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Salaam Peace Annual Report 2020

Authors: Ilona Milevskaja & Agne Daunoraviciute

Salaam Peace is a community engagement programme that uses sports and social education to bring people together from diverse backgrounds This annual report will highlight various aspects that have significantly impacted Salaam Peace. This includes the ongoing challenge of Covid-19 pandemic, but also many positives such as the awards received for impactful work, the development of our staff and volunteer team and ongoing partnership development. Our engagement programmes are delivered in the London boroughs of Hackney, Haringey, QEII Olympic Park and Waltham Forest. Our portfolio of high impact projects promote the following outcomes: ● Physical and mental wellbeing. ● Social education including knife crime and citizenship. ● Offender rehabilitation and assimilation ● Engagement of marginalised communities including BAME, NEET and refugees. ● Community champions programme: pathways from participation to volunteering training and employment.

Salaam Peace Annual Report 2020


 Recognition: Salaam Peace has been delivering high-impact programmes in the community since 2009, and have consequently gained local, regional, national and international recognition. In 2020, we have maintained this standard and have been rewarded with the Social Impact Project of the Year at the 2020 South England Prestige Awards. In its citation the judging panel “praised the concept of using role models who develop into leaders within the organisation, and we can see the activities are tailored around the interests of your target group. We’re very pleased you have been able to continue your work through the difficult situations of 2020, and it’s great to be able to recognise you” Moreover, our Director of Operations Azi Mohammed, has also been recognised for this impressive work in the community through the London Impact Award. This award is received by young leaders working to reduce youth violence and helping to build positive futures for children and young people at risk. Alongside this, our Director of Strategy and Administration Agne Daunoraviciute has been awarded the Princess Diana Award for inspiring positive change to young people in the local community.

Salaam Peace Annual Report 2020


Covid-19 impact: Nevertheless, 2020 has also had its hardship; as a community organisation actively operating at grassroots level, Salaam Peace continues to experience the fears, barriers and challenges the communities we serve are facing due to the pandemic. These have included: ● Fear of the unknown. We used social media, phone calls and even letters sent by post or hand-delivered to keep our community updated with relevant information. ● Financial and employment uncertainty. We used our networks to purchase toilet rolls, handwash, staple foods, rice, flour, and pasta. One of our community champions, once a participant and now a delivery driver for a major food retailer, sourced much of it himself. ● Social isolation. Weekly fitness tutorials for adults and children, as well as skill-based coaching through our YouTube channel, were all made available. Not only was it accessible but doing challenges and posting their own workouts meant the unity and inclusion was still there. Examples of videos which were distributed to our participants:



More can be found on our YouTube channel: SP Academy of Sporting Excellence ● Educational establishments closed.

● Stress, affecting mental and physical

The reality of many participants lacking

well-being. We began filming and

equipment or knowledge forced us to

distributing sport and physical activity

immediately source 50+ laptops/tablets

sessions for our community to use in their

and provide online IT support though

homes. This included the distribution of

our Community Champions when pupils’

equipment including tennis equipment,

families were unable to.

footballs, gym mats, resistance bands and dumbbell sets.

Salaam Peace Annual Report 2020


Summer 2020 socially distanced sports: Following the initial lockdown in March,

towards staff and volunteer development. It

Sport England contributed ÂŁ50,000 towards

has allowed for our delivery staff to complete

our summer projects lasting April 2020 to

6 different INSET training sessions, equipping

August 2020. This has allowed us to continue

them with the ability to co-create and deliver

the socially distanced weekly delivery of

both current and future sports projects,

community engagement programmes in

ensuring the organisation is not reliant on a

existing areas, but also pilot provisions in

few individuals.

new geographical areas such as multisports sessions at Hawksley Estate N16 and Rangemoor Estate N15. Our usual outreach engages children, young people, adults, and the elderly, with specific programmes for girls and people with disabilities. Through the help of the contribution, the new sports projects in Haringey and Hackney helped us engage over 70 young people (90% from BAME backgrounds) attending regularly in areas with high levels of crime and deprivation. It has been widely reported that BAME communities have suffered more during the lockdown, so it was important for us to continue actively engaging with this group. Alongside the delivery of projects, the funding

Salaam Peace and Edinburgh Primary School began their working relationship in 2011. In just under a decade the relationship has been a progressive development with year on year impact on the pupils, staff, families and community. The redevelopment of the MUGA was a natural development as the Head Teacher, Faye Rider and Salaam Peace Founder/CEO Dr Sabir A Bham, see the school and Salaam Peace as key components of the community. This is the first part of our Academy of Community Excellence, developing talented sports men and women, not just on the field of play but also Community Champions benefiting the local area.

from Sport England has also contributed

Salaam Peace Annual Report 2020


CEO closing statement. “2020 has been an unforgettable year.

● A new partnership (overdue) with Sport

Firstly, after 22 years of working together

England and a special thanks to Chief

and developing a life-long friendship, Nugent

Executive Tim Hollingsworth for his

Richard finally retired and moved to sunny

personal time and support and Viveen

Penzance. Obviously, the Covid-19 pandemic

and Jayne too.

has been a life changing experience for all of us. However, I have been extremely proud of the way my team pulled together and have worked tirelessly to ensure that the needs of our community were met. Other highlights have includes: ● Partnership with City Dietitians. Initial

● Evolution of our partnerships with Edinburgh Primary School, Haringey Council, London Community Foundation, GLA, Comic Relief, London Youth, Waltham Forest Community Transport, Leyton Sixth Form College, Kelmscott and Lammas schools, Jack Petchey Foundation,

email to Sophie Medlin has led to a

Peabody, the Crate, Markhouse Ward

unique relationship that has seen our

councillors and Your Move estate agents.

engagement programmes enhanced by

A big thank you to Manish from Your Move

the expertise of Sophie and her fantastic

for his continued support and generosity

team of dietitians/nutritionists including

to ensure that in the most challenging

Ruby, Sabrina, Eszti, Chloe, Mayara, Holly,

times, any financial gaps were plugged.

Diana and Zahraa.

Over the last 9 years, his support has

● Continued development and engagement

been invaluable.

in Hackney in partnership with Nicola/

2020 was the start of the Be the Change

Hackney Safer Neighbourhood Board,

Movement and my team and partners have

Luke/Dee Hackney Police and the team at

shown it through their work and lifelong

Hackney Housing, Apex, Faisal Pirbhai, and

impact on the individuals that we support and

the joint physical activity and education

the communities we live and work with. I am


confident that the next 10 years of Salaam

● Azi and Agne both achieving first class degrees and joining the team as full time directors. The many years of investment has definitely been worth it. ● The new generation of SP staff, especially our team of female staff

Peace will be even more rewarding and have an even greater impact because of the strength of our team that makes our SP family special.”

Sab Bham

members including Aliyah, Ilona, Justine and Giulietta. All have very unique and different skill sets but have added a huge amount of energy and knowledge to an already strong team.

Salaam Peace Annual Report 2020


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Salaam Peace annual report 2020  

Salaam Peace annual report 2020

Salaam Peace annual report 2020  

Salaam Peace annual report 2020


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