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Shop Opening in Munich In cooperation with Vogue

Editor’s Letter


e are proud to present the first issue of the international Airfield Magazine! I’m thrilled to welcome you here, dear readers! In the following pages we bring you the latest trends in fashion, culture, design, beauty and society. Join our fashion love affair and discover the brand-new Airfield 2013 fall/winter collection! Enjoy exclusive insights into the lives of international stars or let our luxurious styling ideas inspire you. You’ll also find numerous tips on the hot spots and trendy places around the globe. Have fun browsing through Airfield Magazine as well as our shops! Kind regards, Walter Moser

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05.06.13 18:41

▼ NAtUrBUrSCHEN (NAtUrE BOYS) this furniture is distinguished by the combination of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design – and each piece is unique. the wood elements come largely from forests around Kitzbühel and are adapted to the relevant piece of furniture in their original state. Floor lamp (€ 1270), end table (€ 580) available via

▲ MArVELOUS COLLECtION the me Collectors room in Berlin is still an insider tip: the platform for international, private art collections offers space for works from the renaissance to the present. the highlight: the permanently installed, globally unique Wunderkammer Olbricht. Currently, the exhibition “Play – The Frivolous and the Serious” is on display until 25 August 2013.

◀ Art tO ENJOY the Sacher Artists’ Collection unites art and pleasure. this year, Herbert Brandl, the Austrian artist famous for his landscapes, designed the wooden packaging for the Original Sacher torte. Price: € 45, available from 4

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Bernd Borchardt, Tessa Angus (Schwan), Sacher, Twentyfourinches, Little Brown, Korovin,, Phyllis Galembo

Mix & Match NEWS

Bernd Borchardt, Tessa Angus (Schwan), Sacher, Twentyfourinches, Little Brown, Korovin,, Phyllis Galembo

◀ VOGUES FASHION’S NIGHt OUt VOGUE is holding its international shopping initiative for the fifth time in 2013 under the motto “A Global Celebration of Fashion”. During the “Fashion’s Night Out”, luxury boutiques and department stores will be open until midnight, awaiting their clients with limited-edition collections and special promotions. In Germany, the shopping night will take place in Berlin on 5 September 2013, and in Düsseldorf, where the Airfield Shop is participating as well, on 6 September 2013. fashion-s-night-out.

▲ BOUND BEAUtY Simply a classic: the book “People in Vogue” is the bound version of the most beautiful portraits from the British VOGUE. Princesses, pop starlets, models, designers, politicians and actors – this collection of portraits of famous personalities by extraordinary photographers exerts a timeless fascination. “People in Vogue: A Century of Portraits” by Robin Derrick is available from Amazon for approximately € 20.00.

▼ GIArDINI DELLA BIENNALE the Biennale in Venice is one of the most important events in the art world. this year, the 55th international art exhibition will be open to the public from 1 June to 24 November 2013. Information and tickets are available at

▲ DESIGN MEEtS trADItION the Design Hotels chain presents its first member in Kiev, Ukraine: in “11 Mirrors”, as this chic hotel is known, reflection plays a major role. All 49 of the rooms and suites, decorated in line with the latest trends, offer views of the historic center of the ancient city. Rooms from € 265.00, 5

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Fashion Love Affair PHOTOGRAPHER

Bruno Alexander    6 AF_HW_2013_11_wo.indd 6

05.06.13 18:42

The new Airfield collection for fall/winter 2013 is seductive and feminine. The ICEBREAKER look: Metallic buttons on an oversized blazer in twotone wool and trousers in a graphic animal allover print immediately melt the ice.

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05.06.13 18:42

Left page: FASHION GOES ANIMAL. Black as an absolute must-have is united with brilliant colors and the new leo print in a velvety look. Gorgeously animalistic! Right page: Cobalt blue is the most sophisticated of all of the trendy colors and immensely flattering. Combined with animal prints, it is the highlight of the collection.

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Fall 2013

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URBAN JUNGLE – the Airfield look: this trend is enlivened by metallic, gold, macadamia and olive hues. To go with it, a wild material mix: a casually draped jersey dress in a multicolor print (model at left), and a tailored print blazer with a loop scarf atop metallic slim-cut jeans (model at right).

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05.06.13 18:42

AF_HW_2013_11_wo.indd 11

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ROCK MEETS GLAMOUR. Left page: Bubble-quilt jackets in a retro look, tailored with jersey inserts and casual flounces with leggings. Right page: Rock chic reveals its numerous seductive sides from glamorous brocade to cool outfits suitable for daily wear.

Fall 2013

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05.06.13 18:43

AF_HW_2013_11_wo.indd 13

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Left page: Material mix deluxe in the new black! Leather meets rabbit fur – a combination that leaves nothing to be desired. Right page: Animal prints combined with rabbit fur awaken the desire for new, cool looks – nonchalance, individuality and exclusivity included.

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05.06.13 18:43

Fall 2013

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AF_HW_2013_11_wo.indd 16

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WINTER DELIGHTS: Soft taupe reinterpreted in conjunction with delicate berry colors. This masterful mix accentuates the individual colors, either as single pieces or as subtle accessories. Sporty, yet elegant.

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05.06.13 18:43

The Making of

F ‘13


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2 1









1 … … MODEL FLORENTINA posing during the photo shoot for the new catalogue in the large studio at Airfield headquarters. 2 … … The fashion photo shoot, including the PREPARATIONS, took several days; everyone gave their very best. 3 … … In action: the hair and make-up stylists SUSAN VOSSREDFERN and TANJA KERN. 4 … … The fashion spread was staged and shot by PHOTOGRAPHER BRUNO ALEXANDER from Cologne. 5 … … “The jury” checked every single detail: with WALTER MOSER, WALTER MOSER SENIOR (far right) and SOPHIA BITTER, Head of Marketing & PR (left). 6 … … AIRFIELD CEO WALTER MOSER took plenty of time out of his busy schedule for the photo shoot of the new collection. 7 … … DONE! Everyone jumps for joy after the work is finished – an idea reflected in the photos in the new catalogue as well.


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05.06.13 18:44

Interviews with FASHION StArS



arey Mulligan, 27, stars in the modern adaptation of the classic novel, the Great Gatsby, in the iconic role of Daisy Buchanan, opposite Leonardo Dicaprio, tobey Maguire, and Isla Fisher. the London born actress first came to the world’s attention in her role in Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice. Soon afterwards she won a BAFtA for An Education, and followed in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, Never Let Me Go, and Shame. Q: So, this era was a lot about dancing the Charleston – how good are your moves? (Laughs) I am actually a terrible dancer. I would never do it in public.

Q: In real life are you a party girl? A flapper? (laughs) No, not really. Q: How were the costumes? The dresses and the jewellery look amazing. the production collaborated with Prada, and then a lot of it was just Catherine Martin 20

AF_HW_2013_11_wo.indd 20

05.06.13 18:44

Linda Nylind / Guardian News & Media Ltd. / The Interview People (top right)


Her style:


Linda Nylind / Guardian News & Media Ltd. / The Interview People (top right)

Carey Mulligan not only enjoys making films of eras past: she loves vintage clothing, classic jewelry and purist tailoring.

designing and making the dresses, and really understanding the dresses and making the jewellery and hair and makeup. Q: What do you think of the 1920s fashion? It’s beautiful but I had never really worn anything like that before because it doesn’t really suit me. (laughs) Q: What do you think of women of that time? Well, Daisy, like all women are, is a product of her time. She’s a girl in the 1920s and women at that time were kind of expected to marry for money. But she sort of sees herself as being rather extraordinary and rather nothing – all at the same time. Q: What do you have in common with Daisy? Not a whole lot actually. It’s probably been the biggest sort of departure from my personality that I have ever done. She’s much more of a kind of showman and I have never played a part where I have had to look a certain way. She’s incredibly feminine and incredibly groomed and dressed. Q: And how was it to work with Leonardo DiCaprio? It was amazing, he’s an incredibly nice person, and incredibly good fun, and from the start, he was unbelievably generous. Q: What do you think about the 1920s culture and The Jazz Age? It’s interesting to look at and interesting to recreate, but probably quite exhausting to be a part of. I don’t think I would last.

“She’s incredibly FEMININE and INCrEDIBLY groomed and dressed.”


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05.06.13 18:44




didn’t know what to expect, going to interview Grace Coddington. Some people describe her as ferociously intimidating, others as gentle, maternal, “nice”. All agree she is incredibly intelligent, that she’s a force. So I settle, stiffly, on her sofa, and wait. “She’s a storyteller,” explains US Vogue’s contributing editor Sarah Mower. “And I’ve concluded in looking through years of her work that the story is about Grace. She really cares what the clothes look like, but far more important to her is ‘feeling the girl’ in the picture, her character, her escapades, her Her style: sense of humor. Often Grace tranDrama Queen scends fashion, literally – she has designers make special dresses to Her trademarks: costume her fantasy shoots, rather red hair, than simply documenting the colpale complexion. lections du jour.” Extravagant looks “I’m not an artist,” Coddington from extremely says. “I’m a creative person, but I’m ladylike to understated one of a team of people that helps tomboy. the photographer. there’s that difference between art and fashion photography. Sometimes that line blurs, but I think you always have to have in your head that the most important thing is the dress.” Director rJ Cutler describes watching her as she watches a catwalk, sketching furiously as the clothes stalk past. Her eye, she says, was trained by Norman Parkinson, who told her never to fall asleep in the car because she’d miss potentially inspiring views from the window. “She’s totally in the moment,” Cutler enthuses. “Something’s happening. She sees things in a way others don’t.”

AMAZING Grace Coddington: inside the world of US VOGUE’S creative director 22

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05.06.13 18:44


he may be rock royalty, but Georgia May Jagger is surprisingly grounded – and even admits to being nervous on the catwalk. rebecca Gonsalves meets her. When your papa actually is a rolling Stone and your mother was one of the most fabulous models of the Seventies, it’s fair to say you’ve earned such a title. I meet Georgia May Jagger in the department store Excelsior during Milan Fashion Week, where a party is being held in her honour by denim brand Hudson, of which she is the face. I am transfixed by the model’s famously gap-toothed smile, and charmed by the words that tumble out of it with youthful enthusiasm. “For the last few days I’ve been so nervous,” she admits. “though I’ve been modelling for years, it’s my first season doing any shows. It’s nerve-wracking. Especially in Milan, where every girl is 5ft 11ins.” At 5ft 7ins Jagger is far from diminutive. However, the Just Cavalli autumn/winter show was a rare gig. She is far more often featured in advertising campaigns, starring in ads for fragrance Just Cavalli For Her and rimmel – and editorial shoots for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Love and i-D. Family is important to Georgia May Jagger, and the influence of her mother Jerry Hall is evident. “My mum loves that I’ve followed in her footsteps. “ “Growing up in the public eye has prepared me a bit more than some people who are thrown right into the fashion business. I understand how things work”, says Jagger. Part of the skill of a good model is to make the role seem effortless. “Even without partying, it’s hard. Everyone wants you to look perfect, but you go to bed at 3am and have to get up at 6am.”

Georgia MAY JAGGEr

Papa was a Rolling Stone: why Georgia May Jagger has earned her rOCK rOYALtY tItLE Her style:

Rock Chic Sexy, wild and cool – the three attributes that are integral to her style. Black is her favorite color, preferably in a glittering material or leather.


AF_HW_2013_11_wo.indd 23

05.06.13 18:44




“All that is gold does not glitter. A SOFT SHEEN characterizes the most precious metal.” Friedrich Nietzsche, philosopher


Cool silver gray and dark gray clutch, from € 440 each;


AF_HW_2013_11_wo.indd 24

05.06.13 18:45











the color of the most precious of all metals, gold, always guarantees its wearer a glamorous appearance. Mixing it with metallic effects, animal prints and colorful accents creates an exciting, trendy look. The unique handbags from the Austrian label “Made in Europe” are the perfect accompaniment to the extravagant Airfield looks.


AF_HW_2013_11_wo.indd 25

05.06.13 18:45

Day D ay for

N i


“The deeper the blue becomes, the more strongly it calls man towards the infinite, awakening in him a DESIRE FOR THE PURE and, finally, for the SUPERNATURAL… It is the color of the heavens.” Wassily Kandinsky, artist


“Gent” leather bag from the Basic Collection of the Austrian handbag label Made in Europe; from € 425.


AF_HW_2013_11_wo.indd 26

05.06.13 20:20













Whether tone-in-tone or as a highlight: cobalt blue not only attracts everyone’s attention – it’s always upto-date. Delicate taupe radiates coolness and understatement. A combination of these two trendy colors is breathtakingly feminine and sporty at the same time. Perfect match: shopping bags are now available in many different shades of the trendy colors.


AF_HW_2013_11_wo.indd 27

05.06.13 18:45


B E A U t Y

Why caviar? What’s behind La Prairie’s incomparable Caviar Collection? The Caviar Collection by La Prairie would never have been so successful if the sheer luxury of caviar had been the only benefit. In addition to ingredients with fast-acting and extraordinarily firming properties, the Caviar Collection uses highly active substances from the sea and the world of plants as well as state-of-the-art biotechnology. The exquisite combination of nurturing and revitalizing substances pampers your skin with incomparably luxurious nutrients, resulting in a unique, radiant look. The Caviar Collection rapidly became a synonym for the ultimate in luxury and the extraordinary performance of the La Prairie products – truly the caviar of the world of beauty. With its unique, cobalt-blue packaging, it remains the collection with the highest brand recognition. Enveloped in firming caviar around the clock The two new products from the Caviar Collection that will be launched in September – the Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask and the Skin Caviar Luxe Soufflé Body Cream – enable you to pamper your skin from head to toe day and night with extremely effective active ingredients. The Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask, which is more than just a simple mask, lets you wake up in the morning with firmer, smoother skin, significantly fewer lines and wrinkles and a unique radiance. The Skin Caviar Luxe Soufflé Body Cream gives your skin a new structure, contour and silkiness, lending an incomparable vibrancy. You’ll look younger and feel fantastic! 28

AF_HW_2013_11_wo.indd 28

05.06.13 18:45












As the most important element, the non-color is found throughout Airfield’s entire 2013 fall/winter collection. Interacting with patterned prints, the leo look or in a material mix, black always creates a rock-style “Wow!” effect. It’s no wonder that black is once again the new black.


AF_HW_2013_11_wo.indd 29

05.06.13 18:45

City Report KItZBĂœHEL

C H i C I L L U S T R AT I O N

Blagovesta Bakardjieva


AF_HW_2013_11_wo.indd 30

05.06.13 18:45


AF_HW_2013_11_wo.indd 31

05.06.13 18:46




INtErNAtIONAL SKI CIrCUS WItH A rUStIC FLAIr Adlerkitz, Kitzbühel Tourismus (2), Stanglwirt, Grand Tirolia

his small town, also known as the “Chamois city” in the Austrian province of tyrol, has only 8,134 inhabitants. Yet Kitzbühel has made it onto the list of the most exclusive hot spots around the globe. that certainly owes something to the athletic highlights of the Hahnenkamm races, which are held every year in January. When the world’s elite skiers are in town, the action includes not only peak athletic performances on the famous Streif and Ganslern ski runs but plenty to marvel at off-piste as well. Stars and starlets mingle with celebrities from the worlds of sports, politics and industry at the “in” venues, such as the “Sonnbergstuben” high above the narrow, picturesque lanes of the town center. there, aprèsski usually begins before the races – and ends long thereafter. Up here, the singing owner rosi Schipflinger, herself an icon of the ski metropolis, runs things her way. And when a visiting prince decides to dance on the tables, even he is firmly ordered to behave. Another celebrity hot spot is “Der Stanglwirt”. this luxury hotel is the venue for the legendary “Weisswurst Party”, presumably the most famous event of the Hahnenkamm races. the younger jet set is currently very enamored of the chic designer pool at the “Schwarzer Adler”, also known as the “Adlerkitz”, that offers a view of the Streif. Here you’ll also find parties lasting late into the night. then, when the charming Old town is glittering between the peaks, the trendy bars of downtown Kitzbühel get crowded. However, the big events, the jet set and the chic hotels are not the only things this Alpine city has to offer. Kitzbühel has a very different side to it as well – quiet, wild and romantic like the mountain scenery of the Wilder Kaiser or the Kitzbühler Horn. When the hubbub has died down, there’s a lot to discover: hiking


AF_HW_2013_11_wo.indd 32

05.06.13 18:46

rELAXING IN A SPA paths winding through the solitary splendor of nature for those seeking peace and quiet and a break from the glamorous excitement, or steep mountain bike routes that let the hearts of outdoor enthusiasts beat faster. Golf courses, riding trails and innumerable ski runs also await you in Kitzbühel and the surrounding area. thus it’s no surprise that up to 100,000 visitors per year make their way to this small Alpine town. Most of them return regularly, too.

Adlerkitz, Kitzbühel Tourismus (2), Stanglwirt, Grand Tirolia


KITZBÜHEL FOR EXPERTS Hahnenkamm 2014 In 2014 the 74th Hahnenkamm Races will be held from 24-6 January; Stanglwirt Der Stanglwirt, celebrity hotel and venue of the legendary Weisswurst Party; Schwarzer Adler In the heart of Kitzbühel, with an impressive pool on the roof offering a view of the Streif; Grand Tirolia The place to relax, with a gorgeous spa and golf course; Sonnbergstuben The sounds of Rosi’s guitar are everywhere here, accompanying glittering parties and the odd prince; Nightlife Take Five: Dance the night away with international stars. Casino Kitzbühel: Wednesday is ladies’ night. Shopping: Airfield Boutique Kitzbühel, Bichlstrasse 6, 6370 Kitzbühel, Austria; business hours at


More on vacations in Kitzbühel:


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05.06.13 18:46

Blagovesta BAKArDJIEVA


AF_HW_2013_11_wo.indd 34

05.06.13 18:46


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05.06.13 18:47

When she talks about her work, the voice of Blagovesta Bakardjieva resembles her drawings – delicate yet dynamic. Her striking fashion illustrations and collages are now firmly established in the Austrian media landscape. Everyone rec­ ognizes the work of the 34-year-old artist, who has now provided gorgeous drawings for our first ­A irfield Magazine.


ll of the major lifestyle and women’s magazines love using her talent to adorn their pages. For “Die WIENERIN”, the illustrator has designed an established column for the past seven years. “Complete”, a major customer magazine for credit card owners, has had her design their covers, and the daily newspaper “Die Presse” has also commissioned work by this wonderful illustrator. “I’ve worked for nearly all of the publishers in Austria,” Blagovesta explains, “and I’ve also contributed drawings to the German edition of ‘Cosmopolitan’. Naturally, I’m very proud of that.” She has also won awards for several of her works. In 2008 she was nominated for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany. The native Bulgarian finds creative stimulation particularly in the fashion illustrations from the 1920s to the 1950s: “Especially in the early 20th century there were numerous stars in this field, whose fanciful creations still inspire me today.” Blagovesta was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, where she later studied illustration at the National ­Academy of Art. In 1999 she came to Vienna to study graphic design at the University of Applied Arts. After obtaining her degree, the first big contracts began rolling in. In addition to her work for publishing companies, she also creates illustrations for major advertising clients and labels. She really enjoys her work when the dimensions get bigger. She was hired to decorate a wall in a Viennese café, as well as a wall of a luxury suite in the Parkhotel Vitznau in Switzerland.

The fascination of Blagovesta’s drawings is easily explained: “They are authentic,” said the artist. “All of my illustrations are drawn by hand. I use a computer only when I combine the draw­ ings for collages.” She explained that sometimes the drawing goes very quickly, that it’s simply there, while others take several hours. “I love light, spontaneous strokes and dynamic lines,” she added. “But sometimes it’s just wonderful to lose myself in the details. Then I can draw lace or small accessories for days on end.” She also likes to try out different media, including India ink, watercolors and acrylics. “I am very interested in how different materials are represented. Drawing silk is different from drawing wool or feathers.” It is precisely this interest that the new ­A irfield collection arouses in the artist and ­illustrator. “I like Airfield’s material mix,” said Blagovesta, who created the illustration on the preceding double-page spread specifically in the style of the new fall collection. “The color combinations are beautiful, too, like the dynamic photography. Somehow the entire collection has a certain easy flow to it. Together with the powerful black contrasts, a tension is created that I also use in my drawings over and over again.”


he artist, who has chosen Vienna as her preferred residence, likes to wear comfortable clothing for her everyday activities, but with that certain extra flair. “You’ll always find an unusual cut, a special material or a playful accent in my clothing.” In her view, the combination of all three is simply perfect. “On special occasions I do sometimes wear uncomfortable things. Like all women,” she said, smiling. She enjoys trends, too: “I recognize and embrace them, which is important for my job, of course,” she said. “But in actuality we are all trendsetters. There are always new trends in fashion, and we are all a part of them.”

   36 AF_HW_2013_11_wo.indd 36

05.06.13 18:47

It’s obvious that the creative chemistry between Airfield and Blagovesta works! Airfield is thus very pleased to note that an exciting collaboration with this wonderful fashion artist is scheduled for the near future.

BLAGOVESTA BAKARDJIEVA Date of birth: 9 May 1979 Zodiac sign: Taurus Birthplace: Sofia, Bulgaria Education: Studied at the National Academy of Art in Sofia, Bulgaria and earned a degree in graphic design from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria. Illustrator for major clients including Airfield, Bahlsen, Carpe Diem Kombucha, Stiefelkönig, Cosmopolitan Germany, BCmag, DASH Magazine, WIENERIN Artwork for: hotels and cafés You’ll find more art by Blagovesta at


AF_HW_2013_11_wo.indd 37

05.06.13 18:47


Shop Opening in Munich In cooperation with Vogue

2 3

In October 2012 the invited celebrities, clients and friends of Airfield celebrated the re-opening of the Airfield boutique in the Theatinerstrasse in Munich together with Walter Moser and his wife Birgit Bruch-Moser. The exclusive reception was held in collaboration with VOGUE Germany and was a huge success among the illustrious guests. 1 W  alter Moser, Birgit Bruch-Moser, Moritz von Laffert (publisher of Condé Nast Germany) and Susanne Förg-Randazzo (publisher) 2 DJane for the event: Alegra Cole 3 Airfield models in the new boutique 4 Shopping ecstasy


   38 AF_HW_2013_11_wo.indd 38

05.06.13 18:54

Meet us at

Panorama Berlin &

CPD Düsseldorf

Available from our boutiques and selected retailers. We have offices in the following countries: Austria Armenia Belarus Belgium Canada Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Egypt Estonia Finland France

Georgia Germany Hungary Ireland Israel Italy Kazakhstan Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Netherlands

Norway Poland Russia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom

P U B L I S H I N G I N F O R M A T I O N AIRFIELD Fall 2013, published twice a year. Publisher: Walter Moser GmbH – Walter Moser, CEO, Industriegebiet 2, 4863 Austria, Seewalchen am Attersee, Phone +43 (0)7662 3175-0, Fax +43 (0)7662 2797,, Chief Editor: Sophia Bitter. Editorial Management & Texts: Yvonne Schröder. Design: section.d Photos: pages 6-17 Bruno Alexander, pages 20-23, 30-33, page 39 Korovin. All illustrations: Blagovesta Bakardjieva. Pages 24, 26 & 28 with the kind permission of La Prairie Group Deutschland GmbH and La Prairie Group Austria GmbH. Image Processing: Retouched – Fashion & Beauty Advertising. Lithography: Printing: Kroiss & Bichler GmbH & Co KG, 4844 Regau, Austria.

AIRFIELD Boutique in Vienna Kärntnerstrasse 51/1/XI, 1010 Vienna, Austria Phone +43 (0) 7662 3175-652 AIRFIELD Boutique in Kitzbühel Bichlstrasse 6, 6370 Kitzbühel, Austria Phone +43 (0) 7662 3175-653 AIRFIELD Boutique in Linz Promenade 3, 4020 Linz, Austria Phone +43 (0) 7662 3175-651 AIRFIELD Boutique in Salzburg Getreidegasse 47 Top 5, 5020 Salzburg, Austria Phone +43 (0) 7662 3175-650

AIRFIELD Boutique in Cologne Mittelstrasse 15-17, 50672 Cologne, Germany Phone +49 (0) 221 25099801 AIRFIELD Boutique in Düsseldorf Königsallee 28-30, 40212 Düsseldorf, Germany Phone +49 (0) 211 21075670 AIRFIELD Boutique in Frankfurt Goethestrasse 3, 60313 Frankfurt am Main, Germany Phone +49 (0) 69 13389690 AIRFIELD Boutique in Munich Theatinerstrasse 46, 80333 Munich, Germany Phone +49 (0) 89 21111997 AIRFIELD Boutique in Münster Prinzipalmarkt 21, 48143 Münster, Germany Phone +49 (0) 251 49095929 AIRFIELD Boutique Stuttgart Königstrasse 21, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany Phone +49 (0) 711 58539998

Walter Moser GmbH, 4863 Seewalchen, Austria, Phone +43 (0) 7662 3175-0, Fax +43 (0) 7662 2797


Airfield e-magazine fall/winter 2013  

Airfield e-magazine fall/winter 2013

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