23 mm).

Pass Bergerac Plus: As for Pass Bergerac plus either proof you are a job seeker – a letter issued by the employment centre (notification de situation) or a certificate proving you are unfit for work (attestation d'inaptitude de travail). In both cases, your documents must be less than three months old. Pass Jeunes: Take €1, plus proof of identification and a passport photo to: Centre Information Jeunesse (ICJ), Galerie du Tortoni, Place de la République, Bergerac. For further information, contact: 05 53 58 11 77

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11th-hour bid to save castle A LAST attempt is being made to save a beautiful, 15th century chateau near Bergerac from being sold to a private owner, which would reduce the chances of it ever being open to the public. The Association de Sauvegarde du Château de Bridoire has been fighting for the future of the building – 12km south of Bergerac in the commune of Ribagnac – for 20 years and the ministry of culture has announced it will be auctioned off at the end of the year. Association president Claude Leroy says Bergerac MP Daniel Garrigue has written the Culture Minister asking that

We have a magnificent building which could become a valuable tourist attraction

they look at the matter again as the chateau could be a valuable resource. They also have the support of President Sarkozy’s Labour minister, Xavier Darcos, the ex-mayor of Périgueux. Ribagnac association says the castle should become a monument historique because of its links to Trappist monk Father Charles de Foucauld (1858-1916) who was beatified for taking the Gospel to Saharan tribes. There is a shrine to him as his family owned the chateau and he spent time there. Mr Garrigue has suggested closer co-

operation with the local authorities and the leader of the Conseil Général, Bernard Cazeau, has already said he would be willing to work towards a public-private partnership. The CG could not possibly finance the €10 million necessary to restore the chateau, Mr Cazeau said, but a possible scenario could see it put up €1 million towards its purchase and then working with private enterprise to do the rest. The chateau was sold to a Senegalese company in 1978 and Mr Leroy is convinced it was a gift from France to Emperor Bokassa, disgraced leader of the Central African Republic, who at the time enjoyed good relations with President Giscard d’Estaing. He says a letter written by the Dordogne Préfet at the time confirms this. He feels this made the chateau a sensitive issue as Bokassa was soon afterwards discredited. Some work was carried out on the roof after its purchase, but after that all activity ceased. The water and electricity were cut off and the deserted building was easy prey for burglars and squatters. Little by little furniture, paintings and tapestries were stolen and the interior was destroyed. Mr Leroy said: “We have a magnificent building which we believe should be open to the public. “It could become a valuable tourist attraction for the Bergerac area and is an ideal site for cultural events." Mr Leroy added: “If nothing is done, we fear that the chateau will be put on the market this month and its doors will be closed to the public forever.”

November 2009

TGV petition to be relaunched A PETITION to get a TGV running from Bordeaux to Montpellier has received hundreds of signatures and is set to be relaunched in the run-up to the regional elections in March. Sponsor Professor Jean Marie Pailler, from Toulouse, said France had one of the best high-speed train networks in Europe – but it had missed out the south-west. The Bordeaux-ToulouseMontpellier route, which has been under discussion for years and should have been built for 2016, has been hit by budget cuts.

Bus service times changed A NEW bus timetable from TransPérigord leaves frequencies unchanged but some times and routes have been altered. Périgueux town centre is affected due to the building works on Clinique Francheville. For details and a timetable, visit the conseil général website and click the TransPérigord logo.

Ex-cop accused of murder bid BRIDOIRE: Attempts to save castle have been backed at highest level

A RETIRED policeman and father of three has been remanded in custody on suspicion of trying to kill his estranged wife. The man, who moved to Gironde after his marriage fell apart in 2007 is alleged to have hired a hit-man to kill his wife, a resident of Lamonzie-Saint-Martin. The prosecution believe the man wanted to get out of paying off his wife to settle what had become an acrimonious divorce.

Green award for hotel hard work A HOTEL in La RoqueGageac has become the first in the Dordogne to gain an eco-label. Le Périgord owner Patrick Freiburghaus says that since starting the project three years ago they have cut their annual water bill by €3,000.

Children get a new shop A NEW troc has opened in La Force. Troc’cinelle sells clothing, toys, books and accessories for children up to 10. It also sells children’s furniture. It is open from Tuesday to Friday, 10 to 12 and 2 until 7 and Saturday morning from 9 to 12.

Bridge works starting soon WORK begins soon on a new bridge across the Dordogne in Bergerac which will form part of the Deviation Ouest. Plans for the steel and concrete bridge will be finalised over the coming months and work will begin in early 2010.

The Advertiser, Dordogne

Profile 7

November 2009

Audrey tells of battling cancer and paperwork

All you need to live and work in France

Cancer is one of the scariest diagnoses – and made worse if your French is not up to the medical terminology. LUCY STUBBS gets advice from a sufferer and a helpgroup WHEN Dordogne resident Audrey Murphy was diagnosed with skin cancer in July, she was devastated: “I freaked out. It felt like everything was falling apart in front of my eyes.” The Thiviers beauty salon owner said, however, she had found a lot of strength in talking about her condition. Although initially scared, she said: “Telling people has increased my morale and my courage. I have been surprised how much support I got and from people I would not have expected.” Once her melanoma was diagnosed, Ms Murphy was immediately referred to a specialist in Bordeaux. “The doctor was brilliant; he explained that although my condition was serious, the chemotherapy would not be

too aggressive; this was a relief – in my line of work the last thing you want is to lose your hair.” Ms Murphy, who lives in Sorges, chose to have her chemotherapy in Bordeaux and said: “I think the university hospitals (like Bordeaux, Limoges) are better for cancer patients. “I am treated in a specialist unit that just deals with melanoma. If you are diagnosed, look for a hospital which specialises in your kind of cancer. You do not have to go to the nearest hospital.” She travels to Bordeaux every couple of weeks and said that the chemotherapy makes her tired “but after a couple of days I am ready to go back to the Salon”. Whilst her treatment and all associated costs such as an

AUDREY MURPHY: Says you should go to a hospital specialist cancer unit if possible ambulance-taxi to and from hospital (which she highly recommends) are paid for, it did take a while to set up. “I thought it would be automatic,” she said. However, Ms Murphy hit a problem over her payments. She said: “A pharmacist pointed out that I was not being fully reimbursed; because I had top-up insurance I was not paying anything out so had not realised. In my case the doctor had to write to the Mutuelle

SUPPORT IN ENGLISH CANCER sufferers who struggle with French can get help from Cancer Support France to try to ease some of the problems. The group is a nationwide organisation that offers help and support in English. It has three branches covering the Dordogne. Tony Benstead, president of the South Dordogne branch, said: “We have a designated helpline. Some people want information on cancer care, some need help registering with CPAM, but most simply want someone to talk to. “We talk to carers as much as sufferers; as a carer you tend to bottle things up to avoid upsetting the sufferer. It can be cathartic to talk to someone anonymously.” Cancer Support France also makes home visits and accompanies people to specialist appointments. “If you struggle with the language then we can interpret for you and make sure you ask the right questions.” Several screening programmes are available in the Dordogne including: cervical cancer

(cancer col de l’uterus) – recommended every three years from age 25 -65; breast cancer (cancer du sein) every two years for women aged 50-74, and bowel cancer (cancer colorectal) every two years for everyone aged 5074. Screening for prostate cancer (cancer du prostate) is recommended for men over 50 with a family history. Mr Benstead said if you are registered with a doctor then letters reminding you to make a screening appointment should be sent to you automatically. As with all cancer treatment, the cost should be fully reimbursed. “If you have a family history you can also request tests for some other cancers. Your doctor will arrange a test to see if you are susceptible then tailor your treatment,” he said. More information, including vocabulary, details on volunteering and fundraising is on the CSF site: Helpline numbers: Dordogne Est/Lot : 05 65 22 96 37, Dordogne Sud: 05 53 54 46 67 and Riberac area: 05 53 90 62 03

Associees les Travailleurs Indépendants Mati Camons/ CPAM with your diagnosis then they send that letter to their doctor in Bordeaux. “My cover did not kick in until their doctor confirmed my diagnosis. “I was glad I had the top-up insurance to bridge the gap. “The paperwork has been the most stressful part. Like everything in France, even when you are sick there is a lot of paperwork." Now everything is in place, does Ms Murphy have any advice? “I would say if you feel excessively tired, despite sleeping properly, do not hesitate to go to the doctor. “It is not normal; women, especially, are inclined to think it is because they are stressed or busy and to put it off. Don’t. It could be a sign that something is wrong.” Keeping the salon open has also helped. “If you need help keeping your business going look at getting an apprentice. “Ask at your Chambre de Metiers or local Pole de l’Emploi. I was worried about the cost but I only have to pay half the SMIC (minimum wage) and her cotisations are paid by her college. “It is reassuring to know she will be with me for the next two years, too, as I am not sure how long my treatment will take.”

Living with the low pound Going abroad for cheaper healthcare Rent out your home for the holidays NOVEMBER EDITION IN NEWSAGENTS NOW or order a free trial copy at

The Advertiser, Dordogne

Letter to the Editor I HAVE noticed “Supper Clubs” popping up in major cities around the world for the last few years where people are opening up their homes and getting a chance to meet some new faces in a relaxed setting. The new dining craze has not so far hit the Dordogne and with many people new to the area I wondered if, as an experienced chef with a passion for food, there was room to start one myself. It is a fairly new idea and gives people with a love of food the chance to get together with other like-minded people, in an environment that is far more friendly than anything a restaurant can offer. So I thought of starting Supper Club 24 which could be a kind of “dinner party meets underground restaurant” type of affair. It could be held once a month and as I was prompted

Did you know 9

November 2009

Plan to make new friends over a curry by the distinct lack of a decent curry in the area I thought it would be good initially to offer authentic Indian restaurant-style food. It would give some of the English-speaking people in the Dordogne the chance to indulge in that much-missed curry, whilst at the same time meeting some new faces in friendly surroundings. The club is just a concept at the moment but if anyone thinks they would like to get some more information – to see how it would work – then please email me at or get in touch by telephone on 06 84 35 42 73. Karen Dempsey

Point of View LOW-COST flights have revolutionised the lives of expats. They allow friends and family to visit cheaply and frequently. They make popping back to the UK for business or pleasure possible. But of course, flying is not the only way of getting from A to B or even a way that figures very prominently for most of us from day to day. Here in the Dordogne, though, it feels that way sometimes.

Museum’s tart is still world record

WEIGHTY TOPICS: Isaac Newton and the world’s largest apple tart

While Transperigord’s new bus timetable has been pared down and written without any noticeable consultation with or consideration for its users – for instance, you still cannot get from Excideuil to Bergerac and back in a day – Bergerac Airport has announced daily flights to Paris. The demand is there because there is no direct high-speed train service from Bergerac to Paris and local councillors have expressed a hope that the new flights will

WHAT DO Issac Newton, William Tell, Snow White, New York and Lanouaille in Périgord Vert have in common? The answer is apples. Lanouaille boasts the title of ville fleuri and is in the middle of the apple-producing area of the region and part of the Route des Pommes. Tucked away, opposite the town hall, is La Musée de la Pomme d’Or behind the tourist office. When it opened in 2000 the townspeople made an apple tart that went straight into the Guinness Book of Records as the largest ever made – it measured 15.20m, took 14,400 apples and 250kg of margarine to make, and used 180 stères of wood to cook it. More than 100 people were involved in making the pastry and peeling the thousands of Golden Limousin apples. Once cooked it needed a crane to lift it as it weighed 2.5 tonnes. That’s a lot less than the uncooked weight, which was 3.5 tonnes – and does not include the 7.5 tonnes of the baking “tray”.

help attract businesses to the area. However, if you want to travel from Bergerac to Paris by train it takes nearly five hours as you have to travel via Bordeaux. This new flight will allow 19 people per day to travel to Paris in just under two hours. If we had a decent train service would it not enable hundreds of potential business people to come to the Dordogne? What about the rest of us? Whilst visitors come and go, residents

Stepping into the museum is like something out of Roald Dahl’s James and the Giant Peach as you are confronted by a giant apple. There are three different rooms to explore: Salle de la Découverte where you will meet Issac Newton and learn the apple’s role in science and superstitions; Salle de la Pomme d’Or, where you will be immersed in both Greek and Roman mythology and Swiss and Celtic traditions. Finally, the Salle de l’Enfant, an area for children where they can explore their five senses, find out the equivalent of their height and weight in apples and discover all the benefits of eating apples. There are also free recipe cards in French and English for parents. La Musée de la Pomme d’Or is a very well thought-out museum that has been very cleverly designed. Opening times over the autumn and winter are restricted with the museum being shut on Wednesday, and Sunday. Entry price is €3.05 for adults and €1.50 for children.

spend their Euros here on a daily basis and would perhaps spend more if they could travel more easily from one part of the department to another. So, instead of arguing over the airport's funding, would politicians not do better to focus on improving public transport for everyone? After all, I do wonder what visitors to the airport think when they arrive and find they cannot even get a bus into town. L.S.

New: Dordogne Bilingual crossword Some answers are in English, some are in French. All accents should be ignored. CROSSWORD fans can learn about the Dordogne, brush up their French and get a chance to keep their brain cells in action with our new bilingual crossword. It will use French and English words but also contain Dordogne references that will make this a unique addition to the Dordogne Advertiser. We will provide the answers for this month’s crossword in the December issue of the Advertiser. See page 27 for details of our subscription offer so you do not miss an issue. ACROSS 1 Everything that you could wish for, desire or want (5) 2 Un peigne through your hair will take out the knots and make it tidy (4) 9 This region passed to France in 1137 when the duchess Eleanor married Louis VII of France (9) 10 Would you like your tea in a tasse or a mug? (3) 11 Fortified new town; country house; farm; towns conceived as strategic strongholds commonly found in the Dordogne, ie. Monpazier or Domme (7) 12 State/condition; a central authority (4) 14 This poudre will soon take the shine off your face (6) 17 This is just a little (i.e. bit) word (3) 18 This prized food is made of the liver of duck or goose which has been specially fattened (or force fed) (4,4) 19 Thread; looks like son without the “s” (3) 20 This nation of Celtic people originally inhabited the Dordogne, but no longer exist (just ghouls!) (5) 22 This river and valley sits amongst prehistoric sites, caves etc dating back 40,000 years, it flows into the Dordogne near Le Bugue; a tributary of this river is the Corrèze (6) 24 The big summer holiday when schools are closed is referred to as this (7,8) DOWN 1 You can ask for this if you want your beverage to be decaffeinated (4) 3 This type of building houses ancient relics, artefacts, paintings, etc (5) 4 You need a good nose for finding

Scribble space

this prized fungi, used notably in haute cuisine (5,7) 5 If you take a petite gorgée your drink will last longer (3) 6 These animals with their strong sense of smell are used for finding truffles (4) 7 A few solitary arches are all that remain of the 1st Century Roman amphitheatre in Périgueux (2,4) 8 Brush your teeth with dentifrice to keep the decay at bay (10) 13 Boutons de manchette make the shirt sleeves look very smart (9)

14 This former province corresponds roughly to the Dordogne; it is divided into four provinces: Noir, Blanc, Vert and Pourpre (8) 15 A French duet is the same as an English duet (3) 16 This area offers some of the finest wines in the Bordeaux region; Cyrano de... (8) 21 A swimming pool without a lid on (4) 23 Most women wear a bague, it is probably the lightest thing that they carry (4)

10 Food

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November 2009

What grows together goes together HORNS of Plenty silently poke their velvety black trumpets up through fallen chestnut and oak leaves throughout November. Trompettes de la mort or sometimes cornes d’abondance have nothing to do with death, and everything to do with safe and versatile tastiness. They are related to chanterelles and indeed, black chanterelles look similar but have gills; the tromps do not. They are brown within, ashy grey outside, and look black when damp. Many people prefer the meaty satisfaction of cèpes (penny buns) and chanterelles but the trompette flavour is deeper and more pungent than most other mushrooms. If the often slimy texture of cèpes is challenging, or chanterelles too tough, then tender trompettes may be the one for you. Once you have found a likely looking chestnut wood, you

Photo: Jean-Pol Grandmont

Food writer and former cheese taster GEMMA DRIVER turns up the tastiest of morsels from the forest floor in the Dordogne

TASTY AND FREE: Horns of Plenty are ashy grey on the outside while the Chestnut and Pumpkin Soup is an ideal autumn warmer for your insides need patience investigating the forest floor, lifting leaves with a stick. If you hit gold, your eyes will seem suddenly to adjust to the mycological underworld and you will spot more and more clumps of tromps all over – hence the name Horns of Plenty. If you find a trompette forest at the right time, you will return home with far too many to consume before they go off. You can easily end up with a year’s generous supply. Brush off debris and dry any you will not eat in the following two days. They dry quick-

ly in a warm place, on kitchen towel (or an old copy of The Advertiser) and keep their flavour if stored in a jar. Put dried trompettes in a little water, to re-hydrate in minutes. Never chuck out the flavoursome water – use it in the dish you are cooking. Try tromps in winey meat stews, risottos, pasta sauces, creamy mushroom sauces, omelettes, soups, served fried with foie gras, roasted with potatoes, or the obligatory and wonderful fried-inbutter-and-garlic-on-toast. Whole or minced into sauce,

the flavour is special. Food writer Nigel Slater says: “What grows together goes together” and, with its roots feeding the trompettes, the sweet chestnut does go superbly well with the mushrooms. Rich, gamey, shroomy stews benefit from the sweet nuttiness and texture of chestnuts, and pasta with a creamy chestnut and trompette sauce is a tasty and comforting meal. Anglophones have one word for chestnuts, but the French distinguish between châtaignes and marrons. Both come from the same châtaignier tree, but a marron’s shell contains a single big, plump, round kernel, whereas the common châtaigne’s kernel has separate sections. The French often refer to chestnuts as châtaignes if unprocessed, and marrons once they are turned into sweet goodies like marrons glacées or crème de marrons. They are ready for gathering throughout October, so you have probably got a stash by now and professional growers aim to have collection ended by the end of October, due to the risk of frost damage. It is crucial you process your bounty properly, or worms and bugs will have eaten their way through the entire content of the nuts by Christmas. Cover them in water and soak for five days, changing the water daily and discarding

any that float or turn black. Leave them somewhere well ventilated to dry for around 10 days, turning regularly. They are ready to store once dry and condensation-free first thing in the morning. Store in a cool, dry place, stirring occasionally, or boil in salted, sugared water until tender, then bottle. You can also boil chestnuts for a few minutes and then freeze. Chestnuts enhance countless

sweet and savoury recipes and are the star of loads of classic dishes. They are best eaten with a contrasting texture, such as pastry, crispy potatoes or crunchy salad. Conversely, they are excellent toasted, rolled in caramel and, once crunchy but still warm, sprinkled on ice cream. They can be creamed, turned into flour, used as stuffing, made into aperitifs – so many possibilities.

Chestnut and Pumpkin Soup HERE’S how to use the giant pumpkin you grew, one a neighbour donated, or even the potiron you picked up in the market. This autumn warmer serves 4. Ingredients: Knob of butter 3 medium onions, roughly chopped Big pinch fresh thyme 3 cloves of garlic, finely chopped 1 kilo pumpkin flesh, cut into 2cm cubes 1 litre chicken or vegetable stock One quarter lemon Double cream or crème fraîche 250g chestnuts, fire-roasted or oven roasted until soft inside

What to do: Gently fry onions and thyme in butter, until soft. Add garlic, cook a couple of mins. Add pumpkin. Pour in stock or water to just cover pumpkin, bring to boil, then simmer 20mins. Once pumpkin is tender, add a squeeze of lemon juice, whiz up with hand blender or food processor. Season with salt and black pepper, add tbspn cream/crème fraîche, and whizz until smooth. Serve over crumbled warm chestnuts, garnish with crème fraîche, cream, or blobs of ripe cabécou goat cheese. Tip: Do not discard pumpkin seeds – toast them and add salt, to nibble on with aperitifs.

Written by the Notaires de France and now available in English from The Connexion newspaper

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The Advertiser, Dordogne

Turkeys rule the roost at Varaignes

Photo: Père Igor

Ducks can be a game bird too PÉRIGORD is synonymous with duck products but “Two Little Ducks” means Bingo. Called Loto or Quine, it springs up all over in autumn as a vital money-maker for local associations. Salles des Fêtes are packed with serious players who buy a table’s worth of cards; arrive early to get the seats they want; set the cards in a certain order and lay out grisgris lucky charms. It is worth going along for the experience and it also helps you practise numbers and support the community. Here are some this month: November 7 – Villefranche du Perigord, Foyer Rural; Saint Jory de Chalais, Salle des fêtes; Pontours Nov 8 – Le Buisson, Salle polyvalente; Mussidan, Salle Gerbeaud; Thiviers, Salle du Parc. Nov 13 – Vergt-deBiron, Salle des fêtes Nov 14 – Eymet, Salle polyvalente; Angoisse; Nontron. Nov 15 – Beaumont du Périgord, salle Calypso; Thiviers, Salle du Parc. Nov 21 – Badefolsd’ans; Le Bugue Nov 22 – Mussidan, Salle Gerbeaud; Thiviers, Salle du Parc. Nov 27 – Thiviers, Salle du Parc

What’s On 11

November 2009

ON PARADE: Visitors can get up close to the turkeys at the foire

WHILE most towns in France will be getting parades and other commemorations ready for Armistice Day on November 11, Varaignes in the Dordogne will be getting ready for a very different kind of parade - a turkey parade. This year sees the 44th edition of the Foire aux Dindons and the little community, which normally has a population of about 500, is getting ready to welcome more than 20,000 people on this very special day. Nestled in the North of the department near the Charente border, Varaignes has become the capital of turkey producers and every year attracts more and more visitors to the foire. Locals said they thought the festival was such a success because it was one of a kind but also because people rarely get the chance to see turkeys close up. Some of the specimens that walk through Varaignes on this particular day are huge, impressive beasts! Alongside the parade there is also a competition to find the turkey that

makes the best gobbling sound. Not surprisingly, the competition is very hard to judge, even for the most experienced farmers. The château will also be organising activities throughout the day. It houses a museum of textiles and Charentaise slippers (perhaps most famously recognised nowadays as Wallace’s footwear in Wallace and Gromit). The museum will offer workshops on how to weave and the machines will also be working with people demonstrating their use. Food has not been overlooked as there will be a banquet for more than 600 people and another meal put on for the same number in the château. Of course, turkey-based dishes will be on the menu. The mairie and the tourist office are both heavily involved in the organisation of the event. You can reserve a place at the banquet or dinner in the château by calling 05 53 56 35 76

Science is looking up for week of astronomical events THE night sky dominates this year’s Fête de la Science as the week-long event is themed on the Origins of Life and the Universe. It marks both the 400th anniversary of Galileo’s first telescopic observations and 150 years since Darwin published his book The Origin of Species. The Ministry of Education has been running National Science Week for 18 years with the aim of sharing knowledge, understanding the environment

and building the future. Events allow people to learn about scientific progress and astronomy clubs are taking pride of place. Some clubs are offering planetarium sessions with their portable equipment in the following venues: November 16 - Eymet; November 17 - St-Sauveur; November 18 - Bergerac, Gardonne; November 19 - Beaumont du Périgord; November 20 - Montcaret. There are also exhibitions being held

on different scientific and astronomical themes: November 3-28 - Bergerac, Reflets de Ciel: Rêves et Raisons November 16-20 - Gardonne, 1000 Milliards de Planètes November 16-21 - Sigoulès, Pôle Nord, Pôle Sud: Les Scientifiques en Alerte November 16-20 - St-Sauveur, Quel Climat pour Demain November 17 - La Force, Des

Poissons et des Hommes Thiviers and St-Paul-la-Roche are organising a week of activities including talks on the night sky between November 16-21. There will also be an opportunity to visit the observatory in Thiviers and see how the Newton 450mm telescope works. Get details at or call Thiviers tourist office on 05 53 55 12 50. For the events at St-Paul-la-Roche call 06 03 37 34 65

12 What’s On

The Advertiser, Dordogne

November 2009

What’s On Listings Family


November 6 – Alice au Pays des Merveilles, Alice in Wonderland played by the La Petite Fabrique company. For children seven and over. Salle Paul Éluard, Sarlat. Tickets: €15, Children €10 „ Call 05 53 31 09 49

THIS is Le Mois du Film Documentaire and the month of documentary films is proposing a varied choice of rare and unpublished films with tributes to well-known producers but also chances to see up-and-coming film makers. Most films are in French. For information visit: Cap Cinéma in Périgueux is holding a Chinese film festival from November 11 to December 15. Get further details from 05 53 03 92 91

November 18 – Reinhardt, Prénom Django, Tzigane guitar music. For children seven and over. L’Odyssée Théatre, Périgueux. „ Call 05 53 53 18 71 November 21 – Traces, Compagnie Les 7 Doigts De La Main from Canada. Circus school of Montréal event marries aerobics, comedy and urban culture such as hip-hop, skateboarding, and basketball. For children six and over. Salle Paul Éluard, Sarlat. Tickets: €28,€26, Parents with children €24, Children €10 „ Call 05 53 31 09 49 November 27 – Carte Blanche aux Rythmopathes, Using wellyboots, hands, mouth, feet and percussion instruments this group cover songs and dances from all over the world. Free. Sans Réserve, Périgueux. „ Call 05 53 06 12 73 November 21-22 – Horse and Country dance show, Marsacsur-l’Isle. Tickets €5 one day, €7 both days. November 25 – Workshop for children 4-12 years to make a candle holder. Price: €3, reservation only, Miallet. „ Call 05 53 52 43 51

Out and about November 15 – St-Julien-deLampon. Discovery walk from school car park, Beaumontdu-Périgord, 10km to Monpazier with guide. Leave 13.30 from main square. Valojoulx, mushroom walk, leave 9.30 from Salle des Fêtes St-Pierre-de-Frugie, 8.30 from l’Aire de l’Accueil

Music November 6 – Bordeaux Aquitaine National Orchestra play Debussy and Ravel. 20.30, L’Odyssée Théatre, Périgueux. „ Call 05 53 53 18 71

CRAFTS: The Monteton Christmas market has a variety of quality hand-made products

Christmas market gives profits to cancer charity CANCER charity Cancer Support France will benefit from the sixth Marché de Noël in Monteton on November 21. Held in the Salle de Fêtes in Monteton (between Eymet and Duras), the event is seen locally as the start of the Christmas season with fresh turkey sandwiches and mince pies

on offer. This year the usual Christmas cake is being replaced with a tea-time surprise. Quality hand-made crafts are on display and the food hall has a variety of local produce. Another Christmas Fayre is being held by CSF Charente in the Salle des Fêtes, Lesterps on November 29.

Event listings are free in The Advertiser. Send details to You can find out what events are happening every day at November 10 – Latino songs with Agnès Jaoui, 20.30, L’Odyssée Théatre, Périgueux. „ Call 05 53 53 18 71 November 14 – Folk group Eskelina, Campsite, La Rhue, Jumilhac Le Grand „ Call 05 5352 43 02 Concert with group Salsa Ilegal, 21.00, Sans Réserve, Périgueux. „ Call 05 53 06 12 73 November 19 – Concert with Dominique A and Chapelier Fou. Bergerac cultural centre. „ Call 05 53 57 71 51 November 20 – Prague Symphony Orchestra plays Mozart’s Requiem, 20.30, The Palio, Boulazac, Périgueux. Tickets from €29-€38 „ Call 05 53 02 40 80 November 22 – Bénabar, French pop star at the Palio,

Boulazac, Périgueux. Tickets : €43, €30, €25 „ Call 05 53 02 40 80 November 25 – Concert with Quebec singer Caroline Jomphe, Salle des Fêtes, Eymet „ Call November 28 – Federico, L’Espagne et moi, Daniel Prévost, with Flamenco guitarists, gives his memories of Spain dotted with texts from poet Federico Garcia Lorca. Salle Paul Éluard, Sarlat. Tickets: €28, €26, Children €10 „ Call 05 53 31 09 49 Concert by the Joyeux Thibériens harmony, Thiviers „ Call 05 53 55 12 50 Meal and concert, Salles des Fêtes, Rouffignac-Saint-Cernin November 29 – Age Tendre et Têtes de Bois, nostalgia from French artists from the 60s to

80s. The Palio, Boulazac, Périgueux. Tickets from €38–€50. „ Call 05 53 02 40 80 Until November 22 – Bergerac Oui love you. Music Hall, every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday; matinee Sunday, Cultural Centre, Bergerac. Tickets €17, €20 at weekend. „ Call 05 53 57 71 51

Exhibitions November 3-28 – Reflets de Ciel: Rêves et Raisons, Astronomy, photos, paintings, children’s workshop: Nov 4 – Solar System, Nov 14 – Make sky map, Nov 18 – Science Festival, Nov. 25 – Make sun dial. Médiatheque, Bergerac. „ Call 05 53 57 67 66 November 14-December 31 – Contes et Féerie, journey in French culture and dreams. Château, Nontron. „ Call 05 53 60 74 17

Bergerac Grand écran Cyrano 08 82 68 20 15 Castillonnës (47) Ciné 05 53 36 92 14 La-Roche-Chalais Cinéma Le Club 05 53 91 49 45 Le-Buisson-de-Cadouin Cinéma Lux 05 53 23 75 79 Montignac Cinéma Le Vox 05 53 51 87 24 Montpon-Ménésterol Cinéma Le Lascaux 05 53 82 12 64 Mussidan Cinéma NotreDame 05 53 82 34 98 Prog. 08 92 68 44 18 (0.34 cts/min) Nontron Cinéma Louis Delluc 05 53 56 18 93 Périgueux Cap-Cinéma 08 92 68 01 21 Ribérac Cinéma Max Linder 05 53 90 29 08 Saint-Astier Cinéma La Fabrique November 29 – Creative workshops: painting with sand, dolls’ clothes, old dolls. Salle des Fêtes, Beauronne. „ Call 05 53 80 14 50

Theatre November 17 – Le Panama, ou les Aventures de Mes Sept Oncles, The life of a poet. Salle Paul Éluard, Sarlat. Tickets: €18, Children €10. „ Call 05 53 31 09 49 November 19 – Sortie d’Usine, Play looking at working class life. Recommended by critics. L’Odysée Théatre, Périgueux. „ Call 05 53 53 18 71 November 20 – Delay Versus Duo, stage show in black and white where dancers and shadows mix. 20.30, Salle des Fêtes, Saint-Sulpice-d’Excideuil. November 29 – La Cuisine Fait son Show and Bergerac’s Music Hall Company. All proceeds to Association AIDES. L’Odysée Théatre, Périgueux.

Other events November 1 – Dinner-dance, Salle des Fêtes, St-Martinl’Astier. „ Call 05 53 80 50 87 November 7 – Sweet Chestnut Evening, Salle des Fêtes, Champs-Romain. „ Call 05 53 56 95 94 Black pudding and chestnuts, Sarrazac. Masked Ball, by Eaux Vives Association, Limeuil. „ Call 05 53 23 79 97 November 8 – Cabaret, Azerat. „ Call 05 53 06 11 74 November 11 – Antiques Fair, Nontron. November 18 – Entracte, 05 53 02 41 94 Saint-Aulaye Le studio 05 53 90 80 73 Sainte-Foy-la-Grande La Brèche 05 57 46 00 43 Sarlat Le Rex 08 92 68 69 24 Terrasson Cinéroc 05 53 51 28 61 Thiviers Cinéma Le Clair 05 53 62 47 06 - 08 36 68 00 71 (0.34 cts/min)

Films in English Sarlat Le Rex: Taking Woodstock, from November 4; Fish Tank from Nov 18. Montignac Cinéma Le Vox: The Barefoot Contessa, Nov 2; Funny People, Nov 12; Taking Woodstock, Nov 18, 20. Nontron: Fish Tank, Nov 5, 9 Thiviers: The Barefoot Contessa, Nov 5; Let’s Make Mmoney, Nov 6, Nov 10. Contemporary dance, l’Odyssée Théatre, Périgueux. „ Call 05 53 53 18 71 November 21 – Disco evening for the Téléthon, Limeyrat. „ Call 06 25 71 72 55 Beaujolais Nouveau evenings: Miallet, St Priest les Fougères, Chalais. November 22 – Meal and dance. Salle des Fêtes, StGermain-du-Salembre. €20. „ Call 05 53 81 56 58 November 28 – Scottish Evening, Bayac. Angel Traders Fair, Chateau des Vigiers, Monestier. Christmas fayre, Savigné near Civray. Novembre 14 – 22 – Semaine de la Solidarité International, various events in the region. All month – Les Jeudi du Musée. Free lunch-time visits to museums and some exhibitions. Thursdays, Périgueux

Nearby events November 2-5 – Brive-laGaillarde, Exhibition on World War I as seen by the press in the Corrèze. November 7 – Ste-Foy-laGrande, The Wall. November 11 – Limoges, Record, CD and Comic Fair. November 13 – Ste-Foy-laGrande, concert by Russian singer Valery Orlov. November 13-15 – Marmande, Salon du Chocolat. November 21 – Ste-Foy-laGrande, Basque Concert.

The Advertiser, Dordogne

I was there

Community notice board

Prehistoric site echoes to sound of the hunters

Price is right for charity book sale NO need to ask the price at the Phoenix Association Book Sale – everything is €1. The animal welfare charity sale is on November 14 at the Salle Municipale in Campsegret. The event will also have CDs, DVDs and English Christmas cards. For donations contact or telephone 05 53 80 73 04.

Showstoppers plea for young stage stars THEATRE professionals Showstoppers are looking for young people to train to put on musicals in Charente/Dordogne. Singers, dancers, stage hands, costumiers, prop makers and front of house needed and they will be taught stagecraft, acting, singing and stage settinng. All interested people please phone 05 45 25 35 51 or email

For community contacts – Page 26

What’s On 13

November 2009

A “THUNK” of spears hitting targets resounded round the prehistoric site of Castel-Merle, Sergeac, in an echo of former times as competitors in the 19th Prehistoric Arms championships took to the forest. I was watching the atlatl competitions – where contestants armed with massive arrow-like spears notch them into the atlatl throwing sticks which help increase accuracy and power. The competitors set off on an in-situ target hunting race that took them through woods and past prehistoric dwellings with targets to hit ranging from 10 to 20 metres away, uphill and downhill. When a target is hit properly the almighty thud of the “dart” on the target board can be heard all around the forest leaving nothing to the imagination of how efficient these weapons are when used correctly – and how they could bring down the likes of a prehistoric beast. When the atlatl was developed hunters could attack from further away and with more power. This year, competitors has some modern assistance – a mobile phone number in case they got lost in the forest. READY TO GO: Contestants with the darts Kirsten Stroud

Church services in English Church services are held most Sundays and feast days. Below are some of the Aquitaine chaplaincy’s local venues for services. For more information see the chaplaincy website at or contact: Chaplain: The Revd Dr Paul Vrolijk Tel: 05 53 23 40 73 Email: Assistant Chaplain: The Revd Caroline Gordon-Walker Tel: 05 53 29 36 03 Assistant Curate:

The Revd Gillian Strachan Tel: 05 53 58 12 58 BERTRIC BURÉE Venue: Bertric Burée, 24320, on D708 Led by: Local Wardens: Janis Adams, Peter Robinson Tel: 05 53 91 32 89 (Janis Adams), 05 53 91 45 15 (Peter Robinson) CHANCELADE Venue: Chapelle St Jean de l'Abbaye,

Chancelade, 24650 Led by: Local Warden: Elizabeth Oaten Tel: 05 53 05 42 76 LIMEUIL HAUT Venue: Eglise Ste Catherine, 24510, Limeuil Led by: Local Warden: Liz Marsden Tel: 05 53 22 30 66 SORGES Venue: Eglise de Sorges, 24420, between Thiviers and Périgueux

Led by: Local Warden: Elizabeth Oaten Tel: 05 53 05 42 76 STE NATHALÈNE Venue: Eglise de Ste Nathalène, 24200, Led by: Judith Thomason Tel: 05 53 30 47 94 ALSO: Bergerac Café Church on fourth Sunday of month. English Baptist Minister, Reverend Derek Cook with the Eglise Evangelique Libre de Bergerac, at 5 Rue Durou. 11.45. Call 05 53 57 83 30.

Markets and brocantes WEEKLY MARKETS


MONDAY: Les Eyzies de Tayac, Ste Alvère, Tocane St Apre, Villamblard

„ November 1, CoulounieixChaumiers, Verteillac, Bergerac, Grolegeac. „ November 7, Périgueux (toys and baby items). „ November 8, St-Estephe, St-Capraise-de-Lalinde (toy sale). „ November 11, Mussidan, Périgueux. „ November 14, Thenon. „ November 15, Children's car boot sale, Brantôme; Toy sale, Beaumont-du-Périgord. „ November 22, Lisle, Périgueux. „ November 29, Sarlat.

TUESDAY: Le Bugue, Lisle, Mareuil, Neuvic, Salignac Eyvigues, Thenon, Villefranche de Lonchat WEDNESDAY: Bergerac, Gardone, Hautefort, Le Buisson de Cadouin, Montignac, Montpon Ménestérol, Périgueux, Piégut Pluviers, Sarlat, Siorac en Périgord, Trémolat THURSDAY: Domme, Excideuil, La Coquille, La Force, Lalinde, Monpazier, St Astier, St Pardoux la Rivière, Terrasson la Villedieu, Eymet

SATURDAY: Beaumont du Périgord, Belvès, Bergerac, La Roche Chalais, le Bugue, Mussidan, Neuvic, Nontron, Périgueux, Sarlat, St Aulaye, St Pierre de Chignac, Thiviers, Tocane St Apre, Villefranche du Périgord

SPECIALITY MARKETS „ November 11-12, Antiques Fair, Nontron. „ November 21, Christmas Fair, Monteton. All proceeds to Cancer Support France. „ November 22, Present Fair, Collège, Piegut-Pluviers. Sports goods, bike sale, Salle de Minage, Piegut-Pluviers. „ November 25, Toy, book sale, Velines. 05 53 27 28 88. „ November 29, Book Fair, Nontron; Christmas market, Cadouin. „ November 15 - March 15, Marché au Gras, every Saturday morning, Thiviers.

SUNDAY: Daglan, Issigeac, Rouffignac St Cernin, St Cyprien, St Geniès, Tourtoirac

AUCTIONS „ November 21, Islamic art from Mediterranean basin, Bergerac. Call 05 53 58 57 51

FRIDAY: Bergerac, Brantôme, Le Buisson de Cadouin, Le Lardin St Lazare, Ribérac, Sorges, Vergt

14 Spotlight

The Advertiser, Dordo

Flybe steps in as Ryanair cuts winte BONUS FOR PASSENGERS: Flybe will run a full service of weekend flights to the UK

Photo: Photo Christian Lacombe

with a feature on British Dordogne-UK EUROPE’S largest regional airline has commuters to Flybe to show that people stepped in to maintain winter weekend were using the service to fly to the UK for return flights to the UK after Ryanair cut work as well as for pleasure. Flybe said the back its service. “campaign gave us much food for thought” Flybe will use Southampton for the servwhen deciding on whether to take on the ice which links with trains to Waterloo route. A spokesman said: “Flybe is already every 20 minutes and also the the compathe number one UK domestic airline flying ny’s extensive UK network. to regional France and, despite the ongoing Flights from Bergerac will be on Friday, economic challenges, we continue to examSaturday, Sunday and Monday with two ine new opportunities.” flights from Southampton on Fridays, and He added that the Southampton link was one each on Sunday and Monday. perfect as “travellers can now fly to Ryanair has reduced the number of flights Bergerac via Southampton from a large using Bergerac to three a week and will number of Flybe’s now have a serv35 UK airports”. ice to Stansted News of the new on Tuesdays, service comes just Thursdays and after Jet2 revealed Saturdays. This that it will fly to no longer allows Leeds Bradford many regular next summer. passengers – The company has around 95% of the JET2: Opens up the north-east of England six UK bases, with users at Bergerac 38 destinations from Leeds Bradford; 20 are British – to head to or from the UK for from Manchester; 14 from Newcastle; 13 the weekend or for work commitments. from Belfast International; 12 from Airport director Olivier Gribelin said Edinburgh and 10 from Blackpool. they had many regular travellers who headIt is the most important flight operator in ed to the UK over the weekend – both the north of England and fills a gap in the British and French – and they were keen to map of routes from Bergerac which had no find a way to maintain a service. services there. Flights will operate twice a They had approached Flybe to increase its week during the peak summer period – present coverage with flights to Gatwick Tuesdays and Saturdays – and will start but the airline said it did not have the airfrom 39.99 one way including tax. craft necessary during the winter. It is hoped that the company will also However, it offered flights to look at operating a service to Manchester Southampton and increased its schedule. and Mr Gribelin said that would be a big This service will run for a trial period of boost because they had no flights to the three months. The airport marketing team north of England in winter. supplied copies of the Dordogne Advertiser

Funding row blows up over new A ROW has erupted between town councillors and the mayor of Bergerac over airport funding. Bergerac town council has funded about half of BergeracPérigord-Dordogne airport’s deficit since 2001 when low-cost airlines arrived – €1.2 million last year. The rest of the funding

comes from other members of Smad (Syndicat Mixte AirDordogne) who together run the airport. These include the Chambre de Commerce, the Conseil Général and Périgueux town council. Now a plan by low-cost carrier Twinjet to run two flights a day

from Bergerac Airport to Paris via Périgueux Bassillac airport has caused controversy because it means funding must change. The Conseil Général will become the majority contributor, Périgueux town council will contribute more and Bergerac’s contribution will drop to 20%.

Some the com significa 49% for Dordog althoug Roussea the sam Airpo


Spotlight 15

November 2009

er Bergerac flights Car-hire giant agrees Brive name row set to go to court

w service to Paris

councillors say 20% of mbined deficit will cost antly more than paying r Bergerac-Périgordgne airport alone, gh mayor Dominique au believes it will be about me as at present. rt commercial manager

Emily James said the new flights would allow “bigger businesses such as the vineyard owners to get to Paris for meetings”. Bergerac taxpayers initially opposed funding the airport but studies have revealed it brings in around €265 million annually and this has quelled protest.

PLANS to rename the new Brive Souillac airport as Aéroport de Brive – Vallée de la Dordogne have been attacked by Souillac council, backed by the conseil général and conseil régional. Anger is growing that there is no mention of Souillac or the Lot in the name and council officials have been asked to look at legal action as councillors feel it will cut visitor numbers. Airport director Dany Blanchet said the business name would remain BriveSouillac, and the new name was for commercial purposes only, to sell the airport to the outside world. Airport buildings would use both names. The airport is due to open in June 2010 and Mr Blanchet is confident there will be flights to the UK. They are in negotiations with all low-cost airlines and aim to have one route in operation. He said: “We want to serve people within 30 to 45 minutes of the airport, which in the Dordogne includes Terrasson and Sarlat.” He said flight cuts at Bergerac were not a worry as they “were not expecting to serve great quantities of passengers”.

to repay excess fees BOSSES at car-hire giant Europcar say that they will reimburse customers who have complained about excess charges on their credit cards after getting cars from the Bergerac Airport franchise. The Dordogne Advertiser has been contacted over extra fees which appeared on some motorists’ credit card bills – for services they say they did not sign up for. One customer, Gary Gibb from Consett, in the north-east of England, said he had been in the Dordogne for a family holiday during the summer and had booked a car and paid the full amount in advance to his agent. However, when he got home he discovered that despite notices on the Europcar website saying “All inclusive rates guarantee no surprises at the desk” he got the very unwelcome surprise of an extra 252 on his credit card bill. Mr Gibb said: “I checked my copy of the contract and noticed that, although it was in French, two additional stamps had been added in fresh ink mentioning a Serenity Pack. They have

been added after I initialled the agreement as one of the stamps partially goes over my initials. “I had never heard of a Serenity Pack before this and no one had made any mention of it when the contracts were signed.” Jean-Christophe Marteaux,

head of corporate communications at Europcar said they wanted to protect their customers and their own reputation and were acting to resolve complaints as soon as they heard of them. They had taken action internally to make sure no more customers had reason to complain about Europcar services. He could not say how many customers had been involved, but insisted it was an isolated incident. Mr Gibb said that he had contacted his credit card company and it was investigating as well as withholding payment because it was not clear if consent to the transaction had been obtained.

His brother, Scott Gibb from Edinburgh, also found an extra charge on his bill from the same Bergerac office and complained to Europcar in the UK. He was told there was no record of any extra charges on his bill. However, like his brother, his complaint is still outstanding. When The Advertiser contacted the Europcar office at Bergerac Airport we were told customers were offered the Serenity Pack and that it was only added to the contract if they accepted. When the contract was printed, freshly-inked stamps – in English – were added to each copy of the contract to highlight the addition of the 18 a day pack to the bill, so that customers were aware of their charges. The Europcar customer services department in Leicester said they had had a number of complaints about the Serenity Pack, specifically relating to the franchise at Bergerac Airport. Client services executive Dawn Sharpe said: “Communication has not been what it should be.”

16 Business

The Advertiser, Dordogne

November 2009

Women get a taste for networking EFFORTS to set up a new Dordogne women’s association have been voted a resounding success by the group who attended the inaugural meeting at a restaurant in the village of Coly, just south of Le Lardin. It aims to meet the needs of those in the north east of the department who are too far away to join the existing club, the DOLs in Bergerac. The North Eastern Dordogne Women’s Association is the brainchild of Frances Beasley who felt there was a need for a sister group and so with the DOLs’ blessing, she printed a news sheet publicising the first lunch date and posted it in bakeries, mairies and supermarkets in an area including the towns of Brantôme, Périgueux, Excideuil, Thenon and Terrasson. She was thrilled with the results: “I set a goal of 25 replies, but there were 27 at the first lunch and 13 more said they would come to the second one. I am very excited by the range of nationalities – there were women from Britain, South Africa, Canada, Australia, America, Holland and France. “I very much want an international flavour and I really want to welcome the French so it is not exclusively expat.” Frances outlined the aims of NEDWA, saying: “It is about the woman who is keen to network, whether for business or pleasure or both. Its aim is to be relaxed and informal yet still to offer a variety of activities for those who wish to be involved.” Monthly lunches in a different locations are planned and it is hoped to develop interest groups according to members’ wishes, which could cover walking, gardening, art, choral, food, cycling etc. Guests had been in the Dordogne for varying lengths of time and were keen to share their experiences. They covered a great number of activities – including an estate agent, beautician, interior designer, radio journalist and gîte owners – illustrating the dynamism and diversity of those settled in the department. Christina Bernier is an interior architect. Though British, she studied and worked in Montreal, Canada, where she learned to speak French and then came to live in

CHEERS TO US ALL: Frances Beasley toasts the first lunch of the North Eastern Dordogne Women’s Association France near to where her parents had retired. She worked for an architect here but when his business collapsed she decided to set up her own business, Avant Garde Design. “I can take a bare interior and advise where to put the walls, plan the electrics and the plumbing as well as the decor. But I am also happy to look at smaller projects. “I also offer a translation/ co-ordination service for those who want help liaising with French artisans. Despite the recession I am convinced there are still clients out there.”

Useful contacts North Eastern Dordogne Women’s Association – email: Tel: Frances Beasley 05 53 50 05 64 Avant Garde Design – email: christina@ Glow – email: alyson.

Another project taking shape comes from Alyson Wickert who lives near Thiviers and has been in the Dordogne for two years. Now her three and five year old children are at school she is setting up a beauty and nail business, both from home and travelling out to clients. She had just flown back from completing a City and Guilds qualification in England, travel bags bulging with lotions and potions. The meeting was a good place to discuss a name for her business – Glow – and to spread the word. There was immediate interest and she already has other ideas: “I am hoping to work with another lady in the group who rents luxury gîtes. “We are looking at a beauty treatment area for the holiday makers to benefit both myself and the gîtes.” Kate Malifert was the American of the group but has lived all her married life in France and worked for Kodak in Paris for many years. She has retired here with her husband but continues to be active and has just completed a PhD in French where her subject would be dear to the heart of the group – comparing the use of networking to set up a

farm in the US and in France. She concluded networking was vital to a successful business but it was much more acceptable in the US. “Networks are critical for everything – social and business – and I am looking forward to meeting lots of interesting people here.” Three French women at the lunch were childhood friends Denise Durand, Paulette Tourenne and Jacqueline Desthomas who said they enjoyed the lunch – though they admitted it was difficult to join in as they don’t speak English. But they thought it was a good idea and said they would be interested in joining in with some of the other activities. Frances Beasley was very satisfied with the outcome. With her international background – she was born in London but has worked and lived in South Africa, Australia and Germany, before settling here – and training in PR and radio journalism she says she worked hard to promote the idea as she was sure there was a great need for it – something confirmed by the success of the lunch. The next event is on November 24 at L'Evi d'Ans in St Pantaly d'Ans.

Small businesses can access lots of help HELP IS at hand for people wishing to start businesses as well as for businesses struggling in the current economic climate. Many organisations across the Dordogne can help establish, develop and find funding for your project. Key to getting many businesses started is receiving financial backing; some banks will provide small loans (Prêt à la Création d'Entreprise) and if you set up business via the Chambre de Commerce or the Chambre de Métiers then it may be possible to access interest free loans of up to €7,000. If you are a job-seeker, on benefits such as API (single parent allowance) or RSA (revenue de solidarité active), disabled or unemployed and over-50 then a new government initiative called NACRE may help. The Nouvel Accompagnement pour la Création et la Reprise d’Entreprise offers help in researching business ideas, creating a business plan and applying for finance. Interest-free loans of up to €10,000 are available and can be repaid over five years.

Useful contacts Dordogne Chambre de commerce: 05 53 35 80 80 Dordogne Chambre de Métiers: 05 53 35 87 00 Adie, Dordogne: 05 53 04 24 81 Périgord développement (English language business advice): 05 53 35 80 24 People on unemployment benefit who start a business are also exempt from social charges (cotisations) for the first year. This can be extended to two years if you set up as an autoentrepreneur and pay tax under that scheme. Reductions in cotisations may be extended into Year Three subject to the business’s growth. Additional help is available for women who can also go via the Fonds de garantie pour la création, la reprise, le développement d’entreprise à l’initiative des femmes (FGIF).

If getting a bank loan is a problem then micro-credits may help. The micro-credit system was started in Bangladesh by a professor of economics, Muhammad Yunus, in 1976 to help the poorest in society to start businesses. It has since gained worldwide popularity. Since 1989, the scheme has helped more than 60,000 businesses, many in the Dordogne. Adie (Association pour le Droit à l’Initiative Economique) administers the scheme and Audrey Thirot said you could “get a loan of up to €6,000 to start or expand your business”. All loans must be repaid within two years and, while it is possible to combine loans from different schemes to get a larger sum – be prepared for a lot of paperwork. Adie also has details of a cheaper insurance policy that is making life easier for auto-entrepreneurs and micro-entreprises. It was piloted in Rhône-Alpes in 2006 and offers insurance against accidents, injury and professional liability. It can cost as little as €20 a month.

“It is available for the first three years of trading. Once established, you can switch to the more conventional types of insurance cover,” Ms Thirot said. Cheaper policies for health, car and house insurance are also available. There is help too with advertising. If you are an artisan (e.g. a builder, restaurateur etc.) you can get free inclusion in the Dordogne Chambre de Métiers online directory through their website. Click on Artisans sur le web on the left of the screen and follow instructions. The cost of employing staff can hit many small businesses and a range of schemes can help employers. Contact the Chambre de Métiers or Chambre de Commerce for details. If your business is experiencing difficulties then contact the Chambre de Commerce as soon as possible. Their website also has a useful section where you can type in your details and the kind of support you require; a range of measures are available to help.

Reader offer: 20% off French speciality foods and gifts X Treat yourself or send a bit of France back to friends and family in the UK X The ideal Christmas gift. Order before December 11 for delivery to the UK the week before Christmas X Your personal message included FREE These luxury French speciality goods are the ideal gift to send to friends and family – sharing with them a taste of some of the many good things about France. The Dordogne Advertiser is delighted to offer readers a 20% discount on the recommended retail price of all the items here. This is an exclusive offer to our readers. If you OLIVE OIL AND GARLIC GRATER (Huile d’Olive et Gratte Ail)

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November 2009



Consultant steps in to continue work on CCI

Negotiating (how to avoid lighthouses)

USS LINCOLN: Please divert your course 15 degrees north to avoid a collision NEWFOUNDLAND TARGET: Recommend you divert YOUR course 15 degrees south to avoid collision. USS LINCOLN: This is the Captain of a US Navy ship; I say again divert your course. NEWFOUNDLAND TARGET: No. I say again you divert YOUR course. USS LINCOLN: This is the aircraft carrier USS Lincoln, the second largest ship in the United States Atlantic Fleet. We are accompanied by three destroyers, three cruisers and numerous support vessels. I demand you change your course 15 degrees north, that’s one-five degrees north, or counter measures will be undertaken to ensure the safety of this ship. NEWFOUNDLAND TARGET: We are a lighthouse; your call. An example of how not to negotiate ...

Here are some of the ways that you can ensure a successful negotiation Preparation HAD the Captain of the USS Lincoln done proper preparation for the trip, he would have known that there was a lighthouse, where it was, whether it was manned, which course to take to avoid it and none of the above conversation would have taken place, saving time, energy, tempers and leaving the ship open to other dangers while that conversation was taking place. So, consider what your needs are and those of the other person. Think about outcomes that would meet more of what you both want. Use your imagination to wonder about what other obstacles could be there. Do not be afraid of finding creative and innovative solutions. Win/win or win/lose “Win/win” is no big ship (or ships!) hitting the lighthouse, no

lives lost, no sunken ships, no rescue operation, no funerals, no time wasted. “Win/lose” could be one or more ships hitting the lighthouse (or each other) and the lighthouse being OK, but the ship or ships sinking, lives lost, a rescue operation and time/energy and money being lost, leaving the flotilla open to other dangers as they deal with the accident. So, a win/win approach is an integrated approach where both sides will benefit. Win/lose, where each side is trying to achieve maximum gains and impose maximum losses on the other side, is inherently unstable. In real life, often the two approaches are at work which creates tension. Experienced negotiators will usually adopt the win/win approach because the stability of the outcome and the long-term relationship are more important than maximum concessions. Pay attention to detail Aren’t lighthouses noted on maps? Didn’t the navigator see that there was a lighthouse on the course he had plotted, didn’t anyone else notice that (even if the navigator hadn’t)? Did anyone think to ask if there was a lighthouse in that area? As they say, the devil is in the detail ... So, misunderstandings are potential time bombs set to go off just when agreement is in sight. Be explicit on the points you are discussing and focus initially on primary objectives so you stay focused. Be very clear what each side has to offer. Emphasise the common ground and the points on which you both agree. Respond not react The Captain of the ship reacted when he got a reply to his first message. Had he asked a question first (“Could you please identify yourself?”), he would have got a lot further, a lot faster; instead of which, he reacted to the response. So, manage your emotions and make it possible for the other party to back down or change their position (not geographically, as impossible in the example!) without being humiliated. Do not get caught up in game playing and remember it does not matter what others do – operate with integrity and be true to yourself and your values. And... Aim for a negotiation where both sides benefit and if you cannot get that, then ensure that you leave the door ajar for another time.

Good luck with your next negotiation.

fact that I replaced the General Manager at the “sharp end”, directly meeting and helping entrepreneurs, for 18 months, as well as my knowledge and vision of business requirements, will allow me, I sincerely hope, to help you. Therefore, I am reviewing what the Franco-British can offer, with a view to attracting you and to encouraging many more companies, organisations and individuals to join us and grow the network, thus expanding the sphere of our activities and influence. A meeting has already taken place with Ms Le Yaouanc, General Manager of FBCCI Paris, and other meetings are planned so we can all tap in the resources available to us – everyone in the network should be able to benefit from all the different elements brought by each one of us. The second (big) project is the next edition of Success in the Dordogne, which will, in theory, take place midOctober 2010 at the Parc des Expositions in Chancelade. Following comments made by participants and visitors, there will be changes – I invite those who have not had the opportunity to share your comments with me to do so without delay so that I take them on board with a view to the planning of the event.

CLAIRE LE MONNIER Tel: 05 53 35 80 24 Email:

Christmas Event

Photo: Kiera Meira

IN OCTOBER 1995, off the coast of Newfoundland, an American aircraft carrier, the USS Lincoln, spotted an unmoving target on its radar, directly in line with its own course. The following transcript is what happened.

Hello everyone! I am pleased to confirm that I have been commissioned as a consultant by Périgord Développement to continue the work begun by Marc Mercier and his team (Alexandra and then Stéphanie) on the FrancoBritish Chamber of Commerce and Industry. I will be based in the offices of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Dordogne in Périgueux two days a week, but can always be reached on my phone or through an email address, the details of which are provided at the end of this article. I am working with Mr François Gaumet, who is ensuring the interim management during the search for someone who will be employed as Director of Périgord Développement – the search has already started and it is hoped that the new director could be in place by early 2010. My primary purpose is to bring all my experience, my strengths and all my enthusiasm and my contacts to ensure the success of this project. My experience as Chief Executive of the Jersey Chamber of Commerce and Industry, my place on the board of the Jersey Business Venture for six years and the

Photo: Davey-boy

THERE is one thing which happens every day in business which can make ALL the difference to your success – it is a skill that can be learned, is often inherent, and the reason why some people succeed at whatever business they take on and why others fail. It is how to negotiate. Successful negotiation makes all the difference between getting what you want or ending up grudgingly accepting the crumbs you have been thrown by the other party (who will, incidentally, come back to take more from you, because that is how they work).

Members will be contacted shortly with details of the FBCCI Christmas Event. Please do not hesitate to contact Claire for information. Tel: 05 53 35 80 24

Franco-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry Dordogne Delegation C/O Périgord Développement 23, Rue Président Wilson - 24016 Périgueux Cedex Tel.: 05 53 35 80 24 - Fax: 05 53 35 80 43 - Email: -

The Advertiser, Dordogne

Directory 21

November 2009


English-speaking businesses in and around the Dordogne

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22 Directory

The Advertiser, Dordogne

Advertising feature

November 2009

Taking the Pioneer Route A direct, client-focussed approach helps Pioneer France win plaudits for its property sales and foreign exchange services What is Pioneer France? "Pioneer France is a well established Dordogne-based company providing market-leading services in the property sales, foreign exchange and financial sectors, primarily to English speaking clientele", says Harris Raphael, the company's founder. Pioneer France's main operating areas are: • Foreign currency exchange and international transfers • Property sales in the Dordogne and South West France • Property purchase process services • Mortgage and loan services

family after Harris sold his UK consulting practice to a large public company in 1998. Harris says "we felt that in France we could raise our family in an interesting and challenging environment, not so far removed from family and friends in the UK, but culturally different enough to allow all of us to experience a different way of life. "A further factor was the opportunity to establish and grow a business utilising a particularly client-focussed approach not commonly found in France. This has resulted in a valuable competitive edge for Pioneer France".

What encouraged you to come to France? A lawyer by training with a property and finance specialisation, Harris and his wife Victoria decided to experience living in France with their young

How did Pioneer France get established? Harris says:"Initially we concentrated on two areas: property sales in the Dordogne and our 'Property Purchase Process' service (the PPP service). Property sales remain satisfactory due to targeted marketing to international purchasers and a great website ( ) “We concentrate on selling larger, traditional style, well maintained properties that are realistically valued to ensure maximum marketing impact. Purchasers of properties throughout France use our flat-fee PPP service which ensures that there is someone actually looking after the purchaser's interests every step of the

Volatility causes people to sit up and think about how best to extract the most value from their funds


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Regions 24,47,46

Siret 49943559200013

way. The PPP service leads the purchaser through all aspects of the tricky, often legally and administratively fraught property purchase process, from initial interest in a property through to completion". How did Pioneer France expand? Harris recalls: "Once well established we were approached by several companies offering complimentary services. A degree of commercial scepticism, followed by some rigorous market testing to separate the wheat from the chaff resulted in Pioneer France signing agreements with certain key partners where Pioneer France represents their interests in France, including Moneycorp, one of the world's largest foreign exchange currency brokers, and with a panel of lending banks in the mortgage and loan sector. We also have agreements with a number of referring partners throughout France whose own business activities also focus on English speaking clientele, who refer clients to us on a commission basis, particularly for our foreign exchange services. This generates welcome additional income for everybody concerned, and the client benefits from the best currency rates and excellent service. How do you see the property market at present?


PIONEER FRANCE: Understanding the client's property, foreign exchange and mortgage needs and providing effective solutions "Interesting!" says Harris, "Currently, the triple whammy of harder lending criteria, a general loss of business confidence and a strong euro have certainly caused the property market to take stock. The reality is that good properties are still selling and buyers are still out there, but overpriced or poorly presented properties are moving very slowly, if at all. And how about the exchange rate and the weak pound /strong euro? "Ironically we have been busier than ever in our currency business because volatility causes people to sit up and think about how best to extract the most value from their funds, whether pensions, income, renovation costs, house sale or purchase funds. "I would be happy to talk to any reader about our views on exchange rates and to find the best approach for them. It pays to consider using market tools such as fixing the rate long term, forward contracts and stop



Tel: 05 45 62 27 20 mailorder welcome Siret: 477 897 565 000 16

BACCHUS IMMOBILIER recruits France based estate agency seeks representatives for ALL regions of France. Carte Blanche Agent Commercial Immobilier and generous (up to 70%) commission rates offered. Contact Ivan Tredinnick or Ann Hurly. Tel: 00 33 (0)5 45 82 42 93 Fax: 00 33 (0)5 45 36 27 95 Email: Siret: 48034462100010

MGF Counseling Services English Speaking Counselor. M. Glenys Forrester (B.Sc.psych.) (M.Sc. psych.)

Offering individual / couples counseling. (Depression, Stress, illness, bereavement etc). FREE 1/2 hour consultation-In Office or by Telephone without further obligation. Tel: 05 53 50 07 28 Mob: 06 47 17 60 78 Email: Web: Regions Covered: All Siret: in progress

or limit orders. So often a client's first instinct is simply to call their bank, who offer very poor exchange rates and no advice, rather than speaking with an expert whose specific job it is to provide competitive rates and excellent service". And the future for Pioneer? "More of the same," says Harris. "Our favourite client quote is, 'Pioneer's professionalism and attention to detail was superb and made a potentially stressful activity for us very easy'. That's what we're all about". If you would like to market your property, are considering a property purchase or need expert foreign exchange or mortgage assistance, contact Harris and his team on: Tel: 05 53 07 06 27 Mobile: 06 76 73 73 59 Email: Web:

The Dordogne and adjacent departments


Dossiers Permis de Construire Déclarations Préalables Tel/Fax: 05 53 52 36 05 Email: Siret: 493 770 358 00015



WANTED. RHD UK & FRENCH LHD CARS Always a selection to buy, sell or exchange. Friendly service and advice given. Tel: 05 58 78 33 04 or portable 06 14 43 12 79 anytime

HEATHROW LEFT HAND DRIVE CENTRE LTD 75 Laburnum Road, Hayes MiddxUB3 4JY Tel: +44 (0)208 8487407 Mobile: +44 (0)7811 784766

We Specialise in buying and selling Left Hand Drive quality vehicles. We have a variety of cars mostly on French/Spanish and English registrations. We have over 11 years of professional experience in the motor trade. Web: E:

anglo-french ARCHITECTES franco-anglais 06 75 84 71 76 05 53 22 69 78

see our projects online at

UK and French Registered Architects Dossiers for Permis de Construire Interior and Landscape design Ordre des Architectes No. 1867 Tel: 05 53 09 33 45 E: W: Depts: 16,19,24,33,87 Siret: 488 165 564 00011


Renovation - new construction. Projects, all phases of construction. Sarl d'Architecture David Besse Architecte dplg Grange Neuve 24140 Saint Martin des Combes. 05 53 82 44 75 - 06 17 51 26 00

Civil / Structural Engineer Allan Baldry

Tel: 05 53 51 91 44 / 06 21 43 87 06 Fax: 05 53 50 58 77 For further information

(Sarlat and surrounding areas) Tel: 05 53 59 22 03 Email: SIRET No. 49250541700013


Renovations a Specialty No works too small Dept.24, 30km of Riberac The Standard Clients Expect Tel: 05 53 90 45 84 Mob: 06 18 85 89 29 Siret 442438206000017

PROPERTY RENOVATION All building works Family business Over 20 years experience Tel: 05 65 41 08 60 Email: Regions: Sarlat / Lot border Siret 343 698 460 00023

3D CONSTRUCTION Family run building company with over 30 yrs experience

All construction works undertaken large or small incl. masonry, carpentry and roofing Based nr. Sarlat Free estimates References available Tel: 06 31 21 32 04 Email:

(MSc. SISF.MICE reg no 30269044)

With Cambridge UK office base and with a house in the Dordogne, Offers structural report and design Services for house owners / purchasers.

GBM 24

All aspects of Building and Groundwork Undertaken

siret: 505 346 676 00016


Qualified Builder 15 Years Experience 10 Years Insurance Guarantee All Building/Groundworks undertaken Tel: 05 53 62 13 38 / 06 63 84 79 99 Email:


General Builder

City & Guilds qualified, 35yrs experience, reliable, ALL WORK GUARANTEED Tel: 0553804291 Mob: +44 7519766381 Email: Web: Regions: 25km radius Mussidan (24) Siret: 51352715000017

Adverts in this section start at €144HT for the year (that's just €12 a month) Call 04 83 93 60 08 to find out more

The Advertiser, Dordogne

November 2009

Directory 23

Advertising feature

Free delivery on UK sofas to French homes Order before November 23 for Furniture for France’s festive offer WITH the nights drawing in and the temperature falling, all our thoughts turn to winter evenings by the fire. In the run up to Christmas, Meubles - New Ideas is offering free delivery from the UK to your property in France, on all our sofa designs. To ensure your new sofa for Christmas, orders must be placed by November 23. Don't delay limited space available. With the opening of the new showroom near Brive, the company welcomes customers to

view their full range of furniture including sofas, to try before you buy. The showroom is open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays or any other times by appointment, at your convenience. It is situated at 900 Rte de Brive, 19130 Objat, near Brive la Gaillarde (19) it is called 'Meubles - New Ideas'. Company head Brian Muir said: "Over the last seven years we have been operating, we have heard time and time again of the difficulties expePERFECTION PAINTERS AND DECORATORS

Interior, exteriors - High gloss finishes Wallpapering - Specialist effects 15 YEARS EXPERIENCE Tel: 05 45 65 38 15 Email: Regions Covered: 05 Siret: 51106548400012


EURL Andy James RPT

Tel: 00 33 (0) 5 55 29 01 58 Mob: 00 33 (0) 681 503 766 Siret 501 368 393 000 10

OAK FLOORING AND DOORS Pre-finished, oiled and varnished. Wide boards up to 215mm. Skirting and architraves. Ledged Oak cottage doors. email: tel: 0680339357 siret 49426348

DAVLYN TILERS & BUILDERS All forms of Ceramic Tiling, Slate, Marble, Terracotta Over 35 years experience in the building & tiling trade Building works undertaken from small repointing jobs up to full renovation projects

Painting & Decorating, Inside & Out, 30 years Experience. Tel: 06 71 04 85 19 Regions: 24 Siret: 452 220 015 00021




Graham Fox – Fully Qualified 25+ Years Experience Friendly, Informative Reliable High Professional Standard E-mail: Tel/Fax: 04 68 45 46 28 Depts: 11, 34, 24 Siret: 49443828600010

ELECTRICIAN Experienced & French Registered. Available for all types of electrical work. Insured and guaranteed. Areas: 16,17,24,47 Tel: 05 46 86 07 61 Email: Siret No. 49376573200015

Kennedy Electricite Services Installation, rewires and repairs. 18 years experience. Fully insured. No job too small. Contact Justin or Melissa Kennedy. Tel: 05 55 56 37 36 Email: Regions 87/24 Siret 503 417 04000014


(city & guilds) 35 years experience. Bathrooms, kitchens, central heating. Based St Foy le Grand. Depts. 24, 33. Tel: 05 53 57 00 16. Mob: 06 61 53 13 50 Email:



Siret: 51232002900014

Siret:4974 1837 200019

RENOVATIONS, AIR-CONDITIONING SOLAR SYSTEMS TOTALGAZ APPROVED INSTALLER Contact: Wayne Merry Mob: 06 85 58 64 65 Tel: 05 53 64 34 05 Tél: 05 53 90 46 34 Siret: 4119 419 830 Plumbing, Central & Underfloor Heating Bathrooms, Solar systems, Woodburners.


Siret: 4844699200014


City & Guilds qualified, French Registered 20 years experience New installations and renovation works Libourne - Chalais - Montpon region Tel: 06 34 02 21 25 No. SIRET 499 773 331 00016 APE 4321A

Complete start to finish service. All work undertaken Specialist Plumbing Tel: 0553 791124 Siret No: 49979912000013

e.mail Tel: 05 53 55 08 95 / 06 42 38 91 35

TIP TOP Garden & Property Services

Garden Maintenance Hedge Trimming - Trees Cutting - Strimming General Property Maintenance Property checks/Keyholding Photo updates Contact Barry On Tel: 05 53 29 03 52 Mobile: 06 24 07 31 14 E: Dept 24 - Radius 50 kms Sarlat Siret: 49372365400015

Regions: Dordogne, Lot, Burgundy, Loire Siret: 34499255700068

WALL & FLOOR TILER ALSO SMALL BUILDING WORKS UNDER TAKEN & GARDENING Tel: 05 53 90 49 28 / 06 37 81 95 89 Regions: 24,16 & surrounding areas Siret: 50867566700010

Prompt and Reliable Kitchens / Bathrooms Walls / Floors Tel: Martin 05 53 22 87 29/ 06 20 12 54 22 Email: 30 Years Experience NZ/UK Regions 24/47 Eymet All work guaranteed

Selling or renting your French property? Looking to buy or rent a property in France?

If buying or selling, try WWW.HOMES-IN-FRANCE.COM the easy viewing site Tel: 06 17 15 32 22 Web:

Siret 48250470100012

For a professional Service/Quotation Contact 2447 Carrelage Tel: 05 53 57 12 19 Email: Regions 24/47 and surrounding

24, 33, 47, other regions possible Contact Mike Tel: 05 53 58 17 19 Mob: 06 67 03 30 48 Email: Siret no: 42424381400011

but at a price.” He added: “We believe UK buyers furnishing a property in France simply want good value for money, well designed, attractive and comfortable furniture. Comfort and design are so important. “When you buy furniture you are making a statement, imposing your own personali-

Email: Tel: 05 53 82 32 75/ 06 79 74 76 03

Ceramic floor and wall tiler

Ceilings, walls, floors Time served tradesman

far away as Poitiers, Royan, Toulouse and Angouleme and Limoges to view before buying." Mr Muir said: "French furniture designs are somewhat different. Many traditional shops stock furniture that would not be out of place in the 60's. Of course there are outlets that do sell very well made, stylish furniture -

Fully registered.

Experienced and registered


rienced by British house buyers trying to find suitable furniture in France for their new homes. Stores in France simply do not sell the style of furniture people expect on every UK high street." He added: "We have been very encouraged with the response so far, and have had customers travelling from as

Decorating projects undertaken at competitive prices



STOCKING: The company’s new showroom gives visitors a chance to try before they buy

Garden & Pool Maintenance Ribérac, Verteillac, Tocane areas. Since 1992.


Jardins du Périgord Garden Design & Creation Garden Management & Maintenance 0553 316 883

Hayes, Pester & Burke

AGA-Approved Reconditioned AGAs. Okofen Wood-Pellet Boilers. Hand-Crafted English Kitchens Sales, Service & Installation throughout South-West France T: 05 46 98 17 06 or 06 35 92 62 64 E: W: Regions Covered: South-West France Siret: 510 014 98800016 / 503 266 025 00017


A. D. Anderson



Creative, professional work, 20yrs experience Sth Charente Full knowledge of French regulations Competitive prices Tel: 05 53 91 14 09 General Building & Renovations Large & Small Projects Undertaken EXPERIENCED & RELIABLE 05 53 90 77 21 email: 50km radius of Riberac (24) Siret 480 621 259 00021

Lot and Dordogne Fencing Fencing, Paving, Patios, Decking, Garden clearance, Tree Felling, Repointing Stonework.

Tel : 05 65 27 17 60 / 06 14 58 15 86 Email: Siret No 453 419 236 00022 Supply & Installation of :

• Solar domestic hot water systems • Solar swimming pool systems • Wood boiler stoves • Plumbing services Tel : 05 53 63 43 87 / 06 06 41 08 85 Email : All depts covered Siret 50406233200011

Tel: 05 45 78 84 45 / 06 25 39 07 26 Email: Siret: 37831789500050

Phil B Entreprise

All Building Works Undertaken

ty on a room. In the UK we have become used to doing this because of the wide choice of styles available at reasonable prices. Furniture for France offers this same choice of furniture at the same prices here in France with the facility to pay either in UK sterling or euros - a big advantage for many clients with the current exchange rates.” In the last seven years the company has helped furnish hundreds of properties throughout France, from Normandy house boats to villas on the Côte d'Azur and Alpine ski chalets. The furniture is all UK sourced. The oak and pine designs on offer meet the essential requirements of comfort, design and sturdiness in both traditional and contemporary styles. „ For a Furniture for France brochure or information contact Brian Muir on 05 55 25 02 68 or 06 46 49 73 45 or Order online at

DEMPSEY TREE SURGERY CONTRACTORS British trained & qualified tree surgeon All tree work undertaken, specialising in large and dangerous trees Working in depts: 16,17,24,87 Reasonable rate Fully insured Plus stump grinding References available Tel: 05 45 65 96 86 Mobile: 06 61 90 04 92 Siret: 48930027700014

P.E.J. ENGLISH BUILDERS & DECORATORS All Building, Renovation, and Decorating Undertaken. Phone Paul: 05 53 52 37 68/ 06 42 67 44 79 Email: Siret:484432455 Depts 24,87,16,19,46,82,47

NATURAL STONE FLOORING WWW.URRUTIASTONE.COM The Biggest Choice in France 7/7 by Rendez Vous Eymet, Dordogne 05 53 57 40 07 / 06 84 24 73 47 Siret 488 654 187 00027

DIGITAL INSTALLATIONS We do not only sell & install We also repair digiboxes NOW!! All freesat systems available WITHOUT CARD

For more information call 00 33 (0)5 45 98 25 37 FINNINGER & HELBACH Gmbh Le Petit Fouine, 16210 Curac Tel/Fax: 00 33 (0)5 45 98 25 37 email: Siret: 400 415 246 00026

Chimney Sweep

Inc Electrical, Plumbing and Heating Based 47, 24 Email: Tel: 05 53 84 36 81 Mobile: 06 72 02 88 29

IN DEEP PISCINES Maintenance, leak detection,

Sales & Installation

servicing, repairs

tel: 05 53 48 31 15 email: regions: 47, 32, 82, 24, 33 siret: 50457680200012

Wood Burning Stove

Contact Eddie Matthews Tel: 0033 (0)5 65 23 03 44 Port: 0033 (0)6 74 41 71 96 siret: 484 550 298 00026

24 Directory

The Advertiser, Dordogne

Advertising feature

November 2009

Make the White move to cut removals costs IF YOU are moving to or from south-west France, George White European can transport household goods, vehicles and almost anything else at surprisingly low prices. Having started international driving over 30 years ago, and obtained along the way an award from the International Road Transport Union for three million kilometres of safe driving, George White offers an experienced and reliable removals service to and from France. In recent years, growth through word-of-mouth recommendations has led to the business evolving into a close-knit network of like-minded owner-drivers with the same traditional values, backed by secure storage and goods receiving at their Sutton-in-Ashfield base, shared with Storage City and Transpakship. The team now comprises George, David and Mark running regular international services, while Richard and his son Ben usually handle the smaller UK collections and deliveries where this is required. The team operate a range of large, multi-purpose vehicles, and typically operate along routes to and from the south-west of France. This allows costs to the customer to be kept low as the vehicles can be filled with a variety of other goods for much of the journey, and typically return to the UK carrying commercial freight. “With smaller or less flexible vehicles, you may be paying the whole cost for the driver, fuel, Channel crossing and return journey,” says George, “but by using part of a larger vehicle these costs can usually be shared.” This can work out many times cheaper than dedicated full service removals firms, GEORGE WHITE: Dedicated team

Bergerac Renovation & Building From groundwork, fosse septiques, masonary, interiors, to rooves. Free estimates & advice Tel: 05 53 81 60 73


Dulux Paint Colour Mixing Service Over 1200 colours!

Collection points across the Dordogne & surrounding depts Orders / Enquiries call Sara & Terry on 05 53 80 63 93 / 06 84 09 54 80 Siret: 511 268 344 00013

GATES Traditional pressure treated five bar gates. All sizes and fittings from €100 Delivery available Tel: 05 55 60 14 18 Siret 479 503 179 00018

LOW COSTS: Using large multi-purpose vehicles allows George White European more flexibility and the ability to cut charges to customers and as one customer said: “George gives great service at a great price. Do not be fooled into thinking that he is too cheap – he is just honest.” For those with more to move, there are also great advantages. George says: “If you have cars, boats, tractors or machinery that needs moving with you, usually you would have to hire another firm with specialist equipment to do this. “George White European can offer covered articulated

Prêt à Plonger Piscine installation, repairs & maintenance. Bespoke pools, no project too big or small. Complete package including groundwork, terracing/decking and pool security. Simon & Julia Holt 0619 071121 or 0553 620152

Siret: 49397835700017 CT HEWITT GENERAL BUILDER Renovation New Build Plastering Fosse septic Roofing Guttering Maintenance & Repairs

All aspects of building work carried out. Established in the UK for over 20 years. Tel: 06 79 05 98 85 / 05 53 58 92 13 Email: Web: Depts: 24, 46 & 47 Siret: 49899034000016

trailers with ramps or rigid trucks with tail lifts so these can be carried on the same vehicle as your other goods. A low-loader is also available for larger jobs.” Though a packing, unpacking and carrying to the trucks service is not offered, the team can put you in touch with trusted companies at each end who specialise in this. This has the advantage of not having to pay for driving a team of labourers to or from France. As George points out: “These firms are often subcontracted by the big name movers anyway – but of course with a mark-up to the customer.” The team at George White European are left to focus on what they do best, which is carefully packing the goods on to the vehicles, delivering them safely to the destination, and offering advice, contacts and reassurance throughout. “By doing so much volume into south-west France over so many years, we have built up a great network of happy customers, most of whom are happy to help new movers settle in, and indeed in many cases to help you unload or unpack.”

S.A.R.L St Pool Piscines et Construction Concrete Piscines. Cost effectively engineered. No expensive over design, expertly constructed Order now for 2010. Stuart Roberts B.Sc (c.eng) Phone: 05 53 91 45 18 Siret 503932857



British owned Estate Agency in Dordogne, Member of FNAIM, sales and permanent rentals. Full property management service explained in English. Leases written, tax implications explained. 25 years experience. Don't take risks, do this legally. All Dordogne.

Call Angela or Charles Siret 382 591 766 00029

It may surprise some to find out how small a consignment can be handled, and for what price, using this model. Depending on the areas being collected from and delivered to, the minimum load could be as little as 2 linear metres of removals (which is 2.6m tall and 2.4m wide, so almost 12.5 cubic metres or 440 cubic feet), from as little as £400 + VAT. Further “If you can meet us en-route at either end, then the minimum could be reduced still further. If this isn't practical, we offer the option to have the goods delivered to Storage City, or we can arrange collection using a Sprinter Van.” Palletised transport is also offered, which is even cheaper, reflecting the ease of loading and packing. At the other end of the scale, a full 13.6 metre (45ft) long load (max 24 tonnes) of domestic removals can be handled for around £2,400 + VAT, depending on the locations involved. The firm can also quote for full loads to or from places other than southwest France.


ECO Timber Framed Houses

Renovation a Specialty Low Energy Consumer EQUALS Income Tax Rebates

JULIAN WILKES Tel: 05 53 53 96 07 Mobile: 06 72 16 46 26

Whereas house moves (especially international) are usually considered to be a very stressful experience, many of George White European’s customers find the process so smooth and cost-effective they continue to use the service for years afterwards for smaller deliveries. George gives examples: “Many people renovating in France ask us to bring over British building materials, and we also source or ship a lot of furniture to people in France – the storage facility is invaluable for this. “Of course, the traffic is two-way – we also bring back materials from France, particularly timber, which is available at lower cost and greater variety in France.” Other items shipped to customers include fencing, horse feed and range cookers, to name a few. “You can source the goods yourself, or we can take advantage of accounts held with many suppliers to purchase goods at very competitive prices for you.” George White European can be contacted on 06 23 03 85 59 or mobile +44 (0)7768 867360; online or

EcoPower • NEW - Solar Heating • Pellet & Log Boilers • Solar Systems • Underfloor Heating Tel: 0553 623135 Saving Your Energy

General Building

Siret: 403926702

Roofing, loft and barn conversion and property renovations. Depts 24, 19, 87 Full team of skilled registered tradesmen Tel/fax: 05 53 50 12 39 Mobile: 06 84 53 08 39




Sandblasting service for Wood, Metal and Stone. Floor sanding service / hire available. Tel: 05 55 78 43 71 / 06 67 81 63 46 Areas: 87, 16, 24



GRAND AUTUMN SALE 20% DISCOUNT OFF ALL VEGETATION IN STOCK 9TH TO 22ND NOVEMBER 2009. THE PLANTING SEASON HAS ARRIVED! Delivery available. Tel: 05 53 52 56 90. Dept 24, between Perigueux and Limoges, Fouilloux (D79E between Jumilhac and Ladignac), 24630 Jumilhac-le-Grand. DALTON TERRASSEMENTS

All Groundworks Fosse Septique, Drives, Patios, Foundations, Drainage 25years Experience FREE ESTIMATES T: 05 53 81 97 52 E: Siret: 4921819721802859

The Advertiser, Dordogne


Digger / driver hire Fosse septiques

Excavations, Building, Renovations Driveways, Fencing, Decking, Pergolas Tel: 05 53 79 77 61 or 06 42 86 85 31 Email: Website:

AGENCE CLASSIC FRENCH HOMES Exclusively Prestige Property €750,000 plus.

Knight Frank Representative

For Dordogne, N Lot-et-Garonne and E Gironde

Floor Plans, Virtual Tours, Elevated Photography as standard Contact Michelle or Anick 05 53 23 32 13 Siret: 491 449 328 00021


European transport & storage

ENGLAND, FRANCE, SPAIN Scheduled collection and delivery service guaranteed Established 30 years in the industry Tel: (0034) 952 793 422 or (0034) 952 807 692


REMOVALS UK - FRANCE - UK • Weekly Service to France • Full & Part Loads • Container Storage • BAR Members • Instant On-line Quotation

Tel: 0044 17224 14350 Email: Web: Company Regn No: UK 5186435 TVA / VAT No: UK 864 7217 04

George White European Transport

Special rates to S/W France 13.6m/45ft trailer - Full/Part loads Removals/materials/vehicles Owner driver. RHA member Tel: +44 (0)7768 867 360 Fax: +44 (0)1773 570 090 Fr Mobile: +33 (0)6 23 03 85 59

SELF STORAGE DOVER Convenient Flexible Consolidation Point Working with the Movers Tel: +44(0) 1304 822844 All France

MOVE IN EUROPE The removal company even the furniture recommends UK - Europe - Europe - UK Tel: +44 121 3503111 Home Tel: 05 53 93 75 52

D & K REMOVALS Removals to and from France. Best prices, best service. T: + 44 (0) 079705 30723 E:

MOVING TO OR FROM FRANCE? Weekly services to & from France Full or part loads, 4 wks free storage, 25 Years experience Contact: Anglo French Removals Tel: +44 (0)1233 660 963 Email: siret : 48777270900019


Moving to France or UK ? Reliable and Competitive. PLEASE CALL James +44 ( 0 ) 7895908245 Or Steve +44 ( 0 ) 7548200839

Directory 25

November 2009


High Quality Greetings Cards Free Delivery to France Order Online Award Winning Website Siret: In Progress

Meubles Authentiques Stylish Affordable Handcrafted Furniture Unique in Aquitaine 300m² Showroom Route de Marmande 24500 Eymet Tel. 0553 61 88 51


INDEPENDENT BRITISH GROCERS Large range of food including fresh/frozen. Plus books, greetings cards and gifts Tel: 05 61 64 98 89 Email: Web: REGION: Shop 09, mail order throughout France

BOUCHERIE A LA FERME Traditional English family butchers and farmers in France.

Sausages, bacon, gammons, beef, pork and lamb Regular deliveries made to the Dordogne, Correze and Haute Vienne. Raymond and Sophie Hicks Tel: 05 55 97 95 66 Mob: 0645513458 Siret: 509 528 014 00012


THIS ADVERTISEMENT COSTS €144HT for a year Calll our Sales Team for more Information Tel : 04 83 93 60 08 Email: directory@

Motif Tiles Tile Design and Manufacture Vitreous tiles in eight patterns and twenty colours. Wall and floor tiles impervious to frost and water ideal inside or out. Hand made in Bergerac Tel: 06 79 46 97 92 Email: Web: Siret: 511 679 227 00013 Regions Covered: All


AARROW YEOMAN STOVAX VILLAGER France Agent P.E.P Leisure Ltd UK 08717174097 FR 0553732521 email: Regions All France

Furniture for France

A wide range of quality indoor furniture and sofas supplied and delivered direct to your French property saving you time and money.

tel. number 06 45 36 64 90

New showroom "Meubles New Ideas" near Brive(19) now open. For full colour brochure please e-mail or call 0033 (0) 6 46 49 73 45 or 0033 (0) 5 55 25 02 68

British food, cards, baby products, sweets at FANTASTIC PRICES; order online FREE local delivery!

POOL GOBBLER Removes all floating debris from your pool surface. Install it now, forget your daily struggle with that heavy pool net and relax! Tel: 0565 319623 (EN,FR,NL) Email: Web: Siret: 51214042700018 Regions Covered: All

Finest Pocket sprung


from Relyon and Hypnos delivered to your home Tel: 04 89 73 32 89 / +44 17 52 22 26 59 All France

WOODBURNERS.FR Traditional cast iron multifuel and woodburning stoves. Option for fire back boilers on most models. Delivered to your door or installed. Also coal now available.

Regular collection / deliveries from UK, and S/W France. Removals, on-line shopping, DIY products. Friendly professional service. Tel: 06 04 01 73 59 Email: Web:


Contact us for renewable energy air source pumps to replace your gas or oil fired systems. See our website on Tel/fax or Email 05 53 84 36 81 Mob 06 72 02 88 29 Siret no 45204687300017


SAUSAGELAND Homemade English sausages & Dry cure bacon Gammon & Pork Joints Order for Christmas Now ! Tel:05 53 56 58 26


WANTED 20 people SERIOUS about losing weight to try new FREE



Sample Packs

€375HT for a year

Text SAMPLE to

Call our Sales Team for more information

06 26 54 98 77

Tel: 04 83 93 60 08 Email: directory@

TO PLACE A CLASSIFIED ADVERT log on to www.connexion and click on ‘classified ads’

26 Directory

The Advertiser, Dordogne

Our distributors

Useful Dordogne Contacts

The Advertiser is available by subscription to homes at €15 for the year to a French address. The rate for other countries, including the UK, is €24. It can be picked up for free at the following distribution points while stocks last:

Alcoholics Anonymous Périgueux. Ewen: 05 53 05 76 62

Clubs and Associations - Association Culturelle Franco-Anglaise d'Aquitaine Association Culturelle Internationale du Périgord - The Bowls Club - Connect, 87 Dordogne Ladies Club International - North Eastern Dordogne Women's Association - Anglican Services throughout the department Business outlets 24 - Aéroport de Bergerac - Aéroport de Périgueux/ Bassillac - Agricentre Dumas, Boulazac - Aquitaine Langues, Bergerac - Annie's Garage, Les Eyzies - Aqua-Park, Bergerac - Aquitaine Langues, Bergerac - Les Arcades, Monpazier Auberge Lou Peyrol, St Martin de Périgord - Au Grenier de Cassandre, Pazayac - Au Gourmet Mondial, Tocane St Apre - Bar du Midi, Ribérac - Bar du Palais, Ribérac - Bibliothèque Anglaise, Meyrals - Le Bistrot, Beaumont and Hautefort - The Bookman, Eymet and Duras markets - Boulangerie, Daniel Monté, St Agnan - Bricoloisirs, Bergerac - Bricomarché, Bergerac, Le Bugue, Montpont Menesterol, Nontron, Périgueux, Ribérac, Sarlat, Terrasson - Briconautes, Mussidan - Britannia Foods, Augignac - Buggs Car Hire - But, Bergerac - But, Trellissac - Cabinet AGF Lemarquis, Sarlat - Café de Paris, Eymet - La Calice, Vertillac - Camping la Plage, St.Seurin de Prats - Casino, Lanouaille, Sarlat - Centre de Golf Bergeracois - Chabrelle Computer Club - Château de Fayolle - Château de Vigiers - Château les Merles

- Chez Edith, Ste Sabine - Ciné Cinéma, Périgueux - Cinéma le Clair, Thiviers - Club Vermillion, Crepin de Richmond - Les Deux Venises, Brantôme - Domaine de la Marterie, golf club, St Félix de Reilhac - The Dordogne Chippy - Entente Cordiale, Abjat sur Bandjat - L'Europe Hôtel, Bergerac - The Fiddlers Rest, Chaleix - L'Imparfait, Bergerac - Intermarché, Chancelade, Montignac, Ribérac - Le Gambetta, Eymet - Gamm Vert, Bergerac - Golf de la Forge, Siorac en Périgord - Golf Public de Périgueux - Harvey's, Montcaret - The Herb Man - Irish Corner, Périgueux Jardiland, Bergerac, Chancelade and Tréssillac - Kismet café, Eymet - Leclerc Port Sainte Foy - Le Long Chat bar, Villefranche - Leroy Merlin Périgueux - Meubles Authentiques - Monoprix, Périgueux - Monsieur Bricolage, Bergerac - John Munson's Market Stall - Sara/Terry Cushway Market Stall - O Moulin, Carsac Aillac - The Panier Company, Eymet and St Crépin - Passion d'Autrefois, St Laurent des Vignes - Paws for Thought, Vergt - Pépinières de Jumilhac - Périgord Développement, Périgueux Chamber of Commerce - La Petite Maison de Langues, Thiviers - Point Vert, Cenac - Point Vert, Marsac sur l'Isle Proxi, Excideuil - le Pub, Sarlat - Pub le Celtic, Le Bugue - Reno Reynos, Le Bugue - Ruchi Market Stall Salon de thé, Thiviers - Le Semillon Snack Bar, Montbazillac - Shopi: Brantôme, Cenac, la Coquille, Rouffignac, Sigoulès, Thénon

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Anglican Church of Aquitaine Services: Bertric Burée, Chancelade, Limeuil Haut, Ste Nathalène and Sorges, also in 47, 33. Chaplain Revd Dr Paul Vrolijk 05 53 23 40 73

Dordogne Ladies Club International Meetings and activities in English.

Association Culturelle Internationale du Périgord ACIP aims to promote integration. Marie Lacheze: 05 53 06 96 96 Association Française des Solos Monthly meetings after divorce, bereavement or separation. Simon Ferrey: 05 57 41 35 67 Bergerac Photo Club Meets Thurs at 20.30, Centre Jules Ferry. Ms Tanneau 05 53 24 13 41 Bibliothèque Anglaise Meyrals English books and DVDs. Mon 14.00 to 16.00 and Wed 10.00 to noon in 24220 Meyrals. Em Boiling: 05 53 30 30 23

Riberac (Charente South and Dordogne West) Valerie Wareham: 06 43 67 86 11

Centre de Golf Bergeracois Philippa Thornton: 05 53 58 87 18

Pro Musica Choir Meet Thursdays Ste Foy la Grande, outside school hols, 8.30pm. Jane Arthur 05 53 88 11 92

Golf de la Forge 24170 Siorac en Périgord Boris Gibert.

Royal Air Forces Association Sud-Ouest Branch Beryl Dennett Stannard: 05 46 95 38 89

Golf de la Marterie 24260 St Felix de Reilhac 05 53 05 61 00

Royal Navy Aquitaine Branch Ken Napier: 05 53 01 72 80

Maquiz’Art Music festivals in Eymet. Laurent Pasquon: 05 53 23 82 37

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Outside Dordogne Alliance Aquitaine Ecosse Martin Neish: 05 56 81 38 97 Association Bordeaux Accueille Marie-Annick Barker: 05 56 81 68 26 bordeauxaccueille@ Association Bordeaux-USA Regular meetings and events, speaking French and English. Alex Rychlevski: 05 56 48 18 77 Association Deuxlangues Bilingual (French/English) workshops for children and families in Bordeaux. Helen Rullier: 05 56 44 70 97 Association St Hippolyte Aquitaine 47210 Villereal Kathy Kearsey 06 19 23 05 26 Marjolein van Altena 05 53 70 76 11 Connect for Friendship For English-speaking people of any nationality to meet others who live near St-Yrieix-la-Perche. Colin Byne 05 55 75 48 64 /

St Aulaye Cricket Wynford Hicks, 05 53 91 32 57

Friends of the Chamber Orchestra of the Gironde Help arrange annual concerts in the area between July and August. Norma Jarman: 05 57 47 46 29

Variations Music group. Villetoreix, Riberac. Teresa Rekowska 05 45 67 24 05

SOS Help Trained listeners, confidential, anonymous service in English in France. 01 46 21 46 46 from 3 to 11pm daily.

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La Société Musicale de Riberac Thursdays, 8.30pm, Ecole de Musique. Michel Lorin: 05 53 90 87 50

The Interesting Gardening Club Carol Temple: 05 53 91 19 92 www.theinterestinggardening

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Périgueux Municipal Golf Course Pascal Laillou: 05 53 53 02 53 Phoenix Animal Rescue In 24380 Vergt. Sheelagh and Richard Johnson 05 53 80 73 04

Eymet Cricket Club David Horlock/Clin Bond 05 53 24 11 40/ 05 53 93 00 89 /

Golf Public de Périgueux Antony Martin: 06 06 54 10 06

Cancer Support France Dordogne Est/Lot Jenny Kain: 05 53 59 51 94

Sud Dordogne Tony Benstead: 05 53 54 46 67

Perigord Lawn Bowls Club Martyn Hayhow: 05 45 96 82 54

Les Chemins de la Guyenne Walking group near Eymet, walks on Wed and Sat. Averil de la Rue: 05 53 94 38 28

Association Cuturelle Franco-Anglaise Aquitaine From French lessons to bridge, plus monthly social get-togethers. Ron Tillyer –

North Eastern Dordogne Women’s Association Lunches on last Tuesday of month. Frances Beasley 05 53 50 05 64

November 2009





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Directory 27

November 2009

Houses for sale in and around the Dordogne More details of all the homes shown here - and 14,000 other properties for sale across France - can be seen at Enter the code listed with the property to take you straight to the information Buying or selling a property in or around the Dordogne? We can help. Our website carries details of more than 14,000 homes for sale across France. We also feature properties for sale in this dedicated section of The Advertiser every month. Use the code under each property to find out more on the website. For sellers, the adverts are also displayed across a range of popular English-speaking websites which

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More details on all these properties - and how to contact the seller directly - can be found in the property for sale section of Simply enter the code under each home to find out more € 108,000

€ 160,000

€ 199,800

Ribérac 4 bedrooms, good condition. In the centre of town, a commercial prospect of 3 appartments, 1 shop and a restaurant, a bargain.

Near Montpon Large stone property needs complete renovation to the interior. 2,300m2 of land to the side and rear of the house. Flexible family home in a pretty environment.

REF: JF 6702

REF: 126932

Perigueux Recently renovated 2-bed character cottage, with outbuildings and over 5 acres of land. To the rear, a charming terrace with trellis cover enjoys pretty countryside views. REF: 10705

€ 120,000

€ 178,200

€ 206,700

Verteillac This very pretty 2/3 bedroom stone house sits on a corner plot in the centre of an extremely attractive village. It was once a fabric shop and retains the bay-window shop front. REF: 126867

Roufignac Renovated stone house with a 183m2 garden, courtyard, convertible attic, terrace, fireplace, wood-burning stove, exposed beams, exposed stone walls and views onto a 14th century castle. REF: 16842

Near Brantôme A charming restored Perigourdine stone 2-bedroom house with large attached undeveloped barn, nestled in mature gardens and situated in a quaint little hamlet. REF: 126959

€ 125,000


€ 243,800

Near Belvès Picturesque house built into the walls of a thirteenth century bastide. The property has three large bedrooms, a bathroom and a living room which opens onto a small galley kitchen. REF: BV00004465

Brantôme, Faurelieres Tranquil location, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large American kitchen, dining room and salon, attic space to convert. Very big, dry cellar, garage with terrace. Call: 00 33 5 53 54 99 81 REF: IFPC18669

Sarlat-la-Canéda 174m2, 5 bedrooms, 3 receptions, 2 bathrooms, modern kitchen, also kitchenette. Large prestige hall, large landing, Totally Renovated ready to move in. Possibility purchase plot for garden. REF: IFPC18425

€ 140,000

€ 190,000

€ 258,000

Bergerac Situated in a quiet and peaceful location, a no-through road in the triangle created by Bergerac, Sainte Foy la Grande and Eymet. It is well placed for the various markets and shopping. REF: DT 796

Near Ribérac 3 nice sized bedrooms, a large kitchen diner and ancillary reception rooms, all in very good condition, to be refreshed. The attic above offers further potential, as does an attached cottage. REF: BV00004558

Ribérac House in the centre of a popular town with the main living area on one level, well maintained large garden and garage. 3 bedrooms REF: JF 6676

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Advertiser 11/09

28 News

The Advertiser, Dordogne

Gravel Pit plan is ruled out Quarry scheme rejected after six-month fight A PROTEST group is celebrating after plans to extend a gravel pit beside the river Dordogne have been quashed. Sauvons la Rivière Espèrance was formed just six months ago to fight a proposal by owners Tarmac to enlarge its 10 hectare site near St Julien-de-Lampon by eight hectares over the next 15 years, and to take a further 125,000 metric tons from the existing pit. Protestors said that the consequences on the river would have been catastrophic – leading to the disappearance of beaches, erosion of banks and the wiping out of spawning grounds for fish as well as creating an eyesore in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Tarmac has always disputed the claims, saying extensive studies had been carried out to ensure the environment would not be affected. But now the proposals have been turned down because the area is in an agricultural zone and it has been declared that “quarrying for commercial purposes would not be permitted”.

MAJOR OPERATION: The protest group says the gravel pit would have caused extensive damage to the river Dordogne and to the wildlife This was revealed after the urban plan for the commune of neighbouring Carlux, in which the site lies, was sent for scrutiny to the Préfecture. Michel Mabru, secretary of Sauvons la Rivière Espèrance, said that an administrative solution has been found to avoid a costly public inquiry. “We could hardly believe our eyes when we realised the consequences of the small print on the urban plan. It is astonishing that a project like

this has been thrown out after only six months campaigning. “Clearly our work persuading people at the highest level that this was an outrage has borne fruit. It also shows that the climate of opinion is changing and that environmental issues are now being taken into consideration.” Tarmac said it could still pursue its plans and ask for permission to continue working the site or get the agricultural zone modified.

However, spokesman JeanMarc Dupont said their “plans are somewhat postponed”. He promised that if the work had been stopped then the area would be cleaned up. Meanwhile Mr Mabru says their task is far from over: “We must make sure that the site is looked after. Eventually we would like to see the area transformed into a nature reserve – as we have photographic evidence to show that it is a haven

for some very rare wildlife. “We are also helping other campaign groups who are fighting similar projects and we want to join up with other associations along the length of the river Dordogne to protect its future. “What we have here is very precious – we have the only major river in Europe where people can still swim and fish in relatively unpolluted waters. We will fight to preserve that.”

November 2009

€940,000 manor house sale fails THE €940,000 sale of CastelPeyssard manor house has fallen through after the intended buyers could not get a loan. Périgueux mayor Michel Moyrand said other buyers had expressed an interest in the building which could be developed into luxury flats. The manor house had previously been rented to the préfecture by the council.

Murdered expat is remembered FRIENDS of murdered German woman Edith Muhr, 68, whose dismembered body was discovered in a Verdon field, joined a memorial walk. Ms Muhr had been a member of Marche-Plaisance 24 for 10 years and the walk was timed to coincide with her funeral in Cologne, Germany. A local man has been charged with her murder.

Alzheimer group offers support A CENTRE offering help and support for families of Alzheimer's sufferers has opened in Nontron. Association France Alzheimer Dordogne opens on the second Monday of the month in Centre MédicoSocial, Rue du 19-Mars-1962. A free English helpline is available on 04 68 31 05 73.

Dordogne - November 2009  
Dordogne - November 2009  

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