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Church Impact

In 2018, Connect Ministries partnered with 107 churches to help churches get outside their walls. WinShape Camps for Communities is one of Connect’s resources offered to churches to fulfill this mission. Connect staff train church leaders all year to organize the week-long event in a church’s community. Sean Busse, a family pastor in Fort Worth, Texas, has partnered with Connect for three years to host this event and believes that the church’s partnership with Connect not only transformed the lives of unchurched families, but that it truly transformed his community.

Sean was initially troubled by the divide in ministry in the area but received training on strategic partnerships that allowed him to share ministry responsibilities with volunteers, local businesses, and other church leaders. The partners made it possible for underserved youth to attend camp through scholarships and transportation, growing the camp by over 200% in just two years.

After his 3rd year hosting camp, Sean has more ministry support than ever through the strategic partnerships he formed in the Fort Worth, Texas area. His church now seeks to engage all churches in the community to collectively meet new people. Connect staffs’ leadership and support in the planning process has served as a model for how this church now leads its own people. Just as Connect walked alongside Sean throughout the year, he now aims to share responsibilities in a way that intentionally develops his people.

“Now when I look through the lens of any ministry, I look for how we can strategically meet new people. Before, we were on our own island, and now we believe ministry is a community effort.”

Sean now serves as a coach to help other church leaders successfully leverage their network to reach more people, and have the space to focus on what matters most. His church celebrated 10 people that made a decision to follow Christ. These 10 people were amongst the 1,518 children that dedicated their lives to Christ at a WinShape Camps for Communities event in 2018.

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