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Orange County Capacity Building Program Scholarship Request Guidelines The Orange County Capacity Building Program (OCCBP), is a collaborative project of CONNECT under the Orangewood Children’s Foundation. OCCBP provides technical and financial assistance to organizations working to aid the recovery effort through workforce development. Funding for OCCBP, including this scholarship opportunity, is provided through the Strengthening Communities Fund of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Scholarships are only available to eligible organizations looking to build their organizational capacity to assist low-income individuals in Orange County. DEADLINE: SEPTEMBER 30, 2011 General Scholarship Request Application Guidelines Scholarship Requests MUST: be received from an OCCBP eligible organization (see organizational requirements) be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the program (to allow for processing of application and funds) include an attached copy of course description or conference materials (online printout is acceptable) include all information about who will be attending, how much is being requested, and why this course will support the organization’s capacity building efforts use the list of Allowable Activities to clearly identify what areas of capacity building are covered during this particular course or conference take place before September 30, 2011 Scholarship Request Submission Process: 1. Once OCCBP staff receives the scholarship request form we will review the application and contact the organization for additional information as needed. 2. All approved organizational scholarship requests will be notified and arrangements will be made to either provide funds directly to the course provider or to the requesting organization. 3. The scholarship funds provided can only be used to pay for course/event/conference fees approved by the Orange County Capacity Building Program.

4. After attending the classes/training, the organization will be required to provide proof of attendance (e.g. dated receipt from conference, pamphlets and other materials provided at event, letter from organizer/instructor, screen shot during webinar, etc). Proof of attendance must be sent to OCCBP Project Manager within 10 business days after the training.

5. Proof of payment must be provided. 6. Send Proof of Attendance and Proof of Payment to: Orange County Capacity Building Program Attention: April Alvarez Fax: 714-704-8220 Email:

Guidelines for Course Eligibility: Courses MUST: as described, be an Allowable Activity under one of the five Strengthening Communities Fund’s critical capacity building areas: Leadership Development, Organizational Development, Program Development, Collaboration and Community Engagement, Evaluation of Effectiveness be offered through a reputable organization benefit the entire organization, not just a single individual provide information and education in line with the staff member’s current work at the organization only be a registration fee for a local or national conference, and not include any travel or personal expenses Scholarship Request Will Not Be Considered, if: contains any direct fundraising components applying to cover membership fees for organizations, associations, or clubs (eg. Association for Fundraising Professionals (AFP), Directors of Volunteers in Agencies (DOVIA)) training focuses solely on a product or tool that the organization does not currently own, or is not in the process of purchasing (eg. Constant Contact, Donor Perfect, Blackbaud) obtaining individual accreditation or licensure, not benefiting the entire organization (eg. Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE)) Organizational Requirements All organizations applying for an OCCBP scholarship must be registered as an eligible organization. Eligible organizations must complete the

and meet the minimum requirements:

Physically located in Orange County and serving residents in at least one of the eight target cities: Anaheim, Buena Park, Fullerton, Garden Grove, La Habra, Santa Ana, Stanton, Westminster Operate as a nonprofit Faith-based organizations with at least one secular service program Currently providing at least one of the following services to assist low-to-moderate income individuals and families: o

Secure and retain employment


Job Readiness and retention training


Education/training (focus must be job related)


Job retraining or training for new job skills


Increased access to the State and Federal benefits and tax credits


Supplying support services related to securing and retaining employment (eg. transportation vouchers, clothing assistance, subsidized childcare, etc)

Scholarship Guidelines  

OCCBP outside scholarship guidelines

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