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A rc h 1 0 1 Spring 2013

Ice Breaker Exercise The Ice Breaker exercise asked us to describe ourselves using the formula (adverb adjective) + (adverb verb) + (adverb adjective) = me. I settled on “consciously empathic, relentlessly evolving, and saliently introspective� I wanted the Ice Breaker to express these traits through a design that incorporates both light, airy, outwardly oriented elements and a centered, grounded feel.

Ice Breaker Exercise The next step in the evolution of the Ice Breaker was the incorporation of a heirarchical system. To facilitate this, we broke our designs down into an organized kit of heirarchical parts. This not only increased the interest and complexity of my design, but also allowed it to more successfully address the original guiding theme of “consciously empathic, relentlessly evolving, and saliently introspective�

Ice Breaker Exercise In order to focus and enrich our designs, we formulated narratives which explore the meaning and symbolism of the designs: My design is formed around 3 primary themes which in turn are based upon three representational statements about me: consciously empathic, relentlessly evolving, and saliently introspective. To the observer, the structure seems to reach both up and out beyond its physical boundaries, symbolizing empathic connections to others. The supports taper to a point at their top, exaggerating vertical perspective and thereby emphasizing their height. The “sail” elements stretch from eye level in the center up into the sky, emphasizing the vastness of the sky—and thus the vastness of the sea of people—through providing the viewer a frame with swooping, airy lines. As the sun and clouds move through the sky, the content of the frame changes accordingly, symbolizing constant change and evolution. This effect is mirrored through the constant play of the shadows cast by the three sails. To balance the outward tension from the above effects, the structure seems to spiral back into itself, symbolizing introspection and grounding the design as introspection grounds personality.

Ice Breaker Exercise After re-focusing and enriching the meaning of my design through creating a narrative, I wanted to similarly enrich the design itself. I had previously only briefly explored the notion of heirarchy through simply multiplying the original design, and wanted to add complexity while simultaneously eliminating the base. This new design progresses the original theme through imagery generated through the narrative, incorporating elements with inspirations ranging from sails to hurricanes to kaleidoscopes.

Ice Breaker Exercise

Ice Breaker Exercise While my original narrative did help to further develop my design, it fell short in its use of imagery, instead focusing on describing the structure itself. With this aim and the desire to create a deeper personal connection to my design in mind, I refashioned it. My design is formed around 3 primary themes which in turn are based upon three representational statements about me: consciously empathic, relentlessly evolving, and saliently introspective. To create the notion of empathy, I concentrated on wind and flight imagery. By channeling wind and flight, the design hints at expansion outside its borders, similar to empathic awareness outside one’s self. The sail elements swoop and billow, at once recalling the billowing of a ship’s sail and the tension of a canvas airplane wing. To symbolize constant evolution, I wanted the entire design to suggest movement. I used the sails to create this effect, both through their spiraling orientation and the interplay of light through the gaps between them. This visual vortex channels the whirling of a hurricane or tornado, ever-changing forces of nature that materially contain only their surroundings. The spiraling of the design also serves to symbolize introspection, as it remains centered around one point in spite of its constant motion. The rotating facets of the design also recall those of a kaleidoscope—a rotating, constantly changing lens of light and color.

Proportional Studies Even Division

Extreme division

Proportional Division

After developing multiple progressive iterations of the Ice Breaker, I was more comfortable both with design in general and with SketchUp. From this jumping off point, we started looking at proportions and proportional systems

Golden Section Fibonacci Sequence

Proportional Studies After exploring some of the basic proportional systems, I began transforming one of the models illustrating the Fibonacci series, eventually forming a new design that is interesting and significant even when removed from the context of the proportional system.

A Tectonic Journey of 3 Diverse Spatial Experiences

After exploring proportional systems and spatial relationships, we were asked to design a structure which expressed three diverse and unique spatial experiences: Welcoming & Comfortable Awesome & Monumental Intimate & Tranquil

A Tectonic Journey of 3 Diverse Spatial Experiences Welcoming & Comfortable

Intimate & Tranquil

Awesome & Monumental

A Tectonic Journey of 3 Diverse Spatial Experiences While I liked some of the elements of my 3-space Tectonic journey, it was not as successful as I had hoped. Our introduction to sites and the response and incorporation of structures to their sites provided an opportunity for an overhaul. This new design, which follows the lines of a lake’s edge, is both more successful at transmitting the 3 diverse experiences and substantially more visually appealing.

A Tectonic Journey of 3 Diverse Spatial Experiences

A Tectonic Journey of 3 Diverse Spatial Experiences My first attempt at building a model of the new 3-space design had mixed success. While I was able to replicate the design fairly accurately, it was limited in its ability to convey the design by the level of craft and the sparsely skeletal nature of the frame model

A Tectonic Journey of 3 Diverse Spatial Experiences

My second attempt at modeling the 3-space design was significantly more successful, in spite of sharing nearly its entire structure with the previous iteration. I modified the site to promote better interaction between it and the structure, resulting in a much more cohesive, effective design.

Learning Portfolio- Conner DeVoe  

Learning Portfolio for first semester architectural design studio