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Better Community, Better Life:  Teachers' Lesson Plan Competition  Template

* compulsory fields – you may use as many pages as you need. Lesson plan title*: Our community

Better Community – Better Life theme*:Theme 5 - Environment & Community Curriculum area*:

Suggested cross-curriculum links:

Social Studies

Science and technology learning area Integrative learning area

Suggested level / age*:

Lesson length*:

Grade 5-6

9 classes 360minutes

Learning objectives*: 1. To understand the correlated locations of the streets and every scenic spot in the community. 2. To understand the history and functions of every scenic spot in the community. 3. To understand the problems and solutions of the brook in the community. 4. To make a poster to promote a scenic spot in the community. 5. To finish the worksheets and develop concerns to the ocean, the earth, and world. Links to previous learning / curriculum fit:


Social Studies - Our hometown

Resources*: Teaching media- Our community The Blue Economy: The Magic School Bus - On the Ocean Floor, Scholastic, 1994 Starter / Introduction Timing


Activity 1. Use Google map to demonstrate correlated locations of our

40 minutes

Individual work

school and the scenic spots in the community. 25 minutes 2. Students’ presentations on the community map. 10 minutes

The United Kingdom’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities.  A registered charity: 209131 (England and Wales) SC037733 (Scotland).

Main activities* Timing


Activity 1.

Play the video of the Blue Economy on YouTube and discuss the importance and methods of saving our environment. 10 minutes


Group discussions on the following 2 topics:

10 minutes

(1) The connection between the earth and our community. (2) The different methods of making our community better. 3. Read the story of The Magic School Bus—On the Ocean Floor together through the presentation of PowerPoint.

20 minutes

4. Write the worksheet. ( Design a fish tank and discuss methods of taking care of the fish tank)

20 minutes

5. Individual presentation of fish tank designs. 6. Discussion on the following topics: 240 minutes

15 minutes

20 minutes

(1) The connection among the fish tank, the brook in our

29 students in 4 groups

community, the ocean and the earth. (2) To what extent can we do to make the brook in our community a better environment for the creatures living there? 7. Teacher illustrates the scenic spots in the community through PowerPoint. 40 minutes 8. Group discussions on the functions of every scenic spot in the community. (40 minutes) 9. Each group designs a poster to introduce a scenic spot. 50 minutes

10. Group representations on promoting their scenic spots. 20 minutes

11. Discussions and vote for the most recommended scenic spot in the community.

10 minutes

Plenary / Summary Timing


Activity 1. Teacher demonstrates the methods of making an ideal future community. 5 minutes

80 minutes

Individual work

2. Teacher demonstrates the techniques of using computer to design an ideal community.

10 minutes

3. Students practice and design their work. 4.

50 minutes

Works presentation on future community.

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15 minutes

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National Pingtung University

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