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Reaching the heart of the community!


Purpose built for babies from three months, Baby Pippins is set in idyllic orchards and staffed by a qualiďŹ ed, caring team. At two years our babies progress to Pippins, our accredited Montessori nursery.

01787 228 567 2

or visit

Pippins White’s Farm Bures Road White Colne Colchester CO6 2QF

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Well, autumn has well and truly arrived. Strictly and Bake Off are back on the telly and the BBC Proms have finished which is always a significant line when summer ends and autumn starts in our household. So we now start to look forward to cosy nights in, comfort food and stocking up on some good books for the longer evenings. We have an article about joining or starting a Book Club on page 8 if you fancy making reading a social activity. We also have lots to do in our What’s On pages. We have exhibitions, Halloween events, an Apple Day, Food and Drink Festival, painting workshops and lots more! We've even got a Street Hunt which is a cross between a visual crossword puzzle and a treasure hunt - see page 22 for more details. The next edition will be the December/January issue and this is where you will want to promote any Christmas events. So please do get in touch. Our deadline for that one will be November 3rd. I hope you enjoy this issue and I’ll see you again in November.

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Competition winner

£25 cash sudoku winner - Pauline Bedwell from West Bergholt.

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Home & Interiors Inspired by Colour

By Katherine Sorrell

dyes could be extracted from other sources, such as ultramarine blue from ground lapis lazuli gemstones or Tyrian purple, where 10,000 boiled snails produced just one gram of dye. The story of colour is the story of society, of fashion, of the way we live, of science, of art – in fact, of mankind itself. We look at all aspects of colour, from its history to this year’s most fashionable shades. Did you know there was a time when green wallpaper could kill? Or that a very expensive dye was made from boiled snails? In the Palaeolithic era about 35,000 years ago - Stone Age man began to create cave paintings using earth pigments mixed with resin, water or glue made from animal bones and hides. For centuries the most widely used natural pigments were extracted from soil and rocks, plants, insects and animals. Ash and chalk were also basics; at a price, however, strong, bright pigments or

Historically, the use of colour was governed by ease of availability and thus cost. The richest colours were always reserved for the most important parts of religious and royal interiors. In the Georgian period, the affordable ‘common’ colours included stone and timber colours, greys and whites – in the form of distemper and white lead. Middle class households would often use the slightly more expensive oil colours such as ‘drab’ (dull brownish grey), olive, pea green and sky blue. More expensive paints included pink, lemon, orange and straw colour, while the most costly were verdigris, ultramarine and smalt, a glittering blue. Everything changed from the early 19th century, when chemists began to develop synthetic colours at lower

cost. Many new colours were developed and old ones were improved - though an exception was Emerald Green, commercially available from 1814 to the early 1900s, as fumes from wallpaper printed with the arsenic-based ink could be deadly. The new Victorian palette included bottle greens, gold, burgundy, crimson, rose, violet and mahogany, as well as intense chemical yellows, blues and greens. Edwardian hues became softer and paler and, ever since, colour has followed the rollercoaster of fashion and scientific advances: from the ‘greeneryyallery’ of the Aesthetic movement to the brilliant white produced by the introduction of titanium dioxide in 1916 and from the sorbet colours of the Fifties right through to the pinks, blues and greens of 2017. It’s fair to say that the modern world of colour has no limits.

main image: Plushious quilted and hand-embroidered bedspread in velvet by linum, £320, the french bedroom company: 01444 415 430;

What are this year’s most fashionable colours? greenery: Colour authority Pantone’s colour of 2017, Greenery is described as ‘a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew’. Greenery is ideal for adding pops of colour in the form of cushions, cupboard fronts or vases. It also lends itself


beautifully to the botanicals trend that’s so hot right now.

and post-pretty, and it’s literally everywhere.

millennial PinK: Also known as Tumblr Pink and Scandi Pink, Millennial Pink is a soft, dusky pink that was inspired by Wes Anderson’s film The Grand Budapest Hotel and the rose gold iPhone. It’s been called gender-neutral

Denim Drift: Dulux’s colour of the year for 2017, Denim Drift is versatile and easy to use in every room of the house, from kitchen cupboards and soft furnishings to floor coverings and entire walls. It’s easy to coordinate with, too.

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Ziel Design F O R


Fabrics Wallpaper

20th Anniversary

Bespoke Curtains Blinds Upholstery Distinctive Lamps Home & Garden Gifts

Images courtesy of Sanderson

The Old Forge, 39 High Street, Earls Colne CO6 2PA Tel: 01787 222989 • Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm zielearlscolne •


Autumn Entertainment From new releases to true classics, there’s plenty to keep you entertained from our choice of books for this issue. how to stop time – matt haig Tom Hazard looks like he’s 40, but he’s been alive for centuries. People notice when you age so slowly, so Tom has to change his identity every eight years – a new name, new job, new friends. Falling in love isn’t an option and it’s best not to get too attached to anyone, as they’ll only die. But Tom craves an ordinary life. Beautifully written, this book is begging to be devoured in one sitting. home fire – Kamila shamsie After years of raising her younger siblings, Isma is free to live her own life and to start a career in America. Back in the UK, her sister, Aneeka, is struggling in a society that sees her hijab as a threat. Enter Eamonn, the son of a well-known London politician, who will have a lasting effect on both women. This reimagining of Sophocles’ Antigone covers some pretty big issues, from religion, politics and extremism to love and family ties. However, Shamsie’s skilful writing means the themes never suffocate the story. A powerful book.


Entrepreneurial You – Dorie clark If you’re fed up of the daily grind and fancy setting up on your own, this book might prove a good starting point. The tagline is a good indication of the content – ‘Monetize Your Expertise, Create Multiple Income Streams, and Thrive’. Clark offers advice on choosing what to do, building your brand and finding people to buy from you. There are plenty of case studies to be inspired by and, unlike many other business books, it’s not too heavy a read. the handmaid’s tale – margaret atwood Now a critically acclaimed TV series, The Handmaid’s Tale was first published in 1985. The US government has been overthrown by a fundamentalist Christian organisation, which strips women of their rights. Birth rates have plummeted and, as one of the few fertile women left, June is forced to become a handmaid to a powerful commander, Fred. Renamed Offred, her sole purpose is to bear her master’s children. Gripping.

extracted trilogy – rr Haywood Harry Madden died after blowing up a German base in WW2. Safa Patel saved the prime minister, before being killed by terrorists. Ben Ryder was hit by a train while trying to stop armed men blowing up an underground station. Now these three heroes find themselves ‘extracted’ from their untimely deaths, by a man with a time-machine who wants them to save the world. A thoroughly enjoyable read, with a tightly-written plot, great characters and plenty of action. the break – marian Keyes Bestselling author Marian Keyes’ latest book centres around forty-something Amy, whose husband Hugh has decided he wants a break. It’s not that he doesn’t love her; he just wants some time for himself. Six months’ worth of time in fact. But if he’s on a break, then surely Amy deserves a bit of freedom too? An amusing, easy read for curling up with on a cold winter’s evening.

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hristmas Party Nights at SbN...

;Ń´;0u-|; ‰b|_ =ub;m7vġ =-lbѴ‹ -m7 1oŃ´Ń´;-]†;v -| om; o= o†u =-0†Ѵo†v _ubv|l-v -u|‹ b]_|vÄ´ _oov; =uol |_u;; 7b@;u;m| orাomv -ˆ-bŃ´-0Ń´; bm ;1;l0;u -m7 January. Ń´;-v; v;; o†u ‰;0vb|; =ou =†ѴѴ 7;|-bŃ´vÄ´ ĹŽ †u _ubv|l-v "|u;;| -u|‹ b]_|v bm1Ѵ†7; - |u-7bাom-Ń´ v|u;;| =oo7ĹŠ|_;l;7 0†@;| -m7 - Ń´bˆ; Äş †v| ĹŹĆ‘Ć–rrÄ´ ĹŽ †u Ń´-vvb1 _ubv|l-v -u|‹ b]_|v bm1Ѵ†7; - 7;Ń´b1bo†v |_u;; 1o†uv; =;vŕŚžÂˆ; 7bmm;uġr_o|o0oo|_ -m7 Ń´bˆ; Äş ub1;v =uol f†v| ĹŹĆ“Ć‘rr |o ĹŹĆ“Ć”rrÄş ĹŽ ); 1-m -Ń´vo |-bŃ´ou l-h; - rubˆ-|; _ubv|l-v r-u|‹ |o v†b| ‹o†u u;t†bu;l;m|v -m7 m†l0;uvÄş Make a night of it and book our special partygoer hotel rate from just ÂŁ50pp - to include full English breakfast and free use of poolvb7; =-1bŃ´bা;v. T&Cs apply.

$o Cm7 o†| lou; ou |o 0oohġ rŃ´;-v; 1-Ń´Ń´ Ć?Ć?Ć‘Ć?Ńľ ƑѾƔќƒƕ ou ;l-bŃ´ v-Ń´;vĹ v|oh;0‹m-‹Ѵ-m7Äş1ol Stoke by Nayland Hotel, Golf & Spa, Keepers Lane, Leavenheath, Colchester CO6 4PZ | Tel: 01206 262836

YOUR LOCAL BUILDING SOCIETY Welcome to Saffron Building Society Whether you want to buy your ďŹ rst home, move home, build the home of your dreams or simply ďŹ nd a better mortgage, you’ve come to the right place... We’re friendly & based in your community. Our team of advisers can meet you in your local Saffron branch so you can arrange an appointment at a location that suits you. Whatever your mortgage requirements, Talk to us today Visit us online at or at your local branch or call us on 0800 072 1100

Always there for our Members. Since 1849 7

Hobbies You’re never alone with a Book Club By Kate McLelland

Who said reading was a solitary occupation? These days, thanks to the popularity of book clubs, you’ll find book lovers throughout the world coming together to socialise and share their views. And avid readers who can’t meet face-to-face will find plenty of online platforms where they can discuss the books they have enjoyed with others. The main objective of a book club is to invite a group of people to read a novel or work of nonfiction in their own time and then come together in a social setting in order to discuss it. Some book clubs meet in group members’ homes, while others meet in libraries, pubs or community centres. These gatherings are usually informal in nature, with few set rules, although limits may be set on the time allowed for conversations that are not related to books! Joining uP Many clubs are set up by word of mouth, so you could ask friends, family or work colleagues if they know of any groups operating locally. Your local library can also be a good source of information. If your library doesn’t already run its own club, it may provide space for an independent group to meet, or carry a list of book clubs operating in the area.


Websites such as readinggroups. org or also carry lists of local groups you can join. starting your oWn booK club If you’ve researched your area and found that there are no groups that meet your needs, you could always set up your own club. Here are a few ideas to get you started: choose what type of book club you’d like to run. Should it be seriously academic, or light and frivolous? The answer may depend on the type of people who will be attracted to join: their ages, gender and areas of interest. Decide how many people should be invited as members. A group of between 8 and 16 is a comfortable size, allowing you manage conversations and continue with sessions even if several members are absent. think about when and how often the club should get together. Meeting on a monthly or six-weekly basis works well for most people and gives time for books to be read. It is best if the timing of meetings is agreed through discussions with other members, in order to accommodate their work or childcare commitments. Once

you’ve decided on a schedule that works well for the group, try to stick with it. There are many different ways to keep in touch with members but the quickest and most efficient way to communicate is via email or social media. Set up a Facebook group for your club or sign up to the website, which lets you set up a private book club page to keep track of book selections, send out meeting invitations and track acceptances. In addition to all the pleasure you’ll get from reading and discussing a wide range of books, by joining or starting up a book club you will also enjoy linked activities such as visits to literary festivals, meeting local authors or trips to the cinema to see the film version of a book you’ve read. It’s the perfect activity for socially-inclined book lovers. If you ever thought reading was a lonely pastime, there’s no doubt you’ll revise your opinion when you join a book club. The Bookworms book club meets at 7.00pm every 2nd Wednesday at Wormingford Community Education Centre, Church Lane, Wormingford CO6 3AZ. Far ranging book list, just £2 to attend. All welcome.

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Leave your loved ones something they will appreciate in the future: A fully guaranteed Funeral Plan*


Colchester Funeralcare

D 6W -RKQV 5RDG &2 -:

01206 867430


8VH \RXU &RRS 0HPEHUVKLS FDUG WR HDUQ 5% for you DQG 1% for your community ZKHQ \RX arrange and pay for a funeral or buy a Funeral Plan ZLWK XV



Exclusions and restrictions apply, see membership t&cs at Offer not available in independent societies including Midcounties, Central England, Southern or Chelmsford Star co-operatives.

Cake and Bake Chocolate and Orange Puddings Chocolate and orange are perfect flavour partners and these lovely individual puddings taste delicious served warm with custard or cream.

Ingredients: • 3 small clementines or satsumas, thinly sliced • 175g unsalted butter, softened, plus extra for greasing • 175g caster sugar • 3 large eggs, beaten • 125g self-raising flour • 50g cocoa powder, sifted • 1 tbsp fresh orange juice • 2 tsp orange zest • Custard or cream, to serve

Makes 6 Ready in 1 hours 30 mins


You can cook the puddings a few hours before serving then simply re-heat in the microwave. Turn out onto a microwave plate and reheat three at a time on High for 30-45 seconds.


1. Preheat the oven to 180°C, fan 160°C, gas mark 4. Butter and line the bases of 6 x 175ml metal pudding basins with circles of baking parchment. Place a slice of clementine or satsuma in the base of each basin and press 2-3 slices around the sides. 2. Put the butter and sugar in a bowl and, using an electric mixer, beat until pale and fluffy. Gradually beat in the eggs then sift over the flour and cocoa powder and fold into the creamed mixture with the orange juice and zest. 3. Divide the mixture between the pudding basins and cover each with a square of pleated, buttered foil, scrunching it tightly around the sides of each basin. Transfer to a roasting tin and pour in enough boiling water from a kettle to reach halfway up the sides of the basins. 4. Bake for 1 hour, until the puddings have risen and are firm to the touch, and a skewer inserted through the foil of one of the puddings comes out clean. Turn out and serve with custard or cream.

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T: 01787 211528


Meet our local Travel Counsellor Booking a holiday independently can be fraught from start to finish. Not only can the online booking process of finding accommodation, navigating airline websites and booking a hire car be a frustrating process, but then what if there are problems with the booking or problems when you get to your destination? Who can you turn to? I recently met Liz Standley, a Travel Counsellor, who runs a holiday and travel business from her home in North Essex. I asked her about her business as a Travel Counsellor.

What is a Travel Counsellor?

A Travel Counsellor is an experienced travel and holiday expert working for Travel Counsellors – a company famed for its unique level of personal holiday and travel services. As a Travel Counsellor I provide a first-rate and highly personal customer service. My customers deal with me and only me from start to finish, although I have the full support of the team at Travel Counsellors Head Office. As a Travel Counsellor I take the time to get to know my customers in order to tailor for them their perfect holiday.


What are the advantages of using a Travel Counsellor?

In addition to the first-rate personal customer service I provide, I am available 24/7 to help with any holiday or travel questions or queries which may arise before, during or after your holiday. If there are any issues or emergencies while a customer is on holiday, I am only a phone call away. No waiting on the phone to a call centre, just a call to me. Also, with Travel Counsellors your money is 100% financially secure as Travel Counsellors offers the best financial protection in the travel industry.

What sort of holidays and travel services can you provide?

As a Travel Counsellor, and due to the strong links we as a company have with the leading suppliers, I can source for my customers the best flight on any given day they want to go to their perfect destination, anywhere in the world! This means I can arrange a wide range of holidays, for example: tailor-made holidays; package holidays; weekend breaks; ski holidays; Christmas market trips; and cruises. I can also arrange airport parking, airport check-ins, airport hotels,

airport lounge access and travel insurance. I also specialise in arranging honeymoon holiday travel and holidays for people with disabilities or other special needs.

What sorts of holidays have you recently arranged?

I have recently arranged, for example: a New Zealand north to south self-drive holiday; a family trip to Disneyland Paris; a cruise round Asia for a honeymoon couple with two nights pre-cruise in Singapore and two nights post-cruise in Hong Kong; a family holiday to Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands for October half-term; a family trip to Lapland for Christmas Eve; and a New York trip for an anniversary couple. Whatever your holiday or travel needs, Liz can make it happen the way it should happen personalised, hassle-free and exciting. For more information, contact her by email or phone for a speedy response. You can also learn more about Liz and Travel Counsellors from her webpage at: standley.

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Providing trusted and efficient Chimney Sweeping Services in Colchester and surrounding areas since 1959


e 13


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What’s On General Contemporary Colour Art Exhibition At the Benham Gallery, Cuckoo Farm Studios, Boxted Rd, Colchester CO4 5UU Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th October 11.00am – 4.00pm Paintings by Lupe Cunha and her art group at Cuckoo Farm. Free entry, parking available. Disabled access. Tea, coffee and cakes available.

ArtMix Christmas Exhibition and Sale 2017 At The Blue Room, Coggeshall Conservative Club, 32 Church Street, Coggeshall CO6 1TX Friday 10th November 7.00pm – 9.00pm and Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th November 10.30am – 4.30pm Coggeshall based group members are: Louise Cowlin, Sue Fraser, Dorothea King, Rose Langford and Liz Pottinger.. On show will be plenty of bargains and Christmas present ideas, including paintings and prints, traditional

and contemporary stained and fused glass, hand printed textiles, jewellery, greeting cards, decorations and more, all at very affordable prices. Free entry. For more information please visit

Antiques Valuation Day At the Orpen Hall, Lexden Road West Bergholt CO6 3BW Saturday 30th September 10.00am – 1.00pm Presented by the Friends of St. Mary’s Old Church. Bring along your treasures to be valued by Michael Bowles and Marc Walker of Colchester Collectables. £2 per item, cakes and refreshments available. For more information contact Gill 01206 240512

Shopping Day in aid of Cancer Research UK At The Village Hall, Church St, Lavenham CO10 9QT Monday 2nd October 10.00am – 2.00pm Lots of lovely things for ladies of all ages – Hotfooted ladies shoes and boots, collections of ladies clothes, jewellery, fashion accessories, gifts, plants and more. £3 entrance to Cancer Research UK (£2 after 1.00pm). Refreshments and light lunches available. www.facebook. com/charityshoppingday

Table Top sales At Aldham Village Hall Saturday 14th October and Saturday 25th November 10.30am - 12.30pm Refreshments available, free entry. If you would like to have your own stall, please contact Anne on 01206 211624. Tables cost £5 each. Aldham Village Hall will provide your table and seating.

Pew Boot Sale At St Andrews Church, Park Lane, Earls Colne Saturday 7th October 10.00am – 12.00pm Come and bag a bargain. Refreshments available. To sell contact Helen on 012787 222526 (£5 per stall).

Dedham Arts Group 50th Anniversary Art Exhibition and Sale At Dedham Parish Church Tuesday 24th – Saturday 28th October 10.00 am – 4.00 pm Display of artwork, full of vitality, colour and originality, celebrating the work of local artists, in support of East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH). Paintings by children from the local primary school will also be on view. Prize Draw tickets on sale throughout the exhibition, with exciting prizes to be won and all proceeds going to EACH. The Prize Draw will be at 3.00 pm on Saturday 28th October.

28th Annual NSPCC Book Fair At Holmwood House School, Chitts Hill Colchester CO3 9ST Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th October 9.30am to 4.00pm 35,000 books, jigsaws, dvds and cds will be on sale (freshly stocked on both days). Refreshments available. Entrance £1.50, children free (we have lots of childrens books games and jigsaws). All proceeds go to NSPCC and Childline to provide vital services for neglected, abused and vulnerable children throughout the U.K

Art Exhibition of Local and other Artists At Chappel and Wakes Colne Village Hall, Colchester Road CO6 2BX Saturday 23rd September 10.00am – 5.00pm Tea and coffee - light refreshments (soup and roll) available at competitive prices. Free entry. For further information please contact Christine Underwood on 07949 510523 or email: underwood1@ or Jim Taylor on 07771 622525, email The Village Hall needs your support please to help raise funds.

What’s On continued over page

What’s On Quality Jumble Sale At St Francis Church Hall, Colchester Rd, Halstead (opposite cemetery) Saturday 7th October 9.30am - 11.30am Good quality clothing for all ages, brica-brac, household goods, books etc. Free car parking. 20p admission. All proceeds to be donated to charity.

Sudbury Ramblers Walk in Cavendish Starting in the High Street Cavendish

Book Sale At Greenstead Green Village Hall Saturday 4th November 12.00 noon – 2.00pm New and nearly new books - all categories. All money raised will be used to enhance the village environment, including launching and running and volunteer community speed watch scheme and to plant flowers at the entrances to the village.

or just a few. Drink it fresh, preserve it, freeze it or turn it into cider. Other activities on the day and BBQ by Colletts Farm. Free entry but contributions to Mount Bures Church Facilities Project or the Wormingford Recreation Trust Playground Development Project would be gratefully received.

For more information please contact

St Peter’s School Fireworks Display

For more information please visit www.

At St Peter’s C of E School, Myneer Park, Coggeshall, CO6 1YU

Jumble Sale

Saturday 4th November, gates open 5.45pm, last entry 6.45pm, fireworks 7.00pm

At Greenstead Green Village Hall Saturday 28th October 12.00noon – 2.00pm Men’s, women’s and children’s wear, Bric a Brac and refreshments. All welcome. All money raised will be used to enhance the village environment, including launching and running and volunteer community speed watch scheme and to plant flowers at the entrances to the village. £1 entry. For more information please contact info@

Apple Day At Wormingford Community Education Centre Church Lane, Wormingford CO6 3AZ Saturday 30th September 10.00am – 4.00pm This year is clearly going to be a bumper apple year in this part of England, so don’t let your fruit go to waste. Bring your apples and turn them into juice whether you have huge quantities

Stoke by Nayland Village Hall 10.00am – 12.00 noon

At West Street Vineyard, Coggeshall CO6 1NS For more information please call 01787 227331 or 07530 883401.

An easy 6.2 mile circular walk, park in Cavendish CO10 8AZ.

Refreshments, raffle, bring and buy, all welcome.

Coggeshall Food and Drink Festival

£1 entry, all welcome.

Sunday 1st October 10.00am start.

Dixieland, Straight Rd, Polstead Heath 9.45am – 12.00 noon

Tickets on the gate adult £7, child £4, family £18 (2 adults and 3 children) BBQ, hot and cold drinks and other refreshments available. For more information please email lynda.

Macmillan Coffee Morning events Friday 29th September St Matthew’s Church, Leavenheath 10.30am – 12.00 noon Cakes, coffee, bring and buy, competitions.

Saturday 30th September and Sunday 1st October 11.00am – 5.00pm More than 80 stalls, featuring East Anglian food, drink, handmade crafts and gifts. Food and Drink Court with seating and live music throughout the event. Cookery Studio, run by The Green Apron Cookery School, with classes, demonstrations and taster sessions. Wine and Beer tasting sessions. Children’s area. Supporting Colchester Hospital and local Coggeshall Big Park Project charities. Register at Eventbrite for free entry or pay 50p per over 18 at the gate. For more information please see CoggeshallFoodandDrinkFestival

What’s On Doomsday – Fear the Past At Colchester Castle Park Friday 13th – Sunday 15th October and Friday 20th – Tuesday 31st October A scream-park event with 3 interactive attractions intended to entertain and scare you. Our attractions (often called Mazes) are inspired by Colchester’s history. They contain smoke effects, strobe lighting, graphic scenes and uneven surfaces, also steps and crawl-spaces. Not recommended for under 12’s. For tickets and more information please visit

Drama and Dance Stane Street Players present ‘Funny Money’ At Earls Colne Village Hall Friday 6th and Saturday 7th October 7.30 pm and Empire Theatre Halstead Saturday 14th October 7.30 pm A romping farce by Ray Cooney. For Earls Colne Performances book online www.stanestreetplayers. or phone 07423 063007. For Empire Performance book online or phone 07778 025490

Saturday 14th October 6.00pm – 11.00pm Sponsored, fun firewalk. £25 registration fee to take part, free entry for spectators. Food, music, bar and raffle. For more information please contact Karen Chappell on 01920 468962 or visit

Fireworks Display At Colchester Castle Park Saturday 4th November, gates open 6.00pm King Coel’s Kittens spectacular fireworks display and entertainment. For more information please visit

For more information please visit or call 01206 573948. Tuesday 17th – Saturday 21st October Things I Know to be True As beautifully touching as it is funny and bold, the play tells the story of a family and marriage through the eyes of four grown siblings struggling to define themselves beyond their parents’ love and expectations. Sunday 22nd October Grand Final of Colchester New Comedian of the Year 2017

Marie Curie Firewalk At Lexden Wood Golf Club, Bakers Lane, Colchester CO3 4AU

Events at The Mercury Theatre, Colchester

C.A.T.S present ‘Allo ‘Allo’ At the Halstead Empire Thursday 26th, Friday 27th and Saturday 28th October 7.30pm ‘Listen very carefully, I will say this only once’. This West End stage show, based on the hugely successful British television series, has all of your favorite TV characters including Rene and his wife, who have stashed a priceless portrait of the Madonna with the big boobies in a sausage in their cellar, where two British airmen are also in hiding. What could possibly go wrong? Tickets £10 from the Halstead Empire at or call 07778 025490.

The final 9 acts through from the heats compete for the trophy and prize as well as the glory. Friday 20th – Saturday 21st October Great Odds Exploring ambition, communication and friendship, the story follows the Great Odds; Marco, Grouch and Jewels, on an exciting and sometimes wobbly journey. Dreams change shape, unexpected things are uncovered and success comes through surprising discoveries. Integrating visual storytelling, British Sign Language, live music, sound and puppetry, Perfect for a 6-11 year old audience and their families.

Music Free Music Recitals At St Andrews Church, Park Lane, Earls Colne Thursday 12th October 1.00pm – 1.45pm Jane Bellingham playing piano with Kate Paxley. For more information please contact 01376 561307.

Concert with Braintree Male Voice Choir and Sonara Ladies Choir from Derbyshire At St Botolph’s Church, Colchester Saturday 7th October Sonara were formed more than 80 years ago and feature around 40 singers. The award-winning Braintree choir includes a number of members from Colchester. Each choir will sing a selection of songs on their own and will combine for others. Tickets £12.50, from Mann’s Music, High Street, Colchester on 01206 572783 and Alan Rustage on 01206 561807 or email:

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What’s On Colchester Organ Society At Thomas Lord Audley School, Monkwick Avenue, Colchester CO2 8NJ. On the first Friday of each month 7.45pm - 10.15pm Live keyboard concerts with music to suit all tastes, featuring top musicians from around the country. Friday 6th October Michael Carter Friday 3rd November Andrew Varley £4 members, £6 non members. Refreshments and raffle. Ample parking inside school grounds. Free one off entry for two non members upon production of this advert. For more information please contact Alan Pilgrim on 01787 269458 or email

Roman River Festival events at St Mary’s Church, Stoke by Nayland The King’s Singers Thursday 28th September The church will come alive with a variety of music by Mendelssohn, Bob Chilcott, Lennon and McCartney and many more, all in King’s Singer’s inimitable style. Described by BBC Music Magazine as having “voices of spun gold”, the King’s Singers are in global demand.

Roman River Music’s “Festival Orchestra” Friday 29th September Internationally renowned stars of classical music will join together in a world first, to perform Mahler’s 9th Symphony, conducted by Orlando Jopling. Bach Mass in B Minor Saturday 30th September Performed on period instruments by the country’s top baroque experts, this concert will also be conducted by Orlando Jopling. Festival Finale Sunday 1st October With music by Handel, Eric Whitacre and Mozart. This event will bring together local singers and young players with acclaimed horn-player Alec Frank-Gemmil and talented conductor Frank Zielhorst. The Finale will showcase Roman River Music’s education and outreach work throughout South Suffolk and North Essex. Tickets and further information can be found at uk. Ticket prices range from £6 - £36 and start from just £3 for under 30s.

Pros and Conz Live Music Night

Arad City, Romania and surrounding areas. Tickets £5 available on the door. For more information please call David Irwin on 01376 572869.

Songs to Warm a Cold Night At St Botolph’s Church, Colchester Saturday 18th November 7.00pm With Kingsland Gospel Choir, Quizzical, Rococco, Will Quince, Emma Young, Hope Choir, Chorus Iceni and Funky Voices. In aid of the Mayor of Colchester’s chosen charities. Tickets £12 from (search for Mayor Gerard Oxford) or on the door.

A Jazz Supper in the Church At St Mary’s Church, Polstead Saturday 14th October 7.00pm With ‘Last Orders’ jazz group. Supper, raffle, bring your own drinks and glasses. Tickets £10 from Polstead Village Shop or call Juliet Allerton on 01787 210528.

Colchester Symphony Orchestra Strings – a Nordic Serenade

At Kelvedon Institute

At St Botolph’s Church, Colchester

Saturday 30th September 7.30pm

Saturday 4th November 7.30pm

In support of ‘Vis de Copil’ (A Child’s Dream), seeking to improve the lives of street children and poor families in

Come and be serenaded with music from Scandinavia. Our programme includes: Grieg’s Holberg Suite and

Two Nordic Melodies; Dag Wirren’s Serenade; Nielsen’s Little Suite and Atterberg’s Suite for Violin, Viola and Strings with soloists Philippa Barton and Hilary Cheek. Tickets are £15, £13 (concessions) £3 (students). Under 17’s are admitted free to all our concerts. Tickets are available on the door or may be reserved in advance by calling 01206 271128. Please see or colchestersymphonyorchestra for further information.

Sound Brigade At Nayland Village Hall A fun evening of dancing to 60’s, 70’s and 80’s music with live band. Tickets £17.50 to include 2 course supper (vegetarian alternative with advance notice). Bar, raffle, bring your own nibbles. All proceeds to The Shelley Centre. For tickets, send SAE and cheque payable to ‘The Shelley Centre for Therapeutic Riding’ to Diane Godfrey, Stable House, Tye Lane, Bramford Tye, Ipswich IP8 4JZ.

Cinema Leavenheath Village Hall Digital Cinema At Leavenheath Village Hall, Wrights Way, (signposted from the High Road) Doors open 7.00pm for 7.30pm start. Refreshments (wine, beer, soft drinks, tea and coffee) will be available before the film starts and during the

What’s On interval. Tickets £3.50 per adult and £2 per child. You can now reserve your seat online at www. or please call Lesley 01206 262505 or Ken 01206 263266 for tickets. Saturday 7th October ‘The Time of Their Lives’ (12A) Starring Joan Collins, Pauline Collins A former Hollywood star enlists the help of a new friend in order to journey from London to France for her ex-lover’s funeral, with the various mishaps en route making the trip unforgettable. Saturday 4th November ‘Going in Style’ (12A) Starring Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin Desperate to pay the bills and come through for their loved ones, three lifelong pals risk it all by embarking on a daring bid to knock off the very bank that absconded with their money.

Dedham Films At The Assembly Rooms, High St, Dedham

open seating at all our screenings, so get there early to bag your favourite seat. Tickets are £4. There are usually a few tickets for sale at the door, but this cannot be guaranteed so please buy your tickets at the previous screening or as soon as you can from Shakespeare House Gallery, Dedham High Street or online from the link on our website at

If there is a suitable break in the film, there is a 15 minute intermission for drinks at the bar and ice cream. There is

Talks and Workshops

At The Colne Valley Railway Museum, Hedingham Station, Castle Hedingham CO9 3DZ

Nayland Horticultural Society Autumn Talk

Tuesday 24th – Thursday 26th October and Saturday 28th – Sunday 29th October 10.30am – 4.00pm

At the Church Hall, Nayland

Wednesday 18th October ‘A Quiet Passion (PG13) Cynthia Nixon delivers a triumphant performance as Emily Dickinson as she personifies the wit, intellectual independence and pathos of the poet whose genius only came to be recognized after her death, from acclaimed British director Terence Davies.

Things for Children Halloween Lanterns At Hollytrees Museum, Colchester Thursday 26th October

Dedham films screens a monthly feature on the third Wednesday of each month. The format of the monthly film evening will usually be 7.00pm doors open for refreshments, 7.30pm film begins.

Halloween at The Colne Valley Railway

Make your own creepy lanterns to scare the trick or treaters. Minimum age 5 years old, £3 per person. Please book on to a session on 01206 282941.

The witches have taken over! Spooky fun and games suitable for younger children. Unlimited diesel train rides, garden railway layout (weather permitting). Visit the signal box, large model layout and post letters in the Travelling Post Office. Buffet car and well stocked shop.

Halloween Self-Guided Fun Trail At Highwoods Country Park, Turner Rd, Colchester CO4 5JR Saturday 28th – Sunday 29th October 11.00am – 3.00pm Follow the map around the park and try to solve our Halloween puzzle. If you are in fancy dress you will get a sweet treat at the end! For more information please call 01206 282920.

Tuesday 17th October 7.40pm for 8.00pm Our Autumn speaker will be Mark Lane, Gardens Manager for London Royal Gardens who will be taking us for ‘a Ramble Around the Royal Gardens’ for a snapshot of the workings of the gardens of Buckingham Palace and Clarence House. All welcome. For more information please call Chris Jacobs on 01206 621996.

Joint Talk with Nayland Horticultural Society and Nayland Conservation Society At Nayland Village Hall Monday 13th November 7.15pm for 7.30 pm The speaker will be Pip Wright, on ‘Whistlecraft: notorious poachers of Rickinghall Suffolk’. Free. All welcome. For more information please call Chris Jacobs on 01206 621996.

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What’s On Contemporary Painting Workshops with Lupe Cunha At Cuckoo Farm Studio, Boxted Rd, Colchester CO10 5HH Saturday 28th October Matisse Cut-outs and exploring colour in painting. Saturday 25th November The Sea In Oil from RA Fred Cummings showing in the Keepers House. Saturday 16th December Abstracts from East Anglian Painters, Karen Stamper and Brenda Unwin both showing at the John Russell Gallery in Ipswich. For more information and to book please email

Bird Walk with Essex Wildlife Trust – Braintree Group

the causeway for wildfowl. Non-members very welcome. No need to book. For more details, contact Tracey Kay 07742 294358

Feering & Kelvedon Garden Club meetings with talks At Kelvedon Institute Tuesday 3rd October A talk by Mike Sullivan on Alpines + a plant sale. Tuesday 7th November 7th A talk with slides by Prue James“A Duke Street Childhood”Growing up in Chelmsford 1900-1918. Members £1, nonmembers £2, refreshments (free) and raffle. All are welcome at the Club meetings. For further information please contact Annie Northfield on 01376 517527.

West Bergholt History Group talk: The history of Essex County Hospital by Dr. Fabrizio Casale

At Abberton Reservoir

At the Orpen Hall, Lexden Road, West Bergholt CO6 3BW

Sunday 19th November 10.00am

Wednesday 11th October 7.30 pm

Meeting at the centre for possible over-wintering raptors, then later round to

Members £2, visitors £3 (pay at the door). All very welcome. For more

Feature your not for profit, village, community or charity events FREE OF CHARGE in our What’s On pages by emailing your listing to We also welcome details of slimming groups, keep fit classes, language courses, farmers markets, boot sales and regular clubs, groups and societies.

information contact Gill 01206 240512

Essex Earthquakes At Mersea Island Museum, High St, West Mersea CO5 8QD Friday 20th October 7.30pm

Colchester Farmers Market

Illustrated talk by Peter Jones. Admission £5 for non-members or £3 for members including refreshments. For more information please visit

The Arts Centre, Colchester

Farmers markets

Wivenhoe Farmers Market

Please note that some dates may be liable to change so for more information contact individual markets for details.

Lavenham Farmers Market At The Village Hall, Lavenham Sunday 22nd October and Sunday 26th November at 10.00am - 1.30pm Contact Justine Paul 07704 627973

Friday 6th October and Friday 3rd November at 9.30am - 12.30pm Contact Rowley Castiglione 01206 367776

Congregational Hall, Wivenhoe Saturday 21st October and Saturday 18th November at 9.30am - 12.30 Contact Rowley Castiglione 01206 367776

Sudbury Farmers Market At St Peters Church, Sudbury Friday 27th October and Friday 24th November at 9.30am - 2.00pm Contact Justine Paul 07704 627973

The Connection has listed all the events in What’s On in good faith. We cannot accept responsibility for inaccuracies, changes to events or cancellations. It might be advisable to check with venues before attendance.

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What’s On A Golden Occasion for Dedham Arts Group Dedham Arts Group celebrates its golden anniversary with an impressive display of artwork in Dedham Parish Church. This event coincides with the golden colours of autumn also reflected in a floral display in the Church. The exhibition, from 24th – 28th October, will be in aid of East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH). It promises to be full of colour, vitality and originality, with a range of styles, subjects and media characteristic of the artwork produced by the Group’s 30 plus members. Paintings, sculptures and greetings cards will also be on display and will be for sale. In addition, a small number of professional artists who have helped the Group at studio sessions have kindly agreed to contribute paintings for this special occasion. A display of artwork from the children of Dedham Primary School will also be on view in the Church during the exhibition. Dedham Art Group’s Chair, Angella Horner FRSA, will be formally opening the exhibition.



£20 per hour

• Professional and welcoming environment KS2 • KS3 • 11Plus • GCSE • Small groups (max.4) and one-to-one  Wormingford Community Education Centre


 07967 597 412

ADVERTISE HERE Established Local Trusted


Reach over 13,000 homes in over 20 villages E:

call: 01787 210701

There will be a raffle, with all proceeds going to EACH and a competition, with visitors selecting their favourite painting from the work exhibited by Dedham Arts Group members. A special guest will announce the winners of the Prize Draw and to present a trophy to the artist whose painting is voted the “Most Popular”. This event will be at 3.00 pm on 28th October 2017, Dedham Arts Group’s first meeting having been precisely 50 years earlier at 3.00 pm on 28th October 1967! For event details, please see What’s On pages.

A selection of work featuring at the Dedham Arts Group exhibition.

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What’s On The Big Draw From cave men to the big screen and everything in between, this year, the theme of the world’s biggest drawing festival aims to unite pixels, pencils and people from across the globe to celebrate the universal language of drawing. Living Lines: An Animated Big Draw Festival will take place from 1st – 31st October. Since 2000, the annual, international celebration of drawing, which brings people together under the banner ‘drawing is a universal language’, regularly takes place in over 25 countries, involves over 1000 events and has encouraged over 4 million people back to the drawing board. Arts education charity, The Big Draw, which is the founder and driving force behind the festival believes that ‘everyone can draw’. They also promote drawing as a universal language that has the power to change lives and unite people of any age, background, race, or religion from around the globe. Anyone who is inspired to bring the festival to their community are encouraged to organise an event of their own. Kate Mason, director of The Big Draw said: “The Big Draw Festival is for anyone who loves to draw, as well as those who think they can’t! Organisers with no animation experience need not be worried. From the earliest days with pre-film animation devices such as Zoetropes, to the most cutting edge digital drawing and animation technologies, there is a long history of people finding ways to create moving images. Remember, if cave men can be animators so can you. Whether organising or participating, Living Lines, it is an opportunity for individuals, organisations and even countries to join a global community in celebration of the universal language of drawing.”

Artist creates Street Hunt in Colchester Joshua Sofaer has created a poem based treasure hunt which gives you the chance to win up to £10,000 - and highlight homeless issues Street Hunt is a kind of visual crossword puzzle, a treasure hunt where the riches are road names, a story emerging from the page: and your chance to win up to £10,000! A poem has been written with words from road names in Colchester and nearby towns and villages. A book of photographs shows the street signs and their surroundings but with the names removed. You have to work out what the streets are, using the emerging story of the poem to help you. The first person to submit a correctly completed book with all the right answers wins. The prize is the total cash fund of the amalgamated book sales with a guaranteed minimum of £1,000 and a maximum of £10,000 if all the books printed are sold. We are asking for £10 for each book, but pay what you can afford. The more money we receive the bigger the prize pot gets. Books are available from Red Lion Books, 125 High Street, Colchester, Essex, CO1 1SZ. For more information and the full competition rules, visit:

To find out more about the Festival, visit www.


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New schedule of courses & workshops just released – see website for details. Including Christmas workshops complete with mince pies & mulled wine! telephone 01376 563111 website Jades Flower Design

Lupe Cunha MA has been running Contemporary Painting Workshops for the last three years at Cuckoo Farm Studios. Using current exhibitions both locally and in London (Tate, RA, etc) she talks about the artist’s style and techniques to inspire participants and then tutors each one independently to develop their own works inspired on the work discussed. Lupe bases her monthly workshops looking at a wide range of contemporary artists to feed into her groups practice. Details can be found in the What’s On listings and on her wesite. Advertise your classes or workshops in our What’s On pages. Music lessons, creative arts and crafts etc. Email us for more information at;



Autumn - it’s a great time for colour 25% off COLOUR SALE 7th November - 25th November 2017 Permanent colours, semi-permanent colours, highlights & lowlights. Offer available when you have cutting and styling at regular prices.

45 Church Street, Coggeshall

Book online at

01376 562160


Notice Board Volunteer minibus or car drivers wanted.

Could you provide a vital link between isolated people and their communities in Colchester or Maldon? Our volunteers and fleet of minibuses provide transport for the elderly, disabled and vulnerable members of our community. Alternatively, you can use your own car to enable people to go shopping, attend support groups, visit friends or access healthcare. Full training is provided (where required) and all mileage is reimbursed. For more information please contact Colchester 01296 216600 or Maldon 01621 843164 ct@community360.

Do you have bookkeeping or financial experience?

Would you like to help a local charity that supports bereaved parents? Essex Sands is a local branch of Sands, the stillbirth and neonatal death charity. Sands Groups are run by volunteers and trained Befrienders most of whom are bereaved parents and offer regular meetings with practical and emotional support. The Group needs a new Treasurer to join their committee. This is a voluntary post and you do not have to be a bereaved parent. Meetings are held 3 to 6 times a year, and there is guidance, support and resources available. To find out more please contact Sands East Network Coordinator, Rose Abrehart, on 07707480020 or

Braintree Male Voice Choir.

Our choir has vacancies for singers of all voices (tenor, baritone or bass). We sing around six to eight concerts a year and rehearse on Wednesday evenings. Further details are available from choir secretary Ian Whiteside on 01376 321908.

Melford Hall Needs You

Have you spare time on your hands? Perhaps you would like to be part of a team and make new friends, have new experiences, or learn something new in a beautiful environment. If this appeals then you are just the person we are looking for to join the Room Guide volunteers at the National Trust property Melford Hall, Long Melford. We are looking for more volunteers to join our current team. If you would like to find out more, please contact us at or call on 01787 379228, have a look at our website, or see us on Facebook.


Cycle for St Helena.

Saddle up! St Helena Hospice’s popular annual Cycle Ride event is back on Sunday 8th October 2017 starting at Monks Farm, Dedham. This year’s Cycle Ride boasts a variety of brand new routes to suit everyone. Cyclists can choose from 10, 25, 50 or 75 miles depending on the challenge they want to take on! Registration is now open, adults pay £25 and children £15. This year there are group and family registration discounts. The brand new routes require marshals to ensure the safety on the roads for the participants. If you can help please contact Register online at or call the events team on 01206 931468.

Progress towards a Time Garden for Colchester.

A £160,000 appeal to create a garden for patients who are in their last weeks and days of life and their families now stands at £92,554. The Time Garden, which will be created in a courtyard at Colchester General Hospital, will be a place for quiet contemplation, peaceful reflection and privacy for terminally ill patients to spend time, either on their own or with loved ones. If you would like to find out more or support the appeal please visit, email or call 01206 745303

The Dedham Vale AONB and Stour Valley Project Forum Conference.

This year’s theme was “Outstanding Landscapes: Good for the environment, health and economy”. The event included presentations on the work of the AONB and Stour Valley team and from partner organisations about their work in the area, plus a national perspective from Defra and the National Association of AONBs. For more information, photos of the speakers, and copy of the Report on the Dedham Vale AONB and Stour Valley Forum, please contact Cathy Smith on 01394 445225, email dedhamvale.project@suffolk. or visit about-us/annual-forum-conference/


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Magazine Distributors Required Like walking? Get paid to exercise! We are looking for adult, mobile distributors for all our distribution areas to join our existing excellent team to deliver either on a permanent regular basis, or on a part-time basis for holiday and sickness cover.

Villages include, West Bergholt, Eight Ash Green, Fordham, Fordham Heath, Pebmarsh, Bures, Colne Engaine, White Colne, Earls Colne, Coggeshall, Kelvedon and Feering. Please register your interest by emailing;

ADVERTISE HERE Established Local Trusted


Reach over 13,000 homes in over 20 villages E:

call: 01787 210701 Tel: 01206 564885 The Studio


Brickstables House

• Maintains & conditions the body • Helps prevent injury • Improves flexibility & range of movement • Boost performance Amy Lesiak Evergreen Clinics, Earls Colne Airfield

07718 284278

ORIGINAL XMAS GIFTS! Drawings & pain�ngs of buildings or gardens made to order. From £175 for a 40x26cm unframed picture.

Commissions taken for pen & ink and watercolour drawings of landscapes, gardens, and buildings. Please email for a free quote.




Halstead Road Colchester CO3 0JU

Spooktacular October Offers!

Special Edition Back, Face and Scalp Treatment Pumpkin Enzyme Facial Peel BOO-tiful Back Neck & Shoulder Massage Mini Monster Manicure With every offer you get a little treat bag! find us and comment for a 5% discount

Beauty at Brickstables


Open 6 days a week 9am till 7pm


Quick Crossword Across 7. Brave (6) 8. Keep back (6) 9. On top of (4) 10. Loudest (8) 11. Small rivers (7) 13. Looks at (5) 15. Perfect (5) 17. Laughed (7) 20. Confuse (8) 21. Consumes (4) 22. Light wind (6) 23. Inn (6) Down 1. Type of cloth (6) 2. Not wealthy (4) 3. Financial resources (7) 4. Own up to (5) 5. Hitting (8) 6. Puzzle (6) 16. Gloomy (6) 12. Inspected (8) 18. Goes into (6) 14. Shake (7)

19. Trimmed (5) 21. Jealousy (4)

Solution on page 34

LPG Natural Gas and Oil Boilers Plumbing - Toilets, taps and bathrooms - no job to big or too small Heating - LPG, Natural Gas safe registered and OFTEC oil registered Electrics - Lights, sockets and system checks All Boilers - Repaired or replaced. Many with 7-10 year warranty

We offer a FREE BOILER SERVICE with every powerush of a central heating system All work is fully guaranteed and inssured. No job is too big or small. Clean, tiidy and efficient. Friendly family business with 30 yeears experience. 26

07825 348 536 01787 278 511

Call today for a free quote or book us in for that job that needs attention.

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Please find us

Person Centred Counselling BACP Registered

Paula Price BA (Hons) Counselling

The Old Stables 85A High Street Earls Colne CO6 2QX In the busy world we live in it is quite easy to lose ourselves or become overwhelmed. Life may feel a struggle and at times we might find find it difficult diffi cult to cope. Perhaps we are going through a difficult difficult period or a life changing event where a helping hand is needed. It can be daunting taking that first step to reach out for help. However, by sharing the way you feel, this can help you heal. Having someone you know to talk to is always a good thing but sometimes you might need an independent ear so that whatever is troubling you can be aired freely and without judgement. Paula Price is offering counselling for people within North Essex and surrounding villages. I met with Paula and asked her more about her Person Centred Counselling service.

07512 186670 Also available evenings/weekends Q - What do you provide as part of your Counselling practice? I offer a safe, confidential space for individuals to explore their feelings, where thoughts and emotions which may be confusing, painful or uncomfortable, can be freely expressed. You will be listened to attentively in a sensitive and supportive manner to help you improve things and move forward without judgement. Q – There are many forms of Therapy, what exactly is Person Centred Counselling? Person Centred Counselling, also referred to as Client-Centred Counselling, helps the individual recognise their own capacity for self-healing and personal growth. It focuses on understanding the meaning behind feelings and emotions helping the individual shape what positive steps to take next. Many people find it an appealing approach because it allows them to keep control over the content and pace of their Counselling sessions.

Q – Are there particular problems you can help with? If you are going through a difficult time suffering from anxiety, depression, low selfesteem, an eating disorder, or even if you are not sure yet, I am here to listen and help. Q – Where do your counselling sessions take place? My Counselling practice is based in Earls Colne in a peaceful setting with off-road parking facilities. I offer day-time and evening appointments during the week and on a Saturday either on a short-term or longterm basis. I recognise this is your journey and your process and the Counselling I provide is done at your own pace. I am a registered member of the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) which is a professional body and I abide by their code of conduct and adhere to their ethical framework.


Codeword Each letter in this puzzle is represented by a different number between 1 and 26. The codes for three letters are shown. Once you have filled these throughout the grid you can start guessing words and reveal other letters. As you find the letters enter them in the box below.

Solution on page 34

Non caustic Biodegradable products Fully Insured Trading standards approved and all technicians are CRB checked Trading since 2005 We clean all makes of cookers inc. Aga’s, Ranges, Rayburn, Microwaves, BBQ, also clean Extractor Fans and Hobs, Fridges, Freezers and Dishwashers. Clean includes shelves, loose panels, grill pans and roasting trays supplied with the oven. We dismantle and clean inside the glass on your oven doors, remove and clean behind control knobs (where possible). We also carry some spares such as hinges and door seals and carry replacement lamps to suit most ovens.

Contact Essex Ovencleaners

Telephone: 01245 451 003 Mobile: 07816 762 869 Email:


� � � � � � � � � � � � � �

New builds and domestic properties Commercial Retail Nest thermostat certified installer PAT testing Fixed wire testing Fault finding New installs Central heating fault finding Fuseboard upgrades Domestic Smoke alarms Security and CCTV Under floor heating Fire alarm installation and Testing T. 01206 580363 E.

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Beef And Pepper Stroganoff Serves 4

Ready in 25 minutes

This is a fabulously quick and easy supper that is packed full of flavour. Serve with a watercress or rocket salad, if liked.

Ingredients: • • • • • • • • •

350g tagliatelle 1tbsp olive oil 4 flash-fry steaks (each about 125g), cut into thin strips 1 large onion, peeled and thinly sliced 1 garlic clove, peeled and crushed 1 large red pepper, deseeded and thinly sliced 300ml carton half-fat crème fraiche 2tsp coarsely ground black pepper 1-2 tbsp freshly chopped flat-leaf parsley


Add a spoonful of wholegrain mustard with the crème fraiche for an extra piquant flavour or try a splash of Worcestershire sauce.

Bring a large pan of lightly salted water to the boil. Add the tagliatelle and cook for 8-10 minutes or according to the packet instructions. Meanwhile, heat the olive oil in a large frying pan and stir-fry the steak strips over a very high heat until browned. Remove with a slotted spoon and set aside. Add the onion and garlic to the pan and fry for 3-4 minutes until golden then add the pepper slices and cook for a further 2-3 minutes. Return the steak strips and any meat juices to the pan and stir in the crème fraiche and ground black pepper. Heat through gently. Stir in the parsley and adjust the seasoning to taste. Drain the tagliatelle and divide between four warmed shallow pasta bowls. Spoon the steak mixture on top and garnish with a little more freshly ground black pepper.


Gardeners in Glass Houses by Pippa Greenwood

A greenhouse is a purchase you won’t regret, literally transforming your gardening activities and opening up a whole new range of possibilities - but what should you consider? A greenhouse needs to be sited well away from large trees, to prevent shady conditions within, as well as falling branches or other tree debris damaging the glass and clogging the guttering. If you are going to want to install any electrical equipment, bear in mind that the further the greenhouse is from the existing supply, the more expensive it will be to install underground armoured cable. Choose the largest greenhouse your space and budget allows, as many gardeners end up wishing for something larger. But any greenhouse is better than none, so if 4ft x 4ft is the only option, then still go for it! Most greenhouses have a frame made from wood or metal (typically aluminium). Many prefer the look of wood, but it will need regular maintenance unless it is western red cedar. Whichever you choose, make sure it is sturdily constructed, especially if you live in a windprone area. Plenty of ventilation helps reduce the temperature, particularly in the height of summer, preventing damage


to plants or even their death. It also improves air circulation, so reducing problems with plant diseases. Consider roof vents, which aid air circulation and efficient loss of excess heat. Make sure that greenhouse doorway is wide enough for easy access - ideally wide enough to push a wheelbarrow through, as this makes jobs such as changing the soil or bringing in compost easier. A greenhouse should be erected on a solid base perhaps paving slabs, concrete or bricks - or on a skirt or surround of paving or concrete. A solid path up the centre is practical and can be combined with an open bed up one or both sides. A bed has the advantage that it can be filled with quality soil and planted directly, making maintenance of crops like tomatoes straightforward. A solid base means greenhouse crops must be grown in containers. I recommend greenhouse staging, usually made from slatted wood or metal, as a perfect place to stand seed trays, pots and propagators. Most greenhouses are fitted with horticultural grade glass, but this can be replaced with safety glass or reinforced glass if the garden is used by children. Plastic, polythene or corrugated plastic ‘glazing’

are also available; these are generally lower cost and less of a potential hazard - but check how long they will last and consider how they will look. Useful extras include: shading; guttering and a linked in waterbutt; and an electrical supply, which allows heating, lighting, fans and installation of a heated propagator. my top reasons for getting a greenhouse • You can grow a wider range of crops with ease. • It provides a longer growing season. • You can raise plants from seed and save money. • It will dramatically reduce the risk of problems such as tomato blight. • Plants get plenty of natural light and are more likely to thrive. • It makes a perfect gardener’s hide-away! Visit Pippa’s website www. for her ‘Winter thru’ Spring Collection’ of gorgeous UK-grown gardenready vegetable plants ready for delivery in September. You’ll also find many gardening items including growing frames, SpeedHoes, SpeedWeeders, raised bed kits, Nemaslug and other nematode controls, copper tape, pull-out EasyTunnels, signed books and lots more besides.

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Tree Surgery Landscaping


Hedge trimming Fencing NPTC Qualified Fully Insured


01206 210209 07583 953576

An established Arborist & Tree Surgery Company based on the Essex/Suffolk borders FULLY INSURED AND N.P.T.C. QUALIFIED Tree Felling, Reductions, Pollarding, Thinning Crown Cleaning and Hedge Trimming Tom has over 15 years experience working as a professional arborist. Please call Tom Veater regarding any enquiries or for a free quote

Tel: 07758 305742 or 01787 267986      


Sudoku Competition

How to play

Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3 x 3 box contains the digits 1 to 9, with no repetition! That’s all there is to it. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic - there’s no maths involved and no adding up.

WIN £25 Fill in and cut out and send to: Sarah Banks, The Connection, Applegarth, Whitestreet Green Boxford, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 5JL The first correct entry out of the hat will win the prize.

Closing date 3rd November 2017


Pests cause Disease & Destruction

20 Years Experience


East Anglia's Premier Pest Control Company

For all your pest control problems

Call 24 hour

01206 213738 Head Office: 22 Windmill Court, London Road, Copford, Colchester, CO6 1LH


Property and Garden Maintenance Colchester Workhorse Paul Richardson


Brick & Block Work Rendering - Welding Punctures Mended Concreting - Fencing

3 Tonne mini-digger plus driver now available!

Tel: 01206 241530 Mob: 07889 805839


Gardening Grass Cutting Tree Topping Hedge Cutting Small Garden Walls Fish Ponds Sand & Ballast Deliveries HGV Tractor Driving


MDJ Landscapes Contract Grasscutting & Care, Hedging, Rotavating, Fencing, Turfing, Powerwashing, Weed control and all Grounds Maintenance

FREE ESTIMATES from Mark on 01787 220 396 07908 722 884

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Renovation Loft Conversions Garden Rooms Bathroom Refits Driveways Fencing & Gates

Extensions Conservatory’s Kitchen Refurbs Windows Patios Fully Insured

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01376 563055 07850 239373 AR COOK PEST CONTROL Rats • Mice • Wasps • All small insects Bird and Rabbit proofing Fully insured • 25 years in pest control No VAT • No call out charge

Ask for Arthur

Golden Acre, Rectory Road, Copford, Colchester, Essex, CO6 1DJ

Lady Interior Decorator

T: 01206 211106 M: 07802 821537

Member of the National Pest Technician Association

20 years experience

• Landscaping • Construc�on Based in Mount Bures, we work throughout Essex and Suffolk in all areas of hard and so� landscaping. Any size job welcome, call Mark for your free, personal quote.

Hedge and Tree Plan�ng Fencing and Gate Installa�on Brick Walls and Pa�os Tree Felling and Pruning Turf Laying and Decking

Does your home need decorating, but you have no time to do it?

Ring Alison Walters 01787 221937 Good Work/Quick & Tidy Colour & Design advice available

07742 696766


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Reach over 13,000 homes in over 20 villages E:

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willow fences We specialise in weaving willow fences in situ. Our fences are tailormade to suit your Further information exact specification. please contact: Screens or fences, Angus Scobie curved or wall-mounted, 01787 227171 this organic material blends perfectly into all 07905 894869 natural environments. Whites Farm, Bures Road, White Colne, Colchester, Essex CO6 2QF

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Password Protection Luxury Private Hire Swimming Pool

for your exclusive and regular use

swimming pool White Colne, Colchester CO6 2QF t 01787 227 064 e

We all know our passwords probably aren’t strong enough, but remembering complex passwords is difficult. The solution? A password manager. Apps such as 1Password or LastPass create a secure vault to store passwords on your computer, and when they’re needed they’re filled out automatically. Best of all, you can synchronise passwords across your various devices, so a password saved to your computer is available on your phone. Apple offers its service via iCloud Keychain, allowing you to store and sync passwords between Macs, iPads and iPhones. The real benefit of these services is that they generate really strong passwords, so you don’t have to come up with them yourself or remember impossiblesounding combinations of letters and characters. But don’t forget the golden rule: never use the same password on more than one site or service.

Liam Rayner 07738 665356

C J Wynn


Tree Services


Professional tree work from a qualified and fully insured tree surgeon � All forms of pruning � � Tree and stump removal � � Hedge trimming, reductions and removal �

For a free quote or any enquiries please call Chris on 07704 572982 or 01787 223120

£O F2F E9R

(on vans weighing 3000kgs 3500kgs)

Best prices on: Call us for a quote TYRES•MOT•SERVICING 01206 245525 BRAKES•EXHAUST•CLUTCH Gosbecks Road, CO2 9JS SUSPENSION•AIR CONDITIONING


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Country Mutters Fowl Play...

By Lady Muck

It all started innocently enough. ‘I think I’ve made a new friend,’ said Husband on my return to the house one evening, ‘Oh yes? That’s nice’, I responded, being more interested in the usual arriving home rituals of putting on kettle and removing constricting bra. ‘He’s in the garden’. I hastily re-arranged my clothes, glancing nervously out of the window. ‘There he is.’ I point out there’s only a pheasant in the garden. ‘Yes, that’s him.’ Husband has clearly lost it, having spent The Whole Day at Home Alone. ‘I’ll show you’, he says and I followed him to the back door. By the time we got there, Pheasant is perched on the step waiting for Husband to come out and play. Apparently he’d approached Husband while he was washing the car and had spent a large part of the afternoon following him around the garden, crooning. What a friendly pheasant, we thought. The next few days saw their relationship deepen. Cornflakes were shared. Husband enjoyed having a companion who was happy to accompany him while pottering around. The boys suggested that as Husband normally wears gray and brown clothes, the same colours as a she-pheasant’s feathers, perhaps Friendly Pheasant thought Husband was a potential mate. ‘Or he could be gay’, mused youngest son. Next day, Husband got the lawn mower out and as he mowed, Friendly Pheasant happily followed him up and down like a dog. Half way through, Husband appeared for a coffee break looking thoughtful.

‘That pheasant just pecked the back of my leg.’ Husband took the grass cuttings down to the compost heap. He quickly re-appeared, walking briskly, followed by Friendly Pheasant, except this time it looked less like following and more like a pursuit. Husband slammed the door behind him, wiping his brow. ‘That pheasant just attacked me’, he said shakily, ‘It launched itself at me’. From that moment on, the bromance was at an end. Friendly Pheasant became Psycho Pheasant. Husband took to arming himself with a broom to ward off attacks every time he ventured outside. Like something out of a Hitchcock film, the morning revealed Psycho poised on the lawn like a sentinel. Husband made a mad dash out of the door to the car. Undeterred, Psycho Pheasant chased the car. Husband called from the safety of the supermarket. ‘I was looking at it in my side mirror chasing me down the road – it was just like Jurassic Park’, said Husband. Actually, the more you look at a pheasant, the more it looks like a dinosaur, particularly when it’s running through the long grass like a velociraptor. The sudden head-tilt, the baleful stare. Definitely got attitude. Husband arrives back in the car and Psycho Pheasant is waiting for him. Husband is trapped in the car. ‘Help me’, he mouths through the window. Husband has had to go away for a couple of days. For work, you understand. He made it to the car unscathed and left in a spray of gravel. Psycho Pheasant hung around sulking for a couple of days then stalked off down the field. Half way down he turned and threw me a look which only meant one thing, ‘I’ll be back.’


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We love our conservatories BUT...


BUT now there’s a NEW option! Why not CONVERT your conservatory into a fully functional living space? Perhaps you’ve been toying with the idea of having an extension? Then HERE’S the PERFECT SOLUTION from SOLO & SONS as it’s 25%+ more cost effective to both build and maintain... Super strong & lightweight • 25 year guarantee Tried & tested in Australia & USA in extreme weather Incredible ‘above regulation’ U-values 100% bespoke to suit your every need Large variation of both internal and external finishes Solo & Sons are the first company in Essex to fit and specialise in this brand new conversion system.

• You will only ever deal with a family member from your initial enquiry to completed installation • Full product range available to suit all budgets • Established family run business with over 50 years experience in the building trade • 10 year insurance backed guarantee

01206 242438 07860 765467


Open 7 Days A Week • Retail & Trade Coggeshall Road, Earls Colne, Colchester, Essex, CO6 2JX Tel: 01787 220281 Email:



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,$ 7./N Foxes Farm Produce @FoxesProduce 40






!" !$%& '()*)*+ ,-.,/ 01' 2.3&)$. (*4 &0,)(5 6.4)(

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October/November 2017 Connection  

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