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Better Community, Better Life: Teachers' Lesson Plan Competition Template

* compulsory fields – you may use as many pages as you need. Lesson plan title*: Combination of Incheon Better Community – Better Life theme*: Curriculum area*: Social studies

Suggested cross-curriculum links: English

Suggested level / age*: Intermediate high/ 14-15

Lesson length*: 90 min (Timeblock system would work with this lesson plan.)

Learning objectives*: 1. Students are able to activate the background knowledge about their own community. 2. Students are able to make use of knowledge about the community that they learned from research. Links to previous learning / curriculum fit: The basic concept of ‘brainstorming’ and ‘wallpaper’ Resources*: Web pages- (The official site of Incheon city hall), International air port), (Port passenger international terminal), (China Town), (Incheon Asian Games), (Incheon Bridge), Economic Zone), Tour) White board, colored papers, scissors, glues, printed images of landmarks, color pens, computers for each group to research

The United Kingdom’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. A registered charity: 209131 (England and Wales) SC037733 (Scotland).

Starter / Introduction Timing

Groupings •

20 min

Whole class

Activity To brainstorm about Incheon

T helps Ss do the brainstorming, writing what Ss talk on the white board. (T: Everyone, why don’t we talk about whatever comes to your mind when you think of Incheon?) T asks Ss to think of some topics for categorizing what they did with the brainstorming about Incheon. (T: Very good. Then how about categorizing what you had talked according to specific topic like food or landmarks? What can you think of the topics for categorizing? Traffic? Excellent. That can be one of the most important symbols for Incheon in Korea. What about you?...)

To introduce of the lesson

T introduces what they are going to do for today’s lesson. (T: Very good. Today, we are going to research some information about Incheon according to your brainstorming and make up the wallpaper together. Does it sound interesting? Great! ) Main activities* Timing

Groupings •


Group work

Activity To research about the contents of brainstorming and present about them

(T: Now, I’ll put you in three groups that have 5 members in each of them. As a group, you are going to find information about each topic, using the website. Firstly, choose some topics, which seem interesting to you. Secondly, find information about them. Finally, try to

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summarize the contents that you found. You should keep in mind that all members of each group should know your findings because after the research, I’ll choose one member from each group randomly for the presentation. S, can you tell us what you have to do from now?...Very good. Please don’t forget that you have to find the images with your information. I’ll give you 15 minutes. Let’s begin!)

Personal work

Group work

(T: Time’s up. Now, I’ll pick one member from each group for presentation. If I call your name, please explain about your topic and what you found with your group members and what you think about that. Let’s start from S1. Here’s a marker that you can use while you explain it.)

(T: Everyone, you did the really good job. I was so impressed. Now, we have all the contents on the board. It’s time to choose seven or eight topics that we are going to put into our wallpaper. Let’s begin with the first topic, events, what do you think? Raise your hands if you think this is important to explain features of Incheon… We have chosen all topics, which we will use for the wallpaper. ) •

To decide the layout for the wallpaper and make it

(T: I think you should decide whether you are going to write down all the contents with hands or use printed

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explanation…Most of them wanted to use the printed one, so I’ll print out the images that you picked and summaries that you wrote for each topic. While I print out them, why don’t you think about the layout for the wallpaper with your friends?)

(T: You’ve decided to use the map of Incheon to show our topics? I think that is a very good idea. It may help people take a look where we have the landmarks that they should know. Now, why don’t’ we make the wallpaper together? If you have any ideas about lay out, contents or whatever about the paper, just don’t hesitate. )

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Plenary / Summary Timing

Groupings •


Group work

Activity To post the wallpaper on the school board and give the follow up activity

T: Good job, everyone. I believe the wallpaper is so good enough to introduce Incheon to other people from foreign country and even people from other cities. Now, let’s post the wallpaper on the school board for everyone to see that.

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Personal work

T: It’s so good to see you feel pleased with your work. Now, I’ll explain what you will do before the next time we meet. Interview your teacher and other students whether they saw the wallpaper. Please ask them whether they like it or not, and the reason for that. Also, ask them whether they learned something new though our wallpaper about their own community. Are you sure about what you should do for homework? S1, ask S2 what you should do for the next class?...Very good. Everyone, you did the great job, today!!

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Example of Students’ research

Incheon Bridge : The longest bridge in Korea.

The Incheon bridge is 18.4km - the longest bridge in Korea. It's core facility in Incheon Free Economy Zone(IFEZ) and can bring more comfortable life than before. This bridge is selected 'Top ten of wonderful world bridge.' ( British newspaper 'Constuction' 12.8.2005). The purpose of building this bridge is to realize business Incheon, and many people expect that this bridge can help our dream come true.

The End.

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