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Better Community, Better Life: Teachers' Lesson Plan Competition Template

Lesson plan title*: Community and Culture- Delicious Food Map Better Community – Better Life theme*: Curriculum area*: Suggested cross-curriculum links: Community Culture Suggested level / age*: Eighth graders

Lesson length*: 360 minutes

Learning objectives*: Students need to know the culture of their community, especially the special food produced in their community which is different from that in other communities. They need to find out some specific and special food most people like and make a map to locate where they are, and this map can be a guide for foreigner visitors. This way, when they visit our commnity, they can know and taste the most delicious food we have. Links to previous learning / curriculum fit: Students know some special food and also eat them in their daily life Resources*: Websites, posters, markers. Starter / Introduction Timing 45mintues

Groupings 2

Activity Introduce the competition of BCBL,and gather students’ ideas to decide the theme for the project. After the brainstorming, the theme “ Community and Culture” is decided. Main activities*

Timing 225 minutes

Groupings 2

Activity The students are divided into two teams. Team One is responsible for searching information about the delicous food in their community and writing downt the food introduction. The other team start to make a map to locate the foods are. Plenary / Summary




The United Kingdom’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. A registered charity: 209131(England and Wales) SC037733(Scotland).



Two teams present their work on the stage and talk about their reflection during the working process.

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Lide Junior High School  

Lide Junior High School

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