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Slot machine variations

Slot machine variations • Out of all the games at your average casino, we'd be willing to bet our bottom dollar that the slot machines exist on the casino floor in the greatest quantity compared to other games. That's because slots are incredibly attractive to casino patrons thanks to their simplicity and multisensory enjoyment. Additionally, if one was to look at how much profit was garnered per square inch on the casino floor, the slots would definitely come out on top.

Slot machine variations • They occupy such a humble space, yet garner the house such a large income. • Slot machines tend to come in three principal variations. They are the straight slots, the progressive machines and the bonus game slots. Each of these variations have their own pros and cons. Let's look at all three.

Straight Slots • Straight slots are, perhaps predictably, the most straightforward. They comprise either three-reel or five-reel constructions with a number of payout lines depending on the size of the original wager. Most often, the greater the wagering bet the more payout lines one can take advantage of. Some slots have so many payout lines it can make your head spin.

Straight Slots • But of course these lines are counter posed by the size of the original bet, and so a loss on a maximum bet slot will hurt your bankroll fairly substantially. • Certain slots also feature wildcards that increase your chances of winning by functioning as substitutionary symbols, much like a joker would function in a game of wildcard poker.

Progressive Slots • These add an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to the slot experience. Progressive jackpots tend to be the ones that could change your life the most. We’re not talking a win of even money, or even the victory of a straight- up on the roulette table. We're talking about potentially millions of dollars in jackpot money.

Progressive Slots • Now, it's crucial that you understand that most progressive machines will require that you make the maximum initial bet in order to qualify for a progressive spin of some kind. These spins all, quite naturally, are very difficult to be successful on. And in general, the jackpots on progressive machines keep compounding the longer there is no winner

Progressive Slots • Remember, though, this does not mean at all that a machine ever “falls due” – that is, that a machine has a higher chance of paying out if it hasn't done so recently. That's the gambler's fallacy, and it's important to realize that all slots have an equal chance of paying out at any moment in time. What does change on progressives, however, is the sheer size of the jackpot.

Bonus Game • Bonus game machines exist to add some extra variety to the slot experience. On these machines, there are often bonuses that materialize in the form of being given the option to play digital versions of other typical casino games like roulette and blackjack, all using the slot’s digital interface. Any winnings that accumulate from these bonus games are added to your slots total.

Slot Machine Variations  

Slot machine variations Slot machine variations •Out of all the games at your average casino, we'd be willing to bet our bottom dollar that...

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