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Local NAACP Branch Placed Under Administratorship By National NAACP Board

The Voice Of The Community: Inspirational-Informative-Empowering

Vol. 13 Edition 5 Free Thursday March 1, 2018

Women In Education

Black Female Principals And Assistant Principals With The Page 7 MCSD

Local President Claims She Has Been Exonerated Of Mismanagement Of Funds Newly Appointed Branch Administrator Says; “That Is Not True!”

Women In Management

Black Women Making A Difference In Business With Their Leadership Page 9

The First Ladies Of Aflac

Audrey Tillman Exec. Vice President; General Counsel and Teresa White, President Aflac U.S. Page 11

Appointed Administrator James Gallman Member National Board of Directors Aiken, South Carolina

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Tonza Thomas Columbus Branch NAACP President


THURSDAY March 1, 2018

Congratulations Congressman Sanford D. Bishop According to the street committee the 33rd Annual Black History Month observance Breakfast was once again a success.The guest speaker, Congresswoman Val Demings from the 10th Congressional District of Florida and who previously served as the first female Chief of Police for Orlando provided an “On Fire” message. The committee recognized Belva Dorsey with Enrichment Services, Inc. as the 2018 Unsung Hero and the 2018 Emerging Leader, Geniece Granville with Davis Broadcasting, Inc. The highlight of the morning was the surprise recognition of Wallace and Ann Davis with the Legacy of Leadership award. For the street committee what was most impressive is that Congressman Bishop had the foresight to turn the committee over to a group of Millennials currently being led by A t t o r n e y Te d d y R e e s e . A s t h e Congressman stated, “They have taken the program to a new level”

The Street Committee

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder According to the street committee not everyone was impressed with the official portrait of former first lady Michelle Obama by Amy Sherald. As a matter of fact the street committee doesn’t really see any resemblance of the First Lady. However, the bottom line is everyone will have an opinion, everyone will see Michelle Obama the way they want to see her. When you look at Ms. Sherald’s work one has to be proud that she stayed true to her style of painting so when you take that in to consideration the portrait is phenomenal. Whenever you put your work out for the public to view you open yourself up to criticism. Whatever your opinion or how you feel about the portrait it doesn’t really matter because it will forever hang in the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery. So congratulations Amy Sherald of Columbus, Ga. We are proud of you.


Black Community Calling For Kia Chambers “Black Card” The street committee has it that Kia Chambers is obviously feeling the pressure from the Black community as the result of what many are calling her perpetration of “Black on Black” crime against Pat Hugley Green. According to the street committee, “what goes around comes around”. Less than a month after she conspired with Myers and Thomas to oust Green and be seated as the MCSD Chairman, Myers, in a recent post on his facebook page, is now calling for someone to run against her. According to the street committee, the black community has lost respect for Kia, finally realizing how she allowed Frank Myers to manipulate her in order to get rid of another black woman. Some Black folks are saying she should have known better than to trust Frank, especially given his track record against black women who turn on him( ask A.J. Senior. Others are calling to have her Black Card Revoked.

The Lane Construction Corporation (Lane) is requesting bids from certified MBE/WBE firms on South Columbus Water Resource Facility (SCWRF) Improvement, Columbus, GA for the below listed trades:

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

Erosion Control Clearing and Grubbing Sitework Landscaping Fencing Asphalt Paving Flatwork Concrete Reinforcing Steel Installation Waterproofing Painting Roofing HVAC Electrical

Quotes must be received in our office by no later than 10:00 A.M. on March 21, 2018. These can be sent via email to or via fax to 678.762.1801. Phone quotes will be accepted at 770.274.1525. Documents can be reviewed at: The Lane Construction Corporation Alpharetta office,, Columbus Waterworks 1421 Veterans Pkwy, Columbus, GA 31901, and

The Courier Eco Latino Newspaper

*Any editorial content are the views of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the views of this newspaper, publisher or staff”

The Courier Eco Latino Newspaper 1300 Wynnton Rd Suite 104 Columbus, Georgia 31906 Email: Phone: 706.225.0106 Mailing Address: P.O. Box 5747 Columbus, Ga 31906 Visit Us Online At:



Today’s Women...Phenomenal


Throughout history women of color have played a pivotal role in every movement that has resulted in positive changes in our society. Most have received little or no recognition for their participation. Former First Lady Michelle Obama said it best when she explained, “You don’t have to be in a history book to make a contribution to our country. She urged us to not only celebrate African-American heroes such as Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman, whose contributions to the improvement of the country are depicted in many history books; but to also honor the women of today, “our aunts ... our best friends ... all those women who live each day with a spirit that is uniquely their own, and who continue to write our country’s story every single day.”

Her message included a challenge, for women to, “reinvest in those around us...and pledge to continue their story by contributing their gifts for the good of our families, our communities, and our country.” Together, we can be the difference we search for while recognizing there are those around us who have continued to positively contribute to our community.

On the following pages we recognize our “Women of Today”. Some are well known, some are not. They are our mothers, our sisters and our teachers. They are business leaders and community leaders, but most important they are phenomenal women. Women of color, kissed by the sun.

Wane A. Hailes




March 1, 2018



First African Baptist Church 901 5th Avenue

Columbus, Georgia

Sunday Worship Sunday School 9:30 A.M. Morning Worship 11A.M. Transportation Provided

Call 706-323-3367

Sr. Pastor Roderick Green

St. James Missionary Baptist Church

“Put God First”

5214 St. James Street Columbus, Georgia

Church 706.687.6420 Residence 706.563.3256 Cell 706.315.5749 Dr. Ralph W. Huling Senior Pastor

Metropolitan Baptist Church 1635 5th Avenue . Columbus, Georgia


Pastor Curtis Crocker, Jr.

Service Sunday School 9:30 A.M Monday Night Tuesday Bible Study

Schedule Sunday Worship 11:00 A.M Prayer 6:00 P.M 12:00 P.M & 5:30 P.M

Mission Statement A growing church for growing Christians attempting to grow the Kingdom, one soul at a time.

Fourth Street Missionary Baptist Church Corner of 3rd Avenue and 5th Street Rev. Dr. J.H. Flakes Jr. Way Columbus, Georgia 31901 706.324.2055 Rev. J.H. Flakes, III -Pastor Rev. Dr. J.H. Flakes, Jr. - Pastor Emeritus


4236 St. Mary’s Road Columbus, Georgia



THURSDAY February 15, 2018

Local NAACP Placed Under Administratorship By National NAACP Board

By Wane A. Hailes The Courier

Be careful what you post on facebook! According to a source close to the decision making process, as the result of an alleged post on local NAACP president Tonza Thomas’ facebook page the decision to have a national board member take control of the branch was expedited. In a recent phone call from local NAACP president Tonza Thomas was adamant that any claims of malfeasance against her, specifically mismanagement of funds, her alleged blatant disregard of the bylaws and the Article X, which was filed to have her removed from office had been dismissed and she has been exonerated by the national board of the NAACP. Accordingly Thomas assured us she was going to forward confirming documents to the Courier Eco Latino newspaper prior to this publication. As of publication we have received nothing. In an interview with James Gallman, the national NAACP board member from Aiken, South Carolina who was appointed administrator of the Columbus branch during a national board meeting on Friday February 16 and ratified the next day Saturday the 18th, 2018 he said what Tonza Thomas has stated is not true.

“An Article X is filed when a branch seeks expulsion, suspension or removal of an officer or member who is guilty of conduct not in accordance with the

principles, aims and purposes of the NAACP, as set forth in its constitution. The Article came before the committee but due to the lack of signatures from bona fide members we were unable to move forward. That does not mean it was dismissed or that she has been exonerated. No one is exonerated until it has been dealt with and at this time it has not been dealt with because of the lack of signatures. In fact the Article X can be refiled. I do not know when or if it will but I can tell you as a result of the number of issues addressed in the Article X I have been appointed to oversee the branch. “As the appointed administrator, everything that is done at the Columbus branch has to go through me. The local president, Tonza Thomas will still hold her position but no checks are to be written and no meetings will be held unless approved by me.”

“My main responsibility as administrator; said Gallman, is to provide stability for the branch. I will be evaluating all facets of the branch to insure that it is following the bylaws according to the constitution. This will include the functions of the president, vice presidents, secretary and treasurer. I will also be reviewing the committee structures and appointments.”

“One of the things that I am interested in evaluating is the relationship the branch has in the community. As you can imagine our organizations lifeblood is the relationship and strength of support each branch has in its community. After a period of time – and there is no deadline. I will be here until I feel that everything is going well and it can be handled by the current members of the Columbus branch, If I think we need to reorganize this unit, then I will - with the approval of the board - schedule an election and elect new officers to handle the branch.”

“I am looking forward to spending time in Columbus, Georgia working with the local branch and getting to meet the people and leadership of the community.”



Are Our Schools Prepared?

ask our students if you hear or read something on social media that you may feel is disturbing please let a school administrator know. Courier: As parents we place our children in the hands of schoolteachers every day. In all honesty how safe are our children when they are in your care?

By Wane A. Hailes The Courier

In the wake of the deadly shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida we sat down with Mercedes Parham, Communications Director with the Muscogee County School District to find out how safe our children are here in Columbus, Georgia.

Courier: What policies and procedures are in place in case of a shooting at one of our schools?

Parham: Every school has a building leader who has undergone a number of trainings in coordination and under the advisement of our local law enforcement agencies, which includes homeland security. We work closely with them evaluating each year to determine best practices for a variety of potential situations.

Courier: With most of the school shootings after the incident students have come forward to share stories of how they had long been aware of suspicious, abusive or at the very least questionable behavior by the suspect. How does the school district address information they may receive from students about another student who they suspect is in possession of a weapon on campus? Parham: We take every threat seriously that we receive from any number of entities. Whether a student, administrator or parent brings it to our attention we take immediate action by contacting the appropriate agency for investigation. We are aware that today many law enforcement agencies monitor social media. At the same time we

Parham: As much as we would like to, we cannot guarantee the safety of any ones child. We can try to provide the best learning environment for our students, we can mitigate safety concerns but if someone is determined to create an issue we are going to do our best to react appropriately and have the proper professionals in place to mitigate any further risk. And as I alluded to earlier, we realize none of these things happen in an isolated vacuum so we ask that parents and students be vigilant in monitoring. Students if hear something, see something, say something. Whether they are joking or not we are not going to perceive it as a joke, we are going to consider it as a threat and take appropriate action. we would rather err on the side of caution than to do nothing and be faced with a tragedy. Courier: If by chance a school is faced with a shooting incident parents are going to be concerned about their child and immediately come to the school. What is the schools policy regarding that?

Parham: Of course in any event such as a shooting or even extremely inclimate weather we are sensitive to the parents concern for the safety of their child. However it is important to know that we have a system in place that notifies parents in case of emergencies in our schools. It is important to note that parents would be notified where to go in case of such an incident. In most cases it may not be at your child’s specific school but an area nearby. This is not only for the child’s safety but the parents as well. There have been incidents where parents have come to pick their child up because of impending tornadoes and both the child and parents ended up being on lockdown inside the school.


Drivers, CDL-A: Home EVERY Weekend!!



Walk Away


March 1, 2018

No Exams


Lease, No


Drivers average


Money Down. $1500/wk




(706) 304-8290

Women In Education

Page 7

Aetavia Williams Principal JD Davis Elementary

Amia Hamilton Principal L. Jackson Elementary

Jan Thomas Assistant Principal Blanchard Elementary

Janice Miley Principal Midland Elementary

Barbara Weaver Principal MLK, Jr. Elementary

Jessie Jenkins

Principal South Cols Elementary

Melanie Bastian Assistant Principal South Cols Elementary

Mildred Moore Principal Brewer Elementary

Monique Williams Assistant Principal D. Height Elementary

Stephanie Dalton Principal Forrest Rd Elementary

Tonya Douglass Principal Waddell Elementary

Tujuana Wiggins Principal Downtown Elementary

Ramona Horn Principal Baker Middle

Shermaine Derrick Principal Eddy Middle

Lachrista Mcqueen Director Woodal Center

Sonja Coaxum Principal Fort Middle

Lisa Norris Assistant Principal G.W. Carver High

Carmen Weeks Assistant Principal Forrest Rd Elementary

Karprice Bently

Assistant Principal MLK Jr. Elementary

Paula Shaw-Powell Principal Dble. Churches Elementary

Zara Williams Assistant Principal St. Mary’s Elementary

Tamura Magwood Principal E. Columbus Magnet

Osie Huling Assistant Principal Edgewood Svc. Center

Charleen Robinson Principal Rigdon Rd Elementary

Katrina Collier Principal Reese Rd Elementary

Quleria Person Assistant Principal N. Columbus Elementary

Brenda Merritt Assistant Principal Rothschild Middle

Taneshia Ingersoll Principal Veteran’s Middle

Rosa Patterson Assistant Principal Spencer High

Courtney Thornton Assistant Principal Downtown Elementary

Larraine Smith Assistant Principal Rigdon Rd Elementary

Shelia Evans Principal W. Heights Elementary

Lashonda Milledge Assistant Principal Dbl Churches Middle

Terri Myers Principal Rothschild Middle

Sonya Allen Assistant Principal Columbus High

March 1, 2018

Felicia Thompson Principal Allen Elementary

Jacqueline Flakes Principal Key Elementary

Latonya Hamilton Principal St. Mary’s Elementary

Laverne Brown Principal Georgetown Elementary

Shirley Howe Assistant Principal L. Jackson Elementary

Sonia Moore Assistant Principal Key Elementary

Latoya Sanders Assistant Principal Richards Middle

Michelle Crooks Assistant Principal Eddy Middle

Cassandra Phillips Assistant Principal G.W. Carver High

Danya Albright Assistant Principal Kendrick High

Sureya Hendrick Assistant Principal Shaw High



Christ Community Church prayerfully seeks a Full Time Pastor of Children’s Ministries. CCC is a vibrant, culturally diverse, spirit-filled body of believers who seek to "awaken ordinary people to extraordinary life in Christcentered community."

Primary responsibilities: "To develop, organize, and lead a comprehensive Christ-centered Children’s Ministry (Birth5th grades)." Advanced administrative, organizational, public speaking and interpersonal communication skills are a must. Our ideal candidate must be able to relate to children, parents and adults, casting vision to recruit and train adult leaders. Minimum of 2 years leadership level experience with a children’s ministry in a church of 500 or more. College degree preferred. Compensation commensurate with experience of qualified candidate. Qualified candidates may send a cover letter and resume to our Selection Team at:

March 1, 2018


Max Foote Construction Company, LLC is actively seeking sub bids and material supply quotes on all items of construction for the South Columbus Water ResourcesFacility Improvements project in Columbus, GA including Erosion Control Monitoring, Trucking & Hauling, Concrete Finishing, Reinforcing Steel Installers, Built-Up Roofing, Painting & Coatings, HVAC, Electrical, Grassing, Asphalt Paving, Demolition, Site Clearing, Concrete Supply, Rebar Supply, Misc. Metals Supply, Signage Supply, Insulation, Sand & Gravel Supply, Misc. Piping Supply. Subcontractors and Material Suppliers including CERTIFIED DISADVANTAGED BUSINESS ENTERPRISES (MBE/WBE/DBE) are welcomed and encouraged to submit their prices prior to the bid date and time listed. Please contact our bid team at 985624-8569 for further information. Max Foote Construction Co., LLC is an EEO. South Columbus Water Resources Facility (SCWRF) Improvements Columbus, GA Bid Date: March 22, 2018 – 2:00 PM EST Goals: MBE – 10% / WBE – 5%

THURSDAY March 1, 2018

GwenDolyn H. Ruff, SPHR Sr. Vice President Division of Strategic Planning Employee Services and Corporate Relations Columbus Water Works

Gwen Ruff has over thirty-four years of experience in the Human Resources and Public Administration field in the public, private and government sectors. As a member of the Columbus Water Works Senior Management team, she provides direction and has full accountability for the successful implementation of strategic planning related processes, practices, policies and outcomes in order to maximize achievement of their short and long-term business goals.

Her responsibilities for corporate relations include the senior-level assessment and management of community communications and outreach programs, to include public education, stakeholder relations, and educational partnerships. She also plans and executes communication strategies to achieve desired business objectives, evaluates the effectiveness of the community outreach programs and facilitates in the development of comprehensive strategies to meet the information needs of internal and external audiences.

Given her youthful appearance one would never guess that she spent 30 years of combined active duty and reserve duty in the United States Army retiring as a Colonel in 2011.

Life certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) Ruff has a BS in Biology from Mercer University (Macon, Georgia), a Masters of Science in Administration from Columbus State University (Columbus, Georgia) a Masters of Strategic Studies from the Army War College (Carlisle Barracks, PA) and is a

2005 graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Water and Wastewater Leadership Center.


Rosalind Alston Program Director CASA

For the past 28 years Rosalind has worked in State and federal government, several non-profit agencies and hospitals in the field of social services. She has held positions in Child Protective Services, Substance Abuse Counseling, Child & Adolescent psychiatric treatment, crisis intervention & assessment, medical social work and aging services.

As the Program director for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates), a program of Twin Cedars Youth and family Services, Rosalind Alston has been dedicated to improving our community through her work, advocating in the best interest and legal permanency for Columbus’ children in foster care.

The Columbus CASA program represents 250 foster children in the Juvenile Justice program. Since 2008 Alston, in addition to starting programs in Lee County, Alabama, and most recently in Harris County, Georgia, has worked to improve the lives of over 500 children by ensuring they find safe and permanent homes. She effectively trains, and supports screened volunteers to work with abused children. Since taking charge of the Chattahoochee CASA program, Rosalind has trained over 190 volunteers and maintains a roster of 65 active volunteers. Prior to CASA Rosalind worked for the Area Agency on Aging. A graduate of Hardaway high school Rosalind received a B.S. in Special Education from Columbus State University a Masters in Community Counseling from Troy State University, Phenix City.

Belva Dorsey Chief Executive Officer Enrichment Services Program, Inc.

For the past 22 years Belva Dorsey has dedicated her life assisting youth, women and families of our community. From her work, beginning in 1994 as a Program assistant with Girls, Inc. or as the Director of Women and Youth Services with Open Door Community House she has been one of this communities staunches advocates children and families.

Today she serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Enrichment Services Program, Inc. a position she has held since December of 2006. “We are committed to increasing the awareness of the impact of poverty and implementing strategies for reducing it, says Dorsey. It is importance that when individuals come to us for assistance they understand that our role is to help them identify and remove barriers that helps them achieve family stability and interdependence.

Enrichment Services Program, Inc. serves nine counties with services that include; Head Start, Energy Assistance, a food distribution program, Nurse Aide Training and Case Management focused on Family Self Sufficiency. Helping People. Changing Lives. Building families.


Beverley Townsend M.D., M.B.A., F.A.A.F.P. District Health Director

Dr. Beverley Townsend serves as the District Health Director for the West Central Health District, District 7 that consists of 16 counties. She earned a bachelor's degree in chemistry from Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi, a master's degree in pharmacology and toxicology from Purdue University, and a medical degree from the University of Mississippi School of Medicine.

Townsend completed her residency in family medicine in Columbus, Georgia. She also earned a master's degree in business administration from Kennesaw State University. Dr. Townsend practiced family medicine in the rural counties of the Chattahoochee Valley area for nearly twenty-five years. She has served on numerous professional societies including serving as treasurer for the Georgia Academy of Family Physicians and president and secretary of the Columbus/Ft. Benning Medical Association. She has two adult sons.

March 1, 2018


Request for Bids

RFB No. 18-0025 Fire Sprinkler Service & Inspections (Annual Contract) Due: March 21, 2018 – 2:30 PM Heather Scheuttig, Buyer

RFB No. 18-0041 Hazmat Supplies & Equipment (Annual Contract) Due: March 21, 2018 – 2:30 PM Heather Scheuttig, Buyer

Sealed responses must be received and time/date stamped by the due date shown above, by the Finance Department/Purchasing Division of Columbus Consolidated Government, 100 Tenth Street, Columbus, GA 31901. To obtain specifications, visit the City's website at, notify the Buyer via email, fax 706.225.3033 or telephone 706.653.4105.

Andrea J. McCorvey Purchasing Manager

THURSDAY March 1, 2018

When you have an organization where minorities make up 40% of its work-force and women account for 70% of its workforce, 50% of its management and 30% of its senior executives it is no coincidence why Aflac, provider of more than 50 million people worldwide with supplemental insurance, continues to be named as one of the best places to work.

This Fortune 500 Company proves daily they not only value diversity but the importance of attracting and retaining top talent. That is why it came as no surprise when the company recently named two AfricanAmerican females; Audrey Boone Tillman, Esq. as executive Vice President; General Counsel and Teresa L. White as President, Aflac U.S. Before joining Aflac, Tillman served as an associate professor at North Carolina Central University School of Law. From 1990 to 1993, she was an associate with the Smith, Helms, Mulliss and Moore law firm in Greensboro, North Carolina. She also served as a federal judicial law clerk to Judge Richard C. Erwin, U.S. District Court for North Carolina. Audrey holds a Bachelor of Arts in political science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Juris Doctor from the University of Georgia School of Law. She is married with three children.

White served as site manager at AT&T Universal Card Services before she began her career at Aflac, where she developed and managed staffing models, operational models, quality and talent, while also managing operations for remittance processing. Teresa holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Texas at Arlington and a master’s degree in management from Troy University. She is a fellow at The Fellow Life Management Institute (FLMI) and an alumnus member of Leadership Columbus. She formerly served on the board of directors for NeighborWorks Columbus as well as Communicorp. She also took a leading role in developing the Columbus Cottage Program benefitting poor, indigent residents living in substandard conditions. Ms White is also a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Audrey Tillman and Teresa White serve as role models for all women in our community.


The First Ladies Of Aflac


THURSDAY March 1, 2018

33rd Annual Black History Breakfast Photos By Lester Booth Photography

2018 Emerging Leader Award Geniece Granville, Davis Broadcasting, Inc.

2018 Unsung Hero Belva Dorsey, Enrichment Services, Inc.

2018 Legacy of Leadership Award Wallace & Ann Davis


THURSDAY March 1, 2018

Request for Bids

RFB No. 18-0034 Repair and Refinishing of Countertop Workstations at Muscogee County Jail Due: March 14, 2018 – 2:30 PM Della Lewis, CPPB Buyer Specialist

A Mandatory Site Visit is scheduled at 11:00 AM on Tuesday, March 6, 2018. Vendors shall convene in the administration office of the Muscogee County Jail, which is located at 700 10th Street, Columbus, GA 31901. Sealed responses must be received and time/date stamped by the due date shown above by the Finance Department/Purchasing Division of Columbus Consolidated Government, 100 Tenth Street, Columbus, GA 31901. To obtain specifications, visit the City's website at, notify the Buyer via email, fax 706.225.3033 or telephone 706.653.4105.

Andrea J. McCorvey Purchasing Manager


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1 de marzo 2018

Hispanic Outreach Committee Update

On February 9, 2018 we had 32 attendees. In addition to our regular members we were honored to have City Councilwoman Mimi Woodson, Mr. Wane Hailes, President and Publisher of the Courier Eco-Latino newspaper, Patricia MccCleod the District Coordinator for Hispanic Support for Goodwill of the Southern Rivers, Danny Arencieia, who is running for Mayor of Columbus, Fannie Williams from HWP Funeral Services and Stephen Chambers and Emilio Rodriguez from the West Central Health Department. Also we were happy to see Genny Castillo of Blue Institute, Vicky Partin of St. Thomas Episcopas Church, Corey Danziel of FAST and Kathy Rosado of Neighbor Works Columbus. All attendees talked about what is going on in their organizations. We no longer have a volunteer secretary (We really miss Terry Butler) so I recommend that those of you who attended please put your info out to those members who could not attend. Delete my notes here and put your info in and hit reply to all. Some topics covered were: Marilyn Denson of the City Community Reinvestment Office reminded everybody that the end of February is the last chance for seniors to apply for a $50,000 grant to refurbish their homes. These grants are available for everybody withing certain income limits. Please pass the word everybody. It would be a shame to let these grants go unclaimed. Marilyn's phone number is (706) 2253916. Mrs. Lisa Herring talked about the

upcoming community S e x u a l Assault/Human Trafficking and Sexual Abuse panel discussion to be held on April 13th at St. Thomas Episcopal Church. A big focus of the event will be to get the Hispanic community to tell us what help they need in this critical area. Lisa did a fantastic job on our last Sexual Abuse/Sex Trafficking panel and is the coordinator for the larger one on April 13th at her church. The closer we get to the event, some volunteers to help with things will be appreciated. I stressed that one of our goals was to get involved with more Hispanic church pastors so all of our organizations can better understand the challenges of Hispanics, including undocumented immigrants. A flier in both English and Spanish entitled Required Posted Notice in Accordance with OCGA code 16-5-47 was passed out. This law addresses sex trafficking, and provides a National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline, 1-888-374-7888 and the Statewide Georgia Hotline, 1-844-8423678. Posters are available. You may contact Lisa Herring and Dr. Brett Murphy-Dawson for information on obtaining the posters. Liz Dickerson of Goodwill of the Southern Rivers will be the first of our members to film on our internet Latinos En Columbus program, which can be shared on Facebook as well. I reminded everybody that the internet, Latinos en Columbus program is open to all members, without a rigid schedule. Mr. Wane Hailes of Eco-Latino/Courier newspaper offered to include in his newspaper any information that any committee member wishes to share with the community. (Note: From reading his January 4th edition of Eco Latino on the front page he recognizes the 20 most influential Hispanics in

Columbus.) He also took several pictures during the meeting. Mr. Hailes accomplishments in our community have been very impressive for many years, and we are excited to have him as m e m b e r. His email is, telephone phone (706) 225-0106. Councilwoman Mimi Woodson talked about her passion for, and how long she has been involved in, activities to support Hispanics as well as her service to the city as a member of the City Council. Community service and service to our nation is a family tradition. She has several family members in law enforcement and the military. Mayor candidate Danny Arenciela shared his background and enthusiasm for supporting Hispanics and the people of Columbus. as well as Law Enforcement. See his website. His email is, and his phone is 908-242-0228. Dr. Brett Murphy-Dawson explained her involvement in several organizations. Micah's Promise, BTWCC. Emanuel Prep School of Math and Science as well as the Stewards of Children Darkness to Light Program, 5 steps to protect children from child sexual abuse. Grants have been allocated to conduct classes to train people. Visit Also Dr. Brett Murphy Dawson will be on the Sexual Abuse/Sex Trafficking panel with Lisa Herring and Karin Tyson on April 13th. Pastor Juan Carlos Diaz informed the group of his Community Outreach Actividad De Impacto, his church's large semi-annual event on March 3rd at the Pop Austin Recreation Center. 1331 Austin Street, While this is not specifically an Hispanic Outreach Committee event, Pastor Juan Carlos Diaz and his Church Nuevo Pacto have been members of our committee for over six years and our members are invited to participate, Food, clothes, shoes, medical checkups and other services, including transportation to and from the event are provided to the community at no charge. Call (706) 888-2240 for info. For transportation call (706) 289-5646. Also Nuevo Pacto is sponsoring an event called, El Dia del Amigo (The Day of

the Friend) on Feb 18th, 1 PM, at 2813 Reese Road, with a free meal after the event. Thank you Pastor Juan Carlos for all you do for the community and for your support of our committee. Enid Vega of the Mildred Turner Library volunteered to host the March 9th meeting. If someone previously volunteered for March and I just can't find it in my notes, please let me know. The address for the library is 640 Veterans Parkway, Columbus, GA 31901. (706) 243-2782. Many fliers from all organizations were passed out, such as United Way's excellent 211 flier, We need to better educate Hispanics on this 2-1-1 program. Many areas of support, confidential, Spanish and other languages available. Dial 2-1-1 or (706)-405-4775. Text your Zip Code to 898211. Thank you Mrs. Candace Poole for your support of the Hispanic Outreach Committee. Also if you are aware of a family who needs a little extra help to make it thru a situation, you can refer them to Family Counseling of Columbus, (706) 3273238. Enid Vega of the Mildred Terry Library volunteered to host the March 9th meeting. The address is 640 Veterans Parkway, Columbus, GA 31901, Telephone (706) 243-2782. If someone previously volunteered to host in March please contact me. Sheriff Donna Tompkins is very grateful to all of you and your organizations for what you are doing for our Hispanic Outreach Committee and the Columbus community. Respectfully, Deputy Olin Doss, HOC Coordinator 706-566-6883

1 de marzo 2018

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¿Estás listo para enamorarte ... con tu nueva empleo? By Wane A. hailes Eco Latino

Staffing Connections Welcomes You: Committed to placing Candidates that connect to today’s Workforce, Staffing Connections goal is to provide & assist Candidates with the options to navigate around the ever-changing world of work. We offer the flexibility of temporary, temp to hire, and direct hire positions in either full or part-time shifts, in Columbus and Fort Benning, GA, Opelika, AL and surrounding areas. We strive to provide our customers with our dynamic service of recruiting and staffing excellence. Staffing Connections values our Customers and Candidates, and will continue to go the extra mile to ensure our candidates are connecting to today’s Workforce. The Staffing Connections Mission Statement is to be the Staffing Company of choice by striving to surpass the expectations of our client companies, staffing employees and team members. Staffing Connections will operate with the highest ethical standards to include honesty, integrity, & fairness, while continuing to have a positive impact in our community. We have built a reputation as the leading provider of Staffing Services with the Customers we serve because of our continued commitment to Staffing Excellence and Trust. Staffing Connections recognizes the demands of the ever-changing workforce, and focuses on Work Smart solutions to meet these demands ensuring the right candidate is placed with the right workforce. Staffing Connections is a minority (woman) owned business. ¿Estás listo para enamorarte ... con tu nueva empleo? Representantes bilingües de atención al cliente contactar a Staffing Connections hoy para una excelente oportunidad de empleo. Llama: 706.324.1910 Visita:¡ No olvides mencionar este anuncio!

¿Estás listo para enamorarte ... con tu nueva empleo? Representantes bilingües de atención al cliente contactar a Staffing Connections hoy para una excelente oportunidad de empleo. Llama: 706.324.1910 Visita: ¡No olvides mencionar este anuncio!

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Por Kathy Rosado Eco Latino

Como se menciona en la Parte I de Formas Simples de Ahorro, tener una cuenta de ahorros lo ayudaría con los gastos inesperados o para una meta específica. ¡Los grandes gastos pueden suceder inesperadamente! Tener esa cuenta de ahorros para lo inesperado o para ese objetivo final es un alivio en el bolsillo del consumidor. Aquí incluyo la segunda parte de simples sugerencias de presupuestos que pueden ayudarlo a alcanzar sus metas. ¡Feliz ahorro! 1. Automatizar ahorros Configure sus ahorros para que los fondos se deduzcan automáticamente de su sueldo y se depositen en una cuenta separada. Mientras el dinero se guarde en una cuenta de ahorros, estará fuera de la vista, fuera de la mente, y podría ayudarle a pagar los gastos futuros que tenga en mente o en caso de una emergencia. 2. Dividendos de depósito Piense en incluir algunas acciones de dividendos en su cartera. Si bien podría obtener dividendos e ir en un crucero, el uso mucho más responsable del efectivo agregado sería depositarlo en un fondo de emergencia. Llenar una cuenta con dividendos no es la forma más rápida de ahorrar dinero, pero el ingreso adicional ciertamente suma. 3. Reparar crédito Si su informe de crédito deja mucho que desear, tal vez sea hora de obtener un poco de ayuda. Un puntaje de crédito poco inspirador le afectará en más de un sentido: altas tasas de interés, denegación de préstamos y tarjetas de crédito por debajo del promedio; todo lo cual le costará a largo plazo. Busque reparación de crédito

Maneras Simples de Ahorro - Parte II para mejorar su puntaje FICO, ahorrar dinero en préstamos y guardar el dinero extra para un fondo de emergencia. Programe una cita con NeighborWorks Columbus para comenzar a reconstruir su crédito. 4. Staycation (Vacaciones sin Salir) ¿Deseas pasar un tiempo de vacaciones, pero no estás dispuesto a sacar mucho de sus ahorros? Considere alguna gratificación económica con una estancia en casa: unas vacaciones cerca de su casa. Experimente todo el lujo de unas vacaciones sin el costo del viaje. Algunas personas llegan tan lejos como reservar un hotel a poca distancia de sus casas solo para emular la sensación de unas vacaciones o convertirse en un turista dentro de su propia ciudad. 5. Corta la cuerda La mayoría de las personas gasta alrededor de $103 o más al mes en cable. Esto ni siquiera incluye los diversos servicios de transmisión a los que se suscriben la mayoría de las personas. Gracias a la variedad de servicios de transmisión, tiene más para ver y menos para pagar. Piense en usar entretenimiento a la carta, elija los servicios de transmisión que desee y abandone el resto. 6. Omita la cafetería Su café de la mañana puede parecer una necesidad, pero tal vez sea hora de decir adiós al Café Latte y hola al humilde café tostado casero. Eso par de dólares, a veces tanto como $6, que gasta en bebidas en la cafetería se suman, y estos fondos se delegarían mejor en una cuenta de emergencia. Piénselo de esta manera, $6 diarios x 5 días a la semana, $30 dólares por semana, $120 por mes, $1,440 al año. En resumen, tiene opciones, considere lo que puede hacer para comenzar a ahorrar hoy para mañana. En NeighborWorks Columbus podemos ayudarlo a lograr sus objetivos. Simplemente llámenos al 706-324-1077 o visítenos en línea: para conocer en primer lugar cómo nos relacionamos con nuestros clientes.

ENGLISH Simple Ways of Savings - Part II As mentioned in Part I of Simple Ways of Saving, having a savings account would help you with unexpected expenses or for a specific goal. Large expenses can happen unexpectedly! Having

that savings account for the unexpected or for that ultimate goal is a relief on the consumer’s pocket. Here I include the second part of simple budgeting tips that may help you reach your goals. Happy savings! 1. Automate savings Set up your savings so funds are automatically deducted from your paycheck and deposited into a separate account. As long as money is being stashed away in a savings account it will be out of sight, out of mind, and could potentially help you for future expenses you have in mind or in case of an emergency. 2. Deposit dividends Think about including some dividends stocks in your portfolio. While you could pocket dividends and go on a cruise, the far more responsible use of added cash would be to deposit it into an emergency fund. Filling an account with dividends isn’t the fastest way of saving money, but the extra income certainly adds up. 3. Repair credit If your credit report leaves a lot to be desired, it might be time to get a little help. An uninspiring credit score will hurt you in more ways than one: high interest rates, loan denial and below average credit cards; all which will cost you in the long term. Seek out credit repair to improve your FICO score, save money on lending, and put away the extra cash for a rainy day fund. Schedule an appointment with NeighborWorks Columbus to start rebuilding your credit. 4. Staycation Desiring some vacation time, but unwilling to break into the piggy bank? Consider some affordable indulgence with a staycation — a vacation near your home. Experience all the luxury

1 de marzo 2018 of a vacation without the cost of travel. Some people go as far as booking a hotel within driving distance of their homes just to emulate the feeling of a vacation or become a tourist within your own hometown. 5. Cut the cord Most people spend around $103 or more a month on cable. This doesn’t even include the various streaming services most people subscribe to. Thanks to the variety of streaming services, you have more to see and less to pay. Think about using al-la-carte entertainment, pick the streaming services you want, and ditch the rest. 6. Skip the coffee shop Your morning coffee might seem like a necessity, but it might be time to say goodbye to the Caffe Latte and hello to the humble homemade heavy-roast. The couple dollars, sometimes as much as $6, you spend on drinks at the coffee shop add up, and these funds would be better delegated to an emergency account. Think about it this way, $6 daily x 5 days a week, $30 dollars a week, $120 a month, $1,440 a year! The bottom line, you have options, consider what you can do to start saving today for tomorrow. At NeighborWorks Columbus we can help you achieve your goals. Just give us a call at 706324-1077 or visit us online: to get a first look at how we engage our customers.

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Latina Legacy...Mi Voz-My Voice Cristina is ready to pass the work on to her daughter.

By Wane A. Hailes Eco Latino

Many people in the Chattahoochee Valley know of the influence and gracefulness of Cristina Richards. From being a leader in the banking industry to working with Hispanic women to increase their role in the community, Ms. Richards has made a significant impact. However, there come a time when every great leader looks to pass torch to the next generation. Ms. Richards started the Columbus Hispanic Professional Women: a nonprofit that met monthly to provide networking opportunities, seminars and Hispanic cultural events. Cristina has groomed Gina to value her Panamanian heritage. And now

Gina plans to build on the foundation started by her mother. However, the organization will have a new name and added focus. Mi Voz - My Voice will empower Hispanic to use their voices to be positive influences in our community. In addition to building a strong network of influential Hispanic women, the organization will be involved providing these services for Hispanic families: - Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets for families in need - Christmas toy drive - Back to school supply drive - Scholarship fund for Hispanic students The torch has been passed and the legacy of strengthening Latinas and the Hispanic community will continue for years to come.

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