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Public “Transit” in Detroit The Detroit People Mover was built 20 years ago with great intentions. Care was taken in commissioning local artist to place their work into each of the stations. Yet today it is a rarely used or appreciated piece of the city’s history. In the past years the rides with fairs of 50 cents (now 75 cents) are actually costing $3 in running costs. There is much higher usage during the weekends and events than any weekly commutes from the business. The bus system in the metro area is also sorely lacking. These modes of transportation are not connected either and with the DPM’s severely limited service area and the fact that the intended system to feed into it never came there is not much actual transporting being done by the public transit system downtown.

Greektown Station Many of the people who work in the city do not live there. Most of the people that you see in the city on a friday night spending time with friends or at different attractions within the city have commuted in from the suburbs. The downtown area has become more of an amusement park than as a municipal center. The People Mover is just another one of the attractions that the suburbanites come to enjoy on their weekends. The DPM has become analogous to a roller coaster or the little train that goes through an amusement park to take you from attraction to attraction. From my experiences riding it at least half of the people riding at the same time are riding for the sake of it as an entertainment source rather than as a way to get from point A to point B, that is just a lucky side effect more than the intent of using the DPM at all. The DPM bypasses the rest of the city and in many cases connects directly to the attractions people come for and in some cases there is not even street access to the station the only way to use the system is if you pass through the building the station is attached to.

Grand Circus Park The Grand Circus Park Station is a station that does connect to more than one destination especially in the fact that it is not directly attached to any of the attractions. The most common reason that people get off or on at this station is for a tigers game and then the trip to or from their car to go home or another bar or restaurant with friends. Being that the station is not directly connected to Comerica Park allows for exposure to other destinations along the way as well as proximity to other main attractions like the Fox Theatre or the Detroit Opera House. never mind these Attractions there is also the fact that this stop opens directly on to Grand Circus park, an asset of the city that is underused. Also the rail of the DPM moves over and around a large unbuilt site waiting to be developed.

Alanna Conner


A photo commentary on the attractions in Detroit