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Be like a fish in water... JASOn BLAKEMORE Supervisor Ruskin Health & Fitness

you don’t have to be like a duck out of water when it comes to swimming. Follow these tips to make the most of your time in the water. Time your swim Swimming first thing in the morning is a great way to get energised before starting your day and a post-work swim will help to relieve the days’ stresses. It is best not to swim on an empty or full stomach so eat something light in the morning or leave 30 minutes after a larger meal. Swimming with an injury Recovery and rehabilitation are great benefits of swimming. If you’ve got an impact related injury, tie a float around your waist and go aqua jogging or if you’ve got a bad back then swim back stroke. Don’t think that an injury means you can no longer exercise, stay active with swimming while you’re on the mend. What equipment can I use in the pool? From kick boards to pull bouys, water dumbbells to noodles, there is plenty of equipment that can help you get the most out of your time in the pool. Kick boards are good for coordinating your kicking and give your arms a rest. They’re good to grab when you get tired but don’t want to stop swimming. Pull Bouys do the opposite of kick boards and give your lower body a rest. They’re placed between your legs to keep them afloat while your arms do all of the work. noodles can be used if you want to work on your stroke without getting tired with the noodle under your arms or around your waist to keep you buoyant. Water dumbbells can strengthen the muscles in your shoulders, arms and core. Keep them in the water for maximum benefit. Swim for pleasure There are many health benefits associated with swimming but you don’t need to be in training or recovering from an injury, just being in the water is a wonderful way to relax. At Ruskin Health & Fitness, our members get advice from fully trained fitness instructors on exercise techniques, diet and nutrition, weighing and measuring and calorie goals. As well as a fully equipped gym, pool and spa facilities there is also a very large outdoor area set in acres of greenery. give us a call or come and see us – there is a free trial, no contract or joining fee … just a warm, friendly experience.

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