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In this file you can read the text about the Paralympic Games,presented in our project.

Paralympic Values Paralympic athletes influence our lives very much. We can admire their courage, willpower and patriotism. Despite disabilities, they do everything they can in order to be useful for the society, to be respected by their relatives and friends, and they try to live in such a way, so that their lives won’t be wasted. These athletes fulfill their programs of life three times. At first it happens when they overcome their illnesses, afterwards when they are not afraid of breaking the circle of isolation around them, and finally when they succeed in sport and get a lot of victories. The most important thing is to have the desire and strength, and then no physical drawbacks will serve as obstacles to reach the tops of the sport career. And when we support Paralympic athletes we overestimate many things and our society improves. The example of these people can only inspire others not to despair in difficult situations because life is an unpredictable thing. And very often there are such situations when a person truly believes that the only way out of them is to end his or her life and not to suffer from pain and disappointment. It is such a wrong point of view! Our life is the gift of God, and it can be given only once. So we should try to do everything we can so that our life can be full of sense. And we also should believe in the good future and be able to overcome difficulties. All Paralympic athletes have managed to overcome despair and disappointment. They proved the world that life is beautiful in any case. The only thing we need to do is to be able to find the right solution to the problems. So before you decide to despair and wander and before your attempts to commit suicide because of the circumstances of life, please, think about the fact that there is always a way out of any situation and all difficulties can be overcome. You only need hard efforts, faith and hope, hope for the best.

Paralympic Values