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ď‚— In general, most advanced Baccarat players will admit

to you that there is no reliable system or strategy that can be used to gain some kind of advantage over the house. Some games really are just designed around chance, fortune and the draw of the card. This, of course, doesn't preclude many so-called “gurus� from sharing their supposedly tried and tested strategies.

 But a simple recourse to mathematics and statistics

reveals that the odds of applying strategy to baccarat are probably the same as trying to apply assistant flipping a coin–you just can't do it. You could lie about, sure, but believing something to true doesn’t make necessarily make it true in fact. We’d rather look at solid numbers and give you rational advice.

ď‚— When in doubt, refer to the odds rather than promises

of ersatz know-it-alls. When you bet on the player hand, the casino advantage is 1.24%. When you bet on the banker hand however, the dynamics of the game are such that the casino holds a 1.06% advantage. Casinos realize this, and so to even out their odds, there is a 5% commission on all winnings derived from the banker hand.

 This becomes an especially important rule when it

comes to “paying back” the house. There are many casinos that take their 5% cut only when the player leaves the table. It's unclear whether this is done to encourage greater risks as the cash in hand seems more than it really is. To combat this, any baccarat player worth his salt will keep a running tally of what he owes the house.

ď‚— Do not under any circumstances put yourself in the

position where you owe the house more than you currently have in your bankroll – that's just courting trouble and while most mainstream casinos don't live in the world of hoodlums, mobs and gangsters, we can assure you that there remain many casino back rooms, somewhere you certainly do not want to find yourself.

ď‚— Without a doubt, if you're looking to make money on

the baccarat table then you should categorically avoid the tie bet. A tie bet is a wager that both the player's hand and the banker’s hand will share either a natural eight or a natural nine. And although a successful wager on this type of bet will pay you out at 8 times your original wager, the odds are firmly pitted against you at about 14%.

ď‚— That's just enormous, and unless you feel you had

some kind of divine prophecy urging you to make the tie bet, we strongly advise you to stick to the player or banker hands.

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© 2011  In general, most advanced Baccarat players will admit to you that there is no reliable system or strategy that can...