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A View From A Pew


“There Ought To Be A Law Or At Least A Dress Code”

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Musical Magic Of Motown

New Black History Museum Presents Musical Page 7

Meet Dr. Angela Vickers

The Chief Student Service Officer Has Been On The Job Since 2017 Page 11

“Under The Radar”

Tina Bedell founder of Bedell Counseling Services

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THURSDAY August 15, 2019

2020 Election Concerns

According to the street committee there are more than a few reasons to be concerned about the upcoming 2020 election. Did you know that the state of

The Street Committee

Georgia will be using voting machines? The street committee has learned that there will be a “Candid Conversation” with Nancy Boren, Diretcor of Elections and Registration in the next issue of the Courier. You will be surprised with some of what she has to say about the new process.

Request for Bids

RFB No. 20-0002 Wheel Alignment & Balance Services (Annual Contract) Due: August 21, 2019 – 2:30 PM Kevin Robertson, Buyer


RFB No. 20-0004 Alternators & Starters (Annual Contract) September 4, 2019 – 2:30 PM Sandra Chandler, Buyer

Sealed responses must be received and time/date stamped by the due date shown above, by the Finance Department/Purchasing Division of Columbus Consolidated Government, 100 Tenth Street, Columbus, GA 31901. To obtain specifications, visit the City's website at portunities.htm, notify the Buyer via email, fax 706-225-3033, or telephone 706-225-4087. Andrea J. McCorvey Purchasing Division Manager

The Courier Eco Latino Newspaper *Any editorial content are the views of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the views of this newspaper, publisher or staff” The Courier Eco Latino Newspaper 1300 Wynnton Rd Suite 104 Columbus, Georgia 3190 Email: Phone: 706.225.0106 Mailing Address: P.O. Box 5747 Columbus, Ga 31906 Visit Us Online At:



There Ought To Be A Law, Or At The Least A Dress Code! yoga pants. They are supposed to fit snugly around the calf, not cutting off your circulation and for you skinny women, not hanging loose like a bell ringing when you walk. This particular woman had obviously decided she was going to get in these pants or else because the seams where the pants are to fit around the calves were split up to her knees. She also wore a sleeveless orange top, which by itself wasn’t that bad except that the back of her neck looked like an eight pack of hot dogs. Somebody in her family, a girlfriend, her “Boo,” someone should have told her no. Please, before all of you, “I’m not fat I’m just “big-boned,” women start to cussing me out let me be perfectly clear I am not “Fat Shaming” anyone. I have nothing against a “Pleasingly Plump” woman. This “View From A Pew is not about weight. I don’t care if you start out in the morning wearing a pair of high heel shoes but by the end of the day they are flats. My problem is large women trying to wear clothes and shoes that work against them and not for or with them There are many, many, large women who look great in their clothes. Of course, they don’t purchase cheap clothing either. I’m sure you get the picture whether you can stomach it or not.

A handful of schools across the country are clamping down on inappropriate dress, not by students, but their parents. After spending less than fifteen minutes at the Muscogee County School District’s administration office building last week during student registration I would have to concur. Our school board needs to implement a dress

code for parents.

I saw some of everything in that short of time; shower caps, hair rollers, pajamas, sagging pants, leggings that show the wearer’s bottom, low-rider shorts and torn jeans showing lots of skin. I saw sheer tops without a bra revealing perky breasts but more often than not

some that obviously lost their perkiness quite a while ago.

Some of you need to stop believing that just because it looks good in a size 8 it’s going to look good in a size 24. Case in point, I witnessed a size 24-plus-woman walk in with her child and her hips and thighs were fighting a pair of

Speaking of stomachs, some of you need to understand that low rider jeans are for women with no stomach. To my young “sisters”, if you are pregnant, those jeans are not appropriate maternity wear. To you older women, we really do not need to see your stomach hanging over a pair of low rider jeans. In your mind, you are thinking you “still got it going on.” The only thing


you’ve got “going on,” is time; time for you to realize that you are not sixteen any more; time for you to become one with Spanx and most important time for you to stop embarrassing yourself and your kids.

On a personal note: some of you need to leave the colors of the rainbow to Jesse Jackson instead of in your hair. While I’m at it I understand tattoos are all the rage these days. I have no problem with a butterfly on the ankle but when I see a mother walking in the building with a tattoo of a panther covering her whole chest, that’s just too much for me. It may be a panther today but in ten years, trust me; it’s going to look more like a giraffe. No doubt when you talk about implementing any type of dress code there will be some backlash but this is not about race, creed, or color and especially not about socio-economic status it is about elevating standards for students who will go out into the world in the near future and seek opportunities for themselves. I do not want them to face possible barriers.” Parents don’t have to dress up; just come in a presentable manner and not night clothing or inappropriate clothing. Parents can dress how they like in the carpool line, but if they are coming into the school they need to be dressed appropriately. Finally regardless how you dress can you please remember to put some lotion, petroleum jelly or Crisco on your body? I saw enough crust (ash) on the back of some of your heels that I could have made two deep dish apple pies.

Wane A. Hailes




Early Worship 8am Breakfast 9am Sunday School 9:30 am Morning Worship 11am Wednesday Prayer Meeting/Bible Study 7pm Thursday Noon Bible Study 12 noon Sunday Child Day Care Services Available For Those Attending Our Worship WEBSITE : (O FFICE )706.323-6996 (FAX ) 706.322.7596 (PASTOR ’ S HOME )706.561.6733 or Transportation available, must contact church office by Friday at 12:00 noon.



4236 St. Mary’s Road Columbus, Georgia


Metropolitan Baptist Church 1635 5th Avenue . Columbus, Georgia


Pastor Curtis Crocker, Jr.

Service Sunday School 9:30 A.M Monday Night Tuesday Bible Study

Schedule Sunday Worship 11:00 A.M Prayer 6:00 P.M 12:00 P.M & 5:30 P.M

Mission Statement A growing church for growing Christians attempting to grow the Kingdom, one soul at a time.

Fourth Street Missionary Baptist Church Corner of 3rd Avenue and 5th Street Rev. Dr. J.H. Flakes Jr. Way Columbus, Georgia 31901 706.324.2055 Rev. J.H. Flakes, III -Pastor Rev. Dr. J.H. Flakes, Jr. - Pastor Emeritus

Courier August 15, 2019


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Courier Thursday August 15, 2019

Lisa Goodwin Announced as the New Chairman of the Tuskegee Morehouse Classic The Oldest HBCU Classic in the Country

and the Maroon Tigers of Morehouse College.

The year also marks the first time a female has served as chairman of this prestigious classic, Lisa Goodwin.

“We are excited to host the upcoming 84th Granddaddy of All Classics, the Tuskegee-Morehouse Classic, here in Columbus, Georgia at the A.J. McClung Memorial Stadium,” says Goodwin.

“This stadium is significant to this classic, as it bears the name of one of its Founders in 1935 and I’m honored and

By Wane A. Hailes The Courier

The annual Tuskegee Morehouse classic is set for 2:00pm at A. J. McClung Memorial Stadium in beautiful Columbus, GA. This year marks the 84th meeting between the Golden Tigers of Tuskegee

privileged to be able to stand on the shoulders of past chairman, such as the late honorable Mayor Pro-Tem A.J. McClung, Col. Jim Jackson, Judge Michael Bellamy and other notable Chairs. I don’t take this responsibility lightly or alone in that we have a hard working Board of Directors and Classic Committee that has been working since the close of last years classic in preparation for our event this year. Our overall goal, outside of creating an experience for all attendees during the week is to provide scholarships to students attending or aspiring to attend

either of these private, HBCU schools of valor.

This year everyone will have an opportunity to participate in giving back through our first ever ‘Text to Give’ initiative which will be unveiled in the upcoming weeks.”

The weekend of events includes a college recruitment fair, “Classic Cocktails & networking, UFC Fight Night, Ambassador’s Reception, 20th annual Franklin Douglass Charity Golf tournament and the 84th Annual Tuskegee Morehouse Classic Parade.

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Courier Thursday August 15, 2019

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Courier Thursday August 15, 2019


By Wane A. Hailes The Courier Under the direction of the legendary Jacquelyn Egins the “Musical Magic of Motown” is the compilation of popular music from the height of Motown in the 1960s. It depicts the best of Motown in storybook form while highlighting the historical development of this successful music company.

Since 1959 Motown has produced first class performing groups and vocalists with top ten record sales in Detroit that surrounded the nation and encompassed the world. The best music from a generation has become the soundtrack of a nation and is now celebrating sixty (60) years of musical splendor. You will be entertained by local artists as they bring to life renditions from Motown headliners like the Jacksons, The Temptations, Aretha Franklin, The Four Tops, The Supremes, Smokey Robinson, Martha and The Vandellas, Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight and The Pips and more. All proceeds from “Musical Magic of Motown” will go towards the The Dr. M. Delmar Edwards Black History

Museums capital campaign.

The Museum, named after the first Black surgeon in Columbus, Georgia is poised to become not only a museum but an educational resource of local and regional stature. Phase one of the Dr. M. Delmar Edwards Black History Museum is the completion of a spacious new museum and the development of strategic partnerships with colleges, school systems, and other cultural and educational organizations that will expand the museums outreach and impact.

Phase Two of the campaign will complete the process, finishing the interior spaces of the building, fabricating and installing signature exhibits, and opening this much-anticipated museum to the public. Included in the stunning new facility will be ample collection storage areas, extensive galleries for both changing and permanent exhibits, a multi-purpose room and a museum store.

The impact of the new Dr. M. Delmar Edwards Black History Museum will be felt in many ways and in many areas. The museum, when completed, will act as the anchor and centerpiece of the

Liberty District that already includes the restored historic Liberty Theatre.

The Dr. M. Delmar Edwards Black History Museum’s presence will also have a significant positive economic impact on Columbus, Georgia and the tri-city area. In 2006, according to the Georgia Department of Economic Development, tourism contributed $257 million to the Macon economy, supported over 3,000 jobs, and generated $7.5 million and $10.3 million respectively in local and state tax revenue. But as impressive as these economic numbers are, the new Dr. M. Delmar



Edwards Black History Museum’s most important and wide spread impact will come from its continuing role as a critical educational and cultural resource. The core mission of the Dr. M. Delmar Edwards Black History Museum – to educate people about African American art, history, and culture – is broad and inclusive. It is a museum for the city, the state, and the region. It began as the dream of one man. With your help and contributions, it can become a priceless gift for everyone. The Musical Magic of Motown Saturday August 31, 2019 Showtime 8PM General Seating $47.50 VIP/Reserved Seating $59.50 Tickets On Sale Now at Box Office

Courier Thursday August 15, 2019

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Davis Broadcasting, Inc. Ushers In A New Era of High School Football

By Wane A. Hailes The Courier

Davis Broadcasting, Inc. Columbus’ only minority owned and family operated radio station recently announced that A Carlos Williams and Jonathan “Bam” Rivers as the new voices of Friday night High School football in the Fountain City.

The pair will co-host the play-by-play action of Fantastic Friday Night Football as they broadcast a full schedule of

Muscogee County High School football games and much more.

You can tune in every Friday on WOKS 1340AM/94.1FM and ESPN 95.7. In addition the games will also be streamed live on and on the WIOL app (downloadable on iPhone or Android). “Here at Davis Broadcasting, we believe in student athletes and the benefits that go along with participating in organized

sports like football, said broadcasting veteran Carlos Williams. Football brings people together and our students should be highlighted.”

Therefore this year the Fantastic Friday Night duo, Carlos and Bam, will introduce a new Player of the Week award. This player will be rewarded based on their efforts and talents that help drive their team to victory. One player will be selected and awarded for each broadcasted game. Players of the Week

awardees will receive a plaque, on-air promotion each week and their picture displayed prominently in the Courier Eco Latino newspaper.

To encourage attendance and celebration at each High School game Davis Broadcasting will conduct an on-line promotion for the school with the most school spirit. The school with the most votes at the end of football season will win $500 for their school.



Courier August 15, 2019

The Columbus Museum Hosts...Pride of the Swift-Growing South: Tuskegee Institute Photography August 24, 2019 - February 2, 2020 Yarbrough Gallery By Bridgett Russell Special To The Courier

From Saturday, August 24, 2019 through Sunday, February 2, 2020 the Columbus Museum will host an exhibit: Pride Of The Swift-Growing South...Tuskegee Institute Photography

In 1881, Lewis Adams, a formerly enslaved man, and George W. Campbell, a former enslaver, founded a school to train African American teachers in Tuskegee, Alabama. Adams and Campbell hired Booker T. Washington to serve as the new school’s principal, and over time, Washington built Tuskegee Institute into a major southern center for African American vocational education. He traveled and fundraised extensively, and as part of his efforts, in 1903 Washington hired New Orleans-based Arthur P. Bedou as his personal photographer and soon made him Tuskegee’s official photographer as well. After Washington’s death in 1915, Bedou was replaced by Augusta

native C.M. Battey, who had also documented Washington’s activities; he served as Tuskegee photographer until his death in 1927. During his tenure at the school, Battey mentored P.H. Polk, whose work over his four decades as Tuskegee’s official photographer has recently gained wider acclaim. The Tuskegee University Archives has acquired a treasure trove of works by this succession of Tuskegee photographers – Bedou, Battey, and Polk. This

exhibition presents many of these pieces publicly for the first time. These images illuminate the lives of African Americans who attended or taught at Tuskegee in the Jim Crow era and cover a range of subjects, including portraits of Tuskegee faculty, students, and area residents; Washington’s public speaking engagements; and homecoming parades, athletic events, and other candid images depicting student life.


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Courier Thursday August 15, 2019

Meet Dr. Angel Vickers, Chief Student Services Officer What You Should Know

Muscogee County School District students, at specific sites, will receive special meal assistance through the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) program. The program is administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), through the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs, allowing schools and districts to serve breakfast and lunch at no cost to all enrolled students at CEP locations without collecting household applications.

This alternative provision will provide meals at no charge to District students at the following locations:

By Wane A. Hailes The Courier

Two years ago Angela Vickers, then the supervisor of educational leadership development for the School District of Hillsborough County, Fla., replaced the retired Melvin Blackwell, who had been the Muscogee County School District’s student services chief for the past six years.

In her position Dr. Vickers is responsible for promoting a safe and educationally sound environment for students to learn. “To accomplish this, says Vickers, we provide services to all students in a wide range of programs and resources to schools, district personnel, students and their families on issues and concerns related to the following: enrollment, student discipline, school safety, intradistrict transfers, pupil records, military student transition, custody of minors, homeless, compulsory school attendance, student health concerns, athletics, and addressing the needs of students with disabilities and mental health service availability.”

Vickers is responsible for the following staff and their respective program areas: Debbie Freeman Executive Assistant to Dr. Vickers 706-748-3336 Darlene Register Military Student Coordinator 706-748-2254

Jeff Battles Director of Athletics K-12 Health and Physical Education 706-748-2595 Kevin C. Scott Director of Student Services 706-748-3217 Sonia Sheehan Manager of Student Services Jeanne Polhamus RN Lead Nurse 706-748-2233 Dr. Trikella L. Nelson Director of Guidance and Counseling Services Homeless Liaison 706-748-2226 Sonja L. Matthews-Coaxum Executive Director, Program for Exceptional Students 706-748-2230 LaChrista Thornton Director, Woodall Program 706-748-3166 Dr. Kenya Gilmore Director of Project AWARE & PBIS 706-748-3339

Robin B. Barber Director of PES - Operations and Support Services 706-748-2218 Dr. Nikki T. Sutton Program Manager of MTSS Implementation/504 Coordinator 706-748-2196

Dr. Vickers can be reached at 706.748.3336

Allen Elementary School Arnold Magnet Academy Baker Middle School Blanchard Elementary School Brewer Elementary School Carver High School J.D. Davis Elementary School Dawson Elementary School Dimon Magnet Academy Dorothy Height Elementary School Double Churches Middle School Downtown Magnet Academy East Columbus Magnet Academy Eddy Middle School Forrest Road Elementary School Fort Middle School Fox Elementary School Gentian Elementary School Georgetown Elementary School Hannan Magnet Academy Hardaway High School Johnson Elementary School Jordan High School Kendrick High School Key Elementary School Lonnie Jackson Academy Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School Midland Academy Midland Middle School Reese Road Leadership Academy Richards Middle School Rigdon Road Elementary School River Road Elementary School Rothschild Leadership Academy Shaw High School South Columbus Elementary School Spencer High School St. Mary’s Magnet Academy Waddell Elementary School Wesley Heights Elementary School Wynnton Arts Academy

Cabinet Members

Dr. David F. Lewis Superintendent Keith Seifert Academic Officer Theresa Thornton Financial Officer Arleska Castillo Human Resources Officer Ron Pleasant Information Officer David Goldberg Oper. and Facilities Officer Dr. Angela Vickers Student Services Officer Mercedes Parham Director Communications Dr. Ronald Wiggins Regional Chief (East) James Wilson Regional Chief (Central) Terry Baker Regional Chief (West)

706-748-2019 706-748-2109 706-748-2354 706-748-2011








School Board Members

Patricia Hugley-Green Board Chair District 1 706-687-4327 706-748-2002 Fax Laurie C. McRae Board Vice Chair District 5 706-617-9179 706-748-2002 Fax Kia Chambers At Large Member 706-577-3218 706-748-2002 Fax Dr. Michael H. Edmondson District 2 706-587-4864 706-748-2002 Fax Vanessa K. Jackson District 3 706-617-7985 706-748-2002 Fax Naomi Buckner District 4 706-563-2258 706-748-2002 Fax Mark Cantrell District 6 706-393-4000 706-748-2002 Fax Cathy Williams District 7 706-617-9488 706-748-2002 Fax Dr. Philip T. Schley, Sr. District 8 706-330-8923 706-748-2002 Fax

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Courier Thursday August 15, 2019

Bob Wright Symposium Host 2nd Annual Black Business Roundtable Fifty One years ago an article appeared in the New York Times with the headline, “Mainstream, Inc., of Columbus Helps Negroes Get Franchises”. The “Negro” who headed the group they were speaking of was Dr. Robert L. Wright. Representatives of Mainstream along with Wright had attended recent franchising industry conferences encouraging franchise companies to seek more “Negro” franchisees. Fast forward to 2019 and on Wednesday July 31st the

day after the Symposium that shares his name “Bob” Wright hosted a Black Business Roundtable for local Black entrepreneurs.

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Courier Thursday August 15, 2019

Tru Ryderz M/C Hold Back-To-School Event At TGI Fridays

Courier August 15, 2019


Jessica Nicole Roberts crowned Miss Columbus Outstanding Teen 2020

the blockbuster movie Black Panther. Jessica will spend her year promoting her platform “People Helping Animals, Animals Helping People”. Jessica is an 11th grade dance major at RaineyMcCullers School of the Arts here in Columbus.

Jessica will represent her hometown of Columbus, GA in the 2020 Miss Georgia's Outstanding Teen Pageant in June at the RiverCenter for the Performing Arts here in Columbus.

By Staff The Courier

Jessica Nicole Roberts was crowned Miss Columbus Outstanding Teen 2020 on Saturday night August 10, at the

Jordan High School Auditorium. Jessica was also the overall Teen Onstage Question and Evening-wear winner as well as overall Teen Talent Winner with her Ballet en Pointe to “Wakanda” from

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Dr. Tina M. Bedell...

Courier Thursday August 15, 2019

Founder Bedell Counseling, Coaching & Consulting Services

By Wane A. Hailes The Courier Dr. Tina M. Bedell, originally from Columbus, Ohio is the founder of Bedell Counseling, Coaching & Consulting Services and Tina M. Bedell Ministries.

She is the only licensed, PhD level; Marriage and Family Therapist in the Fountain City and a board certified Life Coach. Her client population includes adults, particularly high-profile clients and she specializes in emotional/sexual intimacy, trauma, infidelity, depression, anxiety, Christian/Spiritual Counseling, grief and women’s issues.

Bedell has traveled extensively conducting presentations, seminars, and workshops as well as participating in various ministry conferences, leadership meetings, and consulting teams. A skilled teacher and conduit of change, she is an individual with a prophetic gifting, wise counsel and unusual insight. She has the uncanny ability to recognize growth areas as well as provide practical solutions that move individuals towards greater levels of prosperity. Her gifts and skills expand across an array of professions, which has provided her the opportunity to impact a number of disciplines and institutions. Her desire is to see others operate with a spirit of excellence in their personal, professional, and spiritual lives. Understanding that everyone has a destiny, her diligence is motivated by her determination to move individuals, businesses, and ministries from potential to purpose.

As a licensed minister with Tina Bedell Ministries her mission is to minister to and mentor the total woman in regards to marriage, motherhood and ministry. Her vision is to bring about wholeness which keeps one healthy in all aspects of life, balance which helps one to prioritize the various roles, and beauty from the inside which focuses on building one's character and beauty on the outside which focuses on refining one's exterior.

Bedell and her husband Sidney, who have been married for 21 years, is an anesthesiologist and they have three children; Sidney who attends and plays football at Kentucky State University, Kennedi who will be attending Hampton University with a softball scholarship in 2019 and Savanna who is a student at Veterans Middle School

Education: BA in Psychology from Kentucky State University MA in Mental Health Counseling with an emphasis on Marriage and Family Western Kentucky University PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy from The Ohio State University

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15 de agosto 2019

Lucy T. Murillo, fundadora Columbus Counseling Associates LLC Por Wane A. Hailes Eco Latino

Lucy T. Murillo tiene la personalidad perfecta y una sonrisa contagiosa para su profesión. Originaria de Los Ángeles, California y de ascendencia mexicana, es una consejera profesional y terapeuta bilingüe certificada a nivel nacional. Graduada de la Universidad de Troy, su especialidad se centra en la terapia individual para niños / adolescentes, la terapia de familias hispanas, la terapia cognitiva conductual, la terapia EMDR y los grupos de apoyo para adolescentes. Después de trabajar dos años con el Instituto Pastoral, en 2015 Murillo dio un salto de fe al ingresar a la práctica privada como fundador y CEO de Columbus Counseling Associates, LLC. Su misión fue y sigue siendo: proporcionar curación emocional a todas las familias dentro de nuestra comunidad desde un enfoque de apoyo culturalmente sensible. Hoy el negocio incluye tres consejeros adicionales que trabajan como proveedores independientes. Ellos son: Dr. Tina M. Bedell, LMFT, Rachael L. Heinsen, LMFT y Dr. Charlene Johnson. "En general, estamos comprometidos a fortalecer a las familias y ser una fuerza de bien en nuestra comunidad", dice Murillo. Estamos dedicados a brindar siempre a nuestros clientes una atención y asesoramiento excelentes y compasivos. Desde ayudar a las familias en crisis hasta atender a las personas que luchan con enfermedades mentales, adicciones y traumas, estamos en constante evolución para abordar los problemas únicos que enfrenta nuestra comunidad. Cada uno de nosotros está dedicado a proporcionar programas específicos e inno-

vadores que faciliten un cambio real. Nuestro equipo está comprometido con el bienestar emocional y la salud psicológica de nuestra comunidad ". Hablar español con fluidez ha sido extremadamente beneficioso para la práctica de Murillo al permitirle llegar a la creciente población hispana en el condado de Muscogee. "Hay un cierto nivel de comodidad que se puede establecer cuando se puede hablar con un cliente en su idioma nativo", señaló Murillo. Uno de los servicios que brinda y que más le entusiasma es su grupo mensual de apoyo gratuito para adolescentes. Los adolescentes pueden venir a su oficina el tercer martes de cada mes. "No es un grupo de terapia", dice, "les proporciono un lugar seguro para que hablen y obtengan el apoyo de sus compañeros sin una agenda establecida".

ENGLISH Lucy T. Murillo has the perfect personality and infectious smile for her profession. Originally from Los Angeles, California and of Mexican descent she is a nationally certified licensed Professional Counselor and Bilingual Therapist. A graduate of Troy University her specialty focuses on Child/Adolescent individual therapy, Hispanic families therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, EMDR therapy and Teen support groups. After working two years with the Pastoral Institute, in 2015 Murillo took a leap of faith entering into private practice as the founder and CEO of Columbus Counseling Associates, LLC. Her mission was and remains:

to provide emotional healing to all families within our community from a culturally sensitive supportive approach. Today the business includes three additional counselors who work as independent providers. They are: Dr. Tina M. Bedell, LMFT, Rachael L. Heinsen, LMFT and Dr. Charlene Johnson. “As a whole we are committed to strengthening families and being a force of good in our community”, says Murillo. We are devoted to always providing our clients with excellent, compassionate care and

counseling. From helping families in crisis, to serving people struggling with mental illness, addiction and trauma, we are constantly evolving to address the unique issues that our community faces. Each of us is dedicated to providing targeted, innovative programs that facilitate real change. Our team is committed to the emotional well-being and psychological health of our community.” Being fluent in Spanish has been extremely beneficial to Murillo’s practice allowing her to reach the growing Hispanic

population in Muscogee County. “There is a certain comfort level that can be established when you are able to speak with a client in their native language”, noted Murillo. One of the services she provides and is most excited about is her free monthly teen support group. Teens are welcome to come to her office the 3rd Tuesday of each month. “It’s not a therapy group”, she says, “I provide a safe place for them to talk and get support from their peers with no set agenda.”

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La voz de la comunidad hispana

Lucy T. Murillo, fundadora Columbus Counseling Associates LLC

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