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ISSUE 1 2015

Jobs make difference throughout rural Ireland

BEHIND every job number is a man or a woman whose life has changed thanks to that one initial conversation between a connector and company. As ConnectIreland celebrates 1,000 jobs coming on stream in Ireland through the Succeed in Ireland initiative, communities across the country are celebrating the jobs at a more personal level. “These jobs mean that people don’t have to emigrate, that they can come home, that they can stay close to family and friends. The jobs being created by companies introduced through ConnectIreland are as a result of the Irish public going out there and doing something for their country, their community,” explained Joanna Murphy, ConnectIreland COO. ConnectIreland is a jobs creation programme, working in partnership with IDA Ireland, which helps expanding international companies to establish in Ireland, following an introduction by a member of the public. Cathal McInerney left Ireland after the economic crash to find work abroad. After many years spent far away from home, he is now back in his home parish, working in Flagship Management just a stone’s throw from his family in Kinvara, Galway. Eithne Nevin was facing an uncertain future in a foreign land until she landed on her feet with Ark Labs in Longford. Before she took up the job in the software company, Eithne was considering emigrating. These are just some of the people that have benefitted because a company was asked to consider Ireland. Read their stories inside. Make a difference to someone’s life. Register as a connector today and you could help bring jobs to Ireland as well as earning a financial reward. When a company successfully establishes in Ireland, the connector who introduced them to ConnectIreland stands to receive up to €1,500 per job, to a maximum of 100 jobs.

Returning emigrants at Dublin Airport teamed up with GAA president Liam O’Neill and ConnectIreland to encourage people to use their connections and create jobs in Ireland Photo: Paul Sherwood Photography

Irish people use their connections to help bring 1,000 jobs to Ireland OVER 1,000 jobs are being created right across Ireland as a result of the patriotism of the Irish people, both at home and abroad. Irish men and women around the globe have answered the call to help their country and now a planned 1,000 jobs are being created in Ireland as a result. Taoiseach Enda Kenny TD, the prime minister of Ireland, and Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Richard Bruton TD applauded the people of Ireland and the Irish diaspora for playing their part in job creation. Through the vital introductions of men and women across Ireland and beyond, ConnectIreland, the company responsible for delivering the Government’s Succeed in Ireland initiative, in association with IDA Ireland, has helped to bring over 36 companies to Ireland which plan to create over 1,000 sustainable

jobs in the next 3 to 5 years. Under the programme, the people who make these introductions can earn a financial reward, up to €1,500 per job (maximum 100 jobs), for putting ConnectIreland in touch with expanding international companies. “Every job created in Ireland is another step on our road to recovery. It is a life transformed. It offers renewed hope and optimism for the future and helps the Government to fix the national finances while supporting better services. The value we place on every job created is why ConnectIreland’s success to date is to be celebrated. It is a great credit to the diaspora and connectors worldwide that we are now looking at a potential 1,000 new jobs for Ireland,” said the Taoiseach. The jobs, many of which have already been created, are reaching communities right across Ire-

land, from Longford to Kells to Kinvara, and places in between. “Succeed in Ireland is a highly innovative scheme which enables the IDA to reach jobs projects, which would otherwise go to other countries, and bring them to Ireland instead. It is one of a range of new schemes introduced by this Government to support extra job-creation, and the results confirm that it has started very strongly. I look forward to continuing to work with the ConnectIreland team in the future to ensure that we can continue this strong flow of job-creation over the coming years,” added Minister Bruton. With an army of over 40,000 connectors around the globe, ConnectIreland has mobilised the people of Ireland to play their part in creating employment opportunities at home. Simply by striking up a conversation and

asking companies to consider Ireland, connectors can help create jobs as well as earning a sizeable financial reward. “The success of a programme like ConnectIreland would not be possible without the invaluable support of the Irish public. The creation of these planned 1,000 jobs in the coming 3-5 years is all thanks to the connections made by Irish men and women, at home and abroad. Our connectors are asking companies to consider Ireland as a place to do business and to date over 36 companies have realised the benefits of such a move,” commented Michael McLoughlin, CEO of ConnectIreland. Register as a connector and you could earn a reward of up to €1,500 per job created (maximum 100 jobs). For more information, log on to

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ConnectIreland is about helping to create Irish jobs. These are the stories behind those jobs - how they happened, who has them, how you can...