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Taras Shevchenko Gymnasia Oleg Khudrevatyh, 9-b The values of Paralympics and Olympic games. Sport means different things for different people. Somebody considers sport to be the way to show themselves, for others it is the way to relax, to get away from everyday problems. People should overcome their weaknesses, pain and disabilities. It is very difficult and not everyone can do that. Many people have given up and have reached nothing in their life. I think that one should have such qualities as persistence, desire to be the first, desire to develop. Also a person has to achieve her or his own aim despite obstacles. They must believe in themselves, in their victory and they must not give up. Of course, there are failures and victories in sport. Sometimes, a victory can be followed by a defeat. If the sportsman doesn’t train himself, he will fail one day. So, the sportsman must always develop. Sometimes, the failures are more useful than victories because if you lose a competition, you will win another one. In spite sport being a big challenge, the paralympic games is miracle itself. The miracle is a chance for people with disabilities, to show their skills, to declare themselves, to show that they are no worse than other sportsmen. I think that the paralympic sportsmen are people, who are stronger than other sportsmen, because they must overcome not only the problems which other sportsmen face but also the problems of their disabilities. They have to overcome the pain and disappointing every day. For example, Ukrainian paralympic sportsmen set 9 world records and 7 records in Europe. Three Ukrainian sportsmen – Eugene Bogodayko, Dmitry Vinogradets and Olga Sviderskaya were recognized as the best athletes of the European Championship. Many people don’t understand the disabled sportsmen, don’t understand their lifestyle and many sportsmen have given up under the influence of the surrounding. They have reached their aim because all their life is struggle. Firstly, the struggle to stay alive, then to overcome problems with health. I go in for sport too and I understand how difficult it is to overcome obstacles of everyday life. Sometimes I wished to give up but the precious moments of success and achievements would never let me go. In conclusion, I can say that the issue of the Paralympics is very important and we must not ignore it because handicapped should be treated equally in society and and physical diversity should be tolerated in all spheres of life. As Scott Hamilton said “The only disability in life is a bad attitude.”


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