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Suppliers / Development Programme “Be Sharp Beetles” is a South African music, stimulation and movement programme. Our programme has the following exciting components: u u u u u u u

Whole brain development through music Drumming and Percussion Play Musical Games and Rhymes Exposure to other cultures and languages Listening Activities Develop your child’s physical abilities through movement Continue to develop your child’s abilities on all levels through music

Our teachers and franchisors are trained in music and movement and we have been in business for 9 years.

Leoni: 071 483 1675 or Helein: 082 824 0094 e-mail:

Music Movement & Stimulation Be Sharp Beetles is a South African music, stimulation and movement programme


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Connecting Kidz is a full colour, glossy, A5 publication printed every 3 months. It is a comprehensive directory of schools and service providers involved in the total family unit. This publication is backed by 3 very successful websites:, &


Connecting Kidz is a full colour, glossy, A5 publication printed every 3 months. It is aCOMBINED comprehensive directory ADVERTISING: Connecting Kidz was launched in 1996 under the name Rainbow Kids, which started as a Menu-style advert in in the the of schools and service providers involved comprehensive guide to inform parents about day care facilities, schools, aftercare & nursery schools. publication PLUS a Web Page After popular demand the publication expanded to include extramural activities, tuition,unit. services,This publication total family is backed by 3 very therapists & many more. R139 per month for 12 months successful websites:, Consisting of: Over the years Connecting Kidz has been used as a platform for specialists in ADD, ADHD, Bipolar and Autism & · an Advert: 67 x 18mm to inform parents in need of relevant information. In the Connecting Kidz publication we include articles and advertorials relevant to young families today. All articles in our publication are written by reputable specialists and are duplicated on our websites.

· Webpg: 6 photographs, write-up

your company Over the years Connecting Kidz about has been used as a + a link to your own website As the motto of Choice Media is to give you a “responsible and informative choices”,for all ourspecialists publications platform in ADD, ADHD, Bipolar and and websites, endeavour to keep the content relevant to enable you to make the right choice. inform parents in need of relevant information. Rainbow Kids and Connecting have proven itself over theAutism years as oneto of the best informative parenting guides. In the Connecting Kidz publication we include articles and advertorials relevant to young families today.. Our target market: parents of children from birth to 13, LSM 7–10.

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The health & wellness of the whole family.

Publication is printed every 3 months. We2011 distribute STATISTICS: 1 Jan - 1 Oct trusted since 1996 on a weekly basis with the result that the publication WEBSITE 250 000 hits month circulates in the market for: average the ofwhole 3 per months.The NEWSLETTER: average of 9 000 per month distribution is divided equally in the Cape Peninsula. FACEBOOK: 1 840 Active Friends & growing Our distribution points are mainly where mothers of Published by CHOICE MEDIA – Giving you informative & responsible choices / young children/ will go.

Publication is printed every 3 months. We distribute on a weekly basis with the result that the publication circulates in the market for the whole 3 months. The distribution is divided equally in the Cape Peninsula. Our distribution points are mainly where mothers of young children will go.


Photographers / Extramurals


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When I woke up this morning I asked myself, “What is life all about….. ??” I found the answer in my own bedroom...the fan said “be cool”. The roof said “aim high”. The window said “see the world”. The clock said “every moment is precious”. The mirror said “reflect before you act”. The calender said “be up to date”. The door said “push hard for your goals.” The floor said “kneel down and pray” 4


Fantastic Plastic & Genuine Service Mario tells the story about the start of Plastics for Africa . . . Plastics for Africa started from humble beginnings in my garage, about 20 years ago! The plastics company I worked for needed an agent to effectively service their smaller clients in the industrial sector, I was doing everything myself – the ordering, invoicing, delivering …! The business you see today was largely due to feminine curiosity! Women used to pop into the shop we had at the time, wanting to know what we did, and did we have a particular item? I have so much gratitude for the public’s interest and patronage – they made us what we are today. For me, friendly service and having a “customer is right” approach, is very important. They joy of having a business like this is being able to delight people, right down to always having sweet for the kids. Service and goodwill is the best form of advertising! My staff is very important to me. It’s rewarding to have long-serving staff members! It tells me I’m doing something right and that they enjoy what

they do. I love being able to see the positive response from customers – to our products, our service and our staff. See you soon at our store in Montague Gardens - Mario Jacobs 021 551 5790 Unit 3b Montague Drive, Montague Gardens


Suppliers / Services

I have a few wishes for you, First of all, good health... mixed together with peace of mind... topped off with happiness, and surrounded with love... to you and your family, from me.




What did you learn on your first day of school? Not enough, they want me to come back tomorrow!

Mother & child / Training & Tuition

— What you should know about sunscreen —

There are several different ways to specify a lotion’s SPF, so remember to check which system is being used when you buy a sunscreen. For example, American SPF numbers are usually twice as high as the SPF numbers on European products. This means that an American SPF 8 sun cream is in fact equivalent to European SPF 4.

Re-apply suncreen several times during the day. Remember that even when it is cloudy, 30-50% of the ultraviolet rays can still reach us, depending on how overcast the weather is. Sunscreen use does not allow an increase in the time spent in sunlight. Children should be encouraged to play in the shade, wearing good protective clothing. Keep children out of the sun between 11am and 3pm, when the sun’s rays are at their strongest.

Windhoek slot 4, Arauna, Brackenfell, 7560 Tel/Fax 021 982 4957 • Marietjie 082 749 9524

• Communication and Language development • Physical development • Emotional development (I am cute, unique & special) Van doeke tot boeke / From baby to ABC • Therapy – Sensoric, Motoric & Perceptual 6 months – 4 years • Songs – Rhyme & Rhythm • Interaction – Socialising • Selfconfidence – I can! • Licences available I develop – from wearing nappies to reading books! WOW!

Tina Cowley Reading Centre Readers are Achievers / Lesers is Presteerders

n Reading Therapy n Study Courses n Therapy for ADD/ADHD, depression, panic attacks, migraines, epilepsy

Marietjie Taljaard Windhoekslot 4 Arauna, Brackenfell 021 982 4957 082 749 9524


Party / Play / Planning


10 Pastorale St, Durbanville Business Park

PLay ZoNe

Venue entre & Party Indoor Playc

021 979 4872 084 575 2546

Teacher: Well, Ronald, I hear you missed the

first day back to school.

and the boy next to you took two,

what would you get?

Ronald: Yeah, but I didn’t miss it very much. Teacher: If you had five apples on your desk Billy:


A fight!

Specialists / Clinics / Pharmacies

Take safety in the car seriously Accidents are the most frequent cause of death among children, and car accidents are the leading cause (40 per cent die in car accidents, followed by 15 per cent drowning). Children in a car, who are not fastened with a seat belt or who are not placed in an appropriate sized and correctly fitted child seat, may be seriously injured or even die in a car accident. The driver of the car is responsible for making sure that everyone is wearing their seat belts. If the car doesn’t have enough seat belts for everyone – children, who are younger than three years old, must be fastened first. If a child has become used to being fastened in a chair, they will not protest about sitting in a child’s car seat. Every time they take it off, stop the car put it back on. Why are airbags in a car dangerous for children? Airbags were made to protect adults weighing about 75kg. They are very powerful when they’re inflated, and they’re placed so low that a child placed in front of an airbag may suffocate or be severely injured by the impact of a rapidly inflating airbag.

COnneCtinG o.zaa

If your child is younger than 12 years, they must never sit in a front-seat with an active airbag in front of them. When your child is over 12 and wants to sit in the front seat, move the seat as far back as possible. A child seat must never be fitted in the front passenger seat, if the car has a passenger side airbag. Some cars enable the driver to switch off the airbag. But it should be switched on again, when an adult is using the seat.



How to put aside extra for those unforeseen day to day medical expenses Current legislation restricts savings on a medical aid to a maximum of 25% of the total monthly premium. These savings can then be used to pay for out of hospital medical expenses, however, this is not always sufficient. I am finding that more and more clients, especially families with children or single parents, are depleteting their savings well before the end of the year. This results in all out of hospital expenses (sometimes costly) being paid out of pocket. Although some medical aids offer threshold benefits, these only kick in after a self payment gap. Many people can just not afford to pay for these expenses themselves. I am often asked as to how one can increase their medical savings to pay for day to day expenses. One option is to put money aside in some form of savings or money market account, but unless one is very disciplined, these funds inevitably get used elsewhere. A facility which has been designed exactly for this need is available. It is a savings vehicle that works in conjunction with a specific medical aid and can be used for any additional expenses not covered by that medical aid such as: Medication and vitamins Treatment excluded by the scheme Co-payments payable for hospitalisation, chronic medication etc. Any other service rendered by a registered healthcare provider.


How it works is you elect a monthly contribution between R100 to R1500, which can be changed as often as you require. You can also opt for a credit facility, subject to provisions in the National Credit Act (NCA). Claims are paid to the service provider if they claim directly from the medical aid, or you are reimbursed if you have paid up front yourself. No cash withdrawals are allowed and positive balances will only be paid out after 4 months, in the event of cancelation. If you elect to participate in their Lifestyle Reward Program, extra contributions can be made to these savings on your behalf based on your level of activity. Having the correct medical aid benefits to suit your specific needs is of upmost importance. No changes to any of your health benefits should be made without consulting a fully accredited Independent Financial Adviser. Lee Mengel 021 4471224 (w) 072 2132582 (Cell)Â Wealth Preservation Strategies (Pty) Ltd. Licensed in terms of the FAIS Act of 2002, License Number 14577

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