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OLYMPIC TRUCE Imagine that everyday there is a bomb blast in your city; the threat of death will prohibit you from leaving your house. Such instances are a consequence of conflicts and rivalries between nations. Be it India versus Pakistan or Iran versus Iraq, there are conflicts all around the world. One may think that sports do not play a role in promoting peace but it has a vital role to play in building a better and peaceful world. Olympic truce is inspired by peace and in turn peace is inspired by it. Olympic truce is a treaty made between the countries of the world to stop quarrelling and maintain peace during the Olympic Games. Beginning its journey in 9th century BC, Olympic truce was established in Greece by the signature of treaty between three kings. This ancient concept was recently revived to protect the interests of sports in general and encourage peaceful and diplomatic solutions to the conflicts across the world. The Olympic truce is symbolized by the dove of peace and the traditional Olympic flame. The dove of peace symbolizes a peaceful and better world through Olympic sports, the Olympic flame stands for friendship and global togetherness. The colourful elements in the flame represent people of different races coming together to witness the truce. Apart from the message imparted by the symbol of Olympic truce, it also aims at reconciliation, globalizing youth for promotion of Olympic ideals and offers humane support to countries at war. It thus proves to be a good forum for cultural exchange. Also, it guarantees that all hurdles like racism, religion and politics are left aside and individuals compete with each other and not the countries. Every individual should inculcate the values and the message that the Olympic truce conveys, in their daily life so that the world becomes a better place to live in. This will help the future generations to be swifter, rise higher and become stronger. Today, the world is plagued by wars and disagreements. The Olympic truce will definitely be a stepping stone reduce the conflicts, if not eliminate them. It is a guiding star which will bind the whole world, spread unity and prove that boundaries exist only on geographical maps. Thus it will help in building a peaceful and better world by educating the youth through sport , creating a way of life based on joy found in effort and respect for the fundamental ethical principles.