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VITENDO 7Fs FOR YOU, YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR COMMUNITY It has been a pleasure taking care of your family and your community for the last five years. Growth and developments we’ve experienced over the years is because of people like you, who faithfully support our mission and vision. We are committed to grow and improve our community in the following seven Fs (Faith, family, finance, fitness, friends, fun and future) It is also important to share with you success and current updates since the beginning of the year. Faith We send weekly emails and daily posts on inspirational stories and articles. We are committed to keep you informed on the most important issues of our days providing inspiring and motivational resources that connects body, soul and mind. Visit Family We also introduced programs and activities with direct impact on family and marriage relationships. Through these programs, children continue to enjoy memorable moments with their parents at the parks and other public recreational facilities. Kicking Angels soccer game and Vitendo crazy Olympics brought together hundreds of participants both parents and kids. As parents enjoy watching their kids play soccer, they also get an opportunity to connect with their spouses and interact with other parents. To connect with families back in Kenya, over 300 people have subscribed with poapay to wire money to their loved ones in Kenya. th

Delivered 50 wedding anniversary card from President Obama and Michelle Obama to Benson and Rev. Dr. Jemimah Ngatia Call 314-252-0488 Dr. Kendangor and Rubi on Family Matters. Finances th

On March 17 ,2012 Vitendo Gateway Sacco was launched to encourage savings and to improve individual and group financial position. This group has over eighty registered members and more are still enrolling. On August this year the first group was approved to receive the first phase loans after six months savings with VGS. Call 314-252-0488 Paul Njenga for details. We have assisted over twenty people to open accounts with cooperative Bank, thirty accounts with Equity bank and ten with Housing Finance. th On May 13 , 2012 we organized a highly successful FEP investment forum where over one hundred people signed up as FEP founder members. St. Louis Investment Cooperative Scheme, brand new investment vehicle was introduced in the community. Over thirty people have invested with STLREICS to buy and rents out properties in St. Louis. Call 314-252-0488 James or Jesii Kimani for details.

VITENDO 7Fs FOR YOU, YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR COMMUNITY Entrepreneur’s monthly meeting was introduced last month to share ideas and support other businesses in our community. This collaboration has led to more than six new businesses opening at Cargobay. These includes; Lucky Tracking, Daima Tours & Travel, Creative Tracking, Ken Farmers Insurance, World Touch Corporation, Connection33 Network LLC and Vitendo Sacco Fitness th

On June 9 , 2012 Youth Unbound to Infinity organized the first historic event at Florissant Community College to promote diversity and healthy living. Hundreds of kids and adults participated in different games that included marathon, relays, sack race, egg race, jump robs, soccer and more. Kicking angels continue to keep fit playing soccer on Saturdays. Call John Makrush,Kiki, Muraya or Carol Chege for details Friends st

On July 1 , 2012 Vitendo Medical mission was launched at Embassy suites. This event brought together people of goodwill from Kenyan Communities and our American friends. Presentations were done by groups and individuals who are making a difference in Kenya. th

On November 17 , 2012 our first African festival night will be held at JFK community center where different communities are expected to participate. The purpose of this event is to bring together different communities to share African History, Music, arts, and cultures. We hope to raise funds for our 2013 Kenya medical mission and scholarship fund for needy students in our community. Call 314-252-0488 James or Geoffrey for details.

Fun th

Join us on November 17 , 2012 for a fun filled African Cultural night with African food, dance and fashion show. Call Kiki, Carol Chege or Damaris Ngugi

Future th

Planting of tree at Forest Park in Honor of late Wangari Mathai on September 27 , 2012 We have established investment vehicle that will transform our people from Employees to employer, from hourly wages to investors. World Touch Corporation and STLREICS will not only assist to accumulate capital but it will also build a system that will make money work for you. Call 314-252-0488 James, Simon, or Denis Muigai.

VITENDO 7Fs FOR YOU, YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR COMMUNITY We will do our best to continue providing products and services that brings value to you, your family and your community. These services cover broadly on social, economic, political and spiritual areas. Social African Cultural Night-This event will bring together friends and well-wishers for an evening of interaction and information sharing. The aim of this gathering is to bring together different communities in St. Louis to share their African History, Music, arts, and cultures. Economic and Community Development Through partnership and networking more than six groups and individuals have started their own businesses in St. Louis and more are expected to follow the suit by the beginning of the year. Vitendo4africa has established strong business relationship with Legal Services of Eastern Missouri to assist immigrant communities to start microfinance and businesses in St. Louis. This group of lawyers offers free training and consultations services on entrepreneurship every month at Cargobay. See article on St. Louis Dispatch Political As you continue to pay taxes it is your right to know how decisions made in the city hall affect you and your family. Vitendo4africa has reached out to local government officials in different offices to establish mutual relationship with the immigrant communities in North County. This team held a meeting with St. Louis County Executive Mr. Charlie Dooley in his office. We also met Florissant Mayor Schneider at Florissant City Hall. The ultimate goal is to encourage people to exercise their voting rights and participate before decisions are made. We have propositions and amendments in our cities and counties waiting for your vote because once decisions are made they will directly affect you and your family. Early this year a group of Kenyans met with KIPPRA officials at Cargobay to discuss Vision 2030. The meeting was chaired by Prof. James Kieyah from KIPPRA who was visiting at Washington University for Youth Save Program. Prof Kieyah was accompanied by Moses Njenga who is also policy analyst with KIPPRA. Spiritual Vitendo4africa is committed to keep you informed on the most important issues of our days providing inspiring and motivational resources that connects body, soul and mind. Register for our newsletter to receive inspiring articles and sermons from local Churches and international preachers. Thanks again, for all you do to make St. Louis a better place to live and to bring your up families.

Youth Mentorship and leadership Youth Unbound To Infiniti: A group of young people from Kenyan Community in St. Louis are touching lives in their own community in different ways. This unique group that comprises mainly students from high school and colleges came together with one common goal, serving others and uniting communities. They meet every Saturday at 2pm to talk various issues affecting them and how they can help in the community. They have held discussions with respectable senior elders the

community and are working on money generating projects to fund the Vitendo scholarship fund. Last summer this group organized car wash on Shackelford Rd to raise funds for Crazy Olympics event held on June 9th.

VITENDO 7Fs FOR YOU, YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR COMMUNITY Vitendo4Africa is tax exempt 501(3)(c) non-profit organization operating out of Hazelwood Missouri. Our main focus is to assist Immigrants of African descent integrate smoothly in the American society and also form linkages with Institutions in Africa that serve their respective communities, alleviate poverty and other challenges facing their people including education and health care provision. CURRENT PROJECTS Medical Mission We are looking for organizations and institutions to partner with us in providing and upgrading two hospitals in Kenya; Immaculate Heart of Mary Hospital and St. Joseph’s Mission Hospital. We are collecting medical equipment and supplies to be shipped to Kenya by January next year. A team of over 30 volunteers will then make a medical mission trip to Kenya in June 2013 to redistribute donated items and provide free medical services for a whole month Scholarship Fund Vitendo4africa scholarship program offers equal opportunity in education for underprivileged international students and students from poor families in Africa. We are appealing to individuals and organizations to sponsor this noble cause both financially and ideas. For our community to prosper, we need inputs in every sector and from everyone in the community. Everyone has a role to play and unless we do it ourselves no one will do for us. We need more volunteers to assist in many of these programs that are already running. Identify one program that matches your area of expertise and sign up to explore your potential.

Favorite Quotations

“You need not wait until the end of your journey to enjoy and be thankful for every experience during the journey. Equally so, you need not wait for your accomplishment to appreciate all the pieces of the puzzle. You need simply remember that in order to complete the puzzle, all pieces were of use. In this simple memory and understanding lies your appreciation of not only the puzzle, but of all its pieces. And in the acceptance of the necessity and usefulness of its pieces lies your peace about the pieces you have already put together and the pieces you will deal with in the future. And of equal importance, you will be at peace with, and have appreciation for, all the pieces you currently are working on”_____- James Blanchard Cisneros “I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. What I can do, I should do. And what I should do, by the grace of God, I will do.” ____ Edward Everrett Hale

Sincerely, Geoffrey Soyiantet, Founder Vitendo4africa. Tel 314-252-0488 email:,


It has been a pleasure taking care of your family and your community for the last five years. Growth and developments we’ve experienced ov...